Azelphurdaftykins: was it you that wanted to know about the Zalman? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTWxBCJ2pGw00:42
daftykinsyes sir!00:44
Azelphurwell there you go :)00:44
daftykinsit's oo-boon-too sir ;)00:45
* daftykins ducks00:45
Azelphurmeh :p00:45
Azelphurdaftykins: I'm also guilty of continually saying "LUA"00:46
daftykinswhat's that one?00:46
Azelphurit's not an abbreviation, so it's Lua.00:46
daftykinshow was boot speed?00:47
Azelphurdaftykins: seems perfectly fine, I'm doing it over USB 300:52
daftykinsbe neat with an SSD in :>00:52
Azelphurindeed, I was tempted00:53
popeyyeah, i put an ssd in mine00:58
popeyfeels like an internal disk00:58
popeyover usb300:58
shaunoAzelphur: the vid with the multicoloured uplighter, and the TV that sounds like it's in pain?  what light are you using for that?01:58
Azelphurshauno: http://easybulb.com01:58
Azelphurshauno: the tl;dr on them is they are brighter than the hues, the Android app isn't perfect, however they have one hell of a well documented API with everything from Excel Macros to Python examples02:01
Azelphuralso, you can't get the on/off status of the lights, and you can only on/off groups of lights, and you can only have 4 groups per wifi box.02:01
shaunoyeah, I have the hues.  but I've noticed you can't run through settings that fast02:02
Azelphurshauno: oh yea, these things are ridiculously fast02:02
shaunoif you send the same bulb commands faster than ~2sec apart, it just junks them02:02
Azelphurshauno: heck, you could probably flood these things with 100 req/second and they'd be ok02:03
AzelphurIn fact, I'm going to test this, for science.02:03
shaunoit's not really a huge issue, it just cropped up as an odd edge case when I was writing a script to link them to xbmc02:08
shaunoI had them dimming when you hit play and reverting when you hit pause (or playback ended).  but if you hit pause again before you were 'allowed' to send the bulb another command, it wouldn't un-dim02:09
Azelphurshauno: yea I seem to get 3 changes a second pretty easy02:11
shauno(also mild annoyance that you can only send one command in each call.  you can send it to multiple bulbs, but only if you're sending them the same values)02:11
shaunowhich was my attempt at 'cheating' reverting settings.  ask for their status, store the whole json blob, and just send it back to revert.  doesn't work - I have to slice it up and send each bulb back seperately.02:13
Azelphurshauno: I really like these though as I say, they give the hue a run for its money for sure, and they are around a quarter of the price02:14
shaunoand they appear to actually ship bayonet fittings, which is a nice touch02:14
shauno(hue have no options for fitting, just edison screw)02:15
Azelphurthey actually seem to have a really good selection of fittings02:15
Azelphurthey had my friends tiny edison screw for a lamp shade (E11 or something iirc)02:15
AzelphurE14, that's the one02:15
shaunoI think these are e22. (which is a silly name, but ..)02:16
shaunopretty standard metric fail.  1" edison is 22mm :)02:17
shaunothe api is quite friendly at least though, it's just json over http02:21
shaunounlike the belkin one, which I just gave up on02:22
shauno(it appears to be upnp that's been implemented so badly that you can't use upnp libs, they won't respond to well-formed requests.  so you have to try to emulate their brain damage)02:24
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maphi a;ll03:51
mapusual characters awake04:01
mapis daftykins  up eh04:01
MooDoomorning all07:42
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
MooDooeveryone ok today?09:17
Myrttitrying to think of ways how to make a stinky fan oven less stinky09:18
Myrttiit was a good purchase, too bad it just... stinks.09:19
bigcalmMyrtti: new stink or old stink?09:20
Myrttiold stink... previous owner didn't use it much so it looks brand new inside... too bad he was a smoker too...09:21
MooDoooh i think you'll really struggle to get rid of old smoke smell09:22
czajkowskiGooooodo morning!09:23
BigRedSgoood morning!09:23
foobarryMyrtti: make a new stink :P09:25
bigcalmdirecthex: playing Sunburn and turned the volume up on my soundbar. It actually scared me and I couldn't bring myself to max out the volume09:25
