acerglass: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Loadable_Modules00:00
slobbyi did that00:00
k1lDr_Manhattan: http://askubuntu.com/questions/62833/how-do-i-change-the-default-session-for-when-using-auto-logins00:00
Dr_ManhattanI am not using auto logins00:01
acerglass: Are you asking theright question?00:02
toolzarkcan somebody help me about openstack00:03
acerglass: Don't let me distract you... keep reading...00:03
fpghost84Anyone know how I can get firefox hardware accel with fglrx drivers in ubuntu 14.04?00:04
fpghost84(my card is AMD Radeon HD 8600M Series if that matters)00:04
fpghost84firefox is depressingly slow, especially with google streetview where it sounds like my computer is about to die, but on chromium (w/ hw accel its perfect)00:05
toothemy laptop volume is up all the way and its still quite low - is there a way to turn it higher?00:08
Ranieri_Is Chrome available on Ubuntu 14.14?00:09
tootheRanieri_: You DL it from the website.00:09
Ranieri_toothe: Binaries?00:09
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tootheRanieri_: yes, I just DL'ed chrome from Google's website00:09
Ranieri_toothe: KK, about to do that... Getting Real Tired of FF.00:10
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daftykinsRanieri_: no such thing as 14.1400:10
daftykins14.04 / 14.1000:10
Ranieri_dash_: Yo dash00:10
Ranieri_daftykins: Sorry, Ubuntu 14.06?00:11
Ranieri_The LTS version00:11
Ranieri_Oh 14.04 daftykins00:11
toothegah my laptop volume is so low, I heaphones. There's got to e a way to turn the volume up beyond what's aalready there.00:12
Ranieri_toothe: I believe so00:12
Ranieri_toothe: There's an option to allow higher then 100% volume00:12
tootheRanieri_: Please tell where :-)00:13
toothei have naturaly bad hearing, but I also think tha my laptops are particularly low in volume.00:13
Ranieri_toothe: Are you on GNOME?00:13
Ranieri_toothe: uh oh00:14
Ranieri_toothe: Not sure, check your sound settings00:14
* toothe gives Ranieri_ an angry look...00:15
* Ranieri_ wishes he knew KDE :'(00:15
cyberluffyhi all00:15
cyberluffynew to the community00:15
Ranieri_cyberluffy: Do you like One Piece?00:15
Guest38088Im trying to shrink my ubuntu partition to make my windows partition bigger, but it wont let me extend my windows partition00:16
Ranieri_Guest38088: What partition software are you using?00:17
Guest38088Ranieri_, GParted00:17
Ranieri_Guest38088: Damn, this was a long time ago, but I resized my Ubuntu partition with GParted00:18
Guest38088Ranieri_, Im trying to do it the other way around but...wont let me extend my windows partition00:19
Guest38088Ranieri_, Take a look http://s28.postimg.org/ggsa6axz1/Screenshot_11202014_12_18_13_AM.png00:20
bubbasauresGuest38088, Moving the front of the windows ntfs will brick it for sure00:21
Guest38088bubbasaures, What should i do?00:21
bubbasauresGuest38088, For what all you have said is what, no why, or your end goal.00:21
Guest38088bubbasaures,  I Want to extend my windows Partition for gaming because Im not able to run GTASAMP On ubuntu00:22
OerHekslooks like msftres partition should stay there http://askubuntu.com/questions/371487/is-it-safe-to-format-msftres-msftdata-and-hidden-partitions00:22
oscarhbpwepcrack no funciona en ubuntu 14.1000:22
Guest38088bubbasaures, Any Suggestions?00:23
bubbasauresGuest38088, Not really windows is a bit volatile, be sure to be backed up.00:24
Guest38088bubbasaures, So i have to completly reinstall windows and backup? or maybe is there a way to run samp or MTA on ubuntu maybe on a virtual machine or something?00:25
meme__heloo.. world....00:27
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Riku-VPSdarn nobody has been active for 5 hours on #ubuntu-arm00:28
Riku-VPSmaybe someone here knows00:28
Guest38088bubbasaures, i feel like im completly out of luck on this one00:29
Riku-VPSmy system isn't seeing my whole disk, gnome-disks shows a 30GB partition mounted at /, gparted doesn't recognize the partition table, and everything else only sees 6.3GB00:29
Riku-VPSfilesystem is ext4 and my storage is eMMC NAND flash00:29
bubbasauresGuest38088, I know nothing about uefi and mta etc, the ##windows channel might.00:30
Guest38088bubbasaures, imma go take a look00:30
Riku-VPSuefi is not directly windows related...00:31
Riku-VPSsecure boot is00:31
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Guest38088Riku-VPS, Is it because i have secure boot or ufei boot that it doesent let?00:31
Riku-VPSmost likely secure boot00:32
Riku-VPSis that on?00:32
Guest38088Riku-VPS, il reboot and check hang on00:32
Riku-VPSit shouldn't be00:32
Guest38088Riku-VPS, i have to disconnect and come back so hangon00:32
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jkhlwhat are the dangers of me trying this solution? http://blog.leenix.co.uk/2012/07/evmsactivate-is-not-available-on-boot.html00:35
Ranieri_I'm looking for a good Theme to go with Google Chrome00:35
Ranieri_This is one of the biggest decisions of my life, because I use a web browser an extreme amount of time.00:36
acerRiku-VPS: Look at the otput of sudo fdisk -l00:36
xubuntu_Riku-VPS, turned it off just now00:36
xubuntu_Riku-san, Its guest...Still no luck for repartition00:37
xubuntu_Riku-VPS, Turned off secureboot00:37
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xubuntu_Anyone can help me with this repartition issue that im having00:40
bubbasauresxubuntu_, You have a unknown partition blocking the ntfs, even if it did not block you can't expand a windows OS from the front of the partition. This is not a ubuntu issue.00:42
mekhamican someone help me understand how to select/what to select as far as nvidia drivers are concerned00:44
lipzushi all, is there a CLI tool to change the mirrors?00:46
Dr_ManhattanK1| do you have that same guide for 14.04? It doesn't include the options for "Gnome Fallback (Compiz)"00:47
lipzusbecause i get a "Hash Sum mismatch" after an install00:47
bubbasaureslipzus, software & update first tab00:47
lipzusCLI, please00:47
lipzusits a server install00:48
lipzusso it has no GUI00:48
Dr_ManhattanK1| never mind, got it. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction00:48
bubbasauresyeah, I missed the cli, I would have to search like you. ;)00:48
lipzusbubbasaures: thanks tho :)00:49
curthi guys, I had a fresh install of ubuntu 14.04 and my nvidida card was workign properly after some trial and error (needed a bios update) Everythign was going fine but today when I went to switch to my nvidia card (its an optimus laptop) its not recognized, there is no driver available in the drivers window even after reinstalling 33100:51
curteven the nouveau driver isnt show in "drivers" anymore, its totally blank00:53
lipzusediting sources.list manually i notice that the affected repository is "security"00:53
lipzus"updates main" to be more specific00:54
ilkenI need help with pisg : Anyone?00:57
flipapyi havent looked into psig yet00:58
flipapygimme  a min00:58
Dr_ManhattanIs there any way to restore my screenavers without losing the lock screen function? I've noticed moving over to xscreensaver not only kills the lock screen function but makes the system so keyboard commands aren't recognized by the system's activity timer so they don't count against the screensaver activation time00:58
flipapyilken, you mean pounds per square inch guage?00:59
Dr_ManhattanI specifically want the star wars screensaver and make it read an RSS feed00:59
lipzusi deleted /var/lib/apt/lists/* but the Hash Sum mismatch persists. any ideas?00:59
ilkenpisg is a perl IRC stats generator01:01
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lipzusi have the Hash Sum mismatch on another machine too now01:01
ilkeni can probably fix it if i could find where it installed to how do i search for it?01:01
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ilkenits on a headless server btw'01:02
lipzusilken: you could install "apt-file". it can list what files a package contains with their path01:03
ilkeni apologize for asking such n00b questions , trying apt-file01:03
lipzusi feel like a newbie too right now because the problem is odd01:04
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foshow do I find out how much data is on the hard drive01:06
lipzusfos: have a look at "df"01:07
HFSPLUShow do i use asciii code on the keyboard in ubuntu?01:07
HFSPLUSlike the heart sign in windows is alt+ 301:07
dorkusmaximusso if i want to mess around with ubuntu, is it much better to install it on a separate box vs installing it as a virtual machine?01:08
treehug88virtual machine is the easiest01:09
ilkenvirtual machine makes my chips run hot and my fan spin too fast01:10
treehug88well, there's that01:10
curtHey guys, im getting this error when I try to install nvidia driver current:01:10
curtdpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/nvidia-opencl-icd-304_304.123-0ubuntu1~xedgers14.04.1_amd64.deb (--unpack):01:10
curt conflicting packages - not installing nvidia-opencl-icd-30401:10
curtProcessing triggers for man-db ( ...01:10
curtProcessing triggers for doc-base (0.10.5) ...01:10
curtProcessing 1 added doc-base file...01:10
unopastecurt you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted01:10
treehug88oh poor curt01:10
ilkenif its not a brand spanking new hardwarez, ubuntu should install and just "work" like,,,really well01:11
curtits a laptop more thanb a year old01:11
curt it worked fine on install01:11
curt but now it doesnt show any drivers at all in the additional driver area01:12
curtits an optimul laptopt so thats where the issues lie I believe01:12
curtits given me a lot of trouble but I finally had it working, I could swithc back and forth between my nvidia and my intel card, but now the driver is just gone, I have no idea what happened01:12
k1lcurt: what ubunut is it?01:13
curtI had trouble with nvidia prime until I updated my bios, after that the install went well and everything worked, prime switcher would change between nvidia and intel when I used the commands01:14
curtbut now the drivers are gone, im guessing somehow in the software updates and installs and cleanups ive been doing I did something wrong01:14
k1lcurt: ok please do in terminal "sudo apt-get update &&sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get install nvidia-331 nvidia-prime" in a terminal and put all output into a pastebin service01:16
curtK1l: thanks give me a minute01:17
RedPenguinhey all, ns if this is the right room, but ns where to ask honestly01:22
RedPenguinMy buddy is running a Ubuntu PC which we sometimes have to exchange files over a VPN/SSH, the problem is we are on diff schedules and sometimes he wishes to pause my download/upload but I'm not avaiable for him to contact to do so01:22
RedPenguinIs there some way we can setup SSH/SCP or something similar that's secure and he can pause me any time he needs?01:23
RedPenguinHe needs to pause once in a while for online games01:23
bubbasauresRedPenguin, rough life huh. ;)01:24
maherrera89Hello, need some help to run Juniper Pulse VPN client in ubuntu 14.0401:24
maherrera89any advise?01:24
RedPenguinbubbasaures: must be, he gets so annoyed if the downloads ruin his games yet he wants me to get stuff when I need to lol01:24
pbxRedPenguin, maybe instead of "pause" you should look for tools that allow you to resume interrupted transfers. e.g. rsync with the --partial option01:25
RedPenguinpbx: I technically do with WinSCP, but he's annoyed I'm not avaiable to shut it off when he wants it off for a certain time01:26
RedPenguinWe thought maybe restart SSH server to kick me, but it doesn't01:26
RedPenguinI mean /etc/init.d/ssh restart at least does not01:27
RedPenguinI know he prob could with an FTP server but that's not really secure01:28
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pbxRedPenguin, there is an rsync.exe01:28
Harper42RedPenguin have you thought about something like Teamviewer.01:29
RedPenguinpbx: yea I know, I didn't make the connection at first how it would help here but I see whatw you mean01:29
RedPenguinHarper42: we actually do have TV installed, we just didn't use it much as it sometimes resizes his MythTV as he's watching it, but that may be totally worth it01:30
curtK1l: here is the link, I ran another persons suggestion first so its probably towrad the bottom01:30
curtim going to reboot to see if it worked01:30
RedPenguinHarper42: so I see now, you can do a transfer without saying show me the desktop01:31
* RedPenguin gives a confused look01:31
pbxLedM, i can't understand you, signal is distorted, please use lowercase01:31
Harper42Possibly TV meeting.01:32
LedMthe sdcard on andrug fon is scanning and deleting convenients GOGLE PESTS files on Init Mount every reboot this fsck_msdos deleted 150 music on sd01:33
RedPenguindarn, only issue I see is, it doesn't seem to offer me to limit the transfer speed01:33
RedPenguinHis network goes bye-bye if you use every last drop of Upload01:34
curtK1l: still nothing in additional drivers, any advice?01:34
k1l_curt: you use a PPA for the video driver stuff.01:34
curtsorry? not sure what that means01:34
k1l_curt: so seek their support. ubuntu ships driver that works01:34
curtclearly they dont01:35
HEROnymoushey folks, I've got a weird issue.  I'm running kde on 12.04lts.  I checked all of the kde settings, and it's none of them.  my screen goes blank after about 30 seconds of input idle.  this started happening at random last night.  anyone ever seen this before?  it's driving me up a damn wall.01:35
k1l_curt: clearly they do and clearly you use not official ubuntu packages: Get:2 http://ppa.launchpad.net/xorg-edgers/ppa/ubuntu/01:35
curtK1l: why are you being hostile, im just asking for help. I was searching for help on my own before coming here and thats what it told me to use01:36
k1l_curt: remove that ppa with ppa-purge and use the original ubuntu drivers.01:36
k1l_!ppa-purge | curt01:37
ubottucurt: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html01:37
curtk1l:  is the command simply ppa-purge? or what? I dont have any drivers at all listed in available drivers01:37
curtok, how do I get the initial nvidia driver it came with?01:37
curtafter I execute that?01:37
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k1l_ppa-purges exchanges the packages from the 3rd party with ubuntus packages01:38
samthewildoneSo, I'm going to try this again.01:39
curtk1l: how do I install the initial drivers ubuntu came with?01:41
k1l_curt: i explained you that 2 times now. ppa-purge disables the PPA and reverts the packages to the official ubuntu state.01:41
curtoh I see, I thought id haev to reinstall after I purged, sorry man01:42
samthewildoneI have a fresh install of 14.04.1LTS Unity  fully updated. I installed unity-tweak-tool but, some of the settings are not saving. I ran the application via terminal to see if there was an error on the back end but, no output when starting or closing the program. Is this a common problem on 14.04.1LTS because I didn't have this problem when installing Gnome Ubuntu 14.04.1LTS; though I used gnome-tweak-tool. Below is a screensh01:46
samthewildoneot showing what settings are not saving when I either logout or reboot. http://goo.gl/ITPtJO01:46
mekhamianyone have some knowledge of the nvidia drivers available to ubuntu? i have a 1g video card but it's running like 256mb when i play a game -.-01:47
xanguasamthewildone: those settings no longer have effect since unity no longer uses metacity for window decoration01:47
xanguaMetacity: funny01:48
GuiriI can't seem to get a script to run at boot using crontab -e for my user account.  I setup a check that should echo the time ran >> to a log file but it isn't produced, leading me to believe that the @reboot parameter isn't working in
Metacityxangua: And hello to you too. :P01:48
nmatrix9Hi all recently did a kde update, after update got a warning that there were some errors and my /boot ran out of space.  Rebooted got ata7: srst faied (errno=-16) link is slow to respond01:49
samthewildonexangua, then what is my solution to change those windows option to the normal side of the window bar ?01:49
pbxGuiri, does the cron manpage for the cron you have installed suggest that @reboot should be valid?01:49
Guiripbx: Good point.  I just assumed it was universal.  Checking now.01:50
nmatrix9Iam running a raid 10 system ubuntu 12.04 64 bit01:50
Guiripbx: Not that I see.  Is there a replacement that I should look into?01:51
pbxGuiri, the only @ shortcuts i know are @daily and the like. there are other ways to get stuff to run at boot though...01:52
xanguasamthewildone: short answer is you can't with unity01:52
maumdoes someone know how to do ip multicasting?01:52
samthewildonexangua, there has to be a way..01:53
samthewildoneThey expect people just to conform to this annoyance ?01:53
Guiripbx: I see.  That's a shame.  Ubuntu is upstart based for 14.04, right?  Maybe I'll check that out01:53
xanguasamthewildone: you are free to install any other desktop enviroment that fits your needs01:55
curtK1l: thanks its working now02:00
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TimeVirushello all02:07
samthewildoneTimeVirus, what's good >02:08
velhohello my friends. Need some help. I Have a drive with a SMART Failure, and need to do a low lever check disk on it, to check if there are any bad sectors, (and if there are, how to recover them?). How can I do it within ubuntu? Thanks!02:08
EriC^^velho: badblocks maybe02:09
TimeVirusthe challenges of playing with linux...is good :)02:09
velhoEriC^^,  is that a command line?02:09
eleuinlinux is both a toy and a useful tool :302:09
TimeVirusit is indeed02:10
EriC^^velho: yes02:10
velhoEriC^^, I don't remember how to use command lines in linux :\02:11
eleuindoes one have to use commands in linux?02:12
EriC^^velho: badblocks /dev/sdx > /path/to/save/badblocks02:12
eleuinlike i mean, if thats your kind of fun, go ahead, but its not really necessary02:12
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EriC^^eleuin: go troll elsewhere02:12
TimeVirusbut thats where the true power lies -- the CLI02:12
squintyvelho: might want to check with your drive's manufacturer to see if they have testing software.02:12
eleuinnot trolling, i am being serious :/02:12
velhoEriC^^,  "badblocks: Permission denied while trying to determine device size"02:13
EriC^^velho: use sudo02:13
velhoEriC^^, is there a program to do this?02:14
EriC^^velho: make sure it's the disk you want to run badblocks on with sudo parted -l02:14
EriC^^velho: none that i know of02:15
EriC^^velho: badblocks command, then you feed that file it outputs to fsck02:16
EriC^^velho: where are you having a problem?02:18
velhoEriC^^,  at this moment i'm really uncomfortable doing this on command lines. i need a program to02:18
velhoEriC^^, a program witha gui interface02:19
EriC^^velho: it's really simple02:20
squintyvelho:  Disks in main menu > upper right hand corner Cog > smart data and tests02:20
squintyvelho: personally I prefer the manufacturers testing software when available....they made it so should be able to reliably test the suckers too! ;-)02:21
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ramborocksim having trouble getting ubuntu to detect my ipod02:27
ramborocksi used lusb and it shows up but i dont know what todo after that02:27
bubbasaures!ipod | ramborocks02:28
ubotturamborocks: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod02:28
Inv1s1bleIn Unity, I no longer get the notification bubbles for notification events. Every notification comes across as a plain gray bar at the top. What daemon controls those notifications?02:29
ramborocksyeah i followed this02:29
ramborocksi still couldnt get it to show up02:29
ramborocksI actually installed a virtual box and thought maybe it would show up there too... but it didnt02:30
=== linuxuser is now known as Guest30790
bubbasaureshave not had a ipod, hoped the bot would have usable info02:31
=== circ-user-DDLlC is now known as nmatrix9
ramborockscant get ipod to show up in ubuntu02:33
bubbasauresramborocks, 2nd link has a bug link on libimobiledevice02:33
ramborocksany tips on getting ipod to show up02:33
nmatrix9Hello All Iam getting a error on reboot for a raid 10 Ubuntu 12.04 system.  I did a kde update upon update I got a intiramfs error in the console on reboot I keep getting a02:34
nmatrix9errorno -= 1602:35
somsipramborocks: is it a 5th generation nano?02:35
velhoEriC^^, are you still there?  when I type sudo badblocks /dev/sda1   then I enter the password, and then nothing happens. What am I missing?02:36
sacarlsonnmatrix9: might it have ugraded your kernel?  can you try in grub to boot from the older kernel if it did?02:37
EriC^^velho: add the output file, sudo badblocks /dev/sda > ~/badblocks02:37
EriC^^velho: are you sure it is /dev/sda ? this disk you are checking is mounted? or ... ? please type sudo parted -l and paste it for us02:37
nmatrix9sacarison: I've tried booting from other previous kernel versions02:38
nmatrix9sacarlson: I get a "ataX: Link is slow to respond, please be patient (ready=0).02:39
EriC^^velho: if you only want to check for badblocks, you can use sudo badblocks -v /dev/sda102:40
nmatrix9ata5: SRST failed errorno -=1602:40
theruecan someone check if adobe brackets is in ubuntu's software manager? if so, is it version 1.0 ? :D02:41
nmatrix9sacarison: I also get a "md/raid10:md0: active with 3 out of 4 devices"02:42
somsip!find brackets | therue02:42
velhoEriC^^, its this one           Model: ATA SAMSUNG HN-M500M (scsi)02:42
velhoDisk /dev/sda: 500GB02:42
velhoSector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B02:42
velhoPartition Table: msdos02:42
ubottutherue: File brackets found in calibre, calligra-data, fizsh, fp-docs-2.6.4, gchempaint, gedit-latex-plugin, gnome-icon-theme-gperfection2, groff, htag, ipython-notebook-common (and 23 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=brackets&mode=&suite=utopic&arch=any02:42
somsiptherue: dunno if that helps02:42
velhoEriC^^, the name of the disk should be sda or sda1 ?02:42
EriC^^velho: the name of the disk is /dev/sda , the first partition on it is /dev/sda102:43
velhoEriC^^, my terminal window gets unresponsive everytime I type sudo badblocks02:43
ubuntu_Greetings anyone out there02:44
ubuntu_anyone there02:44
velhoEriC^^, badblocks analyses discs with several partitions, or one partition at a time? I need to check a full check on this HD02:44
sacarlsonnmatrix9: is this what you see when you boot from the old kernel in grub?  what kernels are now seen in grub?02:45
EriC^^velho: try sudo badblocks -v /dev/sda02:45
SchrodingersScatubuntu_: greetings, you are broadcasting live, to the internet!02:45
ubuntu_Awasome testing out Ubuntu MATE02:46
nmatrix9sacarlson: no, it is what I see just before the busy box prompt:02:46
bubbasauresis it minty02:47
ubuntu_Anyone here use Linux full time and don't dual boot windows?02:47
sacarlsonnmatrix9: so the boot sequence doesn't get as far as the grub menu?02:48
nmatrix9ubuntu_:  I do but my Linux box is fubared at the moment02:48
ubuntu_nmatrix9 that's not good what happend to it,02:49
velhoEriC^^, starting to work!!!02:52
teaearlgraycoldWhat the fuck, since when did Adobe drop Linux support with Flash?02:52
nmatrix9sacarlson: It's able to display grub.  This is the sequence  I reboot -> I get grub -> I choose boot previous linux version -> Linux Kernel version ********* (recovery mode) -> lines of parameters fly by -> I get a option to boot my raid in degraded mode [y/N]  I press y  nothing happens --> I get more lines of parameter / boot up stuff. and then I get the busy box prompt (initramfs)02:52
EriC^^velho: great!02:52
theruegonna give linux mint one more try, if it's still buggy, i'll probably just try ubuntu out and join you guys :)02:53
velhoEriC^^,  Checking blocks 0 to 48838658302:53
velhoChecking for bad blocks (read-only test)02:53
velhoEriC^^, waiting again... is this doing something?02:53
EriC^^velho: yes, and its probably going to take around 20mins02:53
nmatrix9ubuntu_: I was a dumbass and tried to update my KDE while my boot partition had no space in it.02:53
velhoEriC^^, what does the -v do?02:54
eblipi dont think updating kde will do anyting to your boot partitin nmatrix902:54
sacarlsonnmatrix9: and what is the kernel version of each of the grub boots seen at the grub menu prompt02:55
EriC^^velho: verbose, it will print out the info that it finds02:55
nmatrix9eblip: well this fun began after I downloaded some KDE libraries something has changed the integrity of my booting02:55
eblipah ok02:55
nmatrix9sacarlson: just a sec rebooting02:56
EriC^^velho: if you ever have to do it again, use sudo badblocks -vs /dev/sda02:56
EriC^^velho: the -s shows a progress bar02:56
farhanI'm trying to configure my VPN connection to work to ONLY be a few ranges, namely How do I do that? I can't seem to get it to work...02:57
sacarlsonfarhan: openvpn ?02:59
farhannah, PPTP02:59
farhanits a simple work VPN...02:59
therueanyone here like kubuntu?02:59
