matv1can I tempt anyone to install the grooveshark  webapp (the one by grooveshark!) from the clickstore?00:17
matv1as per https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/138902800:17
ubot5Launchpad bug 1389028 in ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts (Ubuntu) "u1 account crashes and gets removed when installing app" [Undecided,Incomplete]00:17
matv1I cannot believe I am the only one00:17
matv1nah popey you tried already. you are of no use :)00:19
matv1in this particular case ;)00:19
matv1but how on earth does this make sense though00:20
matv1its consistent across different images and different channels even.00:22
matv1Starting to feel like my U1 account itself must be corrupt. But then again why can I install and remove any other app no problem at all ?00:23
matv1me brain explodes00:23
RAOFSeems to work for me.00:45
matv1RAOF did you mean the Grooveshark thing?00:48
RAOFmatv1: Indeed.00:48
matv1ROAF wow00:48
matv1ROAF thanks very much for trying00:49
Maroc-OSHello, Someone faced this problem before?01:07
Maroc-OSIOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/tmp/targetfiles-xxxxxx/BOOT/RAMDISK/file_contexts'01:07
Maroc-OSit seems it looks into the ubuntu ramdisk (ubuntu-root) not the kernel ramdisk (root folder)01:09
Maroc-OSso there is no file_contexts there and cause this error (make otapackage that use ota_from_target_files)01:10
* matv1 afk01:14
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Maroc-OSthey seems to all R.I.P here :) btw for the bug i wrote about someone report it when someone come's back to life01:59
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kiraankHi, is there  any documentation for audio system in ubuntu-touch ?06:47
diwickiraank, nothing up-to-date AFAIK, is there anything specific you'd like to know?06:48
kiraankI know that  Pulseaudio is being used. I am interested to know, mixer control setting part.06:49
diwickiraank, we were using UCM for a while, but these days the mixer control settings goes through the audio HAL06:49
kiraankdiwic:  "audio HAL", do mean android audio HAL ?06:53
diwickiraank, yes06:54
kiraankdiwic: How is policy and routing stuff is handled?06:58
diwickiraank, the audio HAL's concepts map to pulseaudio's concepts07:01
diwickiraank, you can read the code here: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/vivid/pulseaudio/vivid/view/head:/debian/patches/0207-Enable-pulseaudio-droid.patch07:03
AceLanhi, is there a way to install not signed click package07:04
kiraankdiwic: thanks for patch. will go through to get better understanding.  So can I assume that PA handles  routing, rendering without help of AudioPolicyService of android?07:07
diwickiraank, we talk directly to the Android HAL. I'm not familiar with AudioPolicyService so I think that it is not there on ubuntu touch07:16
diwickiraank, out of curiousity, are you asking because you want to make some app, or...?07:19
kiraankdiwic: I am not making any app. I know that PA supports ucm.  To use features like changing the profile/port, there is a need for any external client. Was curious to know how PA is doing same things in ubuntu-touch07:26
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Mirvsil2100: morning. note that there is a new appmenu-qt5 bug #1394887 - should I assign it to you?08:19
ubot5bug 1394887 in appmenu-qt5 (Ubuntu) "appmenu-qt5 fails to build against Qt 5.4.0 beta" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139488708:19
dholbachgood morning08:22
mvobzoltan: good news, once  lp:~mvo/oxide/multi-arch-fixes  lands the 15.04 chroot should be good again08:44
bzoltanmvo: \o/08:46
mvobzoltan: there was more needed, but I uploaded the other stuff myself, but 320mb (or however big it is) needs a review first :P08:46
bzoltanmvo: if you need any help I am here08:47
sil2100Mirv: o/ Let me take a lookie at that :)08:56
Mirvsil2100: ok!08:59
Mirvtsdgeos: morning to you too! um. about that dbus fix Qt build...09:02
Mirvtsdgeos: ...so the patches were there, yeah. they just happened to be missing from debian/patches/series...09:02
Mirvtsdgeos: so thanks for testing the network-manager fixes :( ubuntu5 in the same PPA has now built for all other archs than armhf.09:02
Mirvarmhf should be ready in maybe half an hour.09:03
tsdgeosMirv: so you mean i wasn't really testing the dbus changes?09:03
Mirvtsdgeos: yes, unfortunately09:03
tsdgeosMirv: oh :D09:03
Mirvtsdgeos: so, if you could look at the unity8 again after 1h and maybe plasma5 in the evening, and we'd relook at the situation on Monday? :) I'll rerun AP:s on the ubuntu5 version.09:04
tsdgeosMirv: sure, which silo? same?09:04
Mirvtsdgeos: same, 027, https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-027/+packages09:04
MirvI also combined Zoltan's changes in there now09:05
Mirvthanks, and sorry..09:05
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mardymarcustomlinson: ping09:48
marcustomlinsonmardy: pong09:49
mardymarcustomlinson: could it be that the youtube scope process has an opened connection to Mir?09:49
marcustomlinsonpete-woods: ^ any idea?09:50
mardymarcustomlinson: so, the reason why the notification is not shown in vivid, is that in vivid we try to create a trusted session with the client, and if that works, we don't show the notification09:51
marcustomlinsonmardy: no, splash screen is not even shown09:52
mardymarcustomlinson: but then it turns out that the trusted session does not work, so nothing is shown09:52
mardymarcustomlinson: I suspect it's a bug in Mir09:52
marcustomlinsonmardy: yes I think it is. They are looking into it09:52
marcustomlinsonmardy: greyback is aware of the issue09:54
mardymarcustomlinson: what issue, exactly? I still haven't a clear understanding of what's happening; my feeling is that the trusted session is created even when it should fail (because the initiator PID is not connected to Mir)09:55
marcustomlinsonmardy: basically I just told him the splash screen doesn't show on vivid. He said they haven't made any fixes for that yet. Then he said he'd look into why its not showing up anymore09:56
marcustomlinsonmardy: if you want more info you should probably ask greyback09:56
mardymarcustomlinson: but that's correct, the splash screen should not be shown09:56
marcustomlinsonmardy: right, but only if they intended that right09:57
marcustomlinsonmardy: nobody seems to have intentionally hidden it09:57
mardydednick: hi! Could it be that now trusted prompts are creted even if the initiator pid is not connected to Mir?09:57
mardymarcustomlinson: ah :-)09:57
marcustomlinsonmardy: so somebody needs to bring it back so they can hide it again (properly) ;)09:58
