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soeegood morning07:55
lordievaderGood morning.08:18
Sick_RimmitGood morning folks09:06
frechdachs69anyone who knows how to check for installed Qt5 plugins using cmake with Ubuntu 14.04? according to cmake no plugins are available at all although the installed libqt5gui5 package contains them09:27
Riddellfrechdachs69: no idea I'm afraid, try in #kde-devel09:30
frechdachs69which package do I have to install with ubuntu 14.04 to get 'Qt5Gui_QGifPlugin.cmake' ?09:44
Riddellfrechdachs69: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=libqgif.so&mode=exactfilename&suite=trusty&arch=any09:47
sitterRiddell, mamarley: I pushed my current stuff to the kubuntu_unstable branch, will definitely need some peer review09:50
Riddellsitter: for what?09:51
sitterqca that is09:51
Riddellah hah09:51
Riddellsitter: did you add a suffix?09:51
sitterRiddell: yeah library currently is libqca-qt509:51
frechdachs69Riddell: thx but I'm not looking for the shared lib but for the cmake file09:59
Riddellfrechdachs69: using that site you can see there's no such file10:01
kfunkfrechdachs69: "plugin" indicates it's a plugin => there are no cmake files for plugins (because you cannot link against them anyway)10:29
mamarleysitter: Cool, thanks!  I will try to build Quassel against it and see what happens.11:05
Riddellmamarley: I'm compiling now if you want the amd64 vivid packages shortly11:06
mamarleyI'm not on Vivid quite yet.11:07
Riddellit needs some changes to compile, wait until I put it in git11:07
soeeRiddell: if in unstable new package version is built, it means that some changes has been added right ?11:11
soeeso the build is not triggered if package does not change ?11:12
Riddellsoee: you mean in kubuntu-ci?11:12
soeeRiddell: yes11:12
Riddellyeah I guess so, could be upstream or packaging change11:12
soeeRiddell: for example, kactivities-kf5 last build was from 18 and there is from today, can i check what exactly has changed there ?11:13
mamarleyRiddell: Which git repository are you talking about?11:16
Riddellmamarley: packaging in http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/kde-req/qca2.git/11:16
Riddellkubuntu_unstable branch11:16
mamarleyAh, OK.  Silly me, I was looking on Lauchpad.11:16
Riddellmamarley: old school, we're moving to debian git now11:18
Riddellbut there's a million missing symbols :(11:18
mamarleyThose annoying symbols :(11:18
mamarleyAlso, if you want old-school, where I work, we are just finally migrating the project on which I work from CVS to git. O.o11:19
Riddellwow :)11:20
mamarleyAs someone who learned VCSs on git, CVS is like "argh!"11:21
Riddellhmm, this qca packaging needs some love11:45
mamarleyRiddell: Yeah...  For me, it fails to even apply the disable_randomunittest.diff patch.11:51
Riddellmamarley: and the qt5 package has the slight failing of compiling against qt4 :)11:53
Riddellfixing it..11:55
mamarleyThank you :)11:55
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mamarleysgclark: HI12:29
mamarleysgclark: Hi!12:29
* mamarley can't type today.12:30
Riddellmamarley: ok qca2 updated in git kubuntu_unstable branch12:33
Riddellmamarley: I also uploaded to ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging for kubuntu_vivid12:34
mamarleyRiddell: Oh, even better, thanks!12:34
Riddellmamarley: also uploaded to ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging for utopic12:36
Riddellmamarley: are you able to test it and check it works with quassel fo qt5? then I can upload it to the archive12:37
mamarleySometime today.  Before too much longer, someone is coming to fix the windshield on my car so I will be busy.12:38
Riddellyeah anytime is good, you're the only person who requested it so far so it's your own time you're wasteing as my teacher used to say :)12:39