farhantherue: I do.02:59
velhoEriC^^, how to stop this , so I can start again?02:59
farhanusd it for a total of a few weeks at work, and a few days at home.02:59
EriC^^velho: press ctrl+c03:00
* merlinz 03:00
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* MerlinZ 03:00
ubuntu_nmatrix9 sounds like its time for wipe and reload03:01
EriC^^velho: let it output the badblocks to a file so you can use it with fsck later03:02
nmatrix9sacarlson: Ubuntu, with Linux 3.2.0-68-generic, Ubuntu with Linux (same version generic, recovery mode), previous Linux version -> 4 versions versions 3.2.0-24-generic and 3.2.0-23-generic other 2 are the same just have (recovery mode)03:02
EriC^^velho: sudo badblocks -vs -o ~/badblocks /dev/sda03:03
sacarlsonnmatrix9: ok03:03
EriC^^velho: it will list the badblocks after it is done, and put them in a list in your home directory called "badblocks"03:03
nmatrix9ubuntu_: I agree unfortunately I have some documents and bookmarks I absolutely cannot lose03:04
velhoEriC^^, thank you so much :D03:05
EriC^^no problem :D03:05
velhoEriC^^, I own you a beer ;) come to my house tomorrow, I make you dinner :D03:05
ubuntu_question for anyone who knows, will unity as we know it go away in unity 8?03:05
nmatrix9ubuntu_: After I fix this issue, I'll copy my home directory to NAS and then rebuild my box to use raid 1+0 with LVM and ext303:06
therueubuntu looks pretty nice with cinnamon installed :)03:06
ubuntu_will unity 8 be forced on us like Windows 8 metro, large child like interface03:07
velhohow to invert the Close Minimize Maximize buttons to look like Windows?03:07
xanguaubuntu_: you are free to install any desktop enviroment that firs your needs, ubuntu comes in many flavors03:08
zykotick9!controls | velho03:08
ubottuvelho: Starting in Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information and workarounds, please see http://pad.lv/53263303:08
xanguavelho: zykotick9 that no longer works03:08
EriC^^velho: hehe :D03:08
velhothanks zykotick9  ;)03:08
ubuntu_xangua, I mean unity it self, I tend to like unity as it is now.03:09
zykotick9velho: see xangua's message above03:09
sacarlsonnmatrix9: I don't see any bugs for raid in 3.2.0-68 and assuming you attempted to also boot the 3.2.0-24 and still get the same error I don't fully understand how that could be as raid 10 should have at least 2 redundent points to get the /boot partition from03:09
velhoxangua, zykotick9 what works then?03:09
sacarlsonnmatrix9: but maybe /boot still has to be in a single location ?03:10
nmatrix9sacarlson: not sure I understand your question.  Check if /boot is in a single location?03:11
nmatrix9sacarlson: I this point I'd be happy to just mount my home dir copy to my networked drive and call it a day.03:11
sacarlsonnmatrix9: from what I see it seems like it fails to mount /boot so fails to boot to the next level but I could be wrong03:12
nmatrix9sacarlson: actually something weird happened a few minutes ago I actually saw the ubuntu pink loading x screen and then it died back to the busy box prompt.03:13
sacarlsonnmatrix9: I guess it's time to assume it maybe some kind of corrupted disk partition so the standard method to correct would be to boot a livecd and run fsck on each partition03:15
sacarlsonnmatrix9: oh maybe it did boot and your just in a term that fails to start graphics?03:16
nmatrix9sacarlson: ok but I was wondering are there any tools in busybox I could use to do that?03:17
sacarlsonnmatrix9: are you sure you are in busybox?   do you get a login prompt?03:17
nmatrix9sacarlson: Iam looking at it right now BusyBox v1.18.503:18
nmatrix9 prompt03:18
sacarlsonnmatrix9: ok so you might be able to do ls  and cd but my guess is that it still hasn't mounted root03:18
mike551345So i recently updated to ubuntu 14.10 from 14.04 when i updated i lost my sound in the front speakers. Now i have tried headphones and those work but my front speakers wont. i have tried unistalling pulse and alsa and reinstall them but nothing worked03:19
sacarlsonnmatrix9: so you don't have the tools need to fix it if you don't have another system loaded on the box to boot from then you will need to boot a livecd03:19
sacarlsonor liveusb03:19
nmatrix9sacarlson: ok I did a ls anything in particular I should look for before getting my livecd?03:21
sacarlsonnmatrix9: you might try mount  to see if you can see what is mounted03:21
sacarlsonnmatrix9: I'm not sure that works in buzybox but can't hurt to try03:22
nmatrix9sacarlson: I get rootfs on / type rootfs (rw) and sysfs and proc and devpts and tmpfs03:23
sacarlsonnmatrix9: so you can see root isn't mounted to your raid then03:24
sacarlsonnmatrix9: you also won't be able to see your /home  I would assume?03:25
nmatrix9sacarlson: Iam not sure, what would indicate that it is mounted?03:25
nmatrix9to the array?03:25
beanssure is cold out03:26
beansspare some change03:26
nmatrix9beans: no kidding03:26
beansnope not kidding03:26
beansreally could use the help03:26
somsip!ot | beans03:26
ubottubeans: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:26
sacarlsonnmatrix9: if it was mounted to a device you should see something like /dev/mapper/mint--vg-root on / type ext4 (rw,errors=remount-ro)03:26
mike551345So i recently updated to ubuntu 14.10 from 14.04 when i updated i lost my sound in the front speakers. Now i have tried headphones and those work but my front speakers wont. i have tried unistalling pulse and alsa and reinstall them but nothing worked03:27
nmatrix9sacarlson: Ok I see.03:27
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therueEric^ !!!! ima ditch mint and try ubuntu ! :)03:28
sacarlsonnmatrix9: so you need to boot with a liveusb to get control to fix stuf03:28
nmatrix9sacarlson: Ok getting the cd03:29
therueanyone free to help a first timer set up a win7/ubuntu dual boot ? :D03:31
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bubbasaures!dualboot | therue03:33
ubottutherue: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot03:33
indramayu-05_any body here?03:34
nmatrix9sacarlson: ok I go the cd it's booting up03:35
theruebut what parition do i set as primary, extended, logical though03:36
mike551345need help with sound on ubuntu 14.1003:36
sacarlsonnmatrix9: this looks to be the documents might want to read to attempt to recover http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1721433  there might be better as I've only just started looking03:36
nmatrix9sacarlson: ok I bookmarked it03:37
indramayu-05_any one knw how change passwrd login in zorin?03:37
indramayu-05_any one know how change passwrd login in zorin?03:38
indramayu-05_any one know how change passwrd login in zorin?03:38
nmatrix9sacarison: ok so I've loaded the cd and Iam choosing the "Try Ubuntu" option to load the live cd03:38
EriC^^indramayu-05_: try #zorinps03:39
EriC^^indramayu-05_: try #zorinos03:39
EriC^^indramayu-05_: type /join #zorinos03:39
mike551345can anyone help me with sound on ubuntu 14.1003:40
indramayu-05_my computer was installed zorin03:40
sacarlsonmikeche11n: try turn up the volume03:41
sacarlsonopps that didn't work03:41
nmatrix9sacarlson: any talk of recreating the md0 array make me nervous.03:44
sacarlsonnmatrix9: recreating?  I would think you would just check them first for bad blocks03:45
sacarlsonnmatrix9: it's been a long time since I played with raid and that was only in virtualbox simulated03:46
nmatrix9sacarison: via fsck in the live cd?  Don't I have to do that on reboot first?03:46
mike551345can anyone help me with sound on ubuntu 14.1003:46
sacarlsonnmatrix9: you should be able to mount and do everything from the livecd without reboot03:46
failfarmmike551345, i can try, are you on a laptop or desktop03:47
nmatrix9sacarlson: that's what I was hoping03:47
sacarlsonnmatrix9: the mount attempt should at least give you more clues as to what's bad then focus on that03:47
mike551345failfarm, im on a dell vostro 3450 which is  a laptop03:48
failfarmmike551345, what desktop manager are you using ? gnome, kde, mate, xfce ?03:48
sacarlsonnmatrix9: you will have to map out what partitions were in the raid and try mount them I guess03:48
mike551345failfarm, im using unity/gnome03:49
nmatrix9sacarlson: like mount /dev/sda1, /dev/sda2/, /dev/sda3, /dev/sda4 ?03:50
nmatrix9wait a minute can't I just use gparted or some other gui?03:50
nmatrix9sacarison: yep I see the 3 partitions03:51
nmatrix9actually I see the 4 drives in the drop down.03:52
failfarmmike551345, check your sound output in sound preferences03:52
failfarmmike551345, it might be outputting sound throught the wrong port/hardware03:53
sacarlsonnmatrix9: well lets take a look at what you have with list the partitions with that non gui tool like fdisk -l but the better one03:54
mike551345failfarm, when i go to sound setting and view the output it shows the the speakers and they are selected. if i put head phones in then the sound works thought the headphones03:54
failfarmmike551345, but you want it to go through the laptop speakers ? on the output tab try someof the other options03:56
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mike551345failfarm, yes i want it to go out of the laptop speakers. and the only option that i have is built in speakers.03:57
mike551345failfarm, when the headphones arent plugged in03:57
nmatrix9sacarlson: not sure what the better one is?  gdisk?03:58
sacarlsonnmatrix9: parted -l03:58
EriC^^sacarlson: you mean the ncurses version?03:58
EriC^^oh, good old parted :)03:58
sacarlsonEriC22  ya is there better ones for raids I'm not sure?03:59
EriC^^sacarlson: when and if you ever get my name right :P03:59
EriC^^( j/k i dont know :) )03:59
sacarlsonEriC ya I'm blind and can't see that top row04:00
failfarmmike551345, ubuntu  forums say to try running this in term, sudo killall pulseaudio04:00
mike551345failfarm, but wont that stop pulseaudio?04:01
failfarmmike551345, http://askubuntu.com/questions/117842/no-sound-from-speakers-but-headphones-work04:02
nmatrix9sacarlson: my wired connection is acting up04:04
sacarlsonnmatrix9: good then I'll have time to make some coffee and start my rice cooker04:04
nmatrix9sacarlson: yeah I'll figure out a way to show the screen somehow gimme a minute, let me try to pastebin or send a screenshot.04:05
mike551345failfarm, yeah i have already tried that lol04:06
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Guest11935how do i reactivate my usb ports04:07
failfarmmike551345, run alsamixer in term, make sure if you have a capture device its above 004:08
mike551345failfarm, how do i do that>04:08
failfarmmike551345, sudo alsamixer04:08
AlexHofstadterMay I ask a stupid question?04:09
failfarmAlexHofstadter, yea this channel is for asking questions, its better to just ask the question04:10
mike551345failfarm, the master at 100, headphones at 100, and the speaker at 10004:10
failfarmmike551345, open it again hit f404:11
mike551345failfarm, ok04:11
nmatrix9sacarlson: pastebin/sML7YBr104:11
nmatrix9sacarlson: pastebin.com/sML7YBr104:11
AlexHofstadterAnyone here?04:13
sacarlsonnmatrix9: ok now were talking so lets try mount them with md???04:14
sacarlsonnmatrix9: oh first lets mount /boot and see that it's ok04:14
failfarmmike551345, are you duel booting ?04:14
nmatrix9sacarlson: ok trying mount /boot04:15
nmatrix9sacarison: can't find /boot in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab04:15
mike551345failfarm, no im not04:16
mike551345failfarm, i also have the same problem with my other laptop04:16
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EriC^^nmatrix9: are you in a live usb?04:16
nmatrix9EriC^^: yes04:17
EriC^^what are you trying to do?04:17
nmatrix9Eric^^: get my raid 10 box to boot up normally again04:17
EriC^^nmatrix9: ok, and you are trying to reinstall grub right now?04:18
nmatrix9EriC^^: no just trying to mount partitions04:18
failfarmmike551345, lspci -v | grep -A7 -i "audio" does your stuff show up ?04:18
EriC^^nmatrix9: to see which partition is what?04:19
sacarlsonnmatrix9: sudo mkdir ./tmp   ; sudo mount /boot ./tmp  won't work?04:19
MrSillyPantsHi, I'm using 12.04. I was wondering how I can get a "lock screen" button either on the top panel or on the side panel?04:20
EriC^^sacarlson: mount /boot won't work, that will look for /boot in the fstab04:20
sacarlsonnmatrix9: I note I only see 3 raid in the partition list  and that error at the bottom I don't fully understand04:20
EriC^^( the live usb's fstab )04:20
MrSillyPantsNot the lock screen in the menu, I am using xscreensaver, but something I can click04:20
mike551345failfarm, 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 05)04:21
mike551345Subsystem: Dell Device 04d904:21
mike551345Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 5004:21
mike551345Memory at d1700000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=16K]04:21
mike551345Capabilities: <access denied>04:21
mike551345Kernel driver in use: snd_hda_intel04:21
unopastemike551345 you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted04:21
nmatrix9EriC^^: Not sure, just going off what sacarlson is recommending.04:21
Oogive got a file with key=value env vars - how can i "run" it to set the vars?04:21
yaakurohi, is there a way to bring all packages to the fresh starting point in ubuntu?04:21
EriC^^sacarlson: are you trying to figure out which partition is what?04:21
yaakurojust reseting everything, my dependencies got screwed up04:21
sacarlsonEriC^^  yes I was looking at the pastebin analizing and don't see the forth disk of the raid04:22
yaakurolike to reset to the original04:22
EriC^^yaakuro: just back up and reinstall04:22
mike551345failfarm, it says i have a audio device04:22
nmatrix9sacarlson: mount: /boot is not a block device04:22
failfarmwill you paste bin it04:22
yaakuroEriC^^: so there is no other way?04:22
sacarlsonEriC^^  nmatrix9 but I also wanted to see if the boot partition was ok04:22
EriC^^yaakuro: sudo apt-get -f install04:23
yaakuroEriC^^: i tried but gives me still errors04:23
EriC^^yaakuro: paste the errors in paste.ubuntu.com04:23
sacarlsonnmatrix9: so I guess we can take a wack at mounting with only 3 of the 4 raid disks with : sudo mdadm --create /dev/md2 -v --assume-clean --level=raid10 --raid-devices=4 /dev/sda2 /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdd104:23
yaakuroi tried to use oibaf,04:23
MrSillyPantsHi, I'm using 12.04. I was wondering how I can get a "lock screen" button either on the top panel or on the side panel? I wrote a very simple script but I can't just drag and drop it onto the panel04:24
EriC^^nmatrix9: can you pastebin the output of sudo parted -l in paste.ubuntu.com , pastebin doesn't seem to be working for me04:24
EriC^^nmatrix9: or type sudo parted -l | curl -F 'f:1=<-' http://ix.io04:24
EriC^^and paste the link here04:24
nmatrix9EriC^^: ok04:25
EriC^^yaakuro: what's oibaf?04:26
sacarlsonnmatrix9: eric^^  http://pastebin.com/YvegfiEM04:26
yaakuroEriC^^: up to date mesa drivers, i have a 64 bit system but needed the i386 version too04:27
MrSillyPantsCmon guys, anyone? How to create a custom launcher/button on either panel?04:27
yaakuroEriC^^: it screwd up the system04:27
EriC^^MrSillyPants: if you press the power button you can click log out04:28
nmatrix9EriC^^ and sacarlson: paste.ubuntu.com/9112553/04:28
nmatrix9EriC^^ and sacarlson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9112553/04:28
sacarlsonnmatrix9: cool04:28
sacarlsonnmatrix9: so we ready to try sudo mdadm --create /dev/md2 -v --assume-clean --level=raid10 --raid-devices=4 /dev/sda2 /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdd1   ?04:30
nmatrix9sacarlson: I don't know are we?  From the output that I've pasted It's a good idea to recreate the array?04:30
sacarlsonnmatrix9: well we have 3 out of four so I would assume it has enuf to mount04:31
nmatrix9scarison: ok yeah that is true04:32
sacarlsonnmatrix9: oh wait I put --raid-devi9ces = 404:32
nmatrix9sacarlson: so it should say --raid-devices=3?04:33
sacarlsonnmatrix9: it should be posible to mount with 3 out of 4 but not sure what entry for the value04:33
sacarlsonnmatrix9: try both04:33
nmatrix9sacarlson: ok Iam a little confused04:34
nmatrix9sudo mdadm --create /dev/md2 -v --assume-clean --level=raid10 --raid-devices=3 /dev/sda2 /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdd104:34
nmatrix9and then also try this?04:34
nmatrix9sudo mdadm --create /dev/md2 -v --assume-clean --level=raid10 --raid-devices=4 /dev/sda2 /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdd1 ?04:34
sacarlsonnmatrix9: ya why not04:34
sacarlsonEriC^^ should we take out --assume-clean ?04:35
EriC^^sacarlson: nmatrix9 why not sudo mdadm --assemble --scan04:37
EriC^^just those04:37
EriC^^why create it?04:37
sacarlsonEriC^^ nmatrix9  sounds even better04:37
nmatrix9sacarison: mdadm command not found04:38
EriC^^sudo apt-get install mdadm04:38
sacarlsonnmatrix9: yup guess we have to install it04:38
MrSillyPantsthe power button is not an option. May I please have an option for creating a launcher panel or a button on the top panel to lock screen?04:39
EriC^^MrSillyPants: ok, launcher buttons go in /usr/share/applications as .desktop files, so you 'll need to copy a file there, and modify it as a logout button04:40
EriC^^MrSillyPants: btw you can use ctrl+alt+L to logout if you want04:40
MrSillyPantsthank you EriC^^04:40
MrSillyPantsI have the custom lock screen set up04:40
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nmatrix9EriC^^ and sacarlson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9112845/04:42
nmatrix9continue creating array?04:42
EriC^^nmatrix9: it is preferable to assemble it04:43
EriC^^i'm not raid expert at all04:43
EriC^^but i just read this04:43
EriC^^"Recreating should be considered a *last* resort, only to be used when everything else fails. People getting this wrong is one of the primary reasons people lose data. It is very commonly used way too early in the fault finding process. You have been warned! "04:43
sacarlsonnmatrix9: ya lets try the scan method,  I'm also no expert at raid and never had one fail.  so lets do some more reading04:44
nmatrix9ok so what do I do now?  I have a prompt asking me if I should continue creating array?  Yes/No?04:45
nmatrix9abort and type no04:45
nmatrix9and do the assemble instead?04:45
GolfenAlright, can someone explain, or fill me in on how this works? Sorry, I just got a new OS for my computer and the program XChat was on it and Ive just been experimenting.04:50
sacarlsonnmatrix9: I'm still reading04:50
cfhowlettGolfen, you found this channel, you asked a question, you got an answer.  pretty much, that's it.04:50
sacarlsonnmatrix9: but so far I found this mdadm --examine /dev/sd[a-e]  that we might want to look at04:51
nmatrix9scarison: I'll try that04:51
nmatrix9EriC^^ and sacarlson : http://paste.ubuntu.com/9112845/04:54
nmatrix9EriC^^ and sacarlson : http://paste.ubuntu.com/911321104:55
nmatrix9the second one04:55
GolfenSorry, Im just new to linux and basically any software other than windows. Ive never heard of XChat before. It happened to be on this distro LXLE. Just trying to learn...04:55
cfhowlettGolfen, no worries.  better idea: get off xchat unless you need somewhere.  go to www.fullcirclemagazine.org       download and read.  start with issue #004:56
EriC^^Golfen: xchat is an irc client, like mIRC04:57
sacarlsonnmatrix9: I'm tempted to just say yes to that one and see how it goes but there is a chance it will attempt to do something we are not expecting04:57
cfhowlettGolfen, also note: LXLE is not ubuntu and is not supported in this channel.  this is #ubuntu support only.  see lxle for their support options04:58
ObrienDaveHexChat is maintained. Xchat is not04:58
nmatrix9sacarlson: what about the assemble command is that less risky?04:58
EriC^^nmatrix9: try the assemble one, it should only try to assemble stuff i think04:59
GolfenWell, thanks. I guess Im just a little lost. Ha, Ill leave.05:00
EriC^^there's a --force option so i guess if it can't no harm will be done05:00
sacarlsonnmatrix9: I haven't read the assemble doc yet ya and I think it might be a safer move05:00
EriC^^nmatrix9: sudo mdadm --assemble --scan05:00
sacarlsonnmatrix9: give it a wack see what we see05:00
nmatrix9Eric: ok don't I have to put the devices in there somewhere?05:01
EriC^^nmatrix9: i dont think so05:01
EriC^^i think it just scans for them and tries to assemble it05:01
nmatrix9EriC^^ and sacarlson ok It said that /dev/md/0 has been started with 3 drives out of 405:02
ITSa341Hello everyone05:02
EriC^^nmatrix9: ok try sudo parted -l again05:02
sacarlsonnmatrix9: that's sounding good05:02
ITSa341Can anyone point me to a working guide to getting vidalia working on 14.10? Searched and found a lot of incorrect info and no real help so far.05:03
nmatrix9EriC^^ and sacarlson : http://paste.ubuntu.com/9113401/05:04
sacarlsonnmatrix9: cool so I guess all you need is to mount it sudo mount /dev/md0  ./tmp05:05
sacarlsonnmatrix9: assuming you already have the directory ./tmp  if not mkdir ./tmp05:06
EriC^^nmatrix9: try sudo mount /dev/md0 /mnt05:06
sacarlsonnmatrix9: better yet sudo mount /dev/md0 /mnt  as /mnt should already be there05:07
nmatrix9EriC^^ and sacarlson ok gentlemen I see my home directory : D05:08
sacarlsonnmatrix9: ok so sounds like you have one faulty disk out or 4 in your raid05:08
EriC^^nmatrix9: is /boot there?05:09
EriC^^try ls -l /mnt/boot05:09
nmatrix9sacarlson: can I boot it now or do I have to fix fstab and mtab?05:09
HEROnymousSo I'm running kde on 12.04.  I checked all of the kde settings, and it's none of them (even disabled screen blanking/screen saver entirely in kde settings).  my screen goes blank after about 30 seconds of input idle.  this started happening at random last night.  does anyone have any idea what it might be?05:09
=== sins-_x is now known as sins-
HEROnymousI've even resorted to using a while/sleep loop to grab ps lists and see if anything untoward was running when it happened since it's so easy to reproduce, but nada.05:09
nmatrix9EriC^^:  total is 005:09
sacarlsonnmatrix9: you will still have to some how fix or replace the broken disk or setup to mount only 3 out or 4 at boot some how05:10
EriC^^ok, maybe /dev/sda1 is /boot ?05:10
lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:10
sacarlsonEriC^^  ya there is a boot partition that's not in the raid that we were suposed to look at to be sure it was ok05:11
nmatrix9EriC^^: whats that command to backup files again I think I might try that before proceeding further05:11
EriC^^nmatrix9: try sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot05:11
EriC^^nmatrix9: back up to where?05:11
nmatrix9EriC^^: I have a 1 terabyte NAS on the network05:11
EriC^^well you can use rsync to backup your stuff05:12
sacarlsonnmatrix9: yes you can backup files now to a usb disk or other disk if you have one  just cp -a  /from/path  /to/path05:12
EriC^^rsync -av --progress /what/to/backup /path/to/destination05:13
EriC^^nmatrix9: sudo rsync -av --progress /what/to/backup /path/to/destination05:13
sacarlsonnmatrix9: sounds good put it on your nas05:13
SchrodingersScatand --partial, if your connection is terrible :[05:14
nmatrix9EriC^^: I did the sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot05:14
EriC^^nmatrix9: ok, check if /boot is there now, ls -l /mnt/boot05:15
nmatrix9EriC^^: the total is still 005:15
EriC^^+1 SchrodingersScat05:15
EriC^^nmatrix9: odd05:15
nmatrix9EriC^^: oh wait I see kernel images now05:15
sacarlsonnmatrix9: and I assume /mnt/boot look ok ?05:15
EriC^^nmatrix9: try gdisk -l /dev/sda05:15
EriC^^nmatrix9: i wonder if that's a bios-boot partition cause it's gpt05:15
EriC^^usually they are about 2MB05:16
nmatrix9EriC^^: I see stuff now sorry ignore my previous comment it looks like that command worked05:16
EriC^^nmatrix9: check the partition type in sudo gdisk -l /dev/sda05:16
EriC^^nmatrix9: ok05:16
nmatrix9EriC^^: I repeat I now see stuff in /mnt/boot05:16
=== Seven_Six_Two is now known as _______________-
nmatrix9EriC^^: I don't have gdisk05:17
DTSCode__hello guys! im trying to reinstall grub with this article: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows but at the last step it says target grub*-common not found. please help05:17
nmatrix9tried apt-get install05:17
EriC^^DTSCode__: did you mount your partitions?05:18
EriC^^DTSCode__: is this efi?05:18
DTSCode__EriC^^: no. sorry i didnt know i needed to do that05:18
sacarlsonnmatrix9: I think the boot partition is ok  it's just the bad disk in raid that will have to be backed up and fixed at some point05:18
nmatrix9sacarlson: honestly if I can reboot and still access my home partitiion in gnome or kde that is good enough for me05:19
nmatrix9that broken partition can wait later05:19
EriC^^nmatrix9: ok, so doing the same command yielded an empty dir before and after mounting it has the kernel images, right?05:20
nmatrix9EriC^^: I did the command wrong I did ls -l boot instead of ls -l /mnt/boot05:20
EriC^^DTSCode__: type sudo apt-get install pastebinit05:20