mardymarcustomlinson: so, the logic we have in OA is: we always try to create a prompt session on top of the client (and in this case there is never the splash screen); if that fails, than we fall back to showing a snap decision (and here there is the spash screen that we'd like to get removed)09:59
mardymarcustomlinson: so I wonder, if the reason why the splash screen no longer appears is that we never fall back into the second case10:00
mardymarcustomlinson: and that would happen if Mir agrees to create a prompt session even though the initiator PID is not connected to Mir10:00
mardydednick: ^10:00
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday, and happy World Hello Day! :-D10:01
marcustomlinsonmardy: sure. So I have a set of steps to reproduce the splash screen every time on RTM. And it doesn't show the splash screen on vivid. But the process (that usually bring up the splash) is definitely running10:01
marcustomlinsonmardy: so it works10:01
marcustomlinsonmardy: its just strange, because focus is returned to the scope, then you wait staring at the scope for about 10s until it refreshes (whereas usually the splash screen is visible)10:02
mardymarcustomlinson: sorry for switching topic, can I ask you about the desktop files?10:05
mardymarcustomlinson: just saw your mail10:05
tsdgeoswhere does one report bugs for the phone-app? here? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/phone-app10:06
zmajwhat are the usual reasons if the emulator does not work?10:07
marcustomlinsonmardy: actually, just thought about that bug a bit. The only thing we put into the desktop file is the scope name10:09
marcustomlinsonmardy: so that shouldn't need localisation.10:09
marcustomlinsonmardy: the bug is talking about the description from the .application file10:10
marcustomlinsonmardy: I how do we localise that?10:10
mardymarcustomlinson: wait a second, I was wondering how can live without a .desktop file :-)10:11
mardymarcustomlinson: don't you need that to provide an icon so that your scope can be displayed in the system settings, in the "memory usage" page?10:11
marcustomlinsonmardy: then we need an icon entry in the .application file I guess10:12
marcustomlinsonmardy: but lets not argue about the .desktop file then, we can buy more time on fixing that10:12
marcustomlinsonmardy: the immediate bug is the translation of the service description in the .application file10:13
mardymarcustomlinson: the problem is that we don't read that field, if we have a valid desktop file10:13
marcustomlinsonmardy: But we don't put anything other than icon and name into the desktop file at the moment10:14
marcustomlinsonmardy: and NoDisplay=true10:14
mardymarcustomlinson: yes, so we read the name from there10:15
mardy(and the icon)10:15
marcustomlinsonwhich is fine, no localisation required10:15
mardymarcustomlinson: I don't follow you. The bug is about the name not being translated, so why do you say that no localisation is required?10:17
marcustomlinsonmardy: ok perhaps. I thought he was talking more about the description of the scope under the name (i.e. "Watch your favorite YouTube videos")10:18
mardymarcustomlinson: ah, that's not showed in the Ubuntu Touch UI; we show it only in Unity7, on the desktop10:19
marcustomlinsonmardy: so is there a solution where the OA backend only uses the icon from the desktop file and the name from .application?10:23
marcustomlinsonmardy: then explain to Kyle N how to localise the strings in /application10:23
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mardymarcustomlinson: no, we always read it from the .desktop file10:25
marcustomlinsonmardy: ok maybe we actually already handle localisation of the name. Give me a minute to check10:27
mardymarcustomlinson: I see that the system settings plugin has some special code to get the name of the scope from the ini file, but if the .desktop file worked correctly that could be removed and make life simpler for everybody (except you :-p)10:29
marcustomlinsonmardy: k, ignore the name for now, I think we can localise that in the deskop file ourselves.10:30
marcustomlinsonmardy: is there a way to localise the description in the .application file?10:30
mardymarcustomlinson: yes, add a <translations> element with the name of the gettext domain (like <translations>youtubescope</translations>)10:32
Chipacais system settings hanging when you go to battery -> screen brightness a known issue?10:45
marcustomlinsonmardy: ok ignore that bug from the mail we actually already handle this on our side10:46
marcustomlinsonmardy: but.. Please do keep it in the backlog to investigate removing the need for the .desktop file10:46
ogra_Chipaca, bug 1337200i think10:47
ubot5bug 1337200 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "High CPU due to excessive device changed signals from upower" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133720010:47
Chipacaogra_: dbus daemon is at 10% cpu10:50
Chipacaogra_: pretty much the lowest it's been since starting system settings10:50
ogra_then it is a new bug10:50
ogra_file it10:50
Chipacasome of our IPC patterns are textbook "how not to IPC" :-(10:50
Chipacawill do10:50
Chipacabug #139494410:55
ubot5bug 1394944 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "blank screen in battery → screen brightness" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139494410:55
Chipaca(on a bit further testing, system settings does not hang past the initial dbus daemon spike, hence "blank screen" in the bug descr)10:56
zmajI have the same bug10:56
Chipacazmaj: +1 it then please?10:56
Chipacaie "affects me too"10:56
zmajI did it...10:57
zmajThough I myself have a bug that my touch emulator does not boot...10:57
ogra_Chipaca, can you put image number and device name in there ?10:59
dbarthogra_: hey, i have a question about the preinstalled webapps11:01
dbarthogra_: i noticed that googleplus is pre-installed, but it's url dispatcher hook is not active it seems11:01
ogra_googleplus isnt preinstalled11:02
ogra_at least that would be news to me11:02
dbarththen there's something odd11:03
dbarthi'm talking about the vivid image, just to be sure11:03
dbarthimage 28 from this morning11:03
ogra_well, would br news to me that we added it11:03
dbarthhmm, then it was installed on my phone, but something changed in the way the url dispatcher db is managed may be11:04
ogra_scroll to the bottom11:04
ogra_it lists the preinstalled ones11:04
dbarthi will try to reinstall the app to see if that puts the hook back into place11:04
dbarthogra_: ok, checking; thanks11:04
Chipacaogra_: done; krillin rtm-proposed #166 fwiw11:04
zmajI heard that they have added windowing into touch...now that is nice progress11:07
dednickmardy: hi, i shouldn't think so. I think we check for the app pid before creating the trust prompt11:10
