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LaibschHow can I gain the necessary privs to accept or decline nominations for a release pocket?  Currently, as a member of bug-control I can only nominate but not accept or decline nominations.19:18
dobeyLaibsch: you need upload privileges for the package in question19:19
LaibschI see19:20
dobeyiow, you need to be a maintainer of the package19:20
LaibschHopefully, I will get some of those for at least a few packages19:20
Laibschdobey: Is there a way to list only nominations for the packages I have upload rights to?19:22
LaibschIOW, those needing acceptance or rejections19:22
dobeyon the web page? no, not really afaik19:22
ScottKdobey: We don't have maintainers in Debian.19:22
dobeyScottK: nobody said anything about debian19:23
ScottKDebian very definitely has maintainers19:23
LaibschWhat I am interested in is to limit https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+nominations to those tickets affecting packages where I *can* make accept/reject decisions19:24
LaibschI am in the process of hopefully getting PPU upload rights soonish19:25
dobeyScottK: whether we generally use the word "maintainer" to refer to the people who maintain things in ubuntu, or not, is a separate argument19:25
dobeyLaibsch: there is no user-based nominations page, that i know of on launchpad. you could probably write a script using the API to only get nominations for packages you have privileges to upload for19:27

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