xubuntuHi, im unable to transfer my unnalocated space to my windows partition00:15
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Guest38088Hi, im unable to transfer my unnalocated space to my windows partition00:15
Azelphur!hello | Bloop01:11
ubottuBloop: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!01:11
BloopHello! i'm just looking for a way to enter unicode characters using the old  Cntrl+Shift+U method under xubuntu 14.04. I already have the compose key method set up, but i was just wondering01:15
Bloopwhy cntrl+shift+u no longer works for me.01:15
holsteinBloop: in a terminal? try the same terminal01:30
holsteinBloop: maybe you are comparing a gnome-terminal or other terminal with the included xfce term01:31
BloopThe problem exists not just in a terminal but in every application i've tried thus far. the cntrl+shift+u method for entering unicode chacters just seems to be malfunctioning for me.01:41
Bloopi opened up xfce-teminal just now and tried it. still no luck.01:41
holsteinBloop: what did it work on?01:42
Bloopit used to work on previous installations before i upgraded to 14.04. i mean, i have the compose key as a work around set up.. but i'm just wondering, is this normal for 14.04?01:43
holsteinBloop: previous installations of what? xubuntu? like 10.04D 12.04? 13.10?01:46
BloopYes, i believe i had 12.04 installed previously.01:47
holsteinBloop: you "upgraded" what to 14.04? and how? and when? have you tried as a different user?01:47
BloopI upgraded via a fresh format and install. When? around october 18th-19th.  No, i have yet to try as a different user. should i do that?01:49
holsteinBloop: trying as the guest user can rule out your user config, but i dont think thats the issue..01:50
drcbloop:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/520098/how-do-i-type-umlauts-etc-in-xubuntu-14-04 1st answer, 2nd paragraph.  Is this how you are doing it?01:51
Bloopyes, that's how i used to enter characters. Thing is, when i press cntrl+shift+u, no "u" letters appears to continue on the unicode character sequence.02:05
drchmmm. Can some who has 14.04 running try it to see if it works for them?02:10
Bloopi'm going to try as a guest account, as  holstein suggested.02:13
knomeworks for me.02:14
drcGood idea (as most of his ideas are)02:14
Bloop_Success! it woked on the guest account...02:16
drcThen it's most likely in the user's config(s) somewhere...don't ask <me> where, haven't got a clue.02:18
Bloop_i'll try to change some settings to see if i can get it to work. Thanks everyone for your help!02:31
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aynrand420hey, how do i reset my display settings from the recovery mode terminal? i have been googling and all of the results suggest deleting files that don't exist04:24
aynrand420i.e. sudo rm ~/.config/monitors.xml04:24
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BalTunwhen I restart the system I have a message that some system error has occured. I don't know what error but it asks me to send a report. I agree. How I can know what happends and what to do to not have that error ?08:06
BalTunI periodically have some issues when system returns from sleep mode. Sometime it shows auth window in low brightness and after I enter a pass it shows me a black screen - it helps to close a laptop lid to move to sleep mode and then return again (sometimes it helps, sometimes not). Another issue is when it shows black screen straight after return from sleep mode. Why it happends? What should I do to stop these issues ?08:10
BalTunmy system is xubuntu 14.04 and i can login to ubuntu (unity) on the same system08:12
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xubuntu60wwhat language are you speaking?12:09
AgAui can speak english too12:09
esrastara@cfhowlett: the psychocats shuffle didn't work. After removing and reinstalling a bunch of packages I'm back where I was last evening. do-release-upgrade is still trying to convert my installation from xubuntu to ubuntu.12:52
ObrienDaveit's the same core system. just install xubuntu-desktop when finished12:53
esrastaraThanks for the tip. This is a pentium 4 with a tiny (by today's standards) HDD. I'm hoping to avoid the gnome + unity baggage.12:55
ObrienDaveyou can purge it later. not sure how12:55
esrastaraummm, it won't fit on the disk. :-)12:55
ObrienDavehow large is the HD?12:56
esrastara32G of which 18G is available for OS. Xubuntu 12.04 fits and works just fine.12:57
ObrienDavedelete old kernels12:58