foobarryyou could probably rub the interior down with a lemon too09:25
czajkowskiUbuntu Community Appreciation Day! Hug an Ubuntu Community member today and let them know you like their work! wiki.ubuntu.com/UCADay09:30
Myrttitwo first ones we already tried. Instead of vanilla we used vanilla coffee.09:30
Myrttiwill try baking soda tonight09:30
bigcalmBaking a can of coke?09:31
* bigcalm takes things literally for comic effect09:31
foobarrymy friend put some micro-chips in the microwave for $LONGTIME and left the house and forgot them09:32
foobarryopened the mwave to find burnt out remains, a la timebandits (PURE EVIIIL)09:32
foobarrytooks me forever to get rid of burnt smell09:32
BigRedSI once used the oven for some injection moulding. That smell lingered09:34
Myrttifoobarry: I'd rather have that smell than this09:34
foobarryDIY airfix?09:34
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Use Less Stuff Day! :D09:36
czajkowskiJamesTait: no no no09:39
czajkowskiit's hapy Ubuntu appreciate day09:39
czajkowskigo give someone a hug09:39
* JamesTait hugs czajkowski09:39
czajkowskiJamesTait: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UCADay09:39
* czajkowski hugs JamesTait 09:39
foobarry2 colleagues had D+V this week, so might not hug anyone09:40
JamesTaitczajkowski, it concerns me that I'm only learning about this now.09:41
czajkowskiJamesTait: for shame09:42
czajkowskigo hang your head and sit on the naughty step with davmor209:42
* MooDoo hugs everyone.09:42
popeyi only know because its in my company calendar09:43
MooDoojoin #naughtystep09:43
MooDoooops lol09:43
MooDooyeah he's still there09:44
MooDooi forgot that channel was still active :D  all thanks to czajkowski  :D09:44
* czajkowski hugs popey thanks for the intro 09:44
MooDooJamesTait: come join us :D09:44
JamesTaitpopey, you have a company calendar?09:45
foobarrywhats the best approach for storing files on a network drive in encrypted form, but easy to read/write09:45
LaneyJamesTait has everything written on the back of his never washed hand09:45
JamesTaitLaney, sounds legit.09:45
* MooDoo makes a mental note never to shake the hand of JamesTait 09:45
BigRedSfoobarry: yeah, but the first few were trial runs with a glue gun...09:46
popeyJamesTait: ☻09:47
JamesTaitpopey, is this one of those things you get when you visit the office?09:47
popeyTechnically it's in Daniel Holbach's calendar09:47
* popey can't tell if JamesTait is being sarcastic or obtuse...09:47
Laneywhy isn't this on the ubuntu fridge calendar?09:48
JamesTaitLaney, well it strikes me that it really should be in a calendar that I'm subscribed to somewhere.09:49
LaneyFo shiz09:49
Laneyso I would have thought it would be here http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendars/09:50
* Laney joins #ubuntu-news-team(????)09:50
czajkowskiI think dholbach can add to the fridge09:53
czajkowskigive him a hug and see :)09:53
LaneyI'm sure news guys will give me a news shaped hug and I'll feel all newsy again09:56
* czajkowski hugs Laney 09:59
czajkowskiit's all about the  hugging, forget that base it's the huggin!09:59
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:00
czajkowskiah blue jeans how you munch thorugh my cpu chomp chomp chomp10:00
foobarryalways unfortunate when using ctrl-R to search through mount command, then you press ctrl-C10:04
foobarryno need to swear10:05
popeynever noticed that10:05
popeyroute number two10:06
ujjainhow do I install my public key on a server without opening the authorized_keys file?10:11
foobarryyou want to add your key to authrized_keys without opening the file?10:12
foobarryyou want to open a box without opening it...10:13
popeyyou want to put something in the box without opening it10:14
foobarrythere are ways around it that involve editign the sshd_config file, but you have to ask the question, .....why ?10:14
ujjainbecause I do it too much10:16
ujjainI think ssh-copy-id was the command, right?10:17
foobarryoh i see.10:17
=== roht is now known as wadzi
foobarryyou just want a process to do it.10:18
foobarryyes, ssh-copy-id [-i [identity_file]] [user@]machine10:18
ujjainah ok, yeah, that seems a good hting to memorize10:18
foobarrysince turning 30-something i started sitting down to pee10:20
MooDooi used10:21
