daftykinsi don't even use this old ADSL2+ service but i found this amusing in the local paper today00:05
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diddledana whopping 256Kbit/s increase00:21
daftykinsstingy amirite?00:22
diddledanthey could have left the downstream at the fairly reasonable 16Mbit/s and dedicated the extra speed entirely on upstream capacity00:22
daftykinsaaaaw yis00:23
diddledanwhich they would have done if they really did care about customers' upload speeds00:23
daftykinsi think they really want everyone to move to the VDSL2 i'm on00:24
daftykinsthey've been pretty active on it, phoning everyone up O_O00:24
diddledanprolly has a better profit margin00:26
maphey all06:36
MooDoomorning all07:57
diploMorning all07:59
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DJonesI could spend hours looking at this website http://www.scapaflowwrecks.com/ I don't think I'd ever heard the story behind it before09:15
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:17
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brobostigonmorning MooDoo and bashrc09:24
foobarryguy behind me gets around 1500 emails overnight he needs to review briefly each one09:32
zmoylan-pidefine brief :-)09:33
foobarryhe clicks the mouse for each one. its surprisingly annoying09:33
foobarrythe delete key would be quiter and quicker09:33
zmoylan-pikeyboard shortcuts ftw \o/09:33
foobarryits like an annoying clock that ticks 3x per second09:34
awilkinsBayesian classification 4tw09:34
foobarrysome people deliberately choose jobs to slow their day down09:34
zmoylan-pithat wouldn't be a review09:34
awilkinsKeystrokes on my keyboard would be annoying too though09:34
zmoylan-pia lot of thinking can be done while performing mundane tasks09:34
awilkinsI have a Model M09:34
foobarrypotentially silent09:34
awilkinsAnd a Cherry with clicky switches for "light duty"09:34
popeyhow has 1500 mails guy not been automated out of this job?09:36
foobarryi was suspicous of the "free" lego model from top cshback, but looks like they will come good09:36
foobarrypopey: its just the first 30 mins of his morning09:36
foobarryi would automate it though09:37
foobarrysome people choose not to make their day efficient or they would have to work harder in the saved tiem09:37
foobarrypublic sector mentality09:37
bashrcprivate sector mentality more like09:39
bashrcoften it's just out of ignorance though09:39
popeyI used to love writing scripts to automate myself out of the loop09:40
foobarrymore time to do fun stuff09:40
popeyin fact at Canonical one guy has made it his job to automate me out of work ☻09:40
popey(one part of my day)09:40
foobarrythats why some people are on the up, and some are stagnating and in fact going down09:40
popeyMe and holbach used to review apps going into the store manually09:42
popeynow it's automated (unless it goes wrong)09:42
foobarrycomputers are good at doing tedious things09:44
foobarryshame they can't do anything about the guy behind me who is eating his breakfast in a disgusting manner09:44
popeyi once write an update script for a hotel in london, had to modify the phone numbers when "07" came in iirc.09:44
popeytook about 30 mins to write the update code09:44
popeythen spent half a day making a nice scroll bar and ETA ☻09:44
popeywent to the hotel to run it on their live database, and had people crowded round the pc going Oooh, and Ahhh!09:45
popey"3 hours left!"09:45
* popey ♥ dBase III09:45
* zmoylan-pi <3 dbase iii+ :-)09:50
DJonesOoh dBase III, thats a blast from the past, I loved the programming language you could use in that, ended up writing systems for the chemical industry back in the late 80's/early 90's using that & dbase II09:55
popeyyeah, we had to learn dBase at college and then I actually used it a fair amount.09:56
DJonesSame here, by the time I'd finished that system, it took about 3 hours for staff to input data & produce a 40 page report, compared to the manual method that took a week09:58
zmoylan-pithe command line was wonderful once you mastered it09:58
foobarrywhen you grew up in teh 80s the command line was all there is09:59
zmoylan-piand when you type over 100wpm it was enough :-)10:00
DJonesRunning on C/PM on an ICL mini computer that was about 15 feet long, 4 feet high and 2 feet deep, 8 inch floppy disks and doorstops for hard drivespace in an air conditioned room with DRS 20 dumb terminals connect with co-ax cable10:00
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday, and happy World Hello Day! :-D10:01
zmoylan-piworld hello day?  such a wasted opportunity for learn to program hello world day :-)10:01
* directhex shouts @ visual studio10:02
JamesTaitdirecthex, I think that qualifies as a hello. Maybe.10:06
zmoylan-pidepends what words you use...10:07
directhexsweary ones10:07
* zmoylan-pi is not picturing happy fluffy greeting :-)10:07
directhexi need some msvc experts.10:07
bashrcI used visual studio back in the day and it was usable but, eh, just proprietary10:08
* awilkins is not a MSVC exprt10:20