ObrienDavekeep current one and the last one. just in case12:59
esrastaraHave a cron job that does that. Besides, they go on a separate slice.12:59
esrastaraLast evening several lurkers told me that a fresh install of Xubuntu 14.04 doesn't come with unity/gnome.13:00
esrastaraI don't have unity/gnome now.13:00
esrastaraWhat triggers do-release-upgrade to want to install them?13:00
ObrienDavei would not know. a fresh install might be your best bet13:01
esrastaraSadly, I coming to that view too.13:02
esrastaraI fear that will break NetBeans. I've got quite an old application I need to support.13:02
ObrienDaveah. way out of my league. sorry13:03
esrastaraI don't believe I can use apt to reinstall the dev environment as it is now. I'm sure that backing up the user-space stuff will miss essential bits and pieces.13:04
esrastaraThanks for engaging with the problem Dave. I do appreciate it.13:05
esrastaraBeen banging my head on this brick for a week or two.13:05
ObrienDavei can understand the head banging :)13:05
AgAunothing like a fresh install though ! breath in the freshness13:05
esrastaraI hear you brother. But comfortable slippers can be good too.13:06
AgAui just nuked windows 7 for good today13:07
AgAuhopefully never going back13:07
esrastara!! way to go!!13:07
ubottuesrastara: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:07
AgAui tried switching in the past13:07
AgAudidn't last more than a few weeks13:07
esrastaraLOL. @ubotto I know you aren't intelligent. You offered me the same crazy suggestion 3 times last night.13:08
AgAuthis time i spent a week road testing some distros and fixing all the issues before hand... to make sure it stuck13:08
AgAufell in love with xfce13:08
esrastaraxfce is ace. nice small footprint.13:08
esrastaraI run it on a pentium laptop from the mid 90's.13:09
AgAui tried lubuntu before hand13:09
AgAuhated it within the first minute haha13:09
esrastaraIt's my crash-cart terminal emulator.13:09
esrastara90MB of RAM. Yes, you read that right.13:09
esrastaraNever seen lubuntu. What's with that?13:10
AgAui found it pretty ugly and the whisker menu on xfce sealed the deal13:10
knomeAgAu, esrastara: we have #xubuntu-offtopic for general chatter :)13:10
AgAuokay sorry :P13:11
esrastaraGood call. Sorry.13:11
esrastaraBack on topic...13:11
esrastaraWhy does do-release-upgrade try to convert my Xubuntu to Ubuntu? Anyone know what it uses to decide which flavour is being upgraded?13:12
knomeesrastara, sounds like it's some package you have installed13:12
knomethough that sounds weird..13:12
esrastarahehe, but which one ;-)13:13
esrastaraknome, what does uname -v return on a plain vanilla Xubuntu?13:15
AgAu#32-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 28 13:07:32 UTC 201413:16
AgAuthat's what its showing me13:16
esrastara#77-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jul 24 20:21:10 UTC 201313:16
knomeesrastara, uname and lsb_release all return "Ubuntu"13:16
knomethat's how it "should" be13:16
esrastaraFor a moment I hoped that "Ubuntu" might have been the problem.\13:16
knomebecause basically, xubuntu is just the ubuntu core with xfce packages13:17
esrastaraThat's as it is on here too.13:17
esrastarauname and lsb_release all return "Ubuntu"13:17
knomethere's some intelligent probing in the package management13:17
esrastaraIn the 80's we spoke of AS--artificial stupidity. Seems to aptly descrive apt's behaviour (pardon the puns).13:18
knomewell, not really, apt is a very intelligent system13:18
esrastaraAlas, too intelligent to solve my little conundrum.13:19
knomeesrastara, do you have the metapackage ubuntu-desktop installed?13:19
knomewhat about other ubuntu-* packages?13:20
esrastara6 of them. Can I drop them in here on one line without offending anyone?13:22
knomeoneliner is good13:22
knomeand what about unity* packages?13:23
esrastaraubuntu-extras-keyring, ubuntu-keyring, ubuntu-minimal,ubuntu-sso-client, ubuntu-sso-client-gtk,ubuntu-standard13:23
knomethat looks normal13:23
esrastaraNothing that matches '^unity.*'13:24
knomewhat're you supposed to install then?13:25
knomei mean, when you run the upgrader13:25
knomeyou can use a !pastebin for a multi-line pate13:25
esrastaragir1.2-unity-5 and libunity9 are the only *unity* matches.13:26
esrastaraThat'll take a few minutes. If you're interested I'd love to paste that for you. I'mm ripping what little hair I have left on this one.13:26
knomemaybe it can give some pointers13:27
esrastaraStandby while I go get the list and paste it somewhere...13:28
