robrujhodapp: ok but is that really tested or is that just a stale tested status from the last time?00:23
jhodapprobru, it's stale now00:24
robrujhodapp: ping me when you get a chance to retest it and I can publish00:24
jhodapprobru, I'll run it through a another quick smoke test shortly00:24
jhodapprobru, thanks00:24
robrujhodapp: cool00:24
robruyou're welcome00:24
jhodappjustinmcp_, can you try out vivid silo #1 please and just make sure music/video playback is working well?00:25
jhodappjustinmcp_, I'll be doing the same thing00:25
justinmcp_jhodapp: it'll have to wait a bit sorry, my device is setup for solving a particular problem right now00:26
jhodappjustinmcp_, that's np, I can test it pretty thoroughly myself00:27
jhodappno worries then00:27
justinmcp_jhodapp: ok, sorry 'bout that00:27
jhodappno problem at all00:27
jhodapprobru, ok, let's try this again, vivid silo 1 is ready for publishing01:09
robrujhodapp: sure01:09
robrujhodapp: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-001-2-publish/52/console that superceded one is still there. you didn't reconfigure before rebuilding?01:10
jhodapprobru, crap I see what you're saying now, I didn't see it before01:12
jhodapprobru, ugg01:12
robrujhodapp: yeah you have to get the new MP that replaced that mp, update it in the spreadsheet, reconfigure the silo, then rebuild that, and retest it.01:12
robrujhodapp: sorry i thought you knew01:12
jhodapprobru, no I was thinking you were referring to qtubuntu-media, not media-hub01:12
jhodapprobru, so I wasn't even looking at that01:13
jhodapprobru, ok, you can reconfigure it now01:13
robrujhodapp: ok, should be good to go. you can rebuild just media-hub in the build job options01:14
jhodappawesome thanks01:14
robruand this is why we stage changes before deploying live in production.01:24
awe_robru, hey quick question, if I want to kick the build for silo-017 ( ofoo ), what are the build parameters I need to provide?  Just package name?01:40
robruawe_: you shouldn't need any parameters on first build. just leave the defaults.01:40
awe_that's what I thought...lemme try again01:42
awe_guess I didn't click hard enough.  lol01:43
awe_thanks dude!01:43
robruawe_: you're welcome01:45
robruawe_: oh yeah the first click just logs you in. if you're still looking at the form it means the job didn't start.01:45
awe_that explains a lot01:46
robruawe_: that's been torturing me for *years*. it auto-logs me out after like 10 minutes. I have to submit everything twice.01:46
awe_damn... somebody needs to fix that!01:47
* awe_ ducks01:47
imgbot=== trainguards: IMAGE 33 building (started: 20141126 02:05) ===02:04
robrujhodapp: I gotta step out for a couple hours, happy to publish for you when I get back though.02:28
jhodapprobru, don't worry about it tonight, I'm going to get it tested quickly again and published in the morning02:29
jhodapprobru, thanks though!02:29
imgbot=== trainguards: IMAGE 33 DONE (finished: 20141126 03:30) ===03:29
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/33.changes ===03:29
robrujhodapp: ah, ok. you're welcome04:35
ogra_oh, looks like we have a plan for cgproxy... yay08:17
=== chihchun_afk is now known as chihchun
* sil2100 checks teh bug08:27
ogra_read the bug +08:27
ogra_no patch yet though08:27
bzoltansil2100:  Would  it be too much to ask for two silos? :) 61-6208:27
sil2100bzoltan: no, but let me check if we have enough free ones! Let me try assigning08:28
bzoltansil2100: the QtC silo would be free in 2 hours08:29
bzoltansil2100:  The UITK will take ~20 hours08:29
sil2100bzoltan: it seems it's fine, we have enough free ones - assigning :)08:29
bzoltansil2100:  thank you08:30
* sil2100 always feels sad for bzoltan when he mentions that his UITK silo will be ready and tested after ~20 hours08:30
bzoltan:) it is not that bad08:31
sil2100ogra_: yeah, but it seems Serge had issues reproducing the issue this way so far08:32
ogra_sil2100, now add "and it is winter in finland"08:32
sil2100But I suppose that's at least a direction ;)08:32
ogra_sil2100, *i* have issues reproducing it :P08:32
