rick_h_yucky ride home04:10
rick_h_one idiot decided he'd just pull off to the side of the road (in the right lane) as I came up behind him04:10
cmaloneyi think they aren't plowing or saltimg04:11
rick_h_I saw one truck up by the palace04:13
rick_h_doing the left shoulder04:13
DrDaemonEyecmaloney: I saw them starting to plow here in AA04:13
cmaloneyah, maybe they were waiting04:17
cmaloneyrick_h_: glad you made it home OK04:17
rick_h_holy crap! https://twitter.com/PzFeed/status/53520142159631564804:22
DrDaemonEyecmaloney: probably... wanted to make sure the snow stopped before plowing it04:23
DrDaemonEyerick_h_: yep.  I heard the fire and police departments were making their rounds on foot due to the snow04:24
rick_h_what rounds? you'd be lucky to get to the mailbox before the end of your shift04:24
DrDaemonEyelol, true there04:24
rick_h_I want to see a national guard tank in that snow04:25
rick_h_6ft of it?!04:25
DrDaemonEyelol.  Probably gotta figure out how to remove the gun and place a snowblower on said tank first.04:25
rick_h_flame thrower tank!04:26
cmaloneyrick_h_: Which noise-canceling headphones do you have / recommend?12:28
cmaloneyAsking for a friend looking for recc.12:33
brouschAny opinions on Jolla and Sailfish OS? https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/jolla-tablet-world-s-first-crowdsourced-tablet13:48
rick_h_yay another mobile OS to find/need apps for and that won't integrate as well with everything else I own13:50
rick_h_is my summary13:50
brouschLinux-based. Looks like SDK is Qt13:50
brouschSomeone people complain that the OS non-free components13:51
cmaloneyMaemo was Qt based13:56
cmaloneyso not sure that Qt is a selling point13:56
brouschEuropeans seem excited13:58
cmaloneyEuropeans get excited over anything Qt related.14:01
cmaloneyThey were excited over the Nokia 77014:01
cmaloney"Designed in Finland"14:02
brouschOh, it says it will run Android apps14:03
cmaloneyHonestly it'd be news if something Qt was released that Europeans DIDN'T get excited about14:03
cmaloney"Blah blah is Qt based, yet curiously nobody in Europe seems to care. Experts are puzzled by this development. When asked about why nobody in Europe was interested in blah blah Simon Phipps was uncharacteristically mute on the subject."14:05
brouschAh, Jolla tablet is on slashdot. Now i can get some real opinions16:41
DrDaemonEyew00t!  50 degrees on Monday!17:19
cmaloneyCan't get here soon enough17:26
greg-g54 and raining here now17:42
greg-gtwo days of rain is magical17:42
greg-gthough, annoying for Rowan, of course17:42
_stink_current sys tarball is 885MB expanded18:19
_stink_plus the tarball itself is like 284MB18:19
_stink_so like 1.2GB total space for this18:19
brouschFor what?18:19
_stink_mischan :()18:19
brouschI will sell this info to the highest bidder18:20
_stink_i offer 1 cent18:20
_stink_do i win?18:20
brouschSo far18:21
brouschI'll need that in bitcoins18:21
cmaloneybrousch: Here you go: 59dab820de33accd3f8f8dfc85ab8e8190120cb2cedd116a99ace284fc0ae53518:22
cmaloneyOr better yet: 5de6dae923390954d17f0f27a72e5814aca8cc5ebb62e911240b7920bfa786db18:23
brouschWill I be arrested if I try those?18:25
cmaloney(That's the result of `echo "Please pay Ben Tiberius Rousch the amount of $.01 in Bitcoin funny money." | sha256sum`)18:26
brouschBitCoin is 4realzyo!18:27
brouschI made 11% profit on my bitcoins in 1 month18:28
cmaloneyAnd you are currently doing what with them?18:28
jcastrojrwren, wanna go to washlug tonight?18:29
brouschNothing. They are back in USD until I get brave again18:29
cmaloneySome faith. :)18:30
jrwrenjcastro: no.18:30
jrwrenjcastro: if I were leaving the house tonight, it would be for Nerd Night Ann Arbor.18:30
jcastronot my juju talk?18:30
jcastroI hate you18:30
jrwrenjcastro: oh, is that the topic? sorry, I didn't know.18:31
jcastroit's ok, I got it18:31
jrwrenjcastro: when was the last time you were at lugwash?18:31