foobarryif need=wee then if toilet then sit, else if urinal then stand10:23
DJonesfoobarry: Get a commode, that'll save the walk to the bathroom as well10:32
foobarrysomeone has to empty it10:33
foobarrymaybe get a spacesuit10:33
foobarrysoon all of london will travel to work wearing bio hazard suits anyway10:34
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foobarrybought ribena diet version by mistake :(12:39
foobarryAKA more chemicals12:39
feisarcan anyone explain what the isw_system entries are in /dev/mapper? I have a strange issue where a failed disk on an on board hardware raid card causes Ubuntu to complain about a missing /boot partition13:08
popeyis it a real hardware raid card (like expensive one in a server) or is it a desktop-class one?13:10
feisardesktop class13:10
daftykinsintel chipset?13:10
popeynot hardware raid then.13:11
lubotu3Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto13:11
popeyi wonder if maybe your /boot was only on one of the disks?13:11
daftykinswhen you combine booting from the same volume as a RAID config, here be dragons.13:11
daftykinsfeisar: what are you running? two disks in RAID 1?13:12
feisarwhat seems odd though is that I created the raid 1 in the BIOS then installed Ubuntu on what it saw as 1 disk13:12
feisarI then removed a disk to test things and Ubuntu complained about missing /boot13:12
feisarwhich makes no sense to me13:13
daftykinsi'm surprised it saw a single volume13:13
daftykinsnormally that requires extra packages i thought13:13
feisarwell if I just hit 'S' for skip, the system then booted fine13:13
popeydmraid is built in these days I think.13:14
feisarI did check /proc/mdstat and that shows nothing so as far as I was concerned the raid was being handled by the BIOS13:14
popeythat won13:14
popeymdstat is when you use linux kernel based md raid13:15
popeynot fakeraid13:15
popeyconfusingly called dmraid13:15
feisarah ok13:15
popeypersonally if I were you I'd be inclined to use mdraid (or if you're brave/foolhardy btrfs)13:15
popeyfakeraid just isn't worth using13:15
feisaryeah, I like Linux software RAID13:15
feisarIt's not entirely my decision though and I still don't really understand what's gone wrong!13:16
foobarryso it loads grub?13:17
feisaryum, the whole OS loads with just one disk, I just get an error during boot about /boot being missing13:17
feisar*yup sorry13:17
popeythats different ☻13:17
daftykinsmust be lunch time ;)13:17
daftykinsfeisar: have you poked around on each disk from a live session, if it's a RAID 1 on two disks?13:18
feisarI haven't no13:19
Azelphurpopey: you have a G1W dashcam right?13:19
foobarryalso, since you're in the OS, can you paste the exact error?13:19
feisarsorry I'm not in it currently and the error comes up on boot13:20
foobarryand then it loads?13:20
feisaryes, I just have to press s to skip the attempt to mount /boot13:21
foobarryit must mount /boot somewhere though13:21
feisarI know it's very confusing, thanks for the info. I'm going to look in to it in a bit more detail....13:22
foobarrycheck fstab13:22
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foobarrymight have something to do with UUID13:24
feisarfstab has an entry to mount boot from /dev/mapper/isw_cedifhahai_system113:24
feisar(which I don't understand either)13:25
foobarrydid you install from scratch?13:25
feisarthat entry in /dev/mapper only exists when the drive I took out, is back in13:26
feisarI have never seen an entry like that before13:26
foobarrysomething to do with multipathing perharps13:27
foobarryyou could eliminate it by specifying the UUID, but be careful13:27
foobarryi would find some docs on teh web about it first13:28
popeyAzelphur: yes13:32
Azelphurpopey: good? thinking of getting my dad one for christmas :)13:33
Azelphurto expand, is it good13:33
popeyyeah, works okay.13:33
popeyi just leave it in the car13:33
Azelphurpopey: where'd you get it from? I hear there are a lot of fake ones floating about now days13:33
popeyi can't recall the last time I got the memory card out of it13:33
popeythats the link from my previous orders page13:34
Azelphurdunno if my dad could leave it in the car, already had one of their cars broken into13:34
Azelphurpopey: does it unclip easy from the mount?13:35
popeyyes, bit stiff though13:35
