pleia2knome: my brain is too tired to know what to do with the 2 msgs in the -devel queue, halp!03:53
Unit193pleia2: There was slight discussion on IRC about the epub docs, think people were leaning towards the idea that it'd not be as useful.  I had/have https://unit193.net/xubuntu/xubuntu-docs.epub07:13
forestpiskiethanks jjfrv8 :)08:42
gompahow would one request a package to made default in xubuntu ? ( i would love to see plank included by default)  (i dont know if this would even be possible so please bare with me) 13:12
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ochosibluesabre: i guess you can mark this one as invalid (at least the way i understood/commented it): https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/menulibre/+bug/132421714:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1324217 in menulibre (Ubuntu) "Items not appearing in menu" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:12
jjfrv8Afternoon, elfy. And speaking of Power Manager, did you want to do anything with testcase 1582? Both updating it and including it in a testsuite?14:38
elfyjjfrv8: I guess so 14:46
jjfrv8I can take a stab at the testcase and then you can decide if you want to do anything with it???14:49
elfyjjfrv8: that would be \o/ :)14:50
jjfrv8alrighty then14:51
elfyeasy enough to add the testcase to current list(s)14:51
elfyjjfrv8: can you do a bug report to track it please14:51
elfyochosi: so I've finally found someone seeing the ind panel crash issue :)14:52
ochosihey elfy 15:18
ochosimkay, is that a good thing? :)15:18
ochosijjfrv8: looking at your docs now15:18
elfyochosi: would be if I could say "do this then it'll work" 15:19
ochosiyeah, i'm planning to get 15.04 installed tomorrow, maybe i get it too and can then debug it a bit myself15:19
elfyjjfrv8: re your abiword bug - I can't confirm that15:19
elfyochosi: this other one is in 14.10 15:19
jjfrv8elfy, have you used abiword at all yet on your install?  Once you fix it by creating/saving a new file, it doesn't seem to recur.15:21
ochosijjfrv8: ok, i think i know what screenshots to use. i just need to talk to bluesabre about setting up 0.7-specific docs15:21
jjfrv8but right out of the box, it seems to happen every time.15:21
jjfrv8ochosi, cool.15:21
elfyjjfrv8: not used abiword here till I looked15:22
elfywill have a look in vm 15:22
jjfrv8hmmm, it seemed very reproducible for me like I reported, on three separate machines.15:23
ochosijjfrv8: one more thing, you mentioned (but i don't remember the details unfortunately) that there were other changes apart from the display tab as well15:24
jjfrv8ochosi, one typo, added a ref to the third plugin, and screenshot of the new Help dropdown.15:25
ochosiok, so those are not 0.6 specific changes15:25
ochosiwhere was the typo exactly?15:25
jjfrv8I think on the intro. "control" -> "controlled"15:26
elfyochosi: so ... 14.04 not 14.10 ... 15:26
jjfrv8ochosi, I'm not sure about when that third plugin appeared or "contents" was added to the Help menu.15:27
ochosisince the third plugin is already in the 0.6 docs, i presume it was there already15:28
jjfrv8okay, yeah, there was a description of it but it just didn't appear on the intro page.15:29
elfyjjfrv8: today's daily, vbox, start abiword - start typing - no problems15:29
ochosihmm, your screenshot for the help menu has slightly different font15:30
jjfrv8you've got good eyes. I don't think I installed faenza for it.15:31
ochosithe icons are fine15:32
ochosijust the font is off15:32
ochosiboth in the window decoration and in the menu15:32
jjfrv8I can redo it.15:33
ochosiif you can, that'd be nice15:36
ochosimeanwhile, I've set up basic 0.7 docs15:36
ochosi's where your changes will go15:36
ochosineed to update parole's help/docs link too and release 0.7.1 to give people access to these docs i guess15:39
jjfrv8elfy, I just launched the 64-bit iso in vbox, selected Try, opened abiword and started typing - boom.15:39
elfyjjfrv8: just tried again - nada 15:45
elfyinstalling it 15:45
jjfrv8wonder what could be different15:47
elfyjjfrv8: just to double check - you open abiword, start typing and nothing shows, hit space and it opens a new abiword window where you can type?15:49
jjfrv8all except for the last part. in the new window, the same thing happens, no characters appear and when you hit space, another window opens, etc.15:50
elfydefinitely not seeing anything like that15:50
elfyjjfrv8: ok can confirm in clean install from today's daily15:57
elfystart abiword - type - nothing - hit space 15 times and get 15 new docs 15:58
elfyso ... was weird, now we can downgrade to just odd :)16:00
elfynot sure why I didn't see it in the livesession nor on this install16:00
jjfrv8yeah, i could be wrong but I saw if first on my desktop, it went away after doing a File->New, but then today, it seemed to be back when I just tried again.16:02
elfyok - rm'd the abiword local config - can confirm on this too16:02
elfyright so here - file > new doesn't make a difference16:04
elfyspace creates a new doc16:04
elfythen once you've been through it - works from then on16:05
elfyobviously - remove the configs and you're back where you started16:05
jjfrv8pardong my ignorance, where's the config?16:06
jjfrv8ochosi, I seem to remember having trouble getting the icons to show up on the menu dropdowns when I configured all the theme/font settings per the std.16:12
ochosijjfrv8: std? (s* transmitted disease? :))16:13
jjfrv8that's why I ended up with the screenshot I did. only way I could get icons.  but I'll take another crack at it16:13
elfyochosi: lol 16:13
ochosinewer gtk3 versions don't have icons in menus anymore16:13
ochosiso that could be the reason you didn'*t see them16:13
ochosiand if you don't have icons in the menu, nevermind, that's not a problem16:13
jjfrv8it won't matter that it looks different from the others?16:13
ochosiwell, we can't really do much about that. we can consider adding a note somewhere about this, but i don't have good ideas on how to resolve that16:14
