Kilosmorning all03:20
Squirmmorning all07:10
Squirmhey Kilos07:37
KilosSquirm, 07:39
Kiloshi Squirm 07:39
arnaudHello Guys08:03
arnaudHi Kilos08:03
charlgood morning10:58
charlMaaz: coffee on10:58
* Maaz washes some mugs10:58
SquirmI reckon10:59
Squirmhome time10:59
Kiloshi charl 11:00
KilosMaaz, coffee please11:01
MaazKilos: Sure11:01
SquirmHad a weekend shift at work :P11:01
Squirmsee you all Monday11:01
Kilosgo well Squirm 11:01
MaazCoffee's ready for charl and Kilos!11:02
KilosMaaz, ty11:02
MaazYou are welcome Kilos11:02
* Kilos had the weirdest hardware prob11:07
Kilospsu on old p4 caused reboot if you bumped the box11:07
Kilosfew hours with 2 pairs glasses and magnifying glass and couldnt find a dry joint11:08
Kiloscleaned the plastic shhet that goes under the psu circuit board and fingers found a bump11:09
Kiloslooked carefully then checked circuit board and foung one cap had not been trimmed underneath and was going through plastic to the case11:10
Kiloscut it short and no more probs11:10
Kilosthe things that are sent to test us11:12
bushtechglad you found it11:29
charlMaaz: thanks12:04
Maazcharl: No problem12:04
charlhi Kilos 12:04
charlhi bushtech 12:04
bushtechmorning charl12:16
Kilosty bushtech 12:39
* Kilos thinks you getting old when your fingers see better than you eyes12:40
Kilosbtw that data recovery yielded 57g of files12:41
charlah so that data recovery thing of yours worked?12:46
charleven after having overwritten the data?12:46
charlwhich tool did you use ?12:47
Kilosall of them12:47
Kilostestdisk foremost photorec and scalpel12:47
bushtechKilos, now that you've sorted out website creation and data recovery you can set up a web page offering your services as a data recovery specialist :)12:59
Kiloslol i cant do the website stuff13:45
Kilosand i blogged about recovery years ago13:45
grembleWhat website stuff?13:59
Kilos-i was looking at  how to build a website to help  ian but he managed on his own 14:28
Kilos-hi arnaud 15:45
arnaudwhat news here bro 15:46
arnaudlet me change to my real name ... feel like your are lost ...15:49
arnaudback on the road bro's15:50
Kilos-oh sommaun15:50
arnaudyeah Kilos you right now15:51
arnaudbut what strange is i can't see the change on my side ...15:52
Kilos-it didnt change15:54
Kilos-  /nick Somaunn15:54
Kilos-i go lock up sheep15:55
Kilos-i wonder if it can teach me15:59
=== arnaud is now known as Somaunn
SomaunnKilos-: working like a charm16:08
Somaunni see, I have to start learning irc again16:08
SomaunnTeach me then 16:22
SomaunnKilos-: just a short and quick irc course 16:23
SomaunnKilos-: i have a lot to learn from you16:23
Kilos-what do you want to know Somaunn ?16:23
Kilos-i only know some basic things16:24
Somaunnjust basics first how to operate, what are the irc command, how when to use16:25
Kilos-i only know a few16:25
Somaunnjust teach me what you know, it will a begining for me 16:26
Kilos-  /msg nickserv identify password16:26
Somaunnwhat is this command used for ?16:26
Kilos-leave out the spaces or evryone sees your password16:26
Kilos-thats for nickserv to identify you16:27
Somaunnso if I understand it i have to type the whole thing without spaces between words right ?16:28
Kilos-no man just the spaces before the /16:28
Kilos-you can start a line here with / then it goes to irc not here16:29
Somaunnokay cool16:29
SomaunnKilos-: that's cool16:30
Somaunnanother thing ?16:30
Kilos-not that i can think of now, but will save for you as and when i need to use others16:31
Kilos-you can get them all somewhere as well16:31
Kilos-type in /msg nickserv help16:32
Kilos-wb gremble 16:33
Somaunnhi gremble16:35
SomaunnKilos-: jyp this is good16:36
Somaunnworks like minux shell, but still there is no command completion like it's the case when we type a username 16:37
Kilos-type in /msg nickserv help command16:38
Kilos-and commands16:38
grembleHello and thanks16:43
grembleWe were load shed this afternoon >.>16:43
somaunn_have to leave for hours now16:53
somaunn_see you soon16:53
grembleCheers somaunn_ 16:53
Kilos-cheers somaunn_ 16:57
somaunn_ty gremble16:58
blazehenhi Kilos- 18:14
Kilos-blazehen: 18:14
