ubottuIt is spelt "FEIsty" :)00:04
bazhangshut it bot00:04
bazhangit's alive!00:07
* genii makes more coffee00:07
ubottuBen64 called the ops in #ubuntu ()06:55
* Ben64 pokes everyone06:55
Unit193Abuser k-lined.07:01
kcjMight want to cast your gaze over offtopic.09:14
kipsterTm_T: hi09:20
kipsteri would like to tell  you that you're  a moron09:20
Tm_T!freespeech | kipster09:20
ubottukipster: Please don't pepper the channel with cries of buzzwords like "free speech!", especially when you don't know what they mean or if they're applicable to the current situation. See http://tonyyarusso.com/politics/what-free-speech-isnt for more information.09:20
kipsterTm_T: that is the opposite of free speech09:20
Tm_Tkipster: and?09:20
kipsterby kicking someone because they don't like what he's saying is communism09:21
Tm_Tit's not communism, if I were to put you to working camp that would be (russian style) communism09:21
kipsterso fuck you i shall say what i want when i want because i am american and the first amendment of the constitution is there09:22
Tm_Twe're not in america though09:22
kipsterTm_T: again you show ignorance, russia was never communist09:22
kipsteryou are a moron09:22
Tm_Tkipster: thanks09:22
Tm_Tyou can freely speak what you want in your own room, this is not it though09:22
kipsteryou can ban me all you want i have 450000 proxies to choose from09:23
Tm_Tit doesn't matter09:24
kipsterreally, well i guess i shall go back to ubuntu then09:24
Tm_Tas long as you behave that won't be a problem09:24
kipsteri have the right to say nigger and hate niggers because that is what makes me an american09:25
valoriewoah, another person who makes me proud to be Merkin10:07
ikoniahello MasterPiece13:55
MasterPiecehelloOo ikonia and others :)13:56
ikoniawhat's up, how can the operator team help you today ?13:56
k1l_MasterPiece: anything we can do for you?14:23
MasterPiecek1l_, Nothing except that allow me to keep this place in my channels, I ( am & ) will be polite and conversable14:26
k1l_MasterPiece: this is a team channel and we have a no idle policy for non members. you are free to join if you have issues with the #ubuntu channels. if you want to keep track of what is going on in here you can see the irc logs since this channel is logged14:28
Pici#ubuntu-irc is the channel for Ubuntu operator cooridination, that channel has no special policies, and you may idle there if you wish.14:28
MasterPiecemeans that I can't stay here and be idle ?!14:30
MasterPieceOk, but before leaving here! Can I know the reason of this policy ?14:31
k1l_to have a calm enviroment to solve issue from the more busy ubuntu channels. we dont try to hide something since the channel is logged. you can keep track there, as i mentioned before.14:33
k1l_MasterPiece: is there you reason you need to stay in here besides seeing the logs?14:33
MasterPiecek1l_, I wanna test myself that, Can I join it a long time in order to be an OP or no14:34
MasterPieceok, I'll be leave here! Thanks for your restful behaviors :)14:35
MasterPieceI'll leave here in 4 minutes :) ( I'll listen to any advice to me in this time to be an OP or no )14:36
k1l_!guidelines > HollyCowOS15:56
Pici13:09:43 <?MonkeyDust> Mralexxx  wubi means "will ultimatley be inefficient"18:09
rwwbetter than some things I've called it in #ubuntu18:12
rww"terrible" being one of them18:12
daftykinsheya, i think ubottu's !ati factoid is antiquated since they haven't been called that for a long time. it also points to the generic binary how to.20:10
daftykinssuggested replacement: !amd is: For AMD video cards (the new name for ATI), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD20:10
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto20:12
ikoniais it that link you don't like or the wording pointing at that link ?20:12
daftykinssay a user comes in #ubuntu with AMD graphics trouble20:13
daftykinspointing them to ATI references will add to that confusion :)20:13
ikoniaso is there a problem with the link, or just the wording ?20:13
ikoniawhich link actually provides a better technical solution ?20:13
daftykinsi don't think you've looked at the links20:14
ikoniano I've not20:14
ikoniathats why I'm asking you which one provides a better technical solution20:14
daftykinsati points to the generic page20:14
daftykinsah well you must not have read my statement in much detail then20:14
ikoniaerrr I did20:14
ikoniaI'm just asking you which of the links actually proivdes a better technical solution for th euser20:15
ikoniaI assume you've read both links, so i'm just asking you which is the better actual technical solution20:15
daftykinsthe factoid !ati makes you pick the actual page from the generic page20:15
daftykinsit's not a solution at all20:15
ikoniayes it is20:15
ikoniait points you at the page and you select which one is for you20:15
daftykinsfurthermore... i'm pointing out the deprecation of referring to AMD cards by an ATI factoid20:16
ikoniayes, I can see the value in adding an alias to ati/amd20:16
ikoniaso they both work20:16
daftykinsso the existing !ati can stay, but it'd be nice if AMD existed20:16
daftykinsactually, that entire !ati link seems deprecated20:17
ikoniaI'll review both the links after I've eaten20:18
daftykinsroger that20:18
ubottuThanks for letting us know you are here, someone will be along presently23:39
ubottuHFSPLUS called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()23:39
HFSPLUSnoooo waaaaa23:39

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