knome!pastebin | esrastara13:28
ubottuesrastara: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:28
esrastaraDid I mention it's a pentium 4? bzip and md5sum really cane it. Sorry it's taking so long. :)13:35
knomeno problem13:38
weldhow does LTS work? It says only 3 years for 14.04, but isn't it using the normal ubuntu repositories? what will happen after these 3 years?13:39
esrastara@knome: http://ur1.ca/ityuf13:40
knomeweld, core ubuntu packages will receive updates as in ubuntu desktop, but the xfce (and other xubuntu-specific) packages aren't supported after that13:42
knomeesrastara, actually, that looks pretty much what it should13:43
knomeit's only a few unity/gnome libs that get installed13:43
weldknome, ok, so it's a 'global' ubuntu policy; they only support full 5 years of updates to the default UI?13:45
esrastaraLet me check that paste... All the gnome applications get installed.13:45
esrastaraWhat you see is what I see. So, all that unity-* stuff is normal?13:47
esrastaraAnd the gnome-* stuff?13:47
knomeesrastara, some of the gnome-* stuff is because you have gnome-games installed13:47
knomeand yeah, i wouldn't worry about a *few* unity libs13:48
esrastaraAhhhh... Never run them so never noticed.13:48
knomeand xubuntu uses some gnome stuff anyway13:48
knomebe assured, this is in the limits of "normal"/"usual"13:48
esrastaraThanks knome! I mean it.13:49
esrastaraI was jumping at shadows!13:49
knomeweld, yes, ubuntu desktop is supported for 5 year for each LTS, so any package update they do will (naturally) propagate to xubuntu too13:49
knomeesrastara, no problem. enjoy your xubuntu :)13:49
weldalright, so packages which are dependencies of xubuntu-desktop but not of ubuntu-desktop no longer get updates after 3 years13:53
knomeweld, roughly, yes13:58
esrastara@cfhowlett: thanks for your help last night. I'm watching apt downloading packages as I type--thanks to you and knome.14:03
cfhowlettesrastara, happy2help!!!  :)14:04
esrastara<resumes lurking>14:04
esrastaraOh bother! The xubuntu community wall-papers aren't available on the local repo. Had to change repos and start over.14:42
EBLJust updated to 14.10, and now my Wacom on my x201 tablet doesn't work.15:39
slickymasterWork!hi | EBL15:39
ubottuEBL: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!15:39
EBLSaw a bug report saying how it was due to a problem with trying to get the Fujitsu laptops to work, and that they had a solution which seems to be on my system.15:41
EBLBut my Wacom still doesn't work.15:41
EBLAny ideas?15:41
holsteinEBL: is there a package you added to 14.04 to make it work?15:53
EBLNo, it worked OOTB. Was pleasantly surprised by that.15:54
holsteinEBL: i would go back to 14.04, if its mission critical for my production15:55
oerihi everyone. is there a way to launch an application and have it automatically zoomed to a specific size? i have a 640x480 game that i want to stretch to fill a 16:9 monitor and leave the empty space on the right side for another menu application i am writing16:08
GridCubeoeri: i don't think you can do that, but you can have two different xserver running16:11
GridCubeone for each monitor16:11
GridCubei think you can at least16:11
oerimaybe i misspoke, i only have 1 monitor16:11
oerilet's me rephrase...16:11
oerii have a 16:9 monitor and am trying to run a 4:3 game16:11
oerii want the 4:3 game to fill the monitor vertically - which will leave space on the right side of the screen16:11
oerii plan on putting an application in that space on the side of the screen.  it's going to be a standalone touchscreen gaming system16:12
oerii saw some great videos on youtube about xfce with window zoom, and i want to know if it's possible to zoom like that from the commandline before i convert my install to xfce16:13
oeriideas? :)16:13
elfyyou could probably use something like devilspie to do it - I use it and it puts specific apps on specific desktops at specific sizes for me16:15
elfyif I'm reading you right16:15
oerielfy: can it stretch a window?16:16
oerielfy: it's a 640x480 game that would need stretched16:16
elfynot sure I'm afraid, if you can stretch it without I don't see any reason why not16:18
xubuntu252any ideas on getting syslinux to work properly with xubuntu?16:18
holsteinxubuntu252: sure.. whats the issue?16:18
xubuntu252when I try to install onto a usb the command gives no output and the usb remains unbootable.16:19
oerielfy: i cant stretch the window...the app wont let me16:19