Kilos-your the fell off18:14
blazehenyeah, too lazy to auth18:15
Kilos-golynx was looking for you18:15
Kilos-about the cellc thing18:15
blazehenoh? What for?18:15
Kilos-it was you hey18:15
blazehenah, ending in january, so not worth the effort to program it18:15
Kilos-he won a blackberry18:15
blazehenI do however have another idea...18:15
blazehenah, won't work on a blackberry18:16
blazehenneeds rooted android at least18:16
blazehenUse DNS tunneling, really slow though18:16
blazehengood enough for IRC and whatsapp18:16
Kilos-then you chose a good time i was just looking to how to flash this xperia18:16
Kilos-no man i just want the thing to work and not hang and do stupid stuff18:17
Kilos-but i think i need a data cable first18:18
grembleDNS tunneling?18:18
grembleDon't you mean SSH? DNS is a serice that you use to turn IP's into URL's18:18
Kilos-hehe he is too clever this kiddo gremble 18:19
blazehengremble: DNS indeed..18:19
grembleEither that or incredibly ignorant. Both is pretty valid18:19
blazehengremble: :(18:20
Kilos-no he helps me so not too stupid18:20
grembleWhy sad face blazehen ? >.>18:20
grembleI found DNS tunneling on server exchange. My bad :P18:20
blazehenKilos-: data cable to flash what?18:20
blazehengremble: because I like to think of myself as not ignorant..18:20
Kilos-xperia U20i18:20
Kilos-mini pro thing18:20
grembleI thought he was referring to me blazehen :P18:21
grembleI like to think of myself as ignorant18:21
grembleThat is pretty interesting18:21
Kilos-i got an old one that was shelved because of it slowness and hassles18:21
blazehenKilos-: Flash it to do what? gremble ah :p18:21
Kilos-to a later version of android18:21
Kilos-but basically a clean install18:22
Kilos-dunno how to fsck it18:22
Kilos-its corrupt somewhere18:22
Kilos-hangs often18:23
blazehenKilos-: what version is it on now?18:23
Kilos-2.1 i think18:23
blazehenGonna need a data cable, and a few hundred MB of data18:23
Kilos-what other fones cables work on it18:23
Kilos-data np i have night surfer spare18:24
blazehenShould be any android phone18:24
Kilos-not a bb?18:24
blazehenshould also work18:24
blazehenI have had problems in past18:24
Kilos-ok then i can get one but dunno how to get kde to see the thing18:25
blazehencan you go settings -> about phone and then see the firmware?18:25
blazehenYeah, you flash with command line I think18:25
Kilos-is it supposed to just popup something like a nokia shows memory card18:25
blazehenHmm, yeah, should do that at least...18:25
Kilos-kde does nothing18:26
Kilos-thought i might have to install some android stuff first18:26
blazehennah. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1377021 and http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1201116 should help.. Go in order18:27
Kilos-cool ty18:27
blazehenI can give you more help if you can figure it out18:27
blazehenBut might be slow, I'm supposed to be studying18:28
blazehenyou can't *18:28
grembleWhat are you studying for blazehen?18:29
Kilos-i have this one but it dont show there18:29
blazehengremble: Still in high school :p18:29
Kilos-i found this http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=168296618:30
grembleAren't the highschool exams over yet >.>18:30
grembleThought you guys finished last week or something18:30
Kilos-but havent gone anywhere because of no data cable18:30
blazehenKilos-: yeah, that's good18:30
blazehengremble: private school18:30
grembleAh ok18:31
Kilos-where do you download that superoneclickapp to? the fone?18:33
Kilos-or the pc18:33
blazehenKilos-: PC18:33
Kilos-eish they stopped at 10.0418:34
blazehenai. You can't run virtualbox on that PC?18:35
blazehenOr is there maybe a newer PPA?18:35
Kilos-i see 10.10 there too, 18:36
Kilos-i can run vb but slow thats all18:36
Kilos-but not tonight18:36
blazehenwindows version in wine?18:36
Kilos-bad head night18:36
Kilos-i have 7 on another drive18:37
blazehenyeah, probably a good idea18:37
Kilos-ok ty blazehen ill get other pc going with 7 tomorrow 18:38
Kilos-night all19:15
Kilos-sleep tight19:16
Kilos-ohi superfly 19:16

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