mofieshave any of you guys played around with an ejabberd installation?00:08
mofies. . .00:09
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* bogusboxen waves00:23
sarnoldbogusboxen: it tends to work best to keep the same nickname after asking a question, otherwise people not just check "oh, mofies is gone" ..00:27
bogusboxendid I ask the same question twice? my bad. . .00:29
bogusboxenMy question was to elicit discussion00:30
sarnoldbogusboxen: "mofies" asked the question :) hehe00:35
bogusboxentrue enough00:36
bogusboxenI've never had a permanent(semi) nick before00:37
bogusboxensarnold: in your experience, are most of the lurkers bots, or are they people who just leave their chat running but don't prefer to talk?00:39
sarnoldbogusboxen: dunno. a great many people join plenty of channels but set up highlights on a few things the ycare about, and then hide the channel. I'm in dozens of channels that I never actually -look- in them unless I'm highlighted..00:40
sarnoldbogusboxen: most people tend to work ~ten hours a day, leaving the other 14 hours asleep or doing other stuff, so there's another 60% of potential respondents missing at any given time..00:41
bogusboxensarnold: That's what I figured00:42
* bogusboxen googles highlights00:42
sarnoldirssi spells it 'hilight', I just can't bring myself to type that though :)00:43
bogusboxenIt seems that pidgin doesn't have that feature by default. . .00:46
kyle__I'm curious, does anyone actually use the intel matrix-raid for their boot device.  On a server?00:46
sarnoldkyle__: I know a business that relies upon it extensively for windows desktops and their (severely under-budgeted) windows servers00:47
sarnoldkyle__: I suspect folks running linux use mdadm instead :)00:47
kyle__sarnold: Wow.  Although I don't know the quality of the windows software raid system...mostly cause I don't use windows servers voluntarily.00:48
kyle__sarnold: Yeah, that's what I thought.00:48
* kyle__ sighs00:49
kyle__I never considered the bios-raid suitable for production servers, but it's been so long since I've looked at it, I was wondering if I was prehaps holding an outdated opinion00:50
gbkerseykyle__: I definitely would not use bios-raid...00:55
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ChrisPEvening Scott, easy as pie setup03:33
ScottKHello ChrisP.03:40
ScottKrbasak: ChrisP is interested in learning about packaging, in particular he's keen to help out with clamav.03:41
lordievaderGood morning.08:26
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Alina-malinahow to run qemu ubuntu server inside another ubuntu-server?12:42
lordievaderAlina-malina: What do you mean exactly?12:43
Alina-malinawell i have ubuntu server host, i want to run another guest ubuntu-server inside qemu12:44
merovingiannot surẹ. here to learn :)12:44
Alina-malinawell, i know how to do that, i am just wondering if it will work, or i need the host ubuntu to be a GUI based one?12:44
lordievaderAlina-malina: Install virt-manager, it'll make it easier.12:45
Alina-malinawhat is that?12:45
lordievaderAll things can be done with virsh but virt-manager is ofter easier to someone new to kvm.12:45
lordievader!info virt-manager12:45
ubottuvirt-manager (source: virt-manager): desktop application for managing virtual machines. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 (utopic), package size 851 kB, installed size 7242 kB12:45
Alina-malinawhat is the difference between qemu and virt-manager? why would i prefer one to another?12:47
lordievaderAlina-malina: Qemu is a hypervisor, virt-manager is a frontend for libvirt/qemu.12:50
Alina-malinahmmm things got complicated for me :-/ which one is virtual machine here?12:51
lordievaderThat is running under the hypervisor.12:51
Alina-malinaso installing .iso image inside qemu directly? aint that better?12:52
lordievaderYou could do everything manually, but it is so much easier to use a front end like virt-manager or virsh.12:52
Alina-malinaeh i dont get it, i think a tutorial would be nice :-/12:53
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jak3000hi all, cant connect remotely to my server i get this error: http://pastie.org/9736666     i do this: iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 3306 -j ACCEPT  but continue cant connecting any advice why?15:59
strikovHey guys. Both 12.04 and 14.04 use mdadm 3.2.5 but it seems to be cooked differently in these releases. 12.04 has a lot of logic inside initramfs hooks to handle degraded boot and ask user if he wants to boot from degraded array or not. 14.04 silently boots from degraded array. Is it something we planned to have?16:06
jrwrenjak3000: -A adds the rule at the end of the table, but if you have a DROP or REJECT higher in the table, that rule won't be reached.16:15
miccheckhi. do i have to restart my ubuntu vps after running sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade?17:28
strikovmiccheck: yes, the most straightforward reasoning is that the kernel might be updated and you definitely want to run it instead of the old one17:34
jrwrenmiccheck: only if you want a new kernel, which, given the type of VPS, you may not even get.17:34
lordievaderIt'll tell you if you need to restart or not, but usually ony with a kernel update.17:34
lordievaderOeh and by the by, apt-get upgrade will not install new kernels ;) Dist-upgrade will though.17:35
strikovlordievader: good point, didn't know that17:36
miccheckawesome everyone, thanks!17:37
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ScottKlordievader: upgrade will get you non-ABI breaking kernel upgrades.  They don't all require dist-upgrade.   They all do require a reboot however.17:58
tafa2My server says: 10 packages can be updated. 10 updates are security updates.18:51
tafa2But apt-get update && apt-get upgrade only show 4 packages to be updated?18:51
lordievadertafa2: Try apt-get dist-upgrade ;)18:53
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tafa2lordievader thanks18:53
jak3000jrwren how to add then? or how to disable iptables?18:54
ice9do-release-upgrade on 14.04  say that i have the latest19:22
lordievaderice9: Check if it only allows LTS -> LTS upgrades.19:25
ice9 lordievader: where to find this?19:25
lordievaderice9: /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades19:27
brianblaze420can someone tell me if it matters what order the DirectoryIndex files are in /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/dir.conf20:24
BlinkizHello. I having a weird network speed problem. I can not come over 380 Mbit with iperf (or anything else) on my Ubuntu 14.04 server. How can I troubleshoot this? The server is a virtualization host, I have the same upper speed limit between host and guest.20:54
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brianblaze420NAT, bridged hows it connected Blinkiz21:10
Blinkizbrianblaze420, for external networking, p4p1, 82574L Gigabit Network Connection. No bridging on this one, static public IPv4-address directly including public IPv6-address.21:17
Blinkizbrianblaze420, against virtual guests on the machine is a standard linux brigde where all guests are attached and "em1" network card for external access, 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection21:18
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RoyKBlinkiz: wierd22:07
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