popey\o/ http://hogsmeade.lieberbiber.de/appstorediff.xml00:00
popeyElleo: http://popey.mooo.com/screenshots/device-2014-11-22-000149.png hmmm00:02
popeyseems to have taken a cropped photo I gave it00:02
popeyI mean, the photo is full size00:02
popeybut it's showing the central 1/3rd00:02
popeyhaha, oh this gets better00:02
Elleopopey: it uses the full photo, it's just I display it filling the screen00:02
popeymy cat is _not_ a weasel00:02
Elleoclose enough00:02
popeyfor government work..00:02
cwayne1popey: well, if i wanted to make you feel old, i'd point out your first computer is 7 years older than I am00:03
SturmFlutpopey: I didn't expect that my server would become an integral part of the Ubuntu Touch infrastructure when I wrote that feed00:03
Elleoin the next version I might show a few more of its candidate suggestions, that can be extra fun00:03
popeySturmFlut: \o/00:03
Elleopopey: e.g. it thinks my boat is a "limousine / canoe"00:03
Elleowhich seems pretty accurate to me00:03
popeyhahah, brilliant00:03
popeyi think this could become quite the amusing meme app00:03
Elleoyeah, it's fun to play with00:04
cwayne1SturmFlut: if you need a mirror or anything, let me know, I'd be happy to help00:04
popey"Avacado / BMW"00:04
ElleoI wouldn't rely on it to identify which mushrooms are edible though...00:04
popeySturmFlut: same here00:04
SturmFlutpopey, cwayne1: Luckily i've already got the replacement hardware here. I hope 32 cores and 512 GB of RAM can handle the load. If not, I can always cluster a thousand Raspberry Pis.00:05
popeytwo would probably do ☻00:05
cwayne1SturmFlut: that escalated quickly :)00:06
SturmFlutpopey: Mark predicted 200 million Ubuntu users in 2015, i am only realistic00:06
popeyphone the electricity board, get them to spin up some hydro00:08
popeyElleo: did you ever figure out the issues you had back in malta with the stargazing app?00:09
SturmFlutpopey: Nucular. It's pronounced, 'nucular'.00:10
Elleopopey: nope never got back to it, but I handed all the source to Mirco to play with in Washington, so he might do something more with it ;)00:10
popeyI'll nag him :)_00:11
popeyHe was one of the first people I spoke to at my very first UDS in Sevilla00:11
Elleoyou need to find someone low level to nag about getting compass support in qtsensors working too for that ;)00:11
popeyHe showed me his Lowfat UI concepts on my touch screen laptop.00:12
mzanettiSturmFlut: https://github.com/Sturmflut/ubuntustorediff/pull/100:13
mzanettipopey: soon with pics ^ (given SturmFlut approves)00:13
popeyserved up from our infra, not his?00:14
Elleomzanetti: neat00:14
mzanettipopey: well, so far I don't host anything. and my server isn't that powerful00:15
SturmFlutmzanetti: merged00:15
mzanettipopey: I failed to add it in shorts though00:16
popeyi used a tinurl ☻00:16
cwayne1should be a scope!00:16
mzanettiactually... can we have links to scopes in there?00:16
mzanettilike scope://appstore/appid or something?00:16
mzanettiso tapping one would bring you to the store and install it00:17
popeythat would be logical00:17
mzanetticwayne1: do you know?00:18
cwayne1mzanetti: there's not a scope:// url for it, there could be a ubuntu store uri for it perhaps (i dont know)00:20
mzanettipopey: so your cat is a weasel?00:26
mzanettipopey: you were lucky: http://i.imgur.com/HW9jtQ5.jpg00:26
cwayne1man, i want a pet now00:26
ElleoI knew it was a bad idea to add smell sensors to the phone00:26
* SturmFlut goes to sleep00:27
mzanettitotally off for the thing, but I guess the word is close enough :D http://i.imgur.com/EtP556n.jpg00:37
mzanettifunny app Elleo00:37
Elleomzanetti: heh, somehow I suspect that drones weren't in the training set ;)00:37
popeywhat was?00:38
popeyskunks and weasles, clearly00:38
Elleopopey: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/173317971/ImageNet.words <-- these things00:38
mzanettiElleo: is the training material plain images or does it require some additional info?00:45
Elleomzanetti: basically plain images plus a bit of metadata (like what they're images of)00:48
mzanettiElleo: would be cool if users could enter the name and upload it00:48
Elleomzanetti: there's details on the training process here: http://libccv.org/doc/doc-convnet/ (scroll down to "How to train my own classifier")00:48
Elleomzanetti: yeah, that'd require me setting up a super beefy server for the training00:49
mzanettiyeah. I guess SturmFlut can help with his cluster of a million rpis :D00:50
Elleomzanetti: and it'd have to be done in batches, since it's not really a continuous learning algorithm, you have to retrain the whole thing to add new data to it00:50
mzanettiI see00:50
Elleomzanetti: next thing I might do is make an OpenTLD app, that's a continuous learning algorithm for tracking stuff00:51
