donniezazen__gtk apps like Android SDK Manager has very big fonts on my Kubuntu 14.04 install. I can't change font size from 12 to 10 in system settings but gtkrc has it setup at 10.00:00
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ExciteFritigern:  ok so mush i got it working00:08
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kavacovalorie: i win!00:39
kavacovalorie: i exclude some files form home use00:39
kavacoconf files00:39
kavacoand restart the computer00:39
kavacoits work now!!00:39
kavacovalorie: thanks!!00:39
valorieglad I could help00:43
* valorie goes off to pizza night00:53
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FritigernNot actually Kubuntu related, but does anyone know if it is possible to set up a RAID array in VirtualBox? I have never really played with RAID, but like to give it a go. I don't have the hardware (nor the money to get the hardware) to do it the proper way...02:39
FritigernSON OF A NETSPLIT!!! Again???02:40
FritigernAbout my earlier question, don;t worry. I have just found the proper room to ask it in ;-)))02:41
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yahyaacan anyone recomend a good backup utility that will automaticall back up one folder or more to an external hdd for Kubuntu???04:47
valorieby automatic, exactly what do you mean, yahyaa?04:53
yahyaaif i put something in that folder it will automatically copy it to another destination like a backup04:56
valorieah, like dropbox04:57
valorieI believe that ownCloud can do that04:57
yahyaaok let me take a look see04:58
valoriehowever, I've not used it myself04:58
valorie!info owncloud04:58
ubottuPackage owncloud does not exist in utopic04:58
rx__make sure your solution has versioning (or a least it takes a backup of the backup once a week) because this is really dangerous: if the file on your computer gets corrupted or you simply overwrite it with a bad copy, it would also overwrite the backup ;o)04:59
yahyaaright, thanks05:01
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP305:07
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lordievaderGood morning.08:25
dmattHi, Firefox opens Downloads folder in Gwenview instead of Dolphin. Dolphin is preferred in system settings but firefox probably ignores it or uses different setting. How to fix it?10:54
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andy123see if this file exits: /home/$USER/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list10:58
dmattthis helped me http://mtekk.us/archives/guides/make-firefox-use-dolphin-for-open-containing-folder/10:59
dmattandy123: that file exists10:59
Odurlordievader: Same problem on a clean install10:59
andy123dmatt: great, I was not aware that you can fix it in dolphin11:00
andy123I changed that file mimeapps.list11:00
dmattthat file has this information:11:00
dmatt[Removed Associations]11:00
dmattandy123: dolphin was only used as a way to invoke system settings/file associations11:01
dmattannoying stuff..., anyway thanks for help!11:01
AceKingI was wondering if anyone else uses openVPN? When I try to import my .ovpn file, I keep getting this error: Error copying file to /home/ace/.kde/share/apps/networkmanagement/certificates/vpn_name:destination file exists11:15
AceKingIt is on a brand new install. I checked the folder, and it is empty before I import the .ovpn file. I've never had this trouble with the older versions of Kubuntu. Any ideas how to fix this?11:16
dmattAceKing: check if you can write into that folder and what are the permissions as normal user and as root11:19
dmattAceKing: or try to rename that openvpn file, maybe there is some problem if you tried it repeatedly11:19
jdrabAceKing: i'm also using openvpn on kubuntu and i also imported config11:20
jdrabi had no issues with import11:20
AceKingdmatt, I can write into the folder. I was able to delete the imported file, and tried importing it again. Same error11:20
AceKingjrab, on 14.10?11:21
jdrabwait i'll check if i imported ovpn file or something else11:21
AceKingjdrab: damn. I tried renaming the files also.Didn't help11:21
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AceKingjdrab: OK11:21
jdrabAceKing: it ovpn with "inline" certificates and keys and all this stuff11:23
jdrabit was*11:23
