nhainespleia2: In consideration of Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day, I just wanted to say that I appreciate you and all the work you do pretty much everywhere.00:12
* philipballew is gonna work on a few scale things04:26
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pleia2nhaines: I appreciate that :)17:51
nhainespleia2: you deserve it.  :)18:30
nhainesSo I have Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, a Mario amiibo figurine, and a GameCube controller ready to go here.18:31
* nhaines dances.18:31
pleia2SSB does seem to be The Game people guy the wiiu for18:32
nhainesI bought it because Pikmin, Zelda, and Mario Kart.  The Mario Kart DLC is brilliant.  But Smash Bros didn't hurt.18:38
nhainesAnd Super Mario 3D World is kind of just pure joy, so that was an unexpected bonus.18:40
pleia2mmmario kart18:41
pleia2I play on my DS a lot, but my consoles are ignored, I probably won't end up getting one18:41
nhainesThe F-Zero track in the first DLC pack is incredible fun.  Especially since MK8 is already pretty much F-Zero.18:42
* ianorlin remembers an article aobut someone running a really old version of unix on a game boy advance19:24
rwwpleia2: welcome back!19:57
pleia2rww: thanks!19:57
rwwpleia2: thoughts on skipping Nov 30th (Thanksgiving weekend) and Dec 21st meetings?19:58
rwwso no more meetings this month, one in December, and two in January19:59
rww(if you got the email, that's option 2A)19:59
pleia2rww: wfm20:04
rwwalrighty. barring further mailing list posts, I'll announce that Sunday20:04
pleia2thanks :)20:04
* pleia2 still working way through inbox, hasn't made her way to the folders yet20:04
nhainesWell, it was fun arguing over in the OMG Ubuntu comments, but now I have to get some work done.21:35
nhainesianorlin: 5th edition Unix!  http://www.kernelthread.com/publications/gbaunix/21:36
darthrobotTitle: [UNIX® on the Game Boy Advance]21:36

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