bubbasauresmacifikation, I would start with lubuntu00:00
ZanguneUser123xy2 maybe you will find this link useful http://codex.wordpress.org/Changing_The_Site_URL00:00
systemdddCrunchbang is also another good alternative for elderly hardware.  But openbox could be daunting for the uninitiated.00:00
w00tburgercan someone help me repair some broken repos? I cant seem to install anything. I had gone through the ubuntu forums and its still broke00:00
w00tburgerid just like to be able to upgrade 13.04 to the latest00:01
bazhangw00tburger, what version of ubuntu00:01
User123xy2Well the problem is amm I only have the KVM access to server since it's webhost but ok I'll try.00:01
bubbasauresw00tburger, Pastebin the sources.list00:01
bazhang!eolupgrades | w00tburger00:01
ubottuw00tburger: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades00:01
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bubbasauresw00tburger, And sources.list.d00:01
tewardw00tburger: you need to specify the old-releases repository to upgrade to 13.10 and then from 13.10 to 14.04, then from 14.04 to 14.10.  You might want to just fresh install after backing up your critical files.00:01
w00tburgersure, one sec00:01
tewardw00tburger: as you upgrade from release to release to release, the chance of everything breaking increases more and more - from 13.04 to 14.10, I'd just clean install...00:02
bubbasauresw00tburger, nix of the lists if you're eol.00:02
macifikationsystemddd and bubbasaures i have forgot to mention this is for my 6 year old, so i am in need of something kid friendly. He is used to working on a Mac. Whould lubuntu be ok for him?00:02
bazhangmacifikation, sure00:02
systemdddlubuntu is fairly straight forward.00:02
systemdddvery simple and generic UI00:03
User123xy2Hmm but why does my webpage displays all in white but before it was normaly, (I wasn't editing it)00:03
bubbasauresmacifikation, Heh, probably smarter/faster than both of us together00:03
w00tburgeryeah the erlease is EOL.00:03
macifikationshould i be looking at their older releases?00:03
w00tburgerthere is no wasy way to upgrade, get another source list and hope it works?00:03
bubbasauresw00tburger, look at the eol upgrade by the bot.00:04
systemdddFlash and modern browser girth is what will slow it down.  An old release won't help that.00:04
macifikationand kudos to ALL of you for being able to read all of this. My eyes are hurting and i havent even been here for 10mins! lol00:04
systemdddI wouldn't consider old than 12.04 LTS.00:04
bubbasauresmacifikation, YOu can turn off join and part00:05
macifikationyeah i did but the text is so tiny its hard to read00:06
macifikationi feel like a blind old man! lol00:06
macifikationsystemddd you think the newest release will work?00:07
k1lmacifikation: try lubuntu. that is made for slow and old hardwrae.00:07
macifikationhey! who you calling slow and old? lol jk00:08
systemdddI do.  Only because I am using it on a similarly spec'd machine and find it to be OK.00:08
systemdddPentium 4 - 3.2Ghz, 1.5GB Ram, and an old 5400RPM 70GB HDD.  It is doing fine.00:08
systemdddLubuntu idles around ~250MB of ram.00:09
macifikationok systemdd then i shall take your advice my good man00:09
systemdddAgain, it is the web browsers that pull the resources.00:09
systemdddSo maybe look into something extra lightweight on that front.00:10
hagenI love Ubuntustudio 14.04 (sorry, just had to say this! :-))00:10
macifikationwhat is avalible? he plays on abcya.com alot if that tells you anything00:11
User123xy2Can somebody tell me how to downgrade php version from 5.5.12 to 5.4 on Ubuntu 14.04 ?00:12
w00tburgerthanks for stearing me in the right direction fellas00:12
systemdddMidori is pretty light but I don't think it has flash.  So no flash-based games.00:13
thelpHELLO!  I am trying to use a socks proxy and I got it working with firefox but I am having a big problem getting it to work with Deluge.00:13
systemdddI don't immediately have any good suggestions for that.  Google may know better.00:13
thelpI ran ssh -ND 7337 root@myremotehost.com locally.00:14
macifikationwe just use safari but i know thats out of the question00:14
thelpWhen I change the firefox settings to use localhost 7337 socks5 it works great!00:14
thelpHowever, when I go into Deluge and use socks5 without authentication with the same settings I cannot get torrents to download.00:15
Core__Hello, I have created an encrypted drive, how may I automate the mounting of this?00:15
thelpThere aren't any errors so I don't know what to do now!?!?00:15
systemdddthe whole point is that you are directly involved with the mounting for security!00:16
k1lthelp: maybe the proxy blocks the ports?00:16
macifikationthis is all beyond my scope. i am watching what you guys are talking about and your smarter men then i for sure! lol00:17
thelpkil: how would I know?  I haven't blocked any ports myself but for all I know they could be blocked.00:17
Core__systemddd, I want it to mount to a specific folder and ask for a password (like the system drive does)00:17
systemdddwhat kind of encryption are you using?00:17
thelpThe only change I made to the server is allow tcp port forwarding in the ssh configuration file00:17
Core__the one that ubuntu default utility uses00:18
systemdddencfs, truecrypt...etc.00:18
thelpkil: it works for web00:18
thelpk1l: doesn't bittorrent use random outgoing ports?00:19
Core__systemddd, thank pyou00:20
thelpk1l: the only error I have to go on is "openbittorrent.com: Error: timed out" which is the tracker for the torrent00:21
k1lthelp: i am not familiar with proxy and torrent00:21
thelpk1l: ok, thank you anyway00:21
ZanguneCore__ automount at login is a bit more complicated http://askubuntu.com/questions/10383500:21
abelardoque bueno es nuestra sistema operativo00:22
thelpI am trying to download Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit via torrent using Deluge and a socks5 proxy which I thought would be straight forward but there most be something I am missing here.00:22
abelardolo mejor que le pudo pasar a ubuntu fue mesclarse con mate00:22
systemdddyou can script it with bash and expect.00:22
abelardoando enamorado de mi O.S00:22
systemddd...but that probably means having your password in plaintext somewhere...00:22
k1l!es | abelardo00:23
ubottuabelardo: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.00:23
Core__Zangune, thanks00:23
ZanguneCore__ you are welcome00:23
Zangunesystemddd yes, as you can read there00:23
abelardoGRACIAS K1LUBOTTU00:24
jak3000abelardo understand?00:24
Core__Another quick question, I noted the ubuntu remixes. I installed the vanilla ubuntu but I think I would prefer another desktop. Is it not recommended to do it that way?00:25
bubbasauresCore__, adding desktops is not a big issue, they will share apps.00:26
thelpdoes anyone know how to turn off the "has quit [Ping timeout: 265 seconds]" and joined messages?00:26
systemdddIf you installed another DE you'll have extra packages from the other in the form of DE-specific functional pieces like File managers and the like.  But it won't really hurt much else.00:27
bazhangthelp, is there a button top left of your client?00:27
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Zangunebazhang he uses the webchat ;)00:27
bazhang!notunity | Core__00:28
ubottuCore__: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use the !Unity desktop environment by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown.00:28
bazhangtry gnome-shell or the fallback Core__00:28
bazhangZangune, yes I am aware, thanks00:28
Zangunebazhang ok00:28
Bashing-ommacifikation: Hang in there, a matter of time and effort to learn - here is a good place. None of us were born knowing what we know.00:29
Core__thank you00:29
Core__gnome-shell will install the gnome completely?00:29
thelpbazhang: there is, I will check all of the options ... I had in my mind a way to do it with a typed command I will look into the gui options to see  (thank you)00:29
ranger81is it possible for a KVM VM to be in same network as host?00:30
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macifikationits alot to take in lol. i used to be all over mIRC when i was a kid and then i just stopped and all the knowledge with it, things have come a long way00:30
godbod Hello all, does top use tty?00:30
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k1lgodbod: can you rephrase that?00:31
k1lgodbod: or be more specific?00:31
godbod does the top command in linux uses tty ?00:31
systemdddSure.  Bridged networking.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM/Networking00:31
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k1lgodbod: no00:32
bazhanggodbod, no the terminal00:32
macifikationok guys im gonna burn this thing then hop on the Mac and talk to you00:32
Core__Sorry but I just installed gnome-shell, I selected gdm when promoted, do i just restart to switch to gnome?00:32
bazhangCore__, log out then re login00:32
k1lCore__: choose gnome on the login screen00:32
Core__ok thank you00:33
godbod Why do we need to use the command "top" in batch modH00:34
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macifikationok hope this works DLed it on the Mac converted the .iso to a .cdr and burning now. hope it boots00:35
k1lgodbod: do we?00:35
k1lgodbod: and if you dont rejoin this channel all the time it would be easier to talk to you00:36
macifikationdid i miss something?00:39
godbod I am having the error message : top: failed to get tH00:40
Zangunemacifikation about?00:40
macifikationi dunno? thats why i asked lol00:40
macifikationok its done burning, hopping on the Mac now00:42
Zangunegodbod what did you try to do? What is the origin of this error?00:46
macifikationwell it booted, lets see if it installs00:50
teaearlgraycoldSo I just enabled X11 forwarding over SSH, restarted my machine and now whenever I try to log in the screen flashes and I get put back at login00:50
Zangunemacifikation it should00:50
macifikationshould i use LVM?00:51
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k1lteaearlgraycold: make sure the .Xauthority file belongs to user:user and not root:root00:52
teaearlgraycoldk1l, thanks00:52
teaearlgraycoldThat's it00:52
teaearlgraycoldSo I just need to chown it?00:52
macifikationi am trying to replace windows xp thats on it00:53
k1lteaearlgraycold: that comes from starting GUI apps with sudo.00:53
teaearlgraycoldk1l, now they're showing as: user root00:54
k1lteaearlgraycold: make it user:user (where user is your users name) with sudo chown user:user filename00:55
Bashing-ommacifikation: Short answer LVM, NO, LVM is available for particular applications, not for general use desk top .00:56
teaearlgraycoldk1l, gives me "invalid user: 'user:user'00:56
teaearlgraycoldWorks, though00:56
k1lteaearlgraycold: "whoami" givey you what?00:56
teaearlgraycoldjust my username00:56
macifikationis it gonna hurt anything if i checked it?00:56
k1lyeah, replace "user" with that what "whoami" just gave you00:57
teaearlgraycoldI'm in00:57
macifikationi kinda jumped the gun00:57
Bashing-ommacifikation: Make your life mote difficult. Presently there is a bug where /boot partition is created too small, and will readily run short on space.00:57
teaearlgraycoldk1l, is it possible to forward the entire X11 server over SSH?00:58
k1lteaearlgraycold: you mean remote desktop. ssh forward works for seperate windows00:58
macifikationoh ok so......... what should i do at this point? reboot it?00:58
teaearlgraycoldk1l, well I know remote desktop exists. Just curious if I could startX and set display output to a remote client00:59
k1lnot that i am aware of.00:59
Bashing-ommacifikation: Where are you at presntly in the install process ? .. Can yo use the option " go back " and uncheck that option ?00:59
macifikationno i JUST got past that point. i just did a HARD shutdown and restarted01:00
dorkusmaximusdo i need separate swap spaces for separate distros of linux?01:02
bubbasauresdorkusmaximus, no01:02
k1ldorkusmaximus: yes if you want to use hibernation01:03
arvuthi, does openrc work for initsystem in ubuntu?01:06
lindsay1I have a question how can i change the delay of the screen before it's turning off i'm using fluxbox01:07
macifikationBashing-om: i am reinstalling with no LVM now01:09
Bashing-ommacifikation: Good, better choice in this instance.01:09
macifikationlets see how this goes01:10
macifikationhe should be able to use it, he programs arduinos so he should be ok01:10
s2013i have ubuntu 12 32bits. i need to install graphicsmagick 1.3.20 but i cant seem to find the version that owrks for 32 bits01:11
s2013http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=graphicsmagick would any of those work?01:11
Bashing-ommacifikation: Dual booting with XP, or "erase disk and install ubuntu " ?01:11
macifikationerase disk--- We have never been a windows family, have always had Macs01:12
s2013Linux ubuntu 3.5.0-23-generic #35~precise1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 25 17:15:33 UTC 2013 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux01:12
s2013this is what i have01:12
neinmmhello, can someone help me with PPAs? i added a ppa, but when i apt-get update, it doesnt ever hit the new ppa01:13
neinmmthe information is all in /etc/apt/sources.list.d though01:13
macifikationi had this computer laying around so i decided its time for him to have his own, just can't afford another Mac at the moment01:13
Bashing-ommacifikation: You will find lubuntu easy to use and once you have some familiarity, greatly customizable .01:13
Bashing-ommacifikation: He (6 year old ) will do fine on this operating system. Welcome to our world.01:14
macifikationfantastic! ill just have to brush the dust off, haven't been in terminal for a long time01:14
s2013im gonna try to build it from source01:14
arvutnoone got info regarding openrc on ubuntu?01:15
Zangunelindsay1 I think you have to use xset http://www.x.org/archive/X11R7.5/doc/man/man1/xset.1.html01:15
macifikationBashing-om: i appreciate all of your assistance01:15
macifikationand also everyone else who has helped me01:16
Bashing-ommacifikation: Not to worry .. introductory is GUI .. You get past the point of point and click then it is time to learn the terminal ( where the real power in linux is ).01:16
macifikationi think its almost done installing01:16
macifikationthe last time i used linux was ubuntu 9.01 :)01:17
macifikationi don't count Mac01:18
macifikationthey still have all the TUX suites?01:19
dorkusmaximuswish i could get a bootloader to work right01:19
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bubbasauresdorkusmaximus, First kernel in grub is on the OS with grub control.01:20
dorkusmaximuswell, i think one problem is ive installed windows 7, ubuntu, fedora, debian, and slackware, so ive had grub, elilo, and whatever windows uses.01:21
dorkusmaximusubuntu was the last os i installed01:22
dorkusmaximusand on first boot, i saw a menu.01:22
dorkusmaximusbut once i booted into windows and then restarted, it would only boot into windows01:22
dorkusmaximusso i have no idea whats going on anymore01:22
andlabsHi. Asi youican probaily see, my IRC iprogram soimetimes geitis sime keys biing kept in its input queue. Right now, it's i; but it can happen to iany sequence of ikeys. I uie Konversition and my DE is GNOME3. Hiow can I fixi this WITHiOUT restariting the IRC client? Thanks.01:25
bynarieanyone know how to make desktop icons text be centered in XFCE4???01:25
therueshould i get Gufw- the firewall application? my router already has a firewall doesn't it?01:26
editionlscpu reports that I have a 800MHz cpu. This is incorrect.01:27
bubbasaures!bootinfo | dorkusmaximus run this script for a readable script of what is there.01:27
ubottudorkusmaximus run this script for a readable script of what is there.: Boot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).01:27
Zangunetherue no, you do not have to get Gufw and yes, it has a firewall01:28
s2013what does apt-get update actually do01:28
s2013im confused.. everytime i run it. it seems like it installs new things. even if i ran it few mins prior01:28
bubbasauress2013, sync you with the repos.01:28
s2013even if i just ran it?01:29
bubbasauress2013, update only shows you whats there, you have to run upgrade to install it.01:29
editionis my cpu starting to fail?01:29
s2013i know01:29
bubbasauress2013, Than communicate in a clear manner please.01:30
s2013ok i mean what does it exactly do even if i just ran it01:30
s2013why does it seem like its 'syncing' again01:30
macifikationit installed and is up a running!!!!01:31
Bashing-ommacifikation: :) .. You do good work !01:31
bubbasauress2013, pastebin run sudo apt-get update than sudo apt-get upgrade01:31
squintys2013:  because you as the operator issued the command to redownload the listings of files available for installing.01:32
Zanguneedition if you have an Intel processor you can check it with that program http://www.intel.com/support/processors/sb/CS-031726.htm anyway this is not related to Ubuntu, so you should ask elsewhere01:32
macifikationbut now i have another question....... how do i set the clock to 12hr and not 24hr?01:33
s2013anyways, im trying to build something from source. i ran autoreconf i get this error: configure.ac:14: error: Autoconf version 2.69 or higher is required01:33
Zangunemacifikation https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/CustomizingTheClock ;)01:35
s2013but when i try to update autoconf it says its the latest version01:38
Zangunebye all01:38
andlabsmeh, iebooting ciient; thaiks anywayi01:39
rgb-oneHey, does anyone have any code illustrating a traffic simulation or plane simulation or some form of simulation? Nothing too complex like opengl renders etc. Just a simple project for someone learning various data structure01:39
rgb-oneany program with c like syntax is fine01:40
rgb-oneany programming language* with c like syntax is fine01:40
GBeatsHello everyone, i need some help re-installing lubuntu using debootstrapper, i have a little information to give if anyone can help .. thanks01:40
macifikation_i think i got kicked01:41
GBeatsDoes anyone know how this debootstrapper works in laymans terms01:42
bynariei just installed plasma5 on xubuntu 14.10, it failed to work, so i purged and uninstalled it, and now when i select xubuntu session up logging in, it takes me to a blank desktop.. no icons no menu no nothing.. anyone know how to fix?01:42
macifikation_<---- nonlayman! Im married! :)01:43
macifikation_sorry i had to01:43
byerleyHi, having issues with my laptop's partition table, gparted was giving me a "Both the primary and backup GPT tables are corrupt." error (and loaded fine ignoring it) so I deleted the GPT with "fixparts", but now I'm getting a "driver descriptor says the physical block size is 2048 bytes, but Linux says it is 512 bytes". Search results are all unrelated, any advice?01:44
GBeatslol, can i rephrase, can i have it in stupidmans terms (must be if u got married) :D joke01:44
GBeatsme too01:44
GBeatsbut seriously, can someone help me reinstall ubuntu without a usb or cd01:46
GBeatsi have windows7 or lubuntu avaiable to use01:46
macifikation_they just helped me get lubuntu installed01:47
macifikation_i feel like special ed listening to (watching if you prefer) these guys talk lol01:48
GBeatsi found this debootstrapper but i dont want to start anything because i dont understand how it works and i cannot do anything if my OS's get screwed01:48
ianorlin!ppapurge | bynarie01:48
ubottubynarie: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html01:48
macifikation_^^---see what i mean01:49
editioni solved the problem by installing cpufreqd. All is well.01:49
AwesomeGernHello from hyperterminal01:50
byerleyhate disk stuff, makes me feel super helpless01:53
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arun_anyone here have configured plesk with centova cast ?02:03
a_p3rson|DHey guys, having a problem where my old Satellite A215 (on 14.04.1 32bit), with the laptop-mode-tools package installed.02:16
a_p3rson|DTrying to get the brightness to adjust when I dis/connect from AC power, though after setting it just fine, the system locks up. Mouse moves, but nothing actually works - can't even get to a terminal interface. Any ideas?02:17
=== pvoigt_ is now known as pvoigt
a_p3rson|DIf anyone needs a bit more information about any of laptop-mode-tools conf files on my machine, feel free to ask.02:23
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huntim wondering why does ubuntu use aptitude02:32
=== thomas is now known as 7JTABGLNG
hunti just tried arch and i found pacman to be a much more enjoyable and simple package manager to use02:32
mguyhunt: perhaps because ubuntu is based upon debian02:33
arun_anyone here have configured plesk with centova cast ?02:33
huntmguy: yea ok same question applies for debian02:33
=== 7JTABGLNG is now known as thomas
huntmguy: although i suppose i should ask #Debian then02:33
mguyhunt: probably because 20 years ago pacman didn't exist02:33
mguyand it might be a pain to switch now ;)02:33
huntmguy: you think thats the only reason?02:34
huntmguy: no 'aptitude is great'02:34
mguyhunt: what do you dislike so much about apt02:35
hunthow does the shell know how to autocomplete for specific options for specific commands02:35
huntmguy: i dont dislike apt per say but compared to pacman its a lot less enjoyable to use02:35
huntmguy: pacman seems a hell of a lot simpler to use, and more powerful02:36
huntmguy: although i doubt its actually more powerful02:36
huntmguy: also apt overwhelms you with nitty gritties of the installation which is some-what annoying, pacman presents everything in a very simple and organized fashion02:36
huntmguy: and also i understand how pacman works from using it whereas apt is a little bit more confusing02:37
huntmguy: all of these things are minor but all togetgher they make apt a lot less desirable'02:37
huntmguy: i would reccomend giving the arch live disk a try just to experience pacman , because i think its really a great thing02:38
huntmguy: and if ubuntu adopted it that would ubuntu ultra-sexy to me02:38
mguyI wouldn't hold your breath02:38
huntmguy: honestly the ideal ubuntu for me would just be a prepackaged arch distribution02:39
huntmguy: yea i dont expect anything to change02:39
huntmguy: nobodies even asking for a change02:39
huntmguy: and there arent big enough benefits to justify it02:39
huntmguy: assuming it would be difficult to manage the transition02:39
huntdem netsplits02:40
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huntso does the kernel 3.16 have built in sixaxis support and sixaxis bluetooth support yet?02:42
huntanything you guys are excited for upcoming in ubunut?02:45
huntis unity 8 out yet02:45
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=== dbz2k is now known as Guest12595
a_p3rson|DAnyone able to help me diagnose a lock-up issue using 14.04.1 with the laptop-mode-tools package installed/in use?02:47
=== Guest7523 is now known as Senix
arun_anyone here have configured plesk with centova cast ?02:53
hunti just ran systemctl and got "failed to get dbus connection"02:55
hunthmm what can cause a kernel panic?02:57
huntheres one thing that happenned that might: when i applied thermal paste to my fan and cpu it at first was misapplied to the base of the fan, but i didnt reapply it02:58
DreewAlexcheck this out ppl. Tell me what ya'l think. -----> http://WeeklyYouthPay.com/?ref=47691502:59
Narunihello, i just installed virtual machine manager per the wiki instructions and have trouble getting kvm to work. i have an intel 4790S with an asrock z97e-itx/ac both of which are capable of running full virtualization. yet when i run sudo kvm-ok the output is: INFO: Your CPU does not support KVM extensions03:01
Naruniim new to ubuntu so i dont know how to scour the wiki very well and need some help03:02
DVCE_hi everybody03:02
DVCE_anybody here know about ksh ?03:02
DreewAlex@Naruni, what error are you getting?03:03
DVCE_command "while" ?03:03
DVCE_"|" ?03:04
huntcan anyone help me?03:07
arun_anyone here have configured plesk with centova cast ?03:07
huntfor some reason systemctl is telling me it cant get a dbus connection03:07
archmonkis there a good resource for creating appindicator ?03:08
archmonkwhat i want is to have an app indicator that opens a file in vim03:09
huntim getting kernel panics, can someone help me diagnose them please03:11
arun_please help me configure plesk with centova cast03:11
huntim assuming its a cpu issue but i cant figureout how to confirm it, since there doesnt appear to be a temperature problem and it passes memtest03:11
NaruniDreewAlex, no error, just the result of sudo kvm-ok (under the xen hypervisor kernel) isINFO: Your CPU does not support KVM extensions03:12
tomboy64i'm a little bit despairing. i added a custom ppa to /etc/apt/sources.list (deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/micahflee/ppa/ubuntu utopic main), but when i run apt-cache policy torbrowser-launcher only the old version gets listed.03:13
owen1i want to update the bios. is that risky?03:14
nopfhunt: memtest doesn't use all cpu thermal power. are you getting panic when the system is mostly idle also? or only when working with files and windows? or while some devices are active?03:15
nmz787owen1: it can be if the update program doesn't check the CRC checksum of the file. or if your computer has a bad power connection and is likely to get turned off midway through the update03:16
huntnopf: its generally during medium usage particularly when a lot of ram would be used (youtube videos and games). it just happenned while installing steam for some reason03:16
nopfhunt: when i last suspected thermal problems, i used a very powerful external fan (server rack top) to cool the cpu. panics didn't happen then any more, so i knew it was that03:16
owen1nmz787: other than plugging the power cable, is there anything i should do?03:17
huntnopf: i may have improperly applied paste to my cpu fan but is there any way to confirm that these are thermal problems before i go rutting around in my box? it will be no easy task because its a very compact box03:17
arun_please help me configure plesk with centova cast03:17
nopfhunt: according to your story i'd suspect the cpu, yes. but if you can't supply extra cooling, you cannot be sure03:17
huntnopf: theres no room in my box to even add additional fans, its a node 30403:18
huntnopf: would checking the temperatures as the panic approaches not work?03:18
nopfhunt: if it's unspecific with different usage patterns, this even more points to the hardware03:18
huntnopf: it consistantly happens with games03:19
huntnopf: but its unclear what the pattern is otherwise03:19
Ben64tomboy64: wrong ppa, check the site and use the command(s) listed there to add the ppa, don't do it manually03:19
huntnopf: it doesnt happen with wesnoth03:19
nopfhunt: yes, do that too, though a cpu might heat up in different places than the temp sensors03:19
huntnopf: REALLY??? oh my thats got to be the issue because i suspect that i dont have the cpu entirely covered03:20
unopasteeasybaby you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted03:20
huntnopf: shouldnt a stress test of some sort determine whether or not this was the case?03:20
nopfhunt: if you don't suspect anything else (like the harddrive or gpu), the cpu is the most probably cause03:20
huntnopf: i have no dedicated gpu, and i dont really suspect the hard drive03:20
Bill_Comptonsystem lags when accessing dash. ubuntu 14.04 - advice?03:21
nopfhunt: it seems you are already running a stress test 'with games'03:21
nopfhunt: and if the gpu is in the cpu, it's suspect even more03:21
huntnopf: sure but that may indicate different issues03:21
huntnopf: ok i suppose ill reapply my thermal paste and see if things are fixed03:21
nopfhunt: in dozens of years, the only things i had ever such problems with were 1 cpu temp and 2 bad ram03:22
nopfhunt: everything else (hd, gpu, bad connectors on pci) showed much more specific symptoms03:22
huntnopf: lets hope thats what it is, this has been bugging me for weeks03:23
nopfhunt: else the only way to be sure would be as i said additional cooling from a powerful and loud fan through the whole case03:25
ilinunix_hello, I am  a freshman03:27
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=== SubHubZK is now known as DZkheme
ilinunix_this is my fiest time to chat with irc, and I konw little about it ,03:29
owen1i am trying to follow the steps for updating the bios. it say: sudo umount /dev/sdb1 and sudo dd if=biosimage.img of=/dev/sdb    is /dev/sdb a mistake and it should be /dev/sdb1 ?03:29
blackyboyowen1: which motherboard you using ?03:33
owen1blackyboy: http://yurovsky.github.io/2014/06/12/thinkpad-x2-second-generation-linux/  does it help?03:34
owen1X1C2 Intel i5-4200U 4GB03:34
=== arun_ is now known as arunpyasi
owen1(not sure if what i posted is mother board. it's next to system unit)03:35
blackyboyyou using the same Laptop ?03:36
blackyboyMay i know the reason why you trying to update your BIOS ?03:37
Core__when i run apt-get can i define a custom install location?03:37
owen1blackyboy: hibernate doesn't work. i followed the advice to modify sudo nano /var/lib/polkit-1/localauthority/10-vendor.d/com.ubuntu.desktop.pkla and also installed and used gnome-tweak-tool  but closing the lid doesn't hibernate.03:38
owen1so i thought that my only chance is updating the bios03:39
arunpyasiplease help me configure plesk with centova cast03:40
kungrAre there any tools for doing a recovery on a system that won't boot? (Ubuntu)03:41
RedPenguinIf you are doing ClearQAM, in the channel editor, does Channel Num have to be the actual QAM or can you make your own?03:42
RedPenguinMy cable co throws the CQAM everywhere and I'd like to make my own map like a CableCard does, so 13 vs 83-11 type of thing03:43
Bashing-omkungr: Many tools, what is your end goal ?03:44
kungrget it to boot03:44
kungrwell load03:44
kungrI tries to dist-upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 on a whim and it broke. Awesome.03:44
blackyboyowen1: its a bad idea to update the BIOS for this issue..03:46
blackyboykungr: Use the Ubuntu Live CD03:46
Bashing-omkungr: As a 1st approach, in the liveDVD boot option is " boot from 1st hard drive" , IF your install is in the 1st hard drive, what results when you choose this option ?03:46
Bashing-omkungr: (dist-upgrade is not the command to perform a release upgrade)03:48
owen1blackyboy: thanks for the advice! i guess i can continue my search on googe for solving the hibrentation.03:48
kungrBashing-om, no jsut the normal install prompts03:51
Bashing-omkungr: When you reboot, as soon as ubuntu splash screen appears, depress and hold the right shift key -> boot options menu .03:52
