andy38Anyone van julle (lol) offer advice on kernel panics on VM clouds?02:26
bdukGood morning everyone05:25
Kiloshi EvilDMP 05:41
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za05:41
Kiloshi bushtech charl inetpro Squirm nuvolari and other lurkers05:42
Kiloshi gremble 05:54
grembleHey Kilos 05:58
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 06:32
Kiloshi Joe_knock 06:36
Kilosmorning superfly 07:08
Kiloshi TinuvaMac 07:36
ThatGraemeGuyTinuvaMac: they got our fibre running at 100M finally :)08:13
ThatGraemeGuywas apparently some issue with router config or a firmware upgrade somewhere or whatever08:13
ThatGraemeGuydunno, not my dept. :)08:13
ThatGraemeGuyit's working that's all that matters08:13
Kilosworking is good08:15
charlgood morning08:17
charlMaaz: coffee on08:17
* Maaz puts the kettle on08:17
Kiloshi charl 08:18
KilosMaaz, coffee please08:18
MaazKilos: Yessir08:18
MaazCoffee's ready for charl and Kilos!08:21
KilosMaaz, ty08:21
MaazYou are welcome Kilos08:21
charlhi Kilo, ThatGraemeGuy, TinuvaMac, Squirm 08:22
TinuvaMacThatGraemeGuy: thats awesome =>09:06
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Squirmwhat a day12:09
charlhi Squirm 12:22
Kilos-lovely day, everything is working12:22
Kilos-and 2 hour nap helped too12:23
Kilos-and clouds building up nicely to come storm tonight12:24
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
Kiloshahaha my fly, i did that today12:34
EvilDMPHello, I was speaking to to Joe_knock late last night, about http://python-namibia.org - you're all invited!12:37
EvilDMPhello Kilos 12:37
EvilDMPand as I said, I'm still hopeful of finding someone who will run an Ubuntu install party for us12:37
Kilossorry about that major wind killed the power12:54
KilosEvilDMP:  how many of you are there?12:54
Kilosnamibia is far from here12:54
Kilosbut im sure any online help you need from here will help you guys do your own install party12:55
Kilosinetpro: daar kom iets, weet nog nie wat nie, water of klippe12:56
EvilDMPKilos: we are expecting 80 people at the even, 40 of whom are UNAM students who have been reserved places - many of these students do not have the ideal equipment for participating in tutorials and so on (i.e. elderly Windows laptops) - so getting them onto something sensible, even in VMs, will be very helpful12:56
grembleLast time I was at an install party I was there for Archlinux, no one wanted to have the party :P12:57
grembleBut I don't think anyone ended up having a 'party' just the talks followed by everyone bouncing12:57
EvilDMPsurely Archlinux users are far too serious to have parties anyway12:57
grembleI party every day12:58
grembleWait that is a lie12:58
KilosEvilDMP: when you say elderly laptops what kind of specs are we looking at?12:59
Kilos2.5g and up cpu with 2g ram or more is fine for ubuntu13:00
grembleCan probably bring it down even more with xubuntu13:00
EvilDMPKilos: I wish I knew; it may well be that some of them will need to install lighter versions such as xubuntu13:00
Kilosthey are all at least dual core right?13:00
EvilDMPKilos: no idea whatsoever - I've been waiting to be furnished with some information by our contacts at UNAM13:01
gremblePrepare for the worst, expect the best13:01
grembleHave some lubuntu/xubuntu iso's at the ready13:02
EvilDMPI'm in the UK, so relying on a lot of 2nd-hand information13:02
EvilDMPI would have liked to go a week early and spend some time there before the conference, but my employer has been quite generous agreeing to my being there, so I don't want to push my luck13:03
Kiloswell im not expert at this but will give what ideas i can for the needs13:04
Kilosquite a few people to download the complete repos13:04
grembleWhen is it EvilDMP ?13:04
Kilosothers to download the fifferent versions13:04
EvilDMP2nd to5t february13:04
Kilosoh lots of time then13:05
