dylanCan anyone help me?00:07
frenchguyHi i have a problem to restart Xubuntu after the update to 14.1000:08
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head|tailAnyone know of a theme with no side borders? It's something I like from oxygen05:29
holsteinhttp://xfce-look.org/content/show.php?content=123744 might be what you want.. though, i havent tried it05:30
head|tailhmm will try... Who's idea was it to set the highlight color to pink, unicorns are silver, fur/horn/blood05:31
holsteinhead|tail: ?05:31
head|tailsomeone set the theme colour override to pink05:32
holsteinhead|tail: unicorns are fictional..05:32
head|tailxfce has not changed much in 3 years, I wonder what it's plans are for the future05:39
head|tailI'm guessing it's jsut sitting back waiting for wayland to mature05:39
head|tailand then there's the matter of gtk vs qt...05:39
holsteinits not qt05:40
holsteinthere is an upstream xfce community05:40
head|tailah, forgot it's on FN05:41
aynrand420does anyone use nba.tv06:56
aynrand420it looks so good on windows but so bad on xubuntu06:56
evoat least it works.   most of the time when i try to stream a game, it's streamed in Microsoft Silverlight   so i cant watch07:00
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xubuntu937i have some problems installing xubuntu 14.04.1 LTS using my legacy graphics nvidia GeForce 8600GTS.09:10
xubuntu937Anyone there to help me getting this to resolution 1680x1050 ?09:11
avoiderAnyone around for some simple support?09:16
avoiderI keep getting a error for the indicator bar on the top right09:16
avoiderkeeps crashing09:16
avoiderout of no where09:16
avoiderRunning xubuntu 1409:16
avoiderClean install09:16
avoiderits the  Plugin Indicator plugin" unexpectedly left the panel, do you want to restart it?09:18
avoideri click excute and it keeps coming back09:18
avoiderwith that same error09:18
elfyavoider: I've had the same issue off and on - not had any luck with working out what's going on though09:29
avoiderI should of stuck to xubuntu 1209:32
avoiderseems like 14 is unstable09:32
avoidereven know they say it is etc etc09:33
elfyavoider: well - you and I are the only people that I know of who see this particular issue09:37
avoiderIntresting... my mate who is sysadmin etc told me this version of ubuntu is unstable even though it says stable.09:38
avoiderAnd i would have nothing but issues09:38
avoiderIm using other peoples wifis so i dont have the bw or the time to download older copy.09:39
MeerkatCan I force the desktop icons in Xubuntu to not move around after I put them where I want them?10:15
elfyMeerkat: I believe that there is a fix in the proposed repository bug 136596510:22
ubottubug 1365965 in xfdesktop4 (Ubuntu Trusty) "[MRE] Please update xfdesktop4 to 4.11.8 in Trusty" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136596510:22
elfydisable it after you've upgraded that package10:22
onris 14.10 worth installing?11:05
flux242onr: no11:05
flux242onr: 14.04 lts is the way to go11:06
onrflux242: oh right, 14.04 is LTS11:07
onrno need for pink unicorns11:08
artagi've got another weird one that's only appeared since I put 14.04 on11:30
artagIf I plug an arduino in, it shows up as /dev/ttyACM0 as it should11:31
artagI can connect to that with screen, cat it, etc etc11:31
artagall works fine11:31
artagBut the arduino app itself (whicj I didn't intentionally upgrade) doesn't seem to see the device11:31
artagit won't do a terminal emulator on it, it won't send programs, and the list of possible serial ports is greyed out11:33
artagyet I can run avrdude (which is what the arduino IDE uses to program) and that works fine11:33
artagI do seem to have a ridiculous number of jre and jdks installed so it may be a java issue11:34
Meerkatelfy, oh wow. that's beautiful! I didn't expect that. :) Will check it out.11:37
suncokreti have 3 icons in launcher on panel but it show me only 1, how to set to see all icons?11:48
onryou need a launcher for each icon11:49
suncokretnow it show only 1 and beside that icon is little triangle and when i go to it then it show me other 2 icons11:50
suncokretso only solution is launcher for each icon?11:51
suncokretand how i can put icon for network on the panel?11:51
onryou can drag and drop items from main menu to panel and it will create a launcher automatically11:51
onrnetwork icon must be part indicator plugin iirc11:52
onrright click > panel > new item > network monitor11:53
avoiderAnyone around yet?11:53
suncokretthanks, i install xfce on lubuntu and i didn't know to do that on panel11:54
avoiderAnyone know how to fix the indicator panel issue?11:56
avoideror any ideas for that matter.11:58
suncokret<onr> right click > panel > new item > network monitor12:03