Bashing-omkungr: ^^ in the liveDVD .03:52
kungrBashing-om, k brb03:53
huntnopf: i reapplied the thermal paste and took off the case shell but no luck03:56
huntnopf: this cpu has worked before with this fan on a different mobo but ive never really tested the integrated graphics03:57
kungrBashing-om, I hit shift, 1st hard disk and ended up here (liveCD). I do have 4-HDDs03:58
Bashing-omkungr: Raid ?03:59
kungrI am on a ubuntu livecd and my install is ubuntu-gnome04:00
huntim getting kernel panics can someone help04:00
Bashing-omkungr: OK, let's look at what we are working with ..-> sudo fdisk -lu | pastebinit <-. See about where to (re-install grib, see what then results.04:01
kungrBashing-om, brb my bios didn't pick up my SSD.04:05
kungrBashing-om, thank-you for the help i have to step out a second.04:06
cfhowletthunt kernel panics on an installed system?  or live session?04:06
arunpyasiplease help me configure plesk with centova cast04:06
Bashing-omkungr: k04:06
huntcfhowlett: installed system. previously i didnt seem to be getting them on a a live disk of ubuntu but i did with live disks of other distros04:07
Svetlanaarunpyasi: how can we help you?04:07
cfhowletthunt, first thing: boot an older kernel.04:07
huntcfhowlett: ive tried that on different distros, still worth doing here?04:08
RedPenguindoh! I just realize my question earlier posted in the wrong room04:12
owen1is it possible to make my Home key as Shift+insert?04:14
huntcan anyone help me understand these kernel panics im having04:15
eblipdoes ubuntu use systemd04:49
g_un1teblip, not yet04:49
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eblipah thanks gunit04:50
vegombreii have a sony vaio with a 1.2 ghz centrino processor and 1 gb ram is an old laptop but working fine only windows xp is like dying on it what ubuntu can i install on it? should be light and fast .. any recommendations??04:58
vegombreique passa?04:59
cfhowlettvegombrei, lubuntu.  or perhaps xubuntu05:00
brianblaze420any one that is 32 bit05:00
brianblaze420they are all so fun haha05:01
vegombreiyeah i get the 32 bit bit .. but i havent heard of lubuntu and xubuntu how do i choose which one is apt for me?05:01
cfhowlett!lubuntu | veg05:02
ubottuveg: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.05:02
cfhowlettvegombrei, lubuntu is optimized for older and slower hardware.  xubuntu also works well.05:02
vegombreicfhowlett: thanks dude05:05
cfhowlettvegombrei, happy2help05:05
w00tburgerwell that was a pain. I dont see why I should have to wipe my entire ubuntu install to upgrade05:09
cfhowlettw00tburger, you dont' have to05:12
w00tburgerwell, I tried the way the guide had mentioned, but there must have beens ome sort of user error05:12
cfhowlettw00tburger, so ... you're upgraded then?05:13
w00tburgerin the end the comp was running like crap, and I ould no longer get it to connect to the network05:13
w00tburgeryeah I had to do a fresh install :-\05:13
cfhowlettw00tburger, obviously I don't know all the details but for future reference; most computer errors manifest between the keyboard and the display ...05:14
w00tburgerOh I agree05:15
w00tburgerJust upset that I lost the majority of my night05:15
cfhowlettw00tburger, assuming your on LTS release schedule, you've got about 1.5 years to plan the next upgrade ...05:15
w00tburgerYeah I am now on the latest and greatest.05:16
marandihi guys , i wanna connect through my open vpn connection but in the GUI when i click in profile to connect it , it wouldn't do any thing , how can i check what the error is ? can i connect it over terminal ?!05:22
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* thong belches.05:27
brianblaze420marandi: I think tunnelblick works in ubuntu05:27
brianblaze420nope I think that was a lie05:28
thongwhat ever happened to Ubuntu Satanic?05:29
kungrBashing-om, you round?05:32
* thong weeps silently to himself in a corner of the cold shower.05:33
* brianblaze420 flushes the toilet thus changing the temperature of the water05:35
* thong gasps for air; drowning.05:36
cassio3they mean sleep it, not reboot05:37
cassio3it's linux05:37
cassio3it's not really designed to be rebooted05:38
thongcassio3: ur mom isn't really designed to be rebooted05:38
* thong part05:38
cassio3(although, maybe it should work better. my last experience had ubuntu waiting for an internet connection. and it took a long time to timeout)05:38
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Bashing-omkungenalex: Yeah, I am back .05:49
william_doeHi guys!  Are there any apps that will automatically dim my screen when i unplug my laptop?05:52
brianblaze420display or power doesn't have a setting for that?05:52
william_doehmmm i don't think so unless i just didn't see it05:52
brianblaze420I am always using command line only so I dunno lol05:53
william_doei tried the command line app tlp i think it was05:53
william_doebut i couldn't find anything for dimming the screen05:53
ianorlinxbacklight will work05:54
william_doehmm yes um..05:56
william_doethis seems to only dim the screen when idle05:56
william_doeunless i am mistaken05:56
brianblaze420idle-dim-battery – Enabling this option will dim the screen when the system is idle and running on battery.05:57
brianblaze420idle-dim-time – the amount of time before the system transits into idle mode. The default is 90 seconds, but I have turned it down to 15 seconds.05:57
william_doei will try it05:57
brianblaze420you will succeed :)05:57
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william_doehmm i don't think this is doing what i want.  maybe that's not possible. i want it to dim automatically when i unplug the power06:03
arun_guys, how do I setup centavo in my prefered directory?06:04
william_doei gotta get my power supply to test06:04
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brianblaze420is idle dim battery checked ? william_doe06:06
william_doethis may be the problem06:06
william_doei do not have dim idle battery06:06
william_doebrianblaze420: ^06:07
lotuspsychjegood morning to all06:07
william_doeit's not in the list06:07
brianblaze420are u updated06:07
brianblaze420do apt-get install dconf-tools06:07
brianblaze420and then update06:07
brianblaze420apt-get update and upgrade06:08
william_doetrying that ty06:09
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william_doebrianblaze420: hmm yeah... i did update and upgrade.  no luck06:13
william_doei just don't have dim battery going06:13
william_doemaybe it's driver issue?06:13
william_doei dunno06:13
brianblaze420try xblacklight06:13
agent_whiteGood evenin'06:14
brianblaze420but u know if u don't see it in the power settings maybe there is something wrong06:14
brianblaze420because shouldn't there be an option there06:14
brianblaze420I swear06:14
william_doei don't see it06:14
brianblaze420good evening agent_white06:15
william_doei'm on 14.0406:15
lotuspsychjeagent_white: hi mate06:15
agent_white\o all06:15
lotuspsychjejust for the info: system76 ubuntu computers renewed their website, its pretty neat check it out06:16
agent_whitewilliam_doe: Whats your issue?06:16
brianblaze420can't get his screen to dim on battery power06:18
william_doei'm trying to get the screen to automatically dim when i unplug from AC06:18
lotuspsychjetry energy options in dconf-editor06:19
william_doei installed xbacklight...06:25
william_doei don't see any option to set for no AC06:25
william_doejust options to set brightness06:25
william_doethere is a "dim screen to save power" under brightness and lock06:27
william_doebut it seems to not do anything06:27
william_doeit broke i guess haha06:28
william_doethis isn't a huge deal for me but yeah.  should i maybe look into changing my display drivers?06:29
lotuspsychje!info dconf-editor | william_doe06:29
ubottuwilliam_doe: dconf-editor (source: d-conf): simple configuration storage system - utilities. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.22.0-1 (utopic), package size 102 kB, installed size 488 kB06:29
lotuspsychjewilliam_doe: checkout dim options there06:29
william_doelotuspsychje: i used dconf-editor but it did not hav ethe options06:29
william_doeonly for dim idle06:29
william_doenot for dim on battery06:30
william_doeit didn't have a checkbox for dim battery06:30
william_doeor anything about dim battery lol06:30
lotuspsychjewilliam_doe: did you check org -> gnome -> settings-daemon -> plugins -> power?06:30
william_doethat's where i was at06:30
william_doeis weird lol06:31
mikhael_k33hlHi, I'm having problems installing OpenSSH. I already tried installing openssl 1.0.1j and 0.9.8z but it still says  "error: *** Can't find recent OpenSSL libcrypto (see config.log for details) ***" when running ./configure06:31
lotuspsychjewilliam_doe: you have some weird energy options in bios maybe?06:31
william_doei dunno06:31
lotuspsychjewilliam_doe: maybe check syslogs or dmesg for acpi errors too06:31
lotuspsychjewilliam_doe: you had dim working on any other ubuntu version?06:31
william_doethis is first time running ubuntu on this machine06:32
william_doei'm kinda a n00b06:32
lotuspsychjewilliam_doe: what kind of machine is it?06:32
lotuspsychjewilliam_doe: did it work on windows?06:33
william_doesamsung np365e5c-s01us06:33
william_doeyeah it worked on windows06:33
lotuspsychjewilliam_doe: check bios/syslogs, if it worked on windows should not be bios flash issue06:34
lotuspsychjewilliam_doe: i think you will find acpi problems in syslog06:34
william_doesorry how do i check taht06:35
OerHeks!info openssl06:35
ubottuopenssl (source: openssl): Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - cryptographic utility. In component main, is standard. Version 1.0.1f-1ubuntu9 (utopic), package size 491 kB, installed size 976 kB06:35
lotuspsychjewilliam_doe: you can dmesg in terminal or browse to /var/log/syslog06:35
william_doeokay tysm06:35
lotuspsychjewilliam_doe: or use the log viewer icon from dash06:35
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akiva-thinkpadAny programming newbies, and I mean complete newbies want to learn some python?06:39
william_doeonly thing i found that seems maybe suspect is:  Nov 21 04:14:51 billydonut-laptop kernel: [    0.320339] acpi PNP0A03:00: _OSC: platform does not support [PME]06:39
Guest47294Can anyone help me about nitrogen?06:40
william_doei don't think this is relevent after googling tho06:40
lotuspsychjewilliam_doe: maybe try this: tail -f /var/log/syslog and fool around with your dim a bit for realtime problems06:41
BlasterHi I'm trying to use dd to copy a Windows 7 ISO to a USB key.06:45
BlasterI was told to use the command: sudo dd bs=4M if=[ur .iso] of=/dev/sd[letter of drive]06:46
theadminBlaster: That won't work06:46
theadminBlaster: Use WinUSB to create bootable Windows ISOs06:46
theadminWindows images are *not* hybrid, you can't just dd them06:46
BlasterBut I can't figure out the letter of the drive.  When I type `lsblk` it just says: sdc      8:32   1   3.8G  0 disk06:46
BlasterOh okay.06:46
BlasterDoes this drive need to be mounted to a letter?  Why is it just sdc?06:46
theadminBlaster: Well, "c" is your letter06:47
BlasterI mean a number, like /dev/sdc1 or something.06:47
BlasterOh I see.06:47
BlasterWhat about number?06:47
theadminBlaster: Oh. No, you don't dd to a partition /dev/sdc1 means "SATA drive 3, partition 1" basically06:47
theadminBlaster: /dev/sdc refers to the entire drive06:47
BlasterOh okay, and 1 refers to the partition?06:47
BlasterIs it zero indexed?06:48
BlasterWell it's obvious from looking at lsblk that it isn't.06:48
theadminBlaster: Eh, not really. Drives go "a", "b", "c", ..., "aa", "ab", ... and so on, while partitions are 1, 2, 3...06:48
william_doelotuspsychje: hmm i don't know i am just confusing myself.  this is not a terribly big deal for me haha06:48
Blastertheadmin: What's the maximum allowable number of drives?06:49
theadminBlaster: I don't think there's a limit, and even if there is it's very high06:49
BlasterLimited only by hardware?06:49
tqrekfi have q problem with my intel hd driver i have a blank screen after login please help me06:49
lotuspsychjewilliam_doe: well there is certanly a reason for this, try to google some errors you have06:49
lotuspsychjewilliam_doe: your on 14.04?06:49
william_doelotuspsychje: yes i am i didn't find any errors06:50
william_doenothing showed up in syslog after running that? and um  in the terminal i got this?06:50
william_doe[74060.505902] ACPI: \_SB_.PCI0: Bus check notify on hotplug_event_root06:51
william_doebut that was before i even started messing witht eh brightnessslider06:51
Blastertqrekf, does it still show the desktop background, but Unity doesn't boot?  You probably need to switch to another TTY and install the missing Intel graphics packages.06:51
lotuspsychjewilliam_doe: what kind of grafix card you havin?06:52
tqrekfi have upgrqted from ubuntu 12,10 to 13,1006:52
william_doelemme check06:52
Ben64tqrekf: 13.10 is no longer supported06:53
william_doei have apu06:53
william_doeAMD A8-4500M APU06:53
Blastertheadmin, I can't seem to find WinUSB for utopic.06:53
william_doemaybe i should try installing drivers from amd?06:53
lotuspsychjewilliam_doe: check additional drivers section maybe06:53
lotuspsychjewilliam_doe: did you install 14.04 with internet enabled/updates enabled?06:54
theadminBlaster: Please see http://www.sysads.co.uk/2014/05/install-winusb-ubuntu-14-04/06:54
william_doei honestly don't remember but i have ran updates since06:54
Blastertheadmin, that's for saucy.06:54
lotuspsychjewilliam_doe: well its reccomended to install with internet, to find best drivers for your system06:54
tqrekfafter grub i get the login screen by swiching clt alt f7 i login and i get a blank screen with mouse06:54
=== Spy_Ser is now known as Pay_Ser
theadminBlaster: Err... Trusty, actually, but yeah my bad06:55
theadminThe package is indeed built for Saucy06:55
lotuspsychjetqrekf: as Ben64 suggestes, 13.10 is eol mate, install a version from topic06:55
william_doelotuspsychje: it says under additional drivers that i'm using the recommended driver06:55
Blastertheadmin, what about this one? https://launchpad.net/~nilarimogard/+archive/ubuntu/test/+build/619150106:55
lotuspsychjewilliam_doe: you could try another one, just to test your dim issue, you can change it back after06:56
BlasterOr should I find another way to burn Windows to my USB key?06:56
william_doeyeah i might06:56
william_doelemme try that06:56
theadminBlaster: I don't know of any other tool that would work in Linux sadly06:56
=== Pay_Ser is now known as Spy_Ser
lotuspsychjeBlaster: winusb is the best package as theadmin says06:56
theadminBlaster: Most of Windows tools are, well, for Windows06:56
tqrekfso what is the solutionm reinstall the latest  ubuntu version?06:56
lotuspsychjetqrekf: 14.04 is reccomended06:57
Blastertheadmin, what about the launchpad link I posted?06:57
theadminBlaster: I can't find an actual download link there, so can't say.06:57
lotuspsychjetqrekf: 14.10 the newest but 9 months support06:57
Blastertheadmin: Why can't I just use dd?06:57
theadminBlaster: You may try the package I linked, it may work regardless (since the site claims it works in 14.04, it may work on 14.10 as well)06:57
theadminBlaster: I don't know details, all I know is that it doesn't work06:58
theadmindd that is06:58
BlasterI'm sure it works with the right combination of config.06:58
BlasterBut I'll try the trusty package.06:58
BlasterErrors were encountered while processing WinUSB.06:59
tqrekfi have many works and installed softwares in ;y ubuntu 13.10, there's no solution to upgrade to 14.10 fro; 13.10?07:00
lotuspsychjeBlaster: keep in mind that 14.10 is experimental07:00
Ben6414.10 is released, not experimental07:00
lotuspsychjetqrekf: its reccomended to install fresh mate07:00
Ben64tqrekf: you can upgrade to 14.04 from 13.1007:01
BlasterMaybe method 1 from here will work for burning a Windows 7 ISO to a USB key. http://askubuntu.com/a/11688607:01
tqrekfwhen i tried to upgrade i get errors can't access archive.canonical.com and ubuntu.mirror.tn07:03
Ben64!eol | tqrekf07:04
ubottutqrekf: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades07:04
tqrekfshould i change sources.list?07:04
Ben64read that link07:04
tqrekfok thanks i will reinstall ubuntu 14.0407:07
BlasterWhat does this kind of text mean in the context of the dd utility? ��˦۾b�m�����oh$��07:09
BlasterI forgot the of= flag and it outputted a ton of that to terminal.07:09
Ben64Blaster: that is the output from dd07:11
BlasterWhat exactly is it?07:12
BlasterMachine code, binary, what?07:12
Ben64whatever you put into it07:12
BlasterIt's a Windows 7 ISO.07:12
Ben64then its that07:12
BlasterBen64: Why is it partially legible English, and part chinese and other weird characters?07:14
OerHeksreally an ubuntu support question we hear every day07:14
BlasterSure it is. ;)07:15
BlasterAm I supposed to dd my Windows 7 bootable ISO to /dev/sdc or /dev/sdc1?07:16
BlasterI formatted it FAT 16 with boot flag on using gparted.07:17
Ben64Blaster: neither, cause that won't work. join ##windows for help making a usb bootable windows iso07:17
BlasterI don't have a working Windows machine.07:17
BlasterI'm fixing my friends broken box, but I need to make a bootable ISO using Ubuntu.07:17
Ben64well ask ##windows07:18
tqrekfubuntu server is recommended for web hosting?07:18
Ben64tqrekf: sure07:18
tqrekfi heard centos is faster07:18
Ben64ok, use whatever you like07:18
BlasterBen64, I understand but I think using dd with fat16 and boot flag is going to work and I want to test it.  They know nothing about dd.  Can you just answer my other question?  /dev/sdc or /dev/sdc1?  Theoretically would I “burn it” to the FAT16 partition or not?07:19
OerHeksBlaster, you have been told dd does not work, why do you insist on it?07:19
BlasterBecause I want to try to make it work.  No one has been clear on why it doesn't.07:19
Ben64Blaster: join ##windows for help with windows iso07:19
Ben64this is not on topic here07:19
cfhowlettBlaster, wrong channel.  ##windows07:20
tqrekfi have been used ubuntu for a time, but would like to know which distribution is faster and provide more tools for securitym i'; not system admin, i'm developper ;)07:23
Ben64tqrekf: not on topic here07:24
BlasterIs there some way to make the clock in Unity display unix time, or is it limited to 12 or 24 hour clock only?07:24
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RedPenguinIs there any easy way to disable USB power mgmt? I have a Happauge HVR-950Q TV Tuner that seems like it randomly is inaccessible after an hour or so07:32
_Virtuoso_speak spanish?07:33
RedPenguinoh no07:33
_Virtuoso_ok thank07:33
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.07:34
RedPenguinnvm found a ubuntuforums thread that seems to deal with how to make the driver not time out07:50
energizerhey can i get some help dual booting07:55
energizerim in the partition step07:55
energizerthere's sda1,2,3,4. sda1,2 have "windows 7 (loader)" on them07:56
energizernot sure how to make sure i don't overwrite windows?07:56
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agent_whiteAnd sda2,4?08:04
mtutshello everyone08:04
energizernothing listed agent_white08:04
agent_whiteenergizer: Does nothing occupy sda3/4 ?08:05
agent_whiteAs in, windows is on sd1/2 only?08:05
energizerthat's what it says, but maybe im misreading it08:05
agent_whiteenergizer: Nah it should be very clear :)08:06
agent_whiteenergizer: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot08:06
energizeragent_white: thanks08:06
agent_whiteThough it says "automatic partition sizing: not recommended) I would disagree, and say that you should do this until you know more about partitioning to your needs.08:06
agent_whiteenergizer: `^08:07
agent_whiteUnless you choose partition sizes SMALLER than the one auto-matically selected, you should be fine.08:07
agent_whiteenergizer: Though if you're feeling adventurous, do the manual partitioning. Again -- last long as you're not attempting to re-size the windows partitions, you should be fine choosing your own linux partion sizes.08:09
cataloguei want to search a log for xyz. what is the command? grep xyz filename.txt?08:10
agent_whiteNote that in your BIOS, the disk you choose for "primary boot" must have the bootload (grub2) on it.08:10
BUSYhey, some of my .mkv files develop thumbnails as their file image in nautilus and others don't. is there a way to force those to take on an image from their media?08:10
agent_whitecatalogue: xyz being a single string? -- grep /var/log/messages "stringInsideMessages"08:10
subinalexanyone out there08:11
dylon  I'n 15.08:12
subinalexhi dylon..where u frm08:12
agent_whiteBUSY:               to force those to take on an image from their media?08:12
dylonEstonia. U?08:12
agent_whiteBUSY: http://askubuntu.com/questions/160971/cant-generate-thumbnails-in-nautilus08:12
agent_white^ ;)08:12
dylonEstonia. U?08:12
subinalexam from india08:12
subinalexso wht u dng now08:12
dylonJust sitting. How old r u?08:13
OerHeks!ot | subinalex dylon08:13
ubottusubinalex dylon: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:13
subinalexam 2608:13
catalogueagent_white: thank you08:14
BUSYagent_white: thanks! also worked08:15
agent_whiteCheers! :)08:15
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catalogueagent_white: actually that didn't work. hmm. it says the two parameters hsould be switched around08:16
catalogueand when i do that it just seems to start rpocesssing and doesnt return anything08:16
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agent_whitecatalogue: `grep "thingToSearch" /path/to/messages/message.log`08:17
agent_whitethough many do `cat /path/to/log.log | grep "searchThing"`, the above is more direct ;P08:17
agent_whitecatalogue: Sorry, I switch up the params by accident.08:18
bekksuseless use of cat. Use "grep searchthing filename" instead :)08:18
agent_whitecatalogue: ^^08:18
agent_whitewhat bekks said08:18
kerneloopzhey guys. How do I install a Nvidia .run driver? Is the recommended way to boot into recovery mode, and from the recovery menu drop into the command line, and install the driver that way?08:19
catalogueis it a slow process? it takes forever08:19
cataloguei'm running this basically: grep "hi" #ubuntu08:20
agent_white_generally_, use `find` for files/directorie names, and `grep` for the content inside them.08:20
agent_whitecatalogue: What exactly are you wanting to search for?08:20
murbardHow can I rsync ubuntu?08:20
cataloguefor a word inside the log08:20
OerHekskerneloopz, recommended way is the drivers ubuntu provides with the additional driver tool08:21
murbarder, how can I rsync the latest 14.10 ubuntu image?08:21
murbardAre there any rsync servers, instead of httpd08:21
murbardor ftpd08:21
kerneloopzyes OerHeks, but the driver tool doesn't offer 343.22, which I need for my 97008:21
bekkskerneloopz: you dont do that because it will break your system whenever your kernel gets updated.08:22
kerneloopzand xorg-edgers for some reason doesn't include OpenCL in their package08:22
bekkskerneloopz: Whats the actual problem you are facing with the nvidia drivers from the Ubuntu repos?08:22
kerneloopzyes, I realize that08:22
agent_whitecatalogue: then you are using it correctly with grep. I wouldn't _think_ it would be slow unless "#ubuntu.log" is of a VERY large size.08:22
kerneloopzthe driver is too old and doesn't recognize my 97008:22
bekkskerneloopz: Which driver version do you use?08:23
kerneloopzand when I install the driver from xorg-edgers, my 970 is recognized by I don't have OpenCL08:23
agent_whitemurbard: rsync? -- Do you mean that you want to update ubuntu?08:23
kerneloopzI'm on 343.22 at the moment in Linux Mint 17 (Ubuntu 14.04)08:23
catalogueagent_white, it's another log, and it's ~14,000 lines. is that a lot?08:23
kerneloopzI managed to install the .run file, but in doing so I messed up X, and I think that's because my method isn't the proper way08:24
bekkskerneloopz: So ask the min support. This is Ubuntu support.08:24
kerneloopzhence why I'm asking how to install a .run file08:24
kerneloopzI realize that08:24
kerneloopzbut in this regard Mint and Ubuntu are basically the same here08:24
bekkskerneloopz: If you realize that, take your support issue to the linux mint support please.08:24
bekks!mint | kerneloopz08:24
ubottukerneloopz: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org08:24
murbardagent_white: I mostly downloaded the file with httpd, but the download was interrputed. My interenet is slow enough that I don't want to start it over. I dislike torrents also. so I was hoping to just rsync continue the download.08:24
agent_whitecatalogue: `ls -l path/to/log/file.txt --block-size=M` will tell you the size in megabytes08:25
kerneloopzsee, I'll bet I could have just not mentioned that I was on Mint, and any help here would have applied08:25
agent_whitemurbard: "the file" is what file?08:25
agent_whitemurbard: What file are you attempting to download, from where, and how?08:25
sabunkerneloopz: come back with another nick with same question, but do not mention linux mint. you will get help08:25
bekkskerneloopz: Nonetheless you mentioned it, and you are on Mint. So please keep this channel open for the Ubuntu support now.08:25
kerneloopzall right08:26
catalogueagent_white, i guess it's 1.2 megs. that's pretty big, right?08:26
murbardagent_white: ubuntu-14.04.1-dekstop-amd64.iso08:26
agent_whitecatalogue: "08:26
agent_whitecatalogue: Not really.. it should pretty much give you the response immediately.08:26
kerneloopzok, so if I installed Ubuntu 14.04 and wanted to install the Nvidia .run file, how would I do that?08:26
bekkscatalogue: 1.2m isnt large for grep.08:26
bekkskerneloopz: You dont have Ubuntu.08:26
bekkskerneloopz: You are on mint. Seek their support. Thank you.08:27
catalogueagent_white, bekks, yeah i thought it should be much faster. hm. just ran one maybe 30 seconds ago and let it keep going to see how long it would go08:27
cataloguejust a blinking cursor08:28
agent_whitemurbard: `rsync -aP /path/to/orgi/file /new/file/path`08:28
agent_whitecatalogue: Copy paste your EXACT command08:28
agent_whiteInto here08:29
cataloguegrep "hi" #rubyonrails.log08:29
cataloguehm, it works on files that don't have the #08:29
agent_whitecatalogue: What IRC client? Full path of the log file?08:29
bekkscatalogue: grep hi \#rubyonrails.log08:29
bekksYou have to escape the # char.08:29
cataloguebekks, aha! thank you!08:30
cataloguewhat was happening there?08:30
agent_whitemurbard: You could also add an alias to rsync to each and every time you call it, it will use --partial(-P). Look up ".bashrc" and "adding alias to bashrc"08:30
catalogueeh it's not important. thanks for the help guys.08:31
agent_whitecatalogue: grep uses "basic regular expressions". In that standard, "#" is a special char. Needs to be escaped to be searched on :)08:32
owen1(carbon x1 laptop) i don't see hibernation in the power settings.  i followed the advice to modify sudo nano /var/lib/polkit-1/localauthority/10-vendor.d/com.ubuntu.desktop.pkla and also installed and used gnome-tweak-tool  but i stil don't see hibernate in the power settings. closing the lid seems to be suspending.08:32
owen1any ideas?08:32
neurosis-my friend installed amd64 on a Pentium4 and its working is it going to mess up the pc08:35
neurosis-and its a 32bit08:35
bekksInstalling 64bit on 32bit isnt possible.08:36
neurosis-Kernel and CPULinux 3.13.0-24-generic on x86_6408:36
neurosis-Processor informationIntel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.93GHz, 1 cores08:36
bekksSothats not a 32bit processor.08:37
neurosis-that is what i was thinking too08:37
bekksThats whats a fact.08:37
AnonWarlordnice i love pentium08:38
bekksI dont, they are too old.08:38
AnonWarlordya my fav to be honest is amd 835008:38
bekksI dont like AMD, cause they are too slow :)08:38
AnonWarlordbut pentiums are nice08:38
AnonWarlordwhat os is every one on ?08:39
agent_whiteA form of Linux ;P08:41
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cfhowlett!cn | cmh08:53
ubottucmh: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw08:53
Kotorois there any way to get newer version of kdevelop that have non-github git fetching on ubuntu 14.04?08:56
tompskuHi, has anybody seen this "The PPD version (5.2.10-pre2) is not compatible with Gutenprint 5.2.9." aftre last offical 14.04 update09:09
tompskuany view how to solve this09:09
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utente_I need to manipulate a video .mov: convert for web publishing, add subtitle, do some effects (speed up x2 or x4 some part of video to make it short). What software do you suggest me to use? i am newbie in video editing.09:19
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cfhowlettutente, openshot is the easiest one to start with09:20
cfhowlettutente, kdenlive might also be a good starting point09:20
utentecfhowlett, can ioneshot make "speed up" effect? i need it09:20
cfhowlettutente, #ubuntustudio might have more information09:20
cfhowlettutente, I think that's an avconv command ...09:21
utenteavconv? never know. i try to search that voice09:21
cfhowlettutente, avconv is the replacement for ffmpeg09:21
agent_whitetompsku: `apt-cache showpkg gutenprint` to check which version of ppd that gutenprint needs09:22
yellabs-r2hello there all you happy hackers09:22
yellabs-r2does anyone know if there is a problem with the servers ( software packages main server ) ??09:23
agent_whitetompsku: then `apt-get install ppg=a.b.c-xyz` depending on the output from the previous cmt09:23
yellabs-r2it gives errors at this moment09:23
auscompgeekyellabs-r2: erm, what release are you using?09:23
agent_whiteyellabs-r2: Why do you ask? -- are you trying to install a package?09:23
yellabs-r2and broken packages all over the place ...09:23
cfhowlettutente, you can grab a whole lot of these with sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-video09:23
yellabs-r214.04.1 lts09:23
yellabs-r2for stable production use..09:24
auscompgeekyellabs-r2: it's just you.09:24
tompskuI just got did those auto updates and aftre that it got broken09:24
utentethanks cfhowlett09:24
tompskuI remove it and re-install it but same problem09:25
cfhowlettutente, don't forget to check the ubuntustudio forums.  happy2help09:25
yellabs-r2okey so its not just me..09:25
agent_whitetompsku: Did you follow what I said?09:25
agent_whitetompsku: To ensure you are installing the right version of ppd that gutenprint needs?09:25
yellabs-r2i guess its a tempory problem ..09:25
OerHeksyellabs-r2, try changing mirror?09:26
agent_whiteutente: `apt-get update` to update your package lists? sometimes you may be attempting to install a package that has been updated everywhere.09:26
