pleia2home \o/18:49
pleia2and put issue 392 on forums18:49
silverlionpleia2 : welcome home! I enjoyed your pics from jamaica18:50
pleia2silverlion: thanks :)18:50
silverlionpleia2 : how is everything?18:51
pleia2silverlion: busy :) I was away from home for about a month (3 day stop at home) so much to catch up on18:56
silverlionpleia2 : you deserved the rest18:56
pleia2well, most of it was travel for work, the jamaica trip was 5 days of pure relaxation though!18:57
silverlionbut you still could not get the hands off your emails :P18:58
pleia2I try19:04
josepleia2: if you wanna take the weekend off I can handle UWN19:06
pleia2jose: I will take you up on that :) I've got like 6 ft of work to slog through19:07
josecool then, try to catch up with that and I'll take care of this19:08

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