grembleKilos: If I recally correctly, the University of Namibia hosts ubuntu repos13:05
Kilosthen thats great13:05
EvilDMPreally? How can I find this out?13:05
Kilosthen its just bring and plugin13:05
grembleEvilDMP: looking for a link now13:06
KilosMaaz: google unam ubuntu host13:06
MaazKilos: "Configure local virtual hosts on Ubuntu 13.10 - Zeronte" http://zeronte.com/148/ :: "Pruebas de penetración para principiantes: 5 herramientas para ..." http://revista.seguridad.unam.mx/numero-18/pruebas-de-penetraci%C3%B3n-para-principiantes-5-herramientas-para-empezar :: "Galileo Intel Parte 1 | CROFI - UNAM" http://www.ingenieria.unam.mx/crofi/?p=155213:06
Maaz:: "Software y hardware para la comunidad - TIC - dgtic - UNAM" http://www.tic.unam.mx/sof…13:06
EvilDMPKilos: Yes, it's hard to search for UNAM....13:07
Kilosmight be in update manager other13:07
grembleMy bad13:08
grembleIt is Polytechnic of Namibia13:08
grembleThat is a web interface of the ftp repos13:08
EvilDMPChris Glass had been planning to help set up mirrors at UNAM too, but now he can't come13:11
grembleUP had repos, but then they decided to take them down13:12
Kilosmethinks it dont matter where the repos are as long as a few peeps can download them to externals for upgarading purposes after installs13:16
grembleThe more the better13:17
Kilosso its all the flavours to be downloaded  and the repos13:17
Kilosthen students can bring their own usb sticks to get the flavour of choice 13:18
grembleI don't think you need to download the repos13:18
Kilosmight even be good to make a few 2g sticks with unetbootin13:19
Kilosit just makes it faster methinks gremble 13:19
Kilospc to external quicker than internet13:19
grembleUbuntu already comes with a lot of use out of the box, not necessarily a need for them to install all the things right there13:20
grembleThe repo's are quite big, so downloading all of it would be some wasted space13:20
grembleThis wind is going to blow us away13:21
Kilos40g methinks13:22
Kiloswind calming some now13:22
grembleThat is quite large, for something that would become obsolete quite quickly13:22
Kilosya 13:23
Kilosthats why im sticking to lts13:23
Kilosonly now elementaryos seems to only support for a year too13:23
EvilDMPWe're still going to have to find someone who knows more about this stuff to lead the party, I'm certainly not in a position to do it effectively!13:25
charlhi EvilDMP 13:27
EvilDMPhello charl 13:28
KilosEvilDMP: have you tried the lecturers at unam? maybe they have someone right there that can control and lead a large group like that13:29
EvilDMPThey are our main contacts for this - but I get the sense that it's all very new to them too13:30
Kilosthen you can just whisper in his ear what to do next13:30
Kilosbasically you need someone there with organization skill and leadership qualities then you can help with the techie stuff online13:31
EvilDMPKilos: <dry laugh>13:32
Kilosinstalling ubuntu is so much easier than windows nowadays13:32
EvilDMPfor example the thought of setting up a Linux VM on a Windows machine fills me with fear13:33
Kilosoh my13:35
Kilosare you usiny windows there now13:36
Kilosand mirc13:36
Kilosso then its to get a few brave students to do it first and let then note what needs doing and then they can lead13:39
Kilosthey are always welcome to come here for help13:39
Kilosthe ubuntu live system explains things quite nicely, you install alongside windows13:40
EvilDMPKilos: worse, I' use Debian/Ubuntu for servers only, Mac OS for the desktop and I've never used Windows13:41
Kiloslol thats good to know13:48
Kilosmethinks a video with step by step instructions on how to install ubuntu alongside and with other options might be what them peeps need13:57
grembleSetting up a vm in windows is pretty easy13:57
Kilosisnt vm slower  installing alongside13:57
Kiloslike virtualbox here is much slower than the main os13:58
grembleYes it is13:58
