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mhall119aquarius: was that a question?02:53
akiva-thinkpadwxl, hey03:25
wxlakiva-thinkpad: got almost everything installed. should be up and running tomorrow.04:01
akiva-thinkpadwxl, very cool04:02
akiva-thinkpadwxl, have you got the emulator downloaded and all that jazz?04:03
wxlakiva-thinkpad: yeah i need to branch all the bzr repos04:04
akiva-thinkpadwxl, did I give you a script for that?04:05
akiva-thinkpadI have a quick one that does it in just a minute04:05
wxli have to move over my ssh, gpg stuff04:05
akiva-thinkpadare you doing this all on a virtual machine O_o ?04:05
akiva-thinkpadanyways just be cognisant that you can't run the emulator in the virtual machine04:06
akiva-thinkpadqmlscene should be fine though04:06
wxli heard that04:06
akiva-thinkpadwxl, also you don't need pgp04:07
akiva-thinkpadyou just need an ssh, and that is easy to do.04:07
wxlwell i need gpg for something or other i thought04:07
akiva-thinkpadwxl, I its for sending emails; I wouldnt worry about it unless you were working on the kernel04:08
akiva-thinkpadI havn't bother installing one for a while now04:08
akiva-thinkpadits just such a hassle04:08
wxloh i think it's important for ppas04:10
wxlfor uploading to them04:10
wxlyeah that's it04:11
wxli doubt your average dev is making the ppas04:12
akiva-thinkpadWhat core app do you plan on working on? What do you want to help them do?04:12
wxli'm not sure yet :)04:13
akiva-thinkpadCreate the tablet interface or desktop interface perhaps?04:13
wxlmore likely tablet04:13
akiva-thinkpadwxl, do you have a tablet?04:13
akiva-thinkpadliuxg, o/04:13
wxlakiva-thinkpad: yes but unfortunately the port info doesn't seem to be up to date04:13
akiva-thinkpadis it an arm or x86 tablet?04:14
akiva-thinkpadoh btw; Mark Shuttleworth will be on las this next sunday04:14
akiva-thinkpadLinux Action Show04:14
akiva-thinkpadsomething that used to be really cool when a guy named brian was on it. sec04:14
akiva-thinkpadhe eventually left and was replaced by matt hartly... who is better now, but does not bring the same charisma04:16
akiva-thinkpadI still watch it weekly though04:16
akiva-thinkpadThey also do a linux podcast called linux unplugged04:17
akiva-thinkpadand popey frequents it, and is constantly defending ubuntu from arch linux fanboys :P04:17
wxlcool thx akiva-thinkpad04:17
akiva-thinkpadyah it is a good show. Chris is a lover of the linux, and has a background in sys-admin04:18
wxli'll bring you tomorrow when i have something more to tell akiva-thinkpad :)04:20
akiva-thinkpadcool beans04:20
wxlunfortunately i've got about 10000 projects going on including learning font design, setting up an ecommerce site for a friend, etc. not to mention work and family :)04:20
akiva-thinkpadwxl, heh; busy guy. yah its well appreciated that you already help out. To assist development too, is very big.04:21
wxlakiva-thinkpad: it's been my aspiration since i started contributing04:23
akiva-thinkpadmihir, ping07:31
akiva-thinkpadi'm trying to run the autopilot3 tests for the calendar app; I keep getting import errors07:31
akiva-thinkpadImportError: No module named 'address_book_service_testability'07:31
akiva-thinkpadwait nvm07:33
mihirakiva-thinkpad: you have to install that07:36
mihirakiva-thinkpad: look at defian file.07:36
akiva-thinkpaddoing the ppa07:36
mihiryou'll get all the necceary packages.07:36
* akiva-thinkpad looks at the defian file07:36
akiva-thinkpadmihir, dude; next sunday, Mark Shuttleworth interview on the Linux Action Show07:37
akiva-thinkpadi'm still getting dependency issues07:38
akiva-thinkpadI installed the ppa,07:38
akiva-thinkpadah wait07:38
akiva-thinkpadjust ignore my complaints07:39
akiva-thinkpadmihir, hey I was thinking of a new flick for the monthview07:39
akiva-thinkpadflick up and down go up and down a year07:39
akiva-thinkpadwhat do you think of that? Simple feature07:39
mihirakiva-thinkpad: hmm could you demo it , we can ask designers to approve that.07:40
akiva-thinkpadmihir, well thats why I wanted to ask you... cause I'm confused07:40
akiva-thinkpadthere is no flickable07:40
mihirakiva-thinkpad: if you can create it and create video so that we can ask designer.07:40
akiva-thinkpadso I am a bit behooved how I am supposed to accomplish this.07:41
akiva-thinkpadmihir, I followed this tutorial https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Testing/Autopilot/07:42
akiva-thinkpadstill getting the dependency errors07:42
mihirakiva-thinkpad: make sure you have install all these dependencies :- http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-calendar-dev/ubuntu-calendar-app/trunk/view/head:/debian/control07:43
