qwebirc89082I'll be installing mythbuntu on an Intel NUC with a Celeron N2820 processor.  I'm wondering which download link I choose?  I'll be booting from a thumb drive.  Thanks.19:26
sky41Hi all19:42
sky41I have a problem that my mythbuntu does not shutdown all the time19:43
sky41it hangs sometimes when it wants to shutdown. SSH is not possible anymore and the syslog process has already terminated19:43
sky41when I send a ctrl+alt+del it reboots or if I press the power button it shuts down19:44
sky41any idea anybody?19:51
qwebirc89082sky41, what command are you using?19:55
qwebirc89082Here is a link that will help: http://askubuntu.com/questions/190202/difference-between-halt-and-shutdown-now19:57
qwebirc89082halt will probably get the job done19:58
sky41but will not harm the scheduled start up?19:59
sky41I need to say that I updated my mainboard recently and it started then19:59
sky41its a very modern board plus processor19:59
qwebirc89082it will not harm the schedule, as long as you have previously saved the scheduled start up information.20:30
squidlyis there a diskless frontend howto?21:04
squidlyI'm trying to setup a system where my frontend is diskless but I'm having issues converting my old system to a nfsroot setup21:04

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