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GBeatsHi everyone, i need some help reinstalling lubuntu 14.10 using the debootstrapper, unless theres another way,01:33
GBeatsi have to either reinstall through windows7 or the current lubuntu 14.10 i have, my harddrive is setup like this.....[Windows NTFS 190+- GB, Unallocated 20GB, Lubuntu 20GB] i want to reinstall lubuntu and add the unallocated space to the lubuntu partition01:34
GBeatsi cannot use cd or usb, i have an image on my windows partition right now01:35
GBeatsgrub2 is already installed01:35
GBeatsdoes anyone have any ideas or advice :)01:36
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g_un1tHi all04:49
g_un1tIs there any way at all to prevent the lock screen from appearing? I've tried disabling it, turning it off etc but it keeps locking the screen like every 5 minutes or so04:50
holsteing_un1t: i just remove it, and use a different locker04:55
g_un1tholstein, How would I remove it completely? I don't want a locker04:58
holsteing_un1t: i just use the package manager of my choice to remove the package04:58
holsteing_un1t: are you talking about the screen locker with the screen saver? you can search "screen locker".. or "screen saver" and just remove what is locking the screen that you dont want04:59
g_un1tNo it's not the screen saver04:59
g_un1tit's whatever that comes with lubuntu by default04:59
g_un1tit looks like the default login screen05:00
holsteing_un1t: lubuntu 14.10?05:00
g_un1tholstein, 14.04 LTS05:00
holsteing_un1t: i would see if its xscreensaver or gnome-screensaver that you have that is locking the scren05:01
holsteing_un1t: the locker is "bundled" with the screen saver..05:02
g_un1tholstein, I think it's called "light-locker", but when I try to uninstall it, synaptic wants to remove "lubuntu-desktop" too :S05:02
g_un1tI'm not sure what the consequences of removing lubuntu-desktop are..05:02
holsteing_un1t: just search "screen locker" in the package manager of your choice.. lubuntu-desktop is just a meta package05:02
holsteing_un1t: lubuntu-desktop, if that is literallly the only other thing, is just the meta package05:03
g_un1toh okay05:03
holsteincould be https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-locker/+bug/128725505:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1287255 in light-locker (Ubuntu) "Disabling screen lock is not possible" [Medium,Fix released]05:04
g_un1tyeah, that's the one05:06
g_un1tokay I've disabled the lock screen from the autostart applications, hope that should do the trick. :)05:08
akiva-thinkpadwxl, ping06:55
ianorlinnot akiva-thinkpad that he might not answer right away as it is nearly 11pm for him06:55
akiva-thinkpadianorlin, oh that is just superstition.06:56
xvzfhi there I installed Lubuntu 14.04. I downloaded Google Chrome from https://www.google.com/chrome/?platform=linux It says it missing libappindicator1 but apt-get does not find it. How can I make this work?12:34
Meerkatxvzf, libappindicator1 can be found for me on 14.04. did you enter 'sudo apt-get install libappindicator1'?12:45
Tj2000Hi everyone, quick question. When I drag and drop from an smb share it only saves 4.0k. I need to copy and save via mouse clicks to actually save the file. Is there anyway to enable drag and drop?13:45
mrd504!history 1013:56
mrd504i was wondering if any one could help me, i'm using Lubuntu 14.04 and the sound on my usb headset only works in skype13:57
Tj2000No one?13:58
mrd504sorry i missed your question Tj200013:59
Tj2000It's ok. Here it is again... "Hi everyone, quick question. When I drag and drop from an smb share it only saves 4.0k. I need to copy and save via mouse clicks to actually save the file. Is there anyway to enable drag and drop?"14:00
Meerkatwhat is an smb? all i can think of is the game.14:00
testdrthe game ist called "ms-windows"14:01
Tj2000Samba media share. I have an Ubuntu server. I connect using this smb://14:01
mrd504smb file share14:01