dednickmardy: at least in trunk mir we do.11:10
ogra_zmaj, can you also add info about which image version and device you use to the bug ?11:13
mardydednick: OK, I'll investigate11:25
dednickmardy: what's happening with it?11:26
mardydednick: the trust session is created (and is valid) even if the initiator is a scope (which shouldn't be connected to mir), but then when we actually try to show a window in the session, nothing is shown (and no error is returned either)11:30
dednickmardy: ah. i think there's something special going on with the scopes. i think they use the dash maybe?11:33
dednickSaviq: ^ you mentioned this yesterday11:34
mardydednick: dunno, but I just hacked our trusted helper to use 99999 as initiator PID (and that pid does not exist), and the session is created and considered valid11:37
mardydednick: this is on the RTM image11:38
greybackmardy: ok11:38
dednickmardy: what's the mir version on rtm?11:39
mardygreyback: thanks. I've been told that you are working on some bug about the splash screen being missing; is that about Online Accounts, or a general issue?11:39
mardydednick: libmirclient8 is 0.8.0+14.10.20141010-0ubuntu111:40
greybackmardy: I'm aware of it, it's vivid only. I've not investigated it yet11:41
dednickmardy: ya, well that's the missing patch that alan_g did for non-existing application pids.11:41
mardygreyback: do you have the bug #? I'm trying to understand if it's caused by the issue I'm discussing with dednick, or if it's unrelated11:41
mardydednick: ops, sorry, I forgot it was alan_g; but it's great that you found it out11:42
greybackmardy: I don't have a bug for it11:42
greybackbut in my quick look, the OA process was started, but for some reason shell wasn't picking up it up as trust session11:43
mardydednick: BTW, on vivid I've got the same version of mir11:43
mardygreyback: OK, let me describe you what I'm seeing, maybe it's the reason for the failure:11:44
alan_gdednick: mardy but 1377968?11:45
alan_gbug 137796811:45
ubot5bug 1377968 in mir (Ubuntu) "a prompt session with an invalid application pid should be an error" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137796811:45
dednickmardy: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/development-branch/revision/196711:45
mardygreyback: in vivid, OA always tries to create a trust prompt before showing any UI; only if that fails, it shows a snap decision (from a process which instantiates a QGuiApplication, which causes the splash screen to be shown)11:45
mardyalan_g: that one, excellent! :-)11:46
mardygreyback: now, because of the bug just linked above by alan_g, the trust session always appears to have been created successfully11:46
nimmersattis there a proper texteditor in development?11:46
nimmersattsomething like libreoffice?11:47
mardygreyback: so OA opens its UI in the trust session; but that session is in fact non-working, so nothing is shown on screen11:47
mardygreyback: does it sound similar to what you've been told to investigate?11:48
dednickmardy: it's fixed in 0.9, just wasn't back-ported to 0.8.11:48
greybackmardy: it sounds like the bug that was mentioned to me yes11:48
mardygreyback: what is worse, is that OA doesn't know that its window is not shown, so in fact it continues running, hanging all future authentication requests11:48
mardygreyback: cool, then I guess you can forget about it11:49
greybackmardy: ok, thanks :)11:50
Saviqmardy, FWIW, I just discussed this with tvoss yesterday and the longer-term plan would be to allow associating arbitrary PIDs of headless processes (e.g. scopes) with surfaces11:51
Saviqmardy, this way, when OA opens a session for that PID, it will come up on surface(s) that's associated with that PID (be it dash, a separate scope view or whatnot)11:52
Saviqat least that's the current plan11:52
mardySaviq: ok, that hopefully won't cause problems11:56
Saviqmardy, I think that should actually solve problems :)11:56
Saviqmardy, as you'll be able to display a trusted prompt for a scope on UI that's actually associated with it11:57
mardySaviq: well, the dash hosts many scopes, so if you refresh the youtube scope and immediately switch to another scope, and see the trusted prompt appear on top of the wrong scope, you might be confused12:03
Saviqmardy, that's a corner case, and how is that worse than what you're doing now with the notifications?12:04
mardySaviq: well, the scopes should ask the dash to get an authentication token on its behalf, and if the user swipes to another scope, the dash could cancel the authentication request (or prevent the swiping)12:06
Saviqmardy, yeah, problem with that is dash would have to become a proxy for every trusted helper12:07
mardySaviq: if the scope does everything itself under the hood, the dash has no idea of what's happening12:07
mardySaviq: yep, but TBH I don't see a way around it12:07
Saviqmardy, I don't think it's going to be too much of a problem (what you described)12:08
Saviqmardy, the user did just see the youtube scope12:08
Saviqmardy, and the prompt will say what's trying to access what12:08
Saviqmardy, and if we pop the prompt up quickly enough, the user won't have time to swipe away ;)12:09
mardySaviq: true, but imagine that the phone has just booted, and the user is swiping throught the scopes to access the last one12:10
mardySaviq: this is more of a UI design problem than a technical one, I guess, but I think that the scopes should not cause any UI prompt at all, unless after an explicit action by the user12:11
mardySaviq: maybe I'm mixing two different issues together :-)12:11
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Mirvtsdgeos: I'm not sure if it's the non-bootstrapwiped mako I have, but when I now started running UITK AP:s on it with the ubuntu5 from silo 027, unity8 does restarts12:51
Mirvso it might be the dbus patches aren't that great12:52
Mirvtsdgeos: not sure if the unity8 log tells anything http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9147665/12:53
Mirvdbus log http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9147694/12:54
tsdgeoscan't see anything obviously wrong in there12:55
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MirvI'm going to land the NM fixes + qmake-armhf fix only, which accidentally I have...13:35
Mirvand were tested13:36
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kenvandinebzoltan, what do you think of this https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/+junk/qtcreator-plugin-bacon2d14:21
jgdxkenvandine, hey, does this work? http://paste.ubuntu.com/9148051/14:22
kenvandinejgdx, for a quilt patch?14:22
kenvandinejgdx, do you have a bzr branch already that you used to build?14:23
jgdxjgdx, yes14:23