* Riddell wonders why he uploaded to staging and not experimental12:39
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mamarleyRiddell: It is FTBFS for i386 on Vivid and both arches on Utopic :(12:56
mamarleyTest failures, ugh.12:57
soeewoho chromium 39 12:58
mamarleysoee: I don't know about you, but for me, Chromium turns into a jerky CPU-hog on any page that has any sort of fixed background or overlay.12:59
soeei had small problems with 38 - was just hangind after several minutes of usage (i couldnf do any action except minimize/maximize)13:00
soeethan when minimized it stared to respond again13:00
Riddellmamarley: mm, adding a workaround13:00
mamarleyStrange that it succeeded on Vivid x86_64 but failed everywhere else...13:01
soeenow with one tab opened all chromium processes use ~300mb13:02
Riddellmamarley: ok reuploaded to kubuntu-ppa/experimental13:03
mamarleyRiddell: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/experimental/+build/6597264 :(13:10
kfunkRiddell: http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2014/06/where-are-my-systray-icons/ <- did you plan to integrate this Qt patch? I'm running 14.10 + kubuntu-next-ppa, and I still don't get the icon for pidgin, for instance.13:11
kfunk(still have to run wmsystemtray  to make it show up)13:11
soeekfunk: same with skype 13:12
kfunkyeah, it's one of the biggest remaining annoyances in Plasma 5 these days ;)13:13
kfunkrest works like a charm13:13
BluesKajHiyas all13:14
soeekfunk: well this isnt any problem to me tbh :) im missing my shortcut to switch to 'next activity' :) thats teh biggest issue for me13:21
kfunkto me, activities are quite useless altogether tbh ;)13:21
kfunkI'm happy when they don't get in my way13:21
kfunk(like accidentally switching activities, which happened in the past)13:21
mamarleyThe Quassel compilation with QCA on Qt5 almost works, but I get a "make[2]: *** No rule to make target '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libqca.so', needed by 'src/../quasselcore'.  Stop." right at the end. :(13:22
mamarleyI don't know much about cmake, or about how Qt5 support is implemented in QCA2, but maybe I need to use "QCA2-QT5" instead of just "QCA2" as the package name13:23
ScottKIt's not just about the package name, it's also about the library file names.13:28
ScottKSee what I had to do for qscintilla2 as a rough example.13:29
mamarleyScottK: This version: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qscintilla2/2.8.3+dfsg-3 ?13:41
ScottKmamarley: Yes, although if you look at later versions, I didn't get it quite right on the first try.13:42
mamarleyOK, thanks!13:42
mamarleyScottK: Would this need to be changes to the QCA package or the Quassel package?  I looked at the diff for the qscintilla2 package, but it doesn't appear to be using cmake and I am not sure what the changes mean.13:46
ScottKqscintilla2 is using qmake, so it's not exactly the same.13:46
ScottKIt'd be QCA.13:46
ScottKThe point was both the package name and the name if the files in the library need changing to not conflixt.13:47
Riddellmamarley: ah yes simple mistake I made, fixing13:47
Riddellkfunk: hmm we should do already no?13:47
mamarleyScottK: Riddell: By hacking the build.make file after configuring, I actually got it to build.13:48
mamarleyNow to see if it runs...13:48
Riddellmamarley: huh? what did you need to do?13:49
mamarleyRiddell: I changed "libqca.so" to "libqca-qt5.so".  A dirty workaround, I know, but I am just trying to see if it will run at all.13:49
kfunkRiddell: doesn't appear to be working. does it for you?13:50
kfunkRiddell: try running pidgin, for instance13:50
Riddellmamarley: new upload to kubuntu-ppa/experimental13:50
kfunkor do I  just need to tweak some settings?13:50
Riddellno tweaks needed13:51
Riddellinstalling skype..13:51
