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josharensonAnybody know how can I resize my mako? The old way (resize2fs) doesn't work any more.01:01
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dholbachgood morning08:39
Mirvtsdgeos: can you test the qt dbus fixes from -027 from your point of view? I've already started running AP:s, although I seem to have a worrying amount of failures (but it might also be something that doesn't happen on the 2nd runs)09:02
Mirvsome apps also have full successful runs, so maybe it's something random09:03
tsdgeosMirv: oh right i forgot about that, can you point me to the ppa?09:03
Mirvtsdgeos: vivid ppa:ci-train-ppa-service/landing-02709:03
Mirvas a bonus it has the network manager fixes bundled together that were already given a try in rtm but are on hold as not deemed topblocker anymore09:04
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Use Less Stuff Day! :D09:36
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mvobzoltan: hi, I noticed that you mentioned that there is current no reliable upgrade mechanism for click chroots, is that something we need to tackle or not a big deal as it only affects frameworks that are in flux?10:02
bzoltanmvo: it is a very big topic and we should somehow tackle it10:03
mvobzoltan: ok, let me add a bug to click so that its recorded10:04
bzoltanmvo: by the way... is there any progress with  the vivid chroot?10:04
mvobzoltan: sort of, I should have time again today, did the patch from the pastebin unblock you at least?10:06
bzoltanmvo: I could continue testing with the i386 emulator, so I am not blocked.10:08
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mvogood to hear that10:09
bzoltanmvo:  could you figure out already how to bring the vivid armhf chroot back to life?10:32
mvobzoltan: I uploaded some fixes the other day, let me see if that was sufficient10:34
bzoltanmvo: it failed for me 5 minutes ago10:35
bzoltanmvo: on qtdeclarative5-accounts-plugin:armhf10:35
bzoltanmvo: and on ubuntu-html5-container:armhf10:35
bzoltanobviously these packages are just the entrance to the rabbitwhole10:36
liuxgnik90_, ping10:37
mvobzoltan: can reproduce that, thanks!10:48
bzoltanmvo: super. Naturally we are going to to release this qmake support for the vivid targets. The new package/binary with the name you suggested will land early next week.10:50
ogra_pitti, hmm https://errors.ubuntu.com/oops/ccc839a0-704e-11e4-adfc-fa163e78b027 ... https://errors.ubuntu.com/oops/94398858-70a0-11e4-906f-fa163e339c8110:53
ogra_(funnily both for the same PID ... even though 9h apart)10:53
ogra_(and sadly i rebooted since ... cant say what that pid was)10:54
mvobzoltan: \o/11:12
pittiogra_: ah, too bad; might have been a suid root or sgid program?11:18
ogra_or something in the container perhaps ... not sure11:18
ogra_i'll keep an eye open ... if it happened twice it might happen again11:18
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Mirvtsdgeos: ok I'm starting to get better AP results and project no problems anymore. so depending on your +1, publishing will be possible today.11:41
tsdgeosMirv: i've installed both on the pc and the phone and can't find any obvious regression11:41
tsdgeoscan't prove it works either11:42
tsdgeosworks == fixes the problem11:42
tsdgeossince it was a very hard to reproduce condition11:42
Mirvtsdgeos: hmmkay. well they are 5.3 stable branch cherry-pick:s, so they _should_ be good, but obviously it would be nice to know. no regressions is good though anyhow.11:42
tsdgeosMirv: if you want to wait a day, on the evenings i'm using Plasma5 that uses Qt5, may want to wait until tomorrow morning to see if something exploded11:42
Mirvtsdgeos: well bzoltan is quite eager to have the next release after this one too, but I think the end result was that it's not überhurry thing so tomorrow should be ok. I've plasma5 too for fun, since I needed to test it for the 5.3.2 a bit.11:44
Mirvplus I'm already preparing for the next release by pre-building it on top of the assumption that this ubuntu4 will go in.11:44
tsdgeoslet's do it tomorrow then, it's not like we're in a hurry in vivid for a release no?11:44