sacarlsonnmatrix9: well I'm not sure what we can do to make it boot normal with the presently bad one but there is probly a method to do so without fixing05:20
nmatrix9sacarlson: ok then for now I'll try to rsync my home dir to my NAS05:21
EriC^^DTSCode__: then type (sudo parted -l && mount) | pastebinit05:22
sacarlsonnmatrix9: good idea as you don't have the supper raid experts here so we could mess things up at some point05:22
DTSCode__i really need that for boot-repair?05:22
EriC^^DTSCode__: that will send output of commands to paste.ubuntu.com05:22
sacarlsonnmatrix9: if you have a spare disk to plug in to that system we could probly find a method to correct it back to fully operational 4 disk raid10 from livecd boot05:24
DTSCode__uh EriC^^ its caught in a infinite loop i think05:25
EriC^^DTSCode__: what is?05:25
DTSCode__the command you told me to run05:25
EriC^^aptget or parted05:25
EriC^^what exactly did you type05:26
nmatrix9EriC^^ and sacarlson: you guys know of any utitlies to scan the local network.  Reason Iam asking is I just had to connect my box and NAS directly to my cable hub and Iam now trying to figure what devices ip is what05:26
DTSCode__i copied and pasted what you had: (sudo parted -l && mount) | pastebinit05:26
nmatrix9sacarlson: I have no doubt you could but it's getting pretty late and Iam getting sleepy.05:27
EriC^^DTSCode__: type sudo parted -l | pastebinit05:27
lotuspsychjenmatrix9: nmap05:27
sacarlsonnmatrix9: there is nmap I guess05:27
EriC^^& mount | pastebinit05:27
lotuspsychjenmatrix9: and etherape for a graphical layout of your network05:27
sacarlsonnmatrix9: cool then just backup and go to sleep and better luck next time finding the real raid guru guys05:28
DTSCode__sudo parted -l | pastebinit # that is still getting caught in an infinite loop05:28
nmatrix9lotuspsychje: yeah I know about that!05:28
xiaopi[z]Hi, quick question, i messed up my apache2.conf, where can i find the untouched version for 14.04 ?05:28
EriC^^DTSCode__: ok, try sudo lsblk -f | pastebinit05:28
nmatrix9sacarlson: after I backup Iam going to wipe everything out and rebuild from scratch to latest Ubuntu.05:28
lotuspsychjexiaopi[z]: maybe the #httpd guys can offer you a clean conf05:29
DTSCode__EriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9113838/05:29
sacarlsonnmatrix9: oh that might be the easy way as long as you have no custom stuf05:29
nmatrix9sacarlson: doesn't matter everything important is in home05:30
EriC^^DTSCode__: ok, try sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt05:30
xiaopi[z]lotuspsychje: I'll try that thanks05:30
DTSCode__EriC^^: ok05:30
sacarlsonnmatrix9: oh you might see your nas ip with arp -n05:30
nmatrix9lotuspsychje: is that how you spell it?05:31
lotuspsychjesacarlson: nice trick :p05:31
lotuspsychje!info etherape | nmatrix905:31
ubottunmatrix9: etherape (source: etherape): graphical network monitor. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.13-1 (utopic), package size 661 kB, installed size 3145 kB05:31
nmatrix9lotuspsychje: Iam installing from livecd05:32
EriC^^DTSCode__: type for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done05:33
EriC^^nmatrix9: i read that "check that mdadm --examine --scan agrees with the array definitions in /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf"05:33
DTSCode__EriC^^: alright. i did that05:33
MrSillyPantsEriC^^: I have created the desktop file in /usr/share/applications - how do I attach it to the side panel?05:35
EriC^^DTSCode__: sudo chroot /mnt05:35
MrSillyPantsEriC^^: or the top panel05:35
EriC^^MrSillyPants: open the dash, type it's name, and then drag it to the launcher05:35
DTSCode__EriC^^: alright did that. im now rooted in /mnt05:35
EriC^^DTSCode__: ok grub-install --recheck /dev/sda05:35
sacarlsonnmatrix9: if the arp -n doesn't show your nas then nmap  or whatever your subnet is to scan for it05:36
lotuspsychjeMrSillyPants: you cant drag n drop icons to indicator section (top bar) try classicmenu-indicator instead05:36
lotuspsychje!info classicmenu-indicator | MrSillyPants05:37
ubottuMrSillyPants: classicmenu-indicator (source: classicmenu-indicator): indicator showing the main menu from Gnome Classic. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.07-0ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 8 kB, installed size 105 kB05:37
EriC^^MrSillyPants: yeah, you can only drag it to the launcher ( side panel )05:37
DTSCode__EriC^^: alright that finished. does this mean grub is finished?05:37
=== corretico is now known as Guest78456
EriC^^DTSCode__: no, it means grub was installed to the mbr, now you need to update-grub so that it makes a grub.cfg file, type update-grub05:38
nmatrix9sacarlson: thanks05:38
XaphtHello there! I have joined my Ubuntu 14.10 desktop to a domain. However, changes I am making to /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/50-ubuntu.conf are not taking hold. Specifically greeter-show-manual-login=true05:38
DTSCode__:D thanks05:38
DTSCode__that finished05:38
EriC^^DTSCode__: it should mention any OS's it picks up05:39
DTSCode__it did05:39
EriC^^linux kernels, and windows loaders05:39
DTSCode__windows 705:39
EriC^^ok, cool05:39
=== blubberbop is now known as phoenixz
EriC^^now type exit to exit the chroot05:39
lotuspsychjeXapht: greeter show manual is for typing usernames manual i think05:39
EriC^^and you can reboot05:40
lotuspsychjeXapht: so usernames are hidden at login05:40
DTSCode__:D thanks! youre awesome05:40
crazyhorsehi all.. i have a computer with 7 hard drives.. tons of different backup folders with duplicate files.  i need a systmatic way of organising all of these files into a single sorted location.  is there some software i can use to help me do this?05:40
=== tiger is now known as Guest67834
XaphtYes it is, and I cant seem to enable it on 14.10.. I need to type the username manually as it with auth via AD05:40
=== Guest67834 is now known as Sabar
=== jack is now known as Guest97212
lotuspsychjeXapht: what are you trying to do exactly?05:40
Xaphtlotuspsychje: I have a Zentyal server setup on DigitalOcean behind an OpenVPN server. The Zentyal server uses Samba4 to act as a master domain controller. Using LikewiseOpen (Beyond Trust - PowerBroker Identity Services Open Edition) I joined the 14.10 machine to my domain, however I cant get the greeter to show me the manual login so I can authenticate via loging in with domain credentials.05:42
crazyhorseanyone can recommend a duplicate files analyser for nix?05:43
DTSCodethanks EriC^^!!! worked like a charm05:43
acercrazyhorse: diff05:43
nmatrix9arrrrgh how do you figure out the path to a networked share?05:43
lotuspsychjeXapht: thats strange, i tought domain login was default?05:44
l0rdn1xcrazyhorse, why not just check the sha224sums of the files and compare? lol05:44
crazyhorsethis is millions of files05:44
zykotick9crazyhorse: fslint comes to mind05:44
crazyhorse7 hard drives.. with multiple duplicates on each hdd, i need to compare and collate into a single copy05:44
XaphtFrom what I read, at least on 14.04 changes to /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/50-ubuntu.conf would take.. The allow-guest=false seems to be working from that file, but not the greeter-show-manual05:44
lotuspsychje!info fslint | as zykotick9 suggests05:45
ubottuas zykotick9 suggests: fslint (source: fslint): Utility collection to find and fix common errors in file storage. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.44-1 (utopic), package size 102 kB, installed size 772 kB05:45
crazyhorsechecking out fslint05:45
lotuspsychjeXapht: i have all those active on 14.04, guest disabled and no usernames ate login..but neither domain login05:46
lotuspsychjeXapht: did you reboot after changes?05:47
XaphtRebooting now05:47
XaphtOk, so I went in and erased all my changes to lightdm conf files.. Rebooted, and I see guest as an option again05:48
nmatrix9sacarlson: Iam a bit lost would sudo rsync -av --progress /what/to/backup smb:// work?05:49
sacarlsonnmatrix9: I've never used it like that05:50
lotuspsychjeXapht: http://askubuntu.com/questions/121124/how-do-i-enable-the-other-user-for-login-with-active-directory05:50
sacarlsonnmatrix9: doesn't your nas work with ssh?05:50
lotuspsychjeXapht: not sure if its the same for 14.1005:50
sacarlsonnmatrix9: I guess if the samba is mounted some place just point it to that05:51
XaphtYeah... Thats what I am trying to do.. The disable-guest option is working on 14.10, but the greeter-show-manual-login=true is not o_O05:52
lotuspsychjeXapht: did you try connect domain on the regular login field?05:54
Xaphtlotuspsychje: I'll grab a screenshot, this is bizarre05:54
lotuspsychjeXapht: i know they replaced these confs a few times on versions of ubuntu05:55
lotuspsychjenot sure for 14.1005:55
=== mala_ is now known as Mala
XaphtDisable-guest works, but nothing else o_O05:57
=== knightshade2 is now known as knightshade
lotuspsychjeXapht: did you try /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf?05:58
XaphtThat doesnt exist on 14.10.. I'll try creating it I suppose05:59
lotuspsychjeXapht: this is what mine looks like:05:59
lotuspsychjeallow-guest = false05:59
XaphtI created, and am rebooting.06:00
lotuspsychjecross ya fingerz :p06:00
XaphtI've got to be doing something wrong, there's no way this bug made it through a release ><06:00
lotuspsychjeXapht: well i know they ve been replacing this conf file on diff versions of ubuntu06:01
XaphtWow, yeah.... It did.. Certainly not the canocial way of doing things ><06:01
lotuspsychjeXapht: i always change this for security reasons, nobody can guess usernames at login06:02
lotuspsychjeXapht: but im not sure why domain login is not default...maybe anyone can confirm this for 14.04?06:04
=== zebra5000 is now known as zebra5001
lotuspsychjei must be confusing with remote login..06:06
datushimhi guys06:08
=== zebra5001 is now known as zebra5002
datushimjoin /hackers06:14
kanupatarhow can I flush my old ipadress?06:18
kanupatarit is again and again allocated automatically06:18
theonlyjbhello all was wondering if there is someone who might be able to help me with a ubuntu 14.0.4 lts operating system problem I am veary new to the os and am having a problem where the screen keeps flickering any help or advice would be greatly appreciated06:19
lotuspsychjekanupatar: maybe the ##networking guys might help you on that06:19
lotuspsychjetheonlyjb: check your additional drivers section, to see wich grafix driver is active06:19
theonlyjbhow exctly do I get to that06:20
lotuspsychjetheonlyjb: did you install ubuntu with internet cable on and updates during install?06:20
theonlyjbit was done wireless but yes installed extra updates during install06:21
lotuspsychjetheonlyjb: press dash icon at left up corner and find the hardware icon: additional drivers06:21
theonlyjbok not sure if this is it but went into system software &updates and additional drivers if it is there is nothing in there06:23
lotuspsychjetheonlyjb: ok, what kind of grafix card do you have?06:24
lotuspsychjetheonlyjb: you can check from terminal: lshw -C video checl also wich driver= is loaded06:25
theonlyjbnot exactly sure is there away to check that? there is another place in details it says graphics and this Gallium 0.4 on llvmpipe (LLVM 3.4, 128 bits)06:25
theonlyjboh one sec ill check06:26
theonlyjbhmmm that command dont seem to be working is it wrote out lshw -C video checl?06:28
lotuspsychjetheonlyjb: lshw -C video06:28
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Oogrsyslog simple questiona bout conf - news.notice-/var/log/news/news.notice06:54
Oogwhat is with the '-' at the beginning of the path? that seems new from the last version of ubutnu 13.xx something i used06:54
Novice201yHello. What graphic card that works fully under Linux is strongest in 3D games?07:03
Ooghow do i install https://launchpad.net/run-one07:04
hateballNovice201y: Anything recent by nVidia07:04
Novice201yhateball: What about drivers? Are they open source?07:05
hateballNovice201y: Well, you can use the open source drivers, but it is likely you will need to use nvidias binary driver for best performance07:05
OerHeks!info run-one07:06
hateballNovice201y: and if you intend to play games from steam, usually binary driver is the only thing supported07:06
ubotturun-one (source: run-one): run just one instance of a command and its args at a time. In component main, is optional. Version 1.17-0ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 5 kB, installed size 44 kB07:06
OerHeksusefull for cronjobs, says synaptic07:06
hateballNovice201y: I use a 770gtx and it is flawless. If you get a 9xx series card the binary driver in 14.x has no support so you'd have to install it manually from nvidia07:07
OerHeksOog, see http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2011/02/introducing-run-one-and-run-this-one.html cron doesn't check that the previous execution of that same job completed first -- and that can cause big trouble. run-one does.07:08
Oogyeah i couldnt figure out how to install but then i seemed to have installed it and noticed... anyway i think it is installed now07:08
Novice201yhateball: Thank You07:09
Novice201yhateball: And is there any other good platform for games on Linux than Steam?07:11
Novice201yhateball: Oh, GOG is also.07:12
lotuspsychje!info playonlinux | Novice201y07:12
ubottuNovice201y: playonlinux (source: playonlinux): front-end for Wine. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 4.2.3-1 (utopic), package size 1103 kB, installed size 4227 kB07:12
lotuspsychje!appdb | Novice201y07:13
ubottuNovice201y: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help07:13
Novice201ylotuspsychje: Should be enough ;) Thanks07:13
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=== ubuntu is now known as Guest99250
catacostHello, when I assign myself a static ip address (and reserve it on my router) I get massive packet loss and the lan becomes unresponsibe, (94% loss) every now and then i can get a ping through to the router.07:20
imliHello guys, i have this problem07:23
imlican someone help me please?07:24
neurosis-catacost assigning your self a ip and reserving one on your router? i just do the reserve on my router07:28
tbrown2014tbcan anyone tell me if there is a better music player on Ubuntu07:29
somsipcatacost: or make the DHCP pool start at, say x.x.x.10 and, make the static x.x.x.907:30
l0rdn1xtbrown2014tb, http://www.linuxuser.co.uk/reviews/linux-music-player-group-test07:30
imliI can't use double-finger scrolling on ubuntu. can someone help me?07:31
imlianyone that can help me with this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/551326/cant-use-double-finger-scrolling-on-ubuntu-14-04-107:32
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
l0rdn1ximli, goto your settings under mouse and touchpad and make sure that two finger scrolling is enabled.07:32
imli<l0rdn1x> already tried. There is no option available07:33
catacostthanks neurosis- and somsip07:33
somsipimli: see the sidebar as there is a related question. On the sidebar to that question is another related question with other hints. I have no idea personally07:33
imlisomsip, i've posted here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/551326/cant-use-double-finger-scrolling-on-ubuntu-14-04-107:34
somsipimli: I know. You've posted it three times07:34
imlisomsip, i can use double-finger scrolling on ubuntu 14.1007:35
somsipimli: I have no idea personally. Try reading the related questions on stackoverflow as I suggested07:35
neurosis-double-finger scrolling is for a mac right07:35
imlisomsip, i've been reading for two days i guess and haven't found a slution yet07:36
tbrown2014tbimli: Thanks that what I was looking for :)07:36
somsipimli: I have no idea personally. I cannot help07:36
imlineurosis, yes07:36
imlisomsip, thanks07:37
imliI think my hardware is latest :/07:38
=== patrick is now known as Guest89104
imlianupam: rock07:39
anupamcan someone tell me how to use irc07:40
somsipanupam: http://www.ircbeginner.com/07:41
neurosis-anupam YouTube can help07:41
somsipanupam: actually, that's a really bad link. My mistake07:41
Rohan_14the unicorn update has some bug when i suspend os after again returning from suspended state sometimes my keybord does not works07:41
somsipanupam: better - http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/new2irc.html07:41
anupamokay thanx07:42
neurosis-somsip is on top of it lol07:42
niLuvUanupam: Bhopal Gas Tragedy's movie is going to be a hit, what do you think ?07:43
somsip!ot | neurosis-07:43
ubottuneurosis-: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:43
somsip!ot | niLuvU07:44
ubottuniLuvU: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:44
somsipneurosis-: wrong person07:44
niLuvUubottu: Lol07:44
niLuvUsomsip: how do you do07:44
niLuvUubottu: vrms07:44
anupamcan I implement the logic of multicasting on my own system(ubuntu 14.10)?07:44
neurosis-its cool somsip07:45
anupamniLuvU: sorry , but it's a off topic question07:46
=== Guest89104 is now known as patrick_GER
niLuvUanupam: cmon man07:48
niLuvUelsdrm: sup07:48
elsdrmIf G is abelian, then G is measurable.07:49
murlidharcan anyone help me install http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=telegram-qt.git07:58
murlidhari have empathy installed07:58
murlidharQt-based Telegram Connection Manager for KDE Telepathy07:59
murlidharcan that be installed on empathy ? cuz empathy uses telepathy07:59
blackyboyHi, My ubuntu production vm got one problem, It's not getting inside my VM username and password are right, Issue was when everr i login its getting kick out from login.08:06
hydeumm... how can I troubleshoot starting of services from command line? I am trying to get nodm to start at boot. it doesn't, but I can't find any logs about it anywhere.08:06
djhy, hw du i download music using Ubuntu08:08
hydesudo /etc/rc`runlevel | cut -d' ' -f2`.d/*nodm start08:08
hydethat starts it from command line08:08
hyde(expands to: sudo /etc/rc2.d/S30nodm start)08:08
hydeI suspect this is some kind upstart/systemd thing... anybody around to point me in the right direction?08:09
OerHeksdj, download music? depends on the source i guess08:10
=== neon is now known as Guest74072
OerHekshyde, maybe answer #2 applies to you too http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/88141/nodm-not-working-on-bootup08:12
hydeOerHeks: let's see....08:13
hydethank you very many :)08:13
OerHekshyde why do you wat a xscreen at boot any way?08:14
hydeOerHeks: full screen app08:15
hyde"kiosk" type thing, I suppose you could say08:16
OerHeksoke, i see08:16
hydeand only touch screen etc08:16
hydeI think there are better linuxes for the purpose, but it just makes things so much easier, when you can run the exact same OS both on the target device and development VM08:17
hydeso when the device has the resources, dev convenience trumps keeping things lean&mean.08:18
seedlinkcan anyone tell me how to install gnome on ubuntu14.04 server?08:19
seedlinkI run apt-get install ubuntu-desktop08:19
seedlinkmy VGA card is08:20
seedlinkNVIDIA GF119 NVS 31508:20
hydeapt-get install gnome-desktop08:20
hydeor something like that08:20
hydeif you mean gnome308:20
seedlinkI have tried this08:21
seedlinkbut after I login I got a black screen08:21
hydetry adding apt-get install gdm08:21
hyde(gnome display manager)08:21
seedlinkshould I install the correct graphic card driver?08:22
hydeand if that doesn't help or is already installed, try dpkg-reconfigure gdm08:22
hydeseedlink: ah, maybe08:22
hydeor rather, definitely. have you installed xorg?08:22
seedlinkI have installed xorg and gdm08:22
somsipseedlink: it should be pulled in as a dependency. Check /var/log/apt/history.log to see what has been installed. But a login manager will setup X to autostart correctly, as hyde said08:23
seedlinkand I also the ubuntu-desktop08:23
hydedpkg -l xserver-xorg-video-*08:24
hyde might be enlightening. or not.08:24
seedlinkyes the X is automatically start, but I can only see the mouse icon08:24
seedlinknothing else08:24
seedlinklet me try dpkg -l command08:24
hydeubuntu-desktop is alternative to gnome-desktop (or lubuntu-desktop or xubuntu-desktop or kubuntu-desktop...) you can have many but you probably want just the one you want to use08:24
hydeok, if you see mouse cursor, I think it means you ahve the drivers etc08:25
bewareso, it seems "reboot" run from a crontab entry does not work08:25
seedlinkreboot does not work08:25
bewarewhile a test command (date >> file) has been run08:25
bewarehow do i reboot a system from a crontab08:26
hydebeware: try: whoami >> file08:26
hydeto see quickly see which user it is really running as08:27
hydeif not root, then that would explain why it doesn't work...08:27
bewareok, i can add that08:27
hydebeware: easy solution: add it to root user's crontab...08:27
bewareok, no, it's running as root.08:27
bewareyes, thats what i am doing08:27
bewarei already confirmed, it runs as root08:28
hydeyou could also try thei shutdown command (-r switch to reboot)08:28
bewareyes, i thought of that08:29
hydemaybe reboot has some funny safeguards or something, and refuses to work from crontab... sounds unlikely but if it doesn't work... :)08:29
znc-hey, I try to compile a 2.6.5 kernel08:29
bewareok, theory: reboot is not in the PATH at the time08:29
znc-but make config gives me this error /usr/include/i386-linux-gnu/bits/local_lim.h:39:26: fatal error: linux/limits.h: No such file and so on08:29
hydebeware: /sbin/reboot then, yes, sounds plausible theory :)08:29
hydeor /usr/sbn/reboot08:30
hydewhich ever08:30
znc-headers are installed, has it changed, havent got /usr/include/linux folder hmm08:30
ash`beware: why do you want a system reboot via cron? :S08:31
bewarebecause a service (mail server) randomly stops working, iirc, and this is the lazy solution08:32
bewareit may be running out of some resource08:32
bewarealternative explanation: rebooting it when not during office hours.08:33
ash`kk. I'm not going to try argue your point i was curious :P08:33
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
ash`I would suggest the long winded log viewing and all that08:33
ash`but clearly you're doing the lazy way for a reason ;)08:33
bewarei did but no immediate things jumped out.08:34
ash`What sort of mail server problems btw?08:34
bewarethe web mail can't log in to the imap backend anymore, and i can't find a reason why08:35
bewareit just says it can't connect, or login08:35
bewarethat said, i suddenly think of a potential reaso.08:35
bewaretheory: user failed to login. fail2ban kicks in (or so)08:35
ash`hm, i'm not *too* familiar with fail2ban though I can only assume it sticks an IP into the DROP chain for iptables08:38
=== Zeam is now known as Guest14241
ash`SO I guess you've obviously checked iptables and so so :S08:38
somsipbeware: /var/log/fail2ban.log too08:39
=== jason_kr_ is now known as jason_kr
softigercan anyone here me?08:45
thyri0nno, but i can there you08:45
znc-softiger yes08:45
SkyRocknRollsoftiger, no no audible.. Make noise little louder08:45
softigerthis is my first time08:46
oquidavehello, I would like to do port forward for mail traffic from the gateway server ( to the LAN Mail server ( How do I do that using iptables firewall rules. I've tried this , but it has failed iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 25 -m state --state NEW,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT08:46
SkyRocknRollsoftiger, then welcome to irc and #ubuntu channel08:47
softiger<oquidave>, why not use ufw?08:48
oquidavesoftiger: does ufw allow port forwarding?08:49
znc-hmm dont got the folder /usr/include/linux headers are installed08:55
streulmasomeone running Ubuntu on a HP here?08:55
streulmaHow is that with thermal?08:55
Luyinstreulma: what's your question?08:55
streulmais the HP fan cotrolled by Bios ?08:56
streulmaLuyin, at low speed he is running irregulary08:56
Luyinstreulma: afaik you can set this in the bios08:56
streulmaI can't control by fan control script08:56
streulmaLuyin, I have no advanced options08:56
White_CatOn an ubuntu server I achieve this by using "sudo iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i venet0 -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-port 8069" and then "sudo iptables-save"08:58
White_CatHowever on reboot this setting is lost. How can I have it so that this is applied on each reboot? I also have ufw installed on this server.08:58
ThoMei would like change the startup language, its german, how i can change this to english?09:00
ThoMein /etc/default/locale i haveLANG="en_US.UTF-8"09:00
LuyinThoMe: settings → language selection09:01
ThoMeLuyin: have only console.09:01
ThoMeLuyin: how i can change that in my console?09:01
kevindf_If you have the following network address: as Class C address and you need 9 subnets from tesame size (classfull) you would need if i'm correct?09:01
LuyinThoMe: puh, let me think a mom09:01
ThoMeLuyin: is a virtuelle mashine, because we have no X.09:02
