geniiHash sum mismatch is usually caused by one of two things. Either corrupt download that's cached in the lists, or else between the time you got the file and it went to check the hash, the file had been updated and a new hash was made for the new file, but you still had the old file.00:02
geniiEither way it's not some security breach or so on.00:03
Ahmuckpossible to have a proxy between me and the update server?00:04
geniiAnything is "possible" ;)00:05
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KatnissEverdeenwill lubuntu install & run smoothly on a dell inspiron 8100?16:02
GarbonzoKatniss: can you boot off a usb stick? if so you could put lubuntu on one and test it...16:10
Garbonzowon't be exactly as quick as running it off the hard drive but close enough to have an idea16:10
ianorlinyeah usb 2.0 is roughly the same as a 5400 hard drive16:11
KatnissEverdeenhow bout 1.0 USB?16:14
KatnissEverdeenwould it work?16:14
Garbonzoshloooowly, but yes16:15
KatnissEverdeenok then. and if that dont work?16:16
ianorlinyeah it would work really slowly16:16
ianorlinalthogh some things won't boot from usb16:16
Garbonzocd or dvd drive in the laptop?16:16
KatnissEverdeentried that, didnt work16:16
Garbonzowhat didn't work -- went straight into windows, or gave an error, or...?16:17
KatnissEverdeengave me this:16:17
KatnissEverdeenit told me it was designed for x86 cpu, and that i had a i686 cpu16:18
Garbonzowhich version of the iso did you download?16:20
ianorlinthat should be good KatnissEverdeen16:24
Garbonzostrange -- i thought any iso with 'i386' in the name would work on that system...16:24
* Garbonzo scratches head16:24
KatnissEverdeenit wont install though..16:24
ianorlinis it a pentium M cpu?16:24
Garbonzoaccording to a quick google, yes16:24
KatnissEverdeennope. pentium 316:24
Garbonzopiii m16:25
GarbonzoM is just the mobile version of whatever processor16:25
KatnissEverdeenthis one is a gaming system. 866 MHz, prime, in its day16:25
KatnissEverdeenoh. yes16:25
Garbonzoyou could try the alternate (non-graphical?) install iso?16:25
testdrthe old dell inspiron 8100 laptop had only (or less) 512MB ram - memory -- so if the test of the lubuntu-live.iso works (that without install) the install out of the running live-version will probably fail16:26
testdrKatnissEverdeen: first - 1. - check whether the lubunut-live-iso runs from usb-stick (or the burnt cd/dvd) -- 2. it may always need the "nomodeset" option16:29
KatnissEverdeenwhat is the "nomodeset"16:30
KatnissEverdeeni am a newbie16:31
testdrKatnissEverdeen: if you boot the lubuntu-live-iso - and press the up-arrow-key you get a selection for your language/keyboard and the other menus make it possible to add boot-options16:31
KatnissEverdeeni am downloading the iso right now16:32
testdrKatnissEverdeen: dont install anything - only test first the live-version (thats the same, that will installed later if you think its fine and working)16:32
Garbonzogood luck!16:33
testdrKatnissEverdeen: and if your laptop has only 512MB ram /memory only the direct install from the boot-menu may work16:33
testdrKatnissEverdeen: if the laptop has less memory (maybe 3xx MB) you will need for installation the lubuntu-14.04.1.alternate-i386.iso16:35
KatnissEverdeenit wont show usb drive from boot menu and i have no blank cd/dvds16:35
phillwtestdr: if you are sub 512MB, I'd strongly suggest using the alternate 32 bit installer. Sad thing is that the installer needs more RAM than lubuntu needs to run on. alternate strips that stuff out and just asks basic questions without lots of pretty pictures.16:36
testdrKatnissEverdeen: then - if you have put the downloaded iso-image onto the usb-stick (but i doubt you know how to do it correct), you can use the "plop-boot-manager" to enable the boot from an usb-2.0-port (that is not supported by the bios) - but at this point i think you need more direct help and only online would not work16:38
KatnissEverdeenplop boot manager? where do i get that?16:39
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testdrKatnissEverdeen:  http://www.plop.at/de/home.html16:40
testdrKatnissEverdeen: read the hints how to use it from a booted MS-DOS System (or windows)16:40
testdrKatnissEverdeen: for writing the lubuntu-iso to an usb-stick -- read the hints on the ubuntu help-pages,  i am not using windows, but there are tools to do this too16:42
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phillwtestdr: we currently recommend OBI, it is dd based and supported by a lubunteer who has added extra flavours to it. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OBI Have a read :)17:39
phillwtestdr: just say yes17:42
gateway13QUESTION: I've installed Lubuntu 14.04 and then `sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop ubuntu-mate-desktop`. Unfortunately, I cannot remove manually `mtpaint`(prefer gimp) without removing lubuntu-desktop. Any clue on how to remove unwanted lubuntu applications without removing the whole desktop??? Thks.17:43
phillwgateway13: you can safely remove lubuntu-desktop, it is a meta package that lists what to install.17:44
SonikkuAmericagateway13: lubuntu-desktop is a metapackage. Ditching that package doesn't remove the components installed with it.17:44
phillwooohh, echo !17:44
SonikkuAmericaYou? Is there an echo in here? Yes, me!17:45
testdrphillw: was afk - will check it17:46
phillwgateway13: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/RemoveLubuntuDesktop17:46
gateway13remove: `mtpaint` `lubuntu-desktop` will not remove the DE from my system? Are you sure... because I spend a lot of time customizing my DEs with numix faenza and renaming icons in /usr/share/xsession and /usr/share/applications... I don't want to loose it all... Currently, I've renamed `mtpaint.desktop` to `mtpaint.desktop.old`... Please confirm?17:48
phillwgateway13:  read ^^17:49
phillwgateway13: I assure you, it will not.17:49
gateway13Great Post! I mean Documentation!!! Will go ahead... very cool community.. Many thanks..17:51
PamelloesI can21:49
Pamelloes't seem to get my monitor's brightness to change. Any idea what might be wrong?21:50

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