rick_h_arosales: made it finally https://jujucharms.com/docs/ and https://jujucharms.com/community we'll be updating and moving it forward more but got basically two releases (3wk of updates since launch) out today00:18
arosalesrick_h_, \o/00:20
* arosales taking a look now00:20
arosalesrick_h_, thanks for the hard work00:21
arosalesrick_h_, and UI team I mean :-)00:21
rick_h_arosales: thanks for your patience. I know it can be frustrating as it takes time to get it settled and running smooth00:21
rick_h_big strides this last week 00:21
arosalesyou guys said it would land, so we trusted you :-) and you delivered 00:21
hatchMakyo: have you looked at svg spriting by modifying the viewbox in the browser? It's a pretty cool idea00:41
Makyohatch, oh, hmm, hadn00:41
Makyohadn't thought of that before.00:41
MakyoPretty obvious, come to think of it.00:41
hatchright? lol00:41
hatchlemme find the link00:41
hatchMakyo: http://css-tricks.com/svg-fragment-identifiers-work/00:42
Makyohatch, rock on, I'll keep that up00:43
hatchI too didn't even think of it - once I saw this I was like 'why ever use icon fonts' 00:43
MakyoDamn, that's stupid easy.00:44
MakyoWe could put that in the GUI no problem00:44
MakyoWell, "no problem"00:44
MakyoQualifier quotes.00:44
hatchhaha yeah I wonder if it would work well for bundle vis stuff00:45
hatchship all the svg elements in one sprite00:45
Makyohatch, that stuff is all included within the SVG, so it makes less sense.00:45
hatchoh is it? I thought it was making a ton of http requests00:45
MakyoOne per charm, but the solution to that isn't spriting, it's embedding the charm icons in the bundle vis in the defs section.00:46
MakyoWhich is basically how SVG views work, except within the document, sorta like relative anchors.00:47
hatchahhh gotcha00:48
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bachatch: found something new.17:42
bacfind an exposed service.  unexpose it, don't commit, and then expose again.17:42
bacwhen i commit, it shows two changes.  i select 'clear all changes' but then the service gets unexposed anyway17:43
bacyay, i found a gui bug.  makes up for the last two months of neglecting my qa day!17:43
hatchhah yup definitely a UI bug17:43
hatchgood find17:44
bachatch: you want i should file that?17:44
hatchof course17:44
hatchit's a bug isn't it?17:44
bachatch: also note i made a card for 'make sysdeps' on juju-gui17:44
bacall those steps in HACKING.rst should be replaced with 'make sysdeps'17:44
hatchmake sysdeps however needs to be smart enough to know if it's on precise/trusty though17:45
hatchdifferent packages17:45
bacpiece o' cake17:45
bacuiteam: the new ci is up and i've asked rick_h_ to swap over the DNS. let me know if you see problems.18:32
rick_h_bac: updated18:33
bacrick_h_: fast.  what is our TTL -- 3 seconds?18:34
rick_h_heh, no idea. I'm lazy and use the domain providers dns 18:35
hatchrick_h_: updates have been completed to the charmstore v4 getIconPath stuff19:27
hatchboy that took a long time to test/make sure I didn't miss one haha19:27
hatchuiteam I'm starting the release process, noone land anything into the gui for the next big, thx20:04
bachatch: if we wanted to we could turn off the jenkins lander job20:07
bacbut it is just you, me, and the crickets today20:07
hatchnah - there are no open pr's besides mine so I'm pretty sure it's safe20:07
hatchbac:  r u with me all week? Or you gone tomorrow too?20:08
bachatch: i'm a real 'merican.  i only take off thursday and friday20:08
hatchlol 20:08
hatchna na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na QA.....QA.....QA20:11
hatchI'd love a `make release` target :)20:11
hatchsure it would take hours to run, but wow would that be cool20:12
hatchbac: I think something broked with ci....my latest branch apparently triggered the ci run but it was never actually started 20:16
hatchhttps://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/662 shows that one should be running but nothing is20:16
bachatch: that's the one we shot in the head, many times20:16
bachatch: can you push up a new commit to retrigger?20:17
hatchI just did a couple hours ago20:17
hatchit needs it again?20:17
bacuh, sure20:20
hatchlol ok 20:20
hatchlooks like either ec2 hates me or the gui charm just stopped deploying20:20
hatchGUI release has been made, charms not yet updated but the repo can now be landed too again22:56
rick_h_hatch: <3 ty 23:52

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