oerielfy: er cant resize it16:20
elfyoeri: no idea then16:20
holsteinxubuntu252: when you try and install xubuntu onto a USB drive?16:20
xubuntu252trying to make bootable using syslinux.16:21
holsteinxubuntu252: i just do a normal install to a USB stick, as if the stick is a normal hard drive16:21
xubuntu252I dont know how I failed to think of that.16:22
holsteinxubuntu252: i'll take the installation media and USB stick to a machine with no hard drives, to simplify the GRUB installation16:24
holsteinotherwise, i might just use the mini iso..16:24
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD16:24
oerielfy: would it be feasible to send the ALT+scroll wheel to the desktop with an application to make it zoom?16:26
oerielfy: hackish but gets the job done?16:27
elfyoeri: no idea I'm afraid - if it works for you then do it16:31
oeriok ill fire up the vmware install and we'll see16:34
GridCube!hi | phunni16:44
ubottuphunni: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!16:44
phunniI had a kernel panic mid install (after the hard drive partitioning) and now the laptop won't boot.  Not even from USB...16:44
oerielfy: do you know how to prevent xfce from moving the screen when zoomed?16:44
phunniIt's a Toshiba Satellite Pro if that makes a difference16:45
GridCubeoeri: you cant, thats not the intended use16:45
holsteinphunni: i would start by testing the hardware with a live iso.. the ram and the hard drive, and go from there16:45
oeridamn it.16:45
GridCubeif you are using a virtual machine, why dont you use one for the game and a different one for the program16:45
oeriGridCube: did you see any of my question above about zooming a specific window?16:45
GridCubeyou can switch between the vms16:45
oeriGridCube: my dedicated machine is a core 2 duo with 512 megs of ram. not enough power16:46
GridCubewell, i think you are out of luck oeri16:46
oeriGridCube: runs puppy linux delightfully. just stretched16:46
oeriout of aspect16:46
phunniholstein: That would have been a sensible idea.  Only now I can't seem to boot anything...16:47
holsteinphunni: you cant boot a live iso?16:49
phunniholstein: after the kernel panic the laptop won't boot anything!  To be fair, I haven't tried a CD, but the images are larger than 700MB anyway...16:50
holsteinphunni: live iso16:51
holsteinphunni: whatever you booted to install linux.. a live iso, via CD, DVD, USB, or *whatever*16:51
holsteinphunni: when you boot said live iso, you test the ram, and the hard drive.. it seems like you have an issue with the hard drive, and i would want to see what, if anything, is damaged, and how to proceed16:52
phunniholstein: thanks.  I'm not sure I have the equipment to test the hardware.  Not without booting some diagnostics software but, as I said, nothing boots... :-(16:53
holsteinphunni: the live iso is what you use to test16:54
holsteinphunni: please try booting the live iso that you installed linux from..16:55
GridCubephunni: can you see the bios?16:55
GridCubesee if you are properly allowing legacy boot16:55
phunniGridCube: yes the bios is available. OK - I'll take a look at a that now16:55
GridCubeget to other computer and check the usb to see if it boots there, maybe the boot sector got borked16:56
GridCubecheck that all the cables inside de cpu are correctly plugged, unplug and plug them all16:56
drcphunni:  One question: Did you check the USB image (via the initial menu that says (basically) Look, Install, Test image). I have had no prblems with the iso image being corrupted in years but have had bad burns to the USB stick. (For future use, won't help with your current problem)16:56
GridCubecheck that you'r usb ports are working, try to boot from each port to see if none of them burned16:57
phunnidrc: no, I didn't check the image. I ususally do, but was feeling lazy.  Which i now really regret!17:00
drcBeen there, done that (unfortunately more than once :)17:00
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows17:01
holsteini would fire it up on another box, and check.. wont hurt17:01
phunniInterestingly - it looks like it will boot from CD...17:01
phunniholstein: yes, I will do17:01
phunniNo, perhaps the booting from CD was just teasing me...17:02
holsteini will phyically remove the drives, if its "easy".. like a desktop machine, and i'll test with booting an iso from cd or USB.. removing hardware from the equation, til i isolate what is going on17:03