mzanettiever since I played Akinator once I can't stop thinking about how to build up such a database00:51
Elleooh, looks like OpenTLD has been superceded by this now: http://www.gnebehay.com/cmt/00:52
Elleothat should be fun to play with00:53
mzanettiElleo: that OpenTLD thing might be useful for the camera app00:53
Elleomzanetti: yeah00:53
Elleothere's lots of nifty computer vision and image processing libs we could be making use of for fancy things00:53
ElleoI want to try putting together an Ubuntu Touch robotics kit at some point00:54
Elleothat'd be fun00:54
mzanettioh yeah00:54
* popey ensleepens00:54
Elleoplus I could include my AI learning library, and force people to use it :P00:54
popeynn chaps00:54
Elleonight popey :)00:54
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mzanettigood night00:57
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ahoneybunhello all05:11
ahoneybunhello all05:24
ahoneybunpopey: imgur.com/KUWSD7D06:19
^Manuwow, lots of people/07:28
^Manui'm wondering... need to buy a new phone. does anyone have any realistic estimates of ubuntu-touch release dates? it seems to have slipped past the dates written all over the net.07:29
^Manualso, is it known whether both mx4 versions will be supported? or just the pro/'amateur'?07:30
^Manui'm considering to get an mx4, or just get a nexus if it's all still some time away...07:31
^Manuhmm, lively place :)07:46
^Manui wonder if this is any reflection on the late launch date ;)07:46
ahoneybunhey ^Manu07:47
anpok_^Manu: what dates have been written?07:50
willcookePlugging my phone in to my laptop via USB should "just work" right?  In so much as I should see some kind of mass storage device on to which I can copy music or whatever?11:12
ogra_willcooke, it should pop uo a nautilus window (unless you disabled that)11:16
willcookeogra_, Then I've broken something, cos it's not doing that.11:34
willcookeI wonder11:34
willcookeI thought I might have dev. mode on, but I dont11:35
ogra_dev mode shouldnt influence MTP behavior11:36
* willcooke tries a different USB cable11:36
ogra_your PC should definitely show a device in the unity launcher11:36
ogra_what device/channel ?11:37
willcookeogra_, reboot laptop - no change11:43
willcookerebooting phone now11:43
ogra_what are you running on the laptop11:43
ogra_works fine here on utopic11:44
ogra_thats what i run on my desktop ... works fine there too11:44
ogra_very weird11:44
willcookedo I have to have an sd card in the phone?11:44
willcookeok, laptop  *is* seeing device11:45
willcookeNov 22 11:45:35 malfunctioning-eddie mtp-probe: bus: 1, device: 14 was not an MTP device11:45
ogra_wow, file a bug please ... looks like the mtp server didnt start11:46
willcookewill do, thanks a lot ogra_11:46
ogra_not sure how that could happen since it works here (and did for QA when testing yesterday)11:46
willcookeI'm special ;)11:47
willcookeogra_, what should I file the bug against in LP?  wiki says not against ubuntu-touch11:50
willcookeogra_, got it - thanks11:50
willcookemtp doesnt have bugs in LP11:51
willcookeyes it does11:51
popeywillcooke: i put all my music on an sd card, that way i can reflash the phone clean and know it's all still there12:06
popeyalso more space12:06
* popey adds 32GB SD Cards to amazon wishlist12:06
willcookepopey, well - that's quite interesting, because that's exactly what I wanted to do12:07
willcookeTrue story:12:07
popeydoes it show up after a phone reboot?12:07
willcookeI set up a VM with windows on so I could installed iTunes, so that I could sync wirelessly to my phone12:07
popeyyou know you have to pin unlock the phone to show up the mtp stuff?12:07
willcookepopey, I didn't, but that doesn't make any difference.  Also we should make that clear, it's non-obvious (to me at least)12:08
willcookeso anyway12:08
willcookeInstalled iTunes.  synced my phone with a cable, everything working12:09
willcookego wireless12:09
willcookedoesnt work12:09
willcookejust craps out all the time,12:09
willcookeand playing music from the shared itunes library also doesnt work12:09
popeyyou're talking iphones?12:09
willcookeSo that's it12:09
willcookeI'm done with Apple now12:09
willcookeI thought it might be nice, but it's crappy unless you have Apple everything12:10
willcookeI'm going to look at building a plug in for Rhythmbox to sync with Ubuntu phone over wifi.12:10
willcookebecause I can12:10
willcookeGo freedom12:10
popeyI hear from the youth that they don't generally put music on their devices but stream from online sources12:12
willcookeyeah, but that costs money.  I could make it at home for nothing12:12
willcookevery very narrow principals12:13
* popey sees ogra spam in his inbox12:13
willcookehere's a good one for you... how do I test the battery in my multimeter?12:13
