diddledanomg. 4 hours ago there was talk about a potential golden image for ubuntu touch?!00:53
daftykinslike a GM 1.0?01:00
diddledanthat's what it sounded like01:00
diddledanso isn't there some announcement by one of the handset partners sometime soon, also (which may be unrelated)01:01
diddledanaah, that was earlier today, and was completely unrelated - androidy news01:02
daftykinswhat was said news?01:03
ali1234it's all about wearables now anyway01:04
ali1234tablets are so 201201:04
ali1234remember i said this when you see everyone wearing smart watches, fitness bands, and heart rate monitoring wireless headphones next year01:05
daftykinswill do!01:05
ali1234the trouble is people just aren't replacing tablets if they already own one01:10
ali1234phones are okay, because people get a new one on contract01:10
daftykinsheh, mugs :D01:13
daftykinsi still don't know what people use tablets for01:13
ali1234they use them for going on twitter and facebook while watching TV01:13
ali1234it's called multiscreening01:13
daftykinsi told off my mum for having her nose on her phone with the TV on as well, with my gran over01:14
daftykinsit was like she was acting like a teenager :P01:14
ali1234well, yes01:15
ali1234that's what people do these days, and not just teenagers01:15
ali1234basically anyone under 40 and middle class01:15
daftykinsit's pretty terrible with guests though01:16
daftykinsit was granny kins' 93rd!01:16
shaunogo to bed :)05:22
mappsin a bit tv time;p05:24
mappsyou slept even?05:24
shaunoI couldn't.  had to reset a bad pattern in time for work05:24
mappsthougt you always stay up late heh05:29
shaunonah.  it goes around in cirlces05:32
shaunolike I average a 30hour day or something.  I'm not in the wrong timezone, but the wrong planet :)05:33
mapps30hr s why05:41
mappsid be agitated irritable and tired heh05:41
MooDoomorning all07:53
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knightwisehey everyone :)08:16
MooDoohowdy knightwise08:20
knightwisehey MooDoo , how are you doign ?08:20
MooDooknightwise: yeah i'm great thanks, you?08:22
knightwiseDoin ok  :) Working from home today and geeking out a little08:23
MooDooknightwise: nice if you can do it :D08:23
knightwiseInstalling the win10 dev preview in a vm to see what it looks like08:23
MooDooit's lovely08:23
MooDoofaster than 7, start menu which you can also add tiles to...are you downloading the iso?  as that's the latest preview.08:25
knightwiseCorrect . I'm booting it up in a VM now .. curious what they made of it.08:25
awilkinsHow long will it last?08:28
knightwiseWindows 10 ?08:29
awilkinsI need a WIndows VM for work (our web conferencing thing won't run on Linux)08:29
awilkinsI have Windows 7 installed but not activated08:29
awilkinsIN a VM08:29
knightwiseI've gotten a second hand Surface Pro 1 tablet and have 8.1 on it. Surprisingly pleased with it. Using Chrome and a lot of chrome extensions together with a good terminal tool to connect to my linux servers .. its a decent machine.08:30
awilkinsJust wondering if it has any activation yet.. :-)08:30
MooDooawilkins: lasts until next april08:30
awilkinsMight give that a go then....08:31
knightwiseI'm kinda using it as a Windows-Chrombeook-Linux_terminal mashup08:31
MooDoothen i think it's the customer preview08:31
MooDoojust be careful what you use it for as it tracks everything lol08:31
awilkinsHmm, yes08:31
awilkinsForgotten about that08:31
awilkinsProbably not acceptable then08:31
MooDoonot sure they'll use it for anything but just to bear it in mind....i've been using it awhile and i like it08:32
MooDoothey will take all the tracking out for the customer preview.08:32
knightwiseMooDoo have you installed it on a machine or just using the vm ?08:37
MooDooknightwise: full install of my laptop08:39
knightwiseCool :) Bold .. but cool !08:39
MooDooknightwise: works fine, no problems, and to be honest, what they track they track, i'm not concerned, bold?  maybe, stupid definately ;)08:40
knightwiseby the looks  of it its not that bad. I wonder if i could install it on the Surface pro.. I think I would break the restore image i guess.08:40
MooDoodon't know about that08:41
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:15
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bigcalmGood morning peeps :)10:00
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Cake Day! \o/10:05