ogra_the only person i have seen yet being able to reliably repro is jibel08:33
ogra_i can do what i want, for me it is still totally random08:33
jibelright, it's random.08:33
jibelsometimes I can reproduce within 15min sometimes after several hours08:34
jibeland I couldn't find a pattern to design a test case08:34
jibelit would have been nice if Serge provided his test, I could have run it on my device08:35
ogra_yup, especially since he seems to run it inside lxc08:35
ogra_(or any other kind of container)08:36
bzoltansil2100:  I have added the UITK -gles MR to the silo19, so if you have a spare sec would you please reconfigure the silo?08:44
sil2100bzoltan: sure thing08:44
sil2100Ok, time to get some tea, finally bought myself here some good ones08:45
mandelMirv, I think I found the issue with udm and si, writing fix atm08:50
davmor2sil2100: no it mako on devel-proposed that failed not rtm09:07
Mirvmandel: ok, great!09:09
davmor2Saviq: you see I blame you you pass the blame on to someone else and it gets fixed, we should do this more often ;)09:10
davmor2Saviq: thanks for taking a quick look too :)09:10
sil2100davmor2: yeah, but you reported issues with the es image as well09:10
sil2100davmor2, jibel: in any way, is the regression testing of #169 proceeding?09:17
davmor2sil2100: pass I just logged in09:18
jibelsil2100, 23.4% done09:18
sil2100Oh my, fast - nice!09:19
jibelsil2100, ToyKeeper started during the night09:20
davmor2jibel: I'll run sanity on mako for rtm then as it wasn't yesterday as we didn't know it was the image to test, it should be fine09:21
tvossogra_, ping09:46
ogra_tvoss, moop09:46
seb128sil2100, hey09:47
seb128sil2100, did the CI versionning logic changed?09:47
seb128sil2100, do you know what happens with https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-022-1-build/38/console ?09:47
sil2100seb128: hey! What happened? Robert is the main person tinkering with the train right now, but is the version different?09:47
seb128sil2100, overlay-scrollbars can't be CIed anymore it seems09:48
seb128it's like support for their version schemas was dropped09:48
seb128but that used to work, we did CI updates during the utopic cycle09:48
sil2100seb128: hmmm... that's interesting, give me a few moments for this meeting to finish09:49
seb128sil2100, k09:49
ogra_davmor2, jibel, brendand, oh, one thing i forgot ...do you guys play youtube videos during testing ?  i found it pretty stuttery last night (but its about a week ago that i played one last... though that seemed smoother)10:00
davmor2ogra_: it's your broadband it was fine here10:00
sil2100seb128: looking at it now10:18
seb128sil2100, thanks10:18
t1mpjenkins seems stuck on "getting started" in my autolanding logs - https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-sdk-team-ubuntu-ui-toolkit-staging-vivid-amd64-autolanding/18/console10:23
t1mpany ideas what's going on there?10:23
t1mpheh, nevermind.. it started to work 1s after I pasted the link here :)10:24
* sil2100 is confused11:01
sil2100seb128: ok, I see robru changed the versioning code some time ago and this causes this particular case not working anymore, but it's a bit hard to find what his change was for11:04
brendandogra_, i can't play videos from the scope, could that possibly be related to the cgproxy issue?11:24
ogra_can you start apps ?11:24
brendandogra_, yes11:25
ogra_cgproxy makes that fail11:25
brendandogra_, i can start other apps11:25
ogra_once it got into the hang state11:25
ogra_right, then it isnt that11:25
brendandogra_, and media player is launching so it must be some problem with the scope11:25
brendandpete-woods, thostr_ ?11:26
ogra_brendand, i can ply them here11:26
sil2100brendand: it's on a vanilla 169, right?11:26
sil2100Works here as well11:26
ogra_youtube as well as local11:27
brendandsil2100, ogra_ - yes i'm sure it's a transient issue11:27
thostr_brendand: let me give it a shot11:27
brendandsil2100, ogra_ - but i'd like to find out what's going on before rebooting and making the issue disappear11:27
brendandthostr_, it will probably work for you11:27
