Noskcajdarkxst, Is there anything i should be doing while we wait for new gtk?07:40
darkxstNoskcaj, see https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntugnome-brainstorming/+spec/packaging-vv-roadmap07:41
darkxstbut yeh nearly everything is blocked on gtk07:42
eliaspsAny admin of the Ubuntu GNOME's facebook page here? There is a spam answer to the latest post, which I think needs to be deleted.11:15
amjjawadeliasps, which post?11:16
amjjawadeliasps, user banned ;)11:17
eliaspsHey Ali. Good :)11:17
amjjawadeliasps, ;)11:17
amjjawadthey have no chance with me11:17
eliaspsYeah, I deal with spammers all the time on social media. Blocking is the only affective solution11:18
amjjawadeliasps, yes11:19
amjjawadyou're part of the marketing now, correct?11:20
amjjawadI may need you to be in charge on the social media11:21
amjjawadIn fact, all the marketing dept should11:22
amjjawadlet's make the announcement first ;) you guys have new TL11:22
amjjawadand we need acting TL as well11:22
amjjawadI explained that on my long email11:22
eliaspsNo problem on that. I can handle it. If that changes somehow I'll make sure to inform you and the team members so there will always be an active administrator.11:24
amjjawadit is not the spam I am worried about11:25
amjjawadfor a year and a half, spam and spammers really few11:25
amjjawadwe need general information and general chat between us as the team and the users11:25
amjjawadall our recruitments are based on the social media11:26
eliaspsFrom my experience the key to social media administration is to keep posting the news and developments of the community. Ubuntu GNOME's priority and Ubuntu General as well, because it affects all the systems.11:26
amjjawadI do my best to keep these channels active but I am always hungry for more11:26
eliaspsPlus, user interaction is vital11:26
amjjawadthis is what I do for one year and a half :)11:26
amjjawadbut it is draining all my energy and time because I am the only one who is doing that11:27
amjjawadAlferdo is helping every now and then but that is not enough11:27
amjjawadwe need more11:27
amjjawadthe whole team must be in charge11:27
eliaspsI can see how that can be exhausting.11:27
amjjawadI take care of the official announcement while you guys can handle the general stuff11:28
amjjawadnot to mention, I have so many pages to handle on different places11:28
amjjawadeach project has 3 channels11:28
amjjawadToriOS, StartUbuntu, UG, etc11:28
amjjawadx 311:28
amjjawadthat is a huge burden11:28
eliaspsLots of work. I understand11:28
mjaykAfternoon all11:28
amjjawadand this is just ONE area ... did I mention there are 5 other areas only with UG?11:28
eliaspsYes, if not all of them, the majority of the marketing team should be able to administrate the social media11:29
amjjawadthat's the plan this cycle11:29
eliaspsI administrate Ubuntu-gr LoCo social media. But there are a few other contributors with me, really active. And the media works perfect that way11:29
amjjawadmjayk, hi :)11:29
eliaspsHi mjayk11:29
mjaykWas just about to email the mailing list seen as this seams to be active ill dump it here too where would I be of most use to help out for ubuntu gnome as I've used both for years11:31
eliaspsmjayk if you want to help Ubuntu GNOME, it would be best to do it in a way that you enjoy. It would be as productive for you as for Ubuntu GNOME :)11:33
eliaspsFor instance, if you are interested in testing, you should do that, or user support, or anything you like.11:34
eliaspsContributing to Linux should be fun and interesting!11:34
eliaspsBut yeah, It would be good to ask any questions to the mailing list as well, to get more opinions!11:35
mjaykSounds good11:35
amjjawadmjayk, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGNOME/GettingInvolved11:36
mjaykgood link i had a browse of that last night11:38
amjjawadmjayk, take your time11:45
amjjawadwe're not going anywhere :D11:45
amjjawadand here is a breaking news11:46
mjayki hope not ;)11:46
amjjawadUbuntu GNOME is the best community ever :D11:46
mjaykIve run gnome on my own with ubuntu for ages but just recently used the actual gnome-ubuntu iso for 14.0411:46
mjaykfigured i should have done that a while a go11:46
amjjawadmjayk, community wise, and system wise, we are the best :D11:47
amjjawadokay, let's be humble11:47
amjjawadone of the best :D11:47
amjjawadmjayk, are you Matthew?11:48
eliasps_Frustrating thing here, when the weather get windy, the throubles with the internet begin :P11:48