Azelphursounds good :)13:36
popeycheck out the review on techmoan youtube channel13:36
Azelphurtis between the G1W and the Zalman thing for my dads christmas present :p13:36
Azelphurthanks :)13:37
AzelphurSpecifieatons hahaha13:37
popeymight go and get the sd card out from it later, no idea how much video is on it13:41
daftykinsyou don't live in Russia for the most amusing of dash cam vids ;)13:42
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popeydammit, date is wrong on all of them13:53
foobarryjust had to walk across campus to restart iptables because i did a flush without checking the default policy. :(14:02
foobarryall because i lost about 4hrs sleep last night14:02
daftykinswhat ruined your sleep?14:03
foobarrywouldn't sleep14:03
foobarrycrying and stuff14:03
foobarrynot really a baby anymore at 20 months but meh14:04
daftykinsclose enough ;)14:04
foobarryyeah, doing baby things14:04
map hi alll=14:30
maplaptop arrived14:31
mapin Malaga atm14:31
mapand 2 other parcels arrived:D but of course i missed both14:31
mapgotta go to post office & dhl..opposite directins of course14:32
daftykinsif the boss ever gets me to visit his pad in the south of spain, i'll fly through Malaga14:32
daftykinsmy Spanish is non-existant though14:32
mapdoz cerveza por favor14:33
daftykinsyeah i remember that much14:34
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foobarryhaving fun with bacula14:44
daftykinsthat just makes me think of the Quantum Leap guy14:46
zmoylan-piand enterprise14:47
foobarryi just have the OSS version14:48
zmoylan-pithere's lots to dislike in enterprise but there are some good ideas rattling around in there14:48
foobarrynever seen any of them14:49
foobarryonly when my wife watches it i am aware of its presence14:49
zmoylan-piand since there's little else good scifi on i'll watch it14:49
zmoylan-pipretty much how i got into voyager14:50
feisarpopey: I think I've hit this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mdadm/+bug/131835114:54
lubotu3Launchpad bug 1318351 in mdadm (Ubuntu) "mdadm doesn't assemble imsm raids during normal boot" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:54
daftykinssounds about right14:55
daftykinsintel matrix storage manager14:55
foobarryglitch in the matrix?14:55
daftykinsit happens when they change something14:56
bigcalmWhomever was wondering if they should get a soundbar, they should. My goodness I'm wubbing the bass from this thing15:13
bigcalmI have no idea why it should be allowed to have the volume so high though. I know I'm getting old and grouchy, but this could seriously damage my health15:13
MyrttiI just hooked up a mini AVR to my sister's TV yesterday15:13
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popeyi have two of those soundbars on my wishlist15:36
popeyone for my desk and one for the lounge15:36
popeycould happily have 3 though15:36
zmoylan-pi4 would be an extravagance :-p15:36
bigcalmpopey: 3rd for the bedroom?15:37
popey3rd for the TV in the den15:37
* bigcalm scratches his head15:37
bigcalmIsn't your desk in the den?15:37
popeybut i want a soundbar attached to pc15:40
popeyand one attached to tv15:40
popeyit only has one connector, right?15:41
foobarrydoes soundbar have wireless power?15:41
popeyit has bluetooth15:41
* popey googles optical multiplexor15:41
foobarryi mean, does it have mains power15:42
popeyhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/Ex-Pro-Optical-TOSlink-SPDIF-Splitter/dp/B0018K7CMU hmmmm15:42
bigcalmpopey: if it's the same soundbar that I have bought, then it has 1 of each: USB, 3pin 3mm jack, optical15:42
bigcalmpopey: it comes with 2 phono to 1 3pin 3mm jack lead. Does not come with an optical lead15:43
popeyso i could use optical from pc and 3mm from telly15:43
popeywould have to move it though15:43
bigcalmAnd IR remote controll to switch inputs15:43
popey<- pc     tv ->15:43
zmoylan-piand how does it decide which is played?15:43
zmoylan-pidynf :-)15:43
bigcalmzmoylan-pi: see above15:43
Myrttihm indeed16:24
mapsomeone i know in UK asked if i can lend them £500 for their rent for a 'few weeks' ....hate being asked16:25
mapive lent money once before for rent and never got it back16:25
mapso im inclined to think its a bad idea:)16:25
daftykinsindeed, that's never good :/16:25