bigcalmMmmmm, cake10:05
bashrccake day. blimey10:05
bigcalmJamesTait: you better not be lying10:05
JamesTaitbigcalm, would I?10:07
JamesTaitbigcalm, it's on the internet, it must be true.10:07
diddledanI WANT CAKE!10:11
bigcalmHumm. I might have to ask my wife if she fancies baking a cake this week :D10:14
diploOr you could bigcalm ?10:14
bigcalmdiplo: hers are superior10:14
diplohah, well you're obviously going to say that10:14
bashrcyou could have a bake-off10:17
diddledanbashrc, no, you bake-off!10:17
diddledanfamily friendly channel!10:18
MooDoosorry my wifes cakes are the bestest10:21
JamesTaitMooDoo, it's a shame she's not taking orders. I'd have her lined up for the boys' next birthday.10:23
* zmoylan-pi decides to have a slice of mcvities ginger cake with coffee in lieu of brekkie as i'm out of milk for porridge or bread for toast10:24
zmoylan-pimust get powdered milk for emergency backup supply...10:25
JamesTaitNo bread? Let them eat cake!10:25
zmoylan-piginger cake :-)10:26
JamesTaitI think I heard someone said something like that once.10:26
diddledana queen10:26
diddledandon't recall which tho10:26
zmoylan-piher statement wasn't unreasonable as laws at the time dictated that if shops ran out of bread were required to sell any cakes they made at price of bread10:26
zmoylan-pishe just didn't realise they'd run out of bread AND cakes10:27
diddledanoh, it might be a fallacy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Let_them_eat_cake10:27
MooDooJamesTait: yeah it is :(10:30
zmoylan-pia good story will outlast any truth10:31
JamesTaitI recall something about shortbread and shortcake being the same thing, but the different name was due to a legal requirement to pay tax on anything named "bread".10:34
zmoylan-pithe great jaffacake debacle...10:35
JamesTait"Sell cakes at the price of bread" just reminded me of that.10:35
dvrrhow  can i add  squid  proxy  ip address  in netgare router, i  configure squid proxy server in  LAN network it's working,  how  can i connect  wifi using squid proxy  please  guide me11:07
popeyI dont think that's a setting most consumer routers expose11:07
davmor2MooDoo: no my wifes are the bestest :P11:09
MooDoodavmor2: @_11:09
davmor2JamesTait: every day is cake day surely?11:09
JamesTaitdavmor2, so I'm right then? ;)11:10
davmor2JamesTait: also I've never seen a sad cake, or someone look sad while eating cake11:10
JamesTaitdavmor2, you've never seen me baking.11:10
JamesTaitAlthough, technically, Rice Krispie cakes don't count as baking. ;)11:11
davmor2JamesTait: or cake technically :P11:11
JamesTaitPfft! Details!11:12
diddledanchocolate cornflake cakes are awesome, too11:12
davmor2Wifes is brandying the Christmas cakes Monday11:12
diddledandavmor2, more than one wife?11:12
davmor2meh wifie11:13
JamesTaitdavmor2, they were intended to be Minecraft dirt blocks, and everyone knows Minecraft involves cake, so it's close enough. ;)11:13
davmor2diddledan: no one is more than enough11:13
davmor2JamesTait: hahahaha11:14
diddledanI thought the cake was a lie11:14
davmor2diddledan: internet cake is a lie11:14
JamesTaitdiddledan, wrong game. ;)11:14
davmor2JamesTait: have you tried those microwave mug cakes those are meant to be yummy and you have kids so it might be more practical for you, I bet popey has.....for the kids obviously11:16
JamesTaitdavmor2, I have!11:16
christeli've tried a couple of recipes i found on the internet but i was unimpressed11:16
JamesTaitdavmor2, a bit rubbery, tbh, but still tastes like chocolate.11:17
zmoylan-pi-52c... we really shouldn't complain about the weather... :-) http://www.rte.ie/news/2014/1126/662682-passengers-in-siberia-get-out-and-push-plane/11:18
diddledanzmoylan-pi, fun11:35
zmoylan-piand a good retort for when they ask why you look tired after the journey, it's not like you actually did the flying...11:36
mjaykAnybody from around the  Manchester area idle here11:45
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Azelphurdoes anyone know what the deal is VAT wise if I jump on a plane to America, buy a laptop, and then bring it back?12:25
diddledanAzelphur, you're supposed to declare it at customs12:25
AzelphurI see, and then you get charged 20%?12:25
diddledanyou get changed import duty, not vat12:26
Azelphurah fun12:26
willcooke2.5% for goods up to £63012:27