Tj2000yes. smb file share.14:02
mrd504i'm looking in to Tj2000 i'm not not answering14:05
mrd504see if i can come up with something14:05
mrd504use smb-client //ip-address/share_name then put would copy from local share to smb share and get would be vice versa14:08
Tj2000Is that with the file manager or through terminal?14:09
Tj2000Wait, Im guessing file manager. let me try14:10
mrd504that's through the terminal14:10
mrd504smb-client should be installed by default on ubuntu14:10
mrd504if you get stuck once in you can type put help and it will guide you14:11
Tj2000ok so once I install it I can use the file managerto drag and drop?14:11
Tj2000I'm using lubuntu. I guess I need the repositories because Im getting unable to locate packages. I'll search and install14:14
Tj2000I searched for smb-client but most searches brought up "access windows shares"... My server is ubuntu 12.0414:16
GarbonzoTj2000: it will access a windows share, but you can also run a windows-compatible share via samba on linux...14:19
Tj2000Thank you both. I'll try that. I'm an Ubuntu guy so lubuntu is slighty foreign to me. But this is the same scenario that I faced while switching from Windows to Ubuntu. But I'm enjoying it just the same.14:22
GarbonzoTj2000: the differences between Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu etc 'under the hood' are pretty small -- the main difference is simply the desktop environment... anything you can do from the command line is broadly the same14:27
Tj2000Yes. I got that right off the bat. I did my research before chosing Ubuntu. But I installed Lubuntu on a netbook because Ubuntu runs so slow on it so I chose Lubuntu. I am so impressed that am thinking of installing it on my main,14:34
Tj2000brb need to restart..14:34
Tj2000Hey I'm back.14:41
Tj2000It didn't work. I drag and drom from an smb share and it only saves 4.0k of data.14:41
Tj2000I its helps, I need to connect to my server by clicking on "go" and then connect to location, and then I enter the address..14:46
Tj2000I don't connect via "go">network.14:47
Garbonzocan you do that with a large text file and see what's in the 4k file as a result?14:49
Tj2000Thats actually what I don't do. I connect to smb this way. click on file manager (PCMan), input the ip and then connect. I then try the deag and drop......14:55
mrd504did it not work on the command line either?14:55
mrd504while we're at it? any one got any advice for my sound issue?14:56
Tj2000I'm trying to avoid the command line for this task. I just want to drag and drop small files. If it  were big files like >50mb I wouls use scp.14:58
GarbonzoTj2000: what i meant was, please can you try and replicate the error but use a biggish text file as a source. Then you can open the destination file in an editor and see whether it's truncated the original file down to 4K, or put something else in there instead.14:58
Tj2000You mean use a .txt as the file I'm dragging and dropping?15:00
Garbonzowell, an anything with text content that's >4k before it's copied from the share15:00
Tj2000I'm tryin to DnD a movie file.15:00
Garbonzoyes, but this might help a little with diagnosis15:01
Garbonzojust to see if that 4k contains actual data or cruft from the copying process15:02
Tj2000how "biggish"?15:02
Garbonzodoesn't need to be. just something significantly over the original 4K15:03
Tj2000I just did 7.3kib15:05
Garbonzowhat size is the destination file after drag and drop? 7.3 or 4K?15:05
Tj20007.3 but its a .html file.15:05
Garbonzoand what do you see if you open it in a text editor?15:05
Tj2000[Desktop Entry] Type=Link Name=index.html Icon=text-html URL=smb://
Tj2000Pretty much the origin,,15:06
Garbonzolooks more like some sort of link rather than the contents of anything useful...15:07
Garbonzoseems like it's copying the desktop environment's description for the file rather than any meaningful content!15:10