ash`White_Cat: you can restore your rule on boot by making use of /etc/network/if-pre-up.d09:03
ash`a directory where you throw a shell make it executable09:03
ash`and then restore your rules using that09:03
ash`something like this might get you started: http://pastebin.com/J6UbFzwx09:05
pamDoes anyone know of a program I can use to batch encode avis to mp4s?09:05
cfhowlettpam, avconv09:05
ypasmkhey all … I have an issue … I have a service with name myservice and I can lunch it with service myservice start and all normal things .. but this service does not exist in /etc/init.d/ directory … any idea why?09:16
znc-now I miss the following /usr/include/sys/types.h09:17
RoryI've got a list of filenames in a text file, the actual files are scattered across the filesystem. I wish to use add them all to a tar directory. I'm using the following command, and getting the following error...09:26
Roryfor filename in `cat filenames.txt`; do locate $filename | xargs tar cvf order_files.tar.gz; done09:26
Rory[repeated for each file] tar: Removing leading `/' from member names09:27
ash`Rory: man tar - do you not need -A or -r ?09:29
Roryoh yeah I missed the -r because it's still only 9am09:32
Rorythanks ash09:32
=== yetian is now known as rsmarshall
sacarlson1is there a method to open more than one image viewer from the command line like xdg-open imag1.jpg ; xdg-open image2.jpg ; xdg-open imag3.jpg ;   seems only the last one is left open09:38
RoryTurns out gnu tar has a -T option which reads a list of filenames09:38
EriC^^sacarlson1: all stay open here09:39
kavanhello people, I'm trying to understand how tarballs work and what dis/advantages they have compared to .deb. I understand that they are compiled code and can be executed, some even have installers. Sombody interested in a little chat?09:39
sacarlson1EriC^^  oh from my scipt I tried with and without & and leaves me with one.  let me try just as I showed you09:40
sacarlson1EriC^^  no for me that method only opens the last with eye of mate09:42
sacarlson1unless the others are hiding09:43
HerroWorldsso i derpppeddd09:43
HerroWorldswhat is the directory with the programs that auto start at launch?09:43
HerroWorldsits like bleh init09:43
Ben64uh, explain what you did09:44
theadminHerroWorlds: /etc/init/?09:44
HerroWorldstheadmin: I <3 u09:44
theadminHerroWorlds: Or /etc/init.d/ perhaps.09:44
theadminHerroWorlds: Depends on what init system the script is written for.09:45
HerroWorlds /etc/init/ was exactly what i was looking for09:46
imlilizhibo: hi09:51
imliHey, anyone can help me with this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/551326/cant-use-double-finger-scrolling-on-ubuntu-14-04-1?noredirect=1#comment755673_55132609:52
imliI can't use double-finger scrolling on ubuntu 14.04.109:54
sacarlson1my solution for my last problem is to use  eog image.jpg &  eog imag2.jpg &  not sure why eye of mate can't open more than ones at the same time10:00
mzanettianyone around that has ubuntu running on a beaglebone black and working Qt5 with QtQuick2?10:07
christian_hello i have the following problem my software-center doesn't start anymore and i have no idea what the prooblem is10:10
oquidavehello can someone help with firewall issues. am trying to do port forwarding like >>sudo iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -j DNAT -d -p tcp --dport 25 --to
Rorychristian_: if you run sofware-center from a terminal, what output do you get?10:11
RoryPlease paste the full output onto http://paste.ubuntu.com and share the URL in this channel10:11
RoryLooks like there might be some sort of bug. There's a workaround here, but it's a little hacky: http://askubuntu.com/questions/485022/software-center-not-opening-keyerror-countrycode10:14
Rorychristian_: Do you have a country/language/timezone etc set in your regional and language settings10:14
mhabibiDovecot doesn't get any email. The end of mail.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9119224/10:14
christian_rory whre can i check this?10:15
llutzmhabibi: check line 21 of your paste, make sure "habibi@roboeq.ir" is a valid account on your machine and your postfix is configured to accept mails for it10:17
mhabibi@llutz I'm sure. I have user:habibi in my server.10:18
=== MeltedDed is now known as MeltedLux
tech2_Hi all, since upgrading to 14.10 on my Jenkins box I keep getting apparmor issues preventing some of my lxc (libvirt) containers from starting. I have no idea here where to even start (other than staring at /var/log/kern.log and wondering what the audit entries actually _mean_). How do I approach this?10:37
liuxgwhat is the best screen recording software on Ubuntu?10:46
theadminliuxg: There's no "best" anything, just try them out and see what you like most. I myself like Kazam.10:47
DJones!screencast | Not sure about best, but there's a few mentioned in the bots links,10:48
ubottuNot sure about best, but there's a few mentioned in the bots links,: Some programs to capture your screen are Kazam, Vokoscreen & Simple Screen Recorder. Also ffmpeg/libav with x11grab option on the command line. Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.10:48
=== tech2_ is now known as tech2
popeyliuxg: I'd certainly try kazam and vokoscreen.10:52
liuxgpopey, theadmin, thanks. vokoscreen seems not working after I press "start"10:52
* popey tries also10:53
theadminliuxg: I never tried that one, so I don't know what the problem might be, sorry10:53
popeyyup, broken here too10:53
* popey looks for a bug10:53
liuxgtheadmin, kazam seems having some background noise. is there any way to make it better?10:53
theadminliuxg: Hm, I never encountered that either... Sure it's not just your mic?10:54
popeyaha! got it working10:55
liuxgtheadmin, sure, it is my mic.10:55
popeyliuxg: in the video tab in vokoscreen change video codec to libx264, works then.10:55
liuxgpopey, how did get it working?10:55
popeymine had mpeg4 and that didnt work10:55
liuxgpopey, yes, it works. thanks10:56
liuxgpopey, are there any hotkeys to start and stop. I do not want to record the "stop"10:56
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest83238
PraashThis is the second time in a row when a normal software update has broken my graphical desktop, and where reinstalling video drivers fixes the problem11:06
Ben64Praash: what video drivers, and how did you install them11:07
PraashBen64: NVIDIA 343.22, binary drivers, manual installation11:07
Ben64well theres your problem11:07
Ben64manual installations are not supported, not recommended, and break every kernel update11:07
PraashOh, that's a pity11:08
Ben64nvidia drivers are in the default repositories, or if you must have the newest ones, there are PPAs11:08
PraashI tried using the repo drivers, but they didn't seem to install 32-bit libraries in order to let steam work11:08
Ben64steam does work11:08
Praashfor me it said that GLX isn't using direct11:09
Praashwell I'll try installing official repo drivers and see if they work11:09
Ben64Praash: you need to uninstall the ones you have now11:11
jaccohi all11:14
=== Maybegoeo_ is now known as Notgoeo_
jaccogot a problem in installing Ubuntu in a crypted setup11:15
jaccoI want to encrypt the whole HDD but the /boot partition11:16
jaccoit looks like the installer option doesn't suite my need11:16
ZerOlegenduse the manual partitioning11:16
ZerOlegendset the ones you want as encrypted volumes11:17
jaccoall I want is to have LVM partitions under a LUKS setup11:17
jaccobut the GUI in the installer isn't smart enough to let me do this11:17
ZerOlegenddid you select to do it manually in the installer11:17
jaccomanual partitioning11:18
jaccothe real problem is different though11:18
ZerOlegendthen i cannot help sorry11:18
ZerOlegendsomething I have not done11:18
popeywhy do you want to encrypt /boot?11:18
jaccoI don't want to encrypt /boot, didn't said that11:18
jaccowell, I tried to manually run cryptsetup and LVM tools before running the GUI installer11:19
jaccofirst problem is, I'm stuck with a strange cryptsetup error11:20
jaccoI partitioned my disk to have a primary /boot partition, then a logical volume and an unformatted partition on it (using all remaining disk space)11:21
jaccorunning crypsetup -v -c serpent-xts -h sha1 -s 512 -i 1000 ---use-urandom -y luksFormat /dev/sda5, i got errors11:22
jaccooutput on terminal says: device-mapper: reload ioctl on  failed: Invalid argument Failed to open temporary keystore device. device-mapper: remove ioctl on temporary-cryptsetup-8641 failed: No such device or address11:23
jaccolast one is printed more than once11:24
saki`hey all11:24
saki`hey jacco11:25
jaccoalso, tail of dmesg: device-mapper: table: 252:0: crypt: IV mechanism required [ 3801.010245] device-mapper: ioctl: error adding target to table11:26
jaccoam I doing something wrong here?11:26
jaccoshould I ask somewhere else?11:27
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:27
jaccoI don't feel ignored, just don't want to bother wrong people instead...11:28
ZerOlegendit is also 5:30am here11:28
Vladimirskii have setup mediawiki and now I want to setup joomla with the wiki, do i install it on the server or is it just a plugin on firefox or something?11:28
jaccowell, official pages don't have much of this problem11:29
ZerOlegendsounds like a program issue or a device issue not something directly relating to ubuntu11:30
ZerOlegenddid you try to google the error message?11:30
ZerOlegendsometimes that gets me started on fixing a problem11:31
jaccoI googled the error, but all I was able to find is a past issue with Ubuntu and cryptsetup relating to passing -s (--key-size) to the command11:32
jaccobut nothing really helpful11:33
KartagisVladimirski: you have to install it11:33
=== alexander is now known as Guest7041
jaccoalso, didn't mentioned that I am trying to install Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS 64 bit11:35
jaccousing the official ISO image ofc11:35
christian_am i being hacked or sth?12:11
Kartagiswhat is the minimum I need to create a samba share?12:11
christian_do i need to worry?12:12
ZerOlegendthose are local addresses12:12
ZerOlegendfrom your own network12:12
ZerOlegendsrc is the source IP12:13
ZerOlegenddst is the destination where that packet is going12:13
ThoMehave a message when i my system boot12:16
ThoMeThe disk drive for /home is not ready yet or not presen12:16
ThoMei use crypted partition.12:16
ThoMecan i disable this message?12:17
ZerOlegendsorry can't help you on that one i guess i should mess with encrypted volumes to help12:17
=== ARMEN_ is now known as EREVAN
Azzihello everyone12:21
ZerOlegendhi Azzi12:22
AzziI'm currently following an introduction course to Linux, but I'm stuck with the assignments. Is it ok if I ask a few questions here?12:23
OerHeksAzzi, ubuntu support only, we don't do your homework12:27
BluesKajHiyas all12:27
OerHekshi BluesKaj12:28
AzziOerHeks: I'm not asking you guys to do my homework (It's not really homework anyways. I don't have to hand it in or anything) just have a few questions about how stuff works.12:28
BluesKajhi OerHeks12:29
k1l_Azzi: ask here if its specific technical ubuntu issues. if its general linux chatter better ask in #ubuntu-offtopic or ##linux12:30
=== joop is now known as Hirundinidae
Azzik1l_: Thanks for the #ubuntu-offtopic suggestion! I'll go there :) I can't talk in ##linux though :(12:31
Shadow_aoki have an old computer running quantal (no up-to-date) and i can't find any mirror having anything for it (even archive.ubuntu.com)12:31
Shadow_aoki'd like to upgrade it but i need a working sources.list12:31
OerHeksAzzi, maybe you need to register your nickname?12:31
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode12:32
k1l_Shadow_aok: because that ist just plain dumb to run a EOL version. you need to upgrade asap12:32
Shadow_aokfound it on http://old-releases.ubuntu.com12:32
Shadow_aokthat's what i want to do12:32
OerHeks* due to spammers, you know12:32
k1l_Shadow_aok: that means running the upgrade to 13.04 , then to 13.10 then to 14.04 or just reinstall 14.04 since that might be faster12:32
k1l_!eolupgrade | Shadow_aok12:33
ubottuShadow_aok: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades12:33
Guest84855use 12.0412:33
k1l_Guest84855: 12.04 still got support. so that is not a issue12:34
Shadow_aoknah, it's a desktop, i don't really care, i can reinstall it12:34
k1l_Shadow_aok: yes, that might be just faster. and for the future  stay on the LTS if you dont want to upgrade all 6 months12:35
Shadow_aokall our computer and server are on lts, i just got this one back from outside12:36
Shadow_aokit's a special case12:36
Guest84855reinstall lts12:36
=== tcpman is now known as Guest27924
cool_boyI am using a wifi network in my laptop , I have PC after two rooms, in that room signal is very weak, is there a way to boost network's wifi signal through my laptop so it be stronger in other room? I am using ubuntu.12:45
greydawgif you would please elaborate it12:47
greydawgare you the admin?12:48
greydawgfor that wifi dude @cool_boy12:48
ubuntuser13cool_boy:use your laptop's wifi as wifi hotspot.12:48
greydawg@ubuntuser that might be a cool idea but can you share a connection when you are already using the internet via wifi12:49
ubuntuser13greydawg: i think yes12:50
=== paulo_ is now known as paulovap
TimeVirushello all12:52
ubuntuser13cool_boy: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/09/3-ways-create-wifi-hotspot-ubuntu/12:53
cool_boygreydawg: yes I am12:53
danielalbornozhello everyone, I'm having some problems connecting to a vpn via openvpn. When I connect it replaces the DNS settings on my pc and I can access to almost any site except for the sites in the vpn. I'm on ubuntu 12.0412:53
TimeVirusk1l - I am running from my external now just after the use of my "Boot-Repair-Disk" had to take the internal off boot options in BIOS but my dance worked12:53
cool_boyubuntuser13: I was trying that but to start hotspot it said to disconnect wi-fi, I am connected with internet through wi-fi12:54
k1l_cool_boy: that is not working.12:54
k1l_cool_boy: you cant use your wifi and be a AP at same time12:54
ubuntuser13coo_boy: ok  sorry for this suggestion.12:56
cool_boyk1l_: yes thats the issue12:56
cool_boyubuntuser13: np, thanks :)12:56
greydawghappy to help12:57
greydawglook you should try to contact the admin of the wifi12:57
cool_boygreydawg: I am admin :)12:58
cool_boything is wifi is in other house, and I am using internet in other house12:59
greydawgcool_boy: why don't you try to amplify the frequency12:59
greydawgwhat is the frequency dude?13:00
k1l_cool_boy: well, get a wifi  range extender. costs about 20€13:00
greydawgk1l_: dude that sounds extravagent?13:01
cool_boygreydawg: how to check ?13:01
greydawgon your box?13:01
cool_boyk1l_: I have asked another installation but they are taking one or two days in come to install13:02
cool_boygreydawg: no it isn't13:02
greydawgok check this http://www.wikihow.com/Boost-a-Router-Signal13:02
greydawgmaybe it'll help13:03
cool_boygreydawg: thanks, gonna try it13:05
feisarcan anyone explain what the isw_system entries are in /dev/mapper?13:05
feisarI have a strange issue where a failed disk on an on board hardware raid card causes Ubuntu to complain about a missing /boot partition13:06
=== geekamongus is now known as Guest72778
tech2Hi all, since upgrading to 14.10 on my Jenkins box I keep getting apparmor issues preventing some of my lxc (libvirt) containers from starting. I have no idea here where to even start (other than staring at /var/log/kern.log and wondering what the audit entries actually _mean_). How do I approach this?13:11
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest18079
TimeVirusHello hello hello is there anybody out there?13:17
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daftykins!ask | TimeVirus13:18
unopasteEarncJL you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted13:18
ubottuTimeVirus: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:18
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unopasteHTYamfyNCp you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted13:19
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unopasteSrTkLn you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted13:19
m1dnight_oh jolly13:19
source47we got hacked?13:19
kqAYJDZAxRNIKO: THIS IS CALLED AN ESCALATION. boypussy hotsatellite nathan_ sins- lipzus badon Riku-VPS ansivirus z0ran Iacobus nopf ObrienDave marti_000_ mikau zamba decoder_ icecube45 Amoz wolsen loki__ Styrbjorn din The_Pugilist isene dash_ nydel jnoob22 jerematic mmoebius tr33m4n geep diegoaguilar shuman dweez Psylo lpmorin Jikan kirkland jpettit Zachary_DuBois mgorbach gueriLLaP13:19
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kqAYJDZAxRNIKO: THIS IS CALLED AN ESCALATION. Maser Varazir stryx` AndrewMC phunyguy mave_ EriC^^ eshlox m4v Riviera julia Senji mguy rwsq1 akke cnj Senix Xano dean Bish lsv NBhosting rypervenche Kennocha SebastianFlyte Ralkkai jrolland-ubuntu tms_ tomaw pngo moparisthebest vivid Jn_Kell vuash moonk bfiller sross07 Ad1 jrunning_ venkat_330 sovern cprofitt setkeh Armegeden melte13:19
kqAYJDZAxRNIKO: THIS IS CALLED AN ESCALATION. hguux_ fusa24 jnollette peterrooney jcastro Guest39696 busch blommer zonum utack _gypsy_ selig5 kungenalex mavensk usr13 RickyB98 TrafficMan adan0s vlad_starkov nomad_fr pmcgowan g00fy Osenpai Sachiru Zethrok_ Steve_Jobs t0h Azelphur Tm_T robgraves erro sacarlson1 Kins havingFun mungustas sonne Artpicre faugusztin LordFoobar T0rch jhns [Tristan] skasturi CrazyH shath Muzer edk Mellett68 Stmeter nodedfree climbup Su7_ T13:19
unopastekqAYJDZAxR you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted13:19
tech2Does this kind of idiocy happen frequently here?13:19
gamingrobotno just spam bots13:19
tech2source47: no, just spambots.13:19
lmfVrKlONIKO: THIS IS CALLED AN ESCALATION. Tripwire292 Dav|d Obrit Andrej_ Artpicre kungenalex icecube45 acrocity chadi WilliamDotAT dean blueingress DFeniks skule acer iovb jrib MMukherjee sokoll FunnyLookinHat Styrbjorn Gnurdux TomyWork wilalves MrPPS eric AntiSpamMeta antons_ Nach0z gamingrobot Shapeshifter ssx techkudu skrech Hobby_boy mdoge Nothing4You MrAlexanB CarlFK Dragnslcrâ€13:19
lmfVrKlONIKO: THIS IS CALLED AN ESCALATION. Riviera DzAirmaX utack BUSY Zesty_ eshy f|shy warfaren Nukien rotzbub telex IdleOne Ool phunyguy bubo megabit|away blaatmeister potteratt webbyz Darkwing_ Fudster alph postcert Ornacia silentz0r HeyMan7 deus___ wenchma spjt devunt pngo Sachiru malkauns gtx5 cyphase _KaszpiR_ deanrock winem EugeneBandit weltzooo Kenzi`_ justin_jnf guampa alza shuduo emid_ oz0ne cs378 lapion Br|aN ubottu prawnsalad krphop jose batrick Cam13:19
lmfVrKlONIKO: THIS IS CALLED AN ESCALATION. jcastro bladerunner iarp_ aguslr Blaster mephisto L0rD` enchilado dan64 MrQuist P77CAAUFY sui dngr niel rOss^64 toxboi Jguy jvbrug NiTeMaRe sparr Swish tech2 xrickx thewisenerd halothe23 brainproxy chillpill_ Moscherkobold stalaktitas Defaultti lestaty diddledan Relaed Tajha Haswell selig5 kbrosnan dmibrid gac tnli ZerOlegend deavid devh13:19
lmfVrKlONIKO: THIS IS CALLED AN ESCALATION. scimech dx486 machete brodul NastyNaz_ Okaria pnielsen StolenToast trueneu lordbachus lvh pi3_ ITSa341 Kromaz Overflip Armadillos thom4s rcampbel3 Guest18869 Serowe zsoc d3vlin mmoebius arges sarri surfdue screedo phillips1012 mortale Corey lalatenduM fandi sa`tan Humbedooh rypervenche MasterOfDisaster MindSpark kenny18 floown nvdpl smethiaâ13:19
lmfVrKlONIKO: THIS IS CALLED AN ESCALATION. magicflakes timchen119 Laogeodritt uber nathan_ askhader_ Sunstream finlstrm_ saigkill0 jprs giannidalerta PryMaL blake_r pet2001 NightKhaos Pumpkin- zeitue tms_ Anarchic spearhead germanstudent krups Avihay linux_noob_buntu mramm2 Anom01y spookley lachesis xug c_smith meganerd phantomcircuit omlet Ahnberg Kabaka mbalmer mLF mitz dino82 geirha13:19
VHRRfivNIKO: THIS IS CALLED AN ESCALATION. nbbsn desmond ecdhe Kabaka T0rch epicfai1-- wadie tizbac rwp away Xano arges vlad_starkov gde33 f00dMonsta Jettis Peterman gogh WildSoft fiyawerx Nach0z dougsko potteratt Obiwantje nanashiRei bubo ollo atrx lord4163 Devels [Tristan] mlocher gonyere Anders_ Sunstream fandi gelos Sedated cebor nwp enyc Namikaze DalekSec cn28h cibs shumacca0001 howlymowly tpe sburjan Jillybean Avihay kcm1700 Guest27924 Landeskog Schmiel selig13:19
VHRRfivNIKO: THIS IS CALLED AN ESCALATION. Vigour sross07 markovh quadHelix magichex kenws pngo NanoArro1 hayer z0ran paulovap jemark Toledo|gone Gurty przemek mgolisch genial brunost Vbitz Rovanion mdh mz|` Anom01y HolyGoat racedo`` Scyte Logan_ Jabo_ sparq lsv intx MasterOfDisaster ximian_ mLF Defaultti cprofitt sorinello maum matjaz ilken Squarepy Internet13 jkerning KING_LEE nrdb dzragon Jguy wizzywoZzy bantone yan hazrpg thirsteh jaapio_ LRgraham jagob petris 13:19
VHRRfivNIKO: THIS IS CALLED AN ESCALATION. wickedpuppy peterpac11 themill pipi- sayakb NaStYdoG FunnyLookinHat Ben64 kokonoula ghost64 thermoman Synchunk tolecnal gpo schlady michaelni Kurko_ qassim jweez bladerunner cmdshftn nullsign Wig hyde Pici exekias_ twoface88 zhongfu Fusl Cybertinus ccb056 KerrangYarAlers allyourcodebase aloril gtx5 Alexia_Death tej_ Ornacia krphop JohnDory ktos13:19
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lmfVrKlONIKO: THIS IS CALLED AN ESCALATION. p1l0t captain_fixerpc1 johnlage altcp GWild happosade stetho tej_ sharkz matjaz claude2 Chaser fedora_newb syeekick Extreme Darkvapour Netham45 schlady histo Squarepy climbup Guest-1648 bazhang mirka mitz_ Xliinee jimmy51v_ rohan allyourcodebase Doonz ubuntulog2 sorinello intx shath rsmarshall yorick__ TylerE norm mungustas binni1 tolecnalâ€13:19
=== siddharth is now known as Guest13414
FunnyLookinHatScript kiddies showing off.13:19
unopastelmfVrKlO you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted13:19
Darryl_No, The netbot needs to be taken down.13:19
TimeViruswoe~ whats this all about with the flooding!13:19
Darryl_Kick spam bots.13:20
gamingrobotwhats +r do?13:20
om26erwhy won't you just ban that account or something ?13:20
SachiruWhat just happened?13:20
typ_registered only i think?13:20
Darryl_gamingrobot: That means they are the operators :)13:20
SachiruWhy not ban by IP?13:20
=== captain_fixerpc1 is now known as captainfixerpc14
daftykinsdrama over, move on everybody.13:20
tech2gamingrobot: registered users only I think.13:20
TimeVirusIP range even maybe13:20
dw1cuz they got lots of ips13:20
daftykinsyou're just wasting time discussing it.13:20
MrQuistnow i wonder13:21
MrQuistwhat does it mean13:21
eblipgood grief the pwned this channel13:21
tech2Anyway, apparmour, how do I work out why 14.10 is preventing my containers starting but 14.04 didn't?13:21
source4714.10 is not stable tech213:21
AzelphurMrQuist: haha, it's a fairly pitiful escalation13:21
source47i would use 14.04 :-)13:21
T0rchwe got hacked ?13:21
Azelphur"I can annoy a bunch of people on IRC by making their clients play a sound, ESCALATION, SERIOUS BUSINESS"13:22
daftykinsT0rch: don't be stupid13:22
MrQuisthacked. Yeah......13:22
tech2source47: it's not LTS, sure, it should be stable though.13:22
MrQuistThis is what hacking looks like T0rch :P13:22
T0rchwhere are the OPs of this channel ? i can only see unopaste13:22
Ben64T0rch: #ubuntu-ops13:22
MrQuistIts over already13:22
daftykinsT0rch: this is not a relevant topic, move on13:22
oeuvreoh wait the spam is OerHeks13:22
eblipits not easy to do that13:22
oeuvreer, oeuvre13:22
MrQuist /ban oeuvre13:22
oeuvrethe spam is oeuvre13:23
* oeuvre cuddles MrQuist and gives him a fresh copy of Windows 9513:23
MrQuistI DEMAND ME13:23
Ben64get back on topic, people. if you want to discuss troll, i guess you can do so in #ubuntu-offtopic ?13:23
therueif i want to set up a dual boot for windows7/ubuntu on my ssd, is there anything i need to watch out for? dont defrag the drive, but align the partitions?13:23
TimeVirusanyhow - I have this pastebin if any grub guys could take a look - http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9122734/13:23
oeuvretherue: never defrag an SSD :)13:23
oeuvrehow big is your SSD?13:23
therue250 gb13:23
oeuvrecool. are you thinking of splitting it in half?13:24
MrQuistwouldn't do that.13:24
MrQuistProbably breaks some of the chips on the board.13:24
T0rchok, thanks ...13:24
therueso far i've used window's disk management and shrunk my drive so the C: has 176.95 gb, and 55.83gb unallocated, and of coruse the 100mb windows bootsector13:24
daftykins*boot partition13:25
therueso i'll be installing ubuntu to that unallocated partition13:25
oeuvreso you can leave the 56GB unallocated and then run the ubuntu installer13:25
oeuvrejust be careful and double check when you choose where to install it :D13:26
theruei should partition that unallocated into /boot /swap /   /home right?13:26
daftykinstherue: no need to do so manually, the installer will offer to install alongside Windows just fine.13:27
daftykinstherue: do you know if you're using an EFI installation of windows?13:27