AceKingdmatt: I have multiple .ovpn files I can conncect to. They are all giving the same error message. I also tried ininstalling - reinstalling openvpn in package manager11:23
dmattAceKing: files are correct with linux line ending?11:24
AceKingjdrab: Yes, I have the .ca files and cert files in the same folder as .ovpn files. Same way I always had them11:24
AceKingdmatt: What do you mean by linux line ending?11:25
jdrabfyi: did you know you can have them in the .ovpn file?11:25
AceKingjdrab: The certificate and key?11:26
jdrabyes you basicaly have just one big "ovpn" file11:27
dmattAceKing: MAC, WIN a LINUX use different character combinations to inmdicate end of line11:27
dmattAceKing: sometimes it makes things fail in strange ways11:28
AceKingdmatt, It must have been correct, becasuse I've been using the same files for the last 3 years, and they worked perfectly until this last install.11:29
dmattAceKing: just open one .ovpn file in kate and check tools/end of line11:29
dmattAceKing: OK, it was just thing to verify11:29
dmattAceKing: do you have all updates applied? I would advise also to reboot after first boot which initialises just about everything11:31
AceKingdmatt: yes, I've had this in for about a week now. Always do updates11:31
dmattjdrab: in 14.04 one big .ovpn file with certificates does not import correctly11:32
jdrabwell it worked for me :D11:32
dmattjdrab: at least in my case... I also had to set up some additional stuff manually to make it work11:32
dmattjdrab: I guess our admin is way more paranoic than the average :)11:33
AceKingOK, here is a copy of my ovpn file. Dont worry, no personal info is in there. but you will see how it is set up. http://paste.ubuntu.com/9170515/11:33
AceKingI have a feeling it has something to do with my install. I may just reinstall the OS11:35
dmattAceKing: does it work with openvpn directly in yourt install?11:36
AceKingdmatt: I usually have to go into package manager, and install network-manager-openvpn, and it usually works with no problems11:38
jdrabAceKing: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=339654 is this your bug?11:40
ubottuKDE bug 339654 in editor "Plasma applet for NetworkManager OpenVPN profile import is broken" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]11:40
dmattAceKing: that is how I do it too, but I would check with openvpn from command line to verify .ovpn files do actually work OK with your version, than check network-manager-openvpn then file a bug11:40
dmattwhich has happened already apparent;y11:41
AceKingI even tried to manually run it through Konsole, and still wouldn't work.11:41
AceKingNo, that is not mine. Same problem though11:41
robertbellarmineDoes anyone know if any freenode bots have the ability to be able to bitcoin tip?11:41
robertbellarmineSimilar to something that a reddit bot can do just wondering.11:41
AceKingAccording to that bug report, they are saying it's fixed.11:43
AceKingThat was back in October11:43
BluesKaj_Hiyas all11:45
dmattAceKing: but fix was not released11:45
AceKingdmatt: OK. At least I know it's not just me.11:46
AceKingdmatt: jdrab: I do appreciate your help!11:46
jdrabAceKing: np11:46
dmattAceKing: you're welcome11:47
gfroghey there, anyone uses kubuntu vivid? my kde5 desktop goes frozen every 2mins, but the most weird thing is I can get it back with just "alt-tab" key...12:55
BluesKaj_gfrog, yeah it's plasma 5 bug12:56
gfrogBluesKaj_: so is there any workaround now? :(12:57
lordievadergfrog: Same here, it has to do with the desktop effects.12:57
lordievaderHit alt + shift + f12. it disables the effects, but no more "freezes".12:57
gfroglordievader: can I turn off all the effects to workaround it?12:57
gfroglordievader: awesome. magic key, I love it. :p12:58
soee_phoenixz: oh first time i hear about this12:58
BluesKaj_gfrog, you could ask in #kubuntu-devel or #ubuntu+112:58
gfrogBluesKaj_: now I get the alt + shift + f12 magic key, I'll report the result here 5mins later12:59
beluga_Riddell: so you are in Munich now.. there are some LibreOffice folks in there as well. Is there still a problem with libreoffice not using the kde oxygen style when running under plasma 5?13:33
lordievaderbeluga_: According to his blog post he looked at it with them.13:33
