dzhomineral deficiency01:39
skellatFor what?01:39
skellatOr did you type in the wrong channel?01:39
dzhoskellat: your cat01:40
dzhoalso, I'm mostly kidding01:40
* Unit193 petpets dzho.01:53
skellatAs seen elsewhere: http://blog.halon.org.uk/2014/11/barbie-the-debian-developer/20:06
jenni[ Barbie the Debian Developer - Liberal Murmurs ] - https://j.mp/1uY4s2I20:06
skellat.nws 4400420:32
jenniLake Effect Snow !WARNING! issued November 20 at 3:27PM EST until November 21 at 3:00PM EST by NWS20:32
jenniComplete weather watches, warnings, and advisories for Ashtabula, OH, available here: http://alerts.weather.gov/cap/wwaatmget.php?x=OHC007 -- You may also PM the bot to get the full list.20:32
yanobetter believe it21:27
belkinsa.nws 4506921:37
jenniThere are no active watches, warnings or advisories, for West Chester, OH.21:37
belkinsaskellat, you jinxed yourself.21:37
belkinsaWell, I got you to do, rather.21:37
skellat.addpoint belkinsa21:52
jennibelkinsa: +1/-0, 121:52
belkinsaskellat, you been thanked: http://ubuntusense.com/2014/11/20/community-appreciation-day-2014/21:53
jenni[ Community Appreciation Day 2014 | The Ubuntu Sense ] - https://j.mp/1uYxY8n21:53
skellatThank you21:54
jenniTop 10 (for #ubuntu-us-oh): paultag: +2/-0, 2 | yano: +2/-0, 2 | dzho: +1/-0, 1 | belkinsa: +1/-0, 121:55

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