mjaykI am indeed oO11:48
amjjawadeliasps, sorry to know that11:49
amjjawadmjayk, I am afraid I can not approve your request11:49
amjjawadyes, I am one of the main leaders of his project11:49
amjjawadyet, I am not a developer :)11:49
=== eliasps_ is now known as eliasps
mjaykoh for the packaging team ?11:49
amjjawaddarkxst, needs to approve that request of yours11:49
amjjawaddarkxst, is the head of devs11:49
amjjawadI am the community leader11:50
amjjawadI handle everything except codes and artwork :)11:50
mjaykcool whilst im not an IT person I do the packaging for our debain lab servers so ive done that before figured it would be a good place to sstart11:50
amjjawadmjayk, I have an idea11:51
amjjawadbeside that, what other skills do you have?11:51
mjaykI have all the skills ;)11:51
mjaykim a physicist erm i do modelling have a good grasp of most internety things11:51
mjaykamjjawad: thats a hard question to answer lol11:52
amjjawadI meant11:52
amjjawadwe have 9 different areas11:52
amjjawadcheck our sub-teams please11:53
mjaykah yes i looked at them11:53
mjaykI figured the packaging was a good place to start as I had exp. Otherwise the ones that interest me are Documentation, Communications and probably testing :)11:53
amjjawadwe need testers11:54
amjjawadwe need people in marketing11:54
amjjawadhow good are you when it comes to dealing with people?11:55
mjaykI like to think im good with people11:56
amjjawadis that yes or no?11:56
mjaykits a yes :)11:56
amjjawadlet's start with testing and marketing?11:57
amjjawadhow about that?11:57
mjaykthat sounds good to me be more than happy11:57
amjjawadthere is a process you need to follow which is on the page I sent you. That page has several links and each link is a must-read11:57
amjjawadtake a free advice from someone who has been around for 4 years doing tons of things at the same time and burned out 10000 times :D11:57
mjaykYes im currently making my way through them11:58
amjjawadbe involved with 1 or 2 areas only11:58
amjjawadlearn how to walk, then start running after that11:58
amjjawadthe period of time that you will need is all depending on you11:58
amjjawadI joined Ubuntu GNOME in July 2013 as a QA leader11:58
amjjawadin a month, I became a team leader of 5 different sub-teams11:58
amjjawadit is all depending on how fast you learn and apply11:59
mjaykSo im just having a look at the communications team page11:59
amjjawadtake your itme11:59
amjjawadI must update that page11:59
amjjawadmaybe the new team leader will do that :D11:59
amjjawadas I am stepping down from that sub-team and keep low profile11:59
amjjawadeliasps, how about to fill a role?12:00
amjjawadeliasps, testier + acting team leader?12:00
amjjawadthe marketing sub-team needs lots of love12:00
eliaspsLike I said, I'm willing to contribute to the team any way I can, so yeah12:01
amjjawadhow much people in Greece love Linux and into Linux?12:02
eliaspsNot too many, but those who do are very committed. There is a tremendous amount of work that gets done in Greek Linux communities12:02
eliaspsThat's what inspired me in the first place12:03
amjjawadso, in your opinion, how many we can invite to join us?12:03
amjjawadwe need more manpower12:03
eliaspsI check for that and I'll inform you. diamond_gr is already on board. Most of the community members are dealing with user support on our forums and media12:04
amjjawadI just have a feeling that you guys can do wonders12:05
amjjawadthe speed you guys translated our pages was impressive12:05
eliaspsUnfortunately not everyone is familiar with the wiki syntax12:05
amjjawadwith the same speed, if we managed to spread the word of Ubuntu GNOME12:05
amjjawadthat would be amazing12:06
amjjawadwe don't need lots of wiki editor12:06
amjjawadwe need people who never stop talking and writing12:06
amjjawadwe need PR and Marketing people12:06
amjjawadspreading the word of UG12:06
eliaspsdiamond_gr and I are trying to spread the word of Ubuntu GNOME in Greece. Via the forums, the media and ubuntugnome.gr12:06
amjjawadnot only in Greece12:07
amjjawadwe need else where too12:07
amjjawadLet's see how you guys will do ;)12:07
amjjawadI will hand over the marketing team to you12:07
amjjawadyou have one cycle :D12:07
amjjawaddazzle me :P12:07
amjjawadand I trust you can indeed dazzle everyone12:08
eliaspsYeah, through marketing and promotion everything is possible.12:08
amjjawadhope so12:09