daftykinsor just match payday loans rates ;)16:25
mapshe said she was off sick for a week so no pau16:26
mapand her car broke down too16:26
daftykinsah the classic tales of woe16:26
foobarrymr wonga16:26
mapthing is she's got a partner..surelky between them they can get an overdraft or a loan?16:26
mapor friends or family or something?16:26
foobarryare you the guy from the detectorists?16:26
foobarryhis ex-wife always asking for cash16:26
mapand failing that do what everyone else does and go to wonga or the like..if you havent got the money16:26
maphaha no16:26
mapwhen she said the car story too i was less inclined to believe her tbh16:27
mapive lent money countless times and rarely get it back tbh16:27
mapthe whole sob stories16:27
foobarrycompassion runs out after it is abused16:27
map'i cant feed my kid; then she phoned someone to buy cannabis after begging me for £5016:27
mapgirl at uni begged for 250 for rent..then ignored every time i asked for it back16:28
mapi personally think it's rude to ask tbh16:28
mapi barely know her16:28
mapand isn't that what Wonga/QuickQuid are for? people who havent got the money/blew it/whatever16:28
christeli don't think i'd want to see anyone i know get shafted by payday companies, i'd much sooner help them out myself i think16:30
mapbut then what about the risk of not getting the money back16:31
mappeople promise anything to get it..but later paying it back isnt so fun16:31
mapi just dont believe all the sob stories!16:32
christelwell, i tend to view it more like never lending anything unless i can afford to give it away16:32
mapi can afford to..but why should i:P its like when ive been out in town with girls ive met before and suddenly 'oh ive got no money on me can i borrow some' why come out without any money|?16:33
mapi prefer not to borrow:)16:33
zmoylan-piask for collateral... :-) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imperial_Crown_of_Russia#Time_in_Ireland16:33
daftykinsmap: the worst is when they keep their optional habits going, whilst saying money is tight16:34
daftykinslike - if you're not making enough to get by, you have to make personal sacrifices16:35
christelyeah, claiming to be unable to feed your child and then feeding your drug habit instead is a bit shite16:35
mapi can afford it because i got my SLC refund / won a few grand last week / get good pay16:35
daftykinsi visited some friends in the US who were asking for money once i'd gone, wasn't good at all :(16:35
mapBUT that's my money ive earnt16:35
mapthing is realistically speaking if its only 500 she should be able to get an overdraft or a loan from HSBC or someone UNLESS they have awful credit16:36
mapin which case thats their own doing..and id never get money back myself:)16:36
mapand i agree christel wonga etc are awful..but then it's for people that cant be trusted to pay money back16:36
daftykinsi think UK law has capped thosen ow?16:38
mapwatch this chan5 show 'cant pay we'll take it away' everyone on there claims to have no idea aboiut the situation / getting a writ even though they havent paid rent for 12months+ they all pretend its not their fault16:38
mapyea but still higher than a normal bank16:38
mapbut the reason they cant go to a bank is because they dont pay and mess people about;p16:38
christelmmm -- mind, from what you are saying it doesn't sound so much as a close friend asking for you to help them get out of a transient cashflow period as a string of people attempting to take advantage of you because they perceive you to have enough money to "share"16:38
christeland that's pretty uncool and doesn't make them come across as very nice people16:38
maplol yea ive had that before16:38
map'you earn more than me you can pay' when we got like a 50 quid taxi from Uttoxeter racecourse16:39
mappretty fair16:39
mapid have gotten it on my own had i known that stunt would be pulled:)16:39
mapgood day all in all went to post office..got my myprotein order..got my iphone cales:D ..went to DHL got my sportsdirect order16:40
mapnow just need my laptop16:40
mapgotta wait till mate comes to work with it16:40
mappeople suck basically;p16:41
daftykinsi must tackle a large hill for the first time cycling again to head to my olds tonight16:42