soeekfunk: hwo can you accidentyl switch activity ? D:13:52
kfunksoee: with shortcuts, I think13:52
kfunkat least in KDE4 times13:52
kfunkby now I removed any activities but one, so it can't happen anymore 13:52
soee:) this shortcut was teh best think in kde :)13:52
mamarleyRiddell: Thanks!13:53
Riddellkfunk: skype is i386 so you need to install sni-qt:i38613:53
mamarleyAnd by the way, with the hack to get it compiled, Quassel with QCA on Qt5 seems to be working!13:53
Riddellmamarley: oh you had to edit the file in quassel I see13:53
mamarleyI don't actually know of any encrypted channels in which to try it, but it starts and doesn't crash, so...13:53
mamarleyRiddell: Yep.13:53
kfunkRiddell: skype is not my issue13:54
Riddellmamarley: fancy adding that as a comment to https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/121168 ? "you are making distros change the library name which means anything using the library also needs to be changed, please update the soversion as this patch does"13:54
mamarleyAh, you want me to get involved in that flamewar :)13:55
mamarleySure, I can do that.13:55
kfunkRiddell: pidgin is 64bit, and I have sni-qt installed13:55
* mamarley puts on the flamesuit and refills his flamer's propane tank.13:55
Riddellkfunk: yes I gree that does not work13:57
RiddellScottK: bug 1378789 still needing some love13:59
ubottubug 1378789 in kubuntu-settings (Ubuntu Trusty) "[SRU] Set the default IO scheduler to CFQ in Kubuntu Trusty" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137878914:00
mamarleyRiddell: It might take me a minute, sorry.  I created a KDE Identity, but the confirmation email was greylisted :/14:00
* ScottK has a list. That's on it.14:00
kfunkhmmm. I have a Qt5 application using QSystemTrayIcon where it doesn't work either14:01
kfunkI'm confused14:01
kfunkoh well, wmsystemtray is my friend for now ;)14:04
Riddellmamarley: if you have a package of quassel do let me know and I can upload to experimental for testing14:11
mamarleyRiddell: I do, in my quassel-exp PPA.  The core works fine, but the client crashes on startup.  The error information prints something about a Qt4 lib, so I am not sure what is going on with that.14:15
Riddellmamarley: maybe something is linking against qt414:17
BluesKajis there any other source available for plasma 5 application colour schemes? the downloader still has no other choices and most of the colours <I choose don't stick14:17
Riddellmamarley: pastebin ldd /usr/bin/quassel14:17
ejatmamarley: u mean the client package build qt5 in your experimental ppa? 14:26
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mamarleyRiddell: Just a sec, I need to compile it again.  I don't have the packages installed because that would screw up my real client.15:11
mamarleyRiddell: http://paste.kde.org/pfcutmyp815:19
Riddellyep that's qt5 alright15:20
mamarleyRiddell: http://paste.kde.org/po34oe3ur15:20
Riddellhmm libQtGui.so.415:21
Riddellso what's loading that?15:21
* mamarley has been unable to figure that out as of yet.15:22
Riddellmamarley: try  pmap?15:23
mamarleyRiddell: It crashes immediately upon executing it, so I don't think that would work.15:24
Riddellooh 5.415:25
mamarleyooh 5.415:25
mamarleyNew software is fun :)15:26
* ScottK thought we were staying with 5.3.whatever.15:26
mamarleyMaybe it is the Qt5-edgers PPA?15:26
ScottKIf so, it shouldn't be in our branches.15:26
* mamarley has no idea what he is talking about; please ignore him.15:26
Riddellis qt 5.4.0 even out?15:27
ScottKPretty sure it's not.15:27
Riddellmamarley: I wonder if it's your install of phonon vlc15:28
ScottKMirv: ^^^ what's that commit message about Qt 5.4.0?15:28
Riddellmamarley: try  rm /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt4/plugins/phonon_backend/phonon_vlc.so  for good luck15:28