brendandthostr_, i just want to debug it11:27
ogra_brendand, check url-dispatcher logs11:27
brendandogra_, that's what i'm thinking11:28
ogra_brendand, also i'm seeing quite a few scoperunner crash files here11:28
ogra_not sure if thats related11:28
brendandunity8-dash is getting a BadUrl crash11:28
pete-woodsogra_: any time *any* scope crashes, it's basically the scoperunner that dies. you need to look at the command line args in the crash file to see what scope it actually was11:28
brendandBadURL: video:///media/phablet/4D3E-F9E1/tears_of_steel_1080p_H264_24fps.mov11:29
ogra_pete-woods, k11:29
ogra_smells like we had that before :)11:29
pete-woodswe crash because of a bad URL?11:29
pete-woodsseems a bit ott11:29
ogra_brendand, try local files11:29
pete-woodsor is it a recoverable error?11:29
ogra_(non SD ones)11:30
brendandogra_, pete-woods - BadURL: video:///home/phablet/Videos/test_videos/IMG_2107.MOV11:30
brendandpete-woods, yes it's RecoverableProblem11:30
brendandpete-woods, still the video doesn't launch11:30
pete-woodsyeah, sure11:30
pete-woodsjust wanted to check it wasn't actually crashing the dash11:30
pete-woodsas that would be quite bad11:30
pete-woodsas the URL handler for video:// been hosed somehow?11:31
ogra_ok, then it isnt "cant play from SD" ... which was the bug i was thinking of11:31
thostr_ogra_: yes, seems like it as it works for local local files11:31
mandelMirv, is there a way to find out the version of nm that we have on vivid on the build servers? I believe that we have a version mismatch11:31
ogra_thostr_, no, it doesnt ... see brendand's last error11:32
pete-woodsthostr_: brendand's error is a local file11:32
ogra_the first one was SD11:32
ogra_the second was local11:32
brendandthostr_, please bear in mind it only seems to be me having this issue11:32
brendandthostr_, i want to figure out why before it goes away11:33
pete-woodsbrendand: can you just confirm that URL definitely exists?11:33
thostr_brendand: sure, but that is still worrying11:33
pete-woodsi.e. the path has been read correctly, and got munged anywhere11:33
brendandpete-woods, it certainly exists11:35
Mirvmandel: the 'nm' from binutils? it seems there's a new binutils in -proposed (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/binutils) from doko, possibly the -proposed one is in use11:36
pete-woodsbrendand: can I get those videos from anywhere?11:36
thostr_pete-woods: I have some of those as well11:36
mandelMirv, the issue we have is that udm relies on a new property in nm called PrimaryConnectionType my fix atm is to crash when we miss that property and state why..  maybe I should update the deps to include nm11:37
brendandpete-woods, most of them are from the media-hub test plan11:37
pete-woodsokay, thank11:37
brendandpete-woods, actually no - they're from your test plan :P https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Process/Merges/TestPlan/localmediascopes11:38
cjwatsonmandel: I think you're talking about network-manager while Mirv is talking about /usr/binnm11:38
pete-woodshmm, I should already have then on my SD card then11:38
brendandpete-woods, tbh i don't think it's the media type11:38
mandelMirv, oh, sorry I mean network manager, sorry11:38
mandelcjwatson, thx ;)11:38
brendandpete-woods, i've tried all the videos i can11:38
pete-woodsbrendand: yeah, I just want to recreate your exact test setup11:38
pete-woodsI don't want to assume what it is or isn't11:39
cjwatsonIt would seem implausible that the build servers would have network-manager preinstalled; you should be able to see the version they're installing in the build log11:39
thostr_pete-woods: bunny works for me11:39
cjwatsonbut "the build servers" is kind of vague, state a specific build :)11:39
Mirvmandel: right :) so network-manager is not pre-installed indeed11:39
mandelMirv, so that could be the issue, I'll add it as a dep with a precise version and we should be ok11:40
brendandi don't think url-dispatcher.log should have ** (process:2036): WARNING **: Unable to create tables: database is locked in it11:45
