AzelphurResult of my annual conky binge, https://owncloud.azelphur.com/owncloud/public.php?service=files&t=553eddabfeaca770f463cfc6b7b4d1c2 :)00:44
shaunoI'm not entirely sure how a Conky Intervention should work ;)00:48
zmoylan-pia career in hollywood tv or movie graphics awaits... :-)00:50
zmoylan-pijust needs to be more glowy with text scrolling all over the place and the laptop should be rotating and you're done.  can they have it by the morning? :-)00:52
Azelphurzmoylan-pi: sure ;)00:56
AzelphurI came up with an inventive solution to the "start conky after compiz is ready" problem too, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9160530/01:02
diddledanAzelphur, interesting01:04
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diddledanI wonder whether compiz sends a broadcast when it's ready which you could listen for rather than polling?01:05
Azelphurdiddledan: don't think so, I pasted that to my friend who just took over compiz maintenance and he didn't comment01:05
Azelphurso I'm assuming no :)01:05
Azelphuroh dear, broke stuff01:07
Azelphurturned on don't request password for login - login fails altogether now, guess that's because encryption is on01:07
Azelphuryup, any suggestions?01:12
Azelphuraha, you can remove the nopasswdlogin entry from /etc/groups, crisis averted.01:18
diddledanthat was fun02:46
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m0nkey_split much?02:48
diddledanis this still accurate? http://developer.ubuntu.com/start/ubuntu-sdk/installing-the-sdk/03:38
diddledanthe ppa appears to have very few packages for utopic03:38
mappsits great having a drink problem05:24
mappscant dissapoint anyone05:24
foobarrypopey: heh, i've got a bored after reaching a target of £50 on globaltestmarket and cashing in09:09
foobarryand also, i'm on a samsung panel now that pays me £15 a month for about 15 mins of my time per month, so the surveys kinda get tedious09:10
foobarryalso valued opinions i'm a couple of quid short of cashing in , but lost the will a bit. paid for my phone though09:12
foobarryoh no i've started on them again now.09:22
popeyhaha foobarry10:02
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foobarryif you referrals for good sites letme know10:23
foobarryhow much do yougov pay popey ? e/g. survey length/rewards10:23
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:32
popeyfoobarry: dont think they pay11:47
foobarryoh? they used to when i did them 10+ yrs ago12:41
foobarryipsos mori pay12:43
foobarryyougov is all about ukip today12:43
popeyany question is too13:24
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SuperEngineerLast week I spent 35 mins getting my original "Sam and Max Hit the Road" CD copied to pooter & working under dosBOX...15:55
SuperEngineer...this week I spent £3.69 buying the Linux version from GoG ;)15:56
SuperEngineer[even though I got the original working under15:57
SuperEngineer[& 5 mins of that 35 was spent cleaning the original CD - the years hadn't been kind to it]15:59
popeyalmost certainly the "Linux Version" is actually dosbox16:03
SuperEngineerSort of - it runs under scummVM16:05
SuperEngineer...& does it so much better than my attempts under dosBOX16:06
popeysomeone had scummvm working on ubuntu phone recently16:22
SuperEngineerbbs - time to go play Sam and Max :)16:39
andylockranhttp://uth.zrmt.com/year.php :)19:14
daftykinswhat's that - your home usage?19:15
penguin42andylockran: What happened in January last year - electric heaters?20:01
foobarrywant to keep a windows partition on a laptop, but want to resize it.. windows only offers to reduce it by 20GB altough i have defragge it and there is 140b free20:21
diddledananyone ever heard of "ELED" TVs?20:21
foobarry140gb,, would a shrink work better from ubuntu?20:21
popeyi had exactly this issue20:21
foobarryits an ntfs disk20:21
popeya few days ago20:22
popeyused gparted and is shrank by a lot more20:22
foobarryso gaprted?20:22
diddledangoogling ELED says that the E stands for entangled stating that it's a quantum computing thing - so what does that have to do with illuminating my TV?20:22
daftykinsdiddledan: sounds like a typo20:22
popeyI'd make sure you delete as much as you can and empty recycle bin first20:22
foobarryand disk cleanup20:22
foobarryetc etc20:22
popeybut yes, gparted was fine20:22
diddledanebuyer have one20:22
foobarrywindows does indeed suck20:23
diddledanthey spammed me with details of it20:23
penguin42diddledan: URL?20:23
foobarrybut i might need it for something20:23
diddledanpenguin42, http://www.ebuyer.com/611946-digihome-50-full-hd-smart-eled-freeview-hd-tv-lcf501080snbsm20:23
penguin42hmm, it's digihome so it's not going to be anything super special20:23
diddledanno, I agree. I was just curious what they think an ELED is20:23
popeyI looked that up too and was a little surprised. I think they probably mean Edge lit LED perhaps."20:24
diddledanI've never heard of it before20:24
penguin42diddledan: It says edge if you scroll down20:24
penguin42(imho edge is worse but I'm not 100% sure)20:24
diddledanyeah, edge-lit means the middle is dimmer20:24
diddledanand it's the middle that you want the brightest 'cos that's where the action is20:25
diddledanwith a decent led grid you're probably only adding an extra 1 or 2mm to the thickness of the TV anyway, so Edge-lit seems pointless to me20:26
daftykinsSony always claimed to have edge-lit nailed, but i prefer a rear-grid with local dimming where possible20:26
penguin42diddledan: But it's cheaper I think20:26
diddledanyes, it's cheaper 'cos you're using less diodes, I guess20:27
popeyi like that my new sony auto-dims/brightens20:27
shaunoand thinnerer20:27
diddledanshauno, you like them thin, eh?20:27
penguin42diddledan: and as importantly I guess you don't need a PCB over the whole of the back to hold the LEDs20:27
shaunodiddledan: behave.20:28
diddledangood point20:28
diddledanshauno, as if20:28
diddledana wifi kettle?!20:28
diddledanthis one's in maplin20:28
shaunooh.  nm20:29
diddledanI wonder if it complies with the RFC20:29
penguin42simple, you just replace the heating element by a 2.4GHz magnetron, and connect it to the wifi card - simples20:29
diddledani.e. HTCPCP20:29
popeywhy on earth is that a thing?20:29
popeykettles aren't known for taking _that_ long to boil20:30
diddledanit's taking the internet of things a bit far methinks20:30
* penguin42 checks popey's list of kickstarter orders before answering that20:30
popeyalthough saying that I frequently "race" the kettle.20:30
shaunoI have a wifi switch thingie on my coffee machine.  it's awesome20:30
popeysurely you have to have the presence of mind to put water in it earlier20:30
popey← would fail at that20:30
daftykinsyep, or remember the water status20:31
penguin42we really just need kitchen robots20:31
shaunomy machine takes 30-40 minutes to warm up properly, so being able to turn it on from bed/work is ftw20:31
* penguin42 wonders if a Baxter robot would work well in a domestic kitchen20:32
foobarrygparted says it is moving the partition to the right :S20:36
foobarrydon't recall asking to do that20:36
shaunowatching x-files, because I never saw it the first time around.  someone left a cassette on his dashboard.  I feel old now.20:40
penguin42it was good at the time20:41
penguin42didn't watch the last few series I think20:41
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