Mirvno, not otherwise. ok!11:45
Koheletare there any plans to update the porting guide any time soon?12:04
popeyKohelet: if someone has the time, that would be awesome12:08
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jgdxmpt, ping12:13
Koheletpopey: I agree...I know the current one is pretty outdated which has stalled a lot of porting efforts12:16
Koheletincluding my own...the only real method I see to getting to a working build at this point is manually extracting which parts of CM to change by comparing a pure CM build to an Ubuntu touch build for one of the supported devices12:17
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popeyKohelet: yeah, I'd love to have a mini-sprint sometime to get that document fixed, but all the people who know how to do that are super busy ☹12:40
ogra_i have a task to write a mail to the ML about this and call for help12:42
ogra_once we have the golden milestone out i'll get to this12:42
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* popey looks at the device he'd love to port to12:43
ogra_yeah, same here ... i have a few samsungs on my desk collecting dust12:43
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Koheletogra_: I'll hold you to it :-P12:48
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ogra_heh... currently poting to devices that will actually go to market preinstalled is at a slightly higher prio on my TODO :)12:49
ogra_(and on everyone elses too)12:49
Koheletthat's perfectly understandable12:49
Koheletit should be12:49
ogra_but the current porting guide is so outdated, it would make more sense to move it somewhere and put a "coming soon" replacement there :)12:50
ogra_it doesnt even describe the final setup of the system ... its a snapshot of three iterations of design changes of the base system12:51
Koheletyeah...it'll be nice once people can start porting UT to other devices since I think it'll catch on more that way12:53
* popey fiddles with the wiki12:53
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* Kohelet likes this12:56
popeythere, done.12:56
popeyhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/DeprecatedPorting12:56
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* ogra_ hugs popey 12:57
jgdxabeato, hey, could you take a look at this libqofono PR [1] using mtksettings? [1] https://github.com/semafor/libqofono/compare/add-mtk-binding13:05
abeatojgdx, sure13:05
abeatojgdx, have you already tested it?13:06
abeatoit has not landed yet :)13:06
jgdxabeato, you mean mtksettings? Haven't tested it no13:07
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abeatojgdx, about to land anyway13:08
jgdxabeato, cool.. I'll give it a go shortly.13:09
jgdxabeato, what's the commitment to ofono-scripts (if any)?13:12
jgdxs/commitment/relation… do we add handy scripts for has3g?13:12
abeatojgdx, yes, there is one set-3g-slot script13:13
abeatojgdx, https://github.com/rilmodem/ofono/commit/dcbddb72f179c5f612fbf414d4c6a0baf4bbd10413:13
abeatojgdx, you also have mtk-settings-api.txt as documentation13:14
jgdxabeato, https://github.com/semafor/libqofono/compare/add-mtk-binding#diff-9ff54da2c92f8a85f57cb77116410df6R23 :P13:15
abeatojgdx, :)13:15
jgdxit's great stuff abeato!13:16
jgdxglad it became its own interface13:16
abeatojgdx, thx, yes, better keep these thing separate ;)13:17
jgdxabeato, +1 :)13:17
rickspencer3I just reflashed my Nexus 7, haven't seen the welcome wizard in a while13:37
ogra_welcome :)13:37
jgdxabeato, it works :)13:39
jgdx(according to USS)13:39
abeatojgdx, great!13:40
jgdxabeato, seems the indicator might be confused though. Hope it's not hard coded.13:43
abeatojgdx, I do not think the indicator is already able to handle this kind of changes13:44
abeatojgdx, you can use list-modems to check that everything is fine13:44
abeatojgdx, taking a look at available/current technology and at the Has3G property13:45
jgdxabeato, right, thanks13:49
loolstgraber, slangasek: Hey, any objections to adding flo, manta and possibly generic_x86* devices to the -here devel channels? (currently only mako and krillin in ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed-customized-here)13:50