Tj2000Yes, I opened with leafpad and abiword. It seems like DnD just makes shortcuts. BTW Garbonzo have you tried switching between alsa, pulse, etc. I had an earphone problem similar to yours, not through usb though, but it worked.15:13
mrd504Tj2000 that was the problem I was having, yea I've had similar before and installed pulseaudio to fix it, doesn't seem to have worked this time round though15:16
Tj2000ahh, does it need drivers?  what brand15:17
mrd504its logitech, but like I says it is working when using skype15:18
mrd504and I have even set it in the asound.conf file to use the headset by default15:18
mrd504but that didn't work either15:18
Tj2000tried changing ports?15:18
mrd504no but I don't really want to use the only usb3.0 port for headphones15:19
Tj2000what mixer does skype use15:19
Tj2000oh wait.15:19
Tj2000have you checked the sound controls? is it using pulse15:21
mrd504that's definitely using alsa15:21
mrd504just trying to uninstall alsa now15:21
Tj2000that was my problem15:21
mrd504that's done the trick15:25
mrd504can't turn the f**ker down now15:25
mrd504needs alsa-utils15:25
Tj2000Really it worked?15:26
Tj2000all sound besides skype work?15:26
mrd504it did, i uninstalled both alsa and pulseaudio, reinstalled pulseaudio and ran pulseaudio -k15:26
mrd504skype always worked, now all sound works15:26
mrd504thanks for that, now where are we with your samba??15:27
Tj2000don't worry about that. its not really a problem cos I have a work around. right clicking copy and paste isnt a problem.15:28
Tj2000I don't mind it.15:28
mrd504ah that's alright then15:28
mrd504but dragging and dropping makes a shortcut?15:29
mrd504is that a specific sambaism?15:29
Tj2000milliseconds in trying to accomplish something isnt that a big a deal to me.15:29
mrd504fair enough15:30
Tj2000I just wanted to "Know" how to fix it so it matched what I wanted.15:30
Tj2000No biggie, I'm just glad I helped someone on in the process. That is what Ubuntu/Lubuntu etc is about.15:32
mrd504yep I shall definitely be attending this group more15:32
GarbonzoTj2000: nope, not lately with the sound issue. My main Lubuntu is on an ancient Toughbook, which seems to be headphones-only in Linux...15:33
Tj2000Cool. We need that. Greatful people helping others.15:34
Tj2000Huh Garbonzo?15:37
GarbonzoTj2000: you mentioned audio things ~20 mins ago. Replied to that...15:39
Tj2000Did you need help with audio stuff?15:40
Tj2000of just mrd50415:40
GarbonzoNo, but you mentioned me specifically in an audio-related post back then. So i replied! :-)15:41
mrd504all my problems are sorted, thank you :)15:41
mrd504now listening to a bit of korn :)15:41
Tj2000oh, my bad Garbonzo.15:42
GarbonzoTj2000: no problem!15:42
Tj2000mrd504 Shoot and ladders...15:43
Tj2000Goodnight all. Have a good day/night15:44
mrd504night Tj200015:44
Garbonzomrd504: i suppose listening to korn beats listening to `echo korn | sed s/k/p/`15:44
Garbonzo :-)15:44
mrd504ha! skypes broke now15:44
Garbonzoskype should remain forever broken (shudders)15:45
mrd504i actually agree15:45
Garbonzobut it is useful now and then15:45
mrd504yes i have my old colleagues on it, useful for moving jobs15:47
Garbonzoalso useful for elderly relatives etc15:49
mrd504ok quick restart and skype's working again15:56
Garbonzomrd504: cool15:58
xsiI installed lxpanel. What's the main config file. I have to remove special effects when window mininization19:43
xsias well as delay menu effects19:44
ianorlinxsi: that is not an lxpanel config19:44
ianorlinit is in ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml change <AnimateIconify>Yes</AnimateIconify> to no19:46
spicypixelso with 14.10 being a bug fix release before migrating to lxqt, is the upgrade path from 14.10 to 15.04 going to be simple? Can I install lubuntu and be happy knowing I don't need to bin my OS and start again to upgrade to a new release?19:51
ianorlinspicypixel: I think there will be an upgrade path but not sure how clean it will be19:53
ianorlinyou could of course use 14.04 if worried about that but it sounds like you have 14.10 installed19:53