akiva-thinkpadmihir, that worked07:48
mihirakiva-thinkpad: np07:48
dholbachgood morning07:51
justCarakasgood morning$08:01
akiva-thinkpadjustCarakas, hey o/08:01
akiva-thinkpadat work?08:01
justCarakasyup :)08:01
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rpadovanipopey, o/ gang65 and I started to work on calculator app, and between yesterday and today we spend some hours talking and coding. The new engine we choose is awesome (we already have scientific calc \o/). Do you mind to do what we said? Find someone for autopilot, setup jenkins for autolanding, set up a weekly meeting on IRC...08:46
rpadovanimihir, ^^08:46
akiva-thinkpadrpadovani, oh nice08:46
akiva-thinkpadhave you branched it out yet ?08:46
rpadovaniakiva-thinkpad, https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-calculator-dev/ubuntu-calculator-app/reboot and https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/ubuntu-calculator-app/cleanUp/+merge/24288108:47
akiva-thinkpadah very cool08:49
* akiva-thinkpad branches it08:49
akiva-thinkpadrpadovani, is there a shortlist of things that need to be done on this? I'm tempted to do a callout on ubuntuappdev on reddit09:00
rpadovaniakiva-thinkpad, there is like everything to do09:00
rpadovaniakiva-thinkpad, I think we need popey set up some thing before09:00
mihirrpadovani: which engine are we using ?09:01
rpadovanimihir, math.js, as you suggest, is awesome :-)09:01
akiva-thinkpadrpadovani, lol yah I know; I'm just wondering if there are any designer specs?09:01
mihirrpadovani: sexy :D09:01
mihirrpadovani: i found that it will make our life easy.09:01
rpadovaniakiva-thinkpad, there is, but it isn't public09:01
rpadovanimihir, it is awesome dude, seriously09:02
mihirrpadovani: hmm yeah i did try on HTML pages before suggesting that.09:02
mihirrpadovani: can I give some suggestion ?? :P09:03
mihirrpadovani: have you imported new LIb?09:03
rpadovanimihir, of course man :D09:03
rpadovanimihir, yes, I imported that09:03
rpadovanimihir, which branch are you referring to?09:04
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad: I think it was your report -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/+bug/139553309:04
ubot5Launchpad bug 1395533 in qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "Kit Wizard Description needs to be simplified." [Wishlist,Opinion]09:04
mihirrpadovani: i can see you have included other changes as well, if it is not big task , can we s?09:04
mihirrpadovani: https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/ubuntu-calculator-app/cleanUp/+merge/24288109:04
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad: I have responded to it. Thank your feedback. I am happy to clarify that Kit story :) I know it sounds complicated at first.09:05
rpadovanimihir, tbh it is necessary to clean that branch. You can test it modifing something.09:05
rpadovanimihir, unfortunately doing it from scratch is pretty imposbbile09:06
mihirrpadovani: yeah i got that.09:06
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan, :)09:06
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan, I believe that people will benefit when I share my ignorance to how things work with everyone.09:06
mihirrpadovani: my concern was , if we can split MR in small chunks.09:06
mihirrpadovani: or all of them are related to each other , and if it is not big task to modify.09:07
rpadovanimihir, I don't think we can do it, it is small possible09:07
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad: :) kind of you ... the bottomline is that whatever text I put in that dialog.. Kits will not get simpler.09:07
mihirrpadovani: okay no worries...i'll take a look and i see you have included math.js as well.09:07
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan, ha ha09:08
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad: Kit = toolchain + rootfs + device09:08
rpadovanimihir, good, thanks09:08
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan, It might be good to just embolden that.09:09
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad: think abstract .. what do you need when you develop apps? You need to know what device you target. You need to know what compiler, linker, packaging tools you will use. And you need to know what APIs , services, data is available for your app.09:09
akiva-thinkpadI do not disagree09:10
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad: It is a dialog ... not a help text, not a manual, not a user guide, not a traing class.. a simple UI label :)09:10
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad:  if a developer does not what rootfs is then -> http://lmgtfy.com/?q=what+is+rootfs09:11