rickspencer3I just opened a pdf on a touch device for the first time13:53
rickspencer3I am so happy13:53
* ogra_ looks forward to when we have the actual docviewer app 13:54
ogra_pdfjs is nice but really eats the device alive13:54
rickspencer3ogra_, you mean the javascript engine drains the battery?13:54
ogra_well, it hogs the CPU13:54
rickspencer3I'll just carry a generator13:55
jgdxabeato, confirmed as working by list modems.. now to build libqofono pcks :)13:56
rickspencer3seriously, kudo zhang Boren13:56
abeatojgdx, awesome :)13:58
rickspencer3awesome! first time I got a book working in Beru (I haven't tried for many months)14:16
rickspencer3works great!14:17
* ogra_ still uses his own reader app 14:17
ogra_i guess i should make that public one day14:17
jgdxkenvandine, key wanna take a look at https://github.com/semafor/libqofono/compare/add-mtk-binding#diff-9ff54da2c92f8a85f57cb77116410df6R23 ?14:19
stgraberlool: do you have custom tarballs for those?14:22
kenvandinejgdx, sure14:28
Elleopopey: are you able to hit that facebook two factor auth keyboard bug regularly or only after reflashing? I haven't managed to trigger it yet on either RTM or vivid (haven't tried reflashing yet, but will do next)14:48
popeyElleo: i just reflashed my phone so can test again now14:48
Elleopopey: thanks14:48
tedgkenvandine, I updated the silent mode branches for dednick's comments.14:49
Elleopopey: have you ever seen it without reflashing?14:49
popeyElleo: tricky, i only ever sign in once per device14:49
Elleopopey: okay, well I'll see if I can hit it after reflashing; I've just been removing and re-adding the account so far14:50
popeyElleo: seems fine today14:51
Elleopopey: odd :/14:51
Elleopopey: did you used to hit it all the time when reflashing or only occassionally?14:51
popeyElleo: couple of times, i dont flash often if i can help it14:52
Elleopopey: but you've had flashes where it didn't happen in the past?14:53
Elleookay, so it happens intermittently14:53
Elleothe most fun time of bug ;)14:53
ElleoI'll keep poking at it :)14:54
loolstgraber: I need to add the links14:56
kenvandinetedg, thx15:04
bzoltanmvo: if there is a development branch of the new click with the cross qmake I would start testing it.15:45
bzoltanmvo: also, do you somebody else working on the vivid chroot fix?15:45
mvobzoltan: https://code.launchpad.net/~mvo/click/add-qmake-cross-to-chroot15:45
bzoltanmvo: nice :) thanks15:45
mvobzoltan: got side tracked (again!) from the chroot issue, sorry15:46
bzoltanmvo: no worries :) you can trust me to keep you alert :D15:46
mvobzoltan: haha, I know that :-D15:48
bzoltanmvo:  how that branch pulls the cross qt5-qmake?15:49
bzoltanmvo:  I mean the qt5-qmake-arm-linux-gnueabihf15:50
zmajhi guys...15:57
zmajI have the ubuntu emulator...but It does not want to boot15:57
nimmersatthey a question: is the rasppi too weak for ubuntu touch? just a theoretical question15:59
popeynimmersatt: we don't build for that arm revision, so it flat out won't work.15:59
nimmersattokay thenks popey16:00
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dobeynimmersatt: that is, no version of ubuntu will run on that arm revision.16:06
dholbachpete-woods, do you know what to do about http://paste.ubuntu.com/9125915/?16:10
dholbachpete-woods, could this be something that is caused by cmake being > 2.8 in vivid (3.0.2)?16:23
pete-woodsdholbach: no. it's because the package cmake-extras is missing from the SDK16:27
pete-woodsdholbach: I got an MR merged into the click devel branch a little while ago that fixes this16:27
dholbachpete-woods, eh? I have cmake-extras installed16:27
pete-woodsbut it's not landed yet16:28
pete-woodsoh, okay16:28
pete-woodsdholbach: are you sure it's in your schroot?16:28
dholbachthis is not in a chroot, just running "cmake ." locally16:29
pete-woodsoh right16:29
dholbachpete-woods, I thought this could be the issue maybe? http://paste.ubuntu.com/9126361/16:30
pete-woodsdholbach: I really don't know then. I'm not running vivid yet16:30
dholbachbut I'm not sure16:30
pete-woodsdholbach: no, that should be fine16:30
pete-woodsdholbach: I really can't think of a good reason why that wouldn't work on vivid..16:34
