kaxinggot some questions about old-releases, does anyone know who should I contact?05:52
apwkaxing, i would think if they are too long for here then the release team mailing list ubuntu-release@l.u.c08:20
kaxingapw, okay, thank you08:22
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tewardany chance I can get a sponsor to actually look at an SRU that's been in the queue for almost 3 weeks?14:36
Riddellteward: is needs approved by ~ubuntu-sru15:02
ScottKSo do we really want BOTH libav and ffmpeg in the archive?15:28
ScottKWe've just managed that for vivid and we ought to think about it.15:28
cjwatsonPersonally I'd prefer to be as close to sync with Debian on this as possible.  This stack is enough of a pain as it is without that.15:29
ScottKDebian now has both in Sid.15:34
ScottKOnly libav will ship with Jessie.15:34
Riddellstgraber: I asked for a kubuntu rebuild this morning and it still hasn't happened, I suspect something is up on isotracker http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/326/builds16:25
LaneyI think there's a missing cron entry16:29
* Laney edits16:29
stgraberLaney: misisng rebuild-requests for vivid?16:32
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