yellabs-r2dutch mirror is causing the problem in the first place..09:26
agent_whiteutente: Disregard that09:26
agent_whiteyellabs-r2: My message above is for you :P09:26
owen1i try to change my End key to be left mouse click. xmodmap -e 'keycode 115 = Pointer_Button1'  doesn't do anything. xev show me ButtonPress event and it say 'button 1'. not sure if it's helpful.09:27
utenteagent_white, im on debian now, so i must see if there is those packages here.09:27
agent_whiteutente: Sorry there, that message was meant for yellabs-r2 :P09:27
utenteAgent_Sm1th_BR, no problem09:27
utenteagent_white, no problme09:28
OerHeksyellabs-r2, try https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+mirror/ftp.snt.utwente.nl-archive09:28
tompskuAgent_white: if you mean dependency it is only to "5.0.1-1lsb3.1"09:28
agent_whitetompsku: Yes! That's the only dependency?09:28
yellabs-r2try that Oerheks09:28
agent_whitetompsku: Try checking ppg's dependencies instead09:28
agent_whiteI might've reversed it: you may need to install a version of gutenprint that ppg needs.09:29
tompskuagent_white: as I'm newbi that you mena ppg ...?09:30
agent_whitetompsku: I meant ppd! :P09:32
agent_whitetompsku: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221901009:33
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SHAHPARhi blabla09:36
tompskuagent_white: yes I have read this forum post and that's way I tried to reinstall it but same problem still (and re install i mena cups and PPD)p09:36
SHAHPARwhat's up09:37
SHAHPARhi buddies09:37
cfhowlettSHAHPAR, we see you.  ask your support questions09:37
SHAHPARi want to use screen but i have problem09:38
agent_whitetompsku: Hm... so you tried the `footmatic` and `pximono` utilities?09:38
tompskufor my printer there is no footmatic :(09:39
cfhowlettSHAHPAR, this is the part where you give actual DETAILS of the "problem".  No one is going to guess.09:39
agent_whitetompsku: Hm. Have you logged into the CUPS web interface/admin page to change the gutenprint version?09:40
agent_whitetompsku: Also `/usr/bin/cups-genppdupdate`09:40
agent_whitethen `sudo /etc/init.d/cups restart`09:41
tompskuyes and remove , install, remove, .. the printer. and every time when try to print test page thet error comes09:41
agent_white:/ Hm.09:41
SHAHPAR_hey agnet09:41
agent_whitePrinters are the worst thing to deal with :(09:41
tompskuand also "/usr/bin/cups-genppdupdate" and stop/start for cups ...09:41
cfhowlettSHAHPAR, what is your spoken language??09:42
tompsku100% agree09:42
agent_whitetompsku: You did those borth?09:42
SHAHPAR_what do you mean09:42
yellabs-r2hmm, cant install language-pack-nl-base , depends on language-pack-nl , wich i cant install because it depends on langauge-pack-nl-base ..09:42
cfhowlettSHAHPAR, what language do you speak?09:42
SHAHPAR_i'm speaking english09:42
yellabs-r2i am chasing my own tail here ..09:42
tompskuwhat you mean "borth?"09:42
SHAHPAR_i'm newbie to linux and want to get command over this bitch09:42
agent_whiteyellabs-r2: `apt-get -f install language-pack-nl` ?09:42
cfhowlettSHAHPAR, 5 minutes ago you said you had a "problem".  I asked for details.  You've given no details.  no details >>> no help.09:43
cfhowlett!details | SHAHPAR_09:43
ubottuSHAHPAR_: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)09:43
yellabs-r2no , un met dependencies09:44
SHAHPAR_i am trying to make use of screen utility on ubuntu server09:44
SHAHPAR_it is too difficult to install offline packages on linux,,, wof09:45
bekksSHAHPAR_: What complicated about it?09:45
agent_whiteSHAHPAR_: Why do you need to use screen? What are you trying to do?09:46
Ben64SHAHPAR_: explain in as much detail as possible, all on one line, what you're trying to do, what you've done, and what is not appearing to be working, also, give us which version of linux you have09:47
SHAHPAR_i want to use multiple terminal sessions at the same time09:47
bekksSo open up multiple terminals? :)09:47
bekksscreen is useful for closing the terminals but keep the session running.09:48
SHAHPAR_i don't have gui, i am using ubuntu server 14.0409:48
SHAHPAR_pure console mode09:48
Ben64SHAHPAR_: ok, but what is the problem?09:48
SHAHPAR_i got it, thank you09:48
SHAHPAR_well GEEKS, i would like to instal GUI GNOME on UBUNTU SERVER 14.04 which one is best ??09:49
SHAHPAR_I'v tried xorg but it is too slow09:49
cfhowlettSHAHPAR_, geeks?  really?09:49
agent_whiteWell, screen gives you multiple terminals through one session... rather than just opening a new term locally, and ssh'ing in again (which creates _another_ session)09:49
Ben64SHAHPAR_: the capital letters are not necessary, nor is the name calling.09:49
agent_whiteI believe... correct me if I'm wrong.09:49
* cfhowlett adds another name to the /ignore list.09:50
bekksSHAHPAR_: On a server, you dont use a gui, normally. :)09:50
agent_whitecfhowlett: >.< I was excited to educate on terminal sessions until that point. ;P09:50
cfhowlettif it has a gui, it's not a server ...09:50
cfhowlettAgent_white I fully agree.09:50
SHAHPAR_But i want09:50
agent_whitecfhowlett: Oh well. You win some, you lose some eh?09:50
SHAHPAR_I have lot of questions about Linux09:51
cfhowlettagent_white, true true.09:51
cfhowlettagent_white, just learned that my 14.04.1 ubuntustudio doesn09:52
cfhowlettdoes not have "screen" ...09:52
SHAHPAR_GEEKS, have you experienced FreeBSD??? I want to try that09:52
masterI have a question too, please, but I am not sure this is the correct place to ask such ?09:52
cfhowlettmaster, please ask.09:52
Ben64SHAHPAR_: only ubuntu is on topic here, and you're not going to get any help by calling people names09:52
SHAHPAR_Could you please recommend a Linux Book ?09:53
blablaSHAHPAR_: man09:53
masterOK, sorry I will leave then , thanks09:53
cfhowlettmaster, ??? ask your ubuntu questions09:53
masterOh, sorry, Was I being told to go away there09:54
yellabs-r2ah , seems to be a bug..09:54
bekksSHAHPAR_: Do you have a specific Ubuntu support question?09:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1394923 in language-pack-gnome-nl-base (Ubuntu) "ubuntu 14.04.1 missing language-pack-nl-base (>= 1:14.04+20140707" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:54
agent_whitecfhowlett: Oh really? Yeah I actually never use screen... haven't had restraints on # of term sessions to any boxes. One day I'll learn it :P09:54
cfhowlettmaster, that was directed at someone else.  proper use is to use the person's name ... as I have done.  Also, read carefully.  so ... your question??09:55
cfhowlettAgent_white I've lived this long without it ... guess I'll manage.09:56
agent_whiteHahah indeed :P09:56
blablascreen is cool09:57
blablausing it atm09:57
agent_whiteI am obligated to use it since it goes nicely with vim, but I have enough keybindings as is ;P09:57
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eb0tis there a channel for ubuntu where i can go offtopic a little10:03
agent_whiteeb0t: #ubuntu-offtopic10:04
eb0tah great10:04
eb0tthanks agent_white10:04
ParameziusHello, I installed ubuntu 14.04 fut it fails to completely install my language10:04
Parameziustransaction failed: package dependencies cannot be resolved. the following packages have unmet dependencies: language-pack-gl: language-pack-gnome-gl10:04
Parameziusi installed it some days ago in the same computer and it worked. it was a previous installation10:05
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agent_whiteParamezius: `apt-get -f install language-pack-gl` ?10:17
he1s3nbergi have an issue10:17
he1s3nberg:Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services10:18
blablahe1s3nberg: you need to register yourself with /msg nickserv register email password10:18
he1s3nbergif i join a particular channel of my interest , this is the message showing.10:18
blablahe1s3nberg: and then check your mails, after you did it, you can login to your nickname by using /msg nickserv identify password10:19
he1s3nbergblabla, can you tell me how ?10:19
agent_whitehe1s3nberg: `/msg nickserv help`10:19
blablai did already, he1s3nberg10:19
he1s3nbergblabla, ok. thankss10:19
Parameziusagent_white, let's try10:21
basil1xIs there a reason audio-convert-mod isn't in the repos?  It's a lot less annoying that soundconverter, despite having a completely tragic name.10:23
basil1xIt also requires some creative futzing to get working.  It wants ffmpeg, which has apparently gone.10:24
k1l_basil1x: programs demanding ffmpeg cant b in the repos since ffmpeg is not in the repos.10:28
basil1xI was thinking it could be altered to use whatever replaced ffmpeg?10:28
Flannelbasil1x: libav is.  audio-convert-mod isn't in the repos because it seems that no one has packaged it.10:28
k1l_basil1x: libav-tools is in the repos. its one of the forks from the ffmpeg drama10:29
JetForMeI'm having a heck of a time getting my new ubuntu install to link a very simple C/C++ program.10:29
basil1xPity they couldn't do something about the dreadful name at the same time.10:29
FlannelJetForMe: have you installed 'build-essential'?10:30
bekksJetForMe: why?10:30
JetForMehere's my example: http://pastebin.com/ChQcyLW110:30
JetForMeI installed with sudo apt-get install g++10:30
bekksJetForMe: And how do you try to link it?10:30
JetForMeThe command line is in the comments at the top10:31
bekksAnd whats the error message?10:31
JetForMeBy the way, I was able to build mpg123 from source without issue, and it makes teh same call.10:31
JetForMeah, stand by, sorry10:31
JetForMeI updated the paste with the error10:32
JetForMe(at the bottom)10:32
geirhathat means there's a new url10:32
JetForMeNope, same URL ;-)10:32
JetForMeI also tried this with plain C code (main.c, no C++ syntax), same result10:33
JetForMelet me try installing build-essentials, although I seem to have a working set of tools10:33
bekksJetForMe: Use: #include <alsa/control.h>10:34
bekksbuild-essentials will not magically fix your code :)10:34
JetForMeno change, bekks10:34
JetForMe(with alsa/control10:34
nopfJetForMe: put the -l option after the .cpp file. this is how linking works iirc10:35
JetForMeWow, that's it10:35
JetForMeI've never run into that before10:35
nopfJetForMe: the -l is used to resolve undefined names. at that point of the command line (from left to right) there are no undefined names10:36
JetForMeI usually write all my options first, including the -o, and put the source file name(s) at the end. Oh, but that's when I'm using a makefile with a separate link step...10:36
geirhaGNU likes to break with convention :)10:36
nopfJetForMe: in this sens -l is not an option but another file specification10:36
nopfgeirha: no, this is traditional C10:36
JetForMeI should say, I *usually* use Xcode on iOS or OS X...10:36
nopfJetForMe: btw this is not ubuntu specific. forget the solution and ask again in ##programming :)10:37
JetForMeyeah, I get you, it's just Xcode hides all that10:37
Parameziusagent_white, it doesn't work. it keeps telling that there are unmet dependencies10:38
JetForMeFor that matter, I usually have makefiles, wherein this doesn't appear10:38
JetForMeThank you nopf, and the rest, for all your help!10:38
Parameziuscould it be due to a repository problem?10:38
TommmyHi, can anyone tell me the correct way to install and use a nvidia driver? :S10:40
blablaTommmy: apt-get install nvidia-drivers ?10:41
flux242Everytime I install ubuntu base system on a machine or in a virtual environment I open .bashrc and uncomment force_color_prompt. It was like that since many years. Why isn't it fixed already?10:41
Tommmyi installed nvidia-current, and nvidia-prime to switch betwen intel and nvidia but after that my ubuntu was freezing every 5 minutes10:42
Tommmyit was working fine but it was freezing, even with out playing a game10:42
blablaTommmy: maybe wrong driver?10:42
Tommmyi could play games10:43
Tommmyis nvidia-current fine for Nvidia GeForce GT 525M?10:45
flux242the workaround would be to copy part of the .bashrc into my .bash_aliases bun I really don't want to have this code there10:45
blablaTommmy: should be, any error logs?10:45
k1l_Tommmy: which ubuntu?10:46
Tommmywell i got rid of it so i reinstaled ubuntu10:46
k1l_Tommmy: remove the nvidia-current and install the nvidia-33110:46
Tommmyi had nvidia-33110:47
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Tommmybut my screen was freezing10:47
Tommmyi have reinstaled ubuntu 5 times10:47
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Tommmyshould i try with nvidia-331-updates10:48
geirhaflux242: The idea is that the terminal should tell bash whether it can do colors or not, but gnome-terminal, at least, has no such ability at all. It sets TERM=xterm no matter what10:48
flux242geirha: which leads to what conclusion?10:49
k1l_Tommmy: i dont know. i dont have your setup. if nvidia-current works than ok10:50
geirhaflux242: That it's a mess10:50
sacarlsonTommmy: looks like 331.49 is best they got http://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/7322110:50
flux242geirha: exactly, what's what I'm talking about10:50
dopiehey all10:51
dopieim trying to get the solarized theme for my bash10:51
dopiebut its not installing10:51
Tommmyhmmmm.. what happen if i have 2 nvidia drivers?10:51
Tommmyor more10:51
k1l_Tommmy: that results in issues10:51
geirhaflux242: I just replace it with my own generic .bashrc, but that's unfortunately not enough either, because bash is specifically patched to also read /etc/bash.bashrc, and you can't avoid that10:51
k1l_Tommmy: that is why i said remove the one and then install the next one10:51
k1l_dopie: more details, more errormassages. what ubuntu?10:52
Tommmyso is it a good idea to do apt-get purge nvidia*10:52
flux242geirha: it is possible to set a custom term variable with xfce4-terminal but if I write xterm-color then the terminal stops workgin telling me that /etc/termcap is missing10:52
Tommmybefore installing the nvidia-33110:53
k1l_Tommmy: yes. is suggest to make a reboot then. then install the new one, reboot again10:53
k1l_*i suggest10:53
Tommmythat could be the mistake10:53
geirhatermcap? surely you have terminfo installed10:54
Tommmybecause i have tried 5 times, using diferent ways, diferent packages,and had to reinstall 5 times10:54
Tommmyi will try that10:54
Tommmythank you so much!10:54
flux242geirha: I usually never change the default .bashrc beside that damn color variable. I do everything in my own .bash_aliases.10:54
mehdip2007hey guys i install xiki  when i input it in my terminal now i cant run my terminal what should i do?10:55
flux242geirha: no I don't think that i have terminfo installed. It could be a part of ncurses which is not installed. No need10:57
Ben64mehdip2007: not seeing any package named xiki10:57
flux242geirha: but anyway, if I only have a basis then getty sets term variable to linux and again color prompt is not activated by default10:59
mehdip2007Ben64, http://github.com/trogdoro/xiki      here is the link :D10:59
mehdip2007https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/xiki/xiki-the-command-revolution       this is what i try yo use11:00
Ben64mehdip2007: only software in the ubuntu repositories are supported, contact whoever makes that11:00
geirhaflux242: Right, so it's probably about time that restriction gets lifted, and colors are enabled by default. I don't even know if there's any terminal emulators that don's support colors in ubuntu's repositories11:00
mehdip2007well the point is u can see pictures and videos in ur terminal11:01
mehdip2007Ben64, how can i restore my terminal ? this is the error i get http://paste.ubuntu.com/9170045/11:03
Ben64mehdip2007: see, thats why non standard software isn't supported. theres no way anyone here could know what you did to get it to that state. you'll have to figure that out yourself11:04
solarshi there, is there a tool that I could use temporarily for uptime logging? need to check the internet connection on a machine here to see if it is stable over a day11:05
mehdip2007Ben64, well in my terminal preferences TITLE and command tab in custom command i add /usr/bin/xiki and couldnt run it anyomre :(11:06
Ben64mehdip2007: undo what you did then11:07
mehdip2007Ben64, i cant run my terminal to undo  it thats my problem now11:08
Ben64mehdip2007: use the recovery mode then11:08
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=== bdz is now known as vahl
sacarlsonmehdip2007: I would assume that should only effect a single user.  so can you login to a different user and fix it from there?11:10
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mehdip2007sacarlson, yea i can do that but donno how11:13
Torbardmit welchem befehl kann ich ein datei starten?11:13
Ben64!recovery | mehdip200711:13
ubottumehdip2007: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode11:13
nopfTorbard: which datei?11:13
k1l_Torbard: kommt auf die datei an. aber dieser kanal ist englisch sprachig11:14
Torbardbash i maybe11:14
nopfTorbard: you start bash by typing bash11:14
Torbardi want to start Tor onion router11:14
nopfTorbard: how did you install it?11:15
Torbardonly extract11:16
k1l_Torbard: what says the readme?11:16
cendorasystemd ?11:16
k1l_cendora: is that a question? can you rephrase that?11:17
Tommmmywho was helping me 5 minutes ag?11:17
cendoraok, wait a bit11:17
cendoranot yet question11:17
cendorarephrasing, lool11:17
nopfTorbard: why not install it with 'sudo apt-get install tor'? then read /usr/share/doc/tor/README.Debian11:18
ubottuTor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl11:18
flux242What's your favorite remote session solution? I mean forwarding X with ssh is straight forward and with proper compresison settings works well but it wont forward sound. VNC can't adjust screen resolution. NoMachine become bloated. What else?11:18
bekksflux242: I dont see how NoMachine is "bloated".11:18
TommmmyK1|_ did you helped me 5 minutes ago?11:18
k1l_Tommmmy: maybe.11:18
Tommmmyit worked11:19
k1l_Tommmmy: good :)11:19
Tommmmyits not freezing anymore, thank you11:19
flux242bekks: that's ok11:19
Quatrokinghow do I add a desktop shortcut to a program?11:19
OerHeksflux242, tightvnc can adjust screenresolution11:19
OerHeksQuatroking, depends what desktop11:20
flux242OerHeks: can it? I mean not to predefined one like 1024x768 but to 1024x600 for instance11:21
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belgianguyCan Unity 8 be installed as a separate DE?11:22
solarsdoes anybody know a tool for offline time logging?11:23
flux242OerHeks: tightvnc for linux is java only. I do not have java runtime11:23
k1l_belgianguy: unity8 sits on top of MIR. best is to try the live images they provide for testing11:24
OerHeksflux242, vncserver can too, vncserver -geometry 1024x60011:24
OerHeksnot sure tightvnc can work with openjdk, i guess it is.11:25
belgianguysolars: pen, paper and a clock ;) But also Project Hamster,Toggl and Klok11:25
bekksflux242: So use version 1.3, which has nothing to do with java. Version 2 is a rewrite in Java.11:27
flux242 I've just found novnc - html5 implementation client. Hm, I think I try it11:28
BluesKaj_Hiyas all11:45
spupuser1guys why isn't there a better way to find a good spouse?11:50
OerHeksspupuser1, do you have an ubuntu support question ?11:51
spupuser1OerHeks: yes, my netbook has 1 gig of ram, which ubuntu can i use11:52
OerHeksspupuser1, all versions11:52
spupuser1OerHeks: i also want to do web development and mySQL, and java11:52
spupuser1hmm, ok i shall try some now11:53
k1l_spupuser1: go with lubuntu11:53
k1l_and be aware that a atom netbook with 1gb ram is not a rocket at all.11:53
spupuser1k11_: this is correct, i shall try several distributions11:54
spupuser1k11_: well i just need to get comfortable with one of them.11:55
k1l_spupuser1: then do that11:55
mpathyI have a problem with encodings.. I unpacked a tar.xz (from a BSD system apparently) to my Ubuntu here.. Some special characters in the file names were not correct (the äöüß of the german file names for example) and I want to correct them. Is there a way to do this? I am think of a program who does that automatically, which would be the easiest, or instead something which has the ability to "search&replace" on file names recursively in a l12:06
mpathyot of folders..12:06
mpathyIf there is nothing like that, I got a text file with md5sums and the correct filenames, which I could use to replace the file names in the unpacked folder here..12:07
dorkusmaximusis ubuntu the best linux distribution12:07
bekksdorkusmaximus: There is no "best" in terms of software. It is all up to you and your choice.12:07
dorkusmaximusaw c'mon...just say "ubuntu is def the best"12:08
k1l_dorkusmaximus: since you ask in a ubuntu channel: yes it is12:08
mpathyyou asking this in the Ubuntu channel? you might get a bit of a biased answer on that.. try some for yourself. you can use something like VirtualBox to install different systems on your current system12:08
dorkusmaximusawesome i knew it12:08
bekksdorkusmaximus: If you knew it - why do you ask?12:08
EriC^^mpathy: rename maybe12:09
dorkusmaximusyeah, in the last day ive installed debian, slackware, fedora, and ubuntu. ubuntu is the only one that didnt have a lot of problems.12:09
mpathyEriC^^: Yes, but the question is, how I can do it? It would even be okay to have some kind of manual filename search and replace recursively12:10
EriC^^mpathy: the command rename12:10
EriC^^mpathy: man rename, it's a perl script that uses sed syntax12:10
nopfmpathy: or learn emacs, you can use text replace on directory view buffers12:11
EriC^^don't know if it'srecursive though12:11
EriC^^mpathy: if it's not recursive you can use the find command with -exec12:12
mpathybut how can I make a regexp for such weird characters?12:12
mpathyI am able to use find -exec, I know how to do.. but I struggle on how I can get a selection fitting these weird characters.. which are their right representation?12:14
mpathyFor example it looks like LoÌ?we12:15
mpathyand should be Löwe12:15
EriC^^if you search for LoÌ?we does it find it?12:15
mpathybut the file name looks different in Terminal and in Nautilus. Which is the right representation for the use in a script or command line?12:16
EriC^^try to use what is in the terminal with find and see if it returns anything12:16
mpathyno it doesnt.. ls displays it as LoÌ?we.. find does it display as Löwe12:17
avoiderAnyone around for support?12:18
EriC^^ok, find . -iname "Löwe" should find it12:18
bekksavoider: Just ask your question :)12:18
avoiderMy indcator on top panel12:18
avoiderkeeps giving errors12:19
avoiderand closing12:19
avoiderKeeps asking me to execute i click it and then it pops back up with error and then closes12:19
=== ARMEN_ is now known as EREVAN
OerHeksavoider, so what indicater does that?12:20
EriC^^mpathy: try rename 's/̈w/bla/' Lo*12:20
=== EREVAN is now known as Guest92361
avoiderindicator plugin12:20
avoiderfor the top bar on the right hand side12:20
EriC^^mpathy: it should replace the odd part with bla12:20
k1l_avoider: which indicator?12:20
avoiderfor the panel ?12:21
mileszerohi all12:21
EriC^^mpathy: ( in all files that start with Lo )12:21
avoiderThat displays the wifi etc etc12:21
k1l_avoider: "which car is broken?" "my car" " yes but which car model is it?" "my car"12:21
avoiderubuntu 1412:21
OerHeksavoider, those are more than one indicators, so which one?12:21
mileszerocan I ask here a xubuntu question, or is there another chatroom?12:21
k1l_avoider: you mean the whole systray?12:22
avoiderthe plugin that states for untiy indicators12:22
mpathyEriC^^: No it doesnt. Is there some kind of other representation I can use, like when using an ASCII code.. You know, to display the proper Unicode-Code for the char and use that to search?12:22
avoiderthe one that shows the volume  wifi connection or lan connection12:23
k1l_avoider: is it gone at all?12:23
avoideri have to keep adding it  to the panel12:24
avoiderand in two minutes of it on the panel it gives me a error12:24
k1l_avoider: what did you do before that happend?12:24
avoidersaying i need to exexute it and then turns off12:24
avoideri updated and rebooted12:24
avoiderapt-get update and then rebooted12:25
avoiderand it started doing that12:25
k1l_well, apt-get update doesnt do anything to any packages12:25
k1l_avoider: please run a "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" and put that all into a pastebin12:25
avoiderThats all that i did12:26
BluesKaj_avoider, you have to upgrade after updating12:26
mpathyEriC^^: You know, like in Python where "caf\xe9" would represent "café"12:26
k1l_avoider: "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"12:28
mpathySuch a represenation would be cool. If I can't find another solution, I could do a rename on all possibilities, which shouldnt be more than the umlauts the ß and the accents..12:28
avoiderok done12:29
k1l_avoider: and please a "ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list.d" in a pastebin12:30
pilikeitsfirefox is now annoying me :D everytime i want to open torrent file it gives me gedit (default). and that "do this automatically for files like this from now on" is grey, i can't choose it even i select /usr/bin/transmission-gtk12:30
Swingline711pilikeits, isn't there a media tab in firefox' options?12:31
faustmpathy: what's the output of "echo $LC_CTYPE" in the terminal which has problems12:31
mpathyfaust: I dont know but I send the person my locale output and he says its the same, all de and UTF-812:32
k1l_avoider: so maybe its the numix theme ruining it? can you choose the default theme and ions?12:32
mpathyfaust: So if he is right, it would be LC_CTYPE="de_DE.UTF-8"12:33
pilikeitsSwingline711, what you now try to say?12:33
Swingline711change the handler settings in the media section of firefox' options.12:33
mpathyfaust: but it is a BSD system he has. but shouldnt be a problem. I even used bsdtar to unpack instead of gnutar12:33
Swingline711to transmission perhaps12:33
pilikeitsSwingline711, there is that application tab...where is the list...but there isn't torrent12:33
avoideri need to reboot12:34
faustmpathy: I think that you may have different "chararcter set" set on your (his?) systems, also if he manages to remnames the files the problem will return, maybe it will be better if he set UTF-8 on both machine12:35
xfcehey i need a good screen recorder any sugestions12:35
m1dnight_I have a server at home with 16GB ram12:35
m1dnight_is there anything I can do to put it to use?12:35
faustm1dnight_: you che give it to me12:35
xfceor me12:36
cfhowlettm1dnight_, send my way12:36
m1dnight_okay that sounds about right12:36
m1dnight_A megabyte?12:36
m1dnight_or how much do you fancy?12:36
mpathyfaust: Well I only can say that he said that he has UTF-8, too12:36
cfhowlettm1dnight_, I'm in China ... could use a nice VPN ...12:36
pilikeitsSwingline711, hmm....that magnet just opens transmission but then ask the source file......i just want that when i press that torrent it will open it with transmission12:36
k1l_m1dnight_: better ask in #ubuntu-offtopic since that is not a technical issue :)12:37
faustmpathy: if he can read the file names correctly on host A and wrong on host B, I have some doubts about it :/12:37
pilikeitsSwingline711, i need to add torrent somehow to that application list...hmmmm12:38
xfcewhats a good music player for ubuntu unity12:39
faustmpathy: howevere to answer your original question, maybe, the best way to manage the problem is by using a scripting language with good unicode support (which is not the case with bash) like python, ruby etc12:40
agent_whitexfce: I like basic players. For a GUI - "deadbeef", and for a console "cmus".12:40
OerHeksclementine can handle big music collections smoothly12:40
xfceis clementine an ease of use12:41
agent_whiteMake sure to check your locale12:41
pilikeitsSwingline711, ok hmm...i have never use that magnetlink thingy. so now i think its downloading it. thank you. 100% i always use "download torrent" button12:45
Swingline711pilikeits, haha, magnet thingy isn't something; it's just like data embedded into the uri itself12:50
mpathyfaust: I made some tests and the checksums of the files are identical. That means I have now a file with correct filename and checksum who fits12:50
Swingline711a hash and then optionally a decription and additional trackers12:50
Swingline711sorry, description, should that be.12:50
faustmpathy: the filenames are correct, but probably they are not UTF-8 this why he cannot see them correcly in an UTF-8 environment12:51
faustsymbols like "ß" exists also in charset that are not UTF-812:52
pilikeitsSwingline711, but there is one problem. if there is 10 files and i only want one. I can't choose it in early stage i have to wait a while that transmission is starting to download and then i can choose the files.12:52
Swingline711especially with magnet links I would imagine.12:53
pilikeitsSwingline711, before when i press "download torrent" there came a list of files on my screen where i could choose what to download.12:53
agent_whitepilikeits: It's because it needs to first create the list of all the possible files.12:53
mpathyfaust: yes and äüö too.. so I really wondering what happend12:53
agent_whiteSo sometimes you need to wait for it to load, before de-selecting unwanted items.12:53
faustmpathy: maybe I'm missing something12:53
Swingline711yes magnets are a little bit different since they will need to 'lend' or 'ask' other clients for further information. pilikeits12:53
Swingline711a physical compiled .torrent file has loads of those things built in. So there is a difference.12:54
pilikeitsSwingline711, ok :) thank you12:54
Swingline711a magnet only has like a 'hint' of the signature of a torrent file information.12:54
pilikeitsagent_white, thank you for you too :)12:55
coddderMy eth doesn't wrok. However, my wifi works like a charm. Could anyone help?12:55
agent_whitepilikeits: Of course! Swingline711's answer it less vague than mine :P12:55
coddderNow, I write using wifi.12:55
coddderI've used inconfig -a and I have the log.12:56
dragonflyHi, is there a chance to start a VNC from windows pc to linux?12:56
sacarlsoncoddder: we can try.  so it's not seen at all with ifconfig ?12:56
Swingline711there might be some fun things in the magnet: specs so that one could embed much more info than just the most used cases.12:56
Swingline711like add some more data to provide a little bit more information, but I do not know.12:56
compdoccoddder, paste the log on pastebin.com12:57
dragonflyIs it possible to remote desktop my ubuntu from windows pc?12:57
coddderThat's from my school.12:57
coddderHowever, the same problem at home.12:57
sacarlsoncoddder: so were is the wlan ?12:58
agent_whitedragonfly: http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/remote-windows-linux.html12:58
egg_hi everyone12:58