willcookethe reality is that they don't check though12:28
AzelphurI see12:28
Azelphurso just put it in backpack and don't look suspicious12:28
willcookeI've heard that if you check away the boxes etc while you're away it is much less obvious12:29
zmoylan-piso a t-shirt that says 'innocent traveller' on it in 5-6 languages then? :-)12:29
popeyand receipts12:29
willcookemaybe try whistling too12:29
popeyI was stopped when I came back from SFO once.12:29
diddledanwillcooke, To work out the percentage, each type of product is given a 'commodity code'. This tells you what the Customs Duty rate percentage is for that particular product, based on whether it's being imported or exported.12:29
diddledanThere are around 14,000 different classifications. The duty rate percentage for each may vary according to the country the goods come from. The average percentage is between 5% and 9%, but it can be as low as 0% or as high as 85%.12:29
popeydon't walk like you have something up your bum12:29
Azelphurpopey: were you over the duty free limit?12:29
popeyi was12:29
Azelphurwhat did they do? XD12:30
popeyhe asked me questions12:30
popeydidnt look in the bag12:30
AzelphurI see12:30
willcooke2000 B&H and a case of whiskey?12:30
popeyjust stopped to ask what I had12:30
Azelphurpopey: so you just said nothing? XD12:30
popeyno, because that's lying.12:30
popeyand I'm not about to lie to a border guy while on his turf12:30
Azelphurprobably just say "My laptop"12:30
popeyI said this..12:30
* popey types into paste to make it easier12:31
popeyI believe line 10 is the magic incantation ㋛12:32
popeyI actually flew out with no clothes, just what I had on my back, my laptop and some undies.12:33
popeybought everything out there.12:33
popeybig empty suitcase12:33
Azelphuramusingly I am planning on getting a bunch of hard drives and shipping them back to UK too12:33
Azelphurso maybe I'll put them in the laptop box xD12:33
popeyback then clothes were stupidly cheap though12:33
willcookeare they that much cheaper over there?12:34
Azelphurthen I still have my box if I need it12:34
willcookeHDDs that is12:34
Azelphurwillcooke: they should be come black friday.12:34
popeythey do black friday over here now too in some places12:34
popeye.g. amazon12:34
Azelphuryea, but nowhere near the same level12:34
willcookeplus there is the warranty situation, which may or may not be an issue12:34
Azelphursounds like I've gotta buy my laptop from USA since pcspecialist screwed me :(12:34
zmoylan-piand your taste in acceptable clothing was somewhat loser? :-)12:34
popeymost hard disks have global lifetime warranty12:35
Azelphurwillcooke: can always just ship it back to USA before sending it back to the manufacturer.12:35
popeyreminds me, thanks Azelphur . i want to get a couple of disks for my steam boxes12:35
popeylosing out on the money you saved12:35
willcookeAzelphur, sounds like a PITA to me :)12:35
Azelphurpopey: if you spy any HDDs let me know, I imagine me and a few friends are going to be clubbing together.12:35
popeyfor the small amount of beans saved.12:35
popeyI'm thinking of getting a couple of 4TB ones12:35
popeyso dunno if they will discount much12:36
Azelphurso if you see anything from USA, you're welcome to join our "pool" :P12:36
popeylemme know when/if you do. I may well join you.12:36
AzelphurI imagine we'll ship them all over in one box and split the shipping / customs fees if there are any12:36
popeywant to make a steam box for the lounge12:36
Azelphurand then reship them once they get to me in UK12:36
Azelphurprobably the cheapest approach12:36
AzelphurI have like 5 people who want HDDs now, I have a feeling there's gonna be a lot of HDDs in my house >.<12:38
zmoylan-pioffer to run a nas?12:39
popeytempted to buy a few 4TBs and replace the 2TBs in my btrfs array12:40
popeyreduce the number of drives down and make some space for future12:40
AzelphurI've had a 3TB and a 1TB fail, so I need to replace those and get some more space.12:40
popeygrrr speaking of disks12:52
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foobarrypopey: i wonder if u have too many disks attached?13:04
popeyhow can I have too many, no such thing ☻13:06
foobarryhow many do u have attached...?13:07
* zmoylan-pi hands popey 128 usb drives and waits to see them all plugged into one pc :-)13:07
foobarrydo i eat the carrot cake or an apple for afters?13:08