ianorlinyou should back up your data anyway when upgrading19:53
spicypixelfair enough19:53
ianorlinwell right before updating19:53
ianorlinso reinstall is worst case19:53
spicypixelthat being said given lxqt is basically built on razor qt iirc instead of anything used before I'm sure it'll all be completely different19:54
spicypixelbit of a pain I guess19:54
phillwspicypixel: at present, lxqt will be around at 15.10. We need it there to satisfy tech board rules for a switch of LTS for 16.04. Until then, I'd follow joern's advice of lxqt components at risk of eating kittens. They will try not to, but... heck... a cute little kitten and a slightly maverick OS... who knows :)20:03
phillwspicypixel: as the gtk lubuntu hits alpha 1 for 15.04, I will nag our heap of dev to death to get an update on the path. I know pcman has recently put out a note stating that gtk will be supported (and some gtk3 stuff has been done).20:10
phillwwxl / jared do you have the link handy for pcman's email about lxde and GTK?20:11
kader2014Bonsoir y'a t il quelqu'unqui parle français??20:56
silverlionkader2014, la langue ici c'est l'anglais20:57
kader2014merci mais au moin je vous ai trouvé20:58
kader2014i have a problem with my system20:59
silverlionkader2014, maybe you should ask in #ubuntu-fr for help21:01
kader2014when I start the system peuxpas I access my office, I see a black screen21:01
silverlionthere they do support in french21:02
kader2014but i have lubuntu 14.0421:02
kader2014but i wrote about the problem in english21:02
silverlionkader2014, it was just a suggestion21:03
kader2014thank you, you know what is the solution?21:06
silverlionnot yet but I am still looking for you21:08
kader2014thank you my friend21:09
silverlionkader2014, did you get some upgrades before?21:10
silverlion13.10 -> 14.0421:11
kader2014from 14.04 to 14.10?21:11
kader2014no i didn't21:11
kader2014but i wanna to do it from 14.04 to 141021:12
silverlionkader2014, I'd say you make a back-up of your data and do a clean install of 14.1021:12
silverlionit sounds to me that something with your grafics card is missing21:13
silverlionbut that's only a wild guess21:13
silverlionI have no idea how this is to explain21:13
kader2014yes perheps21:14
kader2014thank ou silverlion, goodbye21:26
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dev__Hi, a newbie question. I just created a new user and when I log in as that user and open lxterminal I don't get a prompt. The googling I've done seems to indicate that it's a permissions thing, but what's mentioned doesn't fix my problem. Can anyone talk me through trouble shooting this?23:36
silverliondev__, did you alter the permissions in the users chart?23:41
dev__silverlion, no I didn't alter the users chart. I don't even know what that is: )23:42
silverliondev__, have you checked the permissions with your current account?23:44
silverlionthere need to be differences23:44
dev__silverlion, what permissions are you referring to?23:45
silverliondev__, ok, let's start from the beginning23:45
silverlionwhat do you need that new user for?23:45
silverlionaka what does that user need to do? does it need to be an Admin or is "regular user" enough?23:46
dev__silverlion, I provision my development tools using a puppet module. That module creates a user 'dev' that I normally work under when doing development work.23:47
silverlionI don't have any clue about dev stuff :(23:47
dev__silverlion, I guess a regular user is enough as long as I can sudo and supply a password when needed. The problem doesn't seem to be development related. It's just that the new user 'dev' just can't open a lxterminal that works. Xterm works. If I open xterm and change to root and then open an lxterminal it works.23:49
dev__I added the user to the sudo group, if that's relevant.23:49
silverliondev__, not necessarily23:50
silverlionI need to reproduce the situation. gimme a min23:50

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