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad: same for toolchain -> http://lmgtfy.com/?q=what+is+toolchain09:12
akiva-thinkpad"But not with the Ubuntu SDK and not with QtCreator" -- So that was not true; I made my apps without the kits, using qtcreator.09:12
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=qtcreator+kits#seen09:13
mzanettidpm: rpadovani: hey, I'll be off tomorrow and Friday. If you want we can do the reminders meeting today, otherwise I'll have to skip this week09:13
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad:  no, you have not made anything with QtCreator without Kits.. you just did not know that you use a Kit. The desktop Kit is there by default. But it is a Kit09:14
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan, I think one of the complaints I have is that you often find the wikipedia article, and instead of getting a shortlist; you are immediately bombarded with a lot of technical language.09:14
rpadovanimzanetti, dpm I'm at uni until 18:30, I can chat but I don't think professors will be happy if I do a call :P Nothing new by my side, so for me we can skip this week09:14
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan, okay fair enough.09:14
akiva-thinkpadI meant by the kit creating wizard.09:14
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad:  that is the price when you try to be precise09:14
dpmrpadovani, mzanetti, ok, let's follow up on e-mail then09:15
dpmthanks for the heads up!09:15
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad: I wanted to put there a text what is technically bulletproof09:15
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan, and I think its good to be precise, but I think its best to offer a short - "What it does, and why is it important to you" -- Further details below09:15
akiva-thinkpadthat is my aesthetic preference.09:15
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad: as I said .. it is not a manual, it is a dialog. But you have a point. I will see if we can make it look simpler.09:16
akiva-thinkpadI actually like what you said09:16
akiva-thinkpadKit = toolchain + rootfs + device09:16
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad: Kits do nothing .. Kits are just sets of stuff. You do things with Kits... you make apps with them.09:16
akiva-thinkpadto me its now very organized; All I need to do now is figure out these three aspects09:17
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad: "Kits _CONSIST_ of a set of values that define one environment, such as a target _DEVICE_, _SYSROOT_ to build against, _TOOLCHAIN_ to build with, platform specific api set, and some metadata."09:18
akiva-thinkpadI mean, just keeping the text as is, emboldening those three terms within it, and just prefacing, "A kit is made of 3 main parts: blah blah blah"09:18
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad: But I will see if I can make it look more straightforward. Sorry for the confusion.09:19
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan, you are kind to tolerate my ignorance.09:19
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad:  OK, i will do some tailoring09:19
* akiva-thinkpad regrets not going to school to learn programming.09:19
bzoltanakiva-thinkpad:  do not say that :) I am thankful that you took your time and gave us feedbacks and ideas to improve.09:20
* akiva-thinkpad shakes head... For so long; I thought kits were needed for packaging.09:23
akiva-thinkpadnow I know09:23
DanChapmanhey all, is there a way to set an object pointer to a qml property? I have a custom type that I want to store a pointer to, and i've registered it with the qml engine. But i am unable to set the property to the object pointer.09:29
DanChapmanahh scrap that... Returning a QObject* instead of CustomType* seems to work fine.09:31
rpadovanimihir, take that branch: if the advanced math works (swype right) approve both branches :-)09:40
mihirrpadovani: sure , will do that tonight \m/ :) I am currently at office.09:40
rpadovanimihir, thanks :D have a nice day!09:41
brendandanyone around that works on music app?09:52
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Cake Day! \o/10:05
popeyrpadovani: (replying late) sure!10:48
rpadovanipopey, thanks :-)10:48
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dakerwow https://www.facebook.com/meizu/posts/67214587623182011:12
victorphey guys, have you seen an issue where a TextField with text on it, deletes random parts of the string when it gets focus?11:53
victorprpadovani, ^^11:54
brendandvictorp, i filed a bug like that in system settings12:03
victorpbrendand, do you have the number?12:03
brendandvictorp, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-system-settings/+bug/138770412:04
