alex-abreutrainguards can you reconfigure L 49?00:10
robrualex-abreu: done00:18
alex-abreurobru, thx00:35
robrualex-abreu: you're welcome!00:35
imgbot=== trainguards: IMAGE 29 building (started: 20141122 02:05) ===02:05
robrubfiller: congrats on being the first person to enjoy automatically merge&cleaned silos ;-)03:03
imgbot=== trainguards: IMAGE 29 DONE (finished: 20141122 03:25) ===03:25
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/29.changes ===03:25
bzoltanrobru:  do you know why the CI sheet and the silo dash tells that some builds are failed in silo15 when all packages are there and good04:45
robrubzoltan: oh yeah, https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-015-1-build/72/console shows a build failure, but if you check the versions, it's actually the failure from the previous build. that's a known issue with the new watch_ppa, I'll fix that soon. For now just do a WATCH_ONLY build and it'll straighten itself out04:47
robru(the issue is that lp is reporting the previous upload even after a new upload supercedes it)04:47
bzoltanrobru:  Super... the silo15 is good to go then04:47
robrubzoltan: great, you can help me test automatic merging and cleaning ;-)04:48
bzoltanrobru:  On Monday i will land the rest of the qmake support04:48
bzoltanrobru:  with pleasure :)04:48
bzoltanrobru:  just tell me what to do04:48
robrubzoltan: just do a WATCH_ONLY build on the silo for now04:48
bzoltanrobru: ok04:49
robrubzoltan: ok! so in ~5 minutes that build job should report success, and then when it does I'll hit publish. then once it migrates it should just automatically merge. it should be so fast that the bot doesn't even ping 'you can merge and clean' at all... it should just go from 'one package in the proposed pocket' to 'merging...'04:52
bzoltanrobru:  sounds great04:52
robrubzoltan: hopefully it works! I worked already once today but then I made some changes...04:53
robrubzoltan: just approve that merge ;-) https://code.launchpad.net/~zeller-benjamin/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/qmake-support/+merge/24083904:55
bzoltanrobru:  ehh.. I missed that04:56
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