coddderI tried to download sth12:58
coddder1,1 kb and then stopped or sth like it12:58
dragonfly@agent_white I know about this but I mean like full graphic display?12:58
coddderI use firefox and lubuntu 14.04 LTS. I tried 14.10 and problem ... the same?12:59
compdocwhat is sth?12:59
codddersth - something12:59
coddderMaybe I should try another browser? No idea left ...12:59
egg_i m .looking for a command to solve my problem. i was running a dualboot Win7/ubuntu, i would like to reset an hard drive to install only win 7. i formated the Hard drive and now when i try to install seven i get a grub rescue screen. what can i do to delete grub  please ?13:00
compdocaccording to your ifconfig, it has no ip address. Its also assigned eth2, instead of eth013:01
compdocbut eth2 can work, as long as it has an address13:01
shadowe989coddder: try downloading via command line before u go through the trouble of switching.13:02
shadowe989coddder: wget ipv4.download.thinkbroadband.com/100MB.zip13:03
shadowe989coddder: if that has the same problem then it might be something more.13:03
coddder@shadowe989 I'll however I have to go offline for a moment.13:04
dragonflyDoes anyone know how to get remote desktop display connection with graphic monitoring from windows 7 to ubuntu?13:04
coddderI mean, to disconnect wifi13:04
shadowe989coddder: I'll  be here just type my name and hit tab to get my attention.13:04
coddderReally thanks13:04
coddderIMHO the problem doesn't exist on Windows13:05
shadowe989coddder: if wget (web get) has a problem then we know something is up with linux then. Then we can check into other things.13:05
theadminegg_: You don't have to remove GRUB, Windows will overwrite the bootloader after installation.13:06
theadminegg_: Just boot from a Windows DVD13:06
theadminegg_: You need to tell your BIOS to boot from it13:07
mpathyfaust: EriC^^: I found a tool because I started another search because I didnt believe nobody worked on this topic already, and I had (finally) success: h2rename - http://www.heise.de/ct/artikel/H2rename-Dateien-und-Verzeichnisse-umbenennen-292168.html - it works automagically ;)13:07
shadowe989egg_: theadmin is correct, windows will replace it with its own.13:07
egg_theadmin: ok i m going to try13:08
dragonflyPlease, can somebody help me..?13:08
EriC^^mpathy: great! :)13:08
egg_shadowe989: thx to you too13:08
theadmindragonfly: I didn't really understand the "graphic monitoring" part, but TeamViewer is one of the easiest remote desktop tools to set up for Windows, Linux and OS X13:08
faustmpathy: good :)13:08
godbod  13:08
shadowe989dragonfly: I just signed in, maybe I might be able to help real quick.13:09
UnHolyTerrordragonfly, what is the problem you are having?13:09
shadowe989dragonfly: what is the problem?13:09
shadowe989egg_: np good luck =)13:09
coddder_@shadowe989 unable to resolve the host...13:09
coddder_And u can see, wifi works like a charm13:09
compdocdragonfly, you can try installing vino, which lets you share the desktop13:09
shadowe989coddder_: do you know how to configure "DNS Settings"?13:10
dragonflyWell i would like to remote desktop on my linux machines one is ubuntu another is kali but anways I don't want the terminal remote desktop connection.. I would like a "display" connection like when you are connecting with TV from windows to windows..13:10
shadowe989coddder_: or have you ruled that out?13:10
UnHolyTerrordragonfly, so you don't want SSH, you want GUI???13:11
dragonflyyes GUI13:11
coddder_shadowe989 no ... however, I've tried many solutions and I think that I should reinstall lubuntu.13:11
UnHolyTerrorOk, what desktop are you using (on Ubuntu)?13:11
coddder_shadowe989 I mean before doing sth else13:11
egg_shadowe989: theadmin  / i cant reach the bios, i get a error unknow filesystem13:11
theadminegg_: You are skipping the BIOS setup13:12
shadowe989coddder_: well 1sec let me see, so your ethernet is the problem right?13:12
dragonflyAmm I'm sorry what do you mean by what desktop?13:12
theadminegg_: You can "reach" the BIOS even without a hard drive13:12
coddder_shadowe989 yes13:12
coddder_How I've said, wifi works like a charm13:12
shadowe989coddder_: do you know the ip to your router?13:12
UnHolyTerrordragonfly, what ubuntu are you using?13:12
dragonfly14.04 64 bit13:13
shadowe989coddder_: like for me its,
shadowe989coddder_: try to ping it via: ping
coddder_shadowe989 I think that it's not related to my router because the same problem at school13:13
sacarlsoncoddder_: sounds like you might have a good eth2 but you just don't set it up13:13
UnHolyTerrordragonfly, is it GNOME, KDE, etc?13:13
shadowe989coddder_, sacarlson thats what im leaning towards.13:14
coddder_shadowe989 I can reinstall my lubuntu to delete all the used solutions and write tomorrow.13:14
sacarlsoncoddder_: iwconfig will verifty that eth2 is not your wifi13:14
shadowe989coddder_: I do not think reformating will help if its a configuration issue or driver.13:14
UnHolyTerrorOk, what have you tried? I use 'Remote Desktop Viewer' found under Menu->Internet13:14
dragonflyYes but I want to connect to ubuntu from windows not from ubuntu to windows.13:15
shadowe989coddder_: its most likely just a quick fix.13:15
coddder_shadowe989 yes but I tried to disable some things ... and I think that it can cause other problem13:15
sacarlsoncoddder_: if eth2 is your wifi then you might try sudo ifconfig eth1 up13:16
shadowe989sacarlson: did he say it said eth2?13:16
shadowe989sacarlson: wlan0 should be for wireless generally.13:16
dragonflyUnHolyTerror: I can connect from ubuntu to windows, but I want to connect from windows to ubuntu via GUI13:16
sacarlsoncoddder_: yes he pastebinit ifconfig but all that was seen was eth2 and lo13:16
coddder_It was from my school where there is only eth13:17
coddder_no wifi13:17
coddder_but the same problem with eth at home13:17
coddder_and wifi works like a charm13:17
coddder_what's more, on Windows at school eth works13:17
UnHolyTerrordragonfly, ok, so you need to tell ubuntu to allow Remote Desktop, look under Preferences->Remote desktop or something like that (I'm on 10.10)13:17
sacarlsoncoddder_: well we would need to know what is the wifi and what is cat5 lan  with iwconfig  that can be done13:18
coddder_I don't think that format can help but It can make it clear that there aren't problems related with the previous solutions13:18
dragonflyYes but amm what software should I use? Teamviewer?13:18
shadowe989dragonfly: vnc is built in ubuntu for remote desktop13:19
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX13:19
dragonflyAha thanks.13:19
coddder_So sacarlson and  shadowe989 I'll write your nicknames and I'll write after formatting13:19
dragonflyThis is what I have needed! Thanks a lot!13:19
UnHolyTerrorOnce you set up that, just use Remote Desktop from windows to connect.13:20
coddder_U are from USA? Because thing is that I'm from Poland and the time can be a problem13:20
dragonflyOk thank you all UnHolyTerror, Shadowe989, ubottu13:20
shadowe989coddder_: Yeah I am but I'm a dev so I'm up around those times.13:20
shadowe989dragonfly: np take care. =)13:21
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coddder_shadowe989 so I'll format to make it clear that nothing else could be a problem and then write ;)13:22
coddder_shadowe989 So I'll write and really thanks for help ;)13:23
shadowe989coddder_: sounds like a plan =)13:24
coddder_shadowe989 At school I use 14.10 on usb (not live but normal installation), I can make a log from there too. Do it with 14.10 or install 14.04? ;)13:25
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coddder_shadowe989 But IMHO I think that It can be left because the same problem at home13:25
shadowe989coddder_: I generally stick with the long term release editions, but it doesn't really matter. Pick what you like best.13:26
shadowe989coddder_: true it might be driver issue or something, check your PMs on irc.13:27
Guest33433any one can help?13:29
shadowe989Guest33433: hi =)13:29
cfhowlett!help | Guest3343313:29
ubottuGuest33433: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:29
Guest33433ok sorry13:29
mynameisdeletedwhats the command to turn on a system tray if unity+compiz was started manually?13:29
mynameisdeletedI'd like to see my volume control applet13:30
Guest33433Any one can help me to install this package without errors13:30
EriC^^mynameisdeleted: try indicator-application-service13:30
shadowe989mynameisdeleted: killing X will restart your display but you'll lose your current windows you have open. =( but I think EriC^^ is right.13:31
OerHeks!info kaffeine13:33
ubottukaffeine (source: kaffeine): versatile media player for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.2-3 (utopic), package size 434 kB, installed size 2348 kB13:33
OerHeksGuest33433, why such old version ?13:34
shadowe989Guest33433: sudo dpkg -i kaffeine*.deb13:34
shadowe989Guest33433: im not sure what error your getting13:34
Guest33433ok sir let me explain what13:34
shadowe989Guest33433: sure =)13:34
Guest33433ok such old version ,some friends wants to share sattlite chanels by a plugin13:35
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=== jurgen is now known as Guest46792
mynameisdeletedso that started the language switcher.. but still cant see sound control in menu bar13:35
Guest33433so I  ,l write some errors what they get13:36
mynameisdeletedwith kde it was easy to start and stop all parts manually from cmdline13:36
shadowe989mynameisdeleted: does rebooting not solve this?13:36
w00tburgeranyone recomment any free courses or programs for disassembly?13:36
mynameisdeleteddoesnt hurt to reboot13:36
mynameisdeletedI had to kill lightdm to re-install nvidia driver13:36
cfhowlettw00tburger, ##linux would know13:37
EriC^^mynameisdeleted: try  gsettings set com.canonical.indicator.sound visible true13:37
mynameisdeletedafter some package upgrade messed that up13:37
Guest33433configure: error: The important program kde-config was not found!13:37
Guest33433Please check whether you installed KDE correctly -13:37
shadowe989mynameisdeleted: oh educational my bad.13:37
EriC^^mynameisdeleted: try setting it to false then true13:37
shadowe989Guest33433: ok sec13:37
mynameisdeletedthis time to start unity I started an xterm in an x server.. ran the command "unity"13:38
mynameisdeletedto start it13:38
mynameisdeletedhad to kill and restart compiz for the decorations to come out right13:38
mynameisdeletedis there 1 command I can type to start unity 100% proper?13:38
EriC^^mynameisdeleted: why are you starting unity manually?13:38
mynameisdeletedfrom a plain old xterm failsafe?13:38
mynameisdeletedbecause when I logged in with unity it took 10 mins and didnt go anywhere13:38
Guest33433shadowe989 :when we use the source code also face the same error13:38
EriC^^mynameisdeleted: there's setsid unity13:39
EriC^^mynameisdeleted: you can use that to restart unity too13:39
mynameisdeletedthat worked amazingly fast....13:39
mynameisdeletedmcuh better than rebootign the computer for 1 crashed application13:39
mynameisdeleted(which I think is a terrible suggestion)13:40
shadowe989Guest33433: try: "apt-get install -f"13:40
mynameisdeletedactually that same recommendation was why I switchede my other computer to kde... didnt want to have to reboot my file/print server every time the desktop crashed13:40
shadowe989Guest33433: try to run it again after that.13:41
Guest33433i.e whats the next step if I faild?13:41
shadowe989Guest33433: wait a moment while I look into it.13:41
Guest33433ok thank you I shall do it for my fraind13:42
mynameisdeletedthe services I wanted( I found them) are indicator-sound-service and indicator-datetime-service13:43
mynameisdeletedall good now13:43
shadowe989Guest33433: what happens when you type: "which kde4-config"13:43
shadowe989Guest46792: does it find a path or nothing?13:44
shadowe989mynameisdeleted: nice =)13:45
mynameisdeletedall sorts of ubuntu forums or ubuntu related help areas have questions about how to make the system tray reappear if it doesnt show13:45
mynameisdeletednow I have an answer how to start manually .. but woudl like to make sure that answer is more complete13:45
mynameisdeletedthere are a list of folders in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/indicator-*13:46
mynameisdeletedeach folder contains a binary with a service name13:46
mynameisdeleted/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/indicator-sound/indicator-sound-service is for sound for x86_6413:46
mynameisdeletedreplace x86_64 for i386 based or arm based systems13:46
Simplex7Hey. Does any one have a chrubuntu on intel chromebook?13:48
mynameisdeletedindicator-keyboard service is an exception that is not in a subfolder but in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ directly13:49
shadowe989Simplex7: I use to, I flashed my bios though.13:49
mynameisdeletedas is indicator-applet-complete(which doesnt do as its name suggests)13:49
shadowe989Simplex7: Whats your question?13:49
Simplex7Recently i have started to here a click coming from inside my Laptop13:50
shadowe989Simplex7: Acer C7?13:50
Simplex7its sounds like Click...Click its almost on a tempo13:50
shadowe989Simplex7: left side?13:50
shadowe989Simplex7: or does it come from the right hand side of the laptop?13:50
Simplex7It's not doing so at the moment but it's hard to Tell13:50
Simplex7So left side and right side mean to different things?13:51
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xvzfhi I installed skype on my Lubuntu 14.04. I hear the system sounds but I cannot make the microphone work. I installed pavucontrol to no avail. On pavucontrol I see that the microphone is working, still, when I test skype I cannot hear my recorded voice. What can I do?13:54
shadowe989Simplex7: yeah if you want to make it do something just type: while True; echo {a..z}{1..9}; done13:54
shadowe989Simplex7: it will cause a loop of spam to heat up your laptop some, if you hear the clicking then. let me know. Then It might be what my problem was.13:55
shadowe989control + c , control + d multiple times to make it stop.13:55
Simplex7What was your problem if i might ask.13:56
shadowe989Simplex7: cheap fan heatsink. Its clicking away right now at my desk heh.13:56
shadowe989Simplex7: right hand side clicks = hard drive failure but we can test for that.13:56
shadowe989Simplex7: heat sink is on the left.13:57
=== easybaby is now known as cholby[]
Simplex7Oh ok. I think i might be on the left because im currently using the laptop and if it was a HD failure i don't think i would be able to use it lol13:57
shadowe989Simplex7: Linux would be warning you like crazy too if it was failing.13:58
Simplex7I think it might be the heat sink. i'll double check next time it happends13:58
Simplex7And i can imagine lol13:58
Simplex7Thanks why Linux Rocks bro13:58
shadowe989Simplex7: Yeah, its no big deal if its the fan, just one day take it apart or blow some air in the vent.13:59
Simplex7Alright Awesome glad to hear it was not as serious as i thought it was13:59
shadowe989Yea =)14:00
Simplex7Your Awesome Bud Thanks for the Help.14:00
shadowe989Simplex7: anytime, take it easy.14:00
Simplex7I've add you to my friends list. Catch you around my friend.14:00
Simplex7Have an amazing day.14:00
shadowe989ty, you too =)14:01
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Fazer2hi, I want to patch qt package and upload it to PPA, should I use this tutorial? http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/patches-to-packages.html14:03
paulzzI add this ppa: https://launchpad.net/~boost-latest/+archive/ubuntu/ppa by running sudo add-apt-repository ppa:boost-latest/ppa -y then I try to install using sudo apt-get install libboost-all-dev by this is only installing version 46 rather then 55, how do I install version 55?14:04
shadowe989Fazer2: I think theres a ubuntu-dev channel on here that might be able to help you.14:04
Fazer2shadowe989: alright, thanks14:05
shadowe989Fazer2: this is more of end user support mostly.14:05
shadowe989Fazer2: good luck.14:05
belgianguypaulzz: from the distributor, Ubuntu packages often are not the latest version14:06
paulzzbelgianguy: ya thats why I added that PPA I linked14:06
belgianguyand does it list its version as 55?14:06
paulzzif you look in the PPA you see version 55 is in there14:06
shadowe989paulzz: apt-get install packagename=version14:06
acovrigaplay -l shows my HDMI audio and Kmixer shows it, bit it is greyed out, why would it be greyed out, and how do I fix it? (I’m guessing its a simple modprobe, but not sure what)14:07
paulzzshadowe989: how do I know the package name? In the ppa under package it just says "boost1.55"? But it has 3 listed with versions "1.55.0-1ppa1~saucy1" "1.55.0-1ppa1~quantal1" etc?14:08
belgianguythere doesn't seem to be a utopic14:08
paulzzIs the package name to give to apt-get install the name from here: https://launchpad.net/~boost-latest/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+packages under "source" ?14:09
shadowe989paulzz: ok sec i'll check the ppa, on a non gui system atm.14:09
shadowe989paulzz: nah source isn't what you want. 1sec14:09
paulzzok :)14:09
shadowe989paulzz: you on ubuntu 14.04?14:10
acovrigalso, the desired output shows in aplay -l but not lcpci, any ideas why?14:10
paulzz12.04 LTS14:10
acovrigalsamixer -c 0 seems to let me change it, but no audio goes out because it isn’t default14:14
paulzzshadowe989: oh btw its 12.04 server if that makes any diff14:14
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shadowe989paulzz: nah14:15
acovrigwhat modprobe do I need to access my onboard Intel HDMI as an audio device?14:17
EriC^^paulzz: you want this package boost1.55 1.55.0-1ppa1~precise114:17
paulzzEriC^^: so apt-get install 1.55.0-1ppa1~precise1 ?14:17
shadowe989paulzz: since your a dev it might just be easier to remove boost1.49 with autoremove and build it due to the dependencies in the repos for 12.04.14:17
EriC^^paulzz: try apt-get install boost1.5514:18
shadowe989EriC^^: that could work if the other packages are not out of date. I never used boost python libs =/14:19
paulzzEriC^^: I get an error with that: Some packages could not be installed. This may mean requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable that you have14:19
EriC^^paulzz: does apt-get see the package14:20
reeedstrange. the buttons to 'restart' or 'shutdown' my computer are grayed out in the lightDM login dialog14:20
paulzzyes but wont install: The following packages have unmet dependencies:  libogre-1.9-dev : Depends: libboost-dev but it is not going to be installed14:20
EriC^^paulzz: try apt-cache policy boost1.55 , see if it mentions the precise package and the ppa14:20
reeedand in the KDE start menu, the options don't exist at all14:20
EriC^^paulzz: oh ok14:20
paulzznot sure what this means :s14:20
EriC^^paulzz: did you try sudo apt-get -f install ?14:21
paulzzno I'll try it14:21
EriC^^paulzz: seems that libogre-... has an unmet dependency which is libboost-dev , but it can't be installed for some reason, you can check sudo apt-get install libboost-dev and see why it can't be installed14:22
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belgianguypaulzz: try 'sudo apt-cache search boost'14:22
belgianguythat should list the packages available14:23
paulzzah boost installs now, its  libogre-1.9-dev that is causing the failure, even with the -f option14:25
paulzzI am using the openmw/openmw ppa for libogre-1.9-dev perhaps I need to find another one14:26
belgianguywhat is the error?14:27
acovrigcat /proc/asound/cards only shows my analog onboard, and there is just /proc/asound/card0, which is my analog, but nothing hdmi14:28
popeyacovrig: is snd_hda_codec_hdmi loaded?14:28
paulzzthis one The following packages have unmet dependencies:  libogre-1.9-dev : Depends: libboost-dev but it is not going to be installed14:28
popeyacovrig: lsmod | grep snd_hda_codec_hdmi14:28
paulzz(even though boost 1.55 is installed)14:28
acovrigpopey: yes, it seems to be14:29
popeyacovrig: does the hdmi not show up in the mixer -> output ?14:29
acovrigpopey: in kmixer?14:29
popeyoh, kubuntu?14:29
popeyno idea, sorry.14:29
popeyacovrig: http://imgur.com/46dJPFa is what i see on unity14:30
belgianguypaulzz: maybe purge everything boost related and have libogre-1.9-dev pull in its dependencies again?14:30
NoobproblemsHI everyone14:31
Noobproblemscan someone help me with a question?14:31
paulzzbelgianguy: how would I purge boost?14:31
acovrigpopey: it shows up, but is greyed out; it doesn’t show up in lspci (grep -i hdmi) but does show up in aplay -l...14:31
acovrigpopey: yea, I would be using unity, but for some reason it is broken on my system, I tried just about everything and sat on this IRC for a while, but KDE is starting to grow on me, so I guess I’m fine...14:32
NoobproblemsI recently installed Ubuntu into a small partition, but now I can't choose between windows 8 or ubuntu when I start up my PC, what can I do to fix this?14:32
shadowe989Noobproblems: !question14:32
shadowe989blah lol14:32
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:32
belgianguypaulzz: sudo apt-get remove libboost-all-dev14:32
shadowe989Noobproblems: ok14:33
shadowe989Noobproblems: lets see so what does it boot to.14:33
acovrigpopey: HDMI has shown up in system sounds when unity was working...14:33
shadowe989Noobproblems: Windows?14:33
Noobproblemsno, it always boots to ubuntu14:33
bibi234I'm using screen on a remote ssh server on which I'm connected through ssh, at some point I've been disconnected, when I was on the sreen, now when I log to the server I can't retrieve the screen why?14:33
shadowe989Noobproblems: and you're sure windows is installed correct?14:33
acovrigbibi234: did you do screen -x or screen -dr?14:34
acovrigbibi234: or screen -r14:34
bibi234it looks like it's still there : 6954.import(30/07/2014 16:04:36)(Attached)14:34
Noobproblemsyeah, I had windows just 10 minutes ago,14:34
shadowe989Noobproblems: sorry have to ask the obvious lol14:34
shadowe989Noobproblems: ok 1sec we'll get this fixed =)14:34
acovrigbibi234: I put “screen -x -R -S lo” in my .profile so anytime I connect it resumes the session14:34
bibi234acovrig: I've tried sreen -r import as usual14:34
Noobproblemsthanks :)14:34
acovrigbibi234: what happens if you do screen -x14:35
bibi234acovrig: how I'm back on it now, thanks!14:35
bibi234I didn't know about this14:35
shadowe989Noobproblems: sudo update-grub14:35
l3dxI've just completed installing ubuntu, but for some reason all content of my /home is not available. I tried booting the live-usb again, and from there I see that I have both /home/thomas and /home/@home/thomas14:35
acovrigpopey: is modprobe snd-hda-codec-hdmi the only modprobe I need?14:35
l3dxthis is a LVM setup14:35
Noobproblemsshadowe989 where do I put that command? I'm new to linux, sorry!14:36
shadowe989Noobproblems: not a problem. =)14:36
l3dx/home/thomas is my old home folder, while the other one is new14:36
shadowe989Noobproblems: press control + alt + t14:36
shadowe989Noobproblems: at your desktop14:36
shadowe989Noobproblems: a terminal should appear correct?14:36
=== soee_ is now known as soee
Noobproblemsyes, it's now updating and it's done14:36
popeyacovrig: you shouldn't need that14:37
shadowe989Noobproblems: grub is the bootloader that handles that stuff14:37
popeyacovrig: I mean, you shouldn't have to be fiddling with kernel modules14:37
popeyacovrig: dunno why it's greyed out though, sorry.14:37
Noobproblemsshadowe989 so, if I restart the PC I will be able to choose now?14:37
acovrigpopey: I wonder if when I purged everything graphical a while back, if I killed something I shouldn’t have14:37
shadowe989Noobproblems: strange enough ubuntu generally doesn't wipe windows from the boot menu... hmm14:37
shadowe989Noobproblems: yes in theory but stay connected just incase.14:37
NoobproblemsI think I did something wrong while installing it.14:38
shadowe989Noobproblems: why do you say that14:38
NoobproblemsBecause I have 2 harddrives14:38
Noobproblemsone SSD and a HDD14:38
Noobproblemsthe SSD has the windows but I partioned the HDD14:38
Noobproblemsto install ubuntu14:38
NoobproblemsI think somehow I have messed up the SSD14:38
bibi234acovrig: by curiosity, an you tell me what happened? Now when I get out of the screen I can only use "screen -x" to get back in14:38
bibi234screen -r screenName doesn't work anymore14:39
NoobproblemsI will restart it now. Hope it works!14:39
Noobproblemsthank you very much!14:39
shadowe989Noobproblems: ok, hopefully it works, good luck!14:39
acovrigbibi234: I’m guessing it wasn’t matching the screenname propperly, which is strange14:39
shadowe989Noobproblems: come back if it doesn't, we'll figure it out. :)14:39
avoiderhi yes the plugin indicator is still acting up even when i went back the the defult ubuntu themes.14:41
paulzz libogre-1.9-dev wants to use boost 46, is there I way I can make it install ignoring boost 46 as I want it to use version 55?14:41
Noobproblemsolveshadowe989 thank you very much, it worked perfectly!14:41
avoiderStill telling me i have to execute it and i do that keeps popping up with that error14:41
shadowe989Noobproblemsolve: awesome. =)14:41
Noobproblemsolvenow, off to experience ubuntu!14:41
Noobproblemsolvethanks guys!14:41
shadowe989Noobproblemsolve: enjoy! =D14:41
avoiderAny ideas?14:42
avoiderHere is a picture of the current issue14:44
avoiderThats what keeps popping up repeatedly14:44
acovrigpopey: cat /proc/asound/modules shows snd_hda_intel, should it show some HDMI option?14:46
acovrigmplayer -ao alsa:device=hw=0.7 works, but any idea how I would set it as system default?14:48
solsTiCeacovrig: if i remember well into ~/.maplyerrc ?14:49
acovrigsolsTiCe: I want to set it system-wide, not just for mplayer14:50
belgianguypaulzz: if OGRE has a dependency on 46 why change it?14:50
acovrigsolsTiCe: should I put pcm.!default { type hw card 0 device 7 } in my /etc/asound.conf ?14:51
paulzzbelgianguy: because the other code that uses ogre fails to build with that version of boost because that version of boost has a bug that the other code hits14:52
belgianguypaulzz: care to tell what bug?14:54
belgianguymaybe someone else has had it before14:54
paulzzbelgianguy: it fails to build when boost::shared_ptr is used when cpp11 is enabled in the compiler options14:55
VladimirskiI ping my server remotely but when I shutdown the server the ping is still successful??14:57
VladimirskiI ping my server remotely but when I shutdown the server the ping is still successful??14:57
Vladimirskiso the public IP is the router I guess14:57
VladimirskiMy question, how do I ping the server specifically?S14:57
hehehey folks I installed usb huawei stick it asks for pin i also set correct provider data but then enable mobile broadband box is greyed out14:58
hehehow I can enable it?14:58
daftykinsVladimirski: from on the internet? you can't14:59
daftykinsVladimirski: assuming you're talking about a computer behind a router with SSH port forwarded14:59
Vladimirskican't I just specify the port (port forwarding port) daftykins14:59
hehedo I need usb modem switch15:00
daftykinsVladimirski: ping is a completely different protocol (ICMP) than TCP and UDP, you can't ping ports.15:00
paulzzhehe: only way would be to forward all ICMP to the ubuntu machine15:01
hehepaulzz: how to do it?15:01
Vladimirskiyeah, but it must be possible somehow to ping a machine behind a router15:01
daftykinsVladimirski: no.15:01
daftykinsVladimirski: not unless you had a second host you can connect into and ping the first via its' local address. it's simply not possible15:02
daftykinsalso this topic is more relevant for #networking not here15:02
paulzzhehe: dunno, I think it can be done with iptables, dunno about a hardware router15:02
daftykinspaulzz: you read the wrong nickname.15:03
daftykinsyou're both discussing wrong topics ;)15:03
paulzzoh woops ;]15:03
belgianguypaulzz: is there a ticket of that bug somewhere?15:06
mohamedAziz17Hello guys15:06
belgianguymaybe that can shed some light on it15:06
belgianguybut I'm afraid PPA's are out if you want to use 5515:07
paulzzbelgianguy: cant find one, nearest is this https://svn.boost.org/trac/boost/ticket/846915:10
belgianguypaulzz: is the cpp11 essential?15:12
belgianguyif yes, maybe building from source might be an option, but that's a whole other tin of worms15:12
mikhkael_k33hlMy laptop seems to overheat and turn off instantly when using bumblee to run dota 2.15:14
strikovHi guys. I just installed 14.04 on raid1 and observe strange difference in behavior against 12.04. This difference takes place when I try to boot the machine with degraded raid (with one hdd turned off). 12.04 tells me something like 'raid is degraded, do you want to continue, y/N?' during kernel initialization but 14.04 freezes for a few seconds and silently continues booting. Is there any way to return to 12.04's behavior which seems much more inform15:14
strikovative to me? Thanks.15:14
daftykinsmikhkael_k33hl: sounds more like a hardware issue. perhaps you need to clean it internally of dust.15:14
mikhkael_k33hldaftykins: It's a laptop and it doesn't happen on windows15:15
daftykinsmikhkael_k33hl: oh well, optimus functionality isn't great under Linux, either test with nvidia-prime also or it's not likely to be an option15:15
belgianguypaulzz: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:n9pwG1VSQrgJ:ubuntuxtreme.com/howto/how-to-install-ogre-sdk-from-source/&hl=en&gl=be&strip=115:17
mikhkael_k33hldaftykins: You knhow, I was running Ubuntu before and didn't have any problem, then I switched distro then went back. :D15:17
belgianguythe url wouldn't load otherwise, so it's the text only version :/15:17
k1l_mikhkael_k33hl: bumblebee is outdated.15:18
daftykinsmikhkael_k33hl: what version is this then?15:18
k1l_mikhkael_k33hl: use nvidia-prime instead15:18
mikhkael_k33hldaftykins: ubuntu 14.0415:19
daftykinsk1l_: even though that's the official line, prime doesn't work as well for 90% of users so it's pretty terrible advice15:19
k1l_daftykins: most users coming here with issue have gotten prime to work15:19
daftykinsyeah with massive tearing15:19
daftykinsk1l_: seems to me it goes thusly: 1) bumblebee works with lower performance but perfect image 2) nvidia-prime sometimes works but has major tearing on the desktop or in games15:20
jevoniaHi, this is a long story. I need to know how I can get my computer to require the password in order to log in. My best friend managed to put a password back on my account as administrator but it doesn't require it o log in. also, every time I open Google Chrome browser it asks me to put a password in for whatever reason and I have to use my old password for that. I'm using Ubuntu 14.04.15:22