popey4 internal, 8 external13:08
foobarryare they chained?13:08
foobarryor a star formation, each connected to a controller13:09
popey4 per controller13:09
foobarryi bet the ones at the end of the chain are complainng?13:10
popeyend of the chain?13:10
popeyits not like 10Base213:10
foobarryah ok, they aren't chained13:11
Jim_Could anyone help me how I should go to zorion chat session rooms?13:16
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JimsmithCould anyone help me how I should go to zorion chat session rooms?13:19
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JimsmithHello anybody there?13:21
diddledanthis is a channel about ubuntu13:21
diddledanwe have no idea what "zorion chat session rooms" are13:21
JimsmithOh. Could you please help me how I should go there? I am new to this environment actually.13:22
JimsmithI am working on zorion os from ubuntu. How should I get its support?13:23
JimsmithThanks and do you know how I should autostart skype from the ubuntu. Infact I am looking for that.13:25
m0nkey_Easy, add it to start-up applications13:25
foobarryhas anyone ever bothered with? http://www.youronlinechoices.com/uk/your-ad-choices13:26
foobarryIf you don’t want Facebook or other companies to collect or use information based on your activity on websites, devices or apps off Facebook for the purpose of showing you ads, you can opt out from all participating companies through the Digital Advertising Alliance in the USA, the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada in Canada or the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance in Europe. You can also opt out using your mobile device settings.13:26
m0nkey_Jimsmith, http://i.imgur.com/Fy9GXw3.png13:27
diddledanthat zorin website makes me uneasy13:27
JimsmithWhat I meant was when I start the system its not starting automatically. I should go for it and open it inorder to start. Any have I am new to this ubuntu and have no idea where how I should do it. Could you please help me in that for some time13:27
m0nkey_Jimsmith, open 'Startup applications' .. add a new entry for Skype .. see screenshot13:28
JimsmithThanks and let me look at it.13:28
popeym0nkey_: why's that?13:31
popeym0nkey_: sorry, I meant diddledan13:31
popeyJimsmith: out of interest, how did you fund us here? Did you search for something in particular, or follow a guide to find this chat room?13:32
* m0nkey_ tickles diddledan 13:32
popey*find - not fund ☻13:32
foobarrythe zorin website has http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=ZorinOS&uio=OT10cnVlJjExPTIxNQ6c13:32
foobarryunder help->irc13:33
JimsmithThats perfect foobarry. Thanks for the info.13:33
Jimsmithpopey. I saw this running in my brother system and shown interest on this.13:33
JimsmithI went to the software downloader in this system and downloaded the IRC application. The moment I gave all my details it brought me to here popey.13:35
popeyJimsmith: great, thanks!13:35
popeydo you know which application ?13:36
JimsmithY W13:36
popeyis it xchat or hexchat by any chance?13:36
JimsmithJust had a glance at it. Its Xchat Gnome. popey.13:36
popeyMagic, thanks.13:37
JimsmithSo, I could get back here if I face problems with the ubuntu right? popey?13:37
JimsmithThats a great option in ubuntu.13:38
popeyIf you're running Zorin OS then technically you're not running Ubuntu, but an Ubuntu derivative.13:38
popeyHowever we welcome everyone really.13:38
popeySecondly the "official" support channel for Ubuntu is #ubuntu - you're currently in #ubuntu-uk13:38
popeyBut again, we get a fair number of people come by here for support.13:38
mappshi all13:38
popeyIt's generally not a problem. I just want to set expectations.13:38
m0nkey_I'm here for the S&G13:38
popeyme too!13:39
popeyI love both S and G13:39
JimsmithNice. Actually I want to autostart the Skype. Do you have any knowledge of hot actually I should go in Zorion OS13:39
popeyJimsmith: in short, yeah, come back any time ☻ have fun with Ubuntu or whatever you're using.13:39
davmor2popey: Sarcasm and Goading?13:39
popeyyes davmor213:39
m0nkey_Even us Debian loving, FreeBSD using kind are allowed here :) lol13:40
popeyJimsmith: well, as Zorin OS is a _bit_ different from Ubuntu and I suspect nobody here (other than you) runs it, we might not be the _best_ place to get support on it.13:40