ochosimaybe if we only update a single screenshot, it'd be better to try and keep it consistant16:14
ochosibut if there comes another round of updates to the docs, we might just redo all the screenshots without icons then i guess..16:15
ochosiactually, the playback bar looks slightly different in parole 0.716:15
jjfrv8noticed that too16:15
ochosibut i don't think it's work redoing all screenshots just because of that16:15
jjfrv8so just to make sure I'm following... are we leaving the one I uploaded, going back to the original, or am I doing another with no icons?16:17
ochosii guess we're gonna use the one you uploaded16:18
jjfrv8works for me :)16:18
ochosior if i start to feel anal about the font being different, i can take a crack at redoing it myself16:18
ochosiyou didn't update the text though to reflect the "contents" menuitem16:20
jjfrv8yeah, 'cause both Contents and About take you to the same place.16:21
ochosinot really16:22
ochosiabout opens the about-dialog16:22
ochosi(and then there's a link to the website, which is essentially the docs)16:23
ochosibut still, it also holds license info, which the contents/docs doesn't16:23
jjfrv8right, and the text specifically says you can get to the docs that way. I thought about revising it. Should have asked your opinion.16:23
ochosino worries16:25
ochosii just added in a sentence and i think it's fine-ish16:25
ochosiso far i've updated the display screener in 0.7 and added that new help menu16:27
ochosiso i guess that should be up-to-date now16:27
ochosijust need to modify parole's contents link to point to that version now16:27
ochosimaybe we can automate that somehow, so it always points to the correct version automatically16:27
ochosibluesabre: i created separate docs for parole 0.7 based on the changes/screenshots jjfrv8 proposed. they're all here now: http://docs.xfce.org/apps/parole/0.7/ (mostly adding the video backend stuff and updating the help menu)16:40
ochosibluesabre: if you're fine with this, we should update the contents menu-item for the docs to point to 0.7 in git master, or maybe we can even find a way to automate this so it always points to the correct version..? (as you know not an autotools/makefile expert here :))16:41
ochosijjfrv8: ok, so i'm done with the updates, thanks a bunch for your help!16:42
jjfrv8ochosi, quite welcome. Thanks for the feedback.16:47
elfyjjfrv8: for what it's worth don't see that issue installing abiword in ubuntu 16:57
ochosijjfrv8: btw, if you feel motivated (and since you mentioned you were reviewing powerman-testcases, that one needs docs too16:57
ochosibluesabre: i obviously have a patch ready for the 0.7 switch in case we wanna do it by hand ;)16:59
jjfrv8ochosi, I'll touch base with slickymaster on the powerman docs.17:21
ochosijjfrv8: so far not much has happened afaik17:21
ochosiwe've only set up the staging site17:21
jjfrv8I think I saw that in my travels. I'll look it over - probably tomorrow.17:22
ochosicool, ttyl jjfrv8 17:23
ochosijjfrv8: this is where the staging site is at btw: http://smdavis.us/doku/doku.php?id=xfpm-docs:start17:24
habhattiHello everyone.18:03
ochosihi habhatti 18:20
pleia2Unit193: when was that discussion? think you can link to it on the mailing list?19:56
sidi-valenciaochosi, may i suggest some illustration on the frontpage too? makes the doc less stern and more attractive :P20:02
andrzejrochosi, any thoughts on my xfce4-dev ml comment?20:08
knomepleia2, can approve sidnioulz (==sidi), the other one, meh20:16
* pleia2 opens admin dashboard again20:18
pleia2maybe fwd the other to the user list20:19
knomeit looks like they have a school assignment20:19
knomeif it's fwd'd to -users, i'm sure the flood of mail replies is the level of "meh"20:20
knomethough, what do i care, i'm not subscribed there20:20
pleia2yeah well, it's better for users than devel20:20
knomesure, but20:20
pleia2mailman's forwarding thing is not awesome20:21
knomethe reason i personally don't want to help people who just ask XYZ to get through their assignments is that i've seen enough people studying IT who have no skills, social, technical, or otherwise, and i would never want to work with them professionally, so i refuse to make more of those pass through their school20:22
knomeif they understood a small bit, they could either 1) find out theirself 2) ask better questions, eg. "why are you using the X model and not the Y model for CPU scheduling"20:23
pleia2now it's in the -users queue and it is from the mailman user20:23
pleia2ooh my lunch is here20:23
knomewoohoo. :)20:23
pleia2I'll deal with this later20:23
skellatEmbrace "listadmin"20:23
skellatI set up it for loco-contacts@l.u.c and loco-council@l.u.c and life is so much easier20:24
skellatIt is even a package in the archive!20:24
knomeany software can't remove the false expectations from the list users.20:26
skellatNo, it is a command line tool for admins to admin a mailing list20:28
skellatIf I end up with any more mailing lists, I'm just adding them there so it gives me the ability to work through all the queues in one shot20:28
skellatA bunch of folks were raving about it on planet.debian.org a couple weeks ago20:28
skellatLoCo Council gets some exciting spam, too20:29
knomewell i guess software doesn't make the decision making any easier either20:30
habhattiUm, hello. Do you still need more testers?20:32
knomehabhatti, alwyas20:32
knomealways too..20:32
habhattiWonderful, is this the right channel for this?20:34
knomehabhatti, you'll want to talk especially with elfy when he gets back20:34
habhattiThanks, I'll lurk in here then.20:36
knomehabhatti, great. if you have any questions, feel free to ask; we others can answer some too20:36
habhattiThanks, I'm going through the documentation for the QAtracker.20:45
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sidi-valenciaochosi, http://i.imgur.com/aghfsss.png?22:03

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