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Mirvgreyback: hey! you asked for it, so I managed to get so far that I tried building qtmir and qtubuntu against Qt 5.4 beta. qtubuntu succeeded, qtmir bug #139488410:10
ubot5bug 1394884 in qtmir (Ubuntu) "QtMir does not compile against Qt 5.4.0 beta" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139488410:10
MirvI should be able to get UITK build tried soon I believe, which is a prerequisite for eg unity8, but I fully expect UITK to explode10:11
greybackMirv: private api change, should be easy fix10:12
Mirvsounds good, easy fixes are the best fixes10:20
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pstolowskiSaviq, tsdgeos hey, do you have a silo already for manage stuff landing? if so we'd like to add to that one (but we will land a bunch of other changes to scopes api and shell plugin with it)11:07
tsdgeosi think there was something11:08
tsdgeosnot sure tbh11:08
SaviqI think it got cleared11:08
Saviqpstolowski, so no, right now we have nothing11:08
pstolowskiSaviq, ok, i'll start a new row then11:08
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tsdgeosmzanetti: lots of qmluitests failing in your wallpaper branch11:42
mzanettiuh. checking11:43
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Saviqdandrader, hey, what's up with the touch crash?12:35
greyback_Mirv: https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/qtmir/fix-qt5.4/+merge/242485 - builds with my Qt5.4 chroot12:36
dandraderSaviq, working on that12:37
Saviqdandrader, ok, I think I'll wait for that with the silo, somehow it's triggering the issue12:37
dandraderSaviq, still trying to understand what's exactly happening. but I'm able to reproduce it12:37
dandraderSaviq, yeah, better wait until I have a fix indeed12:38
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karniis there a known issue with video playback on mako that you guys are aware of?12:42
karni(there's audio, but no/black video)12:42
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Mirvgreyback_: \o/ excellent, I'll try pushing that and report back.12:45
Saviqkarni, check with jhodapp, I dunno12:48
karniSaviq: will, thanks!12:49
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jhodappkarni, that does still occasionally happen, still trying to figure out what causes that13:09
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karnijhodapp|sick: oh.. I'm sorry to see that man. I hope you'll get better :/ ! let me just say on mako that problem persists for all video playback. I'll assign the bug to media-hub. Get better!13:15
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SaviqCimi, what's going on with lp:~aacid/unity8/photoscopeimprovements ?14:14
kdubalf, mterry is the reason why u-s-c uses Qprocess to launch spinner because that was the most convenient launching code to use?14:39
kdubI guess I'm trying to figure out if its worth it to have some mir process-launching-managing functionality14:40
mterrykdub, yeah I believe it was just convenience14:42
mterrykdub, we didn't need much fanciness14:42
kdubmterry, right14:42
kdubI'm poking around what it would take to get rid of usc's qt dependency14:43
kduband there's that launching, and the dbus stuff14:43
mzanettidandrader: ping14:48
dandradermzanetti, pong14:48
mzanettidandrader: I have a failing tests here: test_tapUbuntuIconInLauncherOverAppSpread and I don't really understand why you're doing a touchFlick on the button instead of a click14:48
tsdgeoslarsu: https://code.launchpad.net/~larsu/unity8/stop-using-statusicon/+merge/23450214:48
* tsdgeos hides14:48
dandradermzanetti, to simulate the user finger14:49
dandradermzanetti, the touch point of moves slightly under the user's finger even for a simple tap14:49
dandradermzanetti, it's almost never perfectly still14:50
mzanettidandrader: weird thing that it fails if you change in LauncherPanel.qml the inverted from true to false14:50
mzanettireading the code it would seem it should still work14:50
larsutsdgeos: I knew I forgot something :)14:51
mzanettidandrader: are you testing the kraken code with this or why do you do a drag here?14:51
dandradermzanetti, didn't get your question14:51
mzanettidandrader: I agree that a user tap is mostly not like a perfect mouse click. but why put this code into a random test?14:52
mzanettior is it here intentional because you're trying to tap on the left edge drag area and want to make sure the edge recognition stuff works?14:53
dandradermzanetti, a regression test for a bug in which the movement of the touch point  played an important role14:53
larsutsdgeos: building/testing now to make sure, sorry14:53
mzanettidandrader: do you remember which bug? so I can make sure to keep that behavior when fixing the test14:54
mzanettior rather adjusting14:54
dandradermzanetti, "bzr qblame" it14:54
dandradermzanetti, are you thinking about dumbing down that test?14:54
mzanettino. need to adjust it because it fails14:54
mzanettiin one of my branches14:55
mzanettiok, yeah, it is for testing the kraken...14:56
mzanettiack. got it... thanks.14:58
dandraderSaviq, the touch crash bug is looking scary. it seems as if the processing of a given touch event is interrupted midway to the processing of further ones and then resumed again. as if touch events were coming from more than one thread or something....15:15
dandraderI hope I'm wrong15:15
mzanettiSaviq: is this a real crash? or "just" lost input?15:48
