skellatwxl: It is done.  The various e-mails will take a few minutes to catch up to you but congratulations.  Verified status for Oregon is in effect until 2014-11-25.02:33
skellatI wanted to make sure I finished watching "The Flash" on my local CW affiliate before I flipped the necessary bits on Launchpad.02:34
wxlskellat: thank you so much! as it turns out the flash is on now, followed by agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. so you won't hear from me for a while ;)04:01
belkinsa\o/, you guys!10:35
wxlhey hay ya'll17:52
shirgallwxl: you haven't lived until you set fire to something on -proposed. ;)23:38
wxli have yet to get caught by that shirgall23:39
shirgallwxl: let's just say I used to get in trouble for fast-tracking hyper-V23:39
wxlshirgall: yeaaah that might mess some stuff up :)23:43

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