mapmy 'mate' went to canada with his girlfriend and wanted to borrow £1000 else he'd be short..so i did..got it back..but then he cant ever be bothered to go round and check on my house (lives like 3mins walk away)16:42
mapthat irritates me beyond belief:)(16:42
bashrcthe lending industry - particularly the payday loans - are a scam16:42
bashrcthe companies don't have the money to lend. They just create it from nothing.16:42
mapi pay on credit card for everything..but i get cashback :D16:42
mapand m&s vouchers:D16:43
bashrcwhen you examine how the money system works in detail it's all very suspect16:44
mapisnt there some odd thing like they can lend 10* what they have16:45
daftykinsmap: this topic reminds me of being in Barcelona and a mate having his card robbed because he didn't take enough care with his clothing choices + wallet placement16:47
daftykinsi was nominated to pay for all his things after that but didn't even get a comment of thanks :P16:48
daftykinsho-hum, i suppose none of us were going to exactly make him go hungry :D16:48
mapquestion how is the casino wifi so good? i can pick it up say 100ft away?16:48
mapacross the marina16:48
mapand yet at the gym i can only get the wifi if i stand in one place16:48
daftykinsprobably a very different class of hardware16:49
diploProper AP's at casino, £50 ones at the gym probablty16:49
diploWe must be right daftykins :D16:50
daftykinsclearly we have great minds, sir16:50
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shaunosaw that 'imitation game' movie on a whim - was surprised I hadn't heard of it.  wasn't half bad17:16
daftykinsrecent, or old?17:17
daftykinscan't say i've heard that name17:17
bashrcit was average17:17
shaunoquite recent, I think it came out in the last week or two17:17
popeyread that review, was interesting to hear from someone involved in Bletchley17:18
bashrcit was much better than the 2001 film "Enigma"17:18
shaunoyeah, that's pretty much it.  it misses bits, gets a few bits wrong, but is the best attempt I've seen yet17:23
bashrc"Breaking the code" was also quite good. You can see it on the youtube17:27
diddledanthis is why we tell people viruses aren't an issue on linux :-p17:48
diddledanalso http://xkcd.com/1180/17:49
zmoylan-pipeople who think their computer has a virus do strange things to their pcs so obliquely the computer problem is 'caused' by a virus :-)17:51
diddledanthe general "media" used to blame viruses and malware for everything. now they're blaming the group known as "hackers(TM)"17:54
zmoylan-pii especially love the pics they run of the hooded hacker using laptop in the dark they all seem to favour17:54
zmoylan-piyet none of the laptops is covered in stickers or food :-p17:55
bashrcI always wear a black belaclava while using a laptop17:55
diddledanusually he has a mask on. because obviously he needs to keep his appearance hidden while he's toiling away in a darkened bedroom with the curtains closed where nobody can see him17:55
zmoylan-pii just put a band aid on my webcam for privacy :-)17:55
diddledanbashrc,  +117:55
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
zmoylan-piooo er, bashrc was just raided ;-)18:00
diddledanI hope he still had his balaclava on18:01
zmoylan-pihe's switched to the bobble hat his gran knitted to look less hackery...18:01
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DmonI'm trying to reset my password through grub but when I type passwd <username> it comes up with a list of options. I'm new to ubuntu. What do I do to reset my password?19:15
popeyDmon: are you following this guide? http://askubuntu.com/questions/24006/how-do-i-reset-a-lost-administrative-password19:30
popey(you should, it's pretty good)19:30
popeyDmon: it details how you get into recovery mode and how to change the password, it sounds like you're typing "passwd" at the wrong prompt, maybe too early in the process.19:31
popeyDmon: Also, once you are fixed it would be super interesting to me to find out how you discovered this little chatroom on the internet. Did you follow a link from somewhere or did you know this place already?19:32
Azelphurcan anyone confirm that the libjack-dev package is broken on 14.10?19:33
popeylibjack-dev is already the newest version.19:34
popeybroken how?19:34