brendandand then '** (process:2036): CRITICAL **: url_db_find_url: assertion 'db != NULL' failed' lots of times11:45
brendandso looks like a url-dispatcher bug - i wonder is it known?11:46
pete-woodsbrendand: yes. that looks very serious11:47
pete-woodsnot sure if it's known11:48
pete-woodsmaybe there's a zombie URL dispatcher11:48
pete-woodsand upstart has tried to create another instance11:48
ogra_or your disk is full ?11:48
pete-woodsalso a good idea :)11:48
brendandogra_, ? first time i booted11:48
brendandogra_, hardly likely11:48
ogra_any fs corruption issues in dmesg ? ...11:48
brendandogra_, what should i grep for?11:49
ogra_dunno, just take a look if anything sticks out at the end11:50
ogra_dmesg -T |tail11:50
ogra_(sudo ...)11:50
brendandogra_, nothing obvious11:51
brendandogra_, well restarting url-dispatcher recovers the situation11:51
pete-woodsbrendand: so are there multiple URL dispatchers11:51
pete-woodstoo late11:51
ogra_then it was a hung process11:51
pete-woodsmy comment was supposed to be a question11:55
brendandogra_, sil2100 - i'm investigating it, but there's a possibility the pulseaudio landing caused some serious issues with receiving calls during media playback12:16
brendandogra_, sil2100 - so just be prepared for that12:16
sil2100brendand: doesn't sound good - give us a sign once you know more12:20
sil2100Not sure if it makes sense to poke Ricardo before we're sure it's causing issues12:20
brendandsil2100, there's also a definite problem with address-book, but we don't know when that appeared12:21
sil2100It had to be in the RC as well, since we didn't land anything related recently12:21
sil2100What's up?12:21
ogra_rsalveti, ^^^12:27
* rsalveti reads12:27
rsalvetibrendand: what is the issue exactly? I can try reproducing it here12:28
rsalvetiwonder if we had that fix in media-hub to pause playback when getting a call on rtm12:29
rsalvetiI know that is already in vivid12:29
rsalvetiprobably not in rtm12:29
mandelMirv, fix pushed to https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-download-manager/adapt-network-changes/+merge/242083 that fixes the si issues in the build servers12:30
mandelMirv, do you need anything else?12:30
rsalvetibrendand: ogra_: /run/initramfs/e2fsck.out should tell if e2fsck found something after a reboot12:30
rsalvetiand dmesg as well, as said already12:30
ogra_rsalveti, oh, yeah, i was more after current corruption happening on write or some such12:31
rsalvetibrendand: what is the issue that you had? working fine here at least12:36
Mirvmandel: well you probably need to rebuild the silo so that it can be published again?12:41
popeyso is everyone from USA going to be on vacation tomorrow/friday?12:43
ogra_except the turkeys12:43
davmor2popey: not any more I bet ;)12:43
Mirvmandel: I kicked a new build at https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-015-1-build/78/console12:44
seb128sil2100, so what should we do? just bump the changelog version?12:45
sil2100seb128: no no, I have a fix I'll push in a moment12:54
seb128sil2100, thanks12:54
rsalvetiogra_: sil2100: from what I tested here it seems sound is fine when receiving calls, waiting brendand to give more info on his bug13:00
ogra_yeah, he seems to find all the weird unreproducable bits today :P13:00
sil2100rsalveti: well, that's why I didn't want to poke you about it yet...13:00
sil2100Since even brendand mentioned he's investigating13:00
sil2100So I wanted to wait for confirmation before taking your time ;)13:00
olli_popey, pretty much13:11
* sil2100 goes to lunch, be back in ~1h13:18
sil2100seb128: the fix now waits for CI, it should be done after lunch13:19
seb128sil2100, great, thanks13:19
Mirvmandel: the packages have been now built again. I marked the silo back to not tested.13:32
sil2100brendand, olli_, ogra_: any news on the audio issues?14:19
* ogra_ hasnt heard anything 14:19
ogra_(hah ... pun)14:19
brendandsil2100, oh - i reproduced it it on #16814:19
brendandsil2100, so it's not a regression caused by pulseaudio14:19
sil2100ah, so it's older14:19
* Mirv almost runs unity8 on qt 5.4.0 beta... ship it!14:21