Kilosso then its no good on older low spec machines13:58
Kilosbetter to install alongside13:59
grembleBetter to install over14:01
EvilDMPdefinitely better to install over, but "Hello, welcome to the conference, we're going to wipe your computer" is a hard sell14:02
grembleHave them walk through a large magnetised door way. "Hello, I am afraid all of your electronic devices have been wiped clean"14:04
Kilosclean install is good14:04
Kiloswindows is usefull for using up bad areas in the beginning of drives though14:05
grembleWhy not just leave the bad area's unpartitioned?14:06
Kilosya i do that now but before installed windows to use it up14:07
Kilospartitioned but unused you mean14:07
Kiloshi z3r009 15:11
z3r009hey man.15:23
Kiloswb Joe_knock 16:05
Joe_knockKilos: thanks16:05
Kilosgoed en jy dankie16:05
Kiloschatted to EvilDMP a bit16:06
Joe_knockeks goed. yeah, he wants someone to go to windhoek. 16:06
Kiloswe need peeps like the fly and maia to give advice on release parties, ive never been to one16:06
Joe_knocktickets must be expensive I think16:06
Kilosi think R1500 or so16:07
Kiloswill ask sis she goes once a year to her daughter near there somewhere16:07
Joe_knock1500 is not bad. But then again it could add up to around 5000 for lodging as well16:08
Kilos1500 or 5k i forget16:08
Joe_knock5k (including room for 2-3 nights)16:09
Kilosthey must supply accomodation in the res or something16:09
Joe_knockwouldn't a hotel room be a decent gesture?16:09
Kilosif they pay ya16:09
Joe_knockI wouldn't mind going, I can also burn a few disks (get rid of some disks I have)16:10
Kilosya disks be good and a pockets full of 2g sticks16:12
Kilosone should try collect them seeing as they arent making them anymore16:12
Kiloswork great as install sticks16:12
Kilosor even when there get them to bring their own sticks16:13
Joe_knockto burn the ISOs onto their disks? 16:13
Kilosthen just format to mbr and unetbootin them16:14
Joe_knockI told EvilDMP that we can help them set it up remotely. I recall a Namib varsity having a mirror of the Ubuntu repo16:14
Kilosgremble: found this16:15
EvilDMPJoe_knock: the Polytechnic, it seems16:15
Joe_knockyep, I used to use it once upon a time, then it died16:16
Kilosyou see you dont know at what level of competence they are16:16
Kilosso making binstall usb drives could take a while16:16
Joe_knockI find it strange that they dont have linux installed, especially if they're compsci students16:16
EvilDMPif we're able to get some more sponsorship, we might well be able to help pay at least some of the costs for an attendee to come here16:17
Kilosalso vm on old lappies might not be a good idea16:17
EvilDMPbut the whole thing's on a shoestring as you can imagine16:17
Joe_knockI think covering the cost of the flight is the main thing. staying in res is fine and maybe some chow/food will be nice :)16:18
EvilDMPwe're going to provide lunches and refreshments; evening meals *if we can* 16:18
EvilDMPoh marvellous, I've just discovered that I was about to deploy a site running on a SQLite database16:19
EvilDMPnarrow escape16:19
Joe_knockEvilDMP: Are you a freelancer? Or rather, what work do you do?16:21
EvilDMPI work for http://divio.ch - I am a Django developer16:22
KilosJoe_knock: sis says some specials if you book now for R1300 otherwise anything up to 5.8 k16:22
EvilDMP(Django is a Python-based web application framework)16:22
Joe_knockEvilDMP: I think I've come across your company before. You guys do remote working, yes?16:28
EvilDMPJoe_knock: Divio are pretty well known in the Python/Django communities - most of my colleagues are based in Zürich, but there are a bunch in Kiev, one in the USA, and me16:30
Joe_knockDid you manage to get some of them out of Kiev?16:30
EvilDMPJoe_knock: they seem pretty happy there!16:31
Joe_knockhmmm I'm tempted to apply now EvilDMP 16:32
