dholbachgood morning08:22
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elfypopey: what do Mate do with testing? where is it on the interwebs I guess :)13:30
popeynot sure what upstream mate do13:31
elfyI meant Ubuntu Mate13:31
popeyoh, we don't have a formal test plan13:31
popeythats something we need to do for 15.0413:32
elfyso people just grab latest and report bugs if they find them?13:32
popeybascially yes13:32
elfyk - thanks :)13:33
jcastropopey, mhall119: the phone demo went awesome, thanks for the help14:37
popeyyou didn't get my MMS?14:37
jcastrono I ended up having to take my SIM out before I checked again14:38
jcastrofor another call, and that phone has voice quality issues.14:38
dholbachall right my friends - have a great rest of your day and have a great weekend!17:21
* popey hugs dholbach 17:22
* dholbach hugs popey17:22
aveemashfaqhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkeufDGHEd8. Project Ubuntu Newbie18:27
aveemashfaqplease give me feedback18:30
pleia2cprofitt: your blog post has a typo in the title, care to fix? (misspelled "Community"!), we noticed when adding to UWN19:05
belkinsapleia2, thanks for your kind words in your comment.  It always a pleasure it work with you, also.19:06
josehey cprofitt, mind a quick PM?19:11
pleia2belkinsa :)19:13
popeyaveemashfaq: I like the concept of it, to explain the very basics, but I think perhaps we could have done with that 8 years ago.19:35
popeyaveemashfaq: these days perhaps we need something a bit more pro19:36
popey---professional and stylish19:36
popeyI don't know, some people like that style of video, and appreciate the simplicity.19:36
popeyEspecially as a community effort.19:36
aveemashfaqpopey : I am about to get the mockup of community website in a few hours. Then you will understand the significance of it19:41
aveemashfaqpopey : BTW, i did not do pro for two reasons. Firstly, this is not a product marketing, so i thought that i should be doing something more casual and secondly, i cannot do graphics, i will have to learn it and then implement it. dholbach assigned me a task and this is the shortest way i could think of to complete it19:43

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