kenvandineyou can push that and i can sponsor it14:23
jgdxI'm building, so that's not done14:23
jgdxkenvandine, right14:23
kenvandinethe patch looks fine14:24
kenvandinejgdx, when you do use this in settings, make sure you bump the depends14:24
kenvandineso we don't forget to backport this to rtm when that feature gets backported14:24
jgdxkenvandine, yup14:25
kenvandinejgdx, so without phonesim supporting the mtk stuff, we can't really test it :/14:26
kenvandinejgdx, should we look at adding that to phonesim?14:27
kenvandineor is this something we would really only test with mock14:27
jgdxkenvandine, both radiosettings (the whole interface) and mtksettings are untested in libqofono14:28
kenvandinei'm talking about testing in settings14:28
kenvandinewhen we use it14:28
jgdxoh that's no problem14:28
kenvandinejust mock?14:28
kenvandinemakes me happy :)14:29
jgdxsorry, thought you were talking about libqofono14:29
kenvandinewe should sort out testing for libqofono though :)14:29
kenvandineever figure out how to run those tests?14:29
jgdxkenvandine, yeah, like you said :) thanks14:29
kenvandineso just installed?14:30
jgdxkenvandine, yes14:30
kenvandineok, i'll look at fixing that :)14:30
kenvandineif you don't mind...14:30
jgdxkenvandine, fixing what? Adding radiosettings and mtksettings to phonesim?14:31
kenvandinefixing running the tests from the build tree14:31
kenvandineit bugs me that we can't do that14:31
kenvandinewe rely on libqofono for quite a bit, i want it tested during package build at least14:32
jgdxkenvandine, aah, cool. There probably is a way, but I did not look for the compiled tests in the build tree.14:34
kenvandinei tried briefly when i first packaged it, but didn't have time to figure it out14:34
kenvandinejgdx, but it really bothered me, i'd like to finish that :)14:34
jgdxkenvandine, that qa email thread was really good reading this morning.14:37
jgdxthanks for that14:38
kenvandinejgdx, feel free to add to it :)14:38
kenvandinejgdx, i feel pretty stongly on that point about where integration testing should be, the tests should be in the component that provides the API/backend not the consumer14:40
kenvandineif the indicators break actions, that should get caught in the indicator tests before they land14:40
kenvandineotherwise, we'll catch it in our tests after they are broken, which is too late14:41
kenvandineso no point in us testing the actions themselves, mocking should be good14:41
kenvandineand count on the api contract14:41
jgdxkenvandine, totally agree.14:41
kenvandineif we have faith in the indicator tests14:42
tedgtsdgeos, Saviq, okay I think I have a branch that fixes bug 139462214:43
ubot5bug 1394622 in ubuntu-app-launch (Ubuntu) "0.4+15.04.20141118~rtm-0ubuntu1 causes flickering on spread "alt+tab" gesture" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139462214:43
tedgNot sure about landing and all that BS14:43
tedgBut we can land it in Vivid :-)14:43
Saviqtedg, glad14:44
jgdxkenvandine, will thou sponsor?  lp:~jonas-drange/+junk/libqofono-allow-changing-technologies-fixes-137338814:45
mardydednick: I just filed bug 1395028, can you please tell me if I filed it on the right component, and whether it's something which could get fixed in the RTM?14:49
ubot5bug 1395028 in QtMir "Dead processes are still shown in a trust session" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139502814:49
kenvandinejgdx, will do!14:49
dednickmardy: hm. not sure if it's qtmir or unity8 that is the problem there. probably qtmir14:59
dednickmardy: and "fixable in rtm" is only dependent on what priority it is given by the big shots.15:01
dednickmardy: i'm quite supprised that doesnt work though. i would think it should transistion back to A as soon as process B quits.15:03
mardydednick: but that wouldn't be correct, if C appears in the session before B quits15:04
dednickmardy: but you said C is hosted on B15:05
kenvandinejgdx, what's the bug # for that libqofono feature?15:07
mardydednick: no, they are independent processes; they just have the same MIR_SOCKET variable when they start15:07
dednickmardy: unless you're saying that your initiating 2 prompts (B & C) using pid of A.15:07
dednickmardy: in which case i think i'll throw my toys out of my pram.15:07
jgdxkenvandine, bug 137338815:08
ubot5bug 1373388 in libqofono (Ubuntu RTM) "Allow user to change SIM slot technologies ( ex. 2G vs. 3G )" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137338815:08
mardydednick: did you go and throw the toys out? ;-)15:08
dednickmardy: lol. apparently my network did it for me.15:09
mardydednick: yes, that's what I'm doing -- I understood that it would be a supported case15:09
dednickmardy: can you detail exactly what the process is? every case is not covered.15:09
dednickyou have one or 2 prompt helpers?15:10
dednickmardy: so: "client A" calls a trust helper ("helper B"), which creates a prompt session using "client A" pid, and creating a prompt "client C". ?15:12
dednickthen ?15:12
dednickmardy: ABC not related to your ABC in the bug above15:13
bzoltankenvandine: I like it :)15:23
kenvandinejgdx, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libqofono/0.53-0ubuntu315:25
kenvandinebzoltan, cool... happy with the package name too?15:25
kenvandinebzoltan, when is that qmake build going to land in vivid?15:26
bzoltankenvandine: it is not really a plugin as such ... more like qtcreator-template-ham2d15:27
kenvandineyeah, that's what i was thinking15:27
bzoltankenvandine:  or bacon it was15:27
kenvandineham2d :)15:27
bzoltanalmost food :)15:27
kenvandinebzoltan, or how about qtcreator-bacon2d ?15:27
bzoltankenvandine:  the qmake support depends on mvo's branch to land on click15:27
kenvandineso in case it ends up including more than just a template someday ?15:27
kenvandinebzoltan, so i was thinking my template could include some magic in deployment.pri to copy the right binary15:28
kenvandinewhat do you think?15:28
bzoltankenvandine:  you name it as you wish.. i would call it qtcreator-template-bacon2d and rename it with transition package when you extend it15:28
kenvandinei hate renaming packages :)15:28
bzoltankenvandine: who does not :)15:29
kenvandineso deployment.pri could copy the right arch binary into a Bacon2D dir15:29
kenvandineor... we could statically link?15:29
kenvandinesince it's compiled15:29
bzoltankenvandine: statically linking is not possible with the open source license of the Qt :(15:33
jgdxkenvandine, zomg thanks15:38
kenvandinebzoltan, what do you think of the idea of copying the binary in deployment.pri?15:38
kenvandineis that the right place?15:39
kenvandinemy template could include that15:39
RMH-SIKanyone could solve me a doubt?15:39
jgdxRMH-SIK, let's hear 'em!15:41