oeuvrehow new is this machien13:27
theruewindows is already installed13:27
Neo31get us some ops to kickass flooders13:27
theruerelatively new.. built it 1-2 years ago13:27
daftykins!efi | therue13:28
ubottutherue: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI13:28
daftykinshave a read13:28
daftykinsyou would tend to know if you'd installed 7 via EFI13:28
coffnixi use this function on bash script to loop (like a while or for), but my computer crash down :(13:28
coffnixloop(){ loop|loop& };loop13:28
daftykinscoffnix: go ask in #bash then13:28
oeuvrefreenode has a channel for everything13:29
TimeVirusmk well I need to get this on the road13:30
TimeVirusy'all have a good'n13:30
therueok i don tthink my computer has uefi13:33
theruedont see the word in computer management13:34
daftykinstherue: ok, be sure that ubuntu boots from your flash drive in legacy mode then13:35
daftykinsand all should be well13:35
BluesKajtherue, if you bought after 2010 it most likely is uefi13:36
daftykinsthat makes it capable, it doesn't make the installation EFI.13:37
daftykinsespecially with 7.13:37
theruei have to look at the motherboard right?13:37
therueto check if it's uefi13:37
EriC^^therue: are you in a live usb?13:39
daftykinstherue: not physically, i'm sure it's legacy.13:40
therueno i haven't created it yet13:40
theruewait i guess i do have UEFI13:41
therue'cuz this is my bios normally13:41
daftykinsno that just means it's capable of it13:42
BluesKajwell, this laptop was/is a uefi , bit I wiped the drive clean of all windows 8.1 partitions and installed W7 and kubuntu in legacy mode13:42
daftykinsit doesn't mean the OS is installed in EFI mode.13:42
therueoh i recently wiped my windows and reinstalled it13:43
theruevia usb13:43
therueso how can i make sure whether my windows was installed in efi mode or not?13:43
BluesKajthis lenovo also has what is referred to as a flashback bios option13:44
daftykinstherue: run cmd as admin and type "bcdedit /enum"13:44
BluesKajopen you eufi/bios and check the mode it's running13:44
daftykinsthat's a bad suggestion, again the mode the OS was installed in does not depend upon settings13:45
theruek i ran bcdedi /enum13:46
theruedont see any uefi or efi wording13:46
BluesKajwell just try running in uefi mode after installing in legacy mode and you'll find out quick enough :)13:47
OerHeksits more a ##windows issue13:47
EriC^^therue: you could also check the disks management to see if you have a efi/esp partition13:47
therueooh ok13:47
EriC^^fat32 about 300mb or so13:47
therueya i checked that13:47
therueall the partition... C:\ the main partition for my windows is on c13:47
therueit does not say efi or uefi13:47
therueok nice problem solved13:47
theruek gonna make the ubuntu live cd usb disk now :)13:49
therueshould i get ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS13:51
therueor ubuntu 14.10?13:51
daftykinstherue: i'd advise LTS13:52
k1l_do you want to upgrade all 6 months?13:52
theruei plan on using it as my main os13:53
therueand learning as much as i can on it13:53
tr33m4nAnyone else having trouble booting the recent kernels? Keep having to fall back to an earlier version... No display on startup13:53
ash`therue: get LTS13:53
therueupgrading to new releases is easy if i set up the 4 schemes partitions right?13:55
therueif my /home and / are separated13:55
therueinto different partitions13:55
tr33m4nIt's good practice having /home on a separate partition so yep13:56
erryhappy ubuntu community appreciation day \o/ *comfetti*13:56
reedtherue, 3 partitions is enough: / /home and swap13:59
reedtherue, and you can do without swap if you have 16gb :)14:00
zsocerry, I honestly thought you just made that up. I have been reproved in my error.14:01
daftykinstr33m4n: try purging and reinstalling them14:03
daftykinstherue: upgrades aren't purely down to the disk setup, it's what can go funny with the software too14:04
=== Romtam- is now known as Romtam1
jaccohey there people14:09
jaccoI'm back14:09
jaccogiving you the same previous question, in case you weren't around14:10
jaccowell, I got troubles in installing Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS 64 bit on a custom encrypted disk setup14:10
solsTiCehi. I keep on getting a empty file name 0 in my home being recreated all the time. that's annoying. any idea what is creating that ?14:10
jaccomain problem: unable to use GUI installer to partitioning the disk as I want14:10
jaccosecondary problem: cryptsetup gives me errors when trying to create the encrypted volume14:11
solsTiCewhich errors ?14:12
jaccoright, sorry: device-mapper: reload ioctl on  failed: Invalid argument Failed to open temporary keystore device. device-mapper: remove ioctl on temporary-cryptsetup-9062 failed: No such device or address device-mapper: reload ioctl on temporary-cryptsetup-9062 failed: No such device or address device-mapper: remove ioctl on temporary-cryptsetup-9062 failed: No such device or address device-mapper: remove ioctl on temporary-cryptsetup-914:13
jaccothis is cryptsetup output for this command: cryptsetup -v -c serpent-xts -h sha1 -s 512 -i 1000 --use-urandom luksFormat /dev/sda514:14
metallicWhy does this server suddenly require identification?14:15
solsTiCeI don't think it's new14:16
metallicit is for me14:16
metallicuntil a few days i did not needed to identify myself to access channel14:16
Kartagiswhat is the minimum I need to create a samba share?14:16
k1lwe did set +r because there were some trolls spamming the channel. for further discussion about this please take it to the operators channel #ubuntu-ops to keep this channel clear for support. thanks14:17
daftykinsKartagis: samba...?14:17
cfhowlettk1l, thank you for the vigilance14:18
Kartagisdaftykins: yeah, samba14:18
daftykinsKartagis: i'm saying that's what you need, not sure what else you're thinking of14:18
Kartagisdaftykins: I mean lines14:18
daftykinsKartagis: plenty of samba file share guides online14:19
jaccodmesg prints this right after cryptsetup ends with error: device-mapper: table: 252:0: crypt: IV mechanism required [15612.241308] device-mapper: ioctl: error adding target to table14:19
=== alexander is now known as Guest34419
jaccoor maybe during its execution, not properly at the end14:19
daftykinsjacco: your query seems very lengthy, i think you should write it up on a post on askubuntu.com14:20
jaccook, I think that this may work better than flooding a chat14:21
jaccosorry for annoying you guys14:21
k1l!paste | jacco14:21
ubottujacco: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:21
daftykinsKartagis: do you want passworded access?14:22
Kartagisdaftykins: nope, guest access14:22
daftykinsKartagis: is this a server or desktop install?14:22
therueif i want to set u pthe 4 way scheme partition: /swap /boot / /home  which do i set up as extended, primary, logical ? :\14:23
daftykinstherue: you already have Windows in primary, so all the ubuntu ones can be logical within an extended14:24
Kartagisdaftykins: desktop14:25
daftykinsso you could just right click on a folder with samba installed and setup a share?14:25
errr4444is there a way to connect an app to tor that doesnt have a proxy setting?14:25
Kartagisdaftykins: I needed the available = yes line, and smbtree shows me the share, but people can't connect14:26
Kartagistimeout I suppose14:26
daftykinsread the logs for more detail14:26
=== sross_work|2 is now known as sross07
llutz!info tsocks | errr4444:14:26
ubottuerrr4444:: tsocks (source: tsocks): transparent network access through a SOCKS 4 or 5 proxy. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8beta5-9.2 (utopic), package size 301 kB, installed size 704 kB14:26
jaccothere it is: the crypsetup error @ http://paste.ubuntu.com/9123924/14:27
PMXrtXJbWNIKO: REALLY REALLY STUPID IDEA FameWolf terrasapien askhader_ derk0pf SleePy devhost nerdys0uth cnap duckydan darkbasic lacop didpul rcheesley VASIN_ mic_e screedo MetalGearNinja Rallias MadAGu Ycarene mz|` spellegrom dmibrid zonum Sagitt maZtah mistawright betsy_S KavanS mist shumacca0001 CatKiller sacarlson1 sins- les curfont swair magnet thom4s sparq Nubville Gorith_â€14:27
PMXrtXJbWNIKO: REALLY REALLY STUPID IDEA rigor789|away brianblaze420 zaspire nicksloan Peterman ubottu emid_ malkauns Jafura yano vmeson lordbachus ChkDigit Steven- adante three18ti jtruckz_ ypcs MrAlexanB necrogami aguslr Glasseater Serowe Kennocha Anarchic shah` Massengrab Guest34419 alza yocapybara MichaelC MohammadAG mg__ riex Landeskog jprs MobGod DF3D2 valevale lapion gyaresu_â14:27
PMXrtXJbWNIKO: REALLY REALLY STUPID IDEA sa`tan Orphis TrafficMan JamJar pi3_ therue alexbligh1 Xano nilsma jayne somsip rawagner der0b andygraybeal felixonmars batzy Peer69 Hexeon shadok ChaozHenchman eam arlen ubuntulog2 soee calcmandan Zarthus {pack3t_phant0m} sabun g3kk3r clopez spinza vlovgr astra05 slacker_nl edwardly mormot nya webbyz cmastudios ExtraCarpety ubuntuaddicted e14:27
PMXrtXJbWNIKO: REALLY REALLY STUPID IDEA kuh SWAT g00fy klew mybit FlyOnTheWall lalatenduM fungoat codethought kasperti_ Darryl_ Nodas AlanBell bazzzb mgorbach CrazyH cyrn babilen weltzooo tarzeau Darkvapour jpds Prezident dokuhebi treelol captainfixerpc14 rbanffy BlueShark Yellowberry Romtam1 secmob Guest45684 rich- Squarepy cellardoor_ freyes grobe0ba jrib garnus KrZPi snuffeluffeg14:27
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MwAhhJONIKO: REALLY REALLY STUPID IDEA Sagitt Devels AlexPortable gyaresu_ ValicekB zaspire {pack3t_phant0m} koss Rick_SDR Nothing4You BluesKaj LogicalDash mzanetti Inv1s1ble joshtau Obiwantje aul NCsaba Mattias raub pi3_ regno `Yoda jimmy51v_ LongCatTH edude03 sabun xeoncore akiml tension83_ andyt683 mray_ esde phantomcircuit ProfessorKaos64 mavensk bfiller jwash alex_402 bro14:27
MwAhhJONIKO: REALLY REALLY STUPID IDEA coolsa rawagner swiftkey eclipse zlhgo jerematic nilsma tej_ nyuszika7h bynarie surfdue stealthii Lazuratus atrx gardar julienb__ doc321R davyHome JZTech101 og01 Kaltiz chrissg CrazyH LoRez gac Jettis dash_ h00k ardan lipsinV2 krisd Schnabeltierchen sins- oholiab Fuchs ryan-c RoryHughes apofis krabador dweez llakey Zune gpo jhutch14:27
MwAhhJONIKO: REALLY REALLY STUPID IDEA MrPPS jpentland obi12341 jrolland-ubuntu deavid xiaopi[z] Spr1ng Jeruvy Tzunamii Seromania Vampire0_ gde33 jrib anon4533 derFlo yorick__ Weegee Karunamon velho sburjan Naive gustav__1 wizzywoZzy ypcs CosbySweater Fetch Stinky_Feet viddy blain_the_pain jhc76 _quadHelix auscompgeek tvw deanrock noiro racedo`` armenb kaplejon_ maZtah Jillybe14:27
MwAhhJONIKO: REALLY REALLY STUPID IDEA gycklarn weltall therue freyes Spleeze BlueSapphire patrick_GER nerdys0uth svennp HurricaneHernand Petazz soahccc kbrosnan havingFun erry c_smith zamba Spec vitimiti kerosene orb SchrodingersScat Squarepy SharkMa-san JC_SoCal__ icetea_ lokote_jones edong23 Sickki Mike__ henkkus cs378 dougsko melter sdx23 getup jmh- Squarepy cellardoor_ fr14:27
MwAhhJONIKO: REALLY REALLY STUPID IDEA yutschiin1 cs378 larsk YeahRight Mattias willwh Stinky_Feet io m1dnight_ saigkill0 grepory robcsi DJ_Unibob robgraves d3vlin drkfdr rberg_ intx velho pale3 Spec Chaser Jake bilnader neoark Kitar|st ross` Console Tabmow mhenrixon nopf Vigour SharkMa-san hyde ghostlines fbe swappermall genial bitnumus NBhosting Joeb454 Metacity Pricey14:27
xfKSuBQNIKO: REALLY REALLY STUPID IDEA tuskkk___ tattoli Fusl igordcard verwilst allyourcodebase dx486 yeticry brainproxy saki` SWAT {pack3t_phant0m} aem` niel tarzeau epipercepi huff3r map Sypher smacktalk eth00- unopaste Serowe MistaMike teaearlgraycold Vbitz beasty damian Br|aN tpe brent cebor aeil rymate1234 grzegorz mt daveX7 nydel Shaun llutz ceed^ mist xMopxShell crossmani14:27
xfKSuBQNIKO: REALLY REALLY STUPID IDEA lukecarrier mfedosin Scyte mindstorm binni1 Jabo_ gyaresu_ fiyawerx DrManhattan coolstar fungoat weltall three18ti Timon_Crazy d3vlin Dwarf roentgen Artpicre Guest9800 Atlas ulkesh Klumben jagob superspring wenchma mumixam reeed mcfactor emigrant-ntb IdleOne Guest45684 panzana` Sauvin Ornacia freyes FourDollars OerHeks Yellowberry iovb henkkus Cueball tension83_ RickyB98 fusa24 melter14:27
nyuszika7h!ops spammers14:27
BlueSapphireand again14:27
spekjehmm i'm bored already14:27
nyuszika7h15:27:32 <ubottu> Sorry, I don't know anything about ops spammers14:27
daftykinsstop talking about it.14:27
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang14:28
Picicoolstar: yes, we're already here.14:28
BluesKaja bit slow on the uptake14:28
Piciand now back to your regularly scheduled programming.14:28
jaccoa more verbose (debug flag) log of the same at: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9123960/14:29
BluesKajthese spammers need a life, if not a shrink14:29
=== enterprisedc_ is now known as enterprisedc
brianblaze420i would say both yes BluesKaj14:30
esdelol Pici14:31
esdei love these unscheduled interruptions though.14:31
=== kpease_ is now known as kpease
=== kpease is now known as kpease_
daftykinsthose of us who actually help others, do't14:33
=== _ruben_ is now known as _ruben
=== kpease_ is now known as kpease
theruewill having a windows boot partition and linux's /boot partition both being primary somehow confuse the system ?14:40
=== kpease is now known as kpease_
=== kpease_ is now known as kpease
constantin_mikehello #ubuntu14:41
ash`therue: i'm sure you get a dialogue where you select the os14:42
scimechno bc the mbr will be set to boot grub and then you can chain load winboot from there (as is my understanding)14:42
=== badon_ is now known as badon
ash`The only thing is, Windows has to be installed first, and then linux after.14:43
scimechash`: iye14:43
theruewhen i previously had linux mint installed...the system would start with the windows boot, then i choose linux, and then it starts the grub boot in which it asks whether i want to start linux mint normally or for recovery14:43
constantin_mikeon ubuntu 14.04, i'm usb tethering internet connection from a samsung gt-i9060 (21mbps). on linux mint 15 it was working perfectly, on ubuntu 14.04 is working awful (long ping times, pages load extremely slow, almost like no connection)14:43
myrkraverkHello.  Is there an apt-something that can tell my what the updates (what I see with apt-get --just-print update) are about?14:43
theruebut thing is... i'm not sure if it's 'cuz mint was buggy, but everytime when i get to a log-in screen, whether windows or linux, my mouse/keyboard locks up.. just freezes.. and after 15-20 seconds, THEN i can type in my password to log in14:44
therueit was weird14:44
ash`myrkraverk: apt-get update should showyou a list of things needing updating?14:44
myrkraverkI mean, can I look at the changelog of the packages that need updating?14:44
scimechtherue: ok yeah so you installed in reverse order, just decide which loader you want to be prompted by first14:44
theruei installed windows first14:45
theruethen linux mint that time14:45
theruethat's the correct way right?14:45
scimechtherue: no "correct" way to do it14:45
ash`myrkraverk: apt-get update -h ?14:45
ash`-h - help hopefully that will give you an idea of what you can do?14:46
scimechtherue: just the latest bootloader installed will typically overwrite mbr, therefore loading first14:46
somsipmyrkraverk: apt-get changelog may be helpful - see man apt-get14:46
scimechmyrkraverk: dpkg-query -l | grep <i forget>14:47
theruei see14:48
scimechmyrkraverk: bust basically there are flags at the beginning of the dpkg-query line14:48
scimechmyrkraverk: -l is list14:48
myrkraverkdoes dpkg-query for for packages not yet installed?14:49
theruehey scimech, i want to set up a win7/ubuntu dual boot on my ssd.. i already shrunk my ssd drive to create an unallocated partition for installing linux... and i plan on using the 4 way partition scheme: with / /home /swap /boot14:49
scimechtherue: go read up on chainloading it will make more sense14:49
theruesince i already have windows on a primary partition for dual booting14:49
theruei can set up /boot as ext14:49
scimechmyrkraverk: no just currently installed, sorry if i misread your question14:49
therueand / /home /swap all as logical right?14:49
myrkraverkno worries.14:49
therueor should i set up /boot as primary14:50
=== kpease is now known as kpease_
scimechtherue: i do not have that much boot-fu sorry14:51
scimechtherue: i still do default partitioning options :)14:51
=== kml_ is now known as kml
myrkraverkapt-get changelog <package> seems to do what I want.  (haven't done extensive enough testing, yet, but it seems so)14:53
velhoHello Ubuntu World :D14:55
scimechQuestion) Trying to gain root shell on ARRIS TG826 (or somethng like that) modem. I can run 56 byte PHP passthru/exec commands on the web interface. Passwd reports root shell at /usr/bin/mini_cli. When I connect over ssh, the connection just dies after i enter the password "arris" (cracked from shadow with john). Using dropbear started with only -r option. IDEAS?14:55
somsipmyrkraverk: work it in to this in a bash loop and you have a "for each update; do show changelog; done' sort of thing apt-get --just-print upgrade 2>&1 | perl -ne 'if (/Inst\s([\w,\-,\d,\.,~,:,\+]+)\s\[([\w,\-,\d,\.,~,:,\+]+)\]\s\(([\w,\-,\d,\.,~,:,\+]+)\)? /i) {print "$1\n"}'14:55
iulhkcan you please check the "http://paste.linuxassist.net/view/154ba1ad" getting issue with apt-get ?14:55
techkudutherue: scimech i normally do: /boot, ext2, 256mb, swap, 2x the ram unless > 8gb, /home ext4 remainder of space14:55
somsipmyrkraverk: probably should have pastebinned that - sorry all14:55
=== kpease_ is now known as kpease
somsipmyrkraverk: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9124424/14:56
myrkraverksomsip, thanks.14:56
somsipmyrkraverk: if you really want it, it works http://paste.ubuntu.com/9124459/14:58
llutzsomsip: jfyi apt-get changelog doesn't need sudo15:01
=== kpease is now known as kpease_
theruehow's 14.10? buggy or pretty flawless?15:01
somsipllutz: do you mean that command could have been 5 chars shrter...darn ;-)15:01
xanguayou can download it and try it yourself therue15:02
llutzsomsip: nope, i just mean dont use sudo where sudo is useless ;)15:02
AlexQWill grub-mkconfig re-scan the disk for other systems?15:02
theruei'm installing linux or the first time :)15:02
somsipllutz: I get it - thanks :)15:02
AlexQI have re-installed Windows, while changing the partition structure15:07
AlexQmanaged to re-install Grub already, from live Ubu from USB15:07
daynaskully{Q} why would port 7070 be open on my edge? how do i close it even though i have nothing set for 7070 to be open15:08
AlexQnow I need to re-configure it15:08
AlexQto have a proper Windows record15:08
AlexQgrub-mkconfig doesn't seem to change the partition15:08
fribnetstat says that apache2 is listening on port 80 but i don't have apache package installed apparently, though the executable apache2 IS installed? how can i get rid of it?15:10
mhb8898{Q}anybody can help me install tor?15:10
nmatrix9mhb8898: install for what?15:15
llutz!tor | mhb889815:15
ubottumhb8898: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl15:15
mhb8898i need to unblock som site15:15
mhb8898normal way was blocked15:16
rustyraptorare there any programs to open .dcr shockwave games?15:17
therue14.10 has unity, lts doesn't right?15:19
daftykinstherue: no they both do15:19
therueoh ok15:19
theruehave you had experience with cinnamon for ubuntu?15:20
nmatrix9lol rsync was going for 12 hours copying directories only15:20
nmatrix9sudo rsync -av --progress /mnt/home /mnt/netshare15:21
daftykinstherue: not personally15:21
nmatrix9I guess the -r would of helped15:21
daftykinstherue: what's the specification of the system you're going to install to?15:21
daftykinsactually it seemed pretty high spec judging from earlier15:21
therueintel i7-4770k cpu @ 3.50GHz15:22
therue16 gigs of ram15:22
therue64 bit15:22
daftykinsgraphics type?15:22
theruenvidia geforce gtx 78015:22
=== kpease_ is now known as kpease
daftykinsso you can run any version you want really15:22
theruewhat's the main difference between lts and 14.10 ? mainly that the software managers have more updated versions of the software or something?15:23
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)15:24
theruecan you upgrade to 14.10 from lts ? or can you only upgrade to the next lts?15:24
cfhowlettthermoman, you can upgrade to the next LTS or leave LTS and go to the next version.15:25
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theruethermoman :D15:26
viashimohello. my audio just stopped working on the most recent LTS. I've tried restarting pulseaudio, rebooting the machine, and a few other things. I can't figure out what is happening. Does anyone have suggestions of things that I could try?15:26
theruei installed linux mint 17 cinnamon a few days ago, for some reason, whenever i use browsers, whether it's chrome or firefox, when i load a page, these browser's CPU% usage spike up dramatically :(15:27
theruelike to 40-50% CPU15:27
theruewhich is crazy15:27
therue'cuz in windows they only go up to like 8%15:27
cfhowlett!mint | therue15:27
ubottutherue: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org15:27
knobHello everyone.  I want to perform a translation for a program, yet I can't find the .pot file.   The page says it is located in the program's sourcetree.   I installed via  apt-get install program-name                  How can I acquire that source tree?15:27
therueso i'm not sure if it's because of linux mint or perhaps maybe it's because i didn't set up the partitions properly or something :\15:28
hateballtherue: have you enabled the flash plugin?15:28
cfhowletttherue as stated: mint is not supported here.  sorry.15:28
therueoh no i'm not asking for help regarding mint, just a general question really... 'cuz i'm trying to try out ubuntu now.. just hope i wont run into the same problem gain15:28
zokkohello guys! :-)15:28
therueand yes i did15:29
zokkoI'm looking for newer Zookeeper package15:29
cfhowletttherue make a bootable USB and test it.15:29
zokkoany1? :-)15:29
cfhowlett!patience | zokko,15:29
ubottuzokko,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:29
zokkocfhowlett: thank you, captain obvious15:30
cfhowlettzokko, less attitude will get you more help - and keep you off the /ignore list.15:31
zokkocfhowlett: :-)15:33
OerHeksmint has its own issues, therue15:33
theruei ran into a lot of little annoyances, decided to just try ubuntu instead15:34
theruesince i can just install cinnamon on it anyway15:34
therueplus, bigger support for ubuntu anyay :D15:34
nmatrix9Anyone get rsynch permission denied problems?15:49
TheForgottenArchI was wondering if anyone had any tips for installing rEFInd15:50
TheForgottenArchI have grub2 working for ubuntu and windows but I'd like to switch15:50
cfhowlett!mac | TheForgottenArch15:50
ubottuTheForgottenArch: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages15:50
TheForgottenArchwhat is !mac?15:51
cfhowlettTheForgottenArch, the installation instructions are at the download site15:51
TheForgottenArchWhen I ran install.sh it gave me a blackscreen15:51
TheForgottenArchI had to repair grub215:51
TheForgottenArchI do not own a mac15:51
cfhowlettTheForgottenArch, then why are you messing with refind?? it's for MAC!15:52
OerHekswhy do you want refind?15:52
TheForgottenArchI just wanted something nicer looking, and that would support hackintosh down the line15:52
Shadow_aokI got a all-in-one computer (based on textorm c21h) with 5 tactile button on the side.15:53
Shadow_aokAny idea how to make them work on ubuntu ?15:53
cfhowlettTheForgottenArch, see the refind page - it's not an ubuntu project15:53
TheForgottenArchOn a related note15:53
TheForgottenArchIs there any way to add a GUI to grub215:53
cfhowlettTheForgottenArch, and hackintosh's are a whole nother issue = see the hackintosh forums15:54
TheForgottenArchI was just wondering if anyone else had used rEFInd15:54
TheForgottenArchthat's all15:54
TheForgottenArchIs there a channel for it15:54
daftykinsit's not a relevant support topic for this channel15:54
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*15:54
daftykinshave a search for one ^15:54
TheForgottenArch[09:54] -alis- Returning maximum of 60 channel names matching 'rEFInd' [09:54] -alis- End of output15:55
TheForgottenArchout of luck15:55
TheForgottenArchthanks anyways15:55
TheForgottenArchtime for some forum scrawling I guess15:55
TheForgottenArchHere's a question that IS ubuntu related15:56
TheForgottenArchmy efi directory is as follows:15:56
TheForgottenArchit has /boot/15:56
TheForgottenArchthen /efi/15:56
TheForgottenArchthen /EFI/15:56
daftykinsplease try spamming on less lines15:56
TheForgottenArchI'm wondering why ubuntu made two EFI folders15:56
TheForgottenArchdaftykins: I won't do it again, sorry.15:56
sl1rpyim trying to disable compiz by using this article http://ksearch.wordpress.com/2014/05/15/disable-unity-animations/ but there is no experimental tab...15:57
Shadow_aoki got some input with xinput15:57
sl1rpyso how do i disable compiz w/o the experimental tab? or am i looking in the wrong place?15:57