suncokretthere is no network monitor12:04
suncokreti can't fint how to disable moving deleted files to recycle bin in thunar12:15
avoideris there no1 here yet for support?12:17
mileszerohi all12:24
mileszeroI have one question, when I install in 14.10 Firefox, I always get 33.0, but current is 31.1.1, how can I change this   ?12:25
koegsavoider: what do you need to fix?12:29
mileszerosorry, mean 33.1.112:32
Alexfrenchhello all13:21
TokenRingJoeAre there plans for a 14.10 minimal ISO?13:57
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD13:58
TokenRingJoeMost recent version on that page is 14.04.  Tried going to the release folder as well.  No minimal14:00
cfhowlettTokenRingJoe, so I see.  IDK.  No official word that .mini has been dropped.14:01
TokenRingJoeThanks.  I will see if I can slim down the Desktop version a bit then.14:02
Meerkatlooks like it is there but no one has updated the ubuntu help wiki.14:09
cfhowlettMeerkat, whoa you dug DEEP to find that!  good job.  Yeah, someone dropped the ball on the updating wikie14:11
Meerkatnot sure if you're being sarcastic, because it wasn't very hard to find. I'm in the progress of figuring out how to edit the page.14:12
cfhowlettMeerkat, 1. no sarcasm   2. truly appreciative.14:13
cfhowlettMeerkat, you'll need to sign in with your launchpad account I believe.  Then edit and save.14:14
MeerkatAll right, done. Please check to make sure everything is proper. :)14:37
cfhowlettMeerkat, link please?14:38
cfhowlett!cookie | Meerkat, nicely done!14:39
ubottuMeerkat, nicely done!: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!14:39
avoiderAnyone here for some quick support14:46
avoiderHere is a picture of the current issue14:47
avoider http://i.imgur.com/TEivVNO.png14:47
avoiderseems there is a issue with the indicator plugin14:47
elfyavoider: I assume you're using 14.04 or 14.10 ?14:52
elfyty for that14:54
elfyI did report it - been marked as a dupe of a private one, that's 15.04 though14:56
avoiderSo what do i do?14:56
flux242avoider: this is not 14.10 specific problem because I've seen it before. But I can't remember the solution14:57
elfyavoider: currently I wait for reboot and add it - not got a solution - hope that flux242 remembers :)14:58
avoiderso i just have to wait for a update14:59
flux242avoider: start it from console, maybe it'l spew some debug output14:59
avoideri dont know how to do that.14:59
avoiderfarly new too linux on desktop14:59
flux242avoider: it is basically a plugin for xfce4-plugin. Kill the xfce4-plugin process and start it from the terminal.15:06
flux242avoider: no, I mean kill xfce4-panel process15:06
GridCubeavoider, to do what flux242 is telling you, you need to open a terminal, go to the start button and type "terminal" launch the application there, then run xfce4-panel -r to restart it15:07
Meerkatcfhowlett, I noticed that mini.iso links to outdated ubuntu versions result in 404s. Do you think it is okay to delete those entries?15:14
Meerkatregarding https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD15:15
cfhowlettMeerkat, as no one has taken the initiative to correct, no one will complain.  go wild.15:15
avoiderafter i did that it forced me to reboot and when i logged back in15:19
avoideri got a error msg15:19
avoidercame up with a popup15:19
flux242avoider: what did you do? killin a process should not result in rebooting15:19
avoiderSorry , Ubuntu 14.04 has experience an internal error15:20
avoiderbut wont let me copy/ paste the details15:20
avoiderDo you think i should just re install ubuntu?15:21
flux242you mean ubuntu instead of xubuntu?15:23
avoiderno i mean15:23
avoiderlike install a  brand new copy15:23
flux242well reinstalling always is an option15:24
avoideri just noticed it was 14.04 anyway15:25
avoiderso im just downloading 14.1015:25
avoiderI didnt have anything much to backup anyways ... but a background..15:26
avoiderim just really hopeing this dont happen15:26
flux242avoider: no, 14.04 is fine!15:26
avoiderYeah but  14.10 is latest15:26
flux24214.04 is LTS15:27
avoiderSorry what does  LTS mean?15:27
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Xubuntu will be supported for 3 years. The current LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)15:27
avoiderso 14.10 wont be supported for long ?15:28
xangua9 months15:28
cfhowlettavoider, in many ways 14.10 - bleeding/bloody edge.  it's great if you have a high tolerance for breaking and fixing your system.  LTS is less bleeding edge AND has 3 years of support.  non-LTS - 9 months.15:29
avoiderso its best i download 14.0415:29
avoiderfor every day use15:29
GridCubeif you want, for me its the same15:29