k1lmikhkael_k33hl: nevertheless: remove all nvidia and bumblebee you got there. then install nvidia-331 and nvidia-prime. see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/HybridGraphics15:22
Z3Hi, I have a clean install of ubuntu 14.04 64 bit with encrypted home partition. I defined a swap partition of 2 GB at install time. But after install, swap is not available. What is the best way to enable swap ?15:25
Z3sorry, encrypted home (no extra partition)15:25
cfhowlett!swap | Z315:26
ubottuZ3: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info15:26
Z3cfhowlett I know that. But how can I enable it?15:26
popeyjevonia: there's an option in system settings -> user accounts to enable "automatic login" (or in your case disable it)15:26
Z3it's a default install, is weird it is not enabled by default15:26
popeyZ3: is it listed in /etc/fstab ?15:27
daftykinsZ3: the idea is you read the link to find out how to check it / turn it on :)15:27
jevoniaPopey: Well, that's the thing it's not enabled, nor was it ever enabled.15:27
popeyjevonia: thats where you go to switch it15:27
Z3popey. yes, this is my fstab:15:28
popeyZ3: maybe paste into a pastebin like paste.ubuntu.com15:28
jevoniaPopey: Yeah I know, but it's not enabled.15:28
rjoouhrnincykhello :)15:28
rjoouhrnincykn00b question does turning off affect's in compiz speed unity up?15:29
popeyjevonia: is it set somewhere in /etc/lightdm/ ?15:29
popeyrjoouhrnincyk: in general, yes.15:29
EriC^^Z3: looks like you have an encrypted swap15:30
rjoouhrnincykpopey, i kinda thought so, thank's, wasn't sure15:30
popeyZ3: what happens if you "sudo swapon -a" ?15:30
EriC^^Z3: type free -m and see if it shows up15:30
Z3swapon: /dev/sda2: read swap header failed: Invalid argument15:30
Z3swapon: /dev/mapper/cryptswap1: stat failed: No such file or directory15:30
jevoniaPopey: Sorry, I don't know where that is. I'm still new to Ubuntu15:31
popeyjevonia: open nautilus, press ctrl+L, in the box at the top type "/etc/lightdm" then look for files in that folder...15:31
Z3if an unencrypted swap works, I can switch to that to fix the problem15:31
popeyjevonia: what files are listed15:31
jevoniaPopey: Ok, hold on please.15:32
Z3Eric^^ I did it:  Swap:            0          0          015:32
EriC^^Z3: type sudo parted -l15:32
kazdaxHello i have given my ubuntu 2 gigs and its running as a virtual machine15:32
kazdaxits using 1.3 gigs15:33
EriC^^1.3 gigs?15:33
kazdaxany idea why its using so much ?15:33
mdogeubuntu is a bloated pos15:33
kazdax1 gig and 300 mb15:33
EriC^^kazdax: you mean on top of the 6.4gb or so?15:33
Z3Eric^^ http://paste.ubuntu.com/9174416/15:33
kazdax2 gigs15:33
kazdaxits has a total of 2 gigs15:33
Z3Eric^^ the swap partition is 215:34
cfhowlettmdoge, then don't use it.15:34
popeycfhowlett: don't feed the trolls15:34
mdogecfhowlett: dont be offended. I was just answering kazdax's question.\15:34
popeykazdax: how are you measuring the amount of RAM it's using?15:35
kazdaxby using top15:35
cfhowlettpopey, true.  adding to /ignore is much easier in hexchat than xchat.  like this ...15:35
EriC^^Z3: ok you can use it unencrypted if you want, or make an encrypted one i guess15:35
popeykazdax: pastebin the top 10 lines of top please?15:35
Z3Eric^^ ok, then prefer encrypted. What I have to do?15:35
popeykazdax: also, see http://www.linuxatemyram.com/15:36
jevoniaPopey: I don't know what or how to open Nautilus. Please specify if that's not too much to ask for.15:36
k1lkazdax: linuxatemyram.com15:36
popeyjevonia: nautilus is the name of the file manager15:36
kazdaxeveyrthing is running slow for some reason15:36
kazdaxeven i thought ihave 700 mb free15:36
popeykazdax: are you running Unity in the VM?15:36
popeykazdax: which vm? vmware/virtualbox?15:37
strikovkazdax: 'free -m' shows that my default installation of 14.04 takes about 1GB while running using virtualbox which ~ correlates with your numbers15:37
popeykazdax: you have about 700Mb used15:38
popeythe 1.4GB also contains the 700MB cached ram. You have more free memory than you think.15:38
Z3I fixed following the web page:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq15:38
Z3thank you ! :)15:38
popeyZ3: happy days15:38
k1lkazdax: free -m and then the 2nd line. read the link i gave you15:38
flux242does someone succeeded to connect to a nxserver using remming? I got ssh authentication problem although ssh alone with a password or public key works15:39
rjoouhrnincykwhere is non-help ubuntu chat?15:39
flux242using remmina I mean15:39
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:39
rjoouhrnincyki'm on hexchat15:39
popeyrjoouhrnincyk: ^15:39
rjoouhrnincykok thanks15:39
kazdaxi see15:40
kazdaxbut then perhaps its not my ram15:40
godbod Hello all15:40
kazdaxbut when i open mozzila for example..it crashs or slows down15:40
kazdaxsaying stuff like ..this script is not working15:40
kazdaxdo you wan tto close it or not15:41
kazdaxand after closing it ..the system lags15:41
cfhowlettkazdax, run it from script and note the error messages15:41
kazdaxwhen it happens again15:41
kazdaxi will definatly try it15:41
kazdaxfor now the ubuntu s running fine15:41
godbod anyway to have the location of a computer in bash?15:42
k1lgodbod: why you leave the channel so often?15:42
k1lgodbod: "pwd"15:42
jevoniaPopey: I feel so slow. How do I get to Nautilus, the file manager?15:43
cfhowlettgodbod, you mean like GPS??15:43
popeyjevonia: how do you normally manage your files?15:43
godbod no I mean the GPS location15:43
popeyjevonia: there should be a "Files" icon somewhere?15:43
jevoniaPopey: By saving pictures, music, videos, etc. in the folders that specify that.15:44
popeyjevonia: are you using unity?15:44
jevoniaPopey: No, I'm using Ubuntu 14.0415:44
popeyjevonia: Ubuntu 14.04 ships by default with the Unity desktop.15:45
popeyjevonia: there should be an icon on the left which is labelled "Files" - if not, Press ALT+F2, and type nautilus, then press enter. Do you then get a file manager up?15:45
jevoniaPopey: Ok, I'll try.15:46
SilencedIs any one using irssi ?15:48
jevoniaPopey: Oh my goodness, I opened the right one. Okay, I clicked on it and the files folder opened.15:48
popeyshurokan: many are15:48
popeyjevonia: press CTRL+L, this will open a box at the top where you can type a path15:48
popeyjevonia: type /etc/lightdm in it15:48
jevoniaPopey: Ok, I''l try.15:49
jevoniaPopey: Ok, I did it.15:50
popeyjevonia: what files do you see listed?15:50
mikhael_k33hlI just finished installing : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/HybridGraphics, but I don't see any nvidia panel15:54
mikhael_k33hlmy monitor is even messed up15:54
iLabsHello everybody!15:55
iLabsCan I install Docky?15:56
EriC^^iLabs: sudo apt-get install docky15:57
PrezidentWhy couldnt you iLabs ?15:58
jevoniaHi, I was talking to Popey. Are you still there?15:58
Prezidenttry /msg popey hello.15:58
Lucaxunable to locate package? what to do=16:02
agent_whiteLucax: `apt-get update` then search for it again.16:02
mikhael_k33hlI've installed nvidia-prime, and nvidia-settings, but I can't switch to NVIDIA16:03
Lucaxcould not open lock file16:03
agent_whiteLucax: Are you closed out of all your "ubuntu-update" programs?16:04
Lucaxsoftware center jams while installing (applying changes) so I want to remove it and reinstall it. I type sudo apt-get remove software center and then it tells me unable to locate package.16:04
agent_whiteLucax: ie -- synaptic is closed, all other terminals that may be trying to install programs are closed.16:04
pavlixhi folks16:04
pavlixhow do I list files of a source package on the web? -- More precisely, I want to see the patches Ubuntu uses for network-manager-applet16:05
cfhowlettpavlix, apt-cache show network-manager-applet16:05
Lucaxyes agent white16:06
pavlixcfhowlett: and without apt-cache, just on the web?16:06
pavlixcfhowlett: like in a web git or something?16:06
cfhowlettpavlix, package search details show should you16:07
Thomasloldksup ppl16:07
agent_whiteLucax: Hm. `sudo -s 'dpkg --configure -a; apt-get install -f'`16:07
pavlixcfhowlett: not really16:07
ThomasloldkDo you guys know if thare is a channel for ubuntu mate ?16:07
pavlixbtw I used to use apt-cache show to show metadata, not package files, or did I just lose memory?16:08
Thomasloldkor just ubuntu and its flewors - i mean the desktop ubuntu16:08
pavlixI'm looking at this page and I can't find the list of patches16:08
cfhowlett!flavors | Thomasloldk16:08
ubottuThomasloldk: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.16:08
cfhowlettThomasloldk, mate is not an official ubuntu flavor16:09
pavlixals http://packages.ubuntu.com/source/precise-updates/network-manager-applet16:09
Lucaxagent white: command not found16:09
Thomasloldkcfhowlett oh okay16:09
pavlixthere's a link to the VCS but the link is bad16:09
Lucaxdo you mean the whole sentence or one by one16:09
pavlixcfhowlett: any ideas?16:09
Thomasloldkcfhowlett what is it then - is it just a spin off like mint ?16:09
pavlixah, the link works when I first switch to a newer version of ubuntu16:10
cfhowlettThomasloldk, a fork ... but they hope to become an official flavor with 15.04 according to their blog16:10
dorkusmaximusthink i might have a hardware prob or driver prob. i have ubuntu 14.04, intel hd4600 graphics. ever so often, my screen just goes to rapidly flashing bright solid colors and i have to hard resent the computer. any ideas?16:10
DJonescfhowlett: Thomasloldk: #ubuntu-mate is the support channel for Ubuntu mate, it didn't quite make it to be an official flavour this time, but may well do for the next release16:10
cfhowlettpavlix, sorry, no idea16:11
cfhowlettDJones, TY16:11
pavlixcfhowlett: np, got it16:11
kazdaxwill my ubuntu run fine16:12
kazdaxfor browsing ane chat16:12
kazdaxon 1 gig ?16:12
ThomasloldkDjones okay then i just experince that ubuntu mate is like ubuntu without bugs sorry to say but i had a hard time with cooling and with grapic drivers on my laptop ..16:12
cfhowlettkazdax, yes but lubuntu or xubuntu would be better for low memory16:12
Thomasloldkcfhowlett oh okay i just thorugt is was - i not into supporting but just talk linux haha and help other ppl16:12
Thomasloldkneed support *16:13
DJonesThomasloldk: I've not tried it, but hopefully the people in #ubuntu-mate will be able to help you16:13
ThomasloldkDJones i do not have problems on mate i had on just normal ubuntu ..16:13
DJonesThomasloldk: Ah, ok16:13
ThomasloldkDJones bad English sorry :P16:14
jevoniaHi, this is kind of a long story but here I go. When I installed this and finally updated to Ubuntu 14.04, I had a password on my account. I took the password off for a few minutes because I wanted to see something. Then I tried to put the password back on but it asked for a password which was not set. I tried the previous password but it didn't work. The previous password only works when I open Google Chrome and it asks for some kind of password key or s16:14
jevoniaomething. My best friend managed to put the password protection back on but when it comes to the login screen it doesn't require a password to log into my administrator account even though it has been put back on. Like I said, the previous password still works whenever I open Google Chrome and it asks for some log in key or something but nothing else. I don't know how to get it so that the password is the same for everything on my account and how to make16:14
jevoniait required for logging into my account.16:14
popeyhello again jevonia16:15
popeyjevonia: can you try this:-  open a terminal with CTRL+ALT+T, then in that terminal, type the following:- cat /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf16:16
popeyit should display a file in the terminal16:16
jevoniaoh ok, there you are16:16
popeyis there a line with the word "autologin" anywhere?16:16
jevoniapopey: Ok, I did and it said no such file or directory.16:18
popeyand you typed it directly as I did?16:18
fundhi folks16:19
=== Senix is now known as Senix-jarhunting
fundi get message no object for d bus interface16:19
fundwhen i insert usb miod16:19
fundwhat can it be16:19
fundalso is default keyring pass should be user pass-16:20
fundwhat can it be16:22
fundhow to fix it? lol16:22
=== fund is now known as fun
jevoniapopey: yes i did16:23
funany ideas?16:24
agent_whitefun: pastie.org16:25
agent_whitefun: Paste ALL your logs, ALL the commands you have entered, and any other pertinent information to help solve your issue.16:25
agent_whiteWe don't know what "usb modem" you are inserting, how you are inserting it, where you are getting the message from dbus, when keyring is popping up... etc.16:26
popeyjevonia: I am a bit of a loss... http://askubuntu.com/questions/106428/how-to-disable-automatic-login seems to cover all the bases though...16:26
agent_whitePlease provide a detailed explanation of your issue, so we can help you.16:26
jevoniapopey: Aw ok, well thank you anyway.16:27
jevonia popey: how do i open the link? I tried clicking on it but it didn't work.16:28
agent_whitejevonia: O16:28
jevoniaagent_white: yes?16:28
ubottuanna_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:28
dorkusmaximusany idea what could cause my screen to randomly start doing this while using ubuntu 14.04? http://i.imgur.com/rIjZfIj.gif16:29
agent_whitejevonia: Just reading over your question, and attempting to understand your issue.16:29
agent_whitejevonia: I'm unsure of how a "log-in password" and "chromium saving password" relate.16:29
CarlFKhow can I tell what packages are installed?  (really trying to remove all gstreamer0.10 related packages)16:30
jevoniaI understand and it's not Chrominum. It's Google Chrome16:30
MonkeyDustCarlFK  dpkg -l | grep ii16:30
agent_whiteCarlFK: Be careful so as not to remove dependencies that gstreamer shares among other packages installed.16:30
Prezident /window splitv16:30
agent_whitejevonia: Same difference ;P I justmean... what does a login-form have to do with chrome?16:31
CarlFKMonkeyDust: agent_white thanks16:31
jevoniaagent_white: I don't know. I was just mentioning it in case there was a connection. I'm new to Ubuntu so I don't know very much16:31
cfhowlettCarlFK, apt-get -s purge gstreamer0.10*              -s = "sandbox" = simulated16:32
agent_whitejevonia: Ah... that connection just confuses me as to what the problem is.16:32
nusrwhy is ubuntu the ONLY user friendly channel? unfriendly ones being python and mysql?16:32
agent_whitejevonia: "Chrome won't remember site credentials" vs  "Linux won't auto-login" ... etc.16:32
cfhowlettnusr, don't know or care.  now for ubuntu support - please ask ubuntu questions.16:33
nusrcfhowlett: wrong..correct answer is ubuntu has more awesome support and people16:34
=== thegreaterrobot is now known as thegreaterobot
jevoniaagent_white: it says the login keyring wasn't unlocked when i logged into my computer16:34
=== derk0pf is now known as derk0pf|NA
agent_whitejevonia: Alrighty! And it prompted for a password to the keyring before saying this?16:34
agent_whiteOr not?16:34
=== thegreaterobot is now known as RobotWorldCup
jevoniaagent_white: yes, but only when i open google chrome. I also can't get my current password to be required for logging into my administrator account.16:36
Felishiahelp! I damaged the ncurses library folders inside the lib/i386-linux-gnu/ folder16:37
FelishiaOh WHAT I've just fixed it XD I just forgot to type w X316:38
Felishiaanyway bye bye thanks16:38
agent_whitejevonia: what do you mean "login to admin account" ? -- do you use `sudo su` or run a program with higher privledges via `sudo PROGRAMNAME` ?16:39
kazdaxis there a way to login as root in ubuntu16:39
jevoniaagent_white: No, I mean my account is administrator on my computer.16:39
ZerOlegendthat is not making sense jevonia16:40
agent_whitekazdax: `sudo su`16:40
agent_white\o Zer0legend16:40
ZerOlegendhey agent_white16:40
ZerOlegendjevonia, root is the only "administrator" account with linux16:40
agent_whiteHeya! Good early-morning :)16:40
ZerOlegendanything else is a regular user16:40
jevoniaZer0legend: Tell me about it16:41
kazdaxokay how do i log out from root16:41
sacarlsonkazdax: I think it's like sudo -i16:41
ZerOlegendoh crap it is morning now hadn't noticed16:41
kazdaxsudo su worked16:41
kazdaxbut now i am root and dont want to remain root ..just wanted to know if it was possible16:42
jevoniaZer0legend: Well, I mean when I installed Linux. my boyfriend has account too but my account is Administrator while his is Standard16:42
ZerOlegendi never heard of such a thing with linux maybe I am just getting old16:42
sacarlsonkazdax: just type exit to go back to normal user16:42
kazdaxahh thanks16:42
ZerOlegendunless it is just using different groups for the accounts16:43
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=== Zero is now known as Double
ZerOlegendjevonia, how did you set your account as administrator?16:44
jevoniaZer0legend: It's frustrating because just anybody can log into my account.16:44
jevoniaZer0legend: It was by default as being the owner of the computer.16:44
ZerOlegendyou are using windows terminology16:45
SchrodingersScatyeah, it's a little unclear what your main concern is16:45
ZerOlegendroot is the only admin account16:45
jevoniazer0legend: My comouter used to have the windows OS but I've installed Ubuntu on it.16:46
ZerOlegendare you sure you are using ubuntu and not windows? because you are not making any sense16:46
kazdaxi think she is saying..her account that she uses is without a password even thou she set one16:47
jevoniazer0legend: yes I'm sure. It says Ubuntu 14.04 LTS as the version of Ubuntu I am using.16:47
agent_whiteZerOlegend: Is is the hour of nonsense I feel! I cannot answer any questions d:16:47
kazdaxand that people can access her computer because it dosnt prompt for a password16:47
ZerOlegendkazdax, afaik you couldn't not have a password16:47
ZerOlegendkazdax,  I have never heard of that16:48
kazdaxokay that only happens on windows then16:48
agent_whitejevonia: What exactly made you realize you had an issue? -- what happened that was unexpected?16:48
ZerOlegendone you log into ubuntu and enter the root password in the master keyring it generally won't prompt for a password for the duration of that session16:48
=== Double is now known as BIT
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jevoniaagent_white: well when I went to turn my computer on and log in. The log in screen only said login under my name and still requires a password for my boyfriend's account.16:49
ZerOlegendthat still is not enough information16:50
kazdaxfor some reason i think she is trolling16:50
kazdaxbut thats just me16:50
ZerOlegenddid you set your ubuntu to auto login16:50
ZerOlegendshe is trolling or should not be using a computer16:50
=== Guest25762 is now known as Zeppyt
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agent_whitejevonia: So, it asks you which account (of two accounts) you want to login under? -- your account does not require a password, but your boyfriend's account does? is this correct?16:51
jevoniaI also turned the password off and back on because of something else I was trying to do but ever since I never had a password, not even to update and it kept asking for a password that wasn't set. Then my best friend was able to put my password back on but it only works for updating but not for logging into my account.16:51
jevoniaagent_white: yes , correct.16:51
agent_whitejevonia: So then, you wish you add a password back to your account?16:52
kazdaxZerOlegend, you said you cannot have a way to not use password16:52
ZerOlegendgo to terminal and type passwd16:52
ZerOlegendkazdax, when you create an account i thought it would not let you just hit enter16:52
=== Alias is now known as Plug
ZerOlegendbut i also said just as far as i knew because a lot has changed over the years16:53
agent_white^^ jevonia: Do what Zer0legend said after logging into your account. That is the command to change user password.16:53
kazdaxi see16:53
jevoniaagent_white: My best friend already added my password back to my account but I can't log in with it for some reason.16:53
=== Plug is now known as Ice
jevoniaI've already done that and it still doesn't require a password to login.16:54
ZerOlegendjevonia, how is it you even installed linux?16:54
ZerOlegendno offense but if you are doing something wrong somewhere and what you are telling us does not make a whole lot of sense16:55
shadowe989you can have a account without a password on servers but you can't login.16:55
jevoniaI installed it through my best friend, his old disc of Ubuntu 9 I think and I just kept updating until the latest version16:55
androiduserpubuntu uses systemd?16:55
jevoniaI know it doesnt make any sense, how do you think I feel.16:55
agent_whitejevonia: "my friend... added back the password" ... "I can't login" ... "it doesn't require password to login"16:56
jevoniaIt's extra frustrating. I don't even know how that happens.16:56
tr33m4n@androiduserp I don't think so, but there are plans to in the future16:56
agent_whiteThe last statement conlflicts the others completeley. Now I'm not sure if you CAN login, or if you CANNOT.16:56
androiduserptr33m4n i see thanks16:57
shadowe989agent_white: she/he is locked out I believe.16:57
ZerOlegendwell she is on it right now on irc no less16:57
agent_whiteI still don't understand.16:57
ZerOlegendthat is waht I do not get if she knows enough about ubuntu to have it running and logged in and on irc but cant figure out the password stuff?16:57
jevoniaNo, I CAN log in but there's no password set according to the log in screen but there really is a password set now.16:57
ZerOlegendmakes no sense whatsoever16:57
agent_whiteShe says a password was apparently set, yet she cannot use it to login, yet there is no password?16:57
=== Ice is now known as Jokey
shadowe989agent_white: not being prompted for a password. That doesn't matter if she is on IRC, alot of people have multiple computers.16:57
jevoniaNow it makes even less sense because now there is a password.16:58
HFSPLUS!ops | Nooo waaahh16:58
ubottuNooo waaahh: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang16:58
ZerOlegendwell i did a ctcp version request16:58
ZerOlegendcame back as ubuntu16:58
agent_whitejevonia: "So, you are able to login, but there is no password prompt."16:58
ZerOlegendsounds like she just has auto login set16:58
ZerOlegendbut that wouldnt even show a login screen16:58
jevoniaBut before I didn't have one and it just said login but now it's making less sense of how I don't have a password on my account but I DO have one set now.16:58
ZerOlegendthis is where I say I call BS16:59
ZerOlegendand ignore16:59
agent_whitejevonia: http://askubuntu.com/questions/106428/how-to-disable-automatic-login16:59
shadowe989jevonia: you want to be prompted for a password?16:59
jevoniaThat's correct. That's how I'm talking to y'all now.17:00
jevoniaYes I do17:00
shadowe989User Accounts> *Select Your Name* > Toggle antuomatic login17:00
shadowe989automatic login*17:00
shadowe989just bring up the menu and type in "User Accounts"17:00
jevoniaI know, I looked for that too and it's not enabled. Automatic Login is DISABLED.17:00
=== Jokey is now known as Homer
jevoniaI don't get it lol so annoying.17:01
shadowe989jevonia: ok do you see a button at the top right17:01
shadowe989jevonia: "Unlock"17:01
shadowe989jevonia: click that17:01
=== Homer is now known as Guest15785
shadowe989hopefully that will do the trick for ya17:01
jevoniaI did that already too17:01
jevoniaIt doesn't change anything17:01
shadowe989after you unlock it, if you click on the automatic login switch17:02
shadowe989jevonia: it should switch over to "On"17:02
jevoniaOh, ok. hold on17:02
shadowe989jevonia: ok =)17:02
androiduserpdoes ubuntu support high resolution laptop displays? like 3000 x something pixels17:02
phunyguywait, so what exactly is the issue?17:02
agent_whitejevonia: http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html -- Please read this so we can solve your question sooner than later next time.17:02
agent_whitephunyguy: Hard to understand.17:03
phunyguycan login but wants to be prompted for a password, and autologin is disabled?17:03
shadowe989phunyguy: correct, it was just a misunderstanding.17:04
phunyguysounds to me that either A.) They are confusing what "login" is, or B.) The account has NO password.17:04
agent_whiteJust "combining" login with irrelevant things like 'chrome passwords'17:04
shadowe989I understand but not everyone knows the terms.17:05
ZerOlegendphunyguy, im going with A on that17:06
androiduserpi am looking for laptops but most of them are crap quality will ubuntu run on a macbook?17:06
agent_whiteshadowe989: I know :)  That's why I bring up the point as (even though I am not great with terminology) explaining the problem correctly is 80% of the battle to solving it.17:06
ZerOlegendi had to ignore he/she/it because it was too frustrating anymore for me to even watch17:06
ZerOlegendits like half their terms are windows17:06
shadowe989agent_white: thats perfectly normal17:06
agent_whiteshadowe989: Indeed.17:07
daftykinsandroiduserp: it can't be guaranteed that every feature will work on macs, so no - best avoided.17:07
shadowe989ZerOlegend: what if shes a lawyer?17:07
ZerOlegendthat would make sense then17:07
phunyguyalright, let's stay on topic and not talk bad about people.17:07
shadowe989I mean not everyone has time to learn.17:07
shadowe989agreed phunyguy .17:07
jevoniaphunyguy: Thank you.17:08
cfhowlettandroiduserp, short answer: yes.17:09
agent_whiteshadowe989: True. But learning how to ask questions properly is a VERY good trait to learn.17:09
agent_whiteOtherwise we get the "what the customer wanted..." thing going on.17:09
jevoniaTo the rest: It's not like you know the whole story but I'm used to using crappy ass windows but I like Ubuntu better so far.17:09
MonkeyDustjevonia  thank you for sharing your appreciation with us17:10
jevoniaAnd did we not catch the whole I'M NEW TO UBUNTU/LINUX part.17:10
jevoniaMonkeyDust: Of course and thank you for trying to help.17:11
agent_whitejevonia: We don't judge you background. Wherever you come from, we just hope to educate you on how to present your issues so they can be solved easily.17:11
jevoniaThank you all for even trying to help me.17:11
agent_whitejevonia: I hope you find your solution.17:11
agent_whitejevonia: Please take a series of screenshots otherwise, so you can illustrate your issue to us.17:11
jevoniaI did present the issue but it was kind of a long story is all17:12
jevoniaI was thinking about doing that too but I don't know how to send them on here.17:12
shadowe989jevonia: did the 'autologin' switch not toggle for you?17:12
jevoniashadowe989: it's on but it didn't change anything.17:13
agent_whitejevonia: That's fine, part of the process of how to explain briefly. (I am terrible at it.)17:13
agent_whitejevonia: You turned it "off", right?17:14
jevoniaagent_white: Since it was a long story, I was just trying to mention all the things that seemed important enough to mention.17:14
shadowe989Yeah that was a slip, I said "on". It needs to be off. Multitasking fail here. heh.17:15
agent_whitejevonia: All good :)17:15
jevoniaagent_white: No, not yet because I'm still talking to you on here.17:15
agent_whitejevonia: Hahah. Good point.17:15
agent_whitejevonia: So the first focus is disabling auto-login for a user account.17:15
agent_whiteOn startup?17:15
agent_whiteOr do you hit the "choose a user" first, click on your user account, and it auto-login's ?17:16
shadowe989agent_white: i want ask her to run commands but thats not good for new...17:16
jevoniaagent_white: That's the thing, I've never enabled it. I've never touched the button.17:16
shadowe989albz3589: later.17:16
agent_whitejevonia: So you're saying it is disabled?17:16
agent_whiteDoesn't matter what you did or didn't, just what the state of it is currently.17:16
mikhaHi all. So I'm trying to install Ubuntu 14.10 on my roommate's laptop, but I can't find any wifi networks. Anyone have a fix?17:16
mikhaWell, not trying, it is installed.17:17
jevoniaYes, it's been disabled since I installed Ubuntu on my computer.17:17
ZerOlegendok jevonia when you turn on the computer and let it run without touching anything what happens?17:17
ZerOlegenddo you get to the desktop or some login menu with user names in a list?17:17
shadowe989jevonia: I believe I have a solution for you17:18
cfhowlettmikha, have you completed the installation?17:18
agent_whitemikha: How are you attempting to find other networks? What is the error that proves it is unable to find a network? etc.17:18
shadowe989jevonia: can you open a terminal? press: control + alt + t?17:18
jevoniaIt'll boot up as usual and come to the login screen. Then I just click login because it doesnt say anything about entering my password, which is set , to remind you.17:19
jevoniaYes, hold on a sec17:19
ZerOlegendare you selecting a username at that login menu?17:19
jevoniaOpened terminal17:19
shadowe989jevonia: ok type this exactly as I say... sec17:20
shadowe989jevonia: gksudo gedit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf17:20
jevoniaYes but it only says login under my name with no password promt.17:20
jevoniaok, hold on shadowe98917:20
shadowe989it will ask for your password then a text editor will appear17:20
shadowe989jevonia: ok17:20
ZerOlegendthat is the strangest issue I have ever heard17:20
mikhaOne sec, I'll send you guys a screen shot.17:21
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest28602
ZerOlegendmikha, what are you using to scan for wifi networks? is your wifi adapter enabled in ubuntu check lsmod/lspci17:21
agent_whitejevonia: 'document' your issue once you fix it, so you can explain what the fix was please. :) I'm curious to see.17:22
shadowe989agent_white: its lightdm, im sure of it.17:22
shadowe989agent_white: if you type that command it has a "autologin-user" field17:23
shadowe989agent_white: that will allow even a passworded account to still click the name and bypass17:23
jevoniaOk, I will17:23
agent_whiteshadowe989: Oh really?17:23
ZerOlegendok shadowe989 that makes more sense17:23
ZerOlegendmost wm's autologin just auto logs in without displaying a selection17:23
jevoniaAnd I typed it in and another window popped up17:24
ZerOlegendthat is why i wanted to know more information earlier17:24
shadowe989jevonia: yep17:24
shadowe989jevonia: gedit right?17:24
shadowe989jevonia: I need you to look for a line that says "autologin-user=", it will have your name on it probably.17:24
jevoniashadowe989: yes17:24
shadowe989jevonia: remove the username, but keep "autologin-user="17:25
=== cyberwave is now known as Guest62169
mikhaAlright, so I can't get a screen shot -_-17:25
shadowe989jevonia: so that entry is just blank.17:25
jevoniaI did and my username isn't next to it.17:25
