bradscoolioI hate to bother, but would anyone happen to have the link for the cinnamon flavor of 14.04?00:33
jeathat would be under linux mint, i presume00:34
bradscooliohaha, I guess I could go with mint00:35
bradscooliodoes mint 17v2 have a 14.04 base?00:35
jeaI am not too sure00:39
jeaI think cinnamon might have a ppa that can be used00:39
jeamaybe this http://www.webupd8.org/2014/06/new-cinnamon-stable-ubuntu-ppas-ubuntu.html00:40
bradscoolioI think I'l just go with mint but thanks m3n00:43
jeano worries00:45
blahdeblahWith utopic MATE is also available00:45
blahdeblahI'm yet to try it out.00:45

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