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Saviqhey all, I've been trying to move our qml tests to adt, wanted to use schroot for local adt runs16:12
Saviqbut it fails for a somewhat cryptic reason for me: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9251865/16:13
cgoldberghappy early Turkey-Day to all 'muricans !16:50
cgoldbergdavmor2, sup dude.. how goes it?16:52
davmor2hey dude good thanks how's you16:53
cgoldbergdavmor2, i'm good thanks.  running Ubuntu on a shiny new MacBook Retina :)17:00
davmor2cgoldberg: nice was it an early turkey day present17:01
cgoldbergdavmor2, nah.. it's my work rig... everyone I work with uses MacOS... but we deploy on Ubuntu servers.. so I paved my MacBook and installed Trusty17:01
davmor2nice and shiney17:09
balloonsSaviq, if you haven't I'd ping pitti on th+e errors. Also, what version of autopkgtest do you have?17:27
balloonscgoldberg, happy turkey day to you as well!17:27
cgoldbergballoons, thanks.. im gonna eat like a champ tomorrow17:28
alesageballoons, speaking of black friday, and shiny hardware, is it true you compute on a chromebook?  considering one for myself17:43
Saviqballoons, 3.8, and yeah, I'll try and grab pitti tomorrow18:30
balloonsalesage, I've used chromebooks for quite some time, but my last purchase was not a chromebook18:45
balloonsI had the first retail unit and the follow-up one, both samsungs. I like them both. My favorite laptop keyboard is on the one I still have, which the wife uses18:45
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