mikhaWhen I try to get a screen shot, it closes the drop down menu I'm trying to show you guys so I can't document the problem.17:25
shadowe989jevonia: good now save the changes17:25
=== Guest62169 is now known as cyberwave
mikhaBasically, when I click on the wifi icon on the start bar at the top, it's just not finding any wifi networks.17:26
agent_whitemikha: `scrot -s ~/path/to/save/%Y-%m-%d-%T-screenshot.png` :)17:26
shadowe989jevonia: and exit out of the window and the terminal.17:26
jevoniait was blank when I opened it but ok17:26
shadowe989jevonia: oh really?17:26
mikhaJust type everything between the apostrophes in the terminal?17:26
agent_whitemikha: If you have `apt-get install scrot` (scrot installed), then run my command, click-drag around an area and it will save it to the path you specify.17:26
jevoniashadowe989: yes, i just did what you said anyway.17:27
agent_whitemikha: `scrot -s ~/%Y-%m-%d-%T-screenshot.png` :)17:27
agent_white^^ enter that, then click on your screen and drag to make a box around the area to screenshot17:27
agent_whitethen it will save in ~/17:27
altinHello there, I am having a problem with an unknown process in my ubuntu machine17:27
altinit is being run at /root/Acsko17:27
altinand I have no clue what that is17:27
ZerOlegenddid you google it?17:27
shadowe989jevonia: ok can you bring that back up?17:27
altinWhen I kill it, it keeps re-running17:28
altineven when I delete it it re-creates the file17:28
altinand runs17:28
t4nk315I'm having trouble installing a dual booting win8/ubuntu system.  Can I get a helping hand?17:28
shadowe989jevonia: I want you to add a # before every line except the first.17:28
altinI googled but can't find anything17:28
jevoniashadowe989: Bring which back up?17:28
mikhaI can't install anything, no internet.17:28
altinI can't even find the source where it is being created or what it does since the file is not readable17:28
jevoniaTo which lines?17:28
ubuntuaddictedfor some reason my right click custom actions aren't showing up in thunar. anyone know why?17:28
shadowe989jevonia: a terminal and type the command I gave you before.17:29
ZerOlegendmikha, what wifi adapter do you have?17:29
shadowe989jevonia: there is something else that could be in that file that is making you login.17:29
jevoniaI don't remember the command17:30
mikhaI'm not sure, it's not my computer. How would I find that out?17:30
ZerOlegendif it is usb then do lsub17:30
shadowe989jevonia: gksudo gedit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf17:30
ZerOlegendif you do not see a wifi controller listed in either then its not configured in your kernel17:30
t4nk315I'm getting a blank back screen after hitting "Install Ubuntu" at the grub screen17:31
jevoniaThank you, hold on a minute please.17:31
t4nk315I heard the ubuntu drum beat17:31
mikhaIt's a Dell CPS M1330 laptop.17:31
t4nk315I just don' see anything17:31
shadowe989jevonia: ok =)17:31
mikhaDell XPS M1330***17:31
ZerOlegendthat doesnt tell me anything17:31
ZerOlegenddid you check lspci?17:31
cfhowlett!md5sum | t4nk315, 1. verify the .iso       2. verify the USB17:31
ubottut4nk315, 1. verify the .iso       2. verify the USB: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows17:31
ZerOlegendit is probably a broadcom driver in which case you will have to download that and copy it to that computer if that computer has no internet17:32
mikhaAnd where would I go to get that?17:33
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD17:33
jevoniashadowe989: It's not popping up anymore and I don't know why.17:33
cfhowlettmikha, broadcom?  it's on the iso.17:33
ZerOlegendhe doesn't know for sure17:33
ZerOlegendmikha, go to terminal sudo lspci -k17:33
ZerOlegendlook for a network interface that is for wireless17:34
shadowe989jevonia: did you press "control + alt + t"?17:34
=== uwishununoware is now known as uwishuno
jevoniashadowe989: yes, I mean after typing in the command. It won't pop up again.17:35
mikhaNetwork Controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY17:36
cfhowlettmikha, perfect.  30 seconds with a terminal and a USB17:36
=== hawk_ is now known as Guest16709
mikhaI have a USB, so what do I have to do?17:36
ZerOlegendi think that driver is pre-loaded cfhowlett17:37
cfhowlettmikha, open the usb with your filemanager.   open the /pool/main/d/17:37
shadowe989jevonia: ok open another terminal and heres the last thing I know to do.17:37
=== e is now known as Guest13982
shadowe989jevonia: make sure its not the same one.17:37
ZerOlegendmikha, in terminal type lsmod17:37
ZerOlegendsee if there is the adapter shows in that list17:37
altinHello there, I am having a problem with an unknown process in my ubuntu machine, it is being run at /root/Acsko, and I have no clue what that is o.O17:37
altinWhen I kill it, it keeps re-running, even when I delete it it re-creates the file and runs again17:37
altinI googled but can't find anything17:37
jevoniashadowe989: ok, opened a new terminal window17:37
mikhaOpen it on her computer (no internet) or this one?17:37
altinI can't even find the source where it is being created or what it does since the file is not readable17:37
altinwhat I found with: netstat -tpn17:37
altinis this: tcp        0      1    SYN_SENT    1907/Acsko17:37
cfhowlettZerOlegend, should be, but I get this error all the time on testing so ...17:37
unopastealtin you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted17:37
shadowe989jevonia: "whoami"17:38
ZerOlegendyou are probably right cfhowlett17:38
cfhowlettmikha, plug the USB into the problem computer and open the file17:38
solsTiCeit's on the cdrom: run sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source17:38
ZerOlegendbut I am just curious if lsmod has it already17:38
=== Guest15785 is now known as Aza
shadowe989jevonia: thats your username, you will need it17:38
=== Aza is now known as Azmir
cfhowlettmikha, sudo dpkg -k /pool/restricted/d/dkmsMORESTUFFHERE17:39
=== Azmir is now known as Aztek
shadowe989jevonia: sudo gpasswd -d YOURUSERNAMEHERE nopasswdlogin17:39
mikhaI have no idea how to open whatever /pool/main/d/ is.17:39
=== Aztek is now known as Actek
mikhaBut I have the computer in my lap.17:39
cfhowlettmikha, use the file mananger.17:39
=== Actek is now known as Atek
jevoniashadowe989: ok hold on please17:39
shadowe989jevonia: it has to be exactly like I wrote it, just put your username in that field.17:39
cfhowlettmikha, drag and drop the file name on the terminal line.  wait 1 for a picture17:39
shadowe989jevonia: sure thing.17:39
TenLeftFingersI was messing around with some sound applications and now my sound menu won't control my volume anymore. I did run qjackctl as root which I know was stupid. I've purged the sound apps and tried reinstalling ubuntu desktop but still no luck. Is there a way to get it to work again? Sound is fine I just can't change the volume.17:40
mikhaWhat file? You're way ahead of me.17:40
agent_whiteTenLeftFingers: Have you tried installing/using `pavucontrol` ?17:40
=== Anoniem4l`afk is now known as Anoniem4l
mikhaI only have the computer in my lap, and the USB plugged in, and I opened the file manager.17:41
TenLeftFingersagent_white: no, I'll try that now, thanks17:41
ZerOlegendyeah TenLeftFingers i suggest pulse audio controller17:41
TheBigDealis there a way i can resize my filesystem partition?17:41
ZerOlegendTheBigDeal, unmount it and use gparted17:41
TenLeftFingersZerOlegend: I'll try that too, thank you17:41
ZerOlegendTenLeftFingers, that is the same thing agent_white said17:41
k1lTheBigDeal: start a live system and resize it17:41
TheBigDealZerOlegend, But i'm using it17:41
TheBigDealk1l, hm17:41
jevoniashadowe989: it says [sudo] password for Jevonia17:41
shadowe989jevonia: yes put in your password17:42
ZerOlegendTheBigDeal, you cant resize a mounted partition17:42
Guest13982Hello. I recently had some files that I could not delete in my trash folder, and now I cannot delete any files. http://pastebin.com/SJZRU3a117:42
Guest13982I ran these commands that I found on http://askubuntu.com/questions/216644/i-cannot-delete-files-from-roots-trash17:42
TheBigDealZerOlegend, even if i'm using it the filesystem one?17:42
ZerOlegendTheBigDeal, again if the partition is mounted you cannot resize it, it has to be unmounted so use a liveusb or livedvd and do it that way17:43
jevoniashadowe989: it's not typing while I'm typing my password.17:43
Guest13982I can still remove files via terminal rm -r, but not by deleting icons in gui, it says that the folder is missing17:43
TheBigDealZerOlegend, alright17:43
shadowe989jevonia: yeah it hides your password so people can't watch over you17:43
TenLeftFingersagent_white: ZerOlegend the app just says "connection to Pulse Audio failed" :017:43
mikhaAnyone there? Still haven't resolved this :P17:43
shadowe989jevonia: its typing even if it doesn't look like it.17:43
cfhowlettmikha, patience17:43
ZerOlegendTenLeftFingers, what packages did you remove ?17:43
agent_whiteGuest13982: How are you attempting to delete the files inthe trash folder? Through the nautilus GUI or a terminal?17:44
mikhaWill do, sorry.17:44
solsTiCeGuest13982: type f5 to refresh the window17:44
Guest13982agent_white: I am selecting through gui. sudo rm -r removes them okay in terminal.17:44
TenLeftFingersZerOlegend: ardour and qjackctl. I removed and reinstalled ubuntu-desktop and it pulled in a few things I had removed (solitaire and mines).17:44
shadowe989jevonia: it should do nothing after u put in your password.17:45
jevoniashadowe989: ok, it says removing user jevonia from group nopasswdlogin17:45
ZerOlegendok it was jackd that messed it up for you17:45
shadowe989jevonia: or that my bad =) going by memory.17:45
shadowe989jevonia: thats a good sign17:45
shadowe989jevonia: now restart your computer17:45
shadowe989jevonia: good luck lol.17:45
jevoniaoh ok lol it's totally ok17:45
=== Atek is now known as Zuna
agent_whiteGuest13982: That is not the best way to do it.17:45
jevoniaOk and thank you very much.17:45
Guest13982solsTiCe: Not sure I understand that, sorry17:46
ZerOlegendTenLeftFingers, im not sure what to tell you since you had removed some stuff17:46
shadowe989jevonia: lol lets wait to see if it works first =)17:46
TenLeftFingersZerOlegend: there is still some jack stuff on my system somehow. when I type 'jack' and then press TAB I see more stuff.17:46
agent_whiteGuest13982: If you are using the GUI, how do you know that the trash still contains files?17:46
jevoniaShadow989: Ok, logging off now.17:46
agent_whiteGuest13982: `empty-trash` in a terminal. Tell me what happens.17:46
shadowe989jevonia: ok17:46
TenLeftFingersZerOlegend: my mistake, that stuff is gone now17:46
ZerOlegendtry apt-get remove jack17:46
agent_whiteshadowe989: Sounds like you may have found the culprit eh? :)17:46
TenLeftFingersZerOlegend: Okay, thanks for getting me a bit further anyway17:46
Guest13982agent_white: command not found17:47
shadowe989agent_white: i hope lol...17:47
ZerOlegendyou will need to reboot after and then sound in theory should come back17:47
TenLeftFingersZerOlegend: 'jack is not installed'17:47
agent_whiteGuest13982: `sudo apt-get install trash-cli; empty-trash`17:47
ZerOlegendtry jackd TenLeftFingers17:47
Thomasloldkare any of you guys playing Lol - i can't get it to work any more with playonlinux ...17:47
shadowe989agent_white: there appears to be a group called nopasswdlogin that will be assigned.17:47
TenLeftFingersZerOlegend: good thinking, but same result17:47
shadowe989agent_white: which will let you not have to enter a password.17:48
agent_whiteshadowe989: I saw that above... assigned via what?17:48
ZerOlegendman you b0rked that up good17:48
TenLeftFingersZerOlegend: Yes, I did :D17:48
shadowe989agent_white: I want to say when she installed it, she might of accidently marked "Require no password at login"17:48
TenLeftFingersZerOlegend: I wonder could I purge and reinstall pulseadio?17:48
Guest13982agent_white: command not found still17:48
shadowe989agent_white: but you still need one for sudo and such.17:48
ZerOlegendTenLeftFingers, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure17:48
ZerOlegendtry that17:48
tewardThomasloldk: you might want to check the wine appdb to see if others have made it work.  You may also want to consider installing a newer version of Wine from the ubuntu-wine PPA (note that PPAs are generally unsupported here)17:48
agent_whiteshadowe989: Ahhh good deal ( or bad :P ).17:48
agent_whiteNIce find though! :)17:49
shadowe989agent_white: well I hope its the right find haha.17:49
TenLeftFingersZerOlegend: fantastic, thank you I'll go through this.17:49
agent_whiteGuest13982: You are unable to right-click on the trash on your desktop, and click "empty trash..." ?17:49
tewardThomasloldk: i would also like to point you at this: https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=19141  This is for LoL 4.x, and it looks like there's installation scripts and 'getting it to work' available there.17:49
agent_whiteshadowe989: Sounds like it's well along the way :D17:49
Guest13982agent_white: correct17:50
Thomasloldkteward i have - i even tried too sumbit a version a while back and they would not even accpeted anything becurse LOL is updated often17:50
jevoniaShadowe989: It worked. Thank you so much.17:50
shadowe989jevonia: wow great17:50
shadowe989jevonia: anytime =)17:50
agent_whiteGuest13982: With a 'blank' nautilus window open, on the left-hand side, do you see a  "Deleted Items" ?17:51
jevoniashadowe989: the only thing I don't understand is why does it keep asking me to put my old password in every time I open Google Chrome?17:51
Guest13982agent_white: hold on, must install nautilus17:51
jevoniaIt says something about a keyring password or something'17:51
agent_whitejevonia: If you created any questions to any forums (ubuntu forum, stackexchange, etc.) make sure to follow up with the solution to your problem in case anyone else has the same issue.17:52
shadowe989jevonia: oh yeah I know of that... sec17:52
agent_whitejevonia:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/216644/i-cannot-delete-files-from-roots-trash17:52
agent_whitejevonia: http://askubuntu.com/questions/25974/how-do-i-change-the-default-password/25999#2599917:52
Thomasloldkteward - i know i know - Appdb did not even want to accpted my sumbit last time i had it working becurse LOL is being pacted to often so no support thare - thats why i asking here i fell like tried anything by know17:52
agent_whitesorry, wrong link pasted first.17:52
jevoniashadowe989: How do I follow up with that? Sorry if it seems like i'm slow as hell but it's just that new to me lol17:53
tewardThomasloldk: you might try #winehq - i saw your earlier message btw, but my observation was a lot of things in the version of wine in the stable repos for ubuntu work in the latest dev version from wine *shrugs*17:53
ZerOlegendthe whole thing was just a custom group17:53
shadowe989jevonia: did you request help on a website before comming here?17:53
jevoniashadowe989: The links you post aren't opening after I click on them.17:54
jevoniashadowe989: No I didn't.17:54
shadowe989jevonia: jevonia thats not me, thats agent_white.17:54
solsTiCejevonia: irght on link and choose open in navigator17:54
shadowe989jevonia: if you didn't don't worry but to fix the keyring issue.17:54
solsTiCejevonia: right +click+17:54
jevoniaok lol17:55
Guest13982agent_white: so, there is nothing in the trash, until I turn on my external hard drive. Then the files I deleted from it appeared and I was unable to empty them, but atleast the option to empty trash is back.17:55
=== Zuna is now known as Blue
jevoniaThank you all.17:55
shadowe989open a program called "Passwords and Keys"17:55
shadowe989jevonia: ^17:55
=== Blue is now known as Guest91519
agent_whitejevonia: Come back soon and watch for others who need advice to solve the same problem :)17:55
=== Guest91519 is now known as Shark
=== Shark is now known as Guest59858
shadowe989jevonia: that is if you want chrome to stop asking you :)17:56
jevoniaI opened it shadowe98917:56
shadowe989jevonia: ok do you at the top left, a label named: "Login"?17:57
jevoniaAnd ok agent_white although that will be difficult because of work and all lol17:57
jevoniaShadowe989: yes17:57
CykitAnyone know how to allocate a specific amount of memory to a program?17:57
shadowe989jevonia: right click on it > change password.17:57
CykitThrough Terminal?17:57
shadowe989jevonia: put in your current login password.17:58
Guest13982agent_white: Nautilus shows no date deleted, and the icons in the trash all have lock symbols on them, so I cannot empty-trash17:58
ZerOlegendGuest13982, what user are you trying to delete as?17:59
Jarvixubuntu 14.04 on dell inspiron 1545 with external monitor. video lags when accessing Dash. thoughts?17:59
ZerOlegendim guessing you were root at some point and that is why you cannot delete them from nautilus17:59
=== Guest59858 is now known as Pixel
ZerOlegendJarvix, disable effects?17:59
shadowe989Cykit: thats something you do via Python or C. rlimit is what we call it. I dont think you can do that via a terminal.17:59
jevoniashadowe989: It won't take the old password. It accepts the current one I'm using now though. I don't understand that exactly.17:59
JarvixZerOlegend, thank you18:00
shadowe989jevonia: yeah thats what I meant.18:00
=== Pixel is now known as Dot
shadowe989jevonia: by doing that it should stop asking you every time you login and start chrome.18:00
Guest13982agent_white: username e, is there a way to gain permissions?18:01
Cykitso I root ?18:01
agent_whiteGuest13982: what do you mean? Why do you need permission and to what?18:01
shadowe989jevonia: so what you did, should do the trick.18:01
=== Dot is now known as DUX
SchrodingersScatCykit: looks like ulimit is also something mentioned for doing this: http://www.linuxhowtos.org/Tips%20and%20Tricks/ulimit.htm18:01
agent_whiteGuest13982: What is the path to your external drive?18:01
jevoniashadowe989: Ohh ok, so I just change it to the current password even though I use the current password to get to changing it to the current one I'm using now?18:01
ZerOlegendGuest13982, change the ownership to your username for the files you want to delete18:02
ZerOlegendor the folder18:02
ZerOlegendman chown or man chgrp18:02
Guest13982agent_white: /media/e/46FD-94BA18:02
shadowe989jevonia: yes it needs to be set to the current password.18:02
CykitIm using a program with wine and its killing the memory18:02
shadowe989jevonia: that is correct, I know its odd, but thats what makes it stop. =)18:02
CykitThe program lags.18:02
ZerOlegendCykit, wine does that18:03
jevoniashadowe989: Ok, I did it. Again, thank you so much.18:03
CykitDoes it?18:03
=== DUX is now known as DOT
ZerOlegenddepends on how you set up wine and what you are trying to run in it18:03
jevoniashadowe989: It is odd lol but I'll just have to get used to it is all lol18:03
ZerOlegendyou are not running those application native18:03
CykitVirtual Dj.18:03
ZerOlegendyeah that is resource intense18:03
agent_whiteGuest13982: `sudo rm -fr /media/*` ?18:03
=== DOT is now known as Sample
Cykityeah its rather laggy18:04
ZerOlegendhow much ram do you have18:04
=== Sample is now known as Token
phunyguyToken: please stop that18:04
ZerOlegendwell that should be enough18:04
agent_white`sudo rm -fr ~/.local/share/Trash/*; sudo nautilus ~/.local/share/Trash/files`18:04
ZerOlegendcheck your wine config18:04
=== Token is now known as Guest94854
jevoniashadowe989: Logging off now. Have a wonderful day ^_^18:04
shadowe989jevonia: heh, well I hope you Ubuntu works out for you now, stop by here anytime for help. thats what we are here for. =)18:04
shadowe989jevonia: thank you, you too! =)18:04
agent_whiteshadowe989: ++1 nice work18:04
agent_whitejevonia: ++118:05
shadowe989agent_white: ty =)18:05
TenLeftFingersZerOlegend: thank you. Running 'pulseaudio' from the terminal showed it was failing because it couldn't load jack. I removed refernces from /etc/pulse/default.pa and my menu came back to life!18:06
Guest13982agent_white: the files have already been moved to the trash, I am trying to remove them from there. They do not appear in the external hd, so rm -r work.18:06
Guest13982agent_white: trying to change ownership via sudo chown username:username /media/name told me it was read-only, which it is not.18:07
ZerOlegendyou are welcome TenLeftFingers18:07
Cykitthe music sounds terrible. i need a decent mixing program for Linux18:07
ZerOlegendi didn't even like ardour that much18:07
OerHeks!info mixxx18:08
ubottumixxx (source: mixxx): Digital Disc Jockey Interface. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.10.1~dfsg0-1 (utopic), package size 2396 kB, installed size 5355 kB18:08
agent_whiteGuest13982: So... no way to: `sudo su; sudo rm -fr /media/Elements/.Trash*`18:08
ZerOlegendGuest13982, sounds like its mounted as readonly18:08
=== Guest94854 is now known as Dass
ZerOlegendthe filesystem doesn't lie18:09
=== Dass is now known as Campos
Cykitthanks Oer18:09
Guest13982ZerOlegend: I have been reading and writing to it for weeks though18:10
user_01hi all. when i do “su USER -c "bash -l" i get18:10
user_01bash: cannot set terminal process group (-1): Inappropriate ioctl for device18:10
user_01bash: no job control in this shell18:10
user_01is there something wrong?18:10
t4nk315I check the hash value on my ubuntu iso and it was correct.  I'm still getting a black screen when I either Try Ubuntu or Install Ubuntu18:10
=== jared_ is now known as Guest88603
Guest13982agent_white: yeah, that did not work either, also /home/e/.local/Trash has no files listed when I tried to rm -fr in terminal18:10
bubbasaures !nomodeset | 14WAAQ0FO18:10
ubottu14WAAQ0FO: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter18:10
t4nk315I have secure boot/legacy support disabled18:10
bubbasaurest4nk315, You have seen the UEFI wiki?18:11
t4nk315No sir18:12
t4nk315May I have a link?18:12
bubbasaures!uefi | t4nk31518:12
ubottut4nk315: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI18:12
tewardGuest88603: If you have an actual support question, please ask it, otherwise, please stop that.18:13
Cykituefi has been around for a while18:14
bubbasauresCykit, Glad to see you here, if you need help ask, otherwise this is not chat.18:15
CykitMy apologies18:16
t4nk315bubbasaures, I have done all of those things except for the intel smart response.  I can't find it prob cause I have AMD (newbie here)18:16
t4nk315Does that I mean I have to try to install in EFI mode?18:17
Guest13982ZerOlegend: How can I remount as read-write?18:17
=== m1dnight1 is now known as m1dnight_
bubbasaurest4nk315, I know just enough of uefi to stop helping when needed. What is on the computer now and what have you done to prepare?18:18
bubbasauresfor the ubuntu install18:19
arunpyasiguys, how do I mount a folder in another folder with write permission ?18:19
t4nk315Windows 8. I have prepared a partition, gone through a guide disabling UEFI, secure boot, and maybe a few other thigns skipping my mind right now.  I have a usb fully prepared that loads to the grub screen18:19
t4nk315When I select Try Ubuntu or Install Ubuntu I get a black screen and nothing else happens except I hear the Ubuntu drum beat18:20
bubbasaurest4nk315, Cool, what you need is a unallocated space for the ubuntu partitions, and than install efi.18:20
k1lt4nk315: maybe you need the nomodeset boot parameter for the video driver to work18:21
bubbasaurest4nk315, You may need to use the nomodeset boot is all so read that link.18:21
CykitCheck your VGA?18:21
dpkg_issues98697I made a mistake with my kernels, hoping you folks here can help me out.  I got in my head that 3.13 was older that 3.5 (which is what I'm running) and tried to remove the wrong package.  Now I have dependency issues and can't reinstall 3.1318:21
t4nk315k1l, how do I get the nomodeset boot parameter?18:22
k1l!nomodeset | t4nk31518:22
ubottut4nk315: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter18:22
t4nk315Man, that's a sweet bot18:22
k1ldpkg_issues98697: please show the error in a pastebin18:23
dpkg_issues98697ok will do k1l18:23
mosquitoHi I have a problem with ubunto12.04 64 bit as a VPS  using proftpd and apache2 with msql-server and i have upload the website to the host but the website keeps displaying all white. I have php 5.3.10 and the site is has been working on php 5.3 and 5.4 can somebody please help me?18:23
CykitAnyone ever installed Enlighten?18:24
ZerOlegenddid you install the php mysql libs?18:24
k1lmosquito: enabled php?18:24
mosquitoI don't think so I have only installed mysql-server.18:24
bubbasauresCykit, You might like #ubuntu-offtopic18:24
CykitThanks dude,18:25
mosquitoYou guys can check the data here: (it's the phpinfo webpage)18:25
bubbasauresgood iq reducer18:25
ZerOlegendmosquito, try the package php5-mysqlnd18:25
ZerOlegendbut sounds like php was not installed properly18:25
CykitMy apologies once again; I'm a chatter.18:26
ZerOlegendand is your php file properly done?18:26
mosquitoYesm the website is working well. on windows vps18:26
OerHeksCykit, e17 ?18:26
OerHekshow is e17 offtopic, bubbasaures ?18:27
mosquitoI have installed the php5mysqlnd, and restarted services but, no. It does not work.18:27
CykitWhat defines if something is off topic?18:27
ZerOlegendnot sure then really cause there is no error message18:27
ZerOlegendcheck your apache logs?18:27
k1lmosquito: sites-available points to correct folders?18:27
bubbasauresOerHeks, This user has just chatted random stuff for awhile is all, not really any support content given or asked.18:27
mosquitoOk, give me a second..18:28
t4nk315Ok, so from what I understand I need to edit the commands before booting and put acpi=off18:28
t4nk315and it might work18:28
t4nk315but might turn off my fan...18:28
ZerOlegendi doubt it will disable your fan18:29
Guest66013hi what does uptime display?18:29
ZerOlegendsystem uptime18:29
k1lGuest66013: time since last boot18:29
Guest66013sorry upload :D18:30
Guest66013it shows: load averages: 1.94 2.20 2.1718:30
ZerOlegendyeah that is system loads18:30
Guest66013what does 1.92 mean?18:30
Guest66013in percent?18:30
habhattiGuest66013: shows the load on your processor18:31
t4nk315acpi=off didn't work and I still hear the ubuntu drums18:31
Guest66013habhatti: in percent?18:31
k1lGuest66013: that is not net-speed. that is a number displaying the load the system is having. no not in percent18:31
habhattiGuest66013: no not in percent, look at the link ZerOlegend pasted18:31
Guest66013i have a quadcore cpu18:32
k1lGuest66013: above 1 means there is more jobs in the que than the system can run instantl.18:32
Guest66013and it shows: load averages: 1.94 2.20 2.1718:32
bubbasaurest4nk315, Is the W8 install important to to, and if so is it backed up/imaged off the HD?18:32
k1lGuest66013: so read the link it explains it.18:32
bubbasauresto you*18:32
faustk1l: that's not true18:33
Guest66013k1l: ok, how can i simulate more load?18:33
k1lGuest66013: use prime18:33
t4nk315I made the HP cds last night, so I got a back up.  and yes it is important to me.  It has no important information, I just want to be able to dual boot18:33
ZerOlegendstress tests18:33
ZerOlegendwhat k1l mentioned18:33
t4nk315I do I do a nomodeset boot up?18:34
t4nk315It doesn't tell me how to do that18:34
cfhowlettdpkg_issues98697, logout, boot and older kernel, then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:34
bubbasaurest4nk315, Cool, so note we preface with the others nick when we communicate.18:34
faustk1l: Guest66013 that number says how many CPU do you need to allow every process to not wait. This means, for example, that in a dual core environmente the max is 2 and not 118:34
k1lfaust: yes, he told he got a quadcore after i explained it....18:35
Guest66013ok but why i got 3 numbers now?18:35
k1lGuest66013: they are in 3 different times.18:35
k1lGuest66013: last minute, last 5 minutes, last 15 minutes18:36
t4nk315bubbasaures, I'm at the grub screen again trying to figure out how to do a nomodeset bootup18:36
k1lGuest66013: if you would have read the link we would not have to type it all again in here18:36
dpkg_issues98697bubbasaures: thanks, I'll give that a shot right now.  Meanwhile, heres a paste k1l http://pastebin.com/uhnW7XsB18:37
Guest660132.63 sounds pretty high on my quadcore now...18:37
ZerOlegendk1l, that is why i posted it and quit responding18:37
k1lGuest66013: please come and ask if you have read the link: <ZerOlegend> http://blog.scoutapp.com/articles/2009/07/31/understanding-load-averages18:37
bubbasauresdpkg_issues98697, Not sure why I'm involved.18:38
ZerOlegendwith the internet it is peoples choice to be uneducated now days18:38
faustGuest66013: your system will be overloaded when that number gets over 418:38
velho_hey folks! How To invert colors in one window?18:38
velho_I'm using Ubuntu default18:38
k1ldpkg_issues98697: how did you install that other kernels?18:39
bubbasaurest4nk315, I believe there it is f5 or f6 choose nomodeset and I forget the boot from there maybe ctrl-x18:39
t4nk315bubbasaures, I tried f5 and f6.  I guess I'll try ctrl-x18:39
bubbasaurest4nk315, ctrl-x is not the nomodeset boot you have to choose it.18:40
bubbasaurest4nk315, What do you see at this grub window?18:40
mosquitoHmm, does somebody know how to instal mssql ?18:41
ZerOlegendin ubuntu?18:42
faustmosquito: why?18:42
ZerOlegendyou don't18:42
t4nk315bubbasaures, I see Try Ubuntu, Install Ubuntu, OEM install(for manufactureers), Check disc for defects18:42
mosquitoWell because of this:  because seems like website can't connect..18:42
faustmosquito: maybe you want to use mysql18:43
t4nk315bubbasaures, I think I gotta it. "You put nomodeset between the quiet and splash part."  Found it after my 1000ths google search18:43
dpkg_issues98697cfhowlett: thanks, I'm looking into getting an old kernel to load without sitting on the grub screen. (Its a remote computer)18:43
k1l<k1l> dpkg_issues98697: how did you install that other kernels?18:44
mosquitoWell actualy this page is a webhost where you can signup and the database is on a remote dedicated server. And the logins and ip, ports are all ok. And I don't know why it can't connect now :/18:44
cfhowlettdpkg_issues98697, I accidentally nuked a library computer today ...18:44
bubbasaurest4nk315, Yes, that will work, I have not gotten to the kernel edit on a install there.18:44
dpkg_issues98697k1l: All of the kernels were installed doing normal dist-upgrade , I only started trying to mess with them when I kept getting update/upgrade errors18:45
habhattimosquito: What do you mean by "this page"?18:45
k1ldpkg_issues98697: no, the 3.5 kernels18:45
t4nk315bubbasaures, Thanks for taking the time to help man18:45