ogra_updating all my apps to proper frameworks :)12:13
ogra_... and the right categories12:14
ogra_ogra_k, foo12:35
ogra_hah, notifications work in kiwirc ... nice12:35
popeypopeyk: yo12:37
popeypopeyk: yo12:37
* ogra_ updates the app to drop the hearder and default to #ubuntu-touch12:38
popeymake a webapp in the store that comes directly here ☻12:38
ogra_popey, there is one ... since ages ;)12:38
ogra_i'm just updatin it12:38
popeyonly available in germany? ☻12:38
popeydownward yesterday as we lost some fake paid apps i think12:39
ogra_and updated ...12:39
popeythen back up again as everyone uploaded new scopes and stuff12:40
ogra_"only available" isnt set12:42
ogra_you should see it in the store12:42
ogra_doesnt show in communications ... where it should be12:43
ogra_but a search finds it12:43
popeywhat's it called?12:43
ogra_well, kiwi irc12:45
ogra_but kiwi should find it12:45
ogra_i dont get why it doesnt show in the category12:45
ogra_hmm, the freenode app doesnt show in the category either13:01
ogra-ffreenode app works too :)13:08
* ogra_ uploads update13:10
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* ogra_ sighs ... 3rd session crash today 14:21
popeyogra_: ever in a state where apps won't start?14:31
popeyshorts and music (and others) just sit at the spinner14:31
ogra_popey, yeah14:31
popeyreckon we have a bug for it?14:31
ogra_i had that one twice and just now the whole session restarted under my finge14:31
ogra_well, kind of14:32
ogra_bug 139491914:32
ubot5bug 1394919 in cgmanager (Ubuntu RTM) "constant crash in trying to collect info for recoverable error" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139491914:32
popeyon my phone right now it freezes up for .5s every so often14:32
popeylike when unlocking14:32
ogra_most likely apport is running14:33
ogra_but thats only fallout ... cgmanager has issues ... but apport cant collect info about it14:33
popeyno, nothing is running14:36
popeyhaha, where'd that popeyk come from!14:36
popeyoxide is allowed to run in the background?14:36
popeymy phone has been locked for ages, and that guy was still connected?14:36
popeykstill running14:37
ogra_well, it somehow got foregrounded14:55
ogra_kiwi reconnects automatically14:55
pindongahi .. I'm trying to install ubuntu touch on my nexus 7.. I'm following the instructions from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/DualBootInstallation15:12
pindongaI've managed to install the dual boot app, but I can't find a utopic channel15:13
pindongait only lists trusty and some variants of it15:13
pindongais that bc my laptop (from where I run the dualboot.sh script) is running trusty?15:13
Tassadarpindonga: Nexzs 7 (2012) is no longer supported, so newer utopic builds are not available for it15:14
pindongawhat's the best channel to use, and how can I select it if it's not in the list?15:14
pindongaTassadar, so what are my choices here? use trusty image (possibly quite outdated and potentially broken?) or not use ubuntu touch at all?15:15
Tassadaryeah, pretty much15:16
pindongathx Tassadar15:16
pindongaTassadar, in the case I had a supported nexus 7 (2013 I guess)15:17
pindongawould utopic be the right channel to use?15:17
pindongafor a 'stable' experience15:18
Tassadaralthough ubuntu-rtm and vivid-proposed channels are newer, I'd probably use ubuntu-rtm (no vivid-proposed passed QA yet)15:20
cwayne1ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09 is the most stable16:00
pngo_why I can't edit sources.list18:11
nhainespngo_: the root file system is read-only and not meant to be modified.19:02
nhainesYou can enable read-write mode, but then you won't be able to update the phone again.19:02
pngo_nhaines, I've tried phablet-config writable-image but I get command not found. Do you know other way?19:25
nhainespngo_: that's the only way. You have to reboot after, I think, but that should do it.  You can probably just create the right file at the right place, but I forget what it is now.19:40
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popeypngo_: nhaines /userdata/.writable_image20:06
popeypngo_: i usually just do this:-20:06
popeyadb shell20:07
popeysudo touch /userdata/.writable_image20:07
popeysudo mount -o remount,rw /20:07
cwayne\o/ submitted new untappd scope to the store21:46
cwaynenow just need someone to review it and let it in :P21:47
cwaynecough cough popey21:49
cwaynepopey: so i got an untappd webapp working with account-plugins \o/22:14
pngo_I have another problem I wrote some scripts and I can execute them via adb but can not via terminal22:37
pngo_I get /bin/bash: bad interpreter: Permission denied22:39
pngo_also I can not execute them as sudo23:17

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