mzanettiI had that today again :/ left/right edge stopped working15:48
mzanettiobviously when I was out for shopping15:48
Saviqmzanetti, no, actual crash15:48
Saviqwell, ABRT15:48
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kgunnrobotfuel: with all the recent stability improvements do you see this ?16:40
ubot5Launchpad bug 1365673 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/qt5/bin/qmlscene:6:qt_message_fatal:QMessageLogger::fatal:UbuntuClientIntegration::UbuntuClientIntegration:UbuntuMirClientIntegrationPlugin::create:loadIntegration" [High,Confirmed]16:41
robotfuelkgunn: I haven't been running the lrt suite nuclearbob is doing that now16:42
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dandraderSaviq, still around?18:34
dandradermterry, where do I find -dbg packages?18:35
dandradermterry, for mir and libubuntu-app-launch2, for instance18:35
mterrydandrader, some packages build them automatically and they just exist in the archive18:35
mterrydandrader, but if you want debug symbols for something that doesn't generate it's own -dbg package...18:36
dandradermterry, most of the packages unity8 link against have no -dbg counterpart18:36
dandradermterry, apart from qt18:36
mterrydandrader, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash#Debug_Symbol_Packages18:36
mterrydandrader, that talks about using ddebs.ubuntu.com18:36
mterrydandrader, which offers -dbgsym packages for everything18:37
mterrydandrader, or you just rebuild without stripping symbols :-/18:38
* dandrader not feeling like building everything unity8 links against :)18:39
Saviqdandrader, am now19:03
Saviqdandrader, in general http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/ is your starting point for -dbgsym packages19:03
Saviqdandrader, there are even tarballs from packages built in PPAs19:03
Saviqin http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/queue/19:03
Saviqand the same for rtm http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-rtm/19:04
dandraderSaviq, so, the problem with the touch crash is that events are being processed recursively19:06
dandraderSaviq, it seems ubuntu-app-launch is spinning the glib main loop that is shared with Qt19:08
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dandradertedg, ping19:11
Saviqdandrader, huh!19:28
dandraderSaviq, it's a sizeable call stack http://paste.ubuntu.com/9154149/19:29
Saviqdandrader, tedg just filed a branch doing something similar19:29
Saviqdandrader, https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/ubuntu-app-launch/cgmanager-custom-context/+merge/24237819:29
Saviqs/doing/related to/19:29
Saviqdandrader, interesting...19:30
dandraderSaviq, but maybe TouchRegistry should post events instead of sending them. that might be enought to solve the bug in question19:30
Saviqdandrader, IIUC it should be possible to share the glib main loop, so this sounds like it should be possible19:30
dandraderie., avoiding recursive calls of TouchRegistry::update as it's not reentrant19:31
dandraderSaviq, from the call stack it definitely looks like ubuntu-app-launch is using the same glib main loop as Qt19:32
Saviqdandrader, yeah, and I think that should be a valid usecase (sharing the main loop)19:32
Saviqdandrader, but obviously we need to make sure the above doesn't happen19:33
dandraderSaviq, not sure whether Qt's input event handling is reentrant19:33
dandraderSaviq, because maybe that scenario could also happen without TouchRegistry in the picture....19:34
dandrader26- .loop = g_main_loop_new(NULL, FALSE),19:35
dandrader27+ .loop = g_main_loop_new(context, FALSE),19:35
dandraderSaviq, from the MP you posted. So that looks like it would also avoid the crash we're getting19:36
Saviqdandrader, yup, that's what I was thinking19:36
* tedg back20:05
tedgdandrader, So yes, it did, which seemed to cause some issues with flicker as well.20:05
tedgI changed it to have it's own context, which might solve some other issues as well.20:05
tedgReally it'd be nice if all the calls could be async, but that's not a "rtm thing"20:06
dandradertedg, as long as it doens't spin glib's default main loop (which is what Qt uses) it should be fine20:06
tedgdandrader, Yeah, it was, the branch Saviq linked to changes that.20:07
mzanettitedg: ah, great to know that flicker thing is solved too :)  thanks20:10
tedgI'm actually still surprised that people notice that much. I really do never use short swipe.20:15
tedgNever found it that useful, honestly.20:15
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Saviqtedg, probably depends how many apps you leave open, I generally close them all, so swiping between app and dash is something I do a lot20:19
Saviqtedg, if you leave a lot running, the short swipe not really that useful indeed ;)20:19
tedgSaviq, Why do you close apps?20:20
* tedg is waiting for the "to use short swipe"20:20
Saviqtedg, OCD, what else20:44
tedgPerhaps social issues with killing. You don't want the OOM Killer to do your killing for you, you want to DO IT MYSELF!20:45
ssweenyif i kill an app by my own hand then i know it's dead20:50
dandrader_Saviq, so, tedg's branch alone must solve that touch crash in silo 30.21:01
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josharensonThe 'notification' that pops up when the volume key is pressed.. Anyone know where that lives?23:32
cwayne1josharenson: i'd guess notify-osd23:32
cwayne1but not sure23:32
josharensoncwayne1, thanks.23:33

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