mjaykI have a question which you may beable to answer12:12
amjjawadmjayk, ask :)12:13
mjaykwhat is the idea of ubuntu gnome is it to provide a ubuntu os with a base as close to stock gnome as possible12:13
mjaykor is it to provide a distanced os which has a ubunttu base12:13
mjaykdoes that make sence12:13
amjjawadmjayk, the answer to your Q is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGNOME#Introduction12:14
amjjawadgive users the ability to use Ubuntu with different flavor, that is GNOME12:15
amjjawadwe share the same core system and same repositories but different DE and default apps12:15
mjaykyes so i see that, and get its the same core system12:16
eliaspsAs a fun of both Ubuntu and GNOME I think it combines everything that was missing from Ubuntu.12:16
amjjawadwe have the same release schedule, etc12:16
mjaykbut what i mean is how do people feel generally within the group about modifications of gnome shipped by default. I just curious regarding direction.12:16
amjjawadnot sure I got that?12:17
mjaykfor instance as a random example12:17
mjaykhow tied are you to shipping the same default programs that ship with the base gnome install12:17
amjjawadI see12:18
amjjawadwe don't ship the very same ones12:18
mjayklike icon sets themes etc12:18
amjjawadfor example: Ubuntu Software Center12:18
mjaykok so at the moment as far as i understand you ship by default ubuntu + gnome packages is that right ?12:19
amjjawadUbuntu GNOME = Ubuntu + GNOME12:19
eliaspsmjayk I think it's more simple than that. Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution, not counting mint because it's basically Ubuntu as well.12:20
amjjawadbut that does not mean it has 100% Ubuntu and 100% GNOME12:20
eliasps2 reasons for that: easiest installation of software than any other distro (because of availability) and a giant community of contributors12:20
eliaspsGNOME is the most popular desktop environment for Linux, at least it was last time I checked.12:21
eliaspsA combination of those seems great to me, but that's a matter of taste also.12:21
mjayknono i get that and completley agree with you eliasps what i mean is lets say you want to ship some extra software by default or cut software out by default is that part of the project or is the idea to follow ubuntu's and gnome's default packages as closely as possible12:21
amjjawadthere is no such thing as the perfect or the best system :)12:22
amjjawadit is a matter of personal opinion12:22
amjjawadmjayk, we can change the default apps if we wish12:22
amjjawadwe control what we ship, somehow12:22
eliaspsI get what you mean mjayk ;) I'm just expressing  my point of view. The preinstalled packages are of great importance of course, but on the other hand, installing and removing packages are 2 commands away.12:25
eliaspsBringing the GNOME Desktop as its developers intended and keeping the Ubuntu touch (not the phone os :P) is the golden ratio for me12:26
eliaspsAnd I am all for customization. Nothing stays in its default state on my computer :P12:26
eliaspsI just love the fact that you can tweak the system any way you want12:27
amjjawadmjayk, you just got approved but one of the team leaders and you just deactivated that :P12:28
amjjawadno worries, good call ;)12:28
amjjawadlet's think about packaging later12:28
mjaykamjjawad: i got approved but then deactivated because the person who approved me said he wasnt ment to approve people :)12:29
mjayki did nothing :)12:29
amjjawadno worries12:29
mjaykeliasps: I agree, and I understand that all of this has alot to do with personal preference and getting the "golden ratio" can be very difficult12:30
eliaspsYes, the golden ratio is different for each user. That's why a distribution comes in a neutral state and the user tweaks it as he wants. That was one of the first things that impressed me on linux12:31
eliaspshow each desktop is so different, personalized!12:31
mjaykits one of the reasons i use it : )12:32
eliaspsBy the way, welcome to the teams! Contribution is always appreciated. That's what is moving the community forward.12:32
eliaspsMe too12:32
LinDolhi all13:53
MrChrisDruifI just wanted to say I really like how smooth Ubuntu GNOME has been =)20:59
MrChrisDruifJust one small issue: on my laptop if I attach an external monitor it only shows an image on the attached monitor, not the one from my laptop itself.21:03
mjaykAfternoon all21:37

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