sil2100Mirv: like the 'almost' part ;)14:22
Mirvsil2100: unity8 builds now when patched, so that's half way! :)14:23
mandelMirv, great, I'll retest in the phone and will update the spreadsheet14:23
Mirvit might even run actually but I have one 100% required module still which refuses to build14:23
davmor2Mirv: 1/414:23
Mirvdavmor2: sometimes 1/1014:24
davmor2Mirv: 1 1millionth of a % ?14:24
sil2100Mirv: :D14:25
Mirvactually the module might not even be needed (even though it's included on images) but it fails for some other reason xyz14:26
olli_brendand, a non-issue then?14:29
ogra_an issue ... but older14:30
olli_man, I am so focused on that darn GM14:30
brendandolli_, i'm not sure yet how reproducible it is14:31
olli_non-issue for GM promotion14:31
brendandolli_, i certainly seem to be able to a lot14:31
brendandolli_, but i haven't heard from anyone else yet14:31
sil2100brendand: could you ask someone else from QA to try and repro as well?14:31
brendandsil2100, i have14:31
olli_brendand, got a bug with repro steps?14:32
brendandolli_, not yet14:32
olli_happy to give it a spin14:33
olli_just so I can say wfm of course :)14:33
jibelI tried on 169 but couldn't reproduce14:35
brendandolli_, well the bug is receiving a call while playing some media14:44
ogra_which is fixed in vivid14:44
brendandolli_, it doesn't always happen, but sometimes the phone will not ring14:44
olli_ogra_, if it's fixed then there is a bug id, got that for me?14:54
ogra_rsalveti, ^^^remember from the top of your head ?14:55
sil2100Mirv: btw. do you have a vivid machine?14:58
sil2100Mirv: by vivid machine I mean a desktop ;)14:59
sil2100Mirv: since I tested the appmenu-qt5 for utopic, but not vivid yet (didn't upgrade yet)15:00
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sil2100Mirv: if such testing is enough for you, I suppose the vivid silo for appmenu can land :)15:05
Mirvsil2100: yeah. the menus seem to work fine in Qt5 apps with vivid + Qt 5.4.0 beta!15:06
sil2100Ok, then let me publish that15:06
Mirvthanks a lot! I like that I can cross off appmenu-qt5 from my list of "needs manual patching", ie. I can do no-change rebuilds.15:06
Mirv5.4 RC should be out later this week, I'll retest rebuilding everything after I get that packaged15:07
sil2100alesage: hey!15:10
sil2100alesage: quick question: are you also working on autopilot?15:11
om26erseb128, Hello!15:14
seb128om26er, hey15:14
om26erseb128, my phone is currently in a state where I change the ringtone but it is actually not getting changed. Even though settings app shows the new ringtone selected.15:15
om26erseb128, any logs you want to look at ?15:15
seb128om26er, you can try looking at the system-settings one in .cache/upstart15:16
om26erseb128, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9251122/15:17
om26erI see the warning:15:17
om26erWARNING - unable to set key 'incomingCallSound' to value....15:17
seb128om26er, indeed it has15:17
seb1282014-11-26 15:09:44,577 - WARNING - unable to set key 'incomingCallSound' to value '/usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/ringtones/Array mbira.ogg'15:17
seb128om26er, what happens if you run15:18
seb128gdbus call -y -d org.freedesktop.Accounts -o /org/freedesktop/Accounts/User32011 -m org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.Get com.ubuntu.touch.AccountsService.Sound IncomingCallSound15:18
om26erseb128, returns the link to the current ringtone15:18
rsalvetiolli_: brendand: ogra_: if not even ringing that is a different issue15:23
rsalvetiand I don't think it's related with my latest landing15:23
sil2100rsalveti: it's not related for sure15:23
olli_om26er, that's known imho15:23
sil2100rsalveti: as brendand reproduced it in 168, so before your changes :)15:23
rsalvetiright :-)15:23
om26erolli_, oh, k. Thats good to know. I'll find the bug.15:24
olli_om26er, otp, might be able to pull it up for you15:24
sil2100seb128: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-022-1-build/39/console15:27
seb128sil2100, great, thanks!15:27
sil2100seb128: the merge took longer than expected, but at least it's deployed now and working15:27