=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
bzoltankenvandine:  sounds doable, why not. Thou I am not sure if it is custom to do so or if there is a known way to deal with such library distribution.15:54
kenvandinenot that i know of...15:55
kenvandinebzoltan, mind if i stick my package in the same PPA as the ubuntu plugin?15:55
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|lunch
bzoltankenvandine: no, feel free15:59
matv1dobey mardy I updated the bug and added a video of what is happening16:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 1389028 in ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts (Ubuntu) "u1 account crashes and gets removed when installing app" [Undecided,Incomplete]16:00
matv1dobey mardy sorry about the quality though :)16:01
jgdxkenvandine, them packages worked perfectly: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9150930/16:03
jgdxon the device, ril0 ril1 respectively16:03
dobeymatv1: go to https://login.ubuntu.com/+applications and delete the entry there for "Ubuntu One @ ubuntu-phablet" then try again, please16:04
matv1dobey ahah! you seem to be on the money16:06
matv1dobey there seem to be 2 account registrations for ubuntu-phablet16:06
matv1dobey that does not seem right, right?16:07
dobeymatv1: indeed16:10
dobeyalthough i don't know how you would have gotten two of them16:10
dobeybut delete them, try again, and it should work16:10
matv1dobey right. how could that happen?16:11
matv1will do16:11
dobeyno idea :)16:11
ogra_by doing a "backup restore" of the homedir :)16:11
dobeyyou can only add one account on a device, and the server refreshes the existing token, when you log in from the same device16:11
ogra_(whcih is one of the reasons we dont support that yet)16:11
dobeyogra_: nope, not even that. this is tokens on the server16:11
dobeyand the way the auth scheme works, this shouldn't ever happen. so seems like something was wacky with the account on the server side16:12
dobeyit should happen when any install was attempted though, not just grooveshark16:13
dobeyso i think that is just an oddity16:13
kenvandinerenatu, bfiller: ok, i'm happy with the patch16:13
kenvandinejust tell me when to pull the trigger to upload :)16:13
bfillerkenvandine: running through the test plan, so far so good. will let you know soon16:13
balloonstedg, I hear you've manually created a fat click package?16:14
matv1dobey ogra as I said in the bug. I was able to reproduce this wth that specific app for the past 3 rtm images and also on proposed16:14
matv1just for grooveshark consistently16:15
dobeymatv1: yes, but it doesn't have anything to do with that app16:15
tedgballoons, Sure, but more importantly I wrote the code that sets up running them :-)16:15
tedgballoons, What's up?16:16
balloonstedg, ahh, well let's talk then. I'm trying to create some fat packages for the core apps and put them in the store. Fingers crossed, they will magically appear then on the phone and desktop stores16:16
dobeymatv1: anyway, i take it that after deleting the tokens on the server, the issue is gone now?16:17
balloonswell, I should say.. I will be able to install the i386 version on my desktop16:17
balloonstedg, so my initial thought was to build traditionally an x86 click, and an armhf click. Then put the builds together and repackage it16:17
ogra_cant you be more polite ... thats so discriminating, they only have heavy bones, they arent *FAT*16:18
balloonswhat should I be doing?16:18
tedgballoons, That's *basically* it, but you need to make sure everything that is arch specific is in "$(root)/lib/$(arch triplet)" if not already.16:18
tedgballoons, For instance there can be a bin directory there for the binary, and we'll choose the right one from the exec file.16:19
tedgIf you're already installing them there, then it's just a merge.16:19
tedgBut you might not be putting them there.16:19
tedgNOTE: It'll work fine even on non-*big boned* packages if they're in the arch triplet directory.16:20
balloonstedg, what do you mean big-boned?16:20
tedgballoons, Definitely not you ;-)16:20
tedgballoons, ogra_'s comment above ^16:20
* balloons should have suspected ogra_ 16:21
matv1dobey yes it works again now. Thanks very much16:22
bfillerkenvandine: all the tests pass, good to push16:25
balloonstedg, how did you specify multi-arch in the click manifest?17:04
tedgballoons, Hmm, I'm not sure on that one.17:05
tedgballoons, http://click.readthedocs.org/en/latest/file-format.html#manifest17:05
tedgballoons, "architecture"17:06
balloonstedg, ok that seems to ring with listing them out17:07
=== psivaa-holiday is now known as psivaa
tedgballoons, Yeah, we don't check that at run time. Probably just install and in the store.17:10
balloonsping jdstrand17:11
melvstercould someone remind me how to upgrade to the latest version of ubuntu touch ... sorry for asking, I have read 2 of the links in the topic but have limited time and am preparing a demo17:18
melvster(running on nexus 4)17:18
popeyubuntu-device-flash --channel=devel17:19
melvsterpopey: thank you!17:19
mhall119do I need an RTM promotion before I'll start seeing paid apps?17:43
dobeymhall119: if you're on the promoted channel, yes17:45
mhall119curse my desire for stability17:45
=== dandrader|lunch is now known as dandrader
* dobey wonders if something changed in oxide recently17:48
ogra_mhall119, i think so ... yes17:48
ogra_might still take a bit ... we just did a re-spin QA is doing the final tests17:48
* dobey wonders if QA is testing web apps as part of the sanity/smoke testing17:49
ogra_dobey, yes a lot changed17:51
dobeyor maybe in webbrowser-app something broke17:52
ogra_(we got a new upstream version with the last proposed image)17:52
ogra_did you upgrade to the very latest from 1h ago17:52
ogra_it fixes some issues that caused17:52
dobeyah. upgrading now. will see if it fixes17:52
ogra_it will17:53
ogra_the new oxide didnt clean up the QML app cache ... that caused a lot of issue17:53
ogra_we now have something in place that wipes the cache completely after OTA17:53
dobeyso it will delete all the cookies and html5 storage data?17:54
ogra_it deletes the QML appcache ... not the browser cache :)17:55
ogra_the pre-compiled binaries that get created on first start of a QML app17:55
dobeyoh, ok17:56
dobeyi don't see how that would cause the browser to load different sites than what was requested though17:56
balloonstedg, so the resulting click doesn't seem to run on my device. I don't seem to be able to manually start them on the shell so I can see what's happening anymore17:57
dobeybut they do seem to work right again, so eh17:57
balloonsseems like ubuntu-app-launch seemed to do this, but doesn't now?17:57
tedgballoons, Well, it should start them, but it won't print out the stdout17:57
