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duflualf__: Is glmark2 designed to finish in a fixed time or vary according to GPU power?07:33
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alf__duflu: fixed time (test parameter 'duration' default is 10 seconds)09:07
duflualf__: Right, so a slow machine won't take it over an hour then09:07
alf__duflu: right09:08
dufluRemind me not to try and fix bugs so much. Fixing the fixes takes so much time that the feature development halts :)09:32
alan_gJust don't put the bugs in to start with09:33
duflualan_g: None are mine (?). I'm trying not to victimize their creators09:34
dufluMostly not mine09:34
alan_gIndeed, we all review the MPs09:34
dufluOh and then some devious test reboots my phone09:35
duflualan_g: I remember you suggested making people responsible, back at the sprint. I had thought the same before. The real issue is the person desiring a fix the most is not usually the person who broke it09:36
alan_gI think people should be aware of how they broke something so that they can learn. But one can't be made responsible one has to be it.09:41
dufluOTOH, if someone is a repeat offender, we would be wise to throttle them with bugfix tasks instead of feature development09:44
dufluBut that would be mean too09:44
dufluMore phone testing...09:45
duflualan_g: OK I can reproduce the GLMark2Test hang. It's a visible freeze. Will need to continue tomorrow09:56
dufluVisible on mako09:57
alan_gduflu: that's great - I couldn't reproduce (admittedly I didn't spend very long on it)09:57
duflualan_g: I suspect we're not matching up number of buffer replies with number of requests. Both server and client are starved and idling09:58
alan_gThen you've got processes to poke around in? Even better.09:59
alan_gI'll be glad to see that one gone10:00
duflualan_g: Yeah. Annoyingly seems related to what I'm fixing, but more needs fixing obviously10:00
alan_gduflu: hopefully that means there will be a unified fix that will be obviously correct. (Once you've thought of it.)10:02
duflualan_g: Or many10:02
* alan_g hopes not10:02
dufluOh it's going to be a bug fix week10:03
duflualan_g: Can you track down any more MPs that made it worse?10:05
dufluAlthough I've got two that do it reliably10:06
alan_gI've not noticed any others. But I'll keep track.10:07
dufluHmm, framedropping policy has moved into GlibMainLoop recently10:08
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AlbertAogra_: the mir release is stuck in proposed: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_output.txt14:22
AlbertAogra_: it looks like ubuntu-touch package has a dep on  libmirplatform3driver-android14:23
AlbertAogra_: and looking at the README it seems it is based on the seeds: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/vivid/ubuntu-touch-meta/vivid/view/head:/README14:23
AlbertAogra_: any ideas on how to move forward?14:24
ogra_by dropping it ;)14:25
ogra_its a bit awkward that we have to update the seeds for such a change ... that means new -meta packages for every ABI bump you guys do14:26
ogra_would be nicer to have a higher level libmir meta package that the seed could depend on14:26
AlbertAogra_: right that's why this new mir release introduces mir-graphics-drivers-android14:27
ogra_(similar to linux vs linux-image vs linux-image-$(uname -r)14:27
ogra_ah, right, so lets land this then :)14:27
AlbertAso do we manually modify the dep lists for ubuntu-touch and land it together with the mir release?14:29
ogra_ubuntu-touch-meta gets generated from the seeds ;)14:30
AlbertAogra_: ok14:31
ogra_i just merged your seed change ... takes a bit to generate the package14:31
ogra_i'll upload asap14:31
AlbertAogra_: ok thanks!14:31
alan_galf__: I'm looking at MirScreencastTest and thinking that the tests that depend on the mock_screencast are really integration tests. (And that the remaining tests don't really prove the feature.) Do you concur?15:24
alf__alan_g: looking15:24
alf__alan_g: I mostly agree. This (like other tests) would like to be true end-to-end tests, but unfortunately that's not possible with our current CI infrastructure.15:31
alf__alan_g: Also what is an acceptance vs integration tests in our current architectur is somewhat fuzzy. The "hexagonal architecture" definition of acceptance vs integration is the clearest I have encountered.15:34
* alan_g goes to google15:34
alf__(hexagonal == ports and adapters)15:36
alan_gFrom a quick skim this looks like what I intended to describe at the initiation sprint15:37
alf__alan_g: Makes sense. It's also what the example in the GOOS book finally organically ends up with. Here are some nice diagrams from one of the authors: http://www.natpryce.com/articles/000772.html15:42
alf__alan_g: I like that acceptance tests (tests again the domain model) are different from end-to-end (system) tests.15:44
alan_gSure. And it does fit with our classification. (What system tests we have are in benchmarks or examples and are not very good at reporting pass/fail)15:47
alan_gAnyway, for the current instance, you're happy if I shuffle most of the tests over to integration tests?15:48
alf__alan_g: Sure. If we can easily change some of them to remain in the acceptance tests (and it makes sense to do so), then I would prefer that of course.15:50
alan_gI'm taking reliance on mock_screencast (as opposed to having it around by accident) as the discriminator.15:52
alf__alan_g: Moving them will create some acceptance test gaps (e.g. for the mir_screencast api), but let's fix them properly.15:53
alan_gIt just makes the gap more visible15:54
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alf__alan_g: The MirScreencast test in particular could be probably made to work as acceptance test, if we use our MockGL/EGL infrastructure, which makes sense since EGL/GL is our integration point. We don't have an interface for GL/GLES but we can just use the link-time seam as usual.16:01
alf__alan_g: ... or introduce an interface for it16:02
alan_gYes, but I don't want to take that on right now16:03
alf__alan_g: Understood.16:05
AlbertAgreyback_: mir has released, so no lock on qtmir anymore :)17:09
greyback_AlbertA: yay, thanks17:09
* DalekSec waves to olli_.19:49
olli_camako, DalekSec is representing xubuntu and was helping to gather some xmir compatibility test results back in the day19:52
olli_camako, he had a question if http://unit193.net/wiki/doku.php?id=wiki:mir is still of help19:52
camakoolli_, first time I'm seeing it... It could be useful if it were up to date.21:06

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