awilkinsHave some experience hammering on things until they compile in MinGW though10:20
* zmoylan-pi tries to think of a irc channel with less msvc folk in it... 'star trek furries fan fiction channel'? :-)10:21
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awilkins"The tribble... bulged."10:22
awilkinsYou see what MSVC does? IT CAUSES HORRIBLE THINGS TO HAPPEN.10:34
directhexyay, i got it working10:48
JamesTaitApparently I'm eligible for a 30-day trial of Amazon Prime Instant Video.10:50
foobarrythey have amazon student10:51
JamesTaitAnyone tried it?10:51
foobarryi have an .ac.uk address, in wonder if i can do it10:51
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MooDoobloomin irc lol10:56
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)11:59
intrbizbigcalm: morning11:59
MooDoomorning BigRedS12:28
MooDooyeah type doh!#12:37
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BigRedSMooDoo: Oh, good morning! I've been losing terminals this morning and only just found this one :)12:53
MooDooBigRedS: what ya playin at ;)12:56
BigRedSI think I'm just tired :)12:58
MooDooyeah i know that feeling12:58
BigRedSyeah, I keep reattatching to my tmuxes and finding a half-finished thing...13:00
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arsenipdoes anyone use any kind of management panels for things like email/domains/dns/etc (read plesk, webmin etc)? are they any good these days? i once ran a server using webmin, it was great for day0, made it easy to get large numbers of accounts up and running etc, but by day 365 it was a pig, slow, old and stopped me manually interacting with the configs/services.14:22
foobarryjanuary issue of magazine out now :-|14:22
foobarrythe world has gone mad14:22
arsenipsurprised ive not seen more xmas junk yet actually.14:23
daftykinsarsenip: what about spiceworks? does that do that kind of jazz 0o14:23
arsenipusually it crops up in august14:23
arsenipisnt spice the vnc thing?14:23
daftykinsi know webmin is fully deprecated on all debian bases now14:23
arsenipmaybe thats not spiceworks14:23
foobarrydo you want monitoring or mgmt14:23
arsenipmanagement, monitoring would be lovely though.14:24
daftykinsspiceworks is the web admin one that you feed logins then it goes off and scans the whole network etc14:24
arsenipi mean, i can manually set up everything, ive got postgfix/dovecot/saslauthd/roundcube etc but .. i just need to set up lots of accounts/users/domains now etc14:24
arsenipim reluctant to use anything due to the potential for it to be terrible later in life and regret it, but cant dismiss wihtout at least getting some experienced opinions :p14:26
foobarrypuppetise everything14:29
arsenipyeah but for sub 20 users - quite a lot of effort14:32
arsenipespecially as puppet is just as likely to go out of date, or atleast teh scripts will do14:33
arsenipi want zero maintenance :D14:33
foobarrysub contract it14:33
arsenip(this is just for my personal mail / web etc ) :D14:33
foobarryi left a whole infrastructure of 60 servers and 150 desktops for a couple of years14:33
foobarryzero maintenance14:34
arsenipi did that.14:34
arsenipnow im back, migrating it to the 21st centure14:34
foobarrysecurity updates auto updated14:34
foobarrymgmt via puppet14:34
foobarryran itself14:34
arsenipive virtualised everything of mine, so  i can move vz containers around in future. makes it easy14:34
BigRedSI use Postfixadmin for mail14:44
BigRedSto answer your qestion of 14:2214:44
BigRedSbut other than that, not really. My job is to look after servers, though, so I'm more used to doing in the shell than using a control panel14:45
BigRedSI like Webmin, though, for not conflicting with 'normal' configuration14:45
arseniplooks like ajenti is similar, but maybe more modern14:51
arseniplikewise BigRedS - im a sysadmin, but i dont run lamp/email stuff anymore and dont really have time to set things up in the way they should be.14:51
arsenipautomated monitoring of ~everything would be nice.14:51
BigRedSI wrote a script for installing postfixadmin14:54
BigRedSAnd generally don't bother changing things :14:54
foobarryhow can i extract the value of issues from an xml file and show it in an html page?14:57
foobarry<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><issues total_count="4" offset="0" limit="25" type="array">14:57
BigRedS'issues' doesn't have a value there14:57
foobarryi wanted to show total_count14:57
BigRedSbut, generally, either with a parser or a regex depending on your fondness for cthulu14:57
foobarryi can do it for <OPEN>14</OPEN>14:58
BigRedSwhat's generating the HTML page? what else is it doing? the better way to do this bit depends on what's already in place14:58
foobarryi have a page similar to http://www.w3schools.com/xml/tryit.asp?filename=tryxml_display_table14:59
foobarryi've done this before but can't find it anywhere14:59
BigRedSah, javascript!15:01
BigRedScan't help with that, I'm afraid15:01
foobarry\o/ sorted it15:49
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markpso tired16:02