tedgballoons, That goes to ~/.cache/upstart/application-click-$(appid).log17:58
balloonstedg, ok, how best to debug what's going on?17:58
balloonsahh cool17:58
dobeyballoons: what is the Exec in the .desktop file?17:58
ogra_dobey, yeah, i suddenly got the desktop versionn of half my webapp pages17:58
balloonsdobey, using say ubuntu-app-launch calculator  "able to find keyfile for application"17:59
dobeyballoons: "calculator" isn't the app17:59
dobeyballoons: it's com.ubuntu.calculator_calculator_$VERSION17:59
balloonsdobey, ahh right.. I was trying the more qualified name, but not com.ubuntu.calculator_calculator_$VERSION18:00
jdstrandballoons: yes?18:00
tedgballoons, You can get it easily with ubuntu-app-triplet com.ubuntu.calculator18:00
dobeyballoons: how did you even build a click that supports more than one arch, and isn't pure qml or similar?18:01
balloonsjdstrand, hey, so seems like the click review tools don't like multi-arch packages. I've been playing around this morning with it and I think everything is good, except the click review tools still give me an error18:01
balloonsdobey, I built 2 clicks and combined them18:01
dobeyoh i guess for calculator that might be ok, if it's running qmlscene foo.qml as the main process18:02
jdstrandballoons: that isn't surprising. can you file a bug and attach the click?18:02
balloonsjdstrand, ohh, ok then, sure can18:02
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOW
balloonstedg, so looking at the log it's clear it's not finding the right module. I think I named my lib arch folders wrong18:03
balloonsyou expect arm-linux-gnueabihf and not armhf yea?18:03
tedgballoons, correct, you can see what we're expecting with "grep ARCH /usr/share/upstart/sessions/application-click.conf "18:04
balloonstedg, awesome. Ok, try number 2 with an i386 build  bundled in too18:06
balloonsthis is cool stuff18:06
slvn_some question ...18:23
slvn_I want to try the FullShellRotation18:23
slvn_I need to setup my Nexus10 again for ubuntu : so I do : "ubuntu-device-flash --channel=devel"18:24
slvn_and I got an error msg :18:24
slvn_19:20:41 > ubuntu-device-flash --channel=devel-proposed --wipe --developer-mode --password=111118:24
slvn_DEPRECATED: Implicit 'touch' subcommand assumed18:24
slvn_WARNING --developer-mode and --password are dangerous as they remove security features from your device18:24
slvn_2014/11/21 19:21:30 Expecting the device to expose an adb interface...18:24
slvn_2014/11/21 19:21:30 Device is |manta|18:24
slvn_2014/11/21 19:21:32 Flashing version 28 from devel-proposed channel and server https://system-image.ubuntu.com to device manta18:24
slvn_2014/11/21 19:21:32 Start pushing /home/slvn/.cache/ubuntuimages/ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed/manta/version-28.tar.xz to device18:24
slvn_2014/11/21 19:21:32 Cannot push /home/slvn/.cache/ubuntuimages/ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed/manta/version-28.tar.xz.asc to device: free space on /cache/recovery is file18:24
slvn_any idea?18:25
popeyslvn_: looks like you need to free some space in /cache/recovery ?18:35
popeyslvn_: should be able to over adb shell18:35
slvn_popey,  there is 500 Mo available, in /cache.  no /cache/recovery. The install is a from a fresh Android 5.0 image for nexus1018:38
slvn_there is not right permission to write in /cache18:38
popeynot done android 5, sorry.18:38
slvn_(i guess..)18:38
kenvandinerenatu, bfiller: libsynthesis and sync-evolution built in vivid19:01
kenvandineyou're a go for the sync-monitor silo :)19:01
kenvandineactually still vivid-proposed19:01
kenvandinebut should be enough for your silo19:01
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
renatukenvandine, thanks19:16
kenvandinerenatu, np19:16
balloonsdobey, or alecu I'm trying to see why my multi-arch click isn't showing when I search for it in the i386 store. Everything looks good on the storeside according to beuno20:00
dobeyballoons: if it's arch i386 on the store, it should show up20:02
balloonsdobey, is there anything we can do to track it down why it isn't showing from the client side?20:03
balloonscan I test the same query, or see what data is being returned?20:04
balloonsdobey, if we query the store with an i386 arch header, it shows in the list. But it doesn't show inside the click scope on the i386 emulator for instance20:07
dobeyballoons: what framework does it require? what image in the emulator?20:09
balloonsdobey, it is an older image, I guess I should grab the latest stable20:09
balloonsif it was the framework, I will be embarrassed20:10
dobeyballoons: the client sends the list of installed frameworks to filter the results, so you don't install an app and then have it not work because the framework was missing20:11
=== _salem is now known as salem_
ahoneybunhello all20:17
balloonsdobey, my apologies. It shows up fine now.. On the happier note, multi-arch click in the store, wahoo20:47
ahoneybunyay email about t-shirt was sent out@20:47
balloonscongrats ahoneybun !20:48
dobeyballoons: great20:52
ahoneybunballoons: thanks! can't wait21:01
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=== salem_ is now known as _salem
* ahoneybun upgrades his Xubuntu MacBook to flash his N421:35
chocantopopey : Hello ! It was a long time. Do you know if Stefano is here ?*22:01
popeyhey chocanto22:01
popeyhow you doing?22:01
chocantogreat and you ?22:02
popeyStefano isn't online right now, can I help?22:02
chocantoI'm sorry for long time without any news, I had a lot of things to do, here, IRL22:02
popeyNot a problem, no need to apologise at all.22:02
popeyYou been getting some spam from launchpad? ☻22:03
ahoneybunpopey: pop22:03
chocantoOk thank you.22:03
popeyahoneybun: goes the weazle.22:03
chocantoWell yes, I think it's the only spam I like to see22:04
balloonswell howdy!22:04
chocantoI saw he created good bug report22:04
popeyHe's been very active recently22:05
chocantoSo I wanted to help him with it, as working on fixing bugs like these will not take me much time, but will help the project22:05
popeyAwesome! Great news.22:05
popeyYou have no idea how much that's ended my week on a high!22:05
chocantoAhah, why ? :)22:06
popeyIt's always nice to see contributions, and even better when people take a break and feel they can just come back any time.22:06
ahoneybunpopey: almost 60 downloads22:07
popeyI like to hope we foster that feeling where people can go when times are difficult for them, and come back when they have time and brain power to do so.22:07
popeyahoneybun: for what?22:07
ahoneybunmy app uBeginner popey22:07
chocantoWithout motivation and time it is difficult to be happy to help for a project. Now will be better22:08