seb128sil2100, good job! :-)15:27
seb128Laney, tedg, do you know how to manually set the ringtone using a command line?15:32
seb128Laney, tedg, I tried that15:32
seb128$ gdbus call -y -d org.freedesktop.Accounts -o /org/freedesktop/Accounts/User32011 -m org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.Set com.ubuntu.touch.AccountsService.Sound IncomingCallSound '<"/usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/ringtones/Ubuntu.ogg">'15:32
seb128but there is an auth error15:32
seb128"Error: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.Accounts.Error.PermissionDenied: Authentication is required15:32
seb128(According to introspection data, you need to pass 'ssv')15:32
seb128om26er is getting a " WARNING - unable to set key" on his devices15:33
seb128trying to figure out if that's accounts-daemon being in a buggy state or what15:33
Laneytried it from where?15:33
seb128adb shell15:33
LaneyI doubt that's got the auth15:33
Laneyput it in a script and use the terminal15:34
seb128om26er, ^15:34
seb128Laney, any other idea how to debug the settings got getting a "unable to set key" in its log?15:34
Laneywhere does that warning come from?15:35
Laneythat string isn't in uss15:35
seb128not sure15:36
seb128Laney, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9251122/15:36
seb128that's the uss log15:36
Laneyseb128: well then15:41
Laneythat warning comes from gsettings-qt15:41
seb128do we write to both gsettings and accountsservice?15:41
* seb128 checks which one telephony-service is using15:41
alex-abreutrainguards can I have a silo for L58?15:45
sil2100alex-abreu: hey! Sure, but it's not set as ready :)15:46
sil2100alex-abreu: so we didn't know if it's ready for a silo15:46
alex-abreusil2100, arg sorry my fault :)15:46
seb128Laney, it seems it reads it from accountsservice, so the warning is maybe another issue, or point to the system being in weird state15:46
alex-abreusil2100, you are right :)15:46
seb128om26er, is that the only thing not working? does changing e.g the lockscreen image works?15:46
om26erseb128, lockscreen image changing works, yes.15:47
Laneywe kept writing to gsettings for a compatibility period15:47
sil2100alex-abreu: \o/ assigning :)15:47
LaneyI guess it didn't get dropped15:47
seb128om26er, well, the dbus Get command, does the value change according to what you select in the UI?15:48
alex-abreusil2100, thx :)15:48
om26erseb128, now it seems to be working fine again (automagically)15:49
seb128om26er, hum, k, no debugging then :/15:49
om26erseb128, and no when the ringtone setting was not changing I saw the change in UI but the command that you gave always returns the default ringtone15:50
om26erseb128, davmor2 was also able to reproduce the bug15:50
om26erdavmor2, yo ^15:50
seb128om26er, ok, it's like accountsservice had some issues, nothing about it in syslog?15:50
seb128or apport logs15:50
davmor2seb128: so for me I was able to change initially to bliss but then it wouldn't change from bliss15:50
seb128davmor2, do you still have the issue?15:51
davmor2I can look at my logs in a minute15:51
davmor2seb128: I rebooted about 8 times but let me check15:51
jhodappsil2100, can you please land vivid silo 1 please?15:51
sil2100alex-abreu: hmmm, unity-webapps-qml seems to be already in silo 1815:51
om26erseb128, no apport logs, and syslog does not seem to have anything relevant15:52
jhodappsil2100, heh, you got a double please :)15:52
sil2100jhodapp: on it!15:52
jhodappsil2100, thanks!15:52
sil2100hm, dashboard doesn't say it's tested yet15:52
jhodappsil2100, yeah where is that comment? I just tested it and updated the spreadsheet15:53
alex-abreusil2100, ah, yes, should I reconf & add the L58 MR to silo 18 then ?15:53
sil2100alex-abreu: I guess you can, if you think both things can land together :)15:53
alex-abreusil2100, they can, ok I do it now15:53
davmor2seb128: I have been able to change once again but can't change back from that now, let me grab you some logs15:53
sil2100jhodapp: the spreadsheet doesn't indicate it being updated - could you make sure by reloading that it really is? :)15:54
