foshow do I find out how much data is on the hard drive01:01
fosI'm in the Harrisburg area  are there any user groups around here?01:03
jthanHe left too soon :-(01:52
ChinnoDogNo patience.02:30
rmg51almost time for me to leave to get my throat cut again..... for the 11th time :P15:07
lazyPowerMorning everyone15:16
rmg51my ride is here15:46
rmg51tie to go15:46
rmg51stupid "m"15:46
waltmanthroat cut?16:36
waltmanWell, good luck!16:42
rmg51all done22:46
rmg51just got home22:46
rmg51waltman: vocal chord surgey22:47
rmg51polyps like to grow on them22:47
rmg51last surgery was three years ago22:47
waltmanI hope it went well.22:48
rmg51seems that way22:48
rmg51total voice rest for 3 days22:48

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