Pwnnawell there's a hacked patch..00:00
Pwnnayeah i'll find sometime this week maybe00:00
brainwashPwnna: or just add a comment to the upstream report to bump it00:00
Pwnnai have done that :P00:00
Pwnnai would go in to fix it, but so busy these days with school00:00
brainwashok then00:01
bluesabrebrainwash: go ahead and add the mate-system-tools to the dev blueprint, will check it out soon00:03
knomebluesabre, see #xfce-dev (which you are probably doing, since i highlighted you...)00:04
sidii love how xubuntu has forums in german, french and italian00:11
sidifeel free to translate the UX survey announcements and post it there everyone :300:11
knomei'm sure the french forum would appreciate if i translated it to finnish and sent them that00:13
sidiknome, i do love some finnish00:15
knomesidi, kukapa ranskalainen ei :)00:15
sidiknome, vittu perkele00:16
knomesidi, stop swearing or i'll kick you out :P00:17
sidisorry im trying to reach out to you with the only 2 words i know00:17
knomenot working00:17
sidiit's... it's the ice hockey00:17
knomesidi, yeah sure!00:17
knomesidi, btw, you should join #xubuntu-offtopic :P00:17
Unit193So we can troll him?00:18
brainwashbluesabre: I'll have to take a look at mate-system-tools first. the package is new in vivid10:10
elfyhey sidi 14:59
elfyjust in time :) next time you want to post something on ubuntuforums like that ask your tame uf admin15:00
knometame - so not elfy15:00
elfythat'll be me - I've stuck it for a while so it stays on top where it is 15:00
sidihi there15:00
sidiask your tame uf admin?15:01
sidielfy, sorry i didnt get it15:01
* sidi also found the new ubuntuforums really strange15:01
slickymasterWorksidi, please follow http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=43415:02
slickymasterWorkyou're thread is now a sticky 15:02
slickymasterWorkthus getting some more visibility15:02
knomesteve the sticky finger15:03
* slickymasterWork wonders how knome always manage to be around when someone mistype something :P 15:04
elfyha ha ha 15:04
knomethat's because i'm *always* around15:04
elfysidi: what do you mean the new uf? do you have another account already :(15:05
sidislickymaster, elfy, knome  for my defence I had to post on about 10 different forums + MLs + IRCs :P15:05
sidielfy, i had an account in 2009. i have no idea how to connect to it since I'm not a ubuntu one user, so I made a new account15:06
elfyfor which you must have made a u1 account :)15:06
* elfy hates sso15:07
knomesidi, U1 = LP15:07
elfyhave I said that before?15:07
* knome loves SSO15:07
knomenot technically, but socially15:07
elfysidi: do you happen to remember the e-mail you used before?15:07
knomesidi, or more accurately... LP = U115:08
sidiknome, so i could use my LP account...15:08
knomesidi, YEAH!15:08
sidielfy, of course yeah i still use LP15:08
sidioh gosh15:08
knomesidi, do you ever read my blog?15:08
elfysidi: point me to LP page :)15:08
knomesidi, http://open.knome.fi/2014/02/23/logging-in-with-ubuntu-one/15:08
slickymasterWorkah ah that's free advertising knome 15:09
knomefree advertising of a website that does not generate income15:09
knomehow WRONG and UNFAIR that is :P15:09
elfysidi: ok - so I can't deal with your account from LP information, but if you PM me on IRC I can try and get you into the old account - if you want15:10
sidielfy, i think i do know how to connect, i just hadnt realised i could use my LP account when trying to log in15:11
sidibecause its called something else now15:11
elfysidi: really - trust me - it's not that simple now :D15:12
knomesidi, well technically LP == U1, but U1 != LP15:12
elfyPM me if you want to sort it out :)15:13
sidielfy, if its not that simple i actively want not to sort it out ;D15:13
elfyit's not simple for ME - all you have to do is say yes or no to something :p15:14
knomesidi, just get it sorted out :P15:14
knomelazy steve15:14
sidiknome, what for? :P15:17
sidifine fine15:17
sidimy LP account is ~sidi, email is sidnioulz@gmail.com15:18
sidiit should be associated with sidi@xfce.org15:18
elfyyes I know all that ;)15:18
elfyand sidi on the forum uses a completely different mail address :)15:18
sididoes he? :P15:18
sidimaybe that "sidi" isnt me you know15:19
elfythere - you have a question to yes and no now :)15:19
sidiis there a Sidnioulz?15:19
elfyhang on - I'll go searching for e-mail addresses 15:19
elfyyou sound older on irc :p15:20
elfysidi: so yea - Steve Dodier is the old account - with the gmail address15:21
elfyyou want it to keep the old address or the xfce one? 15:21
elfyI'll be disabling one of them - so make up your mind which you want to use and which address and I'll do that 15:22
sidielfy, i was 5yo when i posted there15:24
sidiI was naive and impulsive15:24
sidii want to keep sidnioulz@gmail.com15:24
elfyin the old account? 15:24
sidiim not sure?15:25
sidii dont know what you're doing and why something needs doing in the first place and im very confused15:25
slickymasterWorkah ah ah ah15:25
knomesidi, so you only have one account15:25
slickymasterWorkelfy, next time I mention anything about bumping something, remind me of this15:26
elfyI wish I'd just said "Stick it" :p15:28
slickymasterWork\o/ sidi 15:47
sidislickymaster, :D15:49
jjfrv8ochosi, bluesabre, revisions to Parole docs ready for your review on the staging site.17:15
jjfrv8I threw in four screenies of the Display tab just to cover all contingencies. You can discard the ones you don't want.17:16
jjfrv8Also, I noticed that the upstream version has duplicate Figure 3s on the Usage page but that's already been corrected on the staging site.17:19
jjfrv8Just wanted to make sure that gets copied over when the other pages are ready.17:19
=== brainwash_ is now known as brainwash
ochosijjfrv8: awesome! i was at a conference today all day and tomorrow again, but i'll check it on the weekend! it's much appreciated23:37

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