jhodappsil2100, sure15:54
sil2100Anyway, I trust that you tested it and publish anyways15:54
sil2100Just want the numbers to be right on the spreadsheet later15:54
alex-abreusil2100, ok done, so no more extra silo needed15:55
jhodappsil2100, done15:55
seb128davmor2, is the UI not changing or what?15:55
sil2100alex-abreu: excellent, let me remove the landing then15:55
davmor2seb128: the ui is change the ringtone when you call the phone isn't15:55
sil2100robru: hmmm... not sure why, but the spreadsheet seems broken in some regard15:57
davmor2seb128: so I changed from bliss to harp arp and now I get harp arp, I changed from harp arp to koto chords (which shows correctly in the ui but when I ring the phone I still get harp arp15:57
sil2100robru: it seems that it clears the 'assigned silo' field but doesn't mark the silo as Landed15:57
sil2100robru: so we have a lot of silos that are landed but are stuck at 'migrating'15:57
seb128davmor2, what is15:58
seb128$ gdbus call -y -d org.freedesktop.Accounts -o /org/freedesktop/Accounts/User32011 -m org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.Get com.ubuntu.touch.AccountsService.Sound IncomingCallSound15:58
davmor2(<'/usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/ringtones/Koto chords.ogg'>,)15:59
=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
pmcgowandavmor2, known bug16:00
davmor2pmcgowan: do you have it to hand?16:00
ubot5Error: launchpad bug 1392222 not found16:01
alesagesil2100, did you get your autopilot question answered?16:01
sil2100alesage: no, not really - my question is not much about autopilot itself but about finiding people that could look into an autopilot crash we're seeing, so I would like first some autopilot maintainers to take a look at it16:02
sil2100alesage: since during smoketesting for vivid we're still seeing autopilot crashes from time to time with a strange traceback16:02
davmor2pmcgowan: thanks dude :)16:03
alesagesil2100, ok--the primaries for this are thomi and veebers still, possibly elopio brendand or I can help ^^16:03
alesagesil2100, maybe a bug to begin?16:04
brendandsil2100, i haven't been watching vivid too closely16:04
brendandsil2100, i probably should16:04
sil2100brendand, alesage: need to dig if we have a bug for it already, but it's the crash psivaa was poking us about16:05
sil2100psivaa: are you still around?16:05
psivaasil2100: yes, reading the background16:05
sil2100psivaa: I'm trying to ask some autopilot-experts to take a look at that autopilot crash, do you remember if we had a bug for this?16:06
=== karni is now known as karni-afk
sil2100psivaa: the one from vivid16:06
seb128om26er, davmor2, pmcgowan, Laney, yeah, telephony-service issue and known, cf bug pmcgowan pointed, we just need to get that fix in ota and should be ok16:06
psivaasil2100: i dont remember reporting a bug for that16:06
om26erseb128, super.16:07
alesagesil2100, psivaa, appears brendand is away, I have some work to clear but will carry to thomi and veebers for mtg in a few hours if that's adequate...16:07
sil2100psivaa: sorry to ask for that again, but do you have that python traceback handy for this crash? ;)16:08
brendandalesage, no i'm not! not in this channel anyway :P16:08
brendand(yes i was marked away on internal irc)16:08
sil2100We could then give it to alesage and/or fill in a bug16:08
Laneyseb128: okay, shame it was a private bug16:08
alesagesneaky ;)16:08
seb128Laney, indeed :/16:09
psivaasil2100: alesage http://paste.ubuntu.com/9251820/ is the traceback16:09
psivaasil2100: was looking for it :)16:10
alesagepsivaa, sil2100 investigating a little16:10
sil2100psivaa: thank you!16:11
psivaanp :)16:11
sil2100jibel, brendand: so, when looking currently after running those ~340 tests from the regression test suite - do you think we're promotable so far?16:18
sil2100jibel, brendand: since I saw some failures, most of them in the multimedia suite16:18
jibelsil2100, we'll discuss in 10 minutes and tell you in 4016:19
sil2100jibel: thanks :)16:19
