FailBitanyone here right now?02:33
FailBitI need a question answered relavitely quickly02:34
FailBitI'll ask it right now, in case anyone /is/ here02:39
FailBitdoes your bot use a regex for launchpad bug urls? if so, what is it?02:39
ubot5foo is [baz|bar|wibble]02:39
ubot5Launchpad bug 1378843 in Inkscape "Build fails with cmake/ninja and poppler-0.26.4" [Low,Fix committed]02:40
ubot5foo is [baz|bar|wibble]03:09
hieupm37hi, can I push a deb file to my PPA03:35
hieupm37I've subscribed commercial03:36
cjwatsonFailBit: The bot isn't operated by us, but perhaps https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots and https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots will help.  I think the latter has the code.09:56
cjwatsonhieupm37: No, nobody can push binary packages directly.  I believe that a Launchpad commercial subscription will let you upload packages without full source code (though my word isn't gospel here), but from a technical standpoint you still need to construct a "source" package that builds in the usual way and constructs the right .debs, even if it just contains pre-built binaries that it copies into place.10:01
FailBitI lol'd11:42
LocutusOfBorg1FailBit, I think you mean "I fukin lol'd" :D11:44
cjwatsonPlease take this elsewhere.11:44
FailBitI'll just drop() it.11:45
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cjwatsongsilvapt: Please could you turn off the public-away feature in your IRC client?14:27
gsilvaptyes, sorry14:27
gsilvaptthat should do it14:28
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ScottKHeya ChrisP1948.22:22
ScottKIs there anyone around that can help ChrisP1948 with getting his gpg key into LP.  We've been working on clamav packaging and it'd be really nice for him to be able to upload to the clamav PPA.22:23
ScottKProblem is not getting the confirmation email (after several tries)22:23
wgrantWhat's the address that the email is not getting to?22:24
wgrantWhen did you last try?22:25
ChrisP1948about 40 mins ago, 15:45 CT22:26
ScottKUS CT is -060022:26
ScottKThanks wgrant.22:27
wgrantChrisP1948: Which fingerprint?22:28
ChrisP1948I'm using this one - 441D 71BC 727D 0B1C EC1F  6B39 E372 A7DA 98E6 705C22:28
wgrantChrisP1948: I can't see any form posts to your OpenPGP keys page. Are you sure you actually submitted the form?22:44
wgranthttps://launchpad.net/~cpollock/+editpgpkeys should show the fingerprint unders "Keys pending validation".22:45
ChrisP1948logged back in and resubmitted the key. Another window says a message was sent to me and also shows key pending validation. I'll see what happens next22:52
ChrisP1948All right wgrant, good to go. Thank you very much, greatly appreciated22:54
wgrantNo worries.22:54

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