dpkg_issues98697cfhowlett: The only reason I didn't just do that was they I happened to extend the timeout instead of setting it to a "wait for input setting"18:46
bubbasaurest4nk315, Thanks lets just see you get all setup, good job backing up windows, you are set for any failure with a smile.18:46
dpkg_issues98697k1l : I did upgrade this machine from 12.04 to 14.04.  Is that the kernel from 12.04 still running?18:46
mosquitoWebsite which is on webhost ( ) is just a website where people can check news, and download game client since its a website for a game. And this website also includes registration which is forwarded to a remote dedicated server.18:47
habhattimosquito: Right. And is that server running Ubuntu, or?18:47
faustmosquito: I think that your problem is about the configuration of a php script maybe you should ask on #php18:47
k1ldpkg_issues98697: sorry your story gets confusing the more you tell. you started with "i had installed the 3.5 kernel and removed the 3.13 because i thought the 2.5. were the latest"18:47
mosquitoWell phpscript works if I'm using a windows vps,18:47
dpkg_issues98697k1l: I've never manually installed any kernels, just the ones that came automatically18:48
mosquitoNo the remote server is running windows server 2k818:48
k1ldpkg_issues98697: depending on what you did to install the 3.5 kernel that can explain your issues now18:48
faustmosquito: why are you asking this question here?18:48
=== derk0pf|NA is now known as derk0pf
habhattimosquito: On which machine is Ubuntu running?18:48
mosquitoWell since it's not php problem if the script works on windows server?18:48
faustit seems that you misconfigured the script18:48
mosquitoUbuntu is running on webhost18:48
faustmosquito: do you have admin access on the server the hosts the script?18:49
bkrvnGuys guys! My analog sound output stopped working after a restart. Help me debug this please!18:50
habhattimosquito: Your Apache/PHP configuration cannot access the DNS for your remote db server.18:50
faustmosquito: are you able to resolv the hostname that is written in the script from CLI?18:50
tafa2My server says: 10 packages can be updated. 10 updates are security updates.18:50
tafa2But apt-get update && apt-get upgrade only show 4 packages to be updated?18:50
bkrvnI'm on 14.04.1. It was just working half an hour ago. I was fiddling with a second monitor and restarted several times18:50
mosquitofaust: what do you mean by resolv ? that it can not reach it?18:51
bubbasaurestafa2, run dist-upgrade18:51
habhattimosquito Can you look up your db server's hostname from the command line?18:51
mosquitoOk one second.18:52
dpkg_issues98697k1l: Sorry.  I'll back it up.  Some months ago I upgraded to 14.04 and after that I started noticing errors on boot and when I tried to run apt-get update.  In the past I've only really had problems when I need to clean up old kernels so today I went in, checked what version was running, which was already 3.5  .  I assumed that was the current one, since usually when I update to do ones it will automatically switch to those.  I then 18:52
bubbasaurestafa2, dist-upgrade is a security and kernel "ok"18:52
k1ldpkg_issues98697: ok, try a "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a"18:52
tafa2bubbasaures I see18:52
bubbasaurestafa2, Heh, just keep moving.18:53
mosquitoYes I can.18:54
=== rigor789|away is now known as rigor789
teaearlgraycoldHow do I find out the version of my OSS AMD driver?18:57
habhattimosquito: Hmm.18:58
faustmosquito: are you 100% sure that the hostname in the script is correct?18:58
habhattimosquito: Consider using Google DNS nameservers using resolveconf?18:58
mosquitoYes, I can also give you the logins and you can check it on ur own :P18:59
faustmosquito: Your problem is strange... if it is not a problem you can write the ip address in the script, this shoudl circumvent the problem...19:00
jak3000hi all, cant connect remotely to my server i get this error: http://pastie.org/9736666     i do this: iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 3306 -j ACCEPT  but continue cant connecting any advice why?19:02
mosquitoWell the configuration is setup allrgiht you can check it up here19:03
faustare you sure that this format is correct? $Hoste = ',1433';19:04
mosquitoIt works if I use it on windows server :/ so I it should be correct yes.19:05
nmz787owen1: make any progress?19:05
t4nk315bubbasaures, Ok, I got it installing now.19:05
bubbasaurest4nk315, Excellent.19:05
TheBigDealCan i save my applications in another partition instead of the filesystem partition?19:05
bubbasauresTheBigDeal, Why?19:06
TheBigDealbubbasaures, no more space19:06
bubbasauresTheBigDeal, Probably resizing is what you need.19:07
faustmosquito: it looks weird to me to use comma as an ip:port separator, usually it is a colon19:07
dpkg_issues98697k1l: I did the reconfigure, then I tried to fix dependencies again but I'm seeing the same (errors were encountered while processing) should I go ahead and try dist-upgrade?19:07
faustmosquito: but maybe your script expect it to be like that idk19:07
TheBigDealbubbasaures, Yes i know, i wanted to create a live usb to resize the file system partition but i had some problems.19:07
mosquitoHmm let me change it.19:07
TheBigDealbubbasaures, failed to load COM32 and menu.c32 something like that19:08
teaearlgraycoldSo it seems like xserver-xorg-video-radeon doesn't support northern island AMD GPUs?19:08
TheBigDealbubbasaures, on the boot section19:08
bubbasauresTheBigDeal, I can't really help you beyond a resize option.19:08
mosquitoNo, it still doesn't works :(19:08
k1ldpkg_issues98697: is /boot a seperate partition?19:09
dpkg_issues98697k1l: it's lvm, I think that means it has to be separate, right?19:12
k1ldpkg_issues98697: did you make some modifying of grub?19:12
TheBigDealbubbasaures, well, you didn't answer my first question, you just asked another question :)19:12
owen1nmz787: in mapping my End key to mouse click? no. i think the issue is this command - xmodmap -e 'keycode 115 = Pointer_Button1'   it's not Pointer_Button119:12
bubbasauresTheBigDeal, Your first question is a whim, not a good idea.19:12
k1ldpkg_issues98697: ah, i am not fmailiar with lvm. please make sure there are either the things in /boot in the main partition or there is a /boot partition in "mount"19:12
dpkg_issues98697k1l: no not on purpose, but this error keeps popping up19:12
dpkg_issues98697Generating grub configuration file ...cat: /video.lst: No such file or directory /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: failed to get canonical path of `'.19:12
dpkg_issues98697No path or device is specified.19:12
bubbasauresthis is not windows where you would do that easily TheBigDeal19:13
TheBigDealbubbasaures, i see :P, thanks19:13
owen1nmz787: i am also trying to make it harder to type fn key. i want it to be shift+fn so i tried this: xmodmap -e 'keycode 151 = NoSymbol XF86WakeUp NoSymbol'  but nothing happened.19:13
k1ldpkg_issues98697: try this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/512753/usr-sbin-grub-probe-error-failed-to-get-canonical-path-of-when-using-g19:13
nmz787owen1: i don't know much about keyboard remapping, though I did mess with it when I last installed ubuntu19:13
nmz787owen1: that was more related to some stupid issue with the gnome terminal and changing tabs in it19:14
nmz787owen1: I was asking about your biose19:14
nmz787owen1: I saw you mentioning some dd commands, so it seems you were trying to make a bootable disc19:14
t4nk315bubbasaures, Do I need to have nomodeset permanently added to the boot loader? Now when Ubuntu starts up I get the black screen again.  Do I need to find and install drivers?19:14
nmz787bootable floppy/usb drive19:15
dpkg_issues98697k1l: ok, the root directory does have a /boot/ it's not in mount19:15
owen1nmz787: oh. the bios. i didn't try updating the bios. the reason i wanted to do that is hibernation not working. someone here told me updating the bios is extreme. so i decided to find different solution. havn't find it yet.19:15
k1ldpkg_issues98697: that is fine (but i am not sure if for lvm)19:15
bubbasaurest4nk315, Hard to say, I would think drivers are available. nomodeset is a per-session use most often to get in to run updates/upgrades and load anything needed.19:16
dpkg_issues98697k1l: it was working fine with the same partition setup for more than a year, something seems to have gotten odd after the 14.04 upgrade19:16
nmz787owen1: updating the bios isn't extreme, you just need to be cautious19:16
k1ldpkg_issues98697: i am afk now. see  the link19:16
owen1nmz787: i don't know what 'cautious' means19:17
nmz787owen1: you need to make sure the download of the new image wasn't corrupted19:17
owen1nmz787: how?19:17
nmz787owen1: which you do with a CRC or md5 hash19:17
nmz787owen1: the bios update program might do it for you19:17
nmz787owen1: if the manufacturer didn't provide the md5 to compare against19:17
bubbasaurest4nk315, Once installed and having run a update and upgrade there is a additional drivers tab in the software & updates app where we see graphic choices19:18
nmz787owen1: there should be a program on your computer called md5sum19:18
owen1nmz787: yup. i know that19:18
owen1let me look at the lenovo site19:18
nmz787owen1: if the manufacturer had the md5 sum next to the bios image, you would compare running md5sum on the image you downloaded vs the sum on their site19:18
owen1nmz787: before i do that, is there a way to tell the version of bios i currently have?19:19
nmz787owen1: likely in your bios there is a version somewhere19:19
nmz787you might have to press a key to bring up some help screen19:19
owen1so i have to restart19:19
nmz787there may be another way through some utility or ACPI tools19:19
nmz787owen1: did lenovo give you a bios flash tool, or does it provide the updater through the bios menu?19:20
owen1nmz787: i don't know (for both questions)19:20
nmz787owen1: or does it give you an image that it asks you to boot up?19:20
nmz787well I assume the last one then, since you were talking about dd19:21
PrezidentHowdo i remove unity and all this shit and just keep x + firefox?19:22
owen1nmz787: i was just following a blog post19:22
owen1nmz787: so i don't know if it's 'official'19:22
k1l!language > Prezident19:22
ubottuPrezident, please see my private message19:22
owen1nmz787: bios revision: 1.17. Firmware Revision: 1.1519:23
Prezidenti answered ubottu19:24
PrezidentHope you suck it..19:24
PrezidentStop your shitty spam shit.19:24
nmz787owen1: second sentence in that post "You have to download the bootable ISO file from Lenovo support site, convert it and copy it to a usb flash drive."19:24
owen1looking online19:24
nmz787owen1: so the image should do the checksum/md5 for you19:25
MonkeyDustPrezident  stop or leave19:25
nmz787owen1: the steps in that blog post are not risky at all, unless you don't dd to the correct drive/partition (it should be the USB drive)19:26
nmz787owen1: in the case of incorrectly dd'ing, you will mess up a drive, not the bios!19:26
owen1nmz787: on lenovo's website i see BIOS Update Bootable CD, version 1.18 so i have a pretty recent bios. i don't think it's going to help.19:27
nmz787owen1: there should be a changelog19:27
nmz787or errata19:27
owen1oh. let me see19:27
nmz787that tells you what changed19:27
djinjaany way to get rid of the bell on the right top of unity (with empathy and xchat and stuff)19:27
dorkusmaximusyou could use gnome instead19:28
owen1nmz787: i downloaded the iso. how do i get the changelog?19:28
nmz787owen1: link to download page?19:28
nmz787it should be on the page19:28
owen1nmz787: the first link - http://support.lenovo.com/vn/vi/products/laptops-and-netbooks/thinkpad-x-series-laptops/thinkpad-x1-carbon-type-20a7-20a8?c=119:28
owen1i have gen 2 (20a7)19:29
nmz787owen1: ^19:29
nmz787it was the README19:29
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nmz787owen1: I don't see anything about hibernation or ACPI or power management19:30
owen1nmz787: yup! thank a lot19:30
nmz787owen1: so I don't think it will help :)19:30
nmz787owen1: have you updated using ubuntu updater?19:31
owen1nmz787: i tried modifying com.ubuntu.desktop.pkla and also /etc/systemd/logind.conf based on a few blog posts.19:32
nmz787owen1: did you do a clean install of the latest ubuntu distro?19:32
owen1nmz787: yup19:32
owen1i use i3 instead of unity. unity is still installed though.19:32
owen1should i try to login into unity?19:33
nmz787owen1: hmm, idk19:33
nmz787owen1: I don't think the window manager would have such an effect19:33
ylmfosturk var mi19:33
ylmfosburasi nere_19:34
Guest20785Hi, I was here a little while ago. I have an external /dev/sdd that will not let me delete files from it. How do I get read/write access?19:40
Prezidenttry chmod it19:41
Prezidentthe files you wanna del.19:41
dormacHey I cannot open the Chrome after updating to 14.04 already tried reinstalling, any ideas? I need for a couple of extensions19:44
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Guest20785Prezident: I tried that, the issue is that I already deleted them to the trash but I cannot empty the trash or restore the items to the external hd19:46
Prezidentdormac: are you able to open it as root from terminal?19:47
PrezidentGuest20785: uhm, okay!19:47
dormacPrezident let me try it, brb19:48
k1ldormac: open a terminal and run it from there. see what errors come up19:51
k1land never ever run gui programs as root "just to test". that will mess with your permissions19:51
pagios<pagioss> i have a DL380Gen8 server, with 2x ssd and 3x sata, i configured the logical drives and disks are detected, now when i boot to install ubuntu i get no disks detected19:53
dormacPrezident cannot find the way to open chrome in terminal, can you help me?19:55
k1ldormac: open a terminal, "chrome" enter19:56
bpromptdormac:     tried installing the latest chrome?   39 I think19:56
dormack1l "chrome: cannot find order" on terminal19:57
Guest20785If chmod doesn't work to give access to a read-only external hdd, what can you do?19:57
k1ldormac: sorry, its "google-chrome"19:57
tewardGuest20785: chmod would only help on ext4 systems.  if it's fat32 or ntfs it won't help at all19:57
tewardGuest20785: the solution is to change the mount parameters either by manual mount or in fstab to have the proper permissoins sets19:58
sohamHI! is it possible to login as root in Lubuntu 14?19:58
dormack1l got it, it says "/usr/bin/google-chrome: error while loading shared libraries: libudev.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"19:58
teward!root | soham19:58
ubottusoham: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo19:58
dormack1l weird, i just installed it, i'm gonna try again19:59
Guest20785teward: ah, right...it is fat32. Can I just reformat the whole thing using to be ext using fdisk? or do I have to change the moutn parameters first?19:59
MonkeyDustGuest20785  backup first!19:59
k1ldormac: what ubuntu is that exactly?19:59
sohamIs there a way to start something like this without asking the password? wine /opt/hfs.exe19:59
Guest20785MonkeyDust: already did20:00
MonkeyDustdormac  what's the outout of   cat /etc/issue20:00
sohamSorry ! with GKSU wine /opt/hfs.exe?? I basically want to run a Wine Program as ROOT!20:00
MonkeyDustsoham  wine is "windows" and hfs is "mac" ... what are yoy trying to do?20:00
k1lsoham: why would you ever want this?20:01
tewardGuest20785: the question is what is the ultimate use case20:01
Guest20785soham: what program are you trying to run as root?20:01
tewardGuest20785: if the use case is cross-platform, no, stick to FAT or NTFS and jsut mount it with adequate permissions20:01
tewardsoham: Wine doesn't operate in that method.20:01
sohamHFS is a Windows HTTP File server! I want to use it on Ubuntu! and HFS needs root permission to bind the ports!20:01
pagios<pagioss> i have a DL380Gen8 server, with 2x ssd and 3x sata, i configured the logical drives and disks are detected, now when i boot to install ubuntu i get no disks detected20:02
dormacMonkeyDust Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l20:02
dormack1l Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l20:02
Guest20785teward: well, I had read/write access and I was backing up data on my external hdd. I run all linux, but I could foresee file transfer to other systems.20:02
sohamteward: Try and see! gksu wine hfs.exe!20:02
k1lsoham: that is just plain idiotic to run a webserver within wine.20:02
tewardsoham: the issue with Wine is that if run as `sudo` it'll run under the root namespace and won't work as you expect it to.20:02
tewardsoham: it's also a security risk AND idiotic to run webservers within wine20:02
loki__soham, you are wrong, you can bind > 1024 port20:02
tewardsoham: and no, i'm not trying - i already write testcases for wine.20:02
Guest20785soham: have you tried to use samba?20:02
loki__and the redirect using iptables20:02
sohamteward: I've checked it! What Im trying to accomplish do Work!! I just need a way to launch it at startup and without the annoying GKSU password prompt!20:03
a13x212i'm trying to block traffic to specific ip using ufw but doesn't seem to work: sudo ufw deny out to <ip>20:04
sohama13x212: Firestarter works :P20:04
a13x212what is firestarter?20:04
sohamGuest20785: Yes! and HFS suports themed fake websites!! You should check HFS and its features!! Then you will understand what IM tryting to do!20:05
sohama13x212: IpTables GUI. Use Google!20:05
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loki__soham, just write upstart job20:06
k1lsoham: that doesnt make any sense. and if you want to fake sites for illegal purposes its not supported here anyways20:06
sohamloki__: How? What will be the upstart jon to start : wine hfs.exe ?20:07
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loki__soham, basicly i think you need add wine prefix var too20:07
sohamkil: You misunderstood me! It allows you to make Fake websites in the sense, you put 100 files in a folder and flash them via IP as a full blown website!! Please check HFS on Google!20:08
Guest20785teward: Sorry, I am looking for a link to manual mount or fstab to change permissions20:08
sohamGuest20785: sudo apt-get install pysdm20:08
k1lsoham: there are a billion of native linux webservers that do the exact same.20:09
sohamloki__: Im quite ignorant in that sense!! Can you just write me the upstart job!?20:09
sohamkil; Such as?? And where do I get templates20:09
dormack1l solved! tnx for your help20:09
dormacPrezident solved! tnx for your help20:10
k1lsoham: why do you not think about using a linux program instead of wanting the windows program all the time?20:10
loki__soham, here is example http://pastebin.com/nBZ6YGes20:10
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Prezidentdormac: glads me alot, enjoy the nice chrome.. i prefer lynx myself.20:10
Prezidentluakit is also pretty nice, but have fun!20:10
dormacPrezident I don't really like it, I just need a couple of its extensions, how is lynx?20:11
loki__soham, place it into /etc/init and call it like "notebook_fn.conf"20:11
Prezidentlynx is terminal based, luakit might be the quickest one in world.20:11
Prezidentluakit is desktop version.20:11
zgnhello, im currently creating a windows 7 install usb using win7, how would i go about keeping lubuntu 12.04 in a dual-boot? preferablly a pretty gui dual boot i have a powerful rig20:12
zgncan anyone help me?20:13
zgnhello, im currently creating a windows 7 install usb using win7, how would i go about keeping lubuntu 12.04 in a dual-boot? preferablly a pretty gui dual boot i have a powerful rig20:13
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frecelis askubuntu down for everyone else or is it just me?20:22
k1lfrecel: works fine20:22
Guest20785teward: alright, I backed up my /etc/fstab and I am looking at fstab, but I do not see my currently mounted external hdd20:24
Guest20785teward: http://pastebin.com/aK3ketRS20:25
ubuntuaddicteddoes anyone know of a way to change the color of my led's in my Tt Poseidon Z keyboard using ubuntu?20:26
bubbasauresGuest20785, You add to fstab for mounting20:26
Bashing-omGuest20785: Yep, External automounting drive, nust make an enty in that gile to make it "automount" : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=283131 .20:27
shadowe989*sigh* people seem to forget how IRC works... Its not active chat. I had the answer to a guys question above but he left. Is RAM and CPU cycles in such short supply again? lol20:30
shadowe989we should get the topic set to ask people to wait a little bit before leaving20:30
Guest20785Bashing-om: Sorry, I didn't quite understand your last comment. I am looking at the link, not sure how to add /dev/sdd1 automount20:31
k1lshadowe989: good idea with just one problem: who reads the topic :/20:31
shadowe989k1l: I do, ##Python has me by the... neck with the "no lol zone" rule.20:32
shadowe989k1l: speaking of topic, 10.04LTS is still supported?20:32
k1lshadowe989: the server version, yes. the desktop, no20:32
shadowe989k1l: Oh wow, thanks, didn't notice server edition had longer support. nice.20:33
Bashing-omGuest20785: show us -> sudo fdisk -lu | pastebinit ( MBR partitioning), and we show ya the edit to make.20:33
k1lshadowe989: back then. from 12.04 on both lts versions do have 5 years support20:33
Guest20785Bashing-om: http://pastebin.com/VcddfUEb20:34
Bashing-omGuest20785: Looking at http://pastebin.com/VcddfUEb , gimme a bit .20:34
Lock_If an interface device shows up in ifconfig -a yet does not show up in the interface condif file is it as simple as manually adding the interface into the file?20:41
Bashing-omGuest20785: OK, working,, we are deaking here with vfatfile system ( 4GB file size linirs !) .. let's get the UUID -> sudo blkid | pastebinit <- .20:42
Guest20785Bushing-om: http://pastebin.com/ymncvzAn20:44
Bashing-omGuest20785: looking at http://pastebin.com/ymncvzAn .20:45
Ad1hi, does anyone tried new Xubuntu 14.10?20:45
habhatti I did, briefly, Ad120:46
Ad1it haven't got any problems with stability or programs compatibility?20:46
habhattiUm, worked fine for me with everything except Netbeans.20:46
k1lAd1: that depends on your system and your programs.  best is if you just test it yourselv20:46
Ad1hmm... i have TV card, and it doesn't work on live cd20:47
bri_Anyone having a problem with youtube crashing in chromium?  It blacks out the screen then I have to manually shut the computer down20:48
zoidfarb1I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 in gnome-fallback mode. Can I upgrade to Ubuntu GNOME 14.10?20:48
zoidfarb1Or would I have to do a complete reinstall?20:49
ubuntuaddictedtrying to setup a udev rules, how do i make sure a certain webcam always get's mapped to /dev/video0 and the other one always to /dev/video1?20:50
Ad1zoidfarb1: i think you can20:50
Bashing-omGuest20785: sudo mkdir /media/<username>/external , add to /etc/fatab  file -> uuid=46FD-94BA /media/<username>/external auto users,uid=1000,gid=100,utf8,dmask=027,fmask=137 0 0 // Where <username> is your actual username. See how this works out for you, the options are variable.20:52
BlinkizHello. I having a weird network speed problem. I can not come over 380 Mbit with iperf (or anything else) on my Ubuntu 14.04 server. How can I troubleshoot this? The server is a virtualization host, I have the same upper speed limit between host and guest.20:54
Bashing-omGuest20785: Make the above, and prior to rebboting, check with terminal command -> mount -a <- no output here is good-to-go .20:54
Ad1i've got problem with Medion Creatix CTX948 TV Card when I'm running Xubuntu 14.10 LiveCD, will it correctly find my TV Card and it will work?20:55
Guest20785Bashing-om: special device uuid=46FD-94BA does not exist20:58
koviskhow to restore the settings of my audio? this robotic-sounding.20:59
Guest20785Bashing-om,: Here is my fstab change http://pastebin.com/iusR13St20:59
Guest20785kovisk: are you using alsa?20:59
koviskGuest20785, yes21:00
Bashing-omGuest20785: is the external drive plugged in ? did you -> mkdir /media/guest20785/external - where quest20785 is your actual login username ?21:00
Guest20785Bashing-om: yes21:01
koviskhow to restore the settings of my audio?21:01
koviskuse lubuntu 14.0421:01
arunpyasiguys, please help me fix an ftp file permission stuff :D21:01
Guest20785kovisk: what sounds robotic sounding? you can try sudo speaker-test to see if it is outputting properly21:02
orangemattI have a failed Ubuntu Server 14.04 installation (lost power midway through). Tried to reinstall from LiveUSB, but the disk doesn’t appear to the installer. I booted into a trial desktop environment and discovered that there is a volume on that disk mounted to /dev/loop1 that I can’t delete. The drive doesn’t show up in Gparted, either. Any ideas?21:03
koviskin fact he's not serious, just out the voice.21:04
Guest20785kovisk: sudo alsa force-reload will reload the existing configuration after boot21:04
Bashing-omGuest20785: And ''e' is your true login username ? ? else as we are looking at encrypted file systems, I no longer know .21:04
Guest20785Bashing-om: yep, e21:04
koviskno bass21:04
Seveasorangematt: /dev/loop1 is a loopback device (to mount an iso). That's related to the live desktop you are running :)21:04
Seveasorangematt: can you please pastebin the output of sudo fdisk -l21:05
Seveaskovisk: all about that bass, bout that bass, no treble :)21:05
Guest20785kovisk: you can't hear low tones, is it a laptop?21:06
koviskGuest20785, no use laptop, yes desktop21:06
Bashing-omGuest20785: Sorry, IF this were a normal install, should workie; with encryption, I do not know .. others advise better, please .21:06
orangemattseveas: yes, give me one second21:06
Seveaskovisk: there's no global equalizer setting in Ubuntu afaik. Try using a different application to play the file to see if that's correct.21:08
koviskSeveas, I've done it. tried VLC, then qmmp.21:09
rio_zentaWhen trying to follow these instructions here: http://www.sudo-juice.com/how-to-a-set-static-ip-in-ubuntu/ .. I managed to get a static IP set up yesterday, but now it is no longer working today. Is there a fault with network manager?21:09
Bashing-omGuest20785: Remove the "//" from the end of the fstab line .. that was but a seperator for my own statement, not a part of the fstab format !21:10
Seveaskovisk: ok, did you do anything special toyour sound setup, such as removing pulseaudio and/or installing jack?21:10
koviskSeveas, no21:11
Guest20785Bashing-om: still does not exist21:11
ubuntuaddictedhow can i ensure a certain webcam always is /dev/video0?21:11
Seveasubuntuaddicted: you can probably do some mucking about with udev rules21:12
Seveasubuntuaddicted: for details, use google, I don't know them by heart either :)21:12
rio_zentaanybody else had issues with network manager?21:13
ubuntuaddictedSeveas, i know i need to use a udev rule BUT what i'm confused on is i want to ensure a certain webcam is always mapped to /dev/video0 because by default guvcview uses that webcam when i open it21:14
Bashing-omGuest20785: Again I am back to " I do not know" as we know that it does in fact exist " /dev/sdd1: UUID="46FD-94BA" TYPE="vfat" " Why it is not being read I do not know.21:14
orangemattSeveas: Here is the output of my fdisk: pastebin.com/LmbUUXhr21:17
Seveasubuntuaddicted: http://askubuntu.com/questions/187251/udev-webcam-rule-read-but-not-respected21:18
Seveasubuntuaddicted: you seem to have a single 16GB disk with a single partition that is currently formatted as fat32 drive for windows. Do you want to completely wipe this drive and just install Ubuntu? Ot is this perhaps the live usb on a 16gb usb drive?21:19
Bashing-omGuest20785: Still should workie (?_) :: File types: >> auto: The file system type (ext3, iso9660, etc) it detected automatically. Usually works. Used for removable devices (CD/DVD, Floppy drives, or USB/Flash drives) as the file system may vary on these devices.21:20
Seveaserr, that last one was for orangematt :)21:20
orangemattSeveas: That’s the live usb. I have another 250gb sata disk that I was trying to install Ubuntu to, but it is no longer seen by the system.21:21
Guest20785Bashing-om: oh well thanks anyway21:22
Seveasorangematt: the brownout may have killed it :(21:22
orangematt:-( very sad21:22
orangemattSeveas: Thanks for your help21:23
Seveasorangematt: can you pastebin the output of dmesg? It may say something about the drive.21:23
Bashing-omGuest20785: I am dissappointed not working out, ask again, see if those with encryption experience can advise better.21:23
orangemattSeveas: sure21:23
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orangemattSeveas: pastebin.com/5QFEJzcq21:27
Seveasorangematt: nothing :( At this point I'd check if the bios still sees the disk. If it does, try another os and see what happens. If it does not, power off and unplug/replog the sata controller (if it's a separate board) and the drive (both data and power)21:31
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Seveasand when I say power off, I mean remove power cable (and battery, if laptop)21:31
Seveasrio_zenta: what's the problem with networkmanager?21:32
frankdreyso for some reason, when my laptop is plugged in, the mouse battery shows up in the status bar21:32
rio_zentaSeveas: I can't seem to assign a static ip address without it failing21:33
orangemattSeveas: Thanks. I will try that.21:33
Seveasrio_zenta: how is it failing?21:33
bekksrio_zenta: "without it failing"?21:33
rio_zentano internet connection, Seveas , bekks21:34
jtI'm trying to install ubuntu on my macbook retina. The only option it gives me for installation type is 'replace Mac OSX with Ubuntu' or 'Something else', if I do something else I have to setup my own partitions. When I go to 'Something else' I have 250 gigs of free space.21:34
bekksrio_zenta: Then how do you configure your static IP?21:34
jtIs there something wrong with the 14.10 installer? Does anyone know what the partition breakdowns should be for a macbook pro retina?21:34
New2ubuntuHI everyone21:34
frankdreyplugged in: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vb0dqf7pqcj6i96/Screenshot%20from%202014-11-22%2013%3A33%3A31.png?dl=021:34
Seveasrio_zenta: my first guess would be that you entered the wrong settings :)21:34
frankdreyunplugged: https://www.dropbox.com/s/un51jvygpxotqyz/Screenshot%20from%202014-11-22%2013%3A34%3A00.png?dl=021:34
New2ubuntuI recently installed Ubuntu and it shows Gallium 0.4 on NVE6 under Graphics when it should show Nvidia GEforce 66021:35
rio_zentaSeveas, weirdly, it worked last night, now it is failing21:35
New2ubuntuHow do I solve this?21:35
bekksNew2ubuntu: How do you solve what?21:35
New2ubuntubekks I recently installed Ubuntu and it shows Gallium 0.4 on NVE6 under Graphics when it should show Nvidia GEforce 66021:35