mamarleyRiddell: Oh, yes.  I am using the VLC phonon backend, and VLC uses Qt4.  Darn.15:28
mamarleyLet me switch to the null backend.15:28
mamarley-devIT WORKS!15:30
mamarley-devIt is ugly, but it works!15:30
Riddellmamarley: what did you do?15:31
mamarleyRiddell: I uninstalled phonon4qt5-backend-vlc.15:31
Riddellhum, that really shouldn't be loading qt415:32
mamarleyIt shouldn't, but at least it tells me it isn't a problem with my Quassel build.15:32
mamarleyAs far as the Qt5.4 thing, the package named above is building in https://launchpad.net/~canonical-qt5-edgers/+archive/ubuntu/qt5-beta2.15:32
mamarleyThat PPA has Qt 5.4beta in it.15:33
Riddellgoogle code in starts in 5 days, what kubuntu tasks can we create for it?15:46
Riddelltasks for school age people should take a few days15:46
sgclarkdunno, did that sddm hard coding paths geet fixed? the libreoffice them thing?15:48
* sgclark shrugs15:48
Riddelllibreoffice I've added15:49
Riddellsddm might be too hard15:50
Riddelllast year I had a guy writing blog posts15:50
Riddelland packaging some bits15:50
sgclarkwe hae been doing pretty good on blogging, though I guess more depth might be good. Always stuff to package15:51
ScottKRiddell: What else needs porting to Qt5/Kf5 that wouldn't be too hard?15:52
sgclarkI am trying to at least finish the kde4 applications today, tomorrow is a big holiday here and I have to cook for an army15:52
* ScottK hopes you're doing the cooking because you enjoy it.15:53
Riddellsgclark: oh yes it's the big US holiday, I forbid you from doing kubuntu stuff tomorrow15:54
sgclarkScottK: print-manager, dunno if that is hard tho15:54
sgclarkScottK: I love cooking :)15:54
sgclarkRiddell: thanks :)15:54
ScottKAlso print-manager's upstream KDE, not Kubuntu specific.15:54
ScottKStill worth having someone do it.15:54
sgclarkno biggie, 4 version works, just not user friendly to access it15:55
ScottKWhat about he restricted driver thingy.  Did someone do that already?15:55
sgclarkit is in kcm515:55
Riddellsgclark: print-manager is being done by someone at red hat, needs testing15:55
Riddellhmm, testing, there's an idea15:56
sgclarkoh cool15:56
sgclarkyes testing, we have piles of applications in ninjhas that need more testing, I am just starting them and not really trying to crash them15:56
mamarleyRiddell: For some reason, I can't get Quassel to detect QCA at all anymore.  It just says "-- Could NOT find QCA2 (missing:  QCA2_LIBRARIES)" during the configure.15:58
mamarleyI definitely have the -dev package installed though.15:58
Riddellmamarley: during compile?15:59
mamarleyAfter I execute the cmake command.16:00
mamarleyNot while it is actually compiling.16:00
Riddellwell needs something else changed for the qca rename?16:00
mamarleyIt has "find_package(QCA2)" in CMakeLists.txt.  That might need to change, but I am not sure.16:01
RiddellFindQCA2.cmake will need to change16:04
Riddellyou may want to grump about this to the qca maintainer16:04
ScottKPut on your flame retardant pants first.16:06
mamarleyScottK: Still got those on from earlier :)16:06
mamarleyActually it looks like Quassel has its own FindQCA2.cmake file.16:07
Riddellpatch that then I guess16:07
ScottKThen whine at Sput.16:07
mamarleyYep, looking at that now.16:07
mamarleyActually, I don't even need to whine at Sput.  I can just make a PR myself. :)16:08
Riddellwell it's not something that can be fixed upstream alas except through qca16:08
* mamarley fires the QCA maintainer.16:09
mamarleyThis file doesn't make any sense.  It has a bunch of variables like QCA2_INCLUDE_DIR and QCA2_LIBRARIES that don't seem to be defined anywhere.16:19
mamarleyIt is almost like it is pulling data out of mid air.16:19
Riddellcmake files sometimes do16:20
Riddellit'll magically make them based on something else if you do mylib(QCA2)16:20
