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dufluHmm, lots of internal compilers errors these past few days on vivid02:36
dufluAnd no sign of disk errors02:36
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desrtduflu: good morning03:02
dufludesrt: Hello03:03
dufludesrt: Happy Sunday night?03:03
dufluMade great Mir progress on Sunday myself. Prototyped an exciting approach to reducing our buffer lag dynamically03:06
* desrt has been playing around with bluetooth and gvariant<->kdbus serialisation this weekend03:09
desrtturns out NetworkManager currently lacks a good mechanism for marking a PAN-capable paired bluetooth device in such a way as to say "i never want to connect to the internet with this"03:10
RAOFYeah, that's moderately annoying.03:11
desrtit does have -a- mechanism03:11
desrtyou can find the Device object corresponding to the mac address in question, enumerate its connection objects and call 'Delete' on them03:12
desrtand then the device will go away03:12
desrtbut it'll be back again once you restart networkmanager03:12
RAOFThat doesn't sound like a solution to “I never want that phone I paired with to appear to be an internet connection, ever”03:25
dufluRAOF: I'm still staying out of two-stage surface creation, but have a requirement request: Make surface width/height optional attributes (if not now then in future). Because in some cases they're unknown by the client who is (for example) requesting an initial state of "full screen"03:39
dufluMaybe we need to allow an initial size of 0x003:39
RAOFNo, I don't think we need to do that :)03:41
RAOFBut, indeed, clients requesting fullscreen will get full screen (shell policy allowing).03:41
dufluRAOF: I've tried not having it and it's ugly and misleading to require a width and height that is never used03:41
RAOFWe can't guarantee that it's never used.03:41
RAOFOr, rather, we *can*03:41
dufluRAOF: It must never be used if you want full screen03:42
dufluOr else it's just wasted buffer creation and deletion03:42
RAOFOur choices are: require width/height, if the shell disallows fullscreen then terminate the app.03:42
RAOFduflu: two-stage-surface-create (follow-on-branch) sends fullscreen attribute at surface creation time.03:42
RAOFThere's no wasted buffer creation.03:42
dufluRAOF: Yeah deferring all buffer creation is easy03:43
dufluRAOF: I think it's fine if you can get the dimensions from the initial state or fail creation if the shell refuses full screen03:43
dufluAnd this is why I'm not participating in that discussion. If something is broken after it lands, I'll let you know :)03:44
RAOFduflu: So far the only attribute mismatches I say will fail creation are buffer_usage and pixel_format.03:44
dufluRAOF: Do we need pixel format for hardware or let GL choose?03:45
RAOFGiven that we can't let GL choose, yes.03:45
RAOFThere is literally no way of letting GL choose for us.03:45
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RAOF(And where people have been proposing such ways, they've been along the lines of ‘tell GL to use the format that we've already specified for the native window’)03:46
dufluRAOF: Yes, I mean you can partially infer one from the other, but I guess that only gets you a subset and not a specific singular choice03:47
RAOFAnd also - your surface creation completes before you do any GL calls.03:48
dufluRAOF: Hmm, actually if your buffer creation is deferred then pixel format and buffer usage are also not immediately required -- just needed before the surface ever gets realized03:49
dufluOh, but you have GL wanting things03:49
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alfgreyback: Hi! We were discussing implementing the item 'Add a polite "client close your window" request', which I think was requested by you. Could you elaborate what the use case / requirements are for it?10:14
greybackalf: it's a desktop feature primarily - to implement the red X in the window decoration10:15
greybackwhich I presume (never checked) is a message to the client to say, please close that window10:16
greybackI doubt X just deletes that window on the client10:16
alfgreyback: ok, so this is per surface (window) not the whole app10:17
greybackalf: right10:17
alfgreyback: (unless they coincide of course)10:17
greybackalf: well that's not for Mir to enforce IMO10:18
greybackif client has only 1 surface, and user closes it, it's up to the app to decide to close itself or not, no?10:18
greyback"close itself" = quit the whole process10:18
alfgreyback: I wonder... there may be a security risk here I think... imagine a user closing an app, the (only) window disappears, but the process is still there doing its thing in the background10:21
greybackalf: isn't it alsp possible to start an app which creates a mir connection, but doesn't create a surface?10:23
alfgreyback: then again, I am not sure how IM indicators work, do they spawn a different process when showing the contacts window when clicking on the indicator (e.g. skype)?10:23
alfgreyback: fair point10:23
alfgreyback: perhaps I am being overly paranoid :)10:24
greybackalf: I expect shell would still have the application marked as running in the launcher, so user will be able to see it10:25
alfgreyback: ok, so we basically want the same semantics as an X11 close event (a request that the client is free to ignore/handle as they wish).10:33
greybackalf: I think that's reasonable. You?10:33
alfgreyback: I think so too (in general), but since I am not closely involved with window management work, I can't say how it fits with the WM grand plan.10:37
* alan_g wishes for the mir-nested-on-X "platform" once more11:44
alan_galf: how are you testing MirSurfaceVisibilityEvent? I've not yet been able to reproduce your faulure12:29
* alan_g reproduces failure12:30
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alfalan_g: I just found that we have an fd leak that affects most repeated runs of acceptance test. It may be involved in these failures too, so I suggest we fix this first (looking into it now).12:33
alan_galf: I won't look at this any further until I hear from you. But let me know if I can help.12:35
alfalan_g: thanks12:35
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alfalan_g: the failure in migrate-MirSurfaceVisibilityEvent doesn't seem to be related to the fd leak14:53
alan_galf: yeah. It was related to the NullFocusSetter14:54
alan_gAny progress with the fd?14:54
alfalan_g: Yes, our stub implementations of ClientBuffer(Factory) didn't release the fds passed to it through the MirBufferPackage, will have a fix soon14:55
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