ubot5Launchpad bug 1387704 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu RTM) "[WiFi] Password can be deleted after toggling 'Show password' in the Connect to Hidden Network dialog" [Undecided,New]12:04
brendandrpadovani, can you top approve a reminders-app test fix?12:04
victorpbrendand, seems like the work around is to remove text prediction..12:10
* ogra_ just recently noticed odd behavior with the browser ... when using a text field i am not able to get rid of the kbd anymore ... as soon as i tap into the website from then on the kbd will pop up ... 12:12
victorpbrendand,  mm yeah that fixes the bug.. but you loose text prediction.12:12
aquariusdpm, ping about davidcalle's scope thing and whether you've had the chance to try it12:12
dpmaquarius, hey. No, I haven't had the chance yet, sorry.12:16
aquariusdpm, no worries -- I was really looking for davidcalle himself but he's nt around :)12:17
dpmaquarius, he should be later on. We've got a team meeting at 16:00 UK time. If you're around, I can give him a heads up to ping you around that time12:18
aquariusdpm, cheers; I'll try and be around12:18
dpmok, cool12:18
victorpbrendand, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/139657412:24
ubot5Launchpad bug 1396574 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "TextField content partially deleted on focus with predictive text on" [Medium,Confirmed]12:24
dakervictorp: yes i have seen this too, it's the predictive text12:37
dakervictorp: and i think the bug should be against the ubuntu-keyboard12:37
victorpdaker, done12:38
rpadovanibrendand, I cannot test it until 5/6 hours. If it has approvation of someone else I can top approve for sure :-)13:44
brendandrpadovani, oh i forgot the MP! :/13:45
brendandrpadovani, https://code.launchpad.net/~brendan-donegan/reminders-app/test_add_notebook_must_append_it_to_list_swipe_to_bottom/+merge/24280813:45
brendandrpadovani, it is approved by elopio13:45
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rpadovanibrendand, ok, cool, topapproved13:46
rpadovanithanks :-)13:46
aquariusdavidcalle, ping about your scope thing :)13:56
davidcalleaquarius, pong :)13:56
aquariusdavidcalle, heya! Do you have time, at some point, to walk me through ohw to run it? I'm clearly doing something weird and wrong :)13:56
davidcalleaquarius, I'm not 100% here, but I'm around. What's not working?13:57
aquariusdavidcalle, I tell you what, I'll try branching it and running it again right now and ask questions :)13:59
davidcalleok :)13:59
aquariusdavidcalle, first question: what's the best way to open it in Ubuntu SDK? If I open cmakelists.txt it complains about "No .user settings file created by this instance of Qt Creator was found. Did you work with this project on another machine or using a different settings path before?"14:00
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aquariusI assume that is because you're using some newer qtcreator, such as the one in 14.10, but it worries me that actual developers will have no clue what that means :)14:02
aquariusI have my usual problem that the Dash doesn't start in the emulator, but that's not your fault14:03
aquariusdavidcalle, anyway, once I have restarted the Dash from the command line in the emulator, I can then run the scope from Ubuntu SDK. And what happens is... we switch to the scope (with the big Ubuntu logo at the top) and then the progress bar pulses left and right at the bottom of the screen, and nothing else happens.14:06
aquariusSo I do not know how to proceed :)14:06
dpmthanks brendand for the reminders app test!14:27
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davidcalleaquarius, what's in the app output at the bottom of qtcreator?14:33
davidcalleaquarius, the fast that qtcreator complains when you open the project is normal, because it tries to look for the env the project was created in.14:34
davidcalleaquarius, also, you should upgrade to 14.10, unity-scope-tool is nice :)14:34
davidcallethe fact*14:34
rickspencer3hi all, is there a good design pattern and set of widgets that I can use to let the user select items from a very long list?14:36
rickspencer3I'm considering a category selector on top, and then a list below14:37
popeyrickspencer3: contact list has a fast scroll on the right..14:38
rickspencer3popey, hmm, this is looooong list14:38
aquariusdavidcalle, there's nothing relevant in application output (see http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9250677/).14:38
rickspencer3hundreds of times14:38
popeyso is my contact list ☻14:38
aquariusdavidcalle, also, no 14.10 for me, since I have no good reason to upgrade :P14:38
rickspencer3popey, yeah, but in a contact list, alphabetical makes sense14:38