popeyjust re-installed it and it seems okay19:34
Azelphurpopey: libjack-dev depends libjack0 (=1:0.124.1+20140122git5013bed0-3) but it is not going to be installed19:34
popeyyou trying to install 32-bit version on 64-bit?19:35
Azelphurpopey: nope19:36
popeywhat happens if you apt-get install both together - sudo apt-get install libjack-dev libjack0"19:36
Azelphurpopey: well, it looks happier, it also wants to remove libasound and skype.19:37
* Azelphur facedesks19:37
popeywhich libasound package?19:37
popeyi also have libasound2 packages installed, and skype19:38
popeyso sounds like some funky breakage on your machine19:38
Azelphurpopey: http://pastebin.com/ssUvyAK519:38
Azelphurthat's both problems :)19:38
popeyyes, you have skype:i38619:39
popeyso my initial assessment was right19:39
popey32-bit packages on 64-bit19:39
Azelphuris there a 64bit version of Skype?19:39
popeyits probably wrapping 32-bit binary19:39
popeyi got mine there19:39
popey127 alan@deep-thought:~⟫ file `which skype`19:40
popey/usr/bin/skype: ELF 32-bit LSB shared object, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.24, BuildID[sha1]=03f288a8ffc80a736102ae33db2951a957186eb7, stripped19:40
popey32-bit binary in a 64-bit package, to work around this nonsense19:40
Azelphurpopey: where's the package in here? :)19:41
popeydeb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu utopic partner19:42
popeystick that in sources.list, apt-get update then install it19:42
popeyit will probably be better to "sudo apt-get remove skype:i386" first though19:42
Azelphuryea already done that :)19:42
Azelphuryup, seems to have solved it19:44
popeygood stuff19:44
* popey goes to get a beer to celebrate19:44
popeyHelping people install proprietary software since 2004.19:44
Azelphurpopey: amusingly this is all so I can get the PS3 controllers to work19:44
AzelphurI wish bluez would hurry up and support them properly19:44
zmoylan-pinext thing you'll want printers to be easy and to work :-p19:46
AzelphurI know, madness19:46
popeyYear of the Linux Desktop19:49
DJoneszmoylan-pi: HP printer, plug in, connect, job done19:53
DJonesI've yet to find a HP printer that doesn't work out of the box19:53
foobarryi found one once19:54
foobarrythere was a bug on 9.0419:54
foobarrylaserjet 4+ was being detected as PS when it was pcl19:54
foobarrythought the printer was broken for about a year19:54
* zmoylan-pi has stories about printers since 1988 or so of them not just working.19:57
* SuperEngineer has heard rumours that they work better if you turn them on!19:59
diddledannetwork printers have improved the compatibility of printing on linbux20:31
diddledanmy samsung laser "just worked"20:31
diddledanas far as tethered systems tho, I guess only HP units can be almost guaranteed20:32
diddledanand that's because HP actually make drivers under an open source project (HPLIP?)20:32
zmoylan-pii've had to deal with a few epsons over the years and once they're working they're grand but can sometimes be tempermental20:33
AzelphurI remember seeing some tool that you could set which processes should always run under primus, anyone remember what that is?20:41
* m0nkey_ prods diddledan 20:50
* diddledan giggles like the pilsbury dough boy20:50
m0nkey_you got a samsung too? heh.. we're far too alike.20:50
mapsamsung ftw20:51
diddledanyeah, I got it a couple years ago20:51
mapsamsung tv/netbook/laptop20:51
diddledanit's amazing20:51
m0nkey_time to play samsung printer top trumps!20:51
diddledanlaser is so much better than ink20:51
mapso im off friday20:51
maptry and find a strip club part 220:51
mapdont wanna go to the boring casino20:51
m0nkey_SCX-4828FN, 30ppm print/copy20:52
diddledanI got a cheapo CLP-365W20:52
m0nkey_I WIN!20:52
diddledanit was on special at currys20:52
m0nkey_I lose :(20:52
m0nkey_you're is colour20:53
diddledanyeah, colour was a requisite for me20:53
diddledanI don't have scanning tho20:53
DmonI googled chat with ubuntu experts. and followed the link on this page http://www.fossbox.org.uk/node/22/20:57
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mapnew ep of babylon hm22:04
diddledanwow, 1mil already: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/jolla-tablet-world-s-first-crowdsourced-tablet22:39
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