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Sarvattricotz: hmm so libegl1-mesa-drivers and libopenvg1-mesa are gone in that newest mesa update? its trying to remove the world here because of it18:19
ricotzSarvatt, yes, some funny upstream changes which even are in 10.4 -- http://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/commit/?h=10.4&id=c46c551c56f78c6bf9e63524c89478695fc4f52518:25
ricotzso libopenvg1-* should reappear if it possible again18:26
ricotzi mean OpenVG support18:27
Sarvattlibcogl15 depends on libegl1-mesa-drivers directly :(18:29
ricotzhmm, so trusty :\18:30
ricotzso better add an empty package and hoping the best18:31
Sarvattor uploading libcogl to the ppa with the dependency dropped, looking like thats the only thing so far18:31
ricotzi would prefer an empty transitioning package18:32
ricotzwill take a look later18:33
mlankhorstSarvatt: yeah it's removed19:08
mlankhorst openvg no longer exists in 10.4 iirc19:10
ricotzmlankhorst, are you going to pick up 10.4rc1 for vivid?19:17
tjaaltonand then 10.5 hopefully19:27
mlankhorsthm is it out yet?19:52
tjaaltonsince tuesday it seems20:41

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