cfhowlettavoider, up to you.  I find LTS only is  WAY less painful15:29
avoiderok ill do that15:30
GridCubebut i understand what im doing 43% of the time15:30
avoiderI just don't want to get thos errors again15:30
cfhowlettavoider, I update every 2 years.  for me = great!  for others ... maybe not.15:30
avoiderI thought it was because it was older verson15:30
cfhowlettavoider, actually NEWER versions are more prone to breakage.15:30
cfhowlettavoider, if you go with trusty 14.04.1 is the latest.15:32
flux242avoider: have you upgraded the system after installation?15:32
avoideryeah im downloading now in trasnsmisson15:32
avoiderDo you think its going to fix thos errors?15:32
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avoiderIts just werid i had them because i didnt mod or edit anything.15:33
avoiderThis was already a fresh install15:33
flux242avoider: don't upgrade right after installation! Play with the system to check if everything is ok, then upgrade15:33
avoiderYou mean when it asks you to upgrade after you install ?15:34
avoiderThen if everything works for a day or two then do the upgrade you saying?15:35
avoiderIll be back after i reinstall guys...15:36
wildforrussHi, I just installed 14.04 on my machine, and the dvd drive wont work vlc, keeps giving a demux error. When i run it from terminal, the drive shows up undr xfburn, but it wont detect blank disk or play a dvd, ir will however read a data-cd16:17
deshipu!dvd | wildforruss16:19
ubottuwildforruss: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats16:19
wildforrussYes that information was observed and followed.16:22
deshiputhen no other ideas16:24
wildforrussWell playback isnt so much important as burning my homemade videos16:26
holsteinwildforruss: i would test that the device is functioning properly.. i  had a suse install from years ago that i percieved couldnt play or write or read DVD's.. but, after testing for literally hours/days, i found the hardware (the optical drive) was bad, and would only read cd's..16:29
wildforrussHmm, good point.16:31
wildforrusstry it in another system*16:34
Ad1hi, does anyone tried new Xubuntu 14.10?20:45
Ad1it haven't got any problems with stability or programs compatibility?20:46
knomeAd1, what's the real question?20:46
knomedepends on your hardware, but no, shouldn't be too different from 14.0420:46
Ad1hmm... i have TV card, and it doesn't work on live cd20:47
knomedoes it work on 14.04?20:47
Ad1it was working on 14.04, but few days ago it stoped20:48
knomesounds like an update to hardware-related packages20:48
Ad1i think with some upgrade20:48
Ad1yeah, i think so20:48
knomedo you have any idea which update might have caused it?20:49
Ad1is there any option to lock old driver?20:49
Ad1no, i don't watch TV everyday20:49
knomeif you can pinpoint the package and its failing package version, theoretically yes20:49
knomethough the better option would be to report that to the package maintainer and get this regerssion fixed there20:50
Ad1how can I report it? :D20:50
knomewell... in terminal ubuntu-bug packagename20:51
knomebut you'd have to know what's causing it breaking first20:51
Ad1well, it's difficult to check it20:51
knomei understand20:52
Ad1i think it could be problem with some drivers package, maybe the modprobe saa713420:52
knomeone option is to browse through /var/log/apt/history.log20:52
Ad1my TV Card is Medion Creatix CTX94820:53
knomesorry, i don't know the hardware or anyting related to it20:53
Ad1now i can't check it, cause i'm running livecd, and old system is destroyed by formating hdd :D20:53
knomemaybe you should install 14.0420:54
knomeand try to see at which point the card stops working with the updates20:54
knometo try to pinpoint the problematic update/package20:54
knomekeep other updates/installations at minimum20:55
Ad1well, I was reinstalling my system few tims20:55
Ad1once 14.10, once 14.04, and my TV Card don't work :/20:56
Ad1i guess it could be a problem with config files, because when i was reinstalling Xubuntu, I wasn't format my /home partition20:58
Ad1but just map it to /home20:58
Ad1with all my data and config20:58
Ad1now i've copied all my data from my home directory to other disk, and format those partitions: /, /boot, /home20:59
Ad1i don't know how it works on livecd with devices like TV Card, but I'm afraid it still could not work21:00
Ad1if it will work fine, then I will install Xubu14.10, otherway 14.0421:02
Ad1maybe my tv card is damaged? hmm...21:15
xubuntu26wIn the panel items shud it be one or two indicator plugins (external) ?21:48
xubuntu18iA new user is on the go22:59
fhenning09anyone kno low resourse dock 4 xfce?23:29

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