alesagesil2100, my diagnosis: tests added for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-system-settings/+bug/1395709 may have broken, need to get someone on our side to help triage further, may wait for kiwis to wake16:21
ubot5Launchpad bug 1395709 in indicator-sound (Ubuntu) "Silence mode goes unchecked after 1 second" [Undecided,New]16:21
robrusil2100: ah, I think this is caused by automatic merging ;-) the silos vanish before the spreadsheet realizes what's going on.16:26
sil2100robru: automatic merging is too fast! Tell it to slow dooown!16:35
robrusil2100: ok I have an experimental fix in the spreadsheet that should be able to recognize the new fast-merging silos and mark them as landed.16:42
sil2100robru: thanks!16:43
sil2100rsalveti: ah, btw.! The pulseaudio fix - was it rtm specific, or do we need to get the same fix into vivid as well?16:49
rsalvetisil2100: rtm specific, we need a proper change for vivid16:49
rsalvetidiscussion on going with upstream16:49
rsalvetias the rtm change is a partial fix16:49
sil2100Thanks for the info16:50
rsalvetiit's a fix for our issue, but not complete from the pulse perspective16:50
sil2100robru, ogra_: meeting!17:03
ogra_sil2100, on my way ... running over with the other one17:03
sil2100plars: even though there's not much we need to poke you about this time, but a meeting reminder for you as well :)17:04
AlbertAtrainguards: looks like mir has now made it to vivid-release, yey!  can I clean/merge the silo 009 now?17:04
plarssil2100: sure, brt17:04
sil2100AlbertA: sure, let me do that so that there's no confusion, since a skip flag needs t obe used17:04
sil2100AlbertA: yaay finally ;)17:04
AlbertAsil2100: thanks!17:04
ogra_AlbertA, sorry, it took a bit to get this -meta in ... needed to do some manual magic17:05
AlbertAogra_: np, thanks for your help17:06
greyback_trainguards: could I get a silo for line 40 of the spreadsheet - qtmir unblocked now as silo9 landed17:13
robrugreyback_: ok, silo 117:21
greyback_robru: thank you17:21
robrugreyback_: you're welcome17:21
robruAlbertA: vivid.... 9 ;-)17:39
AlbertArobru: heh lucky number 9 :)17:39
=== karni-afk is now known as karni
=== plars changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Need a silo? ping trainguards | Need help with something else? ping cihelp | Train Dashboard: http://bit.ly/1mDv1FS | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: RTM Archive frozen (no new silos landing) ! RTM cron builds disabled
olli_ogra_, ping19:05
ogra_olli_, yo19:07
olli_ogra_, any recommendation where to add the wiki re bug mgmt?19:07
ogra_olli_, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/ ... make it https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/BugRules .. or BugManagement19:08
ogra_or perhaps just Bugs19:09
* ogra_ likes it short :) 19:09
sergiusenstrainguards can you publish ^ ?19:17
robrusergiusens: sorry was on lunch. published19:22
AlbertAtrainguards: can you publish silo 009?19:23
sergiusensrobru: no worries, thanks19:25
robrusergiusens: you're welcome19:25
robruAlbertA: published19:25
sergiusensrobru: is the publisher slower today?20:13
robrusergiusens: dunno20:14
robrucjwatson: is there a problem with proposed migration? seems it hasn't run in nearly an hour.20:15
robrucjwatson: nm20:43
bzoltanrobru:  may i ask for a quick silo? ^20:51
robrubzoltan: I believe you just did! vivid 3 ;-)20:52
bzoltanrobru:  thanks :) It was an easy but important fix ...21:46
robrubzoltan: you're welcome!21:46
bzoltanrobru:  I am done with the UITK testing from the silo19. All tests are OK and the logs are pushed to the regular places. There is one important note: The Weather app is/was using a deprecated private (!!!) function what is not correct. That private function has now a public version what will be supported.22:21
bzoltanpopey:  would you please make sure that my single line fix for the Weather app makes it to the app store?22:22
popeybzoltan: sure.22:39
bzoltanpopey: thanks22:40
robrubzoltan: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-019-2-publish/46/console please approve your merges23:21

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