xanguasl1rpy: you do not disable compiz in unity15:58
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sl1rpyxangua, then what do i turn off to improve gaming performance?16:00
xanguaget a better video card, use a not demanding desktop enviroment16:01
TimeVirusJordan_U, or k1l I'm back and have more records if you want the challenge :) If not, no problem - I'm running Lubuntu from the ext hdd btw16:02
oerianyone know of a good app to stretch a window to a specified size? i have a 640x480-only game that I am trying to make larger on my 16:9 screen but without losing the aspect ratio16:04
daftykinsoeri: why not just use the alt-menu resize, then use the cursor keys to go one down, one right... etc16:05
NahitaHi guys, can some one please help me with something.16:05
oeridaftykins: i am trying to build a standalone touchscreen system. would like it to be resized to this by default when the game launches. is this possible?16:06
Nahitasudo chcon -u system_u -t system_conf_t /etc/sysconfig/myiptables-*16:06
daftykinsoeri: no idea.16:06
Nahitajust gives me: chcon: can't apply partial context to unlabeled file16:06
oeridaftykins: thanks anyway16:06
ubuntouristPlaying with things I have no business playing with. Can anyone offer insights into making rabbitmq-server work with systemd?16:08
nmatrix9sacarlson1:  The rsync command you gave,  Iam getting permission denied errors (13)16:08
nmatrix9sacarlson1: sudo rsync -av --progress /mnt/source /mnt/destination16:09
nmatrix9sacarlson1: It copied every single directory . . . but with no files in it.16:10
on247Anyway to install a virtual sound card to my headless server?16:11
on247the idea is to have sound redirect to my client computer16:11
daftykinson247: and why would there be sound on a headless server?16:11
on247Because said server is using for web surfing16:12
on247document editing .. etc16:12
jhutchins_wkon247: Supposedly pulseaudio can do that.  Details unknown.16:12
on247I have Xpra setup and its nice for using always on desktop16:13
on247* as a always on desktop16:13
on247my idea is what Xvfb does for video but for audio16:14
jhutchins_wknmatrix9: So what do you need to understand?  The user running the command doesn't have read permissions on the files.16:18
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nmatrix9jhutchins_wk: Iam running the rsync command as sudo I thought that would avoid that issue.16:25
johnny_bravohey guys16:27
johnny_bravoanyone knows if there is a way to trigger something on oom-killer event?16:27
jhutchins_wknmatrix9: How are you mounting the devices?16:33
nmatrix9jhutchins_wk: sudo mount /dev/md0 /mnt16:37
nmatrix9jhutchins_wk: sudo mount //<ip>/upload on /mnt/netshare type cifs16:38
Senjidd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/kmem bs=1 count=1 seek=$RANDOM16:39
oiioHow can i install ubuntu minimal on a USB when i try the usb doesnt show u... pls help16:39
acernmatrix9: Too many hypotheticals.  The remote one mounted /mnt/netshare is NFS?16:40
nmatrix9acer: too many hypotheticals?  I am accessing the mounted devices.  And yes it is NFS.16:42
acernmatrix9: And you say it only creates empty directories on the remote PC?16:42
acernmatrix9: Are you sure it is mounted?  (look at the output of mount)16:43
theruetheoretically if i end up using a lot of swap it'll put a lot of wear and tear on my ssd right?16:43
acernmatrix9: The bottom line is that the command you gave should have worked.  I see no reason why it didn't, (unless as jhutchins_wk suggestes, something is not mounted properly, or where you think it is).16:45
acerI must go now.16:45
jhutchins_wknmatrix9: You need to determine what permissions on those mouted filesystems are.16:46
theruei guess i wont put a /swap partition for my linux install then16:47
theruei got 16 gigs of ram anyway16:47
nmatrix9jhutchins_wk: all those mount points mentioned have rw16:49
azusHi everybody16:53
tytanIs there a Hotspot option in Ubuntu 14.04.1 so that I can share my ethernet connection with my phone?16:54
daftykinsyes, via network manager16:54
tytandaftykins found it. thank you16:54
usr13nmatrix9: Look at the files you are trying to copy, see if they are real files.16:55
nmatrix9usr13 they are real files16:59
nmatrix9man rsync is not easy for me.  I can actually just copy and paste the files in gnome file browser16:59
sacarlson1nmatrix9: you can also try a simple cp -a /from/path /to/path  ;  but I would think rsync would have also worked.  are premisions setup ok on your nfs mounted disk?  try right small part to see if it working17:06
nmatrix9sacarlson1: yeah that's a good idea it's failing on rsync: chown "/mnt/destination/somefile" failed Permission denied (13)17:08
nmatrix9sacarlson Iam wondering if during the rsync I have to explicitly login as a user from the NFS?17:11
nmatrix9sacarlson: e.g. sudo rsync -avzP /mnt/source /mnt/destination u=loginUserName?  Or something like that?17:12
sacarlsonnmatrix9: I'm not sure, on my nfs I had very low security but I guess it's optional that you can add it17:12
sacarlsonnmatrix9: can't you see file on the nfs mount?  just try touch or create a file to see if you can17:13
GangsterTogohey er der en dansker der kan hjelpe mig17:13
nmatrix9sacarlson: already did yes I can create files on the nfs mount17:13
nmatrix9just rsync goes fubar during transfer17:13
sacarlsonnmatrix9: ok if you can create one then you should be able to move many just as easy17:13
michael_ptaszcan anyone help me with sound not working on speakers after updating to 14.1017:15
sacarlsonnmatrix9: try cp -a  see if that works.  maybe some intermitent network problems.  are you wifi?17:15
nmatrix9sacarlson: no wired17:15
GangsterTogoi have  a problen  i just install ubuntu whit wubi and after i reboot it say systen is writprotect and wont update what cant i do17:16
sacarlsonnmatrix9: and you tried sudo cp -a or sudo rsync -a ?  maybe root is not allowed on your nfs17:17
michael_ptaszafter updating to 14.10 my sound doesnt work on my speakers but yet my head phones work and this is on a laptop17:17
sacarlsonnmatrix9: and if your using just a standard user then cp -a would have problems since it will keep the user:group of the file from the original17:18
nmatrix9sacarlson: I think I found the solution a missing -r17:19
sacarlsonmichael I think there is a separate volume that controls the speakers and headphones17:19
sacarlsonnmatrix9: -r recursive  ?   -a also does recusive17:20
nmatrix9I redid the rsync -arvp --progress /mnt/source /mnt/destination and Iam no longer getting the permission denied17:20
Mixxithey guys17:26
Mixxitanyone know a nice wiki platform than mediawiki17:26
nmatrix9sacarlson: oh wait I think it did go through successfully I was looking in the wrong directory : /17:26
Mixxitsomething for internal use17:26
sacarlsonnmatrix9: ha ha cool17:27
OerHeks!info moinmoin17:27
ubottuPackage moinmoin does not exist in utopic17:27
nmatrix9sacarlson: man I feel a little dumb right now.17:28
antons_ceph vs zfs17:28
GangsterTogohelp i just install ubuntu from wubi and when i reboot to ubuntu it say serious error  ware found while cheking the disk drive for /  i can pus (i for ignore ) and (s for skip ) or (m for manual recovery ) what shal i17:29
bubbasauresGangsterTogo, Wubi is not really supported, we would suggest a dualboot here.17:31
GangsterTogobubbasaures i just use it to install it17:32
bubbasauresGangsterTogo, It is a file in windows, not a standard install not very stable either.17:33
GangsterTogobubbasaures i am at the ubuntu loding17:33
hotsatelliteGangsterTogo, windows 8?17:34
GangsterTogohotsatellite win 717:34
GangsterTogohotsatellite i think it bc it is write proctet on the file17:36
AkashicLegendany image files to use this with vmware/vbox17:37
Kirschhow would i check to see what configure options are used with a ubuntu package?17:37
Kirschi want to see what options are used for apache as an example17:37
nmatrix9sacarlson: the -a perserves permissions correct?17:37
asdfasdafasis it possible to specify a preseed file path on the commandline?17:38
GangsterTogohotsatellite you kno what i shal do17:38
asdfasdafasim using virt-install and injecting one into the initrd with --initrd-inject derp.cfg17:39
hotsatelliteGangsterTogo, no sorry17:39
asdfasdafasbut if I also specify --extra-args "audo presseed/file=/derp.cfg" it doesn't load the preseed17:39
GangsterTogohotsatellite: hmm17:39
asdfasdafasifi name it preseed.cfg it obviously works17:39
flipapycan i run a second desktop env on tty8?17:41
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TheBigDealis there a way to install 'ia32-libs' in utopic?17:42
TheBigDealany help17:45
nmatrix9sacarlson: Ok Iam a little nervous here everything that I've rsynced is locked and non-readable17:45
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benccI'm starting firefox from the command line. how can I wait for it to be ready before I'm trying to get its window id?18:02
benccbash -c 'echo "firefox" >> /.bashrc'18:02
trijntjebencc: probably the easiest is to use 'sleep'18:05
trijntjeor if you want to do it properly, put sleep in a while loop that exits when you get a valid window id18:06
MattoMakoHey! question, I basicly want to install a program but apt-get gets me the wrong version18:08
MattoMakohow would I change the version it's getting18:08
dm7freekIs there any issue with putting the ip and hostname of localhost in /etc/hosts  (not literally 'localhost', but what would be returned from ifconfig and/or hostname)18:09
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Neozonzso i'm reading some articles on tracing procs/stuff but the command alot of them use is 'dtrace -n arguments' but if I man dtrace I see no such argument...18:14
Neozonzhas this argument changed or something18:14
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TheBigDealWhat's the best way to install netbeans in ubuntu utopic?18:31
hydeTheBigDeal: "best" is quite relative term... But I personally prefer to install things like IDEs to my homedir, both to be able to stay at latest version over long time, and to avoid accidental updates when I don't want to break anything18:43
TheBigDealhyde, How can i install netbeans?18:52
TheBigDealhyde, have you an idea?18:54
hydeYes. My idea would be to type "netbeans" in browser address bar, let google dig netbeans web site for me, go there, find downloads, and so on...18:55
hydeTheBigDeal: ^18:55
saki`hey all18:56
TheBigDealhyde, I did everything and i got an error like this Most probably the bundled JVM is not compatible with the current platform.18:56
TheBigDeal'Most probably the bundled JVM is not compatible with the current platform.18:57
DJonesTheBigDeal: Its not something I've used or know anything about, but netbeans is in the ubuntu repo's, so presumably sudo apt-get install netbeans will install it18:58
DJonesTheBigDeal: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/netbeans18:58
TheBigDealDJones, an old version in default repo, and actually it didn't work for me after updating to utopic18:59
saki`i'm getting a recurring error on my machine, a c720 with ubuntu 14.04, here's the exact error. any help would be appreciated, I can't seem to figure out what to do: http://pastebin.com/ixXfvP4r18:59
HeyMan7Ok. Anyone know how to set the default monitor in Ubuntu 14.10. I have a dual monitor setup where my main monitor is on the right with the laptop screen (as a second monitor) is on the left. Things always open on the laptop screen, however. I'd like everything to open on my main monitor on the right.19:00
TheBigDealDJones, that is netbeans 7.0.1 the current version is 8.0.119:02
ubunfuHeyMan7: If you have the unity bar on both monitors, the window will open up on the monitor in which you clicked it.19:02
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.19:03
HeyMan7ubunfu: Yeah, I clicked the icon on the unity bar on the main monitor but it still opens on the laptop.19:03
ubunfuHeyMan7: Open the displays menu in System Settings.  Click on one of your monitors, and you might see a check box with something like: "Main Display" or something to that effect.19:04
TheBigDealubunfu, any idea?19:06
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator19:06
lotuspsychje!msgthebot | TheBigDeal19:06
ubottuTheBigDeal: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".19:06
plambwkshould i install openjdk or oracle jdk19:06
sarbsi've just changed my uid and gid via root and recovery mode, including chown'ing all my files to the new uid/gid. i can log in perfectly via ssh, but the gui now only lists "Guest Session". is there something else i need to modify in order to update the login screen with my new uid?19:07
ubunfuTheBigDeal, i'm having trouble following your conversation, what's going on?19:08
HeyMan7ubunfu: this is my display's dialogue: http://i.imgur.com/h3MVx0q.png I don't see anything about a main display.19:08
lotuspsychje!xrandr | HeyMan719:09
ubottuHeyMan7: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1219:09
TheBigDealubunfu, Looking for a way to install netbeans 8.0.1 in utopic?19:09
lotuspsychje!info netbeans | TheBigDeal19:10
ubottuTheBigDeal: netbeans (source: netbeans): Extensible Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 7.0.1+dfsg1-5ubuntu2 (utopic), package size 876 kB, installed size 1919 kB19:10
lotuspsychjeTheBigDeal: sudo apt-get install netbeans19:10
TheBigDeallotuspsychje, 8.0.119:11
TheBigDeallotuspsychje, yours is 7.0.119:11
lotuspsychjeTheBigDeal: why do you need this version exactly?19:12
TheBigDeallotuspsychje, Because it is the latest version19:12
lotuspsychjeTheBigDeal: for utopic 7.0.1 is the latest19:12
TheBigDeallotuspsychje, 7.0.1 doesn't even want to open19:13
ubunfuTheBigDeal, I take it you've found that the script they give here doesn't work?: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk-netbeans-jsp-142931.html19:13
TheBigDealubunfu, yes19:13
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TheBigDealubunfu, got an error19:14
TheBigDeallotuspsychje, a lot of errors when running it do you want a paste?19:15
lotuspsychjeTheBigDeal: sure pastebin away19:16
TheBigDeallotuspsychje, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9129615/19:17
iscorpionhow can we share wired connection wirelessly using infrastructe mode?19:17
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TheBigDeallotuspsychje, what have you got?19:19
mmiller13does anyone know how to change the mac address through terminal?19:20
mmiller13does anyone know how to change the mac address through terminal?19:20
mmiller13does anyone know how to change the mac address through terminal?19:20
qwertyserverEverytime I try to reach my web-server from the internet with my ddns-address (plantbaserat.ddns.net) the address-field in my web-browser change to my server's local ip-address ( Why is that? Locally it works just fine. What settings am I missing?19:21
lotuspsychje!info macchanger | mmiller1319:21
ubottummiller13: macchanger (source: macchanger): utility for manipulating the MAC address of network interfaces. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.7.0-1.1 (utopic), package size 182 kB, installed size 641 kB (Only available for linux-any)19:21
lotuspsychjeTheBigDeal: well im no java expert, but a lot of forums say its a classpath error19:21
ubunfuHeyMan7, try only setting the launcher to the screen you want as your primary...this seems to work for me...19:22
lotuspsychjeTheBigDeal: maybe this can help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=183791619:22
TheBigDeallotuspsychje, I can obviously see that, but what's the solution19:22
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ubunfuHeyMan7, the primary display checkbox was a thing in 12.x, but I guess they nixed it19:23
TheBigDeallotuspsychje, I'll reinstall it again19:23
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GangsterTogoi need to edit /etc/grub.d/10_lupin but i cant change it can som one help19:23
lotuspsychjeGangsterTogo: sudo gedit yourfile19:23
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dae-Salut à tous, je suis sous Lubuntu 14.10 sur un HP , je n'arrive plus à afficher l’icône réseau (wifi et eth0) par défaut, quelqu'un a une idée ? (une mode retour par défaut ? )                   Hello to everybody, I am under Lubuntu 14.10 on a HP, I do not any more manage to post(show) the network icon (WiFi and eth0) by default, somebody has an idea? (A fashion return by default?)19:24
GangsterTogo# but it wont lat me save it19:24
lotuspsychjeTheBigDeal: maybe the ##java guys might also know whats wrong19:24
lotuspsychje!fr | dae-19:25
ubottudae-: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.19:25
GangsterTogolotuspsychje  it wil not save19:25
lotuspsychjedae-: lubuntu has a known bug to sometimes not start network applet19:25
dae-lotuspsychje please open your eyes =) i have translate19:26
lotuspsychjedae-: try to start it from your startup applications19:26
TheBigDeallotuspsychje, Okay i think that i got the problem19:26
dae-no i have network19:26
dae-but i have a ugly icone19:26
dae-i need the default icone19:26
mmiller13So there isn't a file I could edit to change the mac address? Does ifconfig allow you to change the  addy?19:26
dae-mmiller13 me ?19:27
lotuspsychjedae-: you can try the #lubuntu guys also19:28
HeyMan7lotuspsychje: then, how do you set a default display with xrandr 1.2?19:29
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lotuspsychjeHeyMan7: not sure, never used myself try man xrandr19:29
dae-Some times(weathers) ago I had the icon by default but recently I have to modify my dashboard and the icon disappeared, I was obliged of added the really ugly icon for found a fast access19:31
lapionso who was the annoyed escalator at around 15:00 today ?19:31
lotuspsychjelapion: ?19:31
lapionsomeone was shouting in the channel.. ;-)19:31
lapionnvm was a flooder19:33
cyber37-unregistHi guy's ! omg i have install QT on a new ubuntu and i have a problem that i had in the PAST with an application in my other computers ! The title bar is not working goodly and i know it's because of the damn ubuntu systems who try to "do like a machintosh" ... I know there is a paquet to install for make it working but i don't remmeber the name ..19:34
BlasterHow come when I right click inside my secondary HDD in nautilus, “new folder” is grayed out from the context menu?19:34
DrManhattanWho spoke my name?19:35
lotuspsychjeBlaster: what partition is your hd formatted?19:35
phunyguyDrManhattan: was some flooding going on. Please disregard.19:35
DrManhattanAll good19:35
cyber37-unregistsudo apt-get install qtbase5-dev19:35
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sarbsi've just changed my uid and gid via root and recovery mode, including chown'ing all my files to the new uid/gid. i can log in perfectly via ssh, but the gui now only lists "Guest Session". is there something else i need to modify in order to update the login screen with my new uid? how does ubuntu determine which users to show on the graphical login screen?19:36
cyber37-unregistsudo apt-get install appmenu-qt  ***19:36
lotuspsychjesarbs: check /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf maybe19:37
theptrhi, i have an ubuntu server and i wanted to install owncloud but something was going wrong and apache2 was broken so i dit purge apache2 and auto remove19:38
theptrnow i installed it again but no web interface19:38
sarbslotuspsychje just did, nothing that'd block my user.. minimum-uid=500 (set mine to 501), neither hidden-users and hidden-shells list 'sarbs' (weird if they did)19:38
lotuspsychjeBlaster: try gksudo nautilus and check if you can create a folder19:38
sarbsthat's users.conf rather, lightdm.conf doesn't have anyting relevant either tho19:38
sarbsusers.conf does make mention of AccountsService tho, checking into that19:38
lotuspsychjesarbs: do you have a space for login a user?19:39
lotuspsychjesarbs: or just the guest19:39
sarbsoh f*ck it appears to be an AccountsService bug19:39
trismsarbs: you can enable manual login on lightdm in lightdm.conf, [SeatDefaults] then greeter-show-manual-login=true19:40
sarbstrism i'll try that, i like that idea better anyway19:41
trismsarbs: I think you need 1000+ uid to show up in the greeter, I don't think it respects minimum-uid19:41
sarbsyeah that was what i had just started reading about19:41
sarbsgreat success!19:42
Blasterlotuspsychje, that worked.  So the permissions aren't correct.19:42
sarbstrism that worked perfectly, and i like it better than having my user listed right there anyway. thanks19:42
lotuspsychjeBlaster: this is an ntfs hd?19:42
Blasterlotuspsychje, not sure, how do I check?19:42
HeyMan7Why is it so hard to set a fricking default monitor.. Why did they change it?19:42
lotuspsychjeBlaster: sudo fdisk -l19:44
Blasterlotuspsychje, says type is linux.19:44
BlasterI think I formatted it to ext3.19:44
lotuspsychjeBlaster: strange you cant create folder then on ext319:45
Blasterlotuspsychje, sudo works though.19:45
BlasterSo I just have to set permissions on the mount point.19:46
=== felipe_ is now known as Guest8982
lotuspsychjeBlaster: yes, you might check your fstab19:46
Blasterlotuspsychje, that one isn't in /etc/fstab, I think it just mounts itself?19:46
lotuspsychjeBlaster: when did you format this partition? or is it an older one from other linux version?19:47
lotuspsychjeBlaster: maybe gparted can help you reformat partition, see what it does after reboot19:49
Blasterlotuspsychje, just a few days ago since I installed Ubuntu 14.10.19:50
rihbyneguys, 2 days ago I used groupadd to create a new group and added myself(admin) to it using usermod  without -a option. now I am unable to access sudo.I tried solutions from the web,but still I am unable to do sudo apt-get update. link http://pastebin.com/gnLzciTy19:52
emxis there a login for ubuntu core rootfs?19:53
rihbyneI used this solution but didnt work out http://www.maketecheasier.com/fixing-sudo-error-in-ubuntu/19:53
emx(a known one, that is)19:53
ikoniaemx: you set the password on it19:54
emxikonia, is there a smart way except editing /etc/shadow?19:55
ikoniaemx: chroot and set it ?19:55
emxikonia, the architecture is arm and i got no running linux on arm19:56
mmiller13how do I kill wlan0 if it's busy?19:56
teaearlgraycoldIs it a bad idea to have a PHP frontend interact with a Python backend via SQL?19:56
=== SirDidi is now known as Didi_[CAU]
teaearlgraycoldLike - passing commands via SQL19:56
ikoniaemx: I doubt that19:57
ikoniaemx: as ubuntu core is for x8619:57
emxikonia, many architectures are supported, not only x8619:58
Neozonzso i'm reading some articles on tracing procs/stuff but the command alot of them use is 'dtrace -n arguments' but if I man dtrace I see no such argument...19:59
ikoniaemx: the documentation shows how to use it19:59
dorkusmaximusI installed ubuntu and it went fine. Then I tried to install Windows 7 for dual boot, but it said I couldn't because Windows wont install on a GPT. So I erased the entire disk and installed Windows 7. Now when I try to reinstall Ubuntu, it won't even see the Windows partition and thinks there are no other operating systems installed. I've done this dual boot a couple years ago with no trouble like this. Whats going on?20:00
ZerOlegendhow do i get grub to not autoboot?20:00
ZerOlegendnot sure what file to edit20:00
emxikonia, i must be blind. i don't see how...20:00
rihbyneguys any ideas on my problem ?20:00
=== kodadi is now known as kodadiirem
ikoniaemx: the simple method would be to just edit the password/shadow/group file in line with wht's suggested20:01
emxikonia, in which chapter do you see that described? i got no hits searching for shadow...20:02
squintydorkusmaximus:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI20:02
ikoniaemx: that's not in the guide20:02
metallicZerOlegend, what do you mean exactly?20:03
ikoniaemx: it says "set the users passwords"20:03
ikoniaemx: how you do it, is how you best feel you can20:03
emxikonia, well, i can't at all because i don't know how...20:03
ZerOlegendnevermind metallic i just had to edit /etc/default/grub20:04
ZerOlegendchange the hide option to false20:04
ikoniaemx: so you don't know how to add a user, but you're trying to make a custom linux build20:04
metallicdid it work?20:04
ikoniaemx: that seems like the wrong way around, learning the basics before trying to make custom distros seems a more sensible approach20:04
metallicI mean, are you sure you didn't touch anything potentially dangerous XD? ZerOlegend20:04
ZerOlegendwas on the ubuntu forum20:05
metallicgood luck then :D20:05
=== alexander is now known as Guest19218
emxikonia, quite a daring assumption that i don't know how to add a user.20:06
ikoniaemx: I asked you said "I don't know how"20:06
ikoniaemx: so based on you saying "I don't know how" I assume you don't know how20:07
emxikonia, ... how to do it by editing /etc/shadow20:07
=== Yukinotteru is now known as Dhs92
emxin contract to chrooting and using useradd20:07