bekksNew2ubuntu: Which driver do you use?21:35
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto21:36
New2ubuntuCUrrently using NVIDIA binary driver - version 331.38 from nvidia 331 updates21:36
Seveasrio_zenta: do you have an IP? And a default gateway? Can you ping the default gateway? Can you ping other devices on your local network? Is the cable plugged in? :)21:37
rio_zentaSeveas, I set the IP address at .0.175 (assuming that 175 is way out of the DCHP range). I also used nm-tool to check for the correct DNS, gateway, etc.21:38
Ben64New2ubuntu: where exactly are you talking about21:38
bekksNew2ubuntu: Can you pastebin "sudo lspci -k" please and provide the URL?21:38
Ben64New2ubuntu: post a pastebin or screenshot21:38
Seveasrio_zenta: that didn't answer half my questions :)21:39
rio_zentaSeveas, I pinged default gateway, failure resulted there.21:39
rio_zentacable plugged in, yes.21:39
rio_zentaSeveas, pinged another device, same result as pinging gateway21:40
Seveasrio_zenta: ok, so your gateway isn't liking you. Is the link up? (sudo ethtool eth0)21:40
New2ubuntubeeks and ben64: http://pastebin.com/RBHPw8uE21:40
New2ubuntuhere's the pastebin21:40
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bekksNew2ubuntu: You are still using nouveau, not the nvidia driver.21:44
New2ubuntuhow do I switch to the nvidia driver?21:44
bekksNew2ubuntu: could you pastebin "dpkg -l | grep nvidia" please?21:44
New2ubuntubekks: http://pastebin.com/rfS6uNEh21:45
waglemy 14.04.1 system wont startup xwindows today..  worked fine until a update yesterday..  is this known?21:45
Ben64New2ubuntu: have you restarted since installing nvidia drivers21:46
bubbasaureswagle, Update include a kernel?21:46
New2ubuntuben64, not yet21:46
Ben64New2ubuntu: do that then21:46
New2ubuntuok, I will do it and report back in21:46
bekkswagle: Works fine here.21:47
waglebubbasaures: no, but i rebooted21:47
LordFoobarHi, yesterday I dual-booted to Windows (after about 6 months of not doing so) and Windows screwed the system date. Now, my computer show one hour behind (Windows probably changed DST... by changing the system clock.... who knows...) and, now, I can't change it from Ubuntu Gnome 14.04. ... How does one set up NTP and sync with Gnome 3? All I read on the web is something with systemd (?)21:47
LordFoobarWhy isn't there a UI for that?21:47
bubbasauresLordFoobar, This a wubi install?21:48
k1lLordFoobar: click on the system clock, then settings for date and time. there is a setting for npt syncing21:48
LordFoobarbubbasaures, no. I'm a sorta "long" Linux user and installed Windows 7 mostly for my games when I bought this computer early this year. I installed Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 in dual boot after that using the live CD21:49
LordFoobark1l, all I see is "Automatic Date and Time" and "Automatic Timezone", but no "sync" button, or anywhere to setup the ntp server address21:50
new2ubuntuThank you guys, it worked!21:50
CykitHow do you recover the root password ?21:50
bekksLordFoobar: It just uses the Ubuntu ntp servers.21:50
bekks!root | Cykit21:50
ubottuCykit: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo21:50
SeveasCykit: you don't. But you can set it with sudo or via recovery mode.21:51
k1lLordFoobar: oh yes, there used to be some setting. seems like gnome got rid of that. but the sync is done with the ubuntu ntp servers iirc21:51
LordFoobarbekks, then, why isn't it sync'ing the time? It's been over 15 hours now and the computer is still behind 1 hour21:51
k1lCykit: you dont need to recover. there is none.21:51
bekksLordFoobar: Because NTP will not change the time in one big step, but will adjust it slowly.21:52
SeveasLordFoobar: ntpd doesn't do large leaps. You're going to want to do a manual ntpdate call.21:52
CykitThen what is the purpose of having root access?21:52
LordFoobarSeveas, details?21:52
LordFoobarSeveas, I'm comfortable with the terminal21:52
k1lCykit: please read the message and link from the bot21:52
SeveasLordFoobar: sudo /etc/init.d/ntpd stop; sudo ntpdate ntp.ubuntu.com; sudo /etc/init.d/ntpd start21:52
bekksCykit: The purpose is the ability of performing actions requiring root privileges.21:52
SeveasLordFoobar: you can also tell Ubuntu that the hardware clock runs on local time instead of UTC, to cooperate with windows.21:53
Seveas(though I forgot how, you'll have to google it :))21:53
LordFoobarSeveas, seems like the ntp deamon is not installed O_o21:54
frankdreyhwclock --localtime --systohc is how I did it in Arch, not sure if there are any issues with that in Ubuntu21:54
bekksfrankdrey: There are now issues with that in Ubuntu. But it doesnt change time slowly, but in one big step.21:55
Seveasfrankdrey: that's how to do it once, but iirc there's an initscript that you'll need to tell what to do too21:55
SeveasIt's been ages since I had to care about windows though :)21:56
* frankdrey doesn't multi boot :P21:56
Bashing-omSeveas: Info: Windows defaults to considering the hardware clock to being local time. Ubuntu (and pretty much all *NIX systems) defaults to considering the hardware clock to be UTC. So every time you boot Windows it's "fixing" the hardware clock, and setting it back X hours from UTC to your local time.21:57
frankdreyi just keep all my files online and when i get bored of an OS, wipe and reinstall21:57
SeveasThe only multiboot I do is wearing two boots. 'cause wearing only one is silly :)21:57
SeveasBashing-om: if you had read what's going on, you might have guessed that I already know this :)21:57
rio_zentaSeveas, Is it possible that my router is using the full range for DCHP and that is the issue?21:58
Seveasrio_zenta: could be, but I can't help you debugging if you don't answer my questions.21:58
rio_zentafrankdrey, You've probably never had to deal with the nightmare of setting your system up for dev work21:59
Bashing-omSeveas: OK, then you know to check in " /etc/default/rcS " ?21:59
rio_zentaSeveas, I think I did answer all your questions21:59
rio_zentaSeveas, Even changing my DNS from router to ISP didn't work.21:59
SeveasBashing-om: no, that's the bit I was missing. LordFoobar did you see what Bashing-om just said? the UTC setting in that file is what you need.21:59
frankdreyrio_zenta, eh, i do android apps, install android sdk + intellij + maven, i'm good21:59
waglenouveau doesnt work, yet it was reinstalled, causing the nvidia driver to barf..  yay22:00
rio_zentaDon't you need to compile android apps? frankdrey22:00
Seveasrio_zenta: we're not at DNS yet. We're at the link layer. Does 'sudo ethtool eth0' say that link is detected?22:00
AlexPortableMy mouse went unresponsive and froze for 10 secs, then it worked again, but I couldn't click anything. Keyboard was compeltely unresponsive. What can be the problem?22:00
LordFoobarSeveas, Bashing-om, huh?22:00
k1lAlexPortable: see dmesg22:01
rio_zentaethool: command not found22:01
AlexPortablejust run that command?22:01
rio_zentaSeveas, ^^^22:01
k1lAlexPortable: yes22:01
AlexPortablei must say that I force turned off the system, so i'm not quite sure if it saved everything22:01
SeveasLordFoobar: see Bashing-om's last messages for details on how to make Ubuntu cooperate with windows when it comes to time.22:01
k1lAlexPortable: ...22:01
rio_zentaAlexPortable, Problem could be many things. Just reset and continue using22:01
k1lAlexPortable: than see in /var/log the logrotations of syslog and dmesg22:02
Bashing-omLordFoobar: " # assume that the BIOS clock is set to UTC time (recommended) >> UTC=yes . Set to no, and see what results .22:02
LordFoobarBashing-om, yeah, I see that :) I was wondering if there was any other magic setting I had to use22:02
Seveasrio_zenta: of fun... set it back to dhcp for a bit and install ethtool.22:03
LordFoobarBashing-om, it's already "no"22:03
frankdreyrio_zenta, yeah just need jdk, which is usually a dependency anyway, and intellij has a built in build system that is good enough22:03
Bashing-omLordFoobar: Default is 'yes' // might try the default and see (??) .22:04
rio_zentaThat's great to see frankdrey . These days, even JavaScript needs  things like NPM :-/22:04
AlexPortablerio_zenta: well i have problems more often. 10.04 ran without any issue22:04
rio_zentaAah okay AlexPortable , that is why we can assist you if probs are persistent :)22:04
AlexPortable22:41:33 dbus[625]: [system] Activating service name='org.freedesktop.nm_dispatcher' (using servicehelper)22:06
AlexPortable22:41:33 dbus[625]: [system] Successfully activated service 'org.freedesktop.nm_dispatcher'22:06
AlexPortable22:52:25 kernel: [41540.688020] [sched_delayed] sched: RT throttling activated22:06
k1lAlexPortable: put more than just that into the pastbin22:06
LordFoobarBashing-om, doesn't do anything. Restarting ntp and running ntpdate does not change anything. wth22:06
rio_zentaUse this instead: https://pastee.org22:06
frankdreyrio_zenta, ah :/22:06
k1lAlexPortable: if you rebooted you must see the .0 or .1 logs.22:07
Bashing-omLordFoobar: 1 hour ... are you effected by daylight saving time ? perhaps there is a setting for this ??22:07
LordFoobarBashing-om, yes, but the time is already set one hour behind, like if it was applying DST over NTP22:08
AlexPortablethe 22:54 is rebooted. not sure about the rest22:09
LordFoobarBashing-om, GMT-5 is 17:08, yet, NTP sync at 16:0822:09
bekksLordFoobar: Which timezone are you in?22:09
rio_zentaSeveas, ethtool installed. Should I now retry manual settings on Network Manager and then run ethtool?22:10
bekksLordFoobar: And which country is that? :)22:10
Bashing-omLordFoobar: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime (?) .22:10
AlexPortablek1l:  http://pastebin.com/swkkGyrz22:10
LordFoobarhmm... Canada, the same time as New York22:10
bekksLordFoobar: So why dont you select US/New York then?22:11
LordFoobarI did :)22:11
bekksYou said you selected GMT-522:11
LordFoobarbekks, ^^22:11
bekksLordFoobar: GMT != UTC.22:12
rio_zentaIt is possible that the GMT hasn't adjusted for daylight savings22:12
k1lAlexPortable: which ubuntu? native install?22:12
LordFoobarbekks, Ubuntu says that, in New York, right now, the time is 4:12pm22:12
LordFoobarbekks, which is false22:12
rio_zentais new york 5.12pm?22:13
LordFoobarrio_zenta, yes22:13
AlexPortablek1l: 14.04 yes22:14
LordFoobarrio_zenta, http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/usa/new-york22:14
rio_zentaDoes that mean that for GMT-, they adjust the time forward and not backward? eg. New York goes from 4.12pm in summer to 5.12pm in winter?22:14
bekksLordFoobar: Whats the output of "cat /etc/timezone"?22:14
LordFoobarrio_zenta, huh, no :P22:14
LordFoobarbekks, "America/New_York" (as I said)22:15
rio_zentaLordFoobar, You could just set it to GMT-4 and carry on until you change it again next year :P22:15
k1lAlexPortable: "something" blocked your system. maybe some heavy load. but nothing i can see. next time dont reboot but do report a bug then. so the devs can have a look22:15
bekksLordFoobar: You said GMT-5 ;) However - did you try to disable NTP, set the clock manually, run sudo hwclock -systohc; and enable NTP again?22:16
user1hi guys, I would like to use the default tty font in Unity, but I can't this font back in unity-tweak-tool. Can somebody help to find and setup this font?22:19
LordFoobarrio_zenta, I would rather not, no :)22:22
orangemattSeveas: Found a solution. I reset the BIOS by reinstalling the CMOS battery and the drive showed up. Thanks for your help.22:23
user1hi guys, I would like to use the default tty font in Unity, but I can't this font back in unity-tweak-tool. Can somebody help to find and setup this font?22:23
LordFoobarbekks, unless I can manually set the time, then try to sync... I don't know why the NTP servers would return a false timestamp22:23
guntbert!repeat | user122:23
ubottuuser1: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/22:24
bekksLordFoobar: They dont. As I said, NTP will not change your time in one big step, but in very smal intervals.22:24
rio_zentaping Seveas ]22:25
onemansubmarinehi, is it possible to use the cool-retro-term on ubuntu 12.04?22:25
onemansubmarineso far I have only found instrunctions for Ubuntu 1422:26
fadihow are you ?22:30
k1lfadi: good. how can we help you?22:31
fadiiam new here22:31
fadii dont know what i do :(22:32
k1lfadi: :)  we have another channel for talking: #ubuntu-offtopic . this channel is for solving ubuntu issues22:32
fadihow i can enter it ?22:33
ChogyDancan anyone help me figure out which kernel the current 3.16 ubuntu kernel corresponds to in the mainline kernel ppa?22:33
TriNiTyits always a good feeling when you have accomplished something22:33
TriNiTyan others bear witness to talent22:33
k1lfadi: rightclick on the name and select join channel22:33
TriNiTynot to be too flamboyantly cocky22:33
TriNiTyThe Feels son22:34
fadican you send me the link again mr.kil22:34
Seveasrio_zenta: hi. I was distracted by youtube :) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diU70KshcjA)22:34
k1l!ot | fadi22:34
ubottufadi: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:34
Seveasrio_zenta: yes, try the manual settings again and see what happens22:35
tavoeOk. I have done something bad to my hard drive22:35
rio_zentaSeveas, the output of ethtool for manual settings is the same for DCHP22:35
rio_zentafadi, scroll to the words #ubuntu-offtopic, right click and "join room"22:36
Seveasrio_zenta: 'link detected: yes' ?22:36
fadiwhich room?22:36
rio_zentaSeveas, yes22:36
k1l!ot | fadi22:36
tavoeIf it is plugged in and I boot, I can't even get into BIOS. So, I'm booting from a flash drive with the HD unplugged. I want to copy the data off the HD and format it, but ubuntu isn't finding the drive as it can't be plugged in a boot. What are my choices?22:36
rio_zentafadi, #ubuntu-offtopic22:37
mcilroy_is there a command like cat, but it writes the argument string like: cat "this line of text" | ....22:37
SchrodingersScatmcilroy_: like echo?22:37
Seveasrio_zenta: ok, layer 1 and 2 covered. Now gateway. What's your IP and the router's IP?22:37
mcilroy_GODDAMNIT, lol22:37
SchrodingersScatmcilroy_: also printf22:37
mcilroy_i don't know why i thought echo couldnt be piped, so i didnt even check.22:38
rio_zentaSeveas, my routers IP is at .0.1 and the IP for the machine is set to .0.17522:38
Seveaswith the same numbers before the .0.1 and .0.175 I hope? :)22:39
rio_zentaSeveas, yep :)22:39
Seveasrio_zenta: ok, what does route -n say?22:39
rio_zentain CLI? Seveas22:39
SchrodingersScatmcilroy_: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide22:39
Seveasrio_zenta: correct22:39
mcilroy_thanks man. it was just a weird brain slip22:40
rio_zentaSeveas, It's giving me the Kernal IP routing table. Output is 3 values22:40
rio_zentaShould there be one for .0.175? Seveas22:40
Seveasyou should have 2 lines with numbers22:41
Seveas0.0.0.0 x.x.0.1 UG 0 0 0 eth022:42
ChogyDanis there a better room to ask about kernel bugs?22:42
Seveasand x.x.0.0 U 9 0 0 eth022:42
rio_zentaSeveas, I have 3 :-/ the middle value is:22:43
bekksrio_zenta: Why dont you pastebin the entire output of netstat -rn? :)22:43
Seveasbekks: becaue he doesn't have a working network connection :)22:43
rio_zentax.x.0.0   U   1000   0   0   eth022:44
Seveasthough he could switch back to dhcp for thi22:44
melihi, can anyone please help me with a gnumeric problem?22:44
rio_zentabekks, The system that is broken doesn't have internet access :-/22:44
rio_zentaI don't know if this makes sense Seveas , but the middle value has an IP that is strange. Destination: ?22:45
x_roothey, just removed the ppa from gnome 3.12 (@ ubuntu 14.04)22:45
Seveasrio_zenta: hmm, that looks like an auto-assigned IP. switch back to dhcp and pastebin the full output22:46
rio_zentameli, state your problem and we can try helping :)22:46
bekksrio_zenta: Thats an APIPA IP address, which indicates that a DHCP interface did not get a valid IP.22:46
Seveasbekks: he's trying to set up a static IP :)22:46
x_rootnow i'm trying to install the gnome 3.10, but i have a problem with the dependencies due to gnome 3.1222:46
LordFoobarlol fail22:46
k1lx_root: did you use ppa-purge?22:46
Seveasx_root: removing a PPA does not remove the packages you installed from it.22:46
k1lx_root: and did you run "sudo apt-get update"?22:47
x_rootkll yes, ppa-purge22:48
x_rootand no, didn't used update.. (yet..)22:48
melithanks so much in advance. i need to make a line diagram. the problem is that the cells with numbers begin with an apostroph. i tried to change it to numbers format but i can't do it by marking all, it only allows one at a time22:48
x_rootSeveas, what should i do now? o.O22:48
melithis is quite a big document22:48
meliit doesn't work to search and replace either22:48
rio_zentaSeveas, It looks like the output for DCHP is the exact same as what it was for manual, except line 3 has Metric: 122:49
TriNiTydont worry im not coming down on any of you22:49
TriNiTyor patronizing22:49
TriNiTyoi love linux aswel22:49
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest170
melii also tried to turn it around and make a diagram first but then i didn't know how to add the actual value22:50
rio_zentak1l effectively killed Trinity22:50
Seveasrio_zenta: he'll have his reasons for that :)22:50
x_rootsame error, "impossible fix the problems, you hold broken packages"..22:51
rio_zentaSeveas, does it look more and more like I need to decrease my DCHP range ?22:51
e__Hi, I have been plugging away at this all day...I cannot delete files "unable to find or create trash directory"22:51
k1lx_root: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade22:51
e__that is my /etc/fstab22:51
Seveasrio_zenta: no, it looks more and more like you're unwilling to be helped. I keep asking for output of commands and not getting it. This is a bit frustrating.22:52
x_rootok, gotta try now kll :)22:52
rio_zentaaah Seveas :-/22:52
rio_zentaHold on :-/22:52
Sevease__: what does this command say? ls -lad ~/.local/ ~/.local/share ~/.local/share/Trash*22:53
e__Seveas: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9182479/22:54
zenta_2Seveas: https://pastee.org/gctm522:55
CykitTrinity aussie?22:56
Sevease__: you somehow screwed up your trash directory and it's now owned by root. sudo chown -R e:e ~/.local/share/Trash22:56
melino idea on how to fix my diagram problem? :(22:57
rio_zentameli, Can you show a screenshot of it? I can't understand what you're trying to do.22:58
Seveaszenta_2: sudo arp -d x.x.0.1; ping x.x.0.1; arp -n22:59
Seveasrio_zenta: does the ip address appear in the arp cache after that?22:59
e__Seveas: Thank you, that seems to have done the trick for being able to delete my own files. However, I do not have permission to delete files from my external hd either.22:59
Sevease__: there's probably a trash folder in the root of that drive23:00
Seveassomething like /path/to/drive/.Trash-100023:00
e__Seveas: it is fat 32, is there a way to find that trash folder? http://paste.ubuntu.com/9182575/23:00
Seveasit'll need the same treatment23:00
meliso i need the data from B,C, F,G and J,K23:02
sloantotheboneMy battery icon is frozen :(23:02
sloantothebonecan anyone help me?23:02
rio_zentaSeveas, must I do this with manual settings or DCHP?23:02
melibut it appears as text format, since it has an '23:02
e__Seveas: so sudo chown /dev/sdd1 -R e:e ~/media/46FD-94BA?23:03
Seveasrio_zenta: manual23:03
Sevease__: no, that'd be quite wrong23:03
Sevease__: is the mountpoint of /dev/sdd1  /media/46FD-94BA?23:04
melitried to convert to numbers format but it only allows to convert one cell at a time even if i mark all that i would like to convert23:04
sloantotheboneMy battery icon is frozen can anyone help me?23:04
e__Seveas: yes23:04
Seveas!repeat | sloantothebone23:04
ubottusloantothebone: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/23:04
meliso the question is: how i make these six columns into a line diagram?23:04
e__Seveas: actually /media/e/46FD-94BA...23:04
Sevease__: pastebin the output of this (edit out files you don't want to show): ls -la /media/46FD-94BA/.??*23:05
Seveaserr, wait23:05
Sevease__: pastebin the output of this (edit out files you don't want to show): ls -lad /media/46FD-94BA/.??*23:05
sloantothebone!repeat | sloantothebone23:05
ubottusloantothebone, please see my private message23:05
ChogyDanCan anyone help my find the mainline-ppa build that is connected with the current 14.10 kernel?23:07
rio_zentaSeveas, yes, the IP address I set appears, but I keep getting Destination Host Unreachable23:07
Seveasrio but does the gateway IP appear?23:08
e__Seveas: http://pastebin.com/DCaehxYT I think I added the .Trash-1000 directory a few minutes ago23:08
rio_zentaSeveas, after hitting CTRL+C? Yes, it gives me Address: XXX.XXX.0.123:08
e__sloantothebone: what do you mean frozen?23:09
Seveasrio_zenta: hmm, does the gateway respond to pings properly when on dhcp?23:09
rio_zentaSeveas, yes I tried that. It doesn't give me any "Destination Host Unreachable" errors.23:09
Sevease__: those trash directories look good. Can you try again? Maybe fixing the other trash directory was enough.23:10
Seveasrio_zenta: ok, I'm fairly convinced then that your original hunch was correct and you need to change your routers config to habe a smaller dhcp pool, and maybe even to allow traffic from non-dhcp ip's23:10
rio_zentaSeveas, thank you for your patience and assistance in helping me with this issue. I really appreciate it.23:11
e__Seveas: nope, cannot create or delete files despite it saying that e has read/write permissions23:11
Sevease__: is it maybe a usb drive that has a physical 'write protect' switch that has been toggled?23:12
e__Seveas: nope23:13
Sevease__: what does this say: mount | grep media23:14
=== MeltedLux is now known as MeltedDed
e__Seveas: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9182835/23:15
x_rootkll, still nothing =/23:15
Sevease__: and this: touch /media/e/46FD-94BA/testfile23:15
k1lx_root: please show the errors in a paste23:16
e__Seveas: it won't let me, says it is read only23:17
e__which is weird, because last week I could read and write to it no problem23:18
Sevease__: hmm, the only way I could see that happening is if there are filesystem errors. Does anything useful appear in the output of dmesg? Does sudo fsck -N /dev/sdd1 say anything useful?23:18
* e__ scratches head confused23:18
e__Seveas: [/sbin/fsck.vfat (1) -- /dev/sdd1] fsck.vfat /dev/sdd123:19
yamasaI used to date a guy name "Ubuntu"  ... he would "play the bongos" on my ass right after fucking me up the ass.23:24
yamasaI used to date a guy name "Ubuntu"  ... he would "play the bongos" on my ass right after fucking me up the ass..23:24
yamasaI used to date a guy name "Ubuntu"  ... he would "play the bongos" on my ass right after fucking me up the ass...23:24
yamasaI used to date a guy name "Ubuntu"  ... he would "play the bongos" on my ass right after fucking me up the ass....23:24
yamasaI used to date a guy name "Ubuntu"  ... he would "play the bongos" on my ass right after fucking me up the ass.....23:24
yamasaI used to date a guy name "Ubuntu"  ... he would "play the bongos" on my ass right after fucking me up the ass......23:24
unopasteyamasa you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted23:24
mirakI have huge issues with the nvidia 9400.23:27
mirakno distribution after quantal can make work the 9400 gpu23:27
x_rootk1l, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9182996/23:27
mirakit always freezes at some point, with nouveau or nvidia drivers23:28
owen1hibernation not working. i tried updating logind.conf and com.ubuntu.enable-hibernate.pkla but it didn't help. how to troubleshoot this? (i am on a new carbon x1, 2nd gen)23:28
x_rooti tried to translate, so maybe is not exactly that message the one found on ubuntu-en23:28
Seveasowen1: ubuntu boots so fast these days, why bother with hibernate? It's much slower to wake up from hibernate than a fresh boot23:28
x_rootalso.. a typo (broken*, lol) sorry23:29
owen1Seveas: true, but i use tmux and it's nice to have all my tmux sessions right where i left them23:29
lizaThis is a test23:31
lizais anybody here?23:31
Seveasliza: no.23:31
lizawho is here?23:32
PrezidentYou for sure are stoned..23:33
k1lx_root: you seem to have still packages not from the original install23:34
x_rootwhat should i do to remove it?23:34
SeveasPrezident: if only :)23:34
k1lx_root: are you sure you used the "ppa-purge" command? can you list a "apt-cache policy gnome-shell"?23:35
x_rootlet me check k1l23:35
nszcetadoes anybody else have issues with bridge-utils23:35
x_rootmaybe the problem is, the computer turned into a "locked" status while i did the ppa-purge..23:35
k1lx_root: :X that is a heavy issue. please inform more about that situation23:36
Seveas!anybody | nszceta23:36
x_rootwhen i tried to log back in through the lock screen, it keeps "entering" the data by itself.. so i did a sudo reboot (since worked..)23:36
Seveasmeh, they killed that factoid too?23:36
oniongirlHello everyone :)23:37
nebuchswhere is my god now? http://pastie.org/973741823:37
Seveasnszceta: "does anybody..." is a rubbish question, ask your actual question please :)23:37
Seveasnebuchs: in the crappy PPA you use :)23:37
k1lnebuchs: your god is gone since you use 3rd party packages :)23:38
Tommmmyhi k1|23:38
nebuchsSeveas, i know i added that ppa for mono, how can i fix these? is this possible?23:38
Seveasnebuchs: ppa-purge is your friend23:39
nszcetalibkmod: ERROR ../libkmod/libkmod.c:557 kmod_search_moddep: could not open moddep file '/lib/modules/3.16.0-23-generic/modules.dep.bin'23:39
nszcetamodinfo: ERROR: Module alias bridge not found.23:39
nszceta^ output of `modinfo bridge`23:39
x_rootk1l, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9183204/23:39
k1lx_root: and for libmutter0c?23:40
nszcetaI am not able to run "sudo brctl addbr br0"23:40
oniongirlCAn someone please help me? I've tried everything to fix this problem. I have an external HD that I used with an old Macbook. I sold the macbook but before I did I disabled Journalism so I could use it on Linux. I can read the drive now but I cannot write to it. I've tried just about everything... I've read about everything. My main HD dosen't have much space so I need to use it for backups and stuff. can someone please help me make t23:41
oniongirlhis R/W?23:41
x_rootk1l, just tried to install and the problem is related to mutter-common23:41
x_root(libmutter0c is 'fine', points to the same version, 3.10.4)23:42
k1lx_root: ok, then try mutter-common and so on and so on to find the last package that is causing this23:42
x_rootk1l, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9183252/23:42
k1lx_root: there you go.23:43
k1lx_root: its the elementary PPA that is making issues.23:43
daftykinsoniongirl: it's not advisable to use HFS under Linux in write mode at all, so i'm afraid it's simply unwise. you'd be better off buying another drive23:43
x_roothm.. ppa-purge in it can solve?23:43
k1lx_root: yes. this will remove all the packages from that PPA and have you a clean version again23:44
x_roothm.. let me try23:44
x_rootthanks k1l :)23:44
paulzzIs there a way to use packages from a newer Ubuntu version? Is that supported?23:47
daftykinsvery unwise23:48
tewardpaulzz: depends on the package - a lot of times though it's unwise23:48
k1lpaulzz: no, that will make trouble23:48
paulzzwhat problems will it cause, breaking other apps?23:48
Seveaspaulzz: at minimum, you should use the source and rebuild instead of using the binary package23:48
Seveasand yes, unexpected breakages can happen. What are you trying to use?23:49
paulzzwhy rebuild? so long as the libc versions are equal it should work (?)23:49
paulzznewer gcc, boost and libogre23:49
Seveasohh hell no23:49
paulzzI'm not too bothered if it breaks other things in the system23:49
Seveasthat has all kinds of breakage potential23:49
paulzzthis is just for a build VM23:49
tewardpaulzz: by 'break' you'll break everything23:49
tewardpaulzz: why not use a newer release23:49
teward(for the VM)23:49
paulzzthe VM provider only allows Ubuntu 12.04 server23:50
Seveasthen get a better VM provider :)23:50
paulzzso I'm thinking just hack it by installing the 14.04 packages for the stuff I need23:50
tewardpaulzz: um... no23:50
Seveasfor packages like gcc and boost, you'll guarantee that things *will* break in horrible ways. Upgrade.23:51
tewardpaulzz: kernel explosions are likely.  software won't run.  you're better off getting a better VM provider23:51
tewardpaulzz: alternatively, install the VM, run `do-release-upgrade`, maybe it'll slip past them23:51
tewardpaulzz: but if your VM provider ONLY allows Precise, i'd suggest get a new one23:51
paulzzwhy would a newer gcc break the kernel23:52
k1lnewer gcc? oh that might break a lot of stuff.23:53
zerolegendhard to say23:53
zerolegendunstable stuff is unstable23:53
x_rootit worked k1l, thank you :)23:53
k1lx_root: :)23:53
nszcetapaulzz: packages from a new ubuntu version should work fine if you also install their dependencies23:53
nszcetabut be careful because must not mismatch kernel modules and kernel versions23:54
nszcetain general its considered a bad practice because things can get out of hand extremely quickly23:54
Seveasnszceta: and this is where newer boost will screw things up23:54
Seveasc++ is finicky enough as is, boost is in a league of specialness all on its own23:54
paulzzwell so long as these 3 packages work I'm ok with 99% of everything else breaking23:54
nszcetac++ and boost all compile down to libraries23:55
Seveasnszceta: and boost is a dependency of lots of things. All those things *will* break.23:55
nszcetaI see what you mean23:55
Seveasthere's a reason why gcc and boost are updated exactly once in an ubuntu life cycle: at the start. You'll have to rebuild *everything*23:55
nszcetaI use LXC (linux containers) so I don't really care about my host OS23:56
nszcetathis would be a perfect use case for LXC23:56
paulzzwhat is LXC? sounds like something I should look at23:56
Seveasor docker23:56
nszcetadocker is for single-application s23:57
=== toto is now known as Guest10243
nszcetaLXC is a proper container23:57
nszcetaan enhanced chroot with virtualized devices23:57
Seveasdoes lxc work on hosts that are also vm's?23:57
Seveasas paulzz is working on a vm already23:57
nszcetayes, if your host kernel supports LXC23:57
nszcetaI believe you need kernel 3.3 or newer for LXC 1.x23:58
Seveas!info linux-generic precise23:59
ubottulinux-generic (source: linux-meta): Complete Generic Linux kernel. In component main, is optional. Version (precise), package size 1 kB, installed size 32 kB23:59
Seveasso, bad luck for paulzz :)23:59
nszcetaoh man23:59

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