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dholbachgood morning07:52
progr4merhello guys. can some1 help me to install ubuntu for note 2 (n7100) ?08:21
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Cake Day! \o/10:05
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MirvoSoMoN: FYI webbrowser-app seems to compile fine under Qt 5.4 beta11:37
oSoMoNMirv, that’s good news, thanks :)11:37
aquariusoSoMoN, are you the chap behind the Ubuntu browser?11:38
oSoMoNaquarius, I guess we could say that11:39
aquariusoSoMoN, it would be ncie were its icon added to https://github.com/alrra/browser-logos11:39
oSoMoNaquarius, I’ll look into it, thanks11:40
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sergiusenszbenjamin: did you see that password is now a valid option for u-e create?13:19
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mdeslaurDoes anyone actually have a working emulator? I haven't gotten it to work for months now14:14
mdeslaurAfter I reboot it once, the dash is just a black screen14:14
ogra_mdeslaur, rtm should work14:14
ogra_QA tests it regulary14:15
mdeslaurogra_: I can't get it to work, and neither can other people on my team14:15
zbenjaminsergiusens: orly?14:15
mdeslaurogra_: is there a special way I need to shut it down?14:15
zbenjaminsergiusens: i was looking at that bug yesterday14:16
ogra_mdeslaur, not that i know of ...14:16
ogra_its a few weeks ago i tried the emulator last and it worked for me14:16
sergiusenszbenjamin: yeah, was fixed yesterday (my yesterday, maybe not yours :-D)14:16
mdeslaurogra_: it works on the first run, and then once I shut it down and start it up again, the dash never comes back up14:16
ogra_mdeslaur, i think davmor2 recently tested it14:16
zbenjaminsergiusens: :) awesome !14:16
davmor2mdeslaur: blame rsalveti ;)  I hit that from time to time and other times it is fine but if it happens once it keeps happening, you can just blow away the image and rebuild14:18
mdeslaurdavmor2: hrm, it happens to me _every_ single time :(14:19
mdeslaurrsalveti: tag, you're it14:19
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zmajhow do i launch a terminal in ubuntu touch?15:13
zbenjaminsergiusens: btw, there is a problem with adb and the emulator. Lets say I have a device attached and use adb forward to forward a local port to the device. Then i start a emulator  (device stays attached) , then it breaks all the forwards15:13
rsalvetimdeslaur: will try to reproduce, have a bug for that already?15:17
mdeslaurrsalveti: no I don't. perhaps davmor2 has one?15:18
rsalvetimdeslaur: did you get that with vivid or rtm?15:19
rsalvetior both?15:19
mdeslaurrsalveti: rtm and rtm-proposed15:19
mdeslaurwell, I haven't tried rtm-proposed in a week or so, let me try it again15:20
mdeslaurrsalveti: let me try with vivid too, and I'll let you know15:20
davmor2rsalveti: I only care about rtm-proposed currently I hit it from time to time on reboot it's the same issue I had the other day I think that got fixed with --arch=i386 and then worked fine after anyway15:21
rsalvetihm, right15:22
davmor2rsalveti: or at least the results are the same15:22
rsalvetidownloading 134 and will check15:22
mdeslaursame with rtm-proposed15:26
mdeslaurafter reboot, and after unlocking, no dash, only a black screen15:27
mdeslaurwhat's the channel name for vivid? ubuntu-touch/ubuntu/devel?15:28
mdeslaurah, ubuntu-touch/devel15:29
ogra_mdeslaur, no ... ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed15:33
ogra_ubuntu-touch/devel is utopic until we can promote a vivid image15:33
ogra_(see the ML thread)15:33
mdeslaurah, ok15:33
mdeslaurwho has time to read mailing lists? ;)15:34
seb128ogra_, is ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09-proposed going to stay on rtm/ota/...?15:36
ogra_seb128, no ince we have a 14.10 rtm ... you should never use versioned channels but their alias15:36
seb128ogra_, can I change that without wipping out the device?15:37
ogra_system-image-cli has a swithc for that15:37
* seb128 tries15:37
ogra_its a switch called --switch15:37
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alecukalikiana, zbenjamin: hi! I need to add a clickable icon to the right of an app header... Who would be the right person in the sdk team to ask about this?15:38
alecusomething like this; http://pasteboard.co/1ZwtFNvS.png15:39
seb128ogra_, is that command supposed to be slow/hang?15:39
ogra_seb128, s-i-c doesnt output anything if you dont specify -v15:40
ogra_just wait15:40
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zbenjaminalecu: timp would probably know15:41
alecuah, but probably not in this channel :-)15:42
mdeslaurrsalveti: works fine with vivid15:57