popeyMany of us can make guesses as to how to do stuff in Zorin, but it's not the most efficient way to get support13:40
JimsmithOh. thats pathetic.13:40
popeyWell, if you want to a Zorin IRC channel I expect most/all will run Zorin ☻13:41
popeySame as if you went to a Windows channel ㋛13:41
popey(although I think many in the ##windows channel actually run Linux :D13:41
zmoylan-pisomething to do while windows installs sp after sp :-)13:41
JimsmithDo you have any knowledge of how I should go to the Zorion channel. from here?  Or do I need to download any application here that takes me to Zorion environment.13:42
popeyJimsmith: but yeah, we're generally a friendly bunch here.13:42
zmoylan-piwin8 been unusable while patches were installed is bizarre13:42
popeytype /join #zorinos13:42
popeythat'll  "join" the #zorinos channel13:42
popeyirc is a bit arcane13:42
popeythere's probably a gui option in xchat gnome which does it, but I haven't used that for years.13:42
popeysorry ☻13:43
m0nkey_Think it's Server > Join a channel13:43
daftykinszmoylan-pi: spreading a bit too much inaccuracy there i'm afraid :P13:43
JimsmithThanks popey you have been very helpful.13:43
popeyNo problem.13:43
Azelphurpopey: http://www.amazon.com/Seagate-Expansion-Desktop-External-STBV5000100/dp/B00JT0EGPW/ref=sr_1_7?m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1417009327&sr=1-7 o.O13:44
Azelphurthat's £10713:44
popeyholy cow13:44
Azelphurmy thoughts exactly13:44
daftykinsoh my, a 250GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD is coming up on amazon's deals at 3:40pm13:46
Azelphurdaftykins: indeed, I'm watching that.13:46
zmoylan-pithe last drive i had die was seagate so they're still high on my naughty list.  in a year or so one of the wd drives i have will die and take their place13:47
Azelphurpopey: not sure if I should buy that or wait...13:47
daftykinsall brands die equally13:47
foobarrymaxtor more than most13:47
daftykinsyou should all call me the reaper, for the many dead disks i spot in #ubuntu ;)13:47
zmoylan-pitrue but i tend to avoid the last brand that died for me in case their is a fault in the current design13:47
daftykinsfoobarry: true, but they haven't been around for a looooong time :)13:48
Azelphurdaftykins: https://www.backblaze.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/blog-fail-drives-manufacture.jpg nope13:48
daftykinsthat doesn't really disprove sir13:48
daftykinsi mostly buy by warranty length, of which seagate don't have a good one anyway :)13:49
Azelphuryea they don't, I actually had the 3TB version of that drive fail on me13:49
daftykinsthis SanDisk flash drive that plugs into phones as well as PCs is an odd duck!13:51
daftykinsok i have a host restart anywho13:52
zmoylan-pii have one of those usb drives, haven't got a phone or tablet it will work with yet though13:52
zmoylan-pithough if i had it with me on saturday a friend could have copied a tonne of stuff from and to it with his shiny new phone i reckon13:53
daftykinswow, QNAP 2 bay NAS for £130 off14:43
ujjainwhat would be the best things to learn for devops these day carreer wise? probably ansible, docker, something?14:46
intrbizujjain: I've used Puppet it the past, been using Ansible more recently and much prefer Ansible over Puppet14:50
ujjainPuppet seems to be not the future yeah14:50
ujjainansible extremely gaining popularity14:51
intrbizujjain: Ansible doesn't require an agent installed on the server, runs over SSH14:51
intrbizA friend has been using SaltStack and reccomends that, but I've not tried it14:51
intrbizI'd like Ansible even more if it didn't use YAML14:54
ujjainI think none requires an agent/server combination. It's nice that it runs over SSH yeah.14:55
ujjainI have tried both, but both limited experience, mostly used Puppet, it's ok, but always good to work on your skillset.14:55
intrbizyeh, that is the winner for me, runs over SSH and worst case just need python-json installing on older servers14:56
ujjainah yeah, Puppet has some more dependencies, different ports if you dont run masterless etc, that's true14:56
intrbizI prefer Ansibles imperitative approach rather than the declaritaive nature of Puppet14:56
ujjainYeah, I agree that it seems to work well, I want to deploy Openstack with Ansible, seems tricky, but following documentation https://github.com/openstack-ansible/openstack-ansible might be able.14:58
