tseliotSarvatt, mlankhorst, tjaalton: is it ok to provide libEGL and libGLES in Ubuntu? (in the nvidia packages)?18:01
tseliota while ago you asked me not to install maybe the latter for some reason18:01
tjaaltontseliot: i've heard those were removed from mesa.. i've no idea what's useful to have18:27
tjaaltoni mean they're gone from the next release or so18:28
tseliotok, so there shouldn't be a clash of any kind18:28
tjaaltonlet me check upstream..18:35
tjaaltonlibEGL is still a thing18:37
tjaaltonahah, so it's just libegl1-mesa-drivers which is gone18:38
tseliotoh, well there should be alternatives for both in place18:38
tjaaltoni can't recall what the reason was not to provide nvidia ones18:39
hyperairargh X is refusing to start with drm interface version errors again18:49
hyperairis there some way i can reset this without rebooting?18:49

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