dholbachpete-woods, downgrading cmake makes it work16:35
dholbach(to utopic)16:35
pete-woodsoh great16:36
pete-woodsas in you just downgraded the cmake package?16:36
dholbachlooks like cmake 3.0 only checks files in /usr/share/cmake-3.016:37
dholbachI just ran it under strace16:37
dholbachso maybe that's where macros will have to live in vivid16:38
dholbachI'll file a bug on cmake-extras16:38
dholbachpete-woods, https://bugs.launchpad.net/cmake-extras/+bug/139464816:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 1394648 in CMake Extras "Macros need to be moved to /usr/share/cmake-3.0 in vivid (having cmake >= 3.0.2)" [Undecided,New]16:42
dholbachdavidcalle, ^16:42
pete-woodsdholbach: ohhhh! so obvious ;D16:43
davidcalledholbach, thanks!16:43
dholbachan autopkgtest would help a lot here :)16:43
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kenvandinetedg, thx for the fixes in your silent-mode-trunk branch17:06
kenvandinelooking at the latest CI run, looks like real test problems17:06
kenvandinedbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: No such interface 'org.freedesktop.DBus.Mock' on object at path /com/canonical/indicator/sound17:06
kenvandinetedg, look at https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-deb-autopilot-runner-vivid-mako/240/?17:07
nimmersatthappy UCA Day everyone :)17:13
tedgkenvandine, Uhg17:14
* tedg clicks17:14
nimmersattthanks for making ubuntu touch17:14
nimmersattits cool17:15
rickspencer3kenvandine, if I want to make a content hub provider, what docs should I look at?17:16
kenvandinerickspencer3, ^^17:26
kenvandinetedg, yeah, ugh... if we land that you'll turn the dashboard red17:26
rickspencer3kenvandine, uh?17:26
tedgkenvandine, At least I won't be alone? ;-)17:26
kenvandinerickspencer3, sorry... mixing conversations :)17:26
kenvandinetedg is breaking my tests :)17:26
kenvandineand you want docs :)17:26
* rickspencer3 shakes fists17:26
kenvandinerickspencer3, see my link?17:27
tedgrickspencer3, You know kenvandine, you have to break him down and then build him back up again :-)17:27
rickspencer3kenvandine, somehow, no, I only got your link to Jenkins17:27
kenvandinerickspencer3, oh my17:27
kenvandinesorry :)(17:27
* tedg is the testing drill sergeant17:27
kenvandinepaste buffer error17:27
tedgkenvandine, So I can look at that, but need to deal with this flicker issue first.17:28
rickspencer3thanks kenvandine17:29
kenvandinetedg, that's fine, just give me a shout when i'll see passing tests :)17:29
kenvandinerickspencer3, np17:29
kenvandinerickspencer3, speaking of tests... i  started writing QML tests for bacon2d :-D17:30
kenvandinewe've gone way to long without tests!17:30
kenvandinerickspencer3, and i'm going to get the game template all packaged up, just need to chat with bzoltan a bit to make sure I'm not doing something evil :)17:32
bzoltankenvandine:  it is not possible that you are not doing something evil :)17:33
bzoltankenvandine:  as I understand you want to integrate the game engine to the sdk17:33
kenvandinebzoltan, so i created a bacon2d template, modeled after the ubuntu sdk template17:33
kenvandineso you can easily create a game17:33
kenvandinebut... my template also includes the binary of the qml plugin17:34
kenvandineso when you build a click package, it has what you need to run17:34
kenvandineon the device17:34
kenvandinerickspencer3 tested it for me in DC :)17:34
bzoltankenvandine: it includes both i386 and armhf binary?17:34
kenvandinebzoltan, so i was thinking of just creating a debian package that installs the files, since it doesn't have to modify anything else17:35
kenvandinejust armhf17:35
bzoltankenvandine:  developers might expect the templates to work on emulator too17:35
kenvandinenot sure how to include both...17:35
kenvandineso i'd need something to copy the right binary into Bacon2D subdir at build17:35
kenvandinei guess17:35
bzoltankenvandine: once we have fat package support in the sdk it will b easy17:35
bzoltankenvandine:  I need to think through this template model ... it might not be so trivial, give mew few hours to think please17:37
kenvandinebzoltan, sure17:37
kenvandinewhat i have now is a tar that when extracted in /usr/share/qtcreator/templates/wizards/ just works17:37
