Randy_OQuestion: How do I get a scope to read a JSON file that is local, and not from a web API?03:33
ahoneybunhello all05:11
akiva-thinkpadnik90_, ping06:17
akiva-thinkpadblarg; Why does my SDK just break?07:08
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad:  how your SDK is broken?09:50
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan, it segfaults on running applications09:50
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad:  what is "it"?09:51
akiva-thinkpadIt happened some time after the distribution upgrade.09:51
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan, "it" is most of the core apps.09:51
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad:  what series? Trusty, Utopic, Vivid?09:51
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan, and most of the templates09:51
akiva-thinkpad14.10; this was a final beta originally09:52
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad:  Do you use the SDK PPA?09:52
akiva-thinkpadafter the upgrade to 14.10 it just started giving me issues09:52
akiva-thinkpadI recall something like this happening before last time, that ... instead of figuring out what went wrong, I was just told to reinstall ubuntu, which is fine enough09:53
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad:  would you please pastebin the `apt-cache policy qtcreator qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu`09:53
akiva-thinkpadbut damn my internet is slow09:53
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad:  I doubt that anybody from the SDK team has suggested you to reinstall the whole OS :)09:53
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9168946/09:54
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan, Does popey count? to be fair; it was not segfaulting, but just not running the filemanager and the terminal app at that time, giving some innocuous cmake error.09:55
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad:  ok :) popey must have some well established reason to suggest so... if he did09:55
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan, reason; RTM - just reinstall :P09:57
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan, btw I'm downloading 15.04 atm; presuming I can run the sdk on this, right?09:57
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad:  okey, so please tell me what exactly you do and what is the outcome.09:58
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan, want a screencast?09:58
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad: if it is easy to do09:58
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan, sure I'll ping you in 5-1009:59
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad:  one thing is for sure, the latest qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu package from the SDK PPA is 3.1.1+15.04.20141117.2-0ubuntu1~0utopic1 what is newer than what you have.10:01
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan, okay thanks for letting me know10:03
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad: I do not promise that upgrading to that will solve your problem :) but at least I can track down your issue better by attempting to reproduce what you see10:04
akiva-thinkpadah bloody public wifi... slow10:04
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan, http://filebin.ca/1i6Zdswe54Gv/Cast-_00003.mp410:11
akiva-thinkpadpopey, nvm this was months ago10:11
popeyakiva-thinkpad: I rarely tell people to re-install their OS, that's a horrid solution10:11
akiva-thinkpadpopey, for what its worth; it worked.10:12
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan, anyways; I am far from a cmakelists guru; but in that project video, I am running an older version of the filemanager app (few weeks), and the current trunk, using the exact same build environment10:13
akiva-thinkpadthe trunk does not want to build10:13
akiva-thinkpadthe old version doesnt have an issue10:13
akiva-thinkpadwhen I try running the qmlproject, that just crashes, where a week ago it was working fine for me.10:14
akiva-thinkpadone thing I would like to get better at is learning how to actually figure out why this is segfaulting. How do I find the logs related to the core dump?10:15
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad: It looks odd indeed. As start, please upgrade to the latest version of the SDK10:15
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan, okay; although I thought I had...10:16
* akiva-thinkpad sudo apt-gets update10:16
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad:  you have a newer version of the QtC than the plugin10:16
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad: the `sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade` does the upgrade10:16
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad:  the apt-get update does not upgrade, it just updates your package list10:17
akiva-thinkpadyah I know :P   I just had the software running an hour ago, so ~10:18
akiva-thinkpadit looks like there are a few qt components updating now so +110:19
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9169332/ -- still getting the same errors10:22
akiva-thinkpadno compile on filemanager, and crash on qmlproject.10:22
akiva-thinkpadhuh; I think i'll take your advice popey and just upgrade to 15.04. hopefully that will solve the sdk issues.10:42
akiva-thinkpadanyways; I'm out for a bit. Once I get this cleared up I think I can jump back on the horse~10:42
mzanettiogra_: you busy, eh :D11:35
ogra_heh, yeah, framework updates etc :)11:36
ogra_wow, in the build.de app it always shocks me  how you can even make a mobile site look like yellow press11:39
* mzanetti likes how ogra can't type "bild" because his brain autocompletes to "build"11:40
ogra_i didnt even notice :P11:41
ogra_still shocked by the page :)11:41
* mzanetti curses at ogra because he made him open bild.de11:43
mihirnik90_: ping12:46
mihirnik90_: did you get chance to review the MP ?12:47
mzanettipopey: pfff... are you tryin to keep down the number of changes per update? "Ensure this value has at most 500 characters (it has 635)." :D13:26
popeymzanetti: i have no idea what you're talking about ☻13:29
mzanettipopey: uploaded a new version of fahrplan. apparently the changelog field can't have more than 500 chars13:29
popey→ beuno13:29
popeyI'd file a bug13:29
popeyogra_: might look nicer if your app is called "freenode webchat" rather than webchat.freenode.net13:30
ogra_popey, hmm13:31
popeyjust a suggestion, long names with dots dont work well in the dash13:31
ogra_updated :)13:31
ogra_aha ... and now kiwi as well as the freenode app show in the communication category13:33
ogra_seems it just took a little to take the changes13:33
Randy_OQuestion: How do I get a scope to read a JSON file that is local, and not from a web API?15:43
ahoneybunping popey19:33
=== jhodapp|sick is now known as jhodapp
ogra_phew ... all apps updated (and except one also all fixed)20:23
mzanettipopey: do you know if there's an api to add stuff to the calendar from an app?22:42

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