Riddellor something16:20
mamarleyIt appears to be using pkg-config...16:22
Riddellthat'll be your magic then16:24
mamarley"pkg-config --modversion qca2-qt5" prints something other than blank or an error message, so that seems to be a good thing.16:25
Riddellsitter: new git repo up on debian for kscreen with kubuntu_unstable branch16:25
mamarleyIt looks like having separate FindQCA2.cmake and FindQCA2-QT5.cmake files might be a good idea.16:26
Riddellyes it would16:32
* Riddell out16:32
mamarleyUm, I actually got it to work.  That is surprising...16:40
mamarleyIt finds QCA2, anyway.  Let's see if it builds...16:41
mamarleyNope, it about 200 errors while linking.  Typical.16:48
mamarley(This is probably why I am a Java developer and not a C(++) developer. :)16:53
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_Groo_prolly you guys already know, but today kubuntu-ci is failing in plasmashell with plasmashell: symbol lookup error: plasmashell: undefined symbol: _ZN7KScreen6Config11outputAddedEPNS_6OutputE18:02
_Groo_but the login freeze bug is apparently gone18:02
_Groo_for utopic btw18:03
_Groo_plasma-workspace now needs kf5screen 5.0.93, and the repo kscreen is 5.0.91 ence it breaks18:16
_Groo_and kscreen doesnt compile because its missing qt4 oO Found unsuitable Qt version "" from NOTFOUND, this code requires Qt 4.x18:19
yofel_Groo_: try the frameworks branch in kscreen18:21
_Groo_yofel: link?18:21
yofeluh, 'git clone git://anongit.kde.org/kscreen; cd kscreen; git checkout frameworks' ?18:23
_Groo_ahhh sorry, i thought it was a ppa, lol18:25
_Groo_yofel: i dont have resources to compile kscreen + kf5 this week, im using a borrowed laptop, i can only report bugs :(18:27
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soeelordievader: ping19:10
mamarleyRiddell: I got it working!  The Quassel packaging is a bit crude, but you are definitely welcome to look at it.19:11
ovidiu-florinwho's going to FOSDEM?19:11
yofelsitter: how does one trigger a no-change rebuild in CI? Or do I need a jenkins account for that?19:32
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sgclarkyofel: I think we need an account, hense why I have not done anything20:06
sgclarksitter is out today too20:07
yofelyeah, probably. I fixed libkscreen at least20:09
sgclarkI know Riddell put kscreen in unstable, dunno what needs to be done to get ci to build it20:10
sgclarkthe weekly ci really needs to be completed for people to use. daily really should not be used by everyone, unless someone is fixing stuff 24/720:11
ovidiu-florinwow, that many of oyu are going to FOSDEM?20:25
yofeloverwhelming, isn't it? ^^20:25
yofelI was thinking about it, but without taking Friday and Monday off it would be too hectic20:26
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yottabitthis has been one annoying bug21:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1306991 in python-pip (Debian) "pip stops with ImportError for request-Modul" [Unknown,New]21:18
soeerbelem: ping21:18
yottabithas anyone else ran into this?21:18
yottabitif you're on ubuntu 14.10 and you install the python3-pip package, by default it's broken since it's reliant on requests21:19
yottabitand by ubuntu i mean the greater ecosystem :P21:19
yottabitif you're in 14.04, and you use pip3 to install requests, you're screwed21:19
soeethe most annoying thing (no a bug) i have when starting kubuntu is some message with text Broken Pipe :)21:20
yottabiter, i need better word to use than "screwed"21:20
ScottKyottabit: You'll probably have more luck on a non-Kubuntu channel.21:21
sitteryofel: yeah needs user22:43
sitternot sure how to handle this tho because jenkins apparently has no concept of groups, so I guess there'll just be a shared account22:43

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