rickspencer3this is for making a shopping list, so more categorical14:39
aquariusdavidcalle, and I stay on 14.04 at least partially so that all you sdk people don't forget that it's meant to be supported :P14:39
popeyi know the music app devs were looking at this too rickspencer314:39
popeyfor songs14:39
rickspencer3instead of A, B, C, it's like "cleaning supplies", "dairy"14:39
rickspencer3maybe I could put the categories on the front in big boxes like the music app14:39
rickspencer3and then just a list below14:39
rickspencer3that could be pretty cool14:39
aquariusrickspencer3, maybe have the category names showing and tapping one expands it to show the items therein?14:40
rickspencer3aquarius, yeah, I was considering that14:40
rickspencer3the ListItem.Expandable seems what I want there, but it seems a bit immature still14:40
rickspencer3what I really want is a ListItem.Categorized list14:41
rickspencer3and just let it do all the work for me ;)14:41
rickspencer3Kaleo and co. have made me lazier and lazier ;)14:41
davidcalleaquarius, the output is good, at least the scope is running :) But apparently, it's not finding the data/test.ini file... AH! I know why, because my cmake skills are terribly awful and it will only work with unity-scope-tool, not with a click package pushed to a device.14:41
ogra_managers ... tsk14:41
aquariusdavidcalle, heh :)14:42
aquariusrickspencer3, yeah, I suspect that Expandable is exactly the approach you want14:42
rickspencer3another way of putting it is that I have come to rely on Ubuntu Components to make my apps look nice :)14:42
rickspencer3I know I can't do it on my own14:42
davidcalleaquarius, I'll try to work something out for that today/tomorrow :)14:42
rickspencer3aquarius, yeah, though I am thinking the music app way might be nice14:43
aquariusrickspencer3, also, note the existence of ExpandablesColumn and Header listitems14:43
rickspencer3I could have nice big pictures for each category14:43
aquariusdavidcalle, ah, cool :) Drop me a mail at some point if done and I can re-test?14:43
rickspencer3of I could make a cute picture of grocery store, and the user could click on the aisle they want14:43
aquariusthat'd require you to fix the list of categories ahead of time, though -- or to make people set an icon on a category, which is a pretty clunky thing to do. Or maybe to have it guess, which would be cool if done right14:45
davidcalleaquarius, I will :)14:47
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om26erpopey, Hi!15:41
om26erpopey, can you tell where can I download .click packages of apps in the store ?15:41
om26erdpm, you might know ? ^15:42
popeyany in particular?15:42
om26erpopey, terminal-app15:43
popeyom26er: any particular reason using the one from the store isn't sufficient?15:43
om26erpopey, don't have the internet right now15:44
popeyom26er: http://people.canonical.com/~alan/clicks/com.ubuntu.terminal_0.6.174_armhf.click15:48
om26erpopey, thanks15:50
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mzanettipopey: have ever seen this lately? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/130146316:17
ubot5Launchpad bug 1301463 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Send button when responding to texts is grayed out and non-functional" [Undecided,New]16:17
popeymzanetti: not tried recently, will try16:17
brendandmzanetti, i know that bug. it was fixed16:19
mzanettibrendand: cool, thanks. will close it16:19
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nik90_popey: can you confirm https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/1396629 on your krillin pls...I have never observed the issue on mako.19:01
ubot5Launchpad bug 1396629 in Ubuntu Clock App "Alarm volume slider not redrawing correctly" [Undecided,New]19:01
popeynik90_: lemme see19:31
popeynik90_: works here19:37
popeylemme reboot and try again19:37
nik90_yeah I have never seen this issue before and can't think what's causing ti19:37
popeynik90_: no, cant reproduce it, just the fact that the tooltip is under the header19:43
nik90_yup that I see as well (SDK issue)20:03
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bzoltanpopey: I have an MR for the weather app -> https://code.launchpad.net/~bzoltan/ubuntu-weather-app/ensure_visible/+merge/24298122:14
bzoltannik90_:  do you know somebody who is working on the weather app?22:22
nik90_bzoltan: m-b-o22:34
nik90_bzoltan: but I haven't seen him online22:34
bzoltannik90_:  thanks.. what tz is he active in?22:35
nik90_bzoltan: I think he's from germany, though not sure22:35
ahoneybunhello all22:35
bzoltannik90_:  OK, I might catch him tomorrow22:35

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