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rsalvetimdeslaur: interesting, will check in a few16:00
sergiusenszbenjamin: can you log a bug on android-tools?16:03
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pdxwebdevMardy: Are you around?16:18
pdxwebdevmardy: let me know.16:18
mardypdxwebdev: hi! I'm terribly sorry, there has been an internet black-out which ended just now :-/17:13
mardypdxwebdev: http://yle.fi/uutiset/elisa_reports_problems_in_web_traffic/7653636?origin=rss17:15
mardypdxwebdev: are you still available for a chat now?17:16
pdxwebdevmardy: absolutely. I'll get back on.17:21
cyphermoxrsalveti: didn't you already plan to have a recovery screen for the data corruption case?18:25
kenvandinealesage, when i run the whole set of autopilot tests for settings on my desktop i get piles of failures, but if i run each TestCase I get 100% passes18:25
rsalveticyphermox: I do have one for error at this point, we can reuse it for now18:25
rsalvetiuntil we use the official one18:25
kenvandinealesage, i think i have a reliable fix for the tz one you commented on, not using a sleep18:26
rsalvetiwe just need to reboot into recovery saying the device is broken18:26
cyphermoxI can come up with that18:26
kenvandineelopio, ^^18:26
cyphermoxbut we should probably just put this on the backlog and in next sprint18:26
alesagekenvandine, bad new first, good news last, thanks for that :)18:26
rsalvetilet me write that down18:26
cyphermoxrsalveti: it's not like it's critical that it gets fixed right this minute18:26
alesagekenvandine, I haven't been tracking, just offered a theory there, happy to help test in a bit18:26
kenvandinealesage, elopio: basically i'm utilizing _go_to_page more, instead of a bunch of select_single18:27
rsalveticyphermox: yeah, rebooting for now is more than enough18:29
cyphermoxrsalveti: well, for the record I fully agree that it would be better to explicitly say "your phone is broken, call support" than to just reboot and hope people notice it's not normal18:30
elopiokenvandine: that sounds good. You shouldn't call select_single from a test, that should be encapsulated in methods like go_to_X18:31
kenvandineelopio, gradually trying to fix those18:31
elopiokenvandine: please let us know when you have something ready and we'll look at the MP.18:32
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kenvandineelopio, i'll push a branch in just a few minutes that gets us a tiny bit closer :)18:38
kenvandinebut hopefully will improve the flakyness18:38
kenvandineelopio, https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/ubuntu-system-settings/less_flaky/+merge/24295718:41
kenvandineelopio, also, the content-hub testability branch has landed in vivid18:42
kenvandineelopio, remember i had said after installing the test peers package you had to run the hook as the user once?  you can also just reboot the device18:42
kenvandinethe hooks appear to be run on start18:42
kenvandineelopio, woot!  i just had 10 consecutive passes from the datetime tests... before my branch it failed 3 out of 418:53
elopiokenvandine: I saw the branch landing. That's great. I think it's easier from the tests to run the hook, instead of rebooting.18:54
elopiobut from adt both are possible.18:54
elopiokenvandine: instead of having the pages as properties, I would make them methods.18:55
elopioopen_celular_page, for example.18:55
elopiothat way it's clearer when you read it that there's one user action involved.18:56
elopiokenvandine: but your change it's clearly a step forward. Thanks.18:56
kenvandineelopio, yeah but we have a bunch of places that refer to them as properties19:01
kenvandineso this was a quicker fix19:01
kenvandinewe need to tear into them all and refactor19:01
kenvandinebut i want to do that one plugin at a time, figured this was a good start to help us get things more reliable19:02
kenvandineelopio, i added you to the reviewers list for that branch :)19:04
kenvandineelopio, thx!19:04
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elopioping cyphermox: have you used the hostap hwsim?21:11
cyphermoxelopio: only very briefly, why?21:12
elopiocyphermox: I'm trying to use it to connect through the network manager to an ap, without success so far.21:12
elopiocyphermox: I managed to get the test cards. And I can see the test ap in the network indicator.21:12
elopiobut when it is open and I click it, the connecting animation runs forever.21:12
elopioif it has a password, I get a libnm error.21:13
cyphermoxhmm, this might actually be another issue than hwsim21:13
cyphermoxyou have two wireless devices by now, correct?21:13
elopiocyphermox: I'm not sure if hwsim is faking all the pieces needed to communicate with the indicator.21:14