jcastrogoing to do elasticsearch and maybe hadoop18:31
jcastroI dunno, a year ago or so?18:31
jrwrenjcastro: ah, cool. I haven't been in at least 5, maybe 7 or 8.18:32
brouschSome Linux zealots you are!18:33
cmaloneyWhen was the last time you were at MUG jcastro ? :)18:33
jcastronot _that_ long ago18:34
brouschI wonder if actually getting paid to work on Linux diminishes your community involvement.18:34
jcastrowell, I also don't live there18:34
cmaloneyCertainly cuts into the free time18:34
jcastroann arbor is a haul from the rest of metro detroit18:34
jrwrenbrousch: we don't get paid to work on linux :p18:34
jcastrojill still thinks we live in royal oak and is like "We're going to my mom's for dinner"18:34
jcastroit's like, we don't like in RO, that's like an hour each way18:35
cmaloneyjcastro: I lived in Belleville. I can relate.18:35
brouschThat's silly. I got to MUG in 2 hours18:35
cmaloneybrousch: That's because nobody drives west of Telegraph.18:35
jrwreni live in Ann Arbor. if it takes more than 15min to get there, it is too far.18:35
jcastrodude I can't even leave AA in less than 20 minutes18:36
jrwrenjcastro: you moved to the wrong side of town :p18:36
cmaloneySorry, I meant US-2318:36
DrDaemonEyejrwren: that is true about Ann Arbor.  :)19:10
DrDaemonEyeExcept for when there is a game... then it is within a half hour's walk.19:11
brouschWow, I didn't think this game was over. It sure doesn't look like a win for me, but it is http://www.dragongoserver.net/game.php?gid=94189619:50
cmaloneyIt's all about the territory.19:56
cmaloneyNot sure where you're getting that its a win for you19:57
brouschThe lower right is all dead black19:58
cmaloneyIt's showing as contested on my screen19:58
brouschIt was very tricky to not die19:58
brouschHe is scoring it now19:58
cmaloneyEven so, is that going to make up the difference?19:59
brouschActually all of the blacks inside the white are dead19:59
cmaloneyI'm not seeing the win19:59
cmaloneyI'll be interested in seeing the final score.20:00
brouschIt's about 56 to 6420:00
brouschI wondered why he was being so persistent in there20:00
brouschI didn't think that was enough to win20:01
brouschcmaloney: Counted now http://www.dragongoserver.net/game.php?gid=94189620:19
greg-gwhat's komi?20:21
cmaloneyIt's a handicap for the player who goes second20:22
cmaloneybrousch: Huh, interesting20:22
cmaloneyIt can also be used for players that are unevenly matched20:22
cmaloneybut usually it's 6.5 points20:23
cmaloneyeg. brousch gives me 3 stones handicap, but adjusts the Komi so it's less (3.5 points)20:23
cmaloneylots of ways to play with the final score.20:23
brouschI'm playing a series of 7x7 games with a 21k. We've adjust the komi so it is very close20:24
brousch7x7 is interesting.20:24
cmaloney7x7 must be insane with you20:25
cmaloneyhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Komidashi <- greg-g20:25
brouschWhy with me?20:25
cmaloneyIt's a relatively recent addition to Go20:26
cmaloneybrousch: You're a capturinig machine20:26
cmaloneyI find if I miss one move with you I lose half my pieces.20:26
brouschIt's hard to capture because the walls are so close20:26
cmaloneyRight, but you're rather aggressive20:26
brouschI think that means I don't reinforce my position well ;)20:27
mrgoodcati havent been playing as much as i'd like20:29
mrgoodcati think the only games i'm in are with brousch and cmaloney right now actually20:29
mrgoodcatand i'm playing slow at that20:29
brouschcmaloney: I'm in u20:29
brouschcmaloney: Maybe you're right. I feel a little sorry for this guy (start at move 91) http://www.dragongoserver.net/game.php?gid=94232221:47
cmaloneyHello from OCC22:17
jrwrenoh hai22:27
cmaloneyMan, this network is quite good22:45
cmaloneySomeone here is trying to play the Tetris theme on the piano23:08

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