mgagnewho should I poke about having cloud-init 0.7.5 in epel6 ?02:33
gholmsmgagne: pixelbeat03:19
gholmsI recommend filing a bug to ask for an update, personally.03:19
gholmsThen your request won't be lost in the abyss.03:19
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mgagnewho should I ask if we wish to have cloud-init 0.7.5 in epel6 ?19:37
JayFmgagne: probably someone who works on CentOS 6/ RHEL 6. 20:08
JayFmgagne: I do have a builder that works for CentOS 6 if you desire to build your own...20:08
mgagneJayF: who this someone could be?20:08
JayFmgagne: IDK, but likely not in this channel tbh20:09
JayFmgagne: that might be better targetted for a mailing list if CentOS, and your support reps if RHEL20:09
mgagneJayF: my wish isn't to have to maintain my own, this would be the last option tbh.20:09
JayFOK :) Good luck getting someone to build that for ya then20:09
JayFif you give up, I'll gladly link you to the builders I use 20:09
mgagneJayF: I only do it for ubuntu precise and it isn't the greatest thing or highest priority in my backlog. os if it could go in someone else backlog, that would be great ;)20:10
JayFI build cloud-init + some downstream patches for Ubuntu 12.04 + 14.04, CentOS 6+7, Fedora 2020:10
JayFand I have builders that work for debian, but I don't use those packages today20:11
mgagneJayF: are you maintaining a local mirror for it?20:11
JayFNo, but I have build scripts that work great for it20:11
JayFwe explicitly didn't wanna be in the business of providing cloud-init packages to the world :)20:11
mgagneJayF: I use launchpad+ppa for ubuntu for what I don't like about this solution is that it doesn't support rpm based distros :-/20:12
mgagneJayF: yha, same thing here20:12
JayFhttps://github.com/racker/cloud-init-docker-build are the builders I use today20:12
mgagneJayF: my poor ppa: https://launchpad.net/~iweb-openstack/+archive/ubuntu/cloud-init =)20:12
JayFas a note; these will build with our downstream patch, which shouldn't hurt anything, but could be easily adapted to build stock20:12
mgagneJayF: thanks, I'll take a look20:12
jrollmgagne: to be clear, we build them only for our images, we install the package into the images we distribute, we don't even publish them internally20:12
mgagnejroll: how are updates handled? that's the part I wonder20:13
jrollmgagne: we build a new image20:13
gholmsmgagne: I told you yesterday:  file a bug to request an update.20:14
JayFmgagne: given we only care about cloud-init on first boot; we don't do rolling upgrades in-image 20:14
jrollcloud-init is only useful to us on first boot afaik20:14
mgagnejroll: right, what happens if the guy runs apt-get upgrade?20:14
gholmsEPEL's cloud-init maintainer is pixelbeat.20:14
jrollmgagne: something something apt pinning maybe, I don't know the details20:14
JayFsomething something apt pinning sounds correctish :P20:14
mgagneJayF, jroll: right. it *should* be the same here (firstboot only) but who knows if it could be useful later20:15
jrollha, I knew something \o/20:15
mgagnejroll, JayF: due to its usefulness in an openstack cloud, I kind of wish cloud-init was updated more often. Now as operators, we are kind of forced to reinvent our own packaging system for it. to less extend than openstack itself but still, it's an other thing to maintain.20:17
JayFI agree that image management is a big part of running a cloud :)20:17
JayFI'm lucky to work for a big company that has a group that assembles the image (even if I have to build the cloud-init packages)20:18
jrollmgagne: updated in distro repositories? that's the story for all packages, not just cloud-init20:18
mgagnejroll: I have tunnel vision, I only care about cloud-init at this particular moment. I will complain about an other package tomorrow =)20:18
jrollmgagne: sure, I complain about this all the time, but it isn't cloud-init's fault :)20:19
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gholmsSeriously, just file a bug.  The EPEL maintainer is a good guy.  ;)21:07
mgagnegholms: where can I file that bug? bugzilla?21:12
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