markpi was watching cant pay we'll take it away again - and its staggering how many people just DON'T pay rent..like 12months asnd stuff where they've not paid a penny16:03
markpand yet they're more often than not recieving ousing benefit..so they've blown it all ? then get re-housed16:04
markpi can totally see why everywhere I've rented always said no DSS16:04
markpnot worth the risk16:04
daftykinsidiots living life consequence free16:08
daftykinshrmm just linked up a wix.com website to a clients domain - she'd made her site with them 0o16:09
daftykinsinteresting service that16:09
daftykinsi refused to switch to their name servers though :P16:09
markpomg this deep forest music is so cool16:44
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diddledannew site has just gone live which I built18:32
diddledanfully responsive18:32
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mappswell thats a pain20:30
mappscant get any cider..they stop serving at 920:30
mappsoutrageous eh20:43
mappscaught up with gotham:D just watched e820:43
mapps1 more to go yay20:43
daftykinsnot touched that'un20:46
daftykinsdon't even know what it's about20:46
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daftykinsnever heard of this Guinness original before 0o20:54
TerminalHow do i install a patch?21:16
diddledanpatch -p1 < ../path/to/patch21:17
diddledanpatches require source code and compilation capability21:18
Terminali dont have a clue what your on about son, i want to install this: http://patchwork.freedesktop.org/patch/37073/21:18
diddledanif you are unsure about compiling software yourself then you should find a ppa where it's already built for you21:18
daftykins'son' - oh dear.21:18
directhexi'd do it for him if he didn't act like a knob.21:19
daftykinsoh it's THAT user again21:19
daftykinsyeah you're on your own.21:19
Terminaljesus chirst i thought a change of username would hide myself21:19
diddledan!language | Terminal21:20
lubotu3Terminal: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList21:20
daftykinsyour obnoxious attributes shine through21:20
daftykinsTerminal: 32-bit still failed then huh?21:20
Terminalno no no its working prefect :) (not)21:20
daftykinscan't even answer a question straight. *sigh*21:21
Terminalits working prefect. IN all honesty mate its working prefect21:21
daftykinsi am not your mate.21:22
diddledanI'm guessing that's a kernel patch?21:22
Terminali dont have a clue if its a kernel patch? Whats wrong with saying mate? I hear the english say it all the time to strangers.21:23
Terminalthey dont go "hey mate" "im not your fking mate" and end up punching you unless drunk21:23
directhexdiddledan, yeah, kernel patch. drm is all in kernel21:28
diddledancertainly not something a n00b is going to want to debug if it breaks21:29
daftykinssomeones jumping the gun a bit in general really21:29
Terminalim not a n00b. You tell me how to do21:30
directhexapt-get source linux-image-$(uname -r)21:30
Terminalso i put that in Terminal correct21:31
diddledanare you sure?21:31
* daftykins facepalms21:31
diddledandefinitely not a n00b21:31
Terminalam i sure?21:32
daftykinsTerminal: you should ask in #ubuntu-ru in future, at least then you can speak your native language too.21:32
Terminalhahaha i bet they are drunk21:32
Terminalon vodka21:32
daftykinsseems a bit like a stereotype21:32
Terminalno no no sterotype but all in seriousness where do i put that bloody patch.21:33
daftykinshow did you originally find this channel?21:35
Terminali was a bit drunk so i dont have a clue, all i know is its on my history21:36
daftykinsare you drunk again tonight?21:37
Terminalehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i drunk a bit of vodka?21:39
Terminalguys, i went on the ru verison and was told to p*ss off because i told them to go f putin21:44
DJones!guidelines | Terminal21:44
lubotu3Terminal: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines21:44
Terminalit wasnt my fault21:45
DJonesTerminal: Erm, you can't dispute that "i told them to go f putin" (Using your own words), can't blame anybody else21:46
Terminal._. not be drunk when you do crap like that21:47
daftykinsTerminal: unsurprisingly your poor attitude is preventing anyone from wanting to help you.21:51
Terminalmaybe i drink coffee than i return21:52
daftykinsit'd be nicer if you skipped the second half of that altogether21:53
mappsplay nice everyone;21:53
daftykinsstay out of it21:54
Terminalstay out of what21:54
popeyOk chaps.21:58
popeyLets dial down the snark here.21:58
popeyfoobarry: I am becoming addicted to surveys on yougov21:59
* m0nkey_ prods diddledan 22:00
diddledanmorning m0nkey_22:00
mappsthese xmini 2 speakers are so handy22:06
mappsusing 2 linjked together..perfect for travelling:D22:06
mappswell he didnt stay long22:18
daftykinsyou put him off :(22:33
daftykinsor her22:33
mappsyea i shouldbve said he/she22:51
zmoylan-pii've always gone with 'they' didn't stay long to avoid gendering23:14
daftykinsor using the nick every time, gets a tad tedious thoug23:16
zmoylan-pihi o/23:33

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