LinDol_phonehi all13:14
jseligaI'm trying to get Personal File Sharing to work, I turned it on in the GNOME Settings Panel, which didn't work.  I found the Personal Sharing Tool, which said it couldn't be enabled because something was missing so I installed libapache2-mod-dnssd which allowed me to configure Personal File Sharing however other computers are still not seeing the Public folder over the network.20:00
jseligaI saw a tutorial that said to also install apache2.2-bin however when I attempt to do so it says it's going to remove gnome-user-share and ubuntu-gnome-desktop20:01
jseligaFor 14.1020:07
zoidfarb1Hi, I'm running standard Ubuntu 14.04 with the gnome-fallback desktop. Can I upgrade to Ubuntu GNOME 14.10? Or do I have to do a fresh reinstall?21:06
Noskcajzoidfarb1, Disable any PPAs for the update and you should be fine21:14
zoidfarb1Noskacj: But how do I make sure it upgrades to Ubuntu GNOME, not just regular Ubuntu? Do I have to add a different repo, or install particular packages?21:15
Noskcajzoidfarb1, no extra changes needed. It's the same repository for both21:17
zoidfarb1Noskcaj: Ok, so what package do I install to switch to Ubuntu GNOME? Just 'gnome' ?21:18
zoidfarb1I know lubuntu has a meta-package, lubuntu-desktop, but I don't see anything equivalent for Ubuntu GNOME21:25
Noskcajzoidfarb1, ubuntu-gnome-desktop21:30
zoidfarb1Noskcaj: Got it, thank you!21:31
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jseligaIs there a trick to get Personal File Sharing to work?21:39
jseliga(in 14.10)21:39

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