ujjainSometimes I dontlike that in Puppet either no14:58
intrbizanyone had any luck with ufw and multiple interfaces?15:18
* daftykins glances at Azelphur then back at the Samsung SSD on Amazon ;)15:33
Azelphurdaftykins: I'm watching the timer :P15:33
daftykinsAzelphur: i nearly got that QNAP NAS but i figured it was a waste, £135 for a 2 bay diskless15:33
Azelphurdaftykins: screw that, watch out for HP Microserver deals15:34
Azelphurthey come up all the time, and they are awesome15:34
daftykinsheh, well it wouldn't be for me15:34
Azelphurofficially 4 drives, but you can cram 6+ into it15:34
Azelphurwhy not?15:34
daftykinsbecause https://www.dropbox.com/s/7upq3eh9eqv718t/IMG_20140518_195643.jpg?dl=015:34
Azelphurhehe nice15:35
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daftykinsold array at the top, 6x 1TB, new at the bottom 6 x 2TB15:35
zmoylan-pitoasty warm that pc15:35
daftykinsnope not even vaguely15:35
daftykins23 deg HDDs ;)15:35
zmoylan-pii wonder if like a gyroscope could you balance it on a single point with all that spinning... :-)15:36
diploIf anyone sees any cheap 2 or 4tb disks for my micro server shout :)15:37
diploI have a failing one15:37
daftykinswill do15:37
diploBlimey daftykins, power usage on that thing must be enormous!!! :P15:37
daftykinsnah it's really good15:37
daftykinsi actually dropped power going from 6 x 1TB to 6 x 2TB15:38
daftykinsthat PC is based on a core 2 duo nowadays with 4GB RAM only sadly15:38
daftykinsSSD for the OS, 2TB download disk and the 10TB RAID5... 85W consumed idle15:39
daftykinsAzelphur: omg omg omg!15:39
Azelphur20 SECONDS xD15:39
zmoylan-pime calculates that in amount of rasp pi you could run :-)15:39
daftykinsAzelphur: oh what, £3 off?15:40
Azelphuryea, that was disappointing.15:40
daftykins£72.99 delivered here15:40
daftykinswhat do you have?15:40
Azelphurwhich is £17.01 off15:40
daftykinsoh so i'm not even getting any tax benefit 0o15:41
daftykinshow does that work O_O15:41
daftykinszmoylan-pi: a whole lot of little toys :P15:41
Azelphurdaftykins: it's an ok deal anyway, I'm tempted15:42
Azelphurdunno if I should wait to see what else comes up though15:42
daftykinsdo you not have VAT listed on that though 0o15:42
Azelphurdaftykins: huh? I can't get VAT back?15:43
daftykinsthis is what i'm seeing15:43
Azelphurdaftykins: yup that's what I'm seeing too, £72.99 total.15:45
daftykinsO_O doesn't yours have VAT though? :D15:45
daftykinsi am le confused15:45
daftykinsi think they're stiffing us on the tax15:46
* Azelphur shrugs15:46
zmoylan-piwell if they stiff the uk government...15:47
daftykinsa Crucial MX100 256GB is arguably better for being non-TLC, plus is £71.99 delivered15:47
ali1234it's slower though15:47
daftykinsnot appreciably15:47
ali1234slower than 512GB model15:47
daftykinsyeah, ~350MB/sec write vs. 50015:48
daftykinsbut TLC in the Samsung EVO is just...15:48
ali1234yeah MX100 is the best as far as i can see15:48
daftykinsi think i'd best skip on that deal too, then15:48
ali1234but you need the 512GB because it uses wider NAND15:48
daftykinsif i'm not even getting it cheaper than you in England =|15:49
daftykinsyeah, i have a very detailed knowledge of how SSDs work15:49
daftykinsi already own the 512GB :>15:49
Azelphurali1234: here's a fun question since you know lots about USB15:54
AzelphurI've seen android tablets start to use Linux USB-gadget stuff to emulate a USB drive and stuff15:54
Azelphurwhat's the possibility of emulating a USB3 monitor?15:54
ali1234it's easy15:55
Azelphurali1234: sweet, so I should be sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for someone to do this.15:56
Azelphurbecause it would be the greatest thing since sliced bread.15:56
ali1234well you need a phone with USB3 first15:56
ali1234and gadget support15:57
ali1234i don't think this exists15:57
ali1234unless you use a custom kernel15:57
Azelphurali1234: gadget support exists, I'm using it15:58
Azelphuron my Nexus 7 running stock Android15:58
ali1234how do you know?15:58
Azelphurbecause when I plug the device in the BIOS reports it as "Linux USB-Gadget"15:58
ali1234gadget isn't the same as gadget-fs15:58
ali1234android uses an in-kernel driver that does everything15:59
ali1234if you find the spec for USB monitors i can write a program that emulates one16:01
ali1234but it won't work on a stock android16:01