kenvandinewhat i don't have is the arch stuff sorted out17:38
kenvandinebzoltan, thanks, i'd like to get a vivid package for my template stuff sometime next week17:38
josharensonHow do I increase my mako partition size?17:49
bzoltankenvandine:  I am not sure if we are allowed to distribute a binary with the templates. It is not really a custom to do like that. With the confined apps and no_source_package_no_build_dependency click world we do not have a key ready solution to take in app dependency libraries.17:59
kenvandinebzoltan, well that's what people are doing now18:00
kenvandinedropping the plugin binary in their click packages18:00
kenvandineand making it arch armhf18:00
kenvandineotherwise pure qml though18:00
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Elleokenvandine: could you have the bacon2d source pulled in to the template and compiled as part of the build process?18:00
kenvandineElleo, that is much harder :)18:01
bzoltankenvandine: dropping in is like faking the build process .. that is fine. Because once you have the binaries (does not really matter where they come from) it s about packaging.18:01
kenvandineso i want an easy way for people to get that binary18:01
bzoltankenvandine: because Elleo is right ... that is how it should work :) you pull in the source and build the whole project18:01
kenvandineask rpadovani how easy it is for him to get a binary when he needs it :)18:01
kenvandinei do that in pathwind, but it's not straight forward to setup18:02
kenvandineit's much easier to have pure qml packages18:02
rpadovaniyeah, for some strange value of "easy" - I mean, my second year math exam seems a bit more complicated, but I'm not sure18:03
kenvandinecross building is harder than it should be18:03
kenvandineand it's so nice to have no compile step, when you game is pure qml18:03
bzoltankenvandine:  I tell you a secret :) just because you helped me with the qtbase :) Do the template in qmake :) an we can implement an "Add bacon2d library to the project" feature what will copy in the armhf or i386 lib from the desktop  environment to the project18:03
kenvandinehaha... cool18:04
bzoltankenvandine:  the same way i am planning to make an "Add trusted helper to the project" feature .. in qmake projects we can dump on whatever we want18:04
kenvandineright now it's a copy of the ubuntu sdk simple app18:04
kenvandinebzoltan, do you have an example of that?18:05
bzoltankenvandine:  to be frank I am a bit scared and dizzy when I see the collaboration model of our click apps ... it is not good18:05
bzoltankenvandine: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/+archive/ubuntu/experimental18:06
kenvandineand how would it copy in the armhf binary?18:06
kenvandinei'd have to have it packaged somewhere...18:06
* bzoltan read willcooke__'s exit text like "do your hobbits"18:06
bzoltankenvandine:  cp command I guess :)18:06
kenvandineyeah, but it needs to be installed somewhere...18:06
kenvandineor would it copy it from the chroot?18:07
kenvandineis there a bzr branch i can look at for that?18:08
bzoltankenvandine:  yes ... make your .deb package and release it in the distro .. it will install the .so to some funny place and our SDK will copy that to the project's directory18:08
kenvandineok, so it'll know to install the package?18:08
kenvandineeven if it isn't part of the platform18:08
bzoltankenvandine: lp:~zeller-benjamin/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/qmake-support18:08
bzoltankenvandine:  you can make your own bacon2d package what contains the template what installs under the QtC's template folder and the libraries to an other place ... we can figure out an UbuntuSDK lib path ... and the QtC will look up that place for app extensions...18:10
kenvandineand that would happen at build time right?18:10
kenvandineso if bacon2d gets updated, they'll get the new one18:10
bzoltankenvandine:  so we implement and add extensions logic ... right click on the project :) it will open a dialog what contains all the available extensions.. one of them will be bacon218:11
bzoltankenvandine:  it can be build time or it can be edit time.. whatever... detail18:11