elopiocyphermox: actually, 5 wireless devices.21:14
cyphermoxelopio: could you put the output of 'nmcli dev' in a pastebin?21:15
cyphermoxyou should have at least two wireless devices created by hwsim, with a third device used if you want to monitor the traffic21:16
elopiocyphermox: yes, on e second. Let me recover my real card to paste it.21:16
elopiocyphermox: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9256021/21:17
elopiocyphermox: there are some examples for p2p communication between two devices. I haven't tried that yet.21:18
cyphermoxinteresting, they seem to not be managed?21:18
cyphermoxor am I just not reading this properly21:19
elopiocyphermox: http://pad.ubuntu.com/fake-wifi21:19
elopiothat's the test I used as a sample.21:19
elopiocyphermox: ah, from the README in the tests it said I should change the network manager config so they are unmanaged.21:20
cyphermoxreadme in which tests?21:20
elopiocyphermox: http://w1.fi/gitweb/gitweb.cgi?p=hostap.git;a=blob;f=tests/hwsim/README;h=d04a862218c7f3bb0560adddb45a9dcf93a312b9;hb=HEAD21:21
cyphermoxlooks like you're trying to use a config with 802.1x; I would recommend you try with no security first, so we know things work21:21
cyphermoxok, I see21:22
elopiocyphermox: yes, last thing I tried was hapd = hostapd.add_ap(apdev['ifname'], { "ssid": "open" })21:22
cyphermoxyou need to revert that and only unmanage the device that serves as the remote AP if you want to be able to use NetworkManager to connect to the others21:22
cyphermoxalright, but in the pad I see some ieee8021x-open settings used to create the wpa and NM configs21:23
elopiocyphermox: that was the first attempt. What you say makes sense.21:24
elopioit's the first time I play with this, so I'm not sure how to get the mac of the remote ap. But I will try some things.21:24
elopiocyphermox: I'll be back with more questions, probably :) Thank you!21:24
cyphermoxno worries21:25
cyphermoxI'll be out soon, I have a dinner planned21:25
cyphermoxthat said, you might want to look at the test scripts that pitti wrote already:21:26
cyphermoxand http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~network-manager/network-manager/ubuntu/view/head:/debian/tests/network_test_base.py21:26
cyphermoxelopio: those are already running regularly, and using mac80211_hwsim to test a few permutations of wifi security settings21:27
elopiocyphermox: interesting.21:27
elopiothanks. Enjoy your dinner.21:27
cyphermoxI guess they could easily be adapted to add a few more security settings if you want to test them, and running them separately (it really doesn't need NM)21:27
FG_Juliushas been most likely asked 100 times already: any ETA when the dualboot script will be fixed to work with Android5.0 on the Nexus4? After I updated via OTA the superuser isn't working any longer21:29
FG_Juliusand the script via usbdebugger runs fine but doesn't seem to work anylonger like on kitkat21:30
nhainesFG_Julius: MultiROM Manager?22:11
FG_Juliusno the dualboot.sh script22:12
nhainesActually, you could probably use Nexulockr to root Your Nexus 4.22:12
nhainesFG_Julius: I'm suggesting an alternative.22:12
FG_JuliusI see22:12
FG_Juliusmultirom seems much more complicated and messes with my stock android install22:12
FG_Juliusthis nexulockr only automates the normal procedure?22:14
FG_JuliusI don't think I need that, as my phone is already fully unlocked and rooted and had Ubuntu Touch running just fine22:14
nhainesYou just said superuser wasn't working any longer.22:15
FG_Juliusyes because it seems incompatible with and 5.022:15
nhainesThen it's not rooted.22:15
nhainesAnyway, the latest superuser does work, so you should be able to update it manually.22:16
FG_Juliusah so it just doesn't work with the dualboot.sh script?22:17
FG_Juliusthanks for the help!22:17
nhainesI didn't say anything related to that.  :/22:18
FG_Juliusok ;)22:19
nhainesAndroid 5.0 changed the way priviledge escalation works and you need a newer Superuser app.  They updated it a couple hours after the factory Android 5.0 images rolled out.  You'll need to get that as a minimum.22:19
nhainesThen you can start worrying about whether or not the dualboot.sh script works.22:19
FG_Juliusnormally that script automatically installed the superuser app22:20
nhainesWell, it's probably installing an old version.22:20
nhainesI had to stop using it after they dropped support for the Galaxy Nexus, and it doesn't work on the Nexus 5.22:20
FG_Juliusits's actually SuperSU, I wil try to find a newer version then22:22
nhainesYeah, I had to switch to SuperSU in 5.022:23
nhainesI'm going to install vivid alongside ubuntu-rtm/14.09 and check it out.22:25
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