popeyIt will help having someone else active, I'm sure?22:09
ahoneybunpopey: it seems you cant install ubuntu touch on a device from a VM22:09
popeyahoneybun: usb in a vm sucks, this is not news ☹22:09
chocantoI know how it is difficult to run a project nearly alone, even if you are here to help, so yeah, I don't want him to be the only one active on this project22:09
ahoneybunpopey: well I have W8 right now for Steam22:10
ahoneybunso I tried doing it from a VM with Ubuntu22:10
popeychocanto: excellent. drop him a mail, he'll appreciate it.22:10
popeygot his address?22:10
chocantopopey : I already emailed him few times, he asked me more about the project and what we planned to do for the future22:11
chocantopopey : But I think it will be easier to talk here22:11
popeychocanto: we have a meeting scheduled on irc on thursday22:11
popeywant me to invite you?22:11
popey15:00 UTC22:11
ahoneybunpopey: I'm on Lollipop right now on my N4 but I am going to try to live a week without my Android Wear watch22:12
chocantoWell, same day, same hour. I can't promise you I will be here, but I can try22:12
popeychocanto: otherwise we can always discuss over bugs / merge proposals and email22:12
popeyahoneybun: this is one reason I refuse to buy any kind of smart watch - it locks you into one platform.22:13
popeychocanto: whats the best email to invite you with?22:13
chocantoOf course !22:13
chocantopopey : grangeranthony@gmail.com22:13
ahoneybunpopey: it really does but I was able to kinda sell my Pebble Steel to my mom22:14
ahoneybunso that was good for me22:14
ahoneybunpopey: can you give me some feedback on my app uBeginner? I really want to improve it but do not know where22:15
popeychocanto: ok!22:15
popeyahoneybun: I wiped my phone, so will re-install it, play over the weekend and provide some feedback.22:16
ahoneybunpopey: awesome thanks!22:17
ahoneybunright now I'm downloading the newest devel-proposed image22:18
ajalkaneahoneybun: I'm running dev env in VM and deploying to phone works22:21
popeyoh hai ajalkane22:21
popeylate for you22:21
popeygot snow where you are yet ajalkane ?22:21
ajalkanepopey: yeah started snowing today. Hopefully it stays. It's pretty dark without snow22:22
popeyI can imagine22:22
ahoneybunajalkane: how?22:22
ahoneybunflashing to?22:22
ajalkaneahoneybun: at least with VMWare Player it worked without any additional steps22:23
ajalkaneyes, flashing too22:23
ajalkanewhen device is inserted it just asks if to use it inside VM, and then VM grabs it22:23
ahoneybunI'm using virtualbox with the addons22:23
ajalkanewith VirtualBox it's a bit more involved as you have to whitelist the devices that are allowed for VM22:24
ahoneybunand I get adb and fastboot to work22:24
dobeypopey: you could get that watch that tedg was championing22:24
ajalkaneoh... right... when I started VirtualBox didn't work at all with Ubuntu Touch components, so I've been just using VMWare Player though would prefer VirtualBox22:24
ahoneybunVMWare costs money I believe22:25
ajalkaneif you have adb working then of course theoretically everything else should work. But if you grow impatient you can try VMWare22:25
ajalkaneVMWare Player is free for personal use22:25
dobeywhat do you need a vm for?22:26
popeydobey: is it 12" diagonally on the wrist?22:27
ajalkanedobey: to keep upto-date development environment without messing your main OS in anyway. Also easy to discard the VM and start anew if something goes askew22:27
dobeypopey: no, it has an open API, so you can write apps to interact with it on any platform22:27
dobeyajalkane: i'm still running trusty, and developing phone apps without any problem :)22:28
ahoneybunajalkane: I have a old macbook around and just used it to flash the OS at least22:28
tedgpopey, The community open stuff: http://metawatch.org/22:28
dobeyajalkane: you should be able to run app locally in a chroot or lxc, at least, for testing22:28
popeyCan it tell the time?22:29
tedgpopey, TI makes a dev kit based on their API as well, if you want to build your own watch.22:29
ajalkanedobey: ah... I wasn't that lucky. I had to upgrade to 14.10 before it was released. But it might have been it was unrelated to the OS version.22:29
popey(usual 'can you make calls on it' joke from ye olde openmoko days)22:29
tedgpopey, Heh, the retail website: http://meta.watch/22:29
popeyOkay, yes, I want that.22:29
ajalkaneahoneybun: how USB works probably varies by the host running it. I'm running on Linux host22:29
popeyMake it so.22:29
ajalkanedobey: no doubt... VirtualBox and VMWare are just to me much easier to figure out22:30
dobeyajalkane: i don't know. i'm using the sdk from the ppa, and not having any issues22:30
ahoneybunajalkane: I have a Windows host22:30
dobeyi find trying to develop inside a vm to be incredibly frustrating22:30
dobeyno private keys, video is not great, and a bit of a pain to interact with22:31
ajalkanedobey: well I was also using 12.04 as host for the long time until upgrading to 14.04 and I think it'd been an issue trying to keep dev env working on that without separate VM install22:31
popeyahoneybun: might want to add a link / category for discussion - http://discourse.ubuntu.com/22:32
ajalkanedobey: no private keys? Well, when I'm developing I don't usually watch much cat videos :P. But I can always switch to host to watch them when necessary22:32
dobeymy biggest problem is that nautilus likes to crash22:32
dobeyajalkane: you don't use version control, gpg, and ssh?22:32
ajalkanedobey: I do, but it takes just a couple of seconds to copy private keys to VM22:33
ajalkaneso I was wondering if you meant something else22:33
dobeyno i didn't mean something else22:33
dobeybut there's editor configs, etc etc as well22:34
dobeyjust too much pain22:34
ajalkanesome people even store their private keys on a shared folder that's common for host and the VM22:34
dobeygood for those people22:34
ajalkanesure, it's always a bit of setting up when making a new VM, no argument there22:34
dobeyany time i tried to set up shared folders in a VM it was always a pain, and never worked22:35
ajalkaneheh yeah, I don't use shared folders for that kind of stuff either. Only for transferring files between host and guest22:35
dobeyon the other hand, lxc basically just works22:36
dobeymakes it easy to edit code in the editor on the host os, and compile/test it in the lxc22:36
ajalkaneyeah I should one day take a closer look at lxc22:38
ahoneybunpopey: for what?22:41
popeyahoneybun: your app ☻22:41
ahoneybunoh I just for UT installed on my N422:42
ahoneybunvery slick22:42
popeyno, i mean, you might want to add discourse to your app, like forums22:43
ahoneybunoh yea yea22:43
ahoneybunI can;t get my wifi to work22:46