lordievaderbeluga_: http://jriddell.org/2014/11/22/blog-move-bug-squashing-party-in-munich/13:34
beluga_lordievader: whoops, you are right :D and I just noticed this https://redmine.documentfoundation.org/boards/1/topics/47813:34
beluga_Plasma 5 Breeze icon set for Libre Office (in the design team forum)13:34
soee_beluga_: it does nto use ixygen13:35
beluga_I curated a categorized list of bugs that are difficult to triage or act upon for the QA team: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/QA/BugTriage/HardBugs some Kubuntu-related ones can be found there13:37
soee_Riddell: ^13:39
Riddellbeluga_: yes, I just worked out a fix for it and I'm compiling libreoffice to check it works13:58
Riddellbeluga_: are you involved in libreoffice?13:58
lordievaderRiddell: Heh, I just compiled it myself, took ages. Have fun ;)13:59
faustas a gentoo user: libreoffice is my nightmare14:00
beluga_Riddell: yeah I'm in the QA team. We discussed about a certain bug a while ago and I took a note about what you said about oxygen + plasma 514:01
Riddellbeluga_: I'd like to make the breeze icon theme too, I've been pointed to the README in the libreoffice source for it14:03
Riddellbeluga_: and then qt5 widgets.. well that's more tricky but maybe I can look at it14:03
Riddellbeluga_: you're not in #libreoffice-dev ?14:04
beluga_Riddell: you can ping this issue I guess https://github.com/NitruxSA/plasma-next-icons/issues/614:04
beluga_Riddell: no, not a dev14:05
beluga_#libreoffice-qa is where I hang out14:05
beluga_#libreoffice-design has the folks that you can discuss the icons with14:05
Riddellbeluga_: I'm confused by the tooling, what's github used for?14:06
beluga_Riddell: I just got the link from this design team topic https://redmine.documentfoundation.org/boards/1/topics/47814:06
Riddelloh that seems to be KDE using it?14:06
beluga_you can see the design team member Jay Philips requesting a breeze icon theme14:07
Riddellsheesh, these artists, why can't they work with the rest of the devs14:07
beluga_the github in question is Nitrux's http://nitrux.in/14:07
beluga_wow they sell a KDE suite http://nitrux.in/store/nitrux-kde-suite/14:08
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acovrighow do I enable a greyed-out kmix device?14:52
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uwehallo Leute, habe Ubuntu heute neu,echt Begeisterung aber ein paar Fragen an euch.17:37
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!17:38
MirukuHello there18:11
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MirukuI'm seeking some assistance. I just installed Kubuntu so I tried to install the drivers, but the driver manager doesn't give me anything.  Can I get them more manually somewhere else?18:13
lordievaderMiruku: What kind of driver are you looking for and for what device?18:14
MirukuThe driver for my video card, an ati radeon HD 235018:15
lordievaderI don't think that is still supported by the fglrx (closed source) driver.18:17
skinuxI need to fix boot entry for an older installation (partition). Problem is, I've forgotten the commands to get the information that the boot entry needs in order to correct it.18:28
skinuxSomehow, after installing to another partition, both boot entries boot this installation.18:28
Niiloevening | Iltaa18:29
lordievaderskinux: Could you pastebin your /boot/grub/grub.cfg?18:29
NiiloAny Fins?18:30
skinuxYes: http://pastebin.com/18ZCrxR118:32
NiiloAny advice how i get mobile broadband woring @ Kubuntu18:32
Niiloim new with it so had some issues18:33
lordievaderskinux: There is but one menu entry?18:34
Niilogot it working with my laptop thru WIFI, but with desk pc i cant get it working.18:34
skinuxOh...crap! It's Windows Boot Menu that has double Ubuntu entries.18:34
lordievaderskinux: Ah never mind, os prober found the other.18:35
skinuxAnd from there, both entries boot this installation, when one of them should boot the older one.18:35
lordievaderskinux: The 14.04 one boots to a different partition that the top Ubuntu one.18:35
lordievaderskinux: Look at the root=UUID= directives.18:36
skinuxI'll give another shot to booting the other system.18:37
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laurent_hello word20:00
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