ali1234also i don't have time to actually do it16:02
Azelphurali1234: if you did it you could sell it on google play for £5 a pop and be a millionaire16:03
dexter__Hey guys, I have come across this problem too many times now, and I'm, guessing it's down to my stupidity. I have a tendancy to come across situations that require me to either install or update some sort of gstreamer. This usually always breaks my system in some way. In this instance Openshot and Cinelerra won't export audio, and the default videos application in gnome and upon crashes with everything. I have no clue what to do save for re-installing t16:03
dexter__he operating system.16:03
ali1234yeah but as i said it won't work on stock android... i've asked android developers about this before16:04
ali1234apart from anything else it would be a security nightmare to give apks access to gadget-fs16:04
Azelphurali1234: well drivedroid uses gadgetfs in an app, but it requires root16:04
ali1234you could make some torch app that also emulates a keyboard and takes over your computer16:04
AzelphurI'd imagine the same setup for a display16:05
ali1234dexter__: gstreamer is bad :(16:05
ali1234whether or not audio export works depends on what codec output you select. i know for a fact it does work for some of them16:06
ali1234so what you do is export from openshot in a format that works, and then convert that to your target format using good software, like ffmpeg/avconv16:06
dexter__I wanted to try out VAAPI encoding to see if I could finally ditch windoze, Hm, I have a wav backing track in Kdenlive and it plays in preview mode, hoever, when it comes to rendering no audio is detected16:07
ali1234VAAPI is some crazy hardware thing, not surprised it doesn't work16:07
ali1234but same advice applies, export to an intermediate format then use better (not gstreamer) software for the final encode16:08
dexter__VAAPI works assuming you install all of the gstreamer stuff, but since doing that my system is a mess16:09
dexter__I'm guessing gstreamer has something to do with the audio issues I'm having16:09
ali1234yes, it will be. gstreamer is used everywhere from playing mp3s through to video conferencing16:09
ali1234and there are multiple different incompatible versions16:09
dexter__infact, I'm 100% sure16:10
ali1234there is 0.1 and there is 1.0, which is nice and confusing for everyone16:10
ali1234it is a filter-graph based library, like directshow for windows16:10
dexter__hm, shall I find out which I'm using? my system is 14.1016:10
ali1234you are almost certainly using both, because any given software is only compatible with one version or the other16:11
dexter__I need to get rid of it, as VAAPI was apalling video wise anyway16:11
ali1234so what did you do?16:12
ali1234did you follow some tutorial? if so, show me16:12
dexter__I did16:12
dexter__I'm trying to find it :D16:12
dexter__gstreamer1.0-vaapi was installed16:14
ali1234can you just link to whatever instructions you followed please?16:15
Azelphurali1234: bonus question, what's the probability of a 5TB hard drive working in a humax set-top box?16:17
AzelphurI'm guessing 0? XD16:17
ali1234Azelphur: afaik humax boxes only work with certified drives16:17
Azelphurah, that's a bit crap16:18
Azelphurthanks for the warning.16:18
dexter__I kind find the guide16:21
dexter__I guess a re-install is in order. and I need to stop messing with stuff I have very little understanding of16:22
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mappsgot 5 hours of nothing at work tonght so taking my nexus7:D16:59
AzelphurHmm, going abroad on the 2nd is http://www.amazon.co.uk/Briggs-Riley-Suitcase-Transcend-TU229SPX-12/dp/B007ECE558 worth getting?17:01
Azelphurfor checke baggage17:01
mappskets see17:03
Azelphurgot like 11 minutes to ponder the idea :P17:04
Azelphurthink for checked baggage it's better to get a hard case?17:04
mappsive got a hard case and a soft case17:04
mappsi think thats fine17:04
Azelphuralso wondering if its worth getting or just buying something from Tesco cheap17:05
mappsi dont think so..i paid about same for a case from argos17:05
mappstesco had ones for 20-2517:05
mappsbut id imagine less sturdy..will breal/fall apart quicker17:05
AzelphurI see17:05
mappsnot worth risking it..cmy friend had a cheap case break on him17:06