ikoniaemx: again - that is the basics of understanding the system - you should learn this stuff before trying to make custom distros in my opinion20:07
emxikonia, name me a program that generates the iteration-hash-salt string that i can place after the first colon and i will do it.20:08
ikoniaemx: openssl ?20:09
emxlet's see20:09
emxthe example i found uses md5. crap my pants.20:10
ikoniaemx: ?20:10
emxikonia, openssl passwd -120:11
emx-1 means: use md520:11
ikoniaso don't use that option20:11
ikoniaopenssl has many options20:11
emxi don't see a heavy duty hash function in the openssl passwd help screen20:12
dorkusmaximusthis is frustrating. why is it so hard to make a bootable ubuntu usb drive20:12
emxonly -crypt but no closer description for it20:12
ikoniathere is more documentation than that20:12
hydedorkusmaximus: use unetbootin, that works...20:13
hydealso in windows20:13
servernodeTrying to get my web-server to identify itself as my domain-address. Anyone knows how?20:13
dorkusmaximuswill try20:13
ikoniaservernode: what do you mean ?20:13
rberg_emx: I just tuned in.. can you use mkpasswd ?20:13
emxrberg_, checking20:13
rberg_try 'mkpasswd --method=help'20:14
emxrberg_, i see weak hash algos only20:15
emxdes, md5, sha-256 and -51220:15
rberg_is SHA-256 weak these days?20:15
rberg_or 51220:15
servernodeikonia: When I try to access my webpage over the internet from a different external IP with the domain-address (plantbaserat.ddns.net) the browser then just shows my server's internal IP (
=== kpease_ is now known as kpease
ikoniaservernode: your webserver needs to listen on the host headers of that domain20:16
emxrberg_, i would prefer aes or something20:16
emxrberg_, it gives me a start anyways. as soon as i booted and logged in i can simply use passwd to use system default's hash algo.20:17
rberg_good luck!20:18
emxand there i am being root ^^20:19
servernodeikonia: First time I really get any answers from someone here, thankful.20:19
ikoniano problem20:19
timvisherhello everyone. i'm trying to get connected to a wireless network but i've lost the ↑↓ icon in the status bar (i told it to get rid of known notifications?) and i have no idea what do next. i edited the /etc/network/interfaces to include wlan0 and eth0 in auto, although that stalls ifup -a completely as it can't seem to dchp an address and won't advance beyond that point20:21
timvisheri was connected to the network at one point though.20:21
hydeemx: AES is block cipher, not a hash function... and I think it doesn't make a very good hash function even if you try to use it as one (feel free to correct me if I am wrong here, not really expert)20:21
timvisheri rebooted the box and i think that was the point when i lost the connection20:21
timvisherprior to loosing the ↑↓ icon, i could click on it but all of the options were greyed out. any ideas?20:22
timvisheri'm using xubuntu with xfce if that makes any difference20:22
timvisheri think the ↑↓ icon was in the 'Indicator Panel'?20:23
dorkusmaximusfor some reason i cant get ubuntu to boot in anything other than UEFI mode20:24
timvisheras you can see i'm pretty green :\20:24
hydetimvisher: welcome to the wonderful world of network-manager ;). do not put any interfaces you wish to manage with network-manager to /etc/network/interfaces20:25
hydetimvisher: then, at least on my xubuntu, the network icon/whatever is part of "indicator plugin"20:26
timvisherhyde: ack, i'll fix some of that. i guess i start network-manager from a shell?20:27
hydeand, at least now that I am connect to a WLAN, it shows a wlan symbol (sector of "waves", or how should I describe it...)20:27
timvisheras an unrelated question, i enabled full-disk encryption, but the password entry field uses Qwerty. is there any way to set that to dvorak?20:27
timvisherhyde: i think i get what you mean20:28
hydetimvisher: left click the icon in the indicator plugin to get the right menu20:28
=== jvwjgames__ is now known as jvwjgames
timvisherthe encryption password is a minor inconvenience in comparison. a nethack deity wouldn't fix it for me ;)20:28
timvisherhyde: how would i go about getting the icon back into the indicator plugin?20:28
hydefrom it you get to "edit connections", I think20:28
hydetimvisher: right click to get the menu, where you have "properties"20:29
timvisherprior to loosing the icon, i could see that but i not click on it20:29
Jordan_Udorkusmaximus: Why did you install Windows 7 for BIOS rather than for UEFI if your boot firmware is UEFI based?20:29
hydethere you can select what indicators the indicator plugin has20:29
hydetimvisher: of course you first need to find where the indicator plugin is, so you can right-click it ;)20:30
dorkusmaximusJordan_U: I installed Ubuntu first on GPT, but Windows refused to install on GPT, so I had to erase the entire disk and start over with MBR20:30
timvisherhyde: so i have the Indicators Plugin Properties Panel open but I don't see a network icon anywhere20:31
timvisheri don't currently have anything hidden either20:31
NeurOSickHow can I add a Facebook (weblink) on the Unity launcher on Ubuntu 14.04 ?20:32
dorkusmaximusall i want is dual boot ubuntu/win7. a couple years ago this was easy. but this uefi/bios shit is confusing the fuck out of me.20:32
hydetimvisher: hmm, I don't have it either...20:32
=== corey84_ is now known as Corey84-
timvisheralso, i'm runing 14.04, i believe20:33
emxhyde, well, basically there two types of hash functions: the fast ones calculating verification codes and slow ones calculating hashes for authentication. AES is a slow one (as of today)20:34
timvisheri also can't run network-manager, but apt-get reports it's installed20:34
emx(not an expert either)20:34
=== rigor789 is now known as rigor789|away
timvisheri've removed wlan0 and eth0 from interfaces20:34
hydetimvisher: one thing to try is apt-get purge network-manager, then install it back... just consider beforehand how you do the installation after removing network-manager ;)20:35
hydetimvisher: or the less sever way, dpkg-reconfigure network-manager #or something les20:35
NeurOSicknobody can help me on this subject (weblink on Unity launcher)?20:35
timvisheroh sweet. i've got the icon back20:35
timvishernow it's claiming that Ethernet and Wireless are not managed20:35
hydenetwork-damager (as I like to call it) is something of a WTF, if you ask me... especially considering how long it has been around.20:36
timvisherbut Edit is still not a thing20:36
hydetimvisher: what does the "Information" say?20:37
hydefor me, Edit is also grayed out... not entirely sure why. I still have this WLAN running though20:37
timvisheri installed gnome-shell and a bunch of stuff was installed with it, could that have screwed this up?20:37
hydepossible but somewhat unlikely, I think20:38
Jordan_Udorkusmaximus: OK, did you install Ubuntu for UEFI, or just install it for BIOS on GPT? Is your boot firmware UEFI or BIOS based?20:38
timvisherlol. i just purged and then realized that i need the network to redownload the packages...20:38
hydetimvisher:  at least I'd like to think it is unlikely :-p20:38
Jordan_Udorkusmaximus: Also, please watch your language in this channel.20:38
timvisherhmm... now i'm thinking i'm screwed...20:39
hydetimvisher: "just consider beforehand how you do the installation after removing network-manager ;)", I think I said some lines up...20:39
timvisheryep. i was considering it the whole time! ;)20:39
timvisherhmm... i've done very little to this box. i'm thinking maybe a full re-install would be the easiest way forward... but that always feels like an extremely embarassing defeat20:40
ohmyis there any dedicated ubuntu sdk channel please ?20:41
hydetimvisher: you could also look at network-manager configuration files20:41
hydetimvisher: or learn the network manager command line tool, and see if you can do configuration with it20:41
timvisherhyde: where do they reside?20:41
hydetimvisher: dpkg -L network-manager20:42
hydemight be helpful, at least20:42
Jordan_Utimvisher: Is nm-applet running? "pgrep nm-applet"20:42
timvisherJordan_U: 200020:42
=== kpease is now known as kpease_
Jordan_Utimvisher: OK, but you're still not seeing the applet?20:43
timvisheruninstall network-manager got rid of my icon though, which indicates maybe what it was :)20:43
timvisherJordan_U: i was seeing it before i purged network-manager20:43
hydetimvisher: network-manager-gnome seems to be the package with nm-applet, in case you need to reinstall that explicitly20:43
EkarusHey, I know the graphic interface is by default in tty 720:44
EkarusBut how do I get another tty to launch a graphical interface20:44
Jordan_Utimvisher: OK, if you re-install network-manager-gnome and try to use the applet, what problem do you have?20:45
EkarusWhen I do startx , it gives me a desktop and no way to do anything else, I cant even get to a terminal after that.20:45
timvisherlshw -C network lists my wireless interface. is there some way to just get it to turn on? or maybe it is on?20:45
timvisherJordan_U: i can't reinstall because i have no connection. :)20:45
Jordan_UEkarus: What is your end goal?20:45
Timoty Hello all, how can I transform the value : 0.90. in 0.90 with sed ?20:45
Jordan_Utimvisher: Have you tried?20:45
timvisheri may be able to get a wired connection going but given my success with the wireless my outlook is dismal20:45
EkarusJordan_U, to use tty as a seperate isolated workspace. I already use it to pkill hanged programs20:46
timvisherJordan_U: yes. fails to resolve dns20:46
hydeif I wanted to run nodm from inittab, which doesn't exist in 14.04, how would I go about achieving the same thing?20:46
hydein 14.0420:46
hydeshould I be looking at upstart or at systemd?20:46
davidwaldrophola I am a newby managing a legacy projecy.  We are using Hibernate 3.6.10 and I am pushing to upgrade to 4.3.7.  Any one have any idea on compatibility, rework effort, and/or benefits?20:46
Timoty anyone ?20:47
Timoty 0.90. to 0.90 with sed command ?20:47
Jordan_Utimvisher: Try "sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome --ignore-missing", which might allow you to install network-manager-gnome if the pacakge is still in your apt cache.20:47
servernodeikonia: Any tip on a guide/tutorial I can follow out there that helps me on what I asked about earlier? Have been searching for a while now but don't seem to know what to search for to find what fits my needs.20:48
Jordan_UTimoty: sed 's/0\.90\./0.90/'20:48
hydeTimoty: echo 0.90. | sed 's/\(.*\..*\)\./\1/'20:49
=== sins-_x is now known as sins-
timvisherJordan_U: nope. needs to download the .deb file. i could download it on another box i suppose20:50
hydetimvisher: you only have WLAN?20:50
=== uwishuno is now known as uwishununoware
Vivekananda_y510hello everyone. I installed mysql on ubuntu and then trying to install devstack on the same machine. The machine is a virtual box on vagrant -- ubuntu 14.04. During install I get (  http://pastie.org/9733077  )20:51
ohmyUbuntu UI Toolkit installation page says to use ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa but this ppa is meant to be used with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and not 14.10 and i'm using 14.10 is there annother ppa dedicated to 14.10 please ?20:51
hydetimvisher:  you could also google how to connect to wlan from command line, that's handy knowledge (I don't remeber, but it wasn't rocket science, iirc)20:51
hydetimvisher: or if you have ethernet, then it's even easier20:52
timvisherhyde: yeah. i'm assuming i should be able to drop back to /etc/network/interfaces?20:53
hydetimvisher: not sure if you can really set up wlan with that...20:55
hydetimvisher: because you need the keys etc20:56
timvisherhyde: yeah. looks to be the case... http://askubuntu.com/questions/138472/how-do-i-connect-to-a-wpa-wifi-network-using-the-command-line20:56
Antonio_Hello everybody! I need some help with the installation of ubuntu, anyone? :) Cheers!20:56
hydetimvisher: and just for one-time connect to a dhcp network, dhclient eth0 or whatever should do it.20:56
hydetimvisher: as long as the interface is not managed by network-damager, the connection will stay up until you reboot.20:57
hyde(and if it is, network-damager will reset it shortly, possibly breaking a download you just had time to get started)20:57
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maxvihow can I install ffmpeg or avconv in ubuntu 14.04?21:02
zertyuheloo there21:03
zertyui got a simple question21:03
=== kpease_ is now known as kpease
crobertszertyu: whats your question21:04
zertyui got a log file from called log.0.gz to log.89.gz i would like file all succed connexion21:04
=== spawn is now known as Guest89881
KIKEMONhi, hola, ciao ya no me se más :D21:05
constantin_mikeon ubuntu 14.04, i'm usb tethering internet connection from a samsung gt-i9060 (21mbps). on linux mint 15 it was working perfectly, on ubuntu 14.04 is working awful (long ping times, pages load extremely slow, almost like no connection). can anyone help?!21:05
constantin_mikei'm sure it's a driver / software problem21:05
zertyuunfortunately with zcat by doing zcat log[0-89].gz | grep succed i got records for november only it that normal ?21:06
Guest89881alguem a que tem noticias do hacker Zarolho ?21:06
=== jvwjgames_ is now known as jvwjgames
critohi, quick question. Trying to ssh into my server but get ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host21:06
critoany help would be great21:06
Guest89881está tudo of dele , TT , face , a page e o RC21:07
crobertszertyu: sorry i do not know, i tried looking online but could not find anything21:07
hydecrito: try the debug/verbose flags and see what it say. also, if you can, check the server logs.21:07
hydecrito: for example, if the server requires public key auth, and you don't have the key at the server, you can't log in21:08
zertyuOK THKX MANN21:08
critocheers hyde21:08
k1l!es | Guest8988121:09
ubottuGuest89881: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.21:09
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=== y is now known as marggines
circumvolantanybody here do any video-editing on Ubuntu?21:17
=== jvwjgames_ is now known as jvwjgames
reisiocircumvolant: why do you ask? :p21:18
circumvolantthat's a good question21:18
reisioI thought so21:20
constantin_mikeon ubuntu 14.04, i'm usb tethering internet connection from a samsung gt-i9060 (21mbps). on linux mint 15 it was working perfectly, on ubuntu 14.04 is working awful (long ping times, pages load extremely slow, almost like no connection). can anyone help?!21:22
circumvolantreisio I'll stick with professional-quality.  thanks for the help!21:23
ikoniaconstantin_mike: look at what driver it is using to interface, look at the internet settings of the device within the two OS's, work on the differences21:23
circumvolantfestering troll lol21:23
ikoniaconstantin_mike: ?21:23
ikoniacircumvolant: ?21:23
hydecircumvent: I recently heard it's possible to use Blender to do video editing... do you know if it's any good for it?21:25
EkarusIts pretty damn good21:25
=== Senix is now known as Senix-Work
EkarusThe compositor works just as good for video editing as it does for animation, and theres a couple of video editing specific stuff21:26
hydeEkarus:  good to get confirmation21:26
EkarusI think the later versions also have aids to help you do camera tracking from video so you can add in 3d stuff, but imo felt gimmiky21:27
=== rh1n0 is now known as rh1n0_away
ZerOlegendanyone around that can lend a hand with getting another distro added to grub in ubuntu? it is failing to work every darn method21:34
javnutI have a script which clicks some stuff in a virtual machine every minute or so21:35
ikoniaZerOlegend: I explained this to you earlier21:35
javnutbut to do that, I have to switch to workspace 2 then click it, then switch back to my old workspace21:35
ZerOlegendi must of missed it when i lost my wifi connection21:35
javnutsufficed to say, it's really annoying. how do I fix this?21:35
javnutanyway to make like a virtual window of another desktop, or extend my desktop beyond what's visible?21:36
k1lZerOlegend: run sudo update-grub21:36
reisio_is_gayI would like to thank reisio for welcoming me to the Ubuntu community by being a passive-aggressive troll.  I now know to stick with Microsoft and Adobe.  One less professional in the Ubuntu community!  Thanks reisio!  http://grab.by/CoEQ !21:37
reisio_is_gayI would like to thank reisio for welcoming me to the Ubuntu community by being a passive-aggressive troll.  I now know to stick with Microsoft and Adobe.  One less professional in the Ubuntu community!  Thanks reisio!  http://grab.by/CoEQ !!21:37
reisio_is_gayI would like to thank reisio for welcoming me to the Ubuntu community by being a passive-aggressive troll.  I now know to stick with Microsoft and Adobe.  One less professional in the Ubuntu community!  Thanks reisio!  http://grab.by/CoEQ !!!21:37
reisio_is_gayI would like to thank reisio for welcoming me to the Ubuntu community by being a passive-aggressive troll.  I now know to stick with Microsoft and Adobe.  One less professional in the Ubuntu community!  Thanks reisio!  http://grab.by/CoEQ !!!!21:37
ZerOlegenddid all that k1l21:37
reisio_is_gayI would like to thank reisio for welcoming me to the Ubuntu community by being a passive-aggressive troll.  I now know to stick with Microsoft and Adobe.  One less professional in the Ubuntu community!  Thanks reisio!  http://grab.by/CoEQ !!!!!21:37
=== julien_ is now known as Guest88209
ZerOlegendit detects gentoo said it was updated but it never shows up in the grub.cfg21:37
reisiohahaha, aw I wasn't even watching for that21:37
ikoniaZerOlegend: the grub config needs to be rebuilt21:37
ikoniaZerOlegend: you'll find problems maintaining this though21:37
ZerOlegendim going to try a custom entry first before i dig into all that21:38
ZerOlegendbeen 3 hours i been farting around with this21:38
ikoniadig into all that ?21:38
ikoniawhat are you on about21:38
ZerOlegendi don't know anymore sorry21:39
Ekarus...all that rage because someone said "Why do you ask?" with a smiley face?21:42
EkarusBy all means *please* stick with windows and adobe.21:42
k1lZerOlegend: that is very uncommon, that a distro is not found by the grub update. so what special setup is that?21:42
ikoniaEkarus: by all means please drop it and stop trying to be-little windows users21:42
ZerOlegendnothing i followed the gentoo handbook all went well installing it from ubuntu in chroot21:43
ZerOlegendran os-prober it detects gentoo and update-grub seees it but it never modifies grub.cfg21:43
k1lyou are still in chroot then?21:44
=== kpease is now known as kpease_
ZerOlegendnot at the moment21:44
ZerOlegendi can21:44
ZerOlegendbrb trying to boot with a custom grub entry21:45
ikoniawhy boot with a custom grub entry ?21:45
ikoniawhat does that achieve ?21:45
owen1how to logout from the terminal?21:46
=== cyclicflux is now known as CyclicFlux
RedPenguinAnyone know if running smartctl is supposed to match up with "badblocks?" Badblocks is acting like my drive is ready for the grave but smartctl acts like it's ok21:47
=== CyclicFlux is now known as Guest84875
k1lowen1: "exit" ?21:47
owen1k1l: logout back to the login screen21:47
owen1logout the session of my use21:47
k1lowen1: ctrl+alt+f7 if the xserver is already running.21:47
owen1k1l: i see black screen with tiny blinking line on the top left21:48
k1lowen1: ah, now i get you. you can restart the xserver with "sudo ligtdm restart" that will kick all user sessions on xserver21:48
reisioRedPenguin: they're both largely not worth using :)21:48
owen1k1l: liggtm - command not found21:49
owen1k1l: ligtdm - command not found21:49
k1lowen1: sorry "lightdm"21:49
owen1k1l: it's not doing anything (maybe since i started the session with i3 instead of gnome)21:50
reisiolightdm probably needs root, run directly21:50
k1lowen1: ok, i think there is more that you are actually telling us. what is the whole setup? did you start the desktop with startx? that is wrong on ubuntu21:51
owen1k1l: in the login screen, instead of chosing the default vm/de21:51
owen1i chose i321:51
k1land then?21:52
k1lwhat ubuntu is that exactly?21:52
=== Guest84875 is now known as CyclicFlux
owen1k1l: i put my password, hit login or whatever the button said.21:52
Vivekananda_y510I am trying to run devstack on ubuntu 14.04. Can anyone help . The cursor is stuck on the last line . I am getting this http://pastie.org/9733249   and the cursor is stucck on the last line. Can anyone tell me what is happennign21:52
k1lwhich desktop?21:53
owen1k1l: the default is ubuntu but i use i3 now21:53
owen1(ubuntu desktop is still installed. all i did is 'apt-get install i3'.21:53
k1lowen1: you talked about gnome. so was it ubuntu mate, or ubuntu gnome edition?21:54
owen1k1l: ubuntu. the regular ubuntu21:54
owen1the one that is default on their website21:54
k1lowen1: ok, so "sudo lightdm restart" should do what you want to21:54
ZerOlegendi got it k1l  using a custom grub entry21:54
owen1k1l: nope. it's doing nothing. i can try running it with strace21:55
k1lowen1: are you in tty1?21:56
=== debian is now known as Guest33851
owen1k1l: no21:56
k1lowen1: than there is something more broken if lightdm is not starting. you could use start instead of restart21:56
k1lowen1: in what state are you now? you logged into i3 and then?21:57
owen1k1l: nothing happpned21:57
owen1k1l: yeah. logged into i3. and everything is great.21:57
k1land now?21:57
owen1i just changed the config of i3 and want to logout21:57
owen1i can restat the machine but i want to learn how to logout.21:57
owen1i3 suppose to let me do 'mod+E' to log me out but it's not working.21:58
RedPenguinreisio: prob better to just use the drive maker's tool?21:58
k1lTo logout, press Mod+shift+e (like exit)21:58
reisioRedPenguin: for what?21:58
RedPenguinreisio: to see if something is funky with this hard drive or it's some other issue21:58
reisioRedPenguin: the only way to know that for sure is to try with another drive21:58
reisioanything else is a serious waste of time21:58
RedPenguinyea I see what you mean21:59
reisioand if you think about it, I know you'll agree :)21:59
owen1k1l: my config for i3 is doesn't have any effect. is there a way to verify what is the current config that i3 is using?21:59
reisioRedPenguin: therefore the logical reaction to suspected your drive is going bad is always simply to replace it21:59
reisioevery time, always21:59
reisioyou always will need another drive, and time is precious21:59
k1lowen1: sorry, not familiar with i321:59
owen1k1l: ok. thanks!22:00
reisioif it turns out it wasn't the drive, it doesn't matter, 'cause you'll always need another drive anyways22:00
crazydiamondHi guys. What's command line name of that program? http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/upgrade22:04
k1lcrazydiamond: you mean for the GUI program or a upgrader for CLI?22:05
Ekarusso uh, any idea how to launch an extra GUI in a tty ?22:06
Ekarusstartx gives me a desktop where I can do nothing but right click to create files and folders22:06
k1lextra gui?22:06
genii!info xnest22:07
ubottuxnest (source: xorg-server): Nested X server. In component universe, is optional. Version 2:1.16.0-1ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 639 kB, installed size 1862 kB22:07
geniiThat or xephyr22:07
javnutso I launched another x-window22:12
javnutbut how can I get gnome-session to run in that window?22:12
javnutor anything that's kinda like a DE?22:12
owen1how to paste with the keyboard? i used to hit shift+insert but my new laptop (carbon x1) doesn't have insert key.22:13
nopfowen1: control-v is the usual. with shift also when used in a terminal22:13
reisioowen1: I bet it has an insert key, whether it's labelled or not22:14
k1land dont paste thousands of lines into here :)22:14
reisiobut ctrl+shift+v is simpler22:14
owen1ctrl+v prints ^V on my terminal (xterm)22:14
nopfowen1: control-v is the usual. with shift also when used in a terminal22:15
reisioread before you hit enter :)22:15
owen1reisio: ctrl+shift+v do nothing in my terminal22:16
reisioowen1: what terminal is that?22:16
owen1i got to find the inesrt key (:22:17
owen1shift+insert is super easy22:17
owen1or how to do right+left click22:17
sambagirlis anyone running ubuntu on a dell c720 chromebook?22:18
sambagirlif so pm me thanks.22:18
lakituhi all. here's my problem: can i backup apt packages using a live cd, then install to a fresh install all the while not having internet? my disabled friend borked his system, i just looked thru about a page of results on google - wondering if someone here knows offhand?22:24
ses1984downloaded packages are saved in /var/cache/apt/archives/22:25
lakitugood info22:25
lakituwhat's the process to restore manually copied packages?22:25
ses1984if you backup that directory and restore it to that same location, then use apt-get install it should find them and install them22:26