phunniNot sure how easy it'll be to remove the drives - probably not too bad, it's usually OK in a laptop.  The concern is that this is a friend's laptop - he asked me to get Linux on it.  I've installed Linux a million times (give or take ;-) ), but this is the first time I've broken the computer while doing it!17:08
holstein!uefi | phunni17:09
ubottuphunni: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI17:09
holsteinphunni: could be as simple as a restriction in the hardware, like secure boot..17:09
phunniJust checked the MD5 on the install file and it's fine17:10
holsteinyup.. i dont think thats the issue..17:10
drcphunni: did you try boot the usb on another box yet?17:10
drcJUST boot :)17:11
holsteini think its either bad/failing hardware, or something that is legitimately blocking the machine from installing other OS's17:11
phunniyes, didn't seem to work, so I'm trying to create a new USB, but it won't boot anything, so I'm also thinking it's bad hardware17:12
drcSounds like a good first approximation.17:12
holsteincould just be the bios blocking boot.. there are even nasty bios malware now that can break things.. :/17:13
* drc wonders how he can convince his computer be be celibate (no net :) in today's world.17:14
phunniI can't see anything in the BIOS settings that would enable/disable that.  I suppose that doesn't mean it's not there though!17:14
holsteinphunni: even worse, the creators of the hardware dont have to allow it.. they dont promise "install whatever operating systems you like".. in some cases, they promise a locked down experience17:15
phunniA quick google of the laptop model doesn't suggest any install blocking...17:15
holsteinphunni: not that im saying thats your issue.. just that its plausible, and something to check for17:15
holsteinphunni: its more like, you cant ask the creators and get anything that suggests "open-ness"..17:16
* phunni nods17:16
drcholstein: But iirc he got halfway thru the install...if it was vendor block, I'd think it would not even all the install  to start.  I'm still with hardware.17:16
holstein"blocking" wont be a feature.. it'll be more like a security feature that would be challenging to google search for17:17
holsteindrc: i would too..17:17
holsteindrc: i would expect *not* to be able to boot the install media at all..17:17
phunnithankfully, I have an old laptop with similar specs - if it is hardware I can (probably) get away with giving him that instead...17:17
phunniOr, I could just tell him tough luck - it was a dodgy laptop, but that doesn't seem like the gentlemanly thing to do17:19
drcGentlemanly or not, that's your call...but I seriously don't see how anything <you> did would cause hardware problems. That said, it's better to keep a friend if possible.17:20
holsteinwont hurt to test the drive, and some other things.. its "friendly" :)17:21
phunniI don't use the old laptop anyway - but you're right, if it's hardware it's not my fault.  I went through the normal procedure and everything was fine until kernel panic.  A kernel panic, to my mind anyway, would suggest a hardware issue anyway...17:22
holsteinif its "new", then, if what you and the user have done havent voided the warranty, then the hard drive (if thats the issue) may be covered..17:24
phunniholstein: it's very not new! Anyway - thanks for the help guys, I'm going to leave it for now and eat something17:24
holsteinphunni: cheers!17:25
phunnicheers all!17:26
drcphunni: good luck (and have a cookie on me)17:26
oniongirlHello everyone. Does anyone have any experiance with Lightspark and Firefox?18:56
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timvisherhello everyone. i'm trying to get connected to a wireless network but i've lost the ↑↓ icon in the status bar (i told it to get rid of known notifications?) and i have no idea what do next. i edited the /etc/network/interfaces to include wlan0 and eth0 in auto, although that stalls ifup -a completely as it can't seem to dchp an address and won't advance beyond that point20:19
timvisheri was connected to the network at one point though.20:19
timvisheri rebooted the box and i think that was the point when i lost the connection20:19
timvisherprior to loosing the ↑↓ icon, i could click on it but all of the options were greyed out20:20
timvisherany ideas?20:20
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suncokrethello, is there someone for help?23:22
bazhangask and see23:24
suncokreti have three icons in launcher on panel, but i can see only one, what to do to see all icons?23:25

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