EvilDMPJoe_knock: they are a really nice company to work for16:32
EvilDMPwhat are your Python/Django skills like?16:32
EvilDMPI've been with them since July - before that I worked at Cardiff University School of Medicine16:33
Joe_knockEvilDMP: I consider myself a junior, but I think I'm growing (a lot) in terms of self-taught skill. Not too sure if they want to take on remote juniors though16:34
EvilDMPit can't hurt to get in touch16:35
Joe_knocktrue :'D16:35
Kilosoh my 18:29
Kilosoh i added a drive18:30
Kilosforgot by now18:30
KilosJoe_knock: ask maia or the fly what all you need to run a release party successfully18:30
Kilosohi superfly 18:30
Kilosi was just fitting sisters pc in its stand and doing all connections for her18:31
Joe_knockKilos: I think we should rather find someone living in Namibia to do it. Getting a sponsor will be 'risking' it for the event.18:32
Kiloswhew are there any ubuntu peeps there18:32
Joe_knockThe event itself is for Python. Doesn't namib have a linux chapter?18:34
Kilosif they cover flight costs and supply accomodation and food then one only loses the time18:35
Kilossomeone in between jobs maybe18:35
Joe_knockTrue, but it's a good experience to see Windhoek18:35
superflyugh, Django18:36
Joe_knockoom Kilos , million rand question. Women or Computers?18:39
Kiloscan you expand on that?18:40
Kilosboth is better18:40
Kilosone must keep in balance'18:40
Joe_knock:'D 18:40
Joe_knocklet's try it this way...18:40
Joe_knockyou're on a beach, stranded, but have enough food and water. Now there is a fibre cable available, so you need to choose between either having a powerful server-like PC/mainframe or a woman that is 23 and never gets old :P18:41
Kiloshmm... 18:42
Kilosyou gotta sleep sometime and its nice to cuddle and le lepel18:42
Kilosand she can cook and catch fisk and other sea food while you on the pc18:43
Kilosso both is good18:43
Kilosid choose the pc then with that kind of connection you can arrange everything else and even build up a holiday resort18:45
Joe_knocktough choice ehh18:45
Kilosbut 23 year old chicks nag a lot18:45
Joe_knocklol, should I have said 23 year old who is only allowed the amount of words you speak in a day?18:46
grembleI am 23 and I don't even want to date a 23 y/o18:48
grembleThey're ignorant, loud and obnoxious18:48
Kilosgremble: dont you know a varsity ubuntu person who wants to go do the nam release partry18:48
Kilosubuntu peeps are normally a bit more grown up than other students18:49
Kilosmaybe its the community spirit18:49
grembleI want to go. But I cannot afford a trip like that18:49
grembleThere isn't much of a linux community at UP (of which I am aware)18:50
Kilosso if they supply plane ticket and accommodation you would go?18:50
KilosEvilDMP: ^^18:50
EvilDMPcool, thanks18:51
EvilDMPbe warned, every bit of Python skill you have will be squeezed out and put into service for the conference18:51
Kilosis it a ubuntu release party?18:52
grembleHaha it is sort of a python thing too18:52
Joe_knockgremble: Did they remove the burnbox?18:52
grembleYes Joe_knock 18:52
gremblequite a while ago18:52
EvilDMPI will fire off another round of enquiries to potential sponsors tomorrow, because we need more funding if we're going to pay for more folks' travel18:52
Joe_knockNobody looked after it and those obnoxious comp sci lecturers werent even bothered to ask anyone18:53
grembleThey said it was broken, but we petitioned them to give it to us to fix and they ignored us18:53
grembleI don't like the department18:53
grembleI was doing comp sci, switched over to math18:53
Kilosburnbox = freedom toaster?18:54
grembleIf I understood correctly18:55
grembleUnless it is some kind of medival torture device that they had there in Joe_knock's time18:55
Joe_knockEvilDMP: Here is a list: Praekelt, Amazon, Oracle, 18:56
Kilosthats a shame though, i used it once18:56
Joe_knockgremble: ek is nie oud nie :O18:56