Azelphurmapps: I mean, comparing it to say http://www.thesportshq.com/swiss-case-4-wheel-2pc-hard-suitcase-set-black.aspx?affiliate=cse_google&utm_source=google&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=shopping&gclid=CLrVld7gmMICFakKwwodLm4AYA17:06
hazrpganyone setup a localhost mailbox before? I'm having a bit of trouble trying to get a mail client to read them (although maybe I configured it wrong?) could someone help?17:06
mappsnot recently hazrpg17:06
mappssec Azelphur17:06
diddledanso amazon gave us a scare at 3 this afternoon - they came back up just in time for our site to be accessed by a shedload of journos17:07
zmoylan-pitry and find luggage that doesn't use a zip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf-DGKUNffI17:07
Azelphurzmoylan-pi: I'm aware, the old physical access trumps all is usually the case17:08
Azelphurzmoylan-pi: if you have any specific recommendations, show me :)17:09
zmoylan-piunfortunately not but it's something to bear in mind when looking in case you do17:09
mappsnot sure Azelphur  ?i think the first was fine17:09
Azelphuryea, 2nd is £30 cheaper though and comes with a carry on too :P17:11
Azelphurmeh whatever, I'll take it17:13
hazrpgmapps: fair enough17:15
Azelphurthere we go, bought it.17:21
Azelphurhad £25 of amazon credit floating about too.17:21
* zmoylan-pi wonders if amazon will deliver suitcase in cardboard box or will the fact it's an item made to travel and protect contents will a plastic bag suffice...17:22
daftykinsbigcalm: that's a fine password ;)17:24
bigcalmYour mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find out what system that password is for :D17:24
zmoylan-piif a little short17:24
bashrcubuntu one?17:24
bigcalmIt wasn't one I chose17:25
* bigcalm goes back to working in the correct window17:25
mappszmoylan-pi, cardboard for surew;p17:27
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daftykins£22 paid of "500Mb" powerline adapters19:20
zmoylan-piwell selling them singly would make for fun tech support calls20:32
daftykinsthey actually do!20:33
zmoylan-pi'i bought one of your powerline adapters and i can't get internet' ... sound of head banging desk...20:34
daftykinssadly i imagine that's all too common20:35
* zmoylan-pi has worked tech support and still twitches when phone rings...20:37
zmoylan-pimy personal best was diagnosing a printer fault and taking 30+ minutes to establish they had no printer... which makes the answers to is the printer on? does the printer have paper? is the cable connecing printer ok? wonder what they were answering20:39
daftykinsthat's obscene20:47
daftykinsa client had his home and his office... separate routers at each, of course20:48
daftykinsgot a call one day, weeks after he had taken the PC home to give up renting the office space20:48
daftykins<client> where do i put this router?20:48
diddledanwe're expecting a large load of potentially more than 5 thousand requests per second on one of our sites starting from 9:30 tomorrow morning21:01
daftykinsgoing live? or some kind of event causing load?21:02
diddledanmajor press release tomorrow21:02
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diddledanwe've built an entirely new set of functionality for the delivery of the information that the press release will be announcing21:03
zmoylan-pihanding out leaflets? :-P21:03
* zmoylan-pi remebers for first trade show printing 200 leaflets. on dot matrix printer. we handed out about 1021:05
zmoylan-pido you know how long it takes to print 200 'high quality' leaflets on dot matrix printer?  about 2 of your sanitys :-/21:06
diddledanwas it the kind that went "blurp blurp" or "blurp boooooooo"21:07
diddledani.e. did it print both directions or just one?21:07
zmoylan-pimore the zeeeeeekzzzzkzkkkzzzkzkzkzzzzzkkkzzkzkzkzkzkzzkzkkzkkzkzkzzkkzzkzkkzzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee type21:07
zmoylan-pidogs for miles howling at their leader21:07
diddledanon high quality my old one went "blurp. blurp. booo" where it had to stop half way across the line to cache more data21:08
zmoylan-pijust one.  had to drag it out slow in 'high quality' mode21:08
zmoylan-pieach page fed in individually as page feed for traction paper feed was terrible21:09
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mjaykAfternoon all21:38
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