kenvandineso i can just base my template/wizard on this qmake one18:11
kenvandinebzoltan, for the add bacon2d to project bits, is that a patch to qtcreator itself?18:13
kenvandineor can that be something i include in the bacon2d template?18:13
kenvandinei guess it would have to be something in the ubuntu plugin...18:13
bzoltankenvandine:  imagine the whole thing exactly like browser extensions18:14
* bzoltan is brainstorming right now... be careful 18:14
kenvandineyeah, but nothing i can do for that to work, we'll need some work in the ubuntu plugin to make it happen18:14
kenvandinei can't just drop something in the directory :)18:14
bzoltankenvandine: right now it would be just an ugly hack...18:16
bzoltankenvandine:  give a night to think about it... I will return to you with a good solution. This topic is a big headache for me.. because I hate to see the build-deps gone, what was in my view the very essence of open source collaboration. When we dropped .deb packaging, we effectively dropped two decades of collaboration model .. .without giving an alternative solution.18:17
kenvandinesure, thanks18:18
bzoltankenvandine:  after the ongoing qmake the fat packages is the next. This bacon2d is right the third on my backlogs. I will make it official tomorrow  :)18:19
kenvandinethanks bzoltan18:19
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dragon_Hi, I was wondering if anyone has ported Ubuntu onto any Windows based Asus tablets?19:21
dragon_Ubuntu touch*19:21
jcastrowhat are my options if my ubuntu touch device doesn't show up in `adb devices`?20:02
cwayne1jcastro: make sure developer mode is enabled20:05
jcastroI did20:06
jcastroalso tried the obvious things, plugging it back in, rebooting, etc.20:06
slangaseklool: I don't see a problem with having those devices included in the -here channels, but I'm not sure it's a good use of your time to do this when we know we should be working on getting here into a click20:41
ohmyi'm trying to get some answers in regards of ubuntu ui sdk installation but have not found any deducated chanels for this, any recommendations please ?20:56
tn02Hi, I am trying to install touch on a Galaxy Nexus (toro / tuna), but am running into an error saying that it is not possible on this device.22:29
tn02I found a post on an ubuntu forum saying that you can modify the environment.py script to comment out the device check, but this doesn't seem to be an option using ubuntu-device-flash. Does anyone know another way around this?22:30
nhainestn02: there haven't been Galaxy Nexus images built for all year.22:33
tn02I see, I was just playing around with some old hardware I had laying around. Can one of the older images still be used?22:34
tn02I also have a Nexus 7 I guess I could try it on instead, but wanted to try the Galaxy Nexus first. Would the original Nexus 7 be a better option?22:35
dobeytn02: you can probably install an old image on galaxy nexus, but it won't be very useful22:54
dobeytn02: and 2012 nexus 7 definitely won't work22:54
dobeytn02: --channel trusty *might* work for maguro, but i'm not sure if it's still up on the server22:55
dobeyit probably has bash and openssl packages with known security issues too.22:56
dobeynhaines: hey, can you test something? does sending MMS work for you, when wifi is eanbled and connected to a LAN?22:56
tn02Thanks dobey and nhaines. Is the only real option then to find a newer device like a nexus 4 or 2013 nexus 7?22:58
dobeytn02: yep, or just wait for the actual phone product release, and buy one of those22:59
tn02sounds good, I'll keep an eye out for the release. Thanks again23:00
nhainesdobey: that's a good question!  And if I had someone to send an MMS to I could in fact test that!23:03
nhainesBut I'm booting into Ubuntu on my N5 now and figuring out what to send and two whom can come after that.  :)23:05
dobeynhaines: you can send it to yourself :)23:05
dobeynhaines: it will still go through the network. take a screenshot and send it to yourself :P23:06
nhainesdobey: oh, good idea!23:08
nhainesbrb, taking a screenshot of the volume meter.23:08
nhainesOoh, phone and messaging aren't starting up.23:10