lakitumy disabled friend is who this is for. they won't let him have internet 'because it makes him fat' - wonderful22:26
lakituthank you - or - but what?22:26
ses1984one part i am not sure about is what happens with regard to apt-get update ... the repository that you have now vs the repository as it is on the live cd wont be in sync22:26
lakitui kind of understand, let me reread22:27
ses1984like when you say "apt-get install gimp" then apt-get has a certain version in mind (i think) that version may or may not be the one you put in /var/cache/apt/archives22:28
lakituis there some prompt-fu you can use to install just these programs22:28
lakitupackages i should say22:28
ses1984dpkg -i22:29
lakituoh i see what you mean22:29
lakituwhen you update... hm22:29
ses1984i dont know if this will be a problem or not. but you can always use dpkg22:29
ses1984no one else can chime in? channel dead tonight?22:29
lakituthanks for the help tho.22:29
lakituappreciate it22:30
k1llakitu: packages.ubuntu.com get the packages there.22:30
lakituor how, i guess?22:31
k1llakitu: then transfer them to the other system and install it there with software-center or other program like dpkg22:31
lakituis there a way to batch do it?22:32
lakitulike so i don't have to individually do 1,200 packages or whatever it is22:32
sambagirlif apt-get is missing how do you install it?22:32
ses1984probably dpkg -i *.deb would do it22:32
lakituses1984: for installing, but i mean can't i just copy them from the harddrive using a live cd,22:33
Ben64lakitu: might want to consider reinstalling at that point22:33
k1lif its that much you maybe want to get internet to that system or make a clean install (when its broken)?22:33
lakituthen paste them onto the new install somewhere & use software center, or dpkg -i or something?22:33
k1llakitu: what? 1.200 packages? i really suggest you get that system somehow to a cable or wifi somehow.22:34
lakituk1l:  i have no idea how many22:34
ses1984lakitu:  i'm confused, you want to know how to copy them all at once?22:34
lakituk1l: what i said above was, the authorities are authoritarian where he lives, won't let him have internet22:34
lakituhaven't for years22:34
lakitu(he livesi n a grouphome)22:34
k1llakitu: so what is the real task here?22:34
k1llakitu: get "a program" onto that system, or repair a system or what?22:35
ses1984how miserable that would be, i would flip shit if they didn't give me internet. especially if i was disabled22:35
lakituses1984: k1l was saying i should download them from packages.ubuntu.com. i was saying without a batch way/method of doing that, that would be tedious22:35
ses1984lakitu: you need to give us more details of what you want to accomplish because i thnk everyone is kind of confused22:36
k1llakitu: you are very vague what you want to do. so we can just guess and then advise22:36
ses1984i think you're trying to say this: you have a system with a bunch of packages on it and you want to reinstall ubuntu on this system and keep those packages?22:36
lakituBen64: that's where we were at, but he has no internet access, so would lose all his programs. i just turned him onto linux, this is his first problem with it22:36
grubProbHello, I installed Xubuntu along with 8.1 (dual-boot), and wanted to try out Elementary OS, so I got rid of Xubuntu by deleting the partition in Windows 8.1. However, now it looks my grub loader is broken. What can I do?22:37
lakituhe is a disabled friend in a grouphome22:37
lakituok, so again:22:37
ses1984why do you have to reinstall ubuntu, what's wrong with just keeping what he has22:37
grubProbses1984: are you talking to me?22:37
grubProbSomeone talk to me22:37
ses1984you need to plug in a live CD/USB and fix grub22:38
Ben64grubProb: elementary os is not supported here, sorry22:38
ses1984google "live cd grub repair" lots of guides out there22:38
grubProbses1984: The problem is that I don't have Install CD anymore...22:38
lakitui'm trying to recover the programs installed, & port them to a new install because the owner does not have access to internet22:38
grubProbSo I must repair it first before reinstalling other Ubuntu?22:39
Ben64grubProb: for help booting windows, join ##windows22:39
k1lgrubProb: if you removed the xubuntu you removed the grub files. either you install a linux again or you install the windows bootloader22:39
Ben64grubProb: for help with elementaryos... i dont know their channel, but it is not here22:39
ses1984lakitu: what do you mean "port them to a new install" ... is it moving from one computer to another? why are you reinstalling?22:39
lakituses1984: the ubuntu he has won't boot, we worked thru that & this was the best option, before resintalling22:39
ses1984you could try to insert a live CD and repair grub22:39
lakitumove and install22:39
grubProbBen64: I don't think Windows would be much help for dual boot?22:40
lakitugrub is ok22:40
ses1984lakitu: insert live CD and repair grub. did you try that?22:40
lakitui appreciate the help tho22:40
lakituses1984: grub is ok22:40
lakituhe's going to reinstall22:40
ses1984so why won't it boot? what makes you think reinstalling will fix it? and what do you mean "move and install" ... is it moving to a new computer?22:40
grubProbBen64: I guess I made wrong introduction then... If I were to reinstall Ubuntu with broken Grub, how would you do that?22:41
ses1984if you are re-installing over an existing install and you don't backup your packages somehow then they will need to be re-downloaded22:41
k1lgrubProb: you dont have a dualboot, or? you removed xubuntu you said22:41
lakitubut because he is not allowed internet (see above) i wanted to get the programs he picked off of his broken ubuntu22:41
lakituand put them on his new one22:41
Meliothat's terrible22:41
Ben64grubProb: you said you want to install elementary os.. do that22:41
grubProbk1l: I used to have dual boot with Windows and Ubuntu, and I want to install Ubuntu again, but grubloader is broken...22:41
Ben64grubProb: because you deleted the partition22:42
k1lgrubProb: come on. you are making things up now.22:42
grubProbBen64: Yes22:42
Ben64grubProb: i'm not sure why you keep asking the same questions. install elementary os, or join ##windows for help booting22:42
ses1984how far away is the grouphome from where you live, or how far away is it from an internet cafe. when you fix it, are you going to physically go to the grouphome with a live cd? what other tools do  you have access to bring with you?22:42
grubProbk1l: Well, it looked like  you guys weren't going to help me unless it's Ubuntu22:42
lakituBen64 k1l: i don't know how many packages he has actually22:42
Ben64grubProb: very true, that is why this channel is called #ubuntu22:43
grubProbBen64: I am trying to install Ubuntu/Elementary OS, but grub is broken22:43
k1lgrubProb: grub doesnt matter before installation22:43
grubProbBen64: I thought Elementary OS is based on Ubuntu, and their installer is same22:43
k1lgrubProb: and windows or elementary OS problems dont matter here, too22:43
MelioI usually don't have to reboot. but i noticed flash player crashes system wide and requires a restart to allow it to load again22:43
Ben64grubProb: for the last time, join ##windows for help booting windows, or install elementary os, or ubuntu or whatever you want. elementary os is NOT supported here22:43
k1lgrubProb: then install ubuntu if its the same.22:43
Meliono biggie. just laptops are a pain to restart if the run perfectly in linux otherwise22:44
lakituses1984: it's a busy time right now, but i am having him over in approx a month (they let him see his friends once a month, too! kid you not) to work on his os. i just wanted to get him back up & running in linux ("i love linux" he literally told me lol) sooner than the month22:44
Melioi suppose i could kill it in memory22:44
grubProbBen64: I think you misunderstood me... I can boot Windows, and I tried to install Ubuntu based distro, but it won't because grub is broken, and I don't think Windows can help because they don't deal with grub which is linux bootloader22:44
ses1984lakitu: so what tools will you have access to when you do this fix. will it be at the grouphome or in your home/office?22:44
Ben64grubProb: if you can boot windows, then grub isn't broken22:45
ses1984grubProb: there is no possibly way grub could prevent you from installing an OS22:45
Ben64and that too ^22:45
k1lgrubProb:  you dont have a issue at all.22:45
k1lgrubProb: you want to install elementary. so do it. grub doesnt matter before an installation.22:46
grubProbBen64 ses1984: When I tried to install through the installer, it says that it cannot complete installation because grub is broken... And when I tried to boot into Windows, I get into broken grub first so I have to type "exit" and then it will boot22:46
lakituwell. let me say this. i just want to know if there's a way to copy that directory you mentioned ses1984, and use a command to (sustainably - no problems when i update) reinstall those packages, & be done with it22:46
grubProbSorry for not making it clear22:46
Ben64grubProb: you keep changing your story, but the fact remains, elementary os is not supported here22:47
lakituis 1984 a reference to the book or your birthyear, ses? =)22:47
k1l!elementary | grubProb22:47
ubottugrubProb: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.22:47
grubProbBen64 But the problem stems me deleting partition of Ubuntu22:48
Ben64grubProb: which means you no longer have ubuntu22:48
grubProbGod... Okay, say I want to install ubuntu22:48
grubProbwould you help me?22:48
Ben64step 1: install ubuntu22:48
richardjsSo, fresh install of 12.04, after thing done is aptitude update and upgrade, "aptitude install openssh-server" fails due to an unmet libwrap0 dependency. aptitude can't seem to find libwrap0. Is this normal?22:48
Ben64step 2: you're done22:48
richardjsonly thing*22:49
grubProbI cannot install Ubuntu/Elementary OS but none of them will not install because they are based on the same installer22:49
grubProbBen64: I told you... I cannot install Ubuntu because it won't install22:49
Ben64no, you tried elementary22:49
grubProbBen64: It complains about bootloader being broken22:49
lakitui didn't understand what you were saying ses1984, about update problems? would there be problems if we copied them using the file browser then used say dpkg -i to install them?22:50
grubProbOkay, that's fair. Will you help me if I comeback after trying to install Ubuntu and that fails?22:50
k1lgrubProb: you are guessing there.22:50
grubProbk1l: That is true22:50
k1lgrubProb: so stop spoiling this channel that is unfair to the real ubuntu users.22:51
ses1984lakitu: 1984 is a reference to both22:52
grubProbk1l: Please. I don't hate ubuntu. Stop shunning out people trying various thing. I asked for help because I used to be Ubuntu user just as much as you are, and just because I don't use Ubuntu, I don't deserve to ask questions?22:52
lakituok =)22:52
ses1984lakitu: yes,  you can copy that directory. and then dpkg -i *.deb to install them all22:52
ses1984no one can guarantee that all the dependencies will line up, but it will probably be fine22:53
lakituses1984: alrighty22:53
k1lgrubProb: i muted you since you are still on the egoistic trip that your issues matter more than others. this is for ubuntu support. you dont have a ubuntu issue. so come back when you have an ubuntu issue. thanks22:53
ses1984if you really want to be sure, then you can use tools to download an entire mirror of the ubuntu repositories and bring them with you when you work on your friend's computer22:53
ses1984apt-mirror is one of them. there are other tools that accomplish the same thing22:53
lakituses1984: thanks for your diplomacy/approach, appreciate the help22:54
ses1984if you bring a laptop for example, then you can host a mirror of the repos for his computer to use while you re-install.22:54
ses1984there's also no guarantee that /var/cache/apt/archives has a copy of every package he installed. they could have been purged or overwritten if he was low on space22:54
lakitu yeah, i was thinking about getting him discs of packages22:55
=== Dhs92 is now known as Yukitteru
lakitutrue - i tihnk that's not a danger here22:55
therueshould i give / 20gigs or 30 gigs? average users usually uses how much?22:55
lakitualright thanks ses198422:55
therueanyone around?23:00
k1ltherue: with seperate /home partition?23:01
Ranieri_Hey, I'm downloading a 32-bit binary, it's saved as a .tar.gz23:02
Ranieri_How do I use gunzip and tar to unzip the file, and unpack it.23:03
k1lRanieri_: first think about if there is the program in the official ubuntu repos23:03
Ranieri_k1l: What are the ubuntu repos23:03
k1lubuntu ships a lot of packages with programs already made working with ubuntu.23:05
mmoebiusRanieri_: does apt-cache search <PROGRAMNAME> yield anything ? Then it's in the Ubuntu repos23:07
unholycrabhow do i disable this fancy update-motd.d in ubuntu12.04?23:07
unholycrabi just want to show whats in /etc/motd23:10
trismunholycrab: in 12.04 you can put any static content you want in /etc/motd.tail23:11
trismunholycrab: it switched back to /etc/motd in 14.04+23:11
trismunholycrab: there is actually a script in 12.04 in /etc/update-motd.d/ that cats it at the end, you can disable any of the other scripts by chmod -x23:12
hyguinalgum BR ?23:12
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
unholycrabtrism: all my ansible scripts write to /etc/motd23:16
=== kandinski is now known as blogalia
=== blogalia is now known as kandinski
trismunholycrab: then just symlink it to /etc/motd.tail, that file shouldn't exist by default...or edit the /etc/update-motd.d/ script to cat /etc/motd23:18
spawnalgum brasileiro ?23:19
=== spawn is now known as Guest22944
unholycrabso if motd.tail exists, then it overrides all that update-motd.d stuff23:19
unholycrabvia 99-footer23:20
=== UncleJoeAway is now known as UncleJoe
bazhang!br | Guest2294423:20
ubottuGuest22944: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.23:20
trismunholycrab: no it does not override, it is just appended to the end23:20
=== Daemoen_ is now known as Daemoen
sparrI want to patch the source to a program and then build a copy of it that is otherwise identical to the packaged version. How can I make sure I get all the configure options and such correct?23:25
Jordan_Usparr: Grab the source package via apt-get source packagename and rebuild the source package.23:26
the8thbit|workEvery time I try to install a package, I get this: http://pastebin.com/8qZgpveS23:27
k1lthe8thbit|work: please show a "sudo apt-get update" and a "ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list.d" in a pastebin23:28
the8thbit|worksure, one moment23:28
Jordan_Usparr: http://askubuntu.com/questions/81870/how-to-download-modify-build-and-install-a-debian-source-package23:29
the8thbit|workthese are my sources http://pastebin.com/MypAd4cZ23:30
sparrthanks Jordan_U23:31
Jordan_Usparr: You're welcome.23:31
CorvetteCan anyone help with trouble I'm having with Haguichi on Ubuntu 14.0423:33
MrMonkey31uh, lil question about the file mgrs. Can I somehow see (in a readily accessible fashion) the file attributes on windows-dos filesystem files? The 'hidden' attr in particular?23:33
the8thbit|workk1l: and here is the output of update: http://pastebin.com/W8YPK86123:34
mcphailI'd like to try running nouveau rather than nvidia driver but, when I do, I just get a flash of the lightdm login screen before everything turns black and my monitor reports "no signal". Alt-SysRq-REISUB will reboot the machine, so it is still running. Nothing useful in xorg log if I ssh in to check. Any suggestions? If I boot with "nomodset" I only get low-res vesa driver rather than nouveau.23:36
flaikshow can i tell if I installed ubuntu in legacy or efi mode ?23:36
flaiksI had chamaeleon installed before and when I installed ubuntu over OSX it seemed to break booting into windows23:37
flaiksso I believe I need to re-install ubuntu in efi mode ?23:37
renebarbosaflaiks, dmesg | grep -i uefi23:38
flaiksit would make sense why its not detecting my windows install23:38
flaikswould I have to completely re-install ubuntu ?23:38
k1lthe8thbit|work: ok, so there are some 3rd party repos interfering. you can see with "apt-cache policy gcc-4.8-multilib" what 3rd party repo that is23:39
flaiksrenebarbosa: that command gave nothing, so im assuming that means im in legacy mode ?23:39
=== hapax is now known as Guest28211
the8thbit|workk1l: that gave me this: http://pastebin.com/E9FvzPL323:40
mcphailflaiks: Has Windows8 changed things? You never used to have to use uefi to dual boot windows23:41
flaiksmcphail: im using 7 but I had uefi enabled for osx23:41
k1lthe8thbit|work: sorry i am multitasking and copied the wrong package: apt-cache policy libc6-dev-i386 that is23:41
nmatrix9_Hello all, I want to create to setup a new box with software raid 10 with LVM with a ext3 fs.  Now I'd like to do all 3 step by step but it seems there is no central documentation on how to do this unless through trial and error (at least for me) anyone got any recommendations?23:41
the8thbit|workah thanks23:41
flaiksmcphail: and I have a newer z87 motherboard so I believe it defaults to UEFI23:41
mesaboogie1hi guys, what is a simple voice recorder program that will use pulse audio pls?23:42
the8thbit|workk1l: http://pastebin.com/X6hmyhUd23:42
k1lthe8thbit|work: so you can  stop that 3rd party repo and see if it works (after a sudo apt-get update) or you can force the install with "sudo apt-get -f install"23:42
=== nmatrix9_ is now known as nmatrix9
flaiksso do I need to completely re-install ubuntu and ensure it’s in EUFI mode ?23:42
renebarbosaflaiks, probably it's in legacy boot mode23:43
the8thbit|workk1l: When I do apt-get -f install I get an error23:43
flaikswhen I try to boot into windows I just get chamaleon errors23:43
mcphailflaiks: What's chameleon?23:43
the8thbit|workk1l: http://pastebin.com/pwr50h7T23:43
flaiksmcphail: bootloader for hackintosh lol23:43
somethingmy /dev/.bootchart/log/proc_ps.log is over 4GB, what's wrong? It was 8GB recently, I deleted it today and it is large again. Can I disable whatever feature is making it be so big?23:43
flaiksmcphail: its a uefi bootloader23:43
flaiksmcphail: but I deleted OSX23:44
mcphailflaiks: you have a uefi partition after the bootloader?23:44
flaiksI am not sure23:44
flaiksmcphail: not sure23:44
flaiksi can boot into ubuntu but it shows as legacy not UEFI23:44
flaiksso i assume I need to reinstall it in UEFI mode so it can detect windows and add a grub entry for it ?23:45
Jordan_Uflaiks: Did you install Windows for UEFI or for BIOS?23:45
Jordan_Uflaiks: Is your boot firmware UEFI based or BIOS based?23:45
flaiksJordan_U: not sure…23:45
mcphailflaiks: I'm quite hazy about his but, when I installed onto a new SSD yesterday, I created a GPT partition table, small UEFI partition then my Ubuntu btrfs root partition. You might just need to install GRUB as the bootloader and let the magic happen23:45
Jordan_U!bootinfo | flaiks23:46
ubottuflaiks: Boot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).23:46
flaiksmcphail: well grub is installed in legacy mode23:46
flaiksmcphail: I assume23:46
flaiksmcphail: when I boot the ubuntu hd it gives me chameleon errors23:46
flaiksJordan_U: thanks you23:46
therueso i'm installing my ubuntu, but it literally just never ends for some reason.. how long does the installation take?23:46
flaiksJordan_U: I will run that23:46
mcphailflaiks: I'm not expert enough to guide you on this but I'm pretty sure you should be able to sort it without a reinstall23:47
flaiksmcphail: okay I hope so23:47
flaiksmcphail: ubuntu wont evend etect windows as an os23:47
Jordan_Utherue: Should not take more than an hour, and usually much less. Where is it stopped?23:47
therueok it hasn't been an hour23:47
theruei guess i'll just leave it running23:47
Jordan_Utherue: How long has it been? Can you post a screenshot of the current install screen?23:48
Jordan_U!screenshot | therue23:48
ubottutherue: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.23:48
theruei installed linux mint before, and that took literally just a few minutes to install so i was surprised when unbuntu install hasn't ended in 10 min23:48
=== gabriel__ is now known as FaRoF4
theruecan't right now though... it's the other computer that's installing23:48
mcphailtherue: which version are you installing?23:49
flaiksi will pastebin this23:49
flaiksone min23:49
theruei tried installing and ended it before 'cuz when i looked at the messages below, it showed a lot of permission denied... but i think it's becauase earlier i chose TRY ubuntu without installing... so i wasn't a superuser installing it perhaps23:49
theruethis time around... i made sure to chose INSTALL UBUNTU23:50
the8thbit|workhm, I actually have to clock out23:50
k1lthe8thbit|work: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eglibc/+bug/1312917  see comment #523:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1312917 in eglibc (Ubuntu) "package libc6-dev-i386 (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/include/sys/timerfd.h', which is also in package libc6-dev-amd64 2.19-0ubuntu6, ncurse" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:50
theruei'm installing 14.1023:50
mcphailtherue: try installing again but deselect the options to "download updates when installing" and "install 3rd party software"23:50
theruei have those 2 selected this time around23:50
therueis that bad or something?23:50
k1lthe8thbit|work: maybe its a circle bug in packages.23:51
theruei mean i can leave it running and install it's no problem23:51
Jordan_Utherue: Running the installer after selecting "try without installing" is perfectly valid, and I recommend it as then you can easily do things like take and post screenshots.23:51
mcphailtherue: my machine (and many others) hang when they're selected23:51
flaiksk im back in ubutnu23:51
therueand you're forced to reinstall again or something?23:51
theruehow do you  know if it hangs or not? or if it's just going to take longer?23:51
flaiksthis is the results from bootinfoscript23:51
RedPenguinI am attempting to install Ubuntu on my PC, and even though grub appears to be installed, the PC upon reboot says "DISK BOOT FAILURE", even a 2nd install doesn't want to work23:51
flaiksdoesnt tell me much about UEFI23:52
mcphailtherue: and install shouldn't take very long. If you've been waiting an hour it will probably have hung23:52
Jordan_U!bootinfo | RedPenguin23:52
ubottuRedPenguin: Boot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).23:52
flaiksSDA is windows, SDB is ubuntu23:52
somethingmy /dev/.bootchart/log/proc_ps.log is over 4GB, what's wrong? It was 8GB recently, I deleted it today and it is large again. Can I disable whatever feature is making it be so big?23:53
therueok i'm looking at the messages at the bottom of my install... i see some warningL source ID blah was not found when attempting to remove it23:53
therueand cannot access autospawn lock23:54
theruefailed to acquire autospawn lock23:54
theruecannot access autospawn lock23:54
Jordan_Uflaiks: Your Windows installation is configured for BIOS based booting, your Ubuntu installation is configured for UEFI based booting.23:54
flaiksJordan_U, ah so thats the problems23:54
ramborocksi keep getting a crash on ubuntu during boot up it says  in the error report : ipod-set-info crashed with signal 7 in g_strndup()23:54
flaiksJordan_U, whats the best way to fix it ?23:54
flaiksJordan_U, can I boot into windows from grub at all ? or would I need to re-install one of the os's23:55
MrMonkey31flaiks - dedoimedo makes good guides of this. see http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/dual-boot-windows-7-ubuntu.html and the grub tute @www.dedoimedo.com/computers/grub-2.html for your information23:55
Jordan_Uflaiks: I would recommend installing Windows for UEFI.23:55
flaiksJordan_U, hm, so a windows re-install is in order23:55
flaiksfuck, I cant even boot into windows to backup my games23:56
flaikspardon my language23:56
MrMonkey31um not that they mention uefi!23:56
ramborocksi keep getting a crash on ubuntu during boot up it says  in the error report : ipod-set-info crashed with signal 7 in g_strndup()23:56
solsTiCehi. can anyone running a clean uptodate ubuntu 14.10 can post his /var/lib/rkhunter/db/rkhunter.dat file after having run a rkhunter --propupd, please ?23:56
mcphailI'd like to try running nouveau rather than nvidia driver but, when I do, I just get a flash of the lightdm login screen before everything turns black and my monitor reports "no signal". Alt-SysRq-REISUB will reboot the machine, so it is still running. Nothing useful in xorg log if I ssh in to check. Any suggestions? If I boot with "nomodeset" I only get low-res vesa driver rather than nouveau.23:57
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kristalQ: Anyone remember the name of that application that let you log in as another user in a window?23:59

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