josepopey: hey, podcast.ubuntu-uk.org seems to be down01:37
skellatjose: traceroute hits their server okay so it may be software02:35
bkerensanigelb: are you coming to Portland for All Hands next week?05:25
nigelbbkerensa: yep, I look forward to meeting you!05:44
bkerensanigelb: we met last year06:03
nigelbbkerensa: I remember. I meant to say "again".06:27
bkerensanigelb: very cool well safe travels and see you Monday :)06:54
nigelbbkerensa: you know what's the best part?06:57
nigelbI'm finishing another round of travel06:58
nigelbheading back to india today from tanzania.06:58
dholbachgood morning07:52
dholbachhi czajkowski08:08
* dholbach relocates, brb09:57
popeyjose: thanks! fixed10:38
czajkowskipopey: still on for co working Guildford tomorrow :D11:16
popeypossibly. my mum fell and broke her arm this week while I was away, may need to help her. will see11:16
czajkowskioh no11:17
czajkowskinot a problem totally understand11:18
czajkowskihope she's ok though11:18
* dholbach hugs dpm13:23
* dpm hugs dholbach back13:38
popeymhall119: http://ubuntuonair.com/ says "2014-11-26 15:00 UTC" which is in 1 hour and 5 minutes. Yet in your calendar you have it for in 5 minutes?13:57
mhall119right, should be 140013:59
mhall119fixed it14:00
balloonsmhall119, is that another permanent change?>14:12
mhall119balloons: it's always been 1400 UTC, it's the rest of us that changed14:13
dholbachteam call?16:01
pleia2cloud people, where can I find the folks who handle the packages included in the cloud archive?19:30
pleia2have an openstacky person looking to get another componenet included and I'm not sure where to send her19:30
mhall119pleia2: #juju probably contains most of those people19:30
mhall119or #ubuntu-server19:31
pleia2I'll start with -server ;)19:31
pleia2thanks mhall11919:37
mhall119pleia2: if that doesn't get you who you need, let me know and I'll poke people19:39
pleia2will do, much appreciated :)19:40

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