nhainesAww, it eventually came up.23:10
nhainesPhone did, anyway.  Took *forever*.23:10
dobeyhrmm, what image are you on?23:13
nhainesdobey: says failed.23:13
nhainesubuntu-rtm/14.09 r7, upgraded from a clean r6 install.23:13
dobeynhaines: yeah, that's what i got too. if i turn off wifi and wait a bit for 3g to be proper, it seems to send ok23:14
nhainesI'll try that.23:14
nhainesWhen I set it to 4G, it reports that it worked.  Although I have not received a duplicate.23:15
nhainesAlso my battery's draining about 1% a minute and my system load is 8.68.23:16
nhainesAnd rising.  8.83 now.23:16
dobeywell that'd explain why stuff is slow :)23:17
dobeyyou can set it to 4G?23:17
nhainesI cannot set it to 4G.  It has to automatically connect to 4G.23:18
dobeyhmm. mine hasn't connected to 4G in a long time :(23:18
nhainesIs there anything I can look at before I reboot so Ubuntu doesn't turn my non-replaceable battery into a potato?23:19
dobeytop doesn't show anything using the CPU?23:20
dobeyi'm on 14.09-proposed channel, and my battery isn't being depleted that quickly, but the power management does still suck on it :-/23:22
nhainesIt wasn't doing this yesterday, that I know of.23:24
dobeyreboot and see if it still does it?23:24
dobeyi presume you're u sing multirom? with android 5.0?23:24
nhainesI factory wiped the phone for Android 5.0 final, and then installed... oh, maybe it was r7 by then.23:25
dobeyi don't have andorid23:25
dobeyonly ubuntu23:25
dobeynot sure if maybe it's an issue related to that or not, though23:26
dobeyall i know is i don't have that specific problem23:26
nhainesLoad is 14.35.23:26
dobeyload can't be that high without something totally killing cpu or memory23:26
dobeysort by memory in top?23:27
nhainesHard to tell.  Looks like it's just terminal taking up the memory.23:29
nhainesLoad's down to 9.23:29
Tassadarload doesn't mean anything on android phones23:30
nhainesNow phone and messaging came up in about 2 seconds each.23:31
dobeyTassadar: it does if it causes diskwait and battery drain23:31
Tassadarright now in my perfectly fine android 5.0 which I've just woken from deep sleep load average is 923:31
Tassadarand it is doing nothing23:31
dobeyTassadar: this is in ubuntu23:31
nhainesEverything is actually.  That's nice.  Faster than usual.23:31
Tassadarsame kernel23:31
dobeyandroid 5 has the same old as dirt kernel?23:32
Tassadarthere's a bunch of new commits, but it is still 3.423:32
Tassadarthey don't really have any reason to upgrade it23:32
dobeyi guess. it's pretty easy to pay people to maintain an incredibly old kernel when you've got $60B in cash23:36
Tassadarnot as much as maintain as keep the stuff barely working23:37
sarnolddobey: oh, do you have $60B in cash and an ancient kernel to maintain? :)23:37
Tassadarthey're not even merging the ..X versions23:37
dobeysarnold: if i had $60B in cash, i'd have much better things to do with it, than screw around with ancient kernels23:37
sarnolddobey: oh so true :)23:38
keithzg3.4 is a longterm maintenance kernel anyways, right?23:38
dobeykeithzg: not if you don't pull the changes from the new releases23:39
nhainesdobey: we'll have to settle for simply "long term" then.23:40
keithzgOh interesting the longterm maintainer of 3.4 is from Huawei23:40
keithzgDidn't realize they were getting that active on the kernel front.23:40
nhainesI have several icons missing in my app launcher here.23:40
dobeynhaines: no text either, or just the icons didn't get loaded?23:41
nhainesJust the icons.23:41
nhainesI'm also rather annoyed that if I update an app, I have to stay in the updates screen or they're not downloaded or updated.23:41
dobeynhaines: fun, sounds like a unity8 issue23:41
dobeyeh? the updates should happen anyway23:41
nhainesNope.  If I queue them and go away nothing happens.23:42
dobeyoh, well the download should happen23:42
nhainesOoh, I got the new music app.23:42
dobeybut i guess it's listening for the signal in the app itself and doing the install from there :-/23:42
dobeywell, time to go do other stuff23:47
nhainesdobey: later!  I appreciate you pondering this with me.  :)23:49

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