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cjwelbornI never found a place to gripe about this, so I guess here is as good as any. Muon downloads some kind of update list to notify me when there are updates. It knows how many there are, and what kind they are. If I choose to update, it will re-download the update list. Why can't it just use the information it gathered the first time? I wish I knew a Muon-dev so I could ask them.01:29
keithzgWell that's odd...speaking of Muon, searching for python3-mysql in Muon doesn't turn up python3-mysql.connector, but a good ol' apt-cache search does...02:07
keithzgGuess that should remind me that GUI package managers are never to be trusted :P02:08
antmanis there a known issue with installing ver 14.10 with a dual boot win7???02:30
valoriecjwelborn: the list is one thing, actually downloading the files is another02:55
cjwelbornvalorie: yeh, i mean the list. I know it has to download the files. It downloads the list to let me pick which ones I want to install (then it downloads the actual files). But it has to download the list to notify me in the first place right? I don't know the inner workings of Muon. I'm actually considering browsing the source to confirm my suspicion. I could be wrong.02:58
valoriegetting aquainted with the inner workings sounds like a good thing02:59
cjwelbornat least then I could file a 'bug report/enhancement proposal'.02:59
valoriecertainly, patches and bug reports are always welcome03:04
nagerstCan i have both systemsettings5 and systemsettings install at the same time?04:08
nagerstsystemsettings5 seems to only have like 5 sections on my system whilst systemsettings (4.11) has all the regular settings.04:08
nagerstor should i pin to 4.11 for now?04:13
valorieare you running plasma 5?04:22
valorieI assume that is what systemsettings5 is for04:22
valorie!info systemsettings504:23
nagerstit is for all kinds of stuff.04:23
ubottuPackage systemsettings5 does not exist in utopic04:23
valorieI'm running plasma 5 in my 14.10 install04:23
nagerstnetwork, kde/qt appearance, printing, plugins, and many many more things04:23
nagerstthe package in utopic is "systemsettings" which replaces the 4.11 package.04:24
valorieok, I don't know what it is04:24
nagerstwith 5.*04:24
valorieI don't have systemsettings5 in my plasma5 install04:24
valorieit is simply called systemsettings04:25
valorieI see no reason for pinning04:25
nagerstmany KCM's are not available in the qt5 version.04:26
nagerst(KDE configuration module)04:26
nagerstlike screen resolution or printing for instance.04:26
valorieyes, they don't seem available as yet04:28
valorieit is a testing install.....04:28
bshahkcmshell4 <your kde4 kcm>?04:29
nagerstbshah: yup that works perfectly04:30
nagerstbut i would prefer to have both systemsettings versions installed.04:30
bshahnagerst: I don't think that is possible due to co-installablity issues..04:34
bshahkcmshell4 and kcmshell5 are co-installable but systemsettings is not iirc.04:35
bshahso if you choose to upgrade to Plasma5 you will not have systemsettings404:35
nagerstbshah: then why did they rename the systemsettings binary to systemsettings5? I thought that was to make it able to coexist?04:35
bshahare you using kubuntu-ci ppa right?04:36
nagerstno, should i do so?04:37
bshahso which plasma 5 packages you are using?04:37
bshahumm, I mean which ppa?04:38
nagerst5.78 is available in utopic and 5.84 is customly enabled from vivid.04:40
bshah!info plasma-desktop04:40
ubottuplasma-desktop (source: kde-workspace): KDE Plasma workspace for desktop and laptop computers. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:4.11.12-0ubuntu1.1 (utopic), package size 1202 kB, installed size 3099 kB04:40
bshah!info plasma-workspace04:40
ubottuPackage plasma-workspace does not exist in utopic04:40
nagerst!info kde-plasma-desktop04:41
ubottukde-plasma-desktop (source: meta-kde): KDE Plasma Desktop and minimal set of applications. In component universe, is optional. Version 5:84ubuntu4 (utopic), package size 3 kB, installed size 39 kB04:41
nagerst5.1.1 is the version of plasma, sorry04:42
nagerstit is installed from vivid04:42
* QuinnStorm wonders if anyone else has seen plasmashell: symbol lookup error: plasmashell: undefined symbol: _ZN7KScreen6Config11outputAddedEPNS_6OutputE04:43