Elleopopey: if you're bored... I just finished updating and polishing up Deep Vision and have submitted it for review ;)23:03
slvn_Hi, just tried the FullShellRotation on Nexus10, with natives applications. One Portrait and One Landscape. It seems working fine !  Only issue seems to be the status bar that remains sometimes. ( I mean sometimes, because it is there is in Landscape and not in portrait), or vice-versa.23:03
popeyElleo: ooh23:03
popeyoooh and more ooooh23:04
popeyElleo: probably wanna update the framework?23:04
popey    ubuntu-sdk-14.04-qml-dev1 is ye olde23:04
Elleopopey: ah, right; will do that now23:05
popeywill wait for that23:05
slvn_FullShellRotation : actually, seems a bug : open a landscape app. go to lockscreen and come back.  the app is badly rotated and truncated.23:13
Elleopopey: ah, do the 14.10 frameworks work on RTM? should I just be targetting the final 14.04 ones?23:15
Elleoit should be compatible with either, so I guess targetting the lower framework makes sense anyway23:15
popeyit'll work, sure. the 14.04 ones exist on the rtm images23:15
Elleookay, so I'll change the framework to ubuntu-sdk-14.04-qml23:16
popeywhy not 14.10?23:16
popey_nobody_ is running 14.0423:16
Elleopopey: I tried 14.10 but it wasn't launching on RTM23:16
Elleo(was fine on vivid though)23:17
popeywell thats odd23:17
popey"click framework list" will tell you what's supported on your device23:18
Elleoubuntu-sdk-14.10-qml is supposedly supported23:18
ElleoI'll just try that again23:18
popeythats liste don my device too23:19
* popey cleans out the cumbs from his keyboard23:19
Elleohmm, just tried again and its working fine23:20
Elleomaybe I mistyped something23:20
Elleoor perhaps it had some issue with the package going between frameworks23:20
cwayne1Elleo: do cutespotify next! :D23:20
Elleosince I uninstalled it before retrying this time23:20
Elleocwayne1: yep, that's next on my backlog :)23:20
cwayne1Elleo: :D  so I tried to make my scope use play.spotify,com, but turns out that needs flash23:21
Elleocwayne1: yeah :(23:21
Elleopopey: ah, my security policy doesn't match that framework23:21
cwayne1so as of now, the spotify scope is pretty worthless, you can search your library and stuff, but can only play 30 second previews :/23:22
Elleocwayne1: it'd be cool if you could add songs to playlists from it23:24
Elleothe app doesn't have any support for that at the moment23:24
cwayne1hm, that would be cool, not sure though (there's not much wiggle room in scope toolkit re: functionality)23:25
Elleocwayne1: can you not add a custom button to the preview widget?23:25
Elleoalthough I guess you'd then need to be able to select a playlist which could be hard23:25
cwayne1Elleo: well you can, but all it can do is pass a URI23:25
cwayne1and then call it from url-dispatcher23:26
Elleopopey: all passed :)23:27
cwayne1also, hoping my apps pass the manual review for including account-plugins23:28
* cwayne1 would like to think he's trusted enough23:28
* popey puts a black mark against cwayne1 23:28
popeyi do like this rss feed mzanetti mentioned23:28
popeyput it in shorts23:29
popeynow i know which apps are new23:29
Elleooh, neat23:29
Elleoit'd be nice to have a "New Apps" section in the store23:29
popeyyeah, everyone says that :D23:29
popeylobby beuno23:29
* popey installs deep vision23:30
* popey wanders round the house taking photos of things23:30
mzanetti+1 on the "new apps" category23:30
popeyooh i like the download classifiers thing in deep vision, that's natty23:31
Elleoyeah, I wanted to make it possible for people to create their own classifiers and easily integrate them23:32
Elleoactually training classifiers is a massive pain though23:32
popeytake zillions of photos of a think?23:32
Elleozillions of photos + super beefy GPU + 3 days solid computation23:32
popeyheh, killed it23:33
Elleoif I had unlimited resources I'd try and setup some sort of cloud service that you could just upload your training data to and let it do all the complicated stuff23:33
popeyi think it ate all the ram on my phone and got OOM killed23:33
popeybecause it looks all blurry23:33
Elleopopey: yeah, I've had that happen a few times on krillin, but not on mako23:34
popeyoh, entire phone died23:34
Elleoso I think it's pretty much hitting the memory limits on krillin23:34
popey27241 phablet   30  10   18100  12696   3940 R  77.3  1.3   0:54.71 apport23:34
popeyhello apport23:34
popeyunity8 died23:34
Elleowould be nice if the store let you specify minimum hardware requirements23:34
popeyno App of the week for you! :D23:34
cwayne1ha, xkcd viewer was app of the week for weeks and never worked :)23:35
popeyyeah, we take recommendations for top app picks or apps of the week23:35
Elleopopey: does it always crash for you, or only occassionally?23:38
popeylemme try again23:38
popeyapp wont start now ☹23:39
popeyguess unity 8 is wedged23:39
popeyreboot time23:40
cwayne1honestly seems to me that anything that crashes unity8 is a unity8 (or some related project) bug, if we have these super-sandboxed apps, nothing an app can do should crash anything23:44
Elleocwayne1: iirc there's currently a bug for apport doing bad things and eating up all resources after a crash, I'd guess that's what caused the unity crash23:44
cwayne1ah yes23:45
cwayne1the latest top-blocker even23:45
* popey attaches a RAM PAK to his phone23:46
Elleo21st century RAM PAK - make a swap file on an SD card ;)23:47
popeyno velcro needed!23:47
popeythem were the days23:48
popeySaved up so much pocket money for that memopak23:49
popeystupidly used blu-tak initially to hold it on23:49
sarnoldblutak for the memopak! what could go wrong? :)23:49
popeyyou were a BBC Micro guy?23:49
popeywell indeed!23:49
popeyit turns out23:49
* cwayne1 feels too young for this conversation23:50
ElleoI should be too young for this conversation, but we had an enterprise in our house long after more modern things arrived ;)23:50
Elleopopey: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enterprise_%28computer%29 <-- really neat, but commercial failure23:51
popeyIs that Times New Roman on that keyboard!?23:52
Elleomy font identification isn't good enough to confirm that23:53
popeymight not be, just looks out of place23:53
cwayne1yeah, still too young :P23:53
popeyactually more like courier23:53
popeycwayne1: what was your first computing device?23:54
Elleojust looking at the images on wikipedia gives me warm childhood feelings23:54
cwayne1popey: i don't really know tbh23:54
cwayne1i got a desktop as soon as i learned to read23:54
cwayne1but i never really knew what the hardware was23:54
cwayne1all i remember is it ran windows 3.123:54
popeyget you with a GUI23:59
popeyIn my day.. etc23:59

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