Joe_knockThe only torture they had was COS110 and COS12118:57
EvilDMPJoe_knock: wow, I almost understand Dutch and now I almost understand Afrikaans18:57
EvilDMPthanks for the list18:57
gremble121 was actually very enlightening. I hated the subject while I had it, now it is fine18:57
grembleI can see that stuff making sense18:57
Joe_knockI can actually find a ton more companies, but I think it will be unethical to troll the mailing list for sponsors :/18:57
EvilDMPI've previously emailed Paelkelt18:58
EvilDMPno reply though18:59
Joe_knockSimon works there, did he tell you?19:02
KilosEvilDMP: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-na/19:06
EvilDMPJoe_knock: ha, no, I didn't know that, I shall redouble my efforts19:06
EvilDMPKilos: thanks19:06
Joe_knockoom Kilos to the rescue!19:06
KilosMaaz: google hopefully they have someone close by19:07
MaazKilos: "wiki Guide on How to Comfort Someone Who Lost a Loved One" http://www.wikihow.com/Comfort-Someone-Who-Lost-a-Loved-One :: "How to Comfort Someone When There is Nothing You Can Offer ..." http://www.wikihow.com/Comfort-Someone-When-There-is-Nothing-You-Can-Offer-Except-Solace :: "How do you tell someone they have bad breath? - Yahoo Answers"19:07
Maazhttps://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100629105848AAoTCyo :: "How To Talk To Sick People (Stop s…19:07
Kilosi got mixed up from using another bot on my channel and them wanting to ask maaz something else19:08
grembleI think maaz is trying to tell us something19:08
Kiloshopefully they have someone close by was meant for the na community19:08
Joe_knock;) ;)19:09
Kilosim too old for this19:09
Joe_knockoom jy moet na meetup.com kyk vir "over 40 singles" :P19:09
Kilosno man im past the stage of looking for dates19:10
Joe_knockoom you're suppose to inspire us. gremble is amongst die mooi Pretoria meisies maar hy kyk nie vir hulle nie19:11
Kilosdan is hy dommer as ek want ek kyk nog19:11
Kilosnothing nicer to look at that a beautiful chick19:12
Kilosunless its a super fast gaming pc19:12
Kiloswb charl 19:16
charlthanks Kilos 19:17
charlusing weechat now19:17
Kilosim hooked on konversation19:17
charlyeah somebody finally made me upgrade from irssi19:18
charlirssi is not really under active development and we need something better19:18
grembleLook but don't touch 19:19
Kiloskonversation xchat hexchat quassel19:19
charlKilos: sounds like lyrics to salsa tequila19:22
charljust throw in random words and make a summer hit19:22
Kilosweechat aint bad19:23
Kiloshassle to use the curses thing to start it though19:23
charlcurses thing? you just start it using the weechat command inside a terminal19:24
charli run it inside tmux running on raspberry pi19:24
Kilosya i think i used to have to use weechat=curses19:24
Kilosnot so?19:25
charltrue, in the older versions yes19:25
charlbut i am using the latest 1.0.119:25
charlhi gremble 19:25
charli am very impressed this is a big step-up from irssi19:25
grembleHey charl 19:26
grembleI am going to go pass out now19:32
grembleCheers guys. Talk to you tomorrow19:32
Kilossleep tight gremble 19:34
Kiloswhats that mean Joe_knock ?19:44
Kilosbushtech: sus se pc is n sukses, werk soos n droom19:45
Joe_knocktake care.19:45
Joe_knockvir gremble19:45
Kilosall these little things get me lost19:46
Kilostook a while to get used to wb19:46
Joe_knockiirc = if i recall correctly19:47
Joe_knockimo = in my opinion19:47
Kilosya i asked about that a couple of times too hehe19:47
Kilosits remembering that takes a while19:48
Kilosmy ram is very random19:48
charlso how is it this fine evening19:49
Kilosall good here , and there?19:49
charlgood good19:49
bushtechKilos,  wel done!19:57
Kilosty horrible job though to do all that work then install xp19:57
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:30

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