bshahQuinnStorm: sounds like kscreen package needs rebuilding04:43
bshahQuinnStorm: kscreen got some new updates04:44
QuinnStormthanks, I didn't know where to look for it, I'm running -ci [obviously]04:44
QuinnStormis it gonna hit -ci shortly or is there an obvious easy way to build it myself for now?04:44
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soeegood morning07:55
lordievaderGood morning.08:18
luc4Hello! Trying to install kdelib5-dev I get this error. Anyone who can advise on how to fix it? http://pastebin.com/mbp5BGmC09:11
lordievaderluc4: Looks like you have the backports ppa installed, is this correct?09:12
luc4lordievader: I probably installed in the past a ppa to install the most recent kde, but I can't find that anymore in sources.list.09:13
luc4Maybe this one? deb http://it.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ utopic-backports main restricted universe multiverse09:14
lordievaderluc4: What is the output of 'ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d'?09:14
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uweich suche den Befehl womit man die Liste aller Räume aufzeigen kann.09:44
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luc4lordievader: sorry if I'm late: http://paste.kde.org/pkhtys7ud10:30
lordievaderluc4: Is kubuntu-ppa-backports-trusty.list active?10:33
luc4lordievader: yes, I checked that, but all lines are commented.10:33
luc4lordievader: is it possible that the repository was removed and now all the packages from that old repo remain installed?10:34
lordievaderluc4: Hmm, wat is the output of 'apt-cache policy kdelibs5-dev'?10:34
luc4lordievader: http://paste.kde.org/paymetlve10:35
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lordievaderluc4: Allright and the output of 'apt-cache policy kdelibs-bin'?10:38
luc4lordievader: http://paste.kde.org/ppwzbbra910:44
luc4lordievader: I have to say I don't clearly understand...10:46
lordievaderluc4: Ah I see. I've seen this before. You had the backports installed on Trusty. Then you upgraded to Utopic. However the package versions Trusty backports provides are newer than Utopic archive...10:48
lordievaderluc4: Add the Trusty backports again and remove it with ppa-purge.10:48
luc4lordievader: oh what a funny mess10:49
luc4lordievader: I'll try, thanks!10:49
yossarianukplasma5 = very impressive10:55
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luc4lordievader: I used ppa-purge but I don't see many differences: http://paste.kde.org/pgze0ju4911:38
lordievaderluc4: Hrmmm, that is annoying.. I thought that would work.11:41
lordievaderHey monkeyjuice, how are you?11:44
monkeyjuiceim good lordievader trying to figure out what partition to remove so dual boot with win711:48
yossarianukmonkeyjuice: remove the windows one.12:02
monkeyjuiceyossarianuk: that would fix it im sure ;)12:04
yossarianuklive improves when you dump windows forever - i'm sure my health has improved...12:06
monkeyjuiceya dont know why i try to dual boot never use windows ,,,12:07
yossarianukmonkeyjuice: I used to do that too - after about 5 yrs of never using it I got rid12:08
yossarianukGetting a GPT/UEFI system was final nail - my Win XP disk wouldn't work anymore.12:09
monkeyjuiceya this is uefi laptop but its not turned on12:11
lordievader That is not very surprising...12:12
yossarianuklordievader: no ...12:14
yossarianukTo be honest I only ever used windows for about 4 years anyway.12:14
yossarianukAmiga's from mid 80's -> 1997. Linux from 200212:15
monkeyjuicei keep it for my wife i guess12:15
luc4lordievader: indeed. I was simply missing the -purge param. Thanks.12:23
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BluesKajHiyas all13:14
Babenkahi there13:47
Babenkahoware you?13:48
lordievaderBabenka: Doing good here, what about you?13:48
BabenkaI am fine, thank you.Where  are you from?13:49
red_gnome apps are looking ugly13:49
red_what to do to correct this?13:50
lordievaderBabenka: Stick around long enough and you'll find out.13:50
lordievaderBabenka: Also for offtopic chatter we have #kubuntu-offtopic13:51
soeered_: kde 4 or plasma5 ?13:52
lordievadersoee: KDE4 doesn't exists, it's plasma4.13:52
soeewell yes :)13:53
soeeanyway red_ you shoudl go to system settings and check if oxygen is set for gtk apps13:53
red_kde 413:57
red_kubuntu 14.0413:57
MonikaAfter upgrading to Utopic my left and right desktop contents (task bars, desktop icons, notes, plasmoids) are exchanged. In which file are these settings stored? Maybe I can easily move them back by editing them instead of dragging all things around.13:58
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zer01010101how can i hide the filetype names of any/all files ? example: picture.jpg or firefox.desktop14:25
soeezer01010101: in dolphin or where ?14:28
zer01010101folder widget14:28
soeeah, soeey im dont know, im not using it14:28
zer01010101and in dolphin ?14:29
zer01010101got it14:33
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lolmausI use a terminal within my IDE. The terminal is a login shell or not depending on how i start the IDE. If i start the IDE from a Konsole, the terminal is a login shell. If i start the IDE from a Panel, the terminal is a non-login shell.16:55
lolmausThe question is: how to i make it a login shell when starting the IDE from a Panel?16:56
alkethow to get firefox notification in plasma ?17:18
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ubottuluan_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:50
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)17:51
BluesKajchecking out hexchat on W7..seems ok18:06
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ChaserHello. Since I connected 2 monitors to my laptop, parts of my screen don't refresh. This started happening after I added a second monitor to my laptop. One monitor is connected via HDMI port and other to VGA (via display link to vga adapter). Any ideas why this could happen ? Is it because its not able to drive two monitors ?19:53
ChaserThese are 1920x1080 (Dell P2311H) monitors so not high DPI.19:54
andy123Chaser: looks like a driver problem. you can try the propriertary driver, if available19:57
Chaserandy123: I had bad experiences with proprietary drivers (mine is nvidia). But I guess I have no choice here.20:01
andy123Chaser: agreed, there is not much you can do besides20:03
andy123use the nvidia control panel to configure the monitors20:05
Chasercool will give it a go. thanks.20:09
soeeChaser: what bad experiancce ?20:21
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MonikaAfter upgrading to Utopic my left and right desktop contents (task bars, desktop icons, notes, plasmoids) are exchanged. In which file are these settings stored? Maybe I can easily move them back by editing them instead of dragging all things around.21:07
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QeertsHej I wanted to boot my desktop now I get: Error in 'ksplashqml': double free or corruption23:03
QeertsI run 'startx' from the terminal as kde fails to start23:04
QeertsI use Kde5 latest Beta I guess23:04
pedahzurI have realized, since my upgrade to Kubuntu 14.04 (running KDE 4.14.2) that I no longer have a notifier icon in my icon tray when there are upgrades available. What widget do I need to reactivate to get this back?23:21
Monikapedahzur probably something with muon in the name23:23
Monikaah, the widget23:23
MonikaSystemabschnitt in German ... not sure what it's in English23:23
pedahzurMonika: Yeah, I do see the package muon-notifier installed. I'll just need to figure out how to install/configure it.23:24
pedahzurMonika: Nothing in System Settings. :)23:25
mr_rourickhello all :)23:26
QeertsSo I tried now starting xstart from terminal as root23:30
Monikapedahzur a widget of that name?23:30
Qeertsand It works fine any idea how I can figure out where the permission(probably) problem is23:30
Monikado you stil have like the sound23:30
Monikaand clipboard23:30
Monikathere it should appear23:30
pedahzurMonika: the package muon-notifier is installed, and I see the notification for updates available is active in system setings, but I never see a notice when there are new packages available.23:40
pedahzurMonika: yes,I have the sound, netwoirk, device notifier, etc. icons.23:40
Monikawhen you rightclick on the little triangle next to it and go to the settings of this widget, and then you select the second item on the left (something like "items"